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4.8 (6.4K)
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Gardyn Inc.
Last update
3 weeks ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Gardyn

4.8 out of 5
6.4K Ratings
2 years ago, gadgetgirl1010
Gardyn of Eatin
I have the puce thumb of death. Luckily, my Gardyn is very forgiving! Watching my plants growing and thriving has been a thrill and although you can certainly get more sophisticated with custom food mixtures and your own seeds, for me, the simplicity has been a Godsend. My husband and I are vegan so we go through a lot of plants — so much that I recently purchased a second Gardyn so I can grow peppers and herbs in one and dedicate the other to just salad greens. The Gardyn system is clean, easy to use and visually stunning. It makes me smile every day. If you hate throwing out greens that go bad before you can use them, you will love the luxury of picking fresh greens one meal at a time. I have thoroughly enjoyed my Gardyns and cannot imagine a better way to enjoy fresh greens, herbs and peppers year round!
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2 years ago, JTMcGinleyIII
Overall good
Overall I like the app- it’s easy to use and highlights all system settings and environmental conditions well. I like the camera views for remote monitoring. The ycube ordering is nice and easy, though the selection is always pretty limited vs the website. Taking one point off because Kelby, the virtual assistant, is basically useless. The AI missed all of my plants burning because I fed them too soon (well after Kelby told me to feed them, though… gardyn plant food is just extremely strong and dangerous for young plants) and when I was on vacation one of the tubes split and an entire column of plants wilted and were all super droopy and sad/nearly dead- Kelby said literally nothing about plants being basically dead, while I watched sadly on the camera view for 3-4 days. When I got back I fixed the tube and all but one plant recovered somewhat. still there’s pretty much no point to the AI, you have to be vigilant, and the advice it gives you is not applicable 75% of the time.
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3 years ago, chinense
Slick, but poorly designed. Plant Babies suffer as a result.
I will make this short but I think it’s a very important point for everyone to consider who is buying these Gardyn units which are quite an investment. The app is so poorly designed that the interface causes you to potentially kill your crop each time you open it. I wish I could share with you how many times I have inadvertently turned the lights off and also the water off without any intention of doing so. This has caused drastic results for my crops which were doing so well. Be very careful when touching anything on the homepage of the app. My water function had been turned off enough times for the plants to dry out when I hadn’t inspected them for a few days. The unit itself I is quite sound, but this application that it completely relies on is very unreliable, and very confusing. Instead of having a clear toggle switch for on and off or another mechanism to ensure the specific intention of a user,The vital functions of the product are disabled or enabled with the lightest finger touch.
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3 years ago, Buckwinn
Very Frustrating
Every so often I get reminder to do whatever. The app suggests videos to watch; all I have to do is click on the arrow, except there is no arrow, and I can’t access the videos. By some inexplicable miracle, one video did play, but when I went to play it again to check something, it had disappeared. Additionally, Gardyn gives no instruction on how to purchase more plant food, or even any alternatives I could use. I don’t know what I’m going to do when the food runs out. You can choose your monthly allotment of ycups, but are given no direction on where to buy any accessories. The “shop now” button on their website only directs you to the system itself, nothing else. Thirdly, the advertise cherry tomatoes, but they don’t actually sell them. When I inquired about this I received some mealy-mouthed response about “testing” and that I could buy my own seeds, yet they continue to advertise them as an option on the site.
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2 years ago, Gravey train1
After several moths of doing online research and looking for a system that would work in my 2/2 1,200 sq. ft condo I purchased the Gardyn. I am now a month and two weeks in and lets just say, this has exceeded my expectations. I have fresh lettuce and herbs every day! My tomato’s are blooming as we speak. I have jalapeños and peppers getting ready to flower. I all ready have an order of peas and more peppers on the way and a few varieties of flower. A fe key things are add water each week and make sure to keep trimming the plants and roots. Talk about amazing, the roots are so white and healthy, some go extremely fast, so keep up with it. And once a month, dump the water out clean the base and refill. Thank you!!
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10 months ago, fittobesquare
Best investment ever
I recently just purchased the Gardyn and it has been great! It does everything for you and sends little reminders when you need to fill the water or clean the tank. The only downside is that it is a little tricky to set up in the beginning but once you get the hang of it it is a bit easier. We got the Gardyn about 2 months ago and I have already made a few large salads. It does not take up that much space at all. My daughter loves interacting with it and it gets her to eat her veggies! We moved all the way from California to Colorado in a car and all the plants did great in the Y-cubes. I would rate this a 10/5 if I could! Thank you Gardyn!
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2 years ago, Professor Miles Moffit
So far so good!
I’m totally new to any kind of gardening. I recently bought the 3.0. I never had much luck in the past, but so far this has been a very exciting experience (other than registering for the app, that was annoying and took many attempts. Days later I finally figured it out on my own with no help from GARDYN even though I had contacted them several times). The Kelby Assist app isn’t as much AI as it could be, or as they lead you to believe, but I’m sure it will eventually be updated to do actual AI tasks and not just send automated one size fits all generic messages. Hopefully the time lapse feature will eventually work. The concept is great, but a lot more engineering is in order before it becomes what the company leads you to believe it already is. All in all I am currently very satisfied and feel confident that I have made the best decision in regards to purchasing the 3.0 instead of one from the other manufacturers. I’m looking forward to seeing how the next two months go. If all is good I will be buying additional tower units
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1 year ago, Lettuce and Herbs
Great system, not much yield
Love everything about it except they don’t tell you that everything is miniature sized— which makes for a very small yield. Strawberries are one or two at a time, tomatoes about 6 at a time, peppers one at a time, green beans 6 at a time. Not enough to feed one person let alone a family. Great garden for herbs and lettuce, and that’s only what I’ll probably end up planting from now on so I can count on the yield- but kind of expensive just for that. If you’re really looking to eat a variety regularly from this garden for a family you would need 10 of these systems. Quality plants, easy to manage with Kelby, great garden to just play with for kids and teaching them how plants grow.
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1 year ago, GolfGirlRN
My Gardyn
This is the absolute best thing ever. I typically cannot grow anything. I kill every house plant and don’t get me started on trying to plant things in the ground. The Gardyn system is amazing. I have been enjoying various types of lettuce, greens, herbs, and about to harvest my first cherry tomatoes and cucumbers. I have the 3.0 system and the gardening assistant (AI), “Kelby” guides me. The system self-waters, and provides the perfect lighting. I had no clue what I was doing and my Gardyn looks amazing. My neighbors think I have a green thumb. I absolutely love this hydroponic garden and would give 6 stars if I could!
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2 years ago, grass_whooper
My Winter Garden
First the “con”: I dislike throwing away plastic inserts that hold the rock wool squares. I wish Gardyn would sell just the rockwool cubes to fit. As for the “pro”: This makes growing herbs a lot simpler : one can leave for 2 weeks and return to find the plants are still happy. The electricity use makes this an expensive way to grow a garden but i run it thru the cloudy winter and find the bright light (even reflected off the white wall) a substitute SAD (seasonal affective disorder) therapy light! Plant some herbs, lettuce, and a few flowers, and pull a comfy chair nearby. After a year, i suggest you I stick to small volume plants, given the small support structure for roots. A pea plant last winter climbed and twined upwards but didnt produce more than about 6 pea pods.
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1 year ago, Screw the nickname ok
My iphone is no longer compatible with my Gardyn
Do you to your updates to the app? My iPhone 11 is no longer compatible with my Gardyn device when I first got my Gardyn device it was compatible because it just required my phone to be an iPhone 11 not 12 but now with the updates it requires iPhone 12, which means more money to spend on a phone which is fine, but I still have to finish paying for the garden, therefore my garden is off-line and I will have to stay that way on till I get a new phone and iPhone to be exact I would’ve given five stars but due to lack of compatibility and pairing ability you get three stars
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2 years ago, Kats Gardyn
Make sure your pump isn’t kinked
The ONLY issue I had was my fault, when assembling the tube connected to the main pump was twisted and I didn’t know how much water should be flowing through the system… I thought droplets were correct until Kerby saved me on the second full day and told me all pods should be wet! I started at the top and worked down and found a huge kink in the pump line. Now all my plants are receiving water and all is well! Love it so much so far just make sure to check your lines aren’t kinked when you assemble!
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3 years ago, The Night Fox 99
The app doesnt work. It literally won’t let me create my account.
App is garbage considering I can’t actually SIGN UP. On top of that, I’ve emailed support several times ab this issue and they have yet to respond to me. Also silly is that I have to sign up on app only and can’t create an account online. If I could do it online, at least I could them sign into the app! Very bad experience thus far. The issue - you click create an account. Then, after putting in name, phone number, and agreeing to terms the app does nothing to move it forward. It instead flips to a image of greens. The image can be moved with your fingers and you can scroll it to see that the next step is above the image yet you cannot access it. It’s beyond frustrating. And then they won’t help me get it fixed so that’s even more frustrating. Y’all need to fix this asap. Currently, One star
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11 months ago, GardynJack
Happy Customer
I was both nervous and excited about purchasing the Gardyn 2.0. Now, I’m wondering why I hadn’t considered it sooner. Having such a wide variety of fresh, healthy herbs and vegetables growing right in your own kitchen is a game changer. The kids and I love watching them grow, and snacking when we pass by. We’re cutting down on food waste, eating healthier, saving ourselves a few trips to the grocery, and learning a little too! I would definitely recommend this, again and again. 5 stars!
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6 months ago, 808facebook
App is decent, but clunky
If I were to change one thing, it would be including the room temp and humidity as a front feature in the home page resources section. Instead of it being hidden in the "advanced" user settings. User interface is decent, but definitely steers you more towards their shop, where they can upsell you even more than they already are. Also, accessing timelapse is cumbersome. And the camera senors don't talk to the lights. It'll take pics at random when lights are on full, leaving the photos very dark since it doesn't take overexposure into account.
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3 years ago, kale machine
Time-lapse and plant book are awesome
I easily connected Gardyn Home to my home wi-fi network in July this year and I’m really happy, cause it takes me a few seconds to place an order for new yCubes. Sometimes I get lost in the plant book reading about all the unique plants like zaatar, tatsoi, monte carlo, purslane etc. Gardyn sells 50+ varieties and plant book really helps me decide on the salads, herbs and fruits I want to experiment with. My favorite part about the app is watching my plants grow in a time-lapse. Great add-on the the gardening experience with Gardyn.
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2 years ago, Charles8118
So Much Fun
I love the Gardyn Kelby App. It is an illustrated mega reference book, a tutorial and store all in one. It is really a lot of fun to use to learn something new everyday about growing my plants. I know I can trust the information and everything I need to use the Gardyn is all in one place. Ordering new seed pods could not be easier. The best part for me so far has been how easy it is to get a question answered. Amazing app to go along with the best purchase I’ve made in a long time. The Gardyn 3.0 is great!
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2 years ago, natsann
Renewing membership
After few troubleshooting for renewing membership , I find out that you only receive 10 cubes !!!!! Not great after fir various reasons you had to cancel . I wish they told me upfront . This mean to make it really nice I have a choice either to buy 20 additional y cubes + shipping cost or cup for the top of each I cube I will not use , both really costly . As much as I like my Gardyn , I really not impressed by the quality of the service (also took me more than 10 days in between the time I get an apointment (if you work there are only apointment during work hour ) and the answer
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1 year ago, Rajaswme
Love my Gardyn
It’s coming up on two years with the Original 1.0 model. I am still loving it and it is still a great producer! They have updated the Garden's look and ease of function so I’m giving the company a 5 star rating because it continues to innovate and improve its product. I don’t have the newest model, I would if I had space and need, but the two 1.0s I have are more than enough right now!
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2 years ago, alieanddave
Easy enough for a non tech person
I have to say my kids and I are extremely excited with our new indoor garden project. I was extremely hesitant as I have never been a fan of learning how to use new electronic devices and felt this would be too much for me to learn. When it first arrived I had trouble with the lights and was immediately sent a reply to my inquiry with a message on how to trouble shoot the problem! It was fixed by following the steps! So far, amazing in my book! Can’t wait to see how it goes
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4 months ago, Mickeyfan4
Lots of bugs since new updated app
The newest app has issues. The water level indicator is never correct. That part of the app has become useless and you need to watch the water level from looking into the tank. Also, if you don’t have the paid subscription, there are tasks which say they are locked and you can’t see. The due dates on these tasks pass and they still appear in your task list. So you have to scroll through them to get to the actual tasks that you need to complete. Can you make them go away if I can never complete them? This is frustrating.
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2 years ago, disappointed in connectcut
Customer service operations
Sorry but the set up for assisting new customers is the absolute worst. At this point I couldn’t recommend this company. Only email is available and you either do not receive a response or it takes several days. That is ridiculous for a product of this type in modern times. Time is of the essence. I have a free first time one month membership offering access to ‘help’ and I will obviously not sign up once the month is done. It’s nearly worthless. I did sign up for a phone call. I had to wait 9 days to get an appointment and then , surprise surprise, no one called.
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3 years ago, jaymay365
Gardyning for dummies
I bought the Gardyn system because I have a black thumb and I kill all my plants. I need someone to tell me when to do what. You get a few hints and tips from Kelby but I wish it told me more. I would love to be able to enter the start dates of when I start my yCubes and have it tell me when to harvest and when the plant should be tossed. It’ll be more helpful to be able to keep track of each yCube individually and know what stage the plant is in. Maybe in a future update.
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2 months ago, Smallville=]
So far so good, but have some really important suggestions!
The camera could be a little bit clearer if you ask me. Also, if there is a redesign (5.0 gardyn) to the systems, there should be an increase in airflow to the roots. Like maybe if they had above each Y cube slot a little hose that just shoots out air to make the water splash around on the roots, bubbles in the bottom reservoir…. That could be helpful, right?
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3 years ago, lildocta
Excellent app that supports an even better product
This companion app to my gardyns has been essential for keeping my plants happy and healthy. The only thing I would change would be easier toggling between systems and the ability to take Live Photos when viewing my plants with the onboard camera but nothing an update or two can’t fix
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11 months ago, Unhappy green thumb
Only the first set grew
We have had the gardyn for about two years. The original plants grew. None after that did. Customer support says my house, in a very temperate Mediterranean climate, is too cold. We made our old breakfast room into a room for the gardyn and tropical plants. I do use the little seedlings when I thin and but them in soil under grow lights and they grow. Then I plan them outside. I have some wonderful alpine strawberries growing and some lettuce. I think the leds lose energy and the plants don’t get enough of the spectrum. Any way, I don’t know what to do with when my contract expires. I want a gardyn to grow like the picture on the app.
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1 year ago, madchem13
Don’t buy
I own several indoor garden units from different manufacturers, and this unit by far has required the most time to maintain, is the most difficult to clean, and has needed more replacement parts than all of the other 10 indoor gardens combined. I requested numerous times to return the unit, but customer service disregarded all of my requests. Instead, they kept on sending replacement parts under the warranty. If you purchase the unit, be prepared to spend extra money just to make it work (like special solutions, plant supports, etc). All of which increases the cost of ownership, thus increasing the cost of your crop.
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2 years ago, GlitterandTack
Meh, disappointed
From the marketing, I thought this app/membership would be much more advanced than it is. Kelby really just sends you ads so I don’t see the value in paying for her. She doesn’t tell you when to add food or when to take action. She just suggests looking. Which means you have to look up all plants individually to see how to thin them. There is no way to document when you added food. I do like seeing my plants grow, but for over 1k, that wow factor isn’t there. I’m still thinking, but doubtful I’ll keep the membership and I may keep the Gardyn….But the tech isn’t there for me now.
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1 year ago, lady who was scamed
Loving my Gardyn
I purchased my Gardyn over 2 months ago. I am thrilled to be able to grow my own vegetables. The fact that the plants are not chemically sprayed is something you can’t put a price on. You can definitely taste the difference from homegrown and store chemically sprayed veggies you purchase in a supermarket. I love it so much .. I purchased another one.
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12 months ago, RachelAngeline
Living food is the best!
Just passed my first month and really enjoy seeing the seeds grow. Easy to maintain. Return policy should be extended to 90 days since most plants need 45 days to harvest. And there definitely should be live Customer Service for this price point. Membership needs to be included, not extra as the AI gives important updates. All the seeds are doing well except Kale. Will continue and hope for a full, robust harvest.
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1 month ago, Rrock3k
I am not sure what happened to the app but it was great until it wasn’t! I am no longer able to navigate the app and have to uninstall and download the app again at least once a week to even be able to use it for a day or two. It will not let me add my second Gardyn to the app at all. I will go thru the whole process of adding it and then the app no longer functions. I paid way too much for two units and a membership for it to be this big of a failure. Highly disappointed and would not recommend this to anyone
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1 year ago, MrHandonnay
Pathetic business model
Imagine spending $1k on any home product - a lamp, a stove, a dishwasher… but the catch is you don’t get full functionality unless you spend another $40/month - forever. There you have the business model of Gardyn. Before you go buy one of these energy intensive, hulking pieces of plastic and then find yourself endlessly coughing up large sums of money to use it, consider not buying it and spending a fraction of that money supporting actual local farmers, co-ops, CSAs and other people who can truly feed our communities instead of this instagram-thirsty photo backdrop.
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4 weeks ago, 64834jmc
App is annoying
While I love my Gardyn, the app is irritating in that it basically forces you to complete an update every single time I open the app. These updates don’t seem to provide any value, but they slow down ease of use and are truly annoying. Also, if you decide to not maintain the kelby subscription, the app takes up space to warn you of to do items you are not allowed to see u less you sign back up. Again, this is annoying and does not encourage me to resubscribe.
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1 year ago, Jon......
App is a joke
This app could literally just be two buttons: water and light. The rest is garbage. This is 0 AI involved. If there is, it’s the worst AI in existence. It doesn’t use the cameras at all. If it had AI, it could use the cameras to detect plant health. But it doesn’t. It under watered my plants for a week, they started to die and 0 alerts. All it does is send you notifications about this article to read or that. Too bad, because the actual equipment is top notch. We are now manually watering and lighting the plants bc the AI isn’t smart enough.
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2 years ago, Jentastic
Still great but a little mad
It’s been 90 days and we’ve grown the most delicious greens and fruiting plants, but we had a sweet pepper plant and we are all really excited about it. Until I figured out that this plant was just green mustard so I waited 90 days just for the green mustard plant to grow its roots on the columns take up too much space and not even give me peppers. WOW!
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11 months ago, gejk6875
Constant Issues/Problems
I have had to get the kid replaced because it stopped connecting to our Wi-Fi after only a couple weeks. After replacing the lid, the app is now unresponsive. I will try to switch the water from “scheduled” to “manual” but the app will not let it switch over. I have also had the same issue with setting up the lights from “scheduled” to “manual”. This seems like a great idea but there are far too many problems so far for me to recommend it. Do not waste your time with this product, it is not worth the hassle.
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1 year ago, Marla GreenAir
I am on my first growth on Gardyn and I am finding that all the claims made are true. The web site and app have so much help and information. Kelby is very helpful and I’m glad I subscribed. Even the monthly refreshing of the tank was easier than I thought it would be. Oh yes, the greens and vegetables are good too!
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1 year ago, VoodooLadyB
App is okay when it works
The app frequently has issues that prevent me from operating my gardyn units. The server goes down, the data is wrong, it can't find both if my Gardyns, and is mediocre when it does work. Rather than adding a "new improved" shopping experience (it was not an improvement in my experience), they should spend time and money making the app more stable and accurate.
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1 year ago, JCW47
Condo Garden
About a decade ago I moved from a home with a yard to my condo/townhouse. I have only been missing one thing for these last years. For most of my life I have had a raised bed vegetable garden which I greatly enjoyed. The inclusion of my new Gardyn’s vigorous plant growth has finally filled that missing element in my new life. Thanks
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2 years ago, teenager 15040820
I love it!
I am an avid gardener and having an indoor garden is perfect! It produces fruits , veggies, and lettuce like crazy! The only complaint I have is the app can be a little hinky; but other than that it is amazing! Worth every penny! Definitely recommend, even without the subscription! (I do not have the subscription)
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3 years ago, Gardyn Jim
Exceeds all expectations!
We have operated the Gardyn System for a year. It has exceeded all of our expectations. We haven’t purchased lettuce at the grocery store since. The support received from our inquiries has been outstanding. We would highly recommend this product.
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2 years ago, kitholt
Hoping the rest in more on track
Started with Fed Ex temporarily losing my package in Arizona but it got here today 2 days later . I did put it together myself but the cheap screwdriver would screw the screws provided. The instructions were clear but when I went to put my plants in, the jalapeño plant looks warped so that light will definitely get in there and I was one plant shirt… I only got 29, so I have to use a cap over one.😕
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3 years ago, Summy Sho
A great system and app
The gardyn system is extremely easy to use and gives me amazing organic produce!:) The app includes resources, plant book and metrics(temp/humidity) so i can see what is going on in my Gardyn. The app also allows me to get memberships and buy different plants. Overall a great experience and app layout.
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2 months ago, RockSue
Indoor gardening
I’ve tried growing vegetables indoor for years and had very little luck. My Mother’s Day gift this year is a Gardyn. It’s one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. It’s so easy to grow veggies and unbelievably exciting to watch. You’ll love it… even if you don’t have a green thumb. I’d recommend it to everyone. Love it!!
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1 year ago, DrClaire
Thanks for a great app!
Thanks for continually updating it. The last update to add the number of gallons I can add is exactly what I would ask for. The app has always been very accessible and clear to me. Might you consider adding a timer for the deep clean as well? Thanks for this great system!
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3 years ago, HonnyMagna
Best investment I’ve made in years
This has turned out to be one of the best things I’ve bought for myself and my family. Our diet has gone from hardly any vegetables to vegtables all the time, and vegetables that we actually like! It’s made us happier and healther.
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1 year ago, Cassidy42284
Add Micro green tracking please
I’m happy with the app, the help section is sometimes confusing to navigate. What is really missing for me is a place to track my microgreen. Just a place to at least add start date for it if nothin else. Would also be nice to be able to have a reminder for what you actually put in it since they are not nicely labeled like the ycubes.
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1 year ago, Love my Gardyn
Love my Gardyn
We have had the Gardyn about four months and love it! We travel often and the self watering and lighting is great. We have been eating huge salads every week. I love the variety of plants to chose from. It’s also helping us to get plants ready for spring.
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1 year ago, RawFemE-9
Im in heaven!!!!
This was a gift and I could’ve never asked for something more special and perfect!! Harvest my own food? YAS!!!! All day long without having to go through much of the hassle and inside my own home! And they look so beautiful! My babies!
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12 months ago, Valerie’s Garden
Couldn’t love this more!
I’m an avid gardener who loves her Gardyn! It’s so easy to maintain. Lots of plants transition to my outdoor garden once spring rolls around for continued growth. The beauty is that l can grow things indoors when the season isn’t right outdoors. I am looking forward the the community chat.
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