Game Vault

4.1 (156)
2.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Kevin Gudgeirsson
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for Game Vault

4.1 out of 5
156 Ratings
8 years ago, Pennington, Esq.
Tried them all, still prefer GV.
I can report that I've tried every game collecting/cataloging app I could find, including paid ones. Though some were maybe a bit more comprehensive and customizable, overall, I don't think they're worth the money when this is available for free. My only real gripe is that if you go with the default database, at least when it comes to retro titles, you're in for some mediocre box art and maddening alphabetization. (Yep, it's one'a those ones that sorts "The" under "T".) You can get around this with a custom entry, but if you want perfect box art, it'll be up to you. Their default custom art appears to come mostly from The Cover Project, which, while nice-looking, is not always a perfectly accurate representation of the original art. Still, I think the simplicity and the customization that's available makes GV the best of these. It has a very straightforward, visually appealing way of sorting games/systems, which is surprisingly lacking in other apps of this kind. (And perhaps most importantly: ZERO ADS.)
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9 years ago, Sir graybeard
Free, No ads, super useful!!
I own multiple games across several platforms and I've finally gotten to the point where it's difficult to remember what I own and what I don't. This app has allowed me to organize and search through my collection at a moments notice. From identifying games I don't have when I unexpectedly find a good deal, to determining which game my friends and I want to play, and being able to just see what games I've beaten, this app saves time. While other paid apps do offer a scan barcode feature, I much prefer doing the legwork and saving money. The search function operated just as I expected and it had every game I own. You can look at your collection through different lenses like genre, platform, and your own ratings. Overall great app. For a free app I'm sure it's missing some of its competitors features but for the average joe this is a huge time saver! Plus I love that there is a feedback button easily accessible in settings. More apps need this!
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8 years ago, MatthewLeif
Amazing. Just one thing...
This is a great app to use if you want to keep track of your games or make a wish list. Every aspect is pretty much perfect, except for one. The crashing. Now, I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but I'm counting it anyway. (I use an iPhone 5). Every so often, when I click a certain button somewhere in the app, it crashes. It just seems to happen randomly. For example, I was trying to add Citizens of Earth to my library, but when I clicked the button to do that, the app crashed. Again, I don't know if this is just me, but I would really appreciate it if the developers could look the app over for possible reasons for crashing. Thanks in advance.
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8 years ago, Redeagle2000
Good app, but only as ad-supported
This is a good app, but is a little too buggy and bland to justify even $0.99. Adding games was a little counter-intuitive (using the Search item in the toolbar) at first, and I wish I could add more specifics about the game (condition, quantity, box and manual included, etc.). As for the positives, I do like that I can add separate internal releases of games to my collection and the app has a decent design, however it looks a little fuzzy on my iPhone 6s, due to not being optimized for larger screens (that should have been fixed a year ago). All in all, this is a good app for managing a small collection of video games across platforms, but it leaves a lot to be desired. Would I currently pay money for it? No. However, being 100% free (no in-app-purchases), instead being ad-supported, this app is pretty good. Eventually, if these features aren't implemented, I'll probably go into another, more complex game manager app, but for now, for free, this app does the job.
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8 years ago, DamnableNook
One of the best, but still flawed
One of the best apps for keeping track of your game collection (I use it for choosing a game across my different platforms, physical games, and downloads), but its flaws make it less than great. I really like how this app uses a relatively complete source database (Giant Bomb). When I search for a game to add to my collection, I usually find an accurate, complete listing. Unfortunately, if the listing isn't actually accurate or complete (or is missing entirely), there's no way to edit or add the listing; you're stuck with whatever Giant Bomb has in its database. While the interface is easy to use, it hasn't been updated for iPhone 6, meaning it runs at a lower resolution and is blown up by iOS to fit the iPhone 6 screen, and everything looks a bit pixelated and clunky. It also seems to cut off the cover images shown in the "thumbnail" view (at least with PS4 images).
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7 years ago, firerabbit3
Great app, but is missing elements
Overall I highly recommend this app. It’s free and has a great layout to keep your games collection organized. Absolutely love the library and wishlist selection layouts. I use this app every time I’m at a gaming event to prevent me from buying multiple copies of games I forget I already own and to remind me of which ones I’m searching for. The reason why I’m not giving it a 5 star rating is due to the lack of having a Japanese console list separate from the US. It would be nice to have all my Super Famicom and SNES games separate for easy viewing. Since Japanese games are listed, it feels odd that it doesn’t list the Japanese consoles as a section like it does for the all the others.
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8 years ago, Drrrttty
Great App, but has its flaws
First the good - very clean, good looking and easy to read UI. Uses a very good database for tracking purposes with Giant Bomb, which makes it easy to keep up with local releases and imports alike. The database isn't perfect, though, and there's no way to fix mistakes in the database from the user's end. The loading times to the server can also be slow at times, making it a bit of a chore when you're first adding your collection or adding a lot of games at once. Regardless, this is still a great app to keep track of your collection, and I love being able to see my games at a glance.
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7 years ago, Golfnut1
Amazing - Just has two issues
Now I know that this is a free app, so I wouldn't expect it to do everything. However, it can't do two very crucial things (at least as far as I can tell): 1.) Manually add a game and customize what it is called and the details for it, like the picture of the game. 2.) Sometimes, if it is an old game, even though they have it in the database, it can't be added to your collection. (I found this happened on mostly PS1 games and GBA games and some GameCube games) This can be rather annoying as I have a lot of games that simply can not be put into my collection, which is why having a manual input would be incredibly handy. Also if the database worked for all the games, then it would be even better. I still give it 5 STARS because for a free app, it is done astonishingly well and has always been able to put in Xbox 360 and PS2 (and later) with no issues at all. I highly recommend this app to anyone wanting to easily sort out their games.
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6 years ago, nenwencita
It is a really great app to keep track of your played games and the ones you want to play. Very useful to have in a glance all your collection. Edit: I take out one star because lately I've been adding a few games into PS4 collection and since Giant Bomb doesn't have any artwork/photo on some games I have a lot of "GIANT BOMB" images as preview that looks really awful in the collection. I need to enter to the games' details to actually see which game it is. If there was a way to edit these images I would give 5 stars without doubt.
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7 years ago, PrestoMagic!
Best Collector App but still a couple of bugs.
Every once in a while it will crash for no reason. A couple of entries like Halo 5 and Farcry 4 will not load the box art no matter how many times I enter them. The last thing is not really a bug, but manually entering all of your games instead of scanning them is very time consuming especially if you have a larger collection. Despite these setbacks it is a great app as well as being very pretty to look at.
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9 years ago, 03bgood
Almost Perfect
The only problem I have with this app is I can't get all the entries with for 3DS Game Boy Virtual Console games such as Pac-Man and Tetris and there a major bug where I can't add Fortune Street (Wii) to my collection due to a non-stop "Loading" loop glitch. Please fix this bug and make an option to organize our game collection for each console like instead of from A-Z you could organize it you own way such as by game franchise: Super Mario Galaxy > Super Mario Galaxy 2 > The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess > The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Anyways I would have gave this a 5/5 if it was improved a little but overall it's a great app to use!
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7 years ago, Ano316
Great app but have a suggestion
It's great to have a free gaming collection app so now I don't have to say to myself do I have this game while looking at a retro store etc but would make it even better is if I could write notes like missing manual etc so I know to look out for things like this while shopping it has a completed option for did you beat the game so I use that to say I have a COMPLETE game manual case etc but can't write what I'm missing other than that love it
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6 years ago, Gorzom
I use this app all the time
What a great app. I use this to catalogue my video game collection and it come in handy when I’m trying to figure out what I should play next. *Suggestion* One thing I wish I can do is write my own review so I can remember how I felt about the game, and have a larger number of stars. 5 stars in my opinion isn’t enough. With 10 I can truly rate my games. I maybe the minority but this is something I wish was there
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9 years ago, RevRon11
Almost perfect.
I would have given this product five stars but there are a few things that this app lacks. For starters, not all games are in the database. Spyro Superpack for the Gameboy Advance is one example of this. We should have the ability to add new games ourselves. The search feature is also hard to use at times. You should be able to narrow your search by console. On the other hand, the app is very handy. Please add the aforementioned features. I've had this app for awhile and I feel as if you used to be able to add games.
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3 years ago, Hulksmash98429
Pretty good, except for one lacking feature
I’ve almost got all of my games catalogued, but there are a few that I can’t because the app doesn’t have the system I have them for listed under those games. This app could really benefit with the option to choose a system that isn’t listed. Like putting in your own system. If that makes any sense. Otherwise great app! Thank you!
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7 years ago, Joebabe94
Best Way to Keep a Game Library!
I tried to keep a log of all my games on Microsoft word and it became impossible will alphabetizing all the titles as well as sorting them by system. This is so much easier, user friendly, and obviously on to go!! Only negative would be trying to add obscure titles to your collection. About 1% of titles are not included and there is no way to create your own addition. Other than that this is a solid app!! Would recommend.
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8 years ago, TunaPlayte
No ads, very useful.
This app will easily allow you keep track of your collection, and allow you to view specifics like, "How many Mario games do I have?" And it's all ad-free. My only complaint is that not every game, particularly newer ones, are synced within this app. It would also be pretty cool to view other people's collections. Aside from that, I'd love to see another update sometime. Definitely the best app of its kind.
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8 years ago, MrOldManJenkins
Almost Perfect
This app is very simple to use and has almost every game you can think of in it's database. If a game isn't in the database, it's easy to add it yourself. The only problem I have with this app is there is no way to back up your data. I have multiple iOS devices and I had to manually add all of my games in to each device. It would be nice if I could sync my collection with iCloud.
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10 years ago, Chrisdodgen
Never buy the same game twice
I am a collector and this app has been a tremendous help. I do wish it had a notes section so I could notate condition or snap a photo, but those are tiny gripes considering what it does and how it displays. I can access my whole library list, easily search and in seconds save myself money on duplicates. Enjoy your treasure hunting!
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9 years ago, Stankfartzonmymouth
Does the job
Wish it had some sort of way to just scroll through every game for a specific system. Also doesn't have every game in its data base which is kind of frustrating because it's hard to remember what games you own that aren't in there when you have an extensive collection.. It's free though and it does a good enough job for being free. Thanks.
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5 years ago, ToastyNick
I just recently downloaded the app and everything seems to be running smoothly, except for the fact that I cannot delete games that I don’t want in my library anymore. There’s a huge button saying “Remove from Library” but no matter how many times I press the button, it will not delete the game. It seems like a simple thing that can be fixed. If it can be fixed soon that would be great!
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6 years ago, CaretakerGamer
Great and useful but needs updates
This is great to keep track of my collection and reminders for ones I am still looking for! They do need to update the game library though, can't save certain games or versions because of missing labels. Having issues with searching for games and the app crashes. It’s becoming slightly unusable.
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7 years ago, Shark Hunter 21
Great but Crashes
I really do like this app, as I've been searching for one like it for awhile. This is great for getting your games categorized so you know what you have so you're not making any accidental buys. Only downside is that it crashes fairly frequently, perhaps by adding too many so quickly at a given time? Beyond that though, solid.
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8 years ago, Gobbledygook6363628
Must-Have App
Sure, some games may be missing under the EXACT edition you own- but shouldn't deter you. As a collector, this helps me organize what I own and can even place notes on games. Unlimited library for free- which other apps can't boast, and has a very simple interface. Can't recommend enough.
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8 years ago, Joshuarpoole
Great app
I own over 10 consoles and have hundreds of games; as you assume, it's difficult to remember all I have. This app is great for that purpose. Only downfall causing 4 stars is several of the games I have aren't in the database, some games have randomly been removed from their library, and it's past time for an update. Just an update would warrant 5 stars
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9 years ago, Guyverhxdjsch
Fantastic App
I'm really enjoying this app so far. It's highly functional and the stability is near perfect. My only gripe is that some games appear as blank squares when viewing titles in full tile mode. It would be cool to see some social features such as displaying collections and reviews as well. Overall stellar and intuitive design. Keep at it!
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9 years ago, Yupz3000000
Huge catalog, great interface, easy ui. There are filters for everything especially different platforms. Great cover art and game details with many having photos and videos to watch too. My favorite catalog app. Can be a bit buggy but worth it.
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8 years ago, Handsomensome
Most useful app !!!!!
Love it. I have a ton of games. Helps me keep track of all my games. As a collector the last thing you want is to buy games you already have. Would give a five if it had barcode scanning technology in order to speed up the process. Remember it is free !!! None the less very happy with it.
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8 years ago, Tow2171
Convenient way to catalog my game library
This is a useful app. I use it quite often to research new games and remind me of the ones already in the library. On more than one occasion I have purchased a game I already had and didn't know it. Not anymore.
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9 years ago, hensonXiii
Great app
I have been using this app for a while now and I must say that it is very well done. I love the interface, and love all of the different ways I can view my games. The only thing holding me back from 5 stars is a lack of an ability to export your list of games. I still recommend this app.
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9 years ago, Larry's creed
Great way to organize your collection
I love this app! I have been using it for about two weeks now and haven't experienced any problems yet! I just wish you were able to add nfc figures(amiibos, etc.) to your library. If this ever happens, it will definitely be a 5 star app to me!
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4 years ago, Watino64
Just too many bugs.
I used to absolutely love this app years ago, but there have just been too many bugs that should’ve gotten fixed by now and features that should’ve been added, but haven’t. I think I’m gonna finally have to say goodbye to this app. It’s been fun, or at least for awhile in the beginning, then a bit rocky since. Maybe I’ll check back one day and see how it’s going.
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5 years ago, Eli_NerdTuber
One thing
The app is awesome for storing games. The only cons are, when you search a title, you almost have to type it in perfectly. The other thing is, there's no way to back up save your collection, meaning if your phone gets reset, then all your time putting your games on there is wasted. If there is a way to back up your games. Then please lmk
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9 years ago, Mr. Children
Game collections made easy
This is exactly what I was wanting. An easy way to catalogue all of my games so I don't buy duplicates. Only thing I would like to see is an option to scan in by barcode. Other than that this works very well.
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8 years ago, iMustang91
Very Good!
A great organization app, especially to view your entire collection at once! There's a glitch that stops certain images from appearing in your library, so I hope that's fixed!
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8 years ago, NSANiTYx
Awesome App!
This is an excellent app to store a list of your game collection. Every search I've made has found the game I was looked for. Easy to search and add every game in your collection. Great way to keep track of every game you own.
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5 years ago, SkoT10
What Happened?
I used to love this app and it’s very 5 Star worthy, but it seems after the last update the remove button no longer works, plus the search feature was removed from the library view. These two things might seem minimal, but please note I have over a thousand games logged with game vault. Also, most Disney games cannot be found when adding to library.
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5 years ago, kwick7
Great app!!
Been using this app pretty much since when it came out. I use it to track all of the “retro” games I have so that when I’m at a flea market or store I know what I have and what I don’t. Great app! Really nice interface too. There’s 2 things I’d love to see though: 1- the ability to export. PDF. Whatever. Save to cloud would be nice. 2- the ability to print either a list or the bookshelf. Other than that- keep up the great work!
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8 years ago, Bharger
Very Good App
My only real complaints are that it simply has a very bland look to the design and I can't find a way to say I completed a game without adding it to my collection. Other than that it's impressive in every way.
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8 years ago, The Albino Rhino
Great App for Collectirs
Game Vault is a great app for collecting games especially as it's free and can be connected to an online account. The only downside is there's no area to give condition. Other than that I haven't found one I like better.
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9 years ago, The Giddens Family
I like this app a lot so far. Mainly because you can add your game down to the exact version you own, and they don't have it, you can add it. The only thing I don't like is reaching the API limit. Why must this happen?
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9 years ago, DIEB0LD
Couldn't live without it!
This app may have some minor flaws, but as a whole, I've found no better way to keep track of my game collection!
Show more
7 years ago, Ducard
Remains The Best Video Game Collection App
GameVault is and continues to be the best video game collection app on the store. I've tried just about everything, and nothing really comes close.
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9 years ago, Chatter_86
Amazing Game Library Tool!
I love having a quick way to look up any game in my collection to avoid buying duplicates of old classics as I rebuilt my childhood video game collection.
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9 years ago, Charmanderik
Slow app, bad database
The database is the big problem. Many titles have incomplete and bad info, especially for publisher. App is very slow and at times not responsive (running on 6+). There is no barcode scan search, so you must type in the titles one by one. Search results can be crowded.
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6 years ago, scientificm
Almost perfect
Fantastic way to organize game collections, but I wish there was a way to add somewhat obscure games no in the system, even if it was saved locally and not added to the larger database
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9 years ago, I kno what I'm saying
Awsome app, but one feature needed.
This app is great, i love it ! But it just needs a console option, where you can add consoles themselves to your wish lists.
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8 years ago, Jawasrourfriends
This is a great app that allows me to add all of my games to. No complaints here and makes going through my collection a breeze!
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5 years ago, FohlizushUAhshCwjehKdbdb
I once wanted more features and checklists. I know think that the simplicity of this app makes i Very customizable and great, just make a custom entry and add details you want to know to the title. It works great. Please don’t change too much Ex.) Soul Caliber ii (Missing Manuel) Halo 3 (Damaged Box) Final Fantasy (Disc Only) NOTE: Would love to be able to back up somewhere in case something happened to my phone
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9 years ago, ComixRR
Near Perfect
I love the app. My only two complaints are it crashes when adding a bulk of games to inventory and I wasn't able to find a game of mine in the search.
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