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User Reviews for Garmin Connect™

4.47 out of 5
39.3K Ratings
8 months ago, Chels021
Some features lacking from other apps.
I have 2 main complaints with the app…one is that you have to log into the app and “accept” personal records in order for the watch to recognize a new one later on. Logically it would seem that if that’s my PR then it should automatically recognize it without me having to take the step to accept it. It would make more sense to have the ability to decline the PR after the fact if someone wants to rather than requiring everyone else to “accept” them. The other issue is that there’s no way to view your 5k/10k time on a longer run unless it’s a personal record (and you’ve accepted all previous PR’s) or you are physically looking at the watch during your run to see the time when it hits 3.11 or 6.22 which is just annoying. For example, if you’re like me and have too much OCD to log a 3.11 mile run and instead choose to run 3.5 miles, you can’t see what your 5k time was after the fact unless it was a personal record. Many others online have the same complaint and the only workaround I’ve seen is downloading a competitor app and synching your watch to that as well. It just seems silly that Garmin doesn’t have 5k/10k times viewable on each run since it’s such a popular analysis point and is obviously an issue for many users.
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10 months ago, Pissedoffmrechant
Great app that makes fitness functional
This app has been with me for the better part of five years now. I’ve been through two devices, the Garmin Tactix Bravo and the Tactix Delta solar, both great watches with a lot of functionality. However without the use of the garmin connect app I wouldn’t be able to really dial in my training the way I do today. One of the coolest features is being able to import your own Gpx file to the app and side load to your device for custom routes that you can build from various running websites. Additionally the ability to utilize the virtual coaches have helped me become a far better runner than I could have been on my own. By using the coaching I’ve now completed multiple 5ks a 10k and I’m working my way through a half Marathon plan now. Over all this app has a smooth feel. The customizable Home Screen allows me to see all the data that I want and none that I don’t/ or do not care about. I also really like the “social media” part of the app through what’s called “connections”. Me and a few of my buddies are on similar training plans and it’s really motivating to see who’s cranking out the most miles in a week. This is the first review I’ve ever made on an app and that should be pretty compelling information because I’m one of those people who rides off the backs of other honest reviews. If you’re not using this app in tandem with your garmin device, you’re really missing out.
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4 years ago, Mr. Terrarian
Garmin in General
I recently purchased a Garmin Forerunner 235, and I enjoy everything about it! It is so useful. It is lightweight, tells you your heartbeat, your VO2 max, recovery time, your aerobic training, and more. I didn’t realize all of the features I wanted were on the watch (there is no swimming, but I don’t really care). The app is what makes the watch so cool, and it makes it easy to see your mileage. Also, there are badges that you can get, and it makes the workouts feel like a game sometimes, trying to earn the badges. My mom now really wants one of these watches. I guess the downsides are that the watch dies after around three days, with you recording a workout session in all three days that last for around an hour. I don’t know how accurate the Garmin watch is, but I’m just glad that the features are there, because if I wanted more accuracy I would need to go and make myself uncomfortable for the day (heart rate while sleeping, deep and light sleep tracker, heart rate while running, etc). Sometimes it’s uncomfortable after wearing the watch snug for a couple of days. The “move!” Thing on the watch is a little annoying, but the pros outweigh the cons by far, and you even might be able to disable it. All in all, this is a great brand, and if you are obsessed with health and working out, I would recommend this brand for a lot of people. I got my watch on Black Friday for $150, and I don’t regret it at all.
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5 months ago, Hernandez05232009
Watch is great; App needs improvements
I recently switched to Garmin after having Fitbit for years and trying Apple Watch briefly. I love the Garmin watch. It has all the features I want without a bunch of excessive junk. The app, however, I don’t love. My biggest complaint is it seems to be constantly syncing, as in it never completes a sync while I’m viewing my stats on the app. I went for a run for the first time with my watch and I don’t have my stats bc it said I had to sync to the app first. No. Track my run and sync after. I will not stand around delaying my workout while I wait on technology to catch up. I also haven’t quite figured out the interface. It seems straightforward- I think I how where to find something, but then I’m wrong. For example, I wanted to turn off sleep pulse ox to conserve battery while on a trip. It was super simple to turn on, but I gave up on day two of trying to figure out how to turn it off. Fortunately, my battery lasted just fine with it on. I turned off menstrual cycle tracking bc it was completely incorrect. I reported a 28 day cycle and it had a predicted period 6 days after my last reported period. A drag and drop reorder would be nice for the ‘my day’ snapshot. I guess there’s probably a way to rearrange the order but I haven’t figured it out.. UPDATE: I figured out the ‘my day’ reordering. It is a drag and drop but it was phone screen issue and wasn’t working for me. I just deleted everything and added them in the order I wanted.
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3 years ago, Azrno
More activity options please
I recently upgraded from the Forerunner 35 to the Venu sq. I had an Apple watch for a minute and quickly discovered that it couldn’t do what my garmin did, so the Apple Watch went back and the Venu sq was purchased. Still trying to decide if i love the Venu Sq, as the Forerunner was so much simpler to use, but the Venu provides so much data that i love, like stress tracking, O2, etc. I really wish the Venu had more exercise options like HIIT or “functional”strength training. The strength training option from Garmin is frustrating with the reps, just simply time my workout. I wish setting up my walk/run intervals while running was simpler than going into another menu. Why isn’t that option there when i go into run? I can’t seem to figure out how to pause a run. Does it auto pause? What happens when i have to wait at a traffic light? Can i scroll through my text messages. Some just show half a message. Why can’t i scroll down? The watch just isn’t very intuitive. I’ll keep reading the manual, but i think improvements could be made. If there wasn’t so much other data that i like, i would be tempted to go back to my Forerunner. 🤔
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3 years ago, Koopz23
Watches are great, app is good
I use the Garmin Fenix 6 and I could not recommend it more. I’ve ran with it each day for 3 weeks and have also done kayaking and biking. I have only needed to recharge it twice, and the only negative has been a slight lack of tracking under even a few trees. As for the app, I would give it 4.5 starts if I could, but have given the benefit of the doubt. All in all it provides very useful information about your performance and overall health, but is slightly lacking in User Interface as opposed to other activity apps. The graphs are often annoying because I have not found out how to choose a point on the graph to see a value, you can only see the trend roughly plotted and guess (this goes for paces from your runs and also things like your heart rate throughout the night). I also find the calendar view largely useless, especially when compared to something like Apple’s activity rings. Don’t get me wrong though, the data Garmin provides is second to none, but largely a function of which watch you have purchased. In summary, Garmin provides as accurate and useful of info as any company does in the sports watch realm, but could stand to improve accessibility and aesthetics for some of that data in the app.
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4 years ago, regretting i bought this
Used 2 garmin products and over them
I have a vivoactive 3 for 1.5 yrs. Until recently I owned a edge 520 for roughly 4 years. The 520 does the basic features ok but when you want to use an advanced feature, it might work it might not. Both are plagued with constant glitches. I couldn’t handle the edge 520 reoccurring issues. When the charging usb port broke I got a refurbished 520 and gave it to a friend who was new to cycling. I switched to a wahoo roam and I am problem free!! I still wear the vivoactive 3. My watch always had one or two nagging quirks. Now it continues to have constant connection issues since iOS 13 was released. I’ve gone through the suggestions garmin sent out to fix this issue but still nothing. 🙄 Furthermore I had great customer service 4ish years ago. The last time I called my experience was the opposite. Things happen and people can have bad days. Why am I bringing up customer service? If you buy a garmin product you’ll have to use the garmin connect app. When issues arise you’ll have to call garmin. I know this is supposed to be a review of the app and I am giving examples of the products issues. In the end who knows if it’s a garmin connect issue or a 520/vivoactive issue.... who cares when the stuff isn’t dependable and doesn’t work as advertised. If anyone reads this the take away thought is my garmin experience has been sub par due to numerous glitches. They kinda work 🤷🏻‍♀️. Good luck
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4 years ago, Andy du Garmin
Rebuild Training Status Functionality ASAP!
I’ve been a Garmin fan since buying my Forerunner 935 on initial release two years ago. I take some ribbing from Suunto (climbing) and Apple Watch (running) friends, but I’ve been 100% pleased with the decision: the 935 is a great piece of tech, and I’m sure the 945 is as well. HOWEVER: the Garmin Connect app seems to be getting more disappointing to use as a training tool with each revision. The prevailing style seems to prioritize oversimplified infographics over actually allowing users to review and interact with their data. As an example, I’ve been religiously using “training status” every day for two years to monitor the relationship between my 7-day training load and my target load (based on integrated firstbeat tables), making training adjustments on the fly... Now, when I open the app, all those brilliantly helpful, adjustable, overlaid charts are gone—they have literally been replaced by a colored icon that says, “Productive.” That icon changes in response to training each day, but I can no longer view the data that underlies it on the fly, rendering this potentially valuable source of insight meaningless within the app. Dev team: you’ve had two years here. Please, please, please stop driving this app towards banal “mass-market cuteness,” and instead, try giving your devoted fanbase more powerful tools to articulate and shape our fitness goals. Would love to see you course correct here.
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4 years ago, Mathatalist
Garmin Connect Newbie
I’ve owned various Garmin devices for years. I never liked the “ANT” products. I never liked any of the software mobile/PC. My wife is a Triathlete and has all the Garmin “stuff” you can purchase. I saw from her experience how improved the Garmin software experience is. I own a iPhone X. She purchased the V4 for me Christmas. I was training for a February marathon. I have been very impressed with the software. In the past 2 months maybe 3 times I’ve had to do the full Bluetooth, Phone, watch, shutdown restart. I’ve seldom had to resync. The software I think is amazing. It tells, tracks, shows more than I could ever want. It is like an onion. It has layers and layers of information. My wife’s group included me in in one of their “Challenges”. That function works perfectly. I’ve never used the calendar but it seems to keep track of me to some degree anyway. I normally am a “Big Brother” is out to get me. I threw caution to the wind for the Marathon and turned on all the sharing with Apple Health and all the Garmin Connection software. There was a TON of bio data Garmin wanted. I don’t know if that has anything to do with the software running so well and keeping me up to date.
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12 months ago, Otozie
Second Forerunner in 10 years
Upgraded 5 years ago from 210 to 235. My 210 wrist strap deteriorated beyond usability but the watch was working well. While I was happy with my 210 I upgraded to the 235. I replaced my 235 wristband two years ago as both wrist band keepers broke. Otherwise the strap is 100 times better than my prior Garmin. Very comfortable. I wear my Garmin overnight for the alarm and then for my morning workout. Run, Bike (indoor and outdoor) as well as CrossFit is all I do for workouts and the watch is perfect for these activities. Simple and easy to use. The alarm wakes me but is quiet enough to not disturb my wife. As well it is quickly silenced. The Garmin Connect app works flawlessly. I do not follow any metrics or use it beyond simple activity tracking nor do I wear my Forerunners at work or on weekends as I’m hard on my watches (military) but I will definitely replace it with another Forerunner when the time comes. My only minor gripe is that when bicycling it frequently does not pick up my wrist heart rate as I adjust my workouts based upon my HR zone but not a big deal when cycling. Overall it’s a great product at a great price.
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2 years ago, alcheming
Love the watch, not so much the app
I purchased the Fenix 6s a few weeks ago and have been loving the watch with all its bells and whistles. The watch and app is an upgrade compared to Polar, however I wish there were more options to customize things. Like being able to create certain activities (or change the names of the provided activities), or adding additional bed and awake times (I have different wake times on days off), or being able to record and separate naps from overnight sleep and have that data compute to your sleep score. Supposedly, according to the Garmin website, the sleep and wake times that you key in are fixed in that even if you take a nap any recorded data would be in ADDITION to what was computed overnight. Wrong. I took a 2+ hour nap and the data OVERWROTE my overnight sleep. Which is very frustrating when the data is being used for tracking purposes. Aside from that, I find the app is very limited in its ability to customize or tailor to personal preferences. Perhaps I am just unfamiliar with Connect but I do not want to have to download all or any of the the other Garmin apps JUST to be able to get one or two things to my liking. My phone doesn’t have the space and I don’t like having to constantly switch between apps.
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4 years ago, sbs1628
Bought a FR245 to train for a marathon
4 Stars - Jan 2020 update - In January my iphone upgraded to ios13 and since then my FR245 continues to disconnect from the app and I need to repair them every day. I used the instructions recommended, kudos to Garmin for acknowledging this problem. It’s a real hassle so far, not thrilled about it and haven’t fixed the disconnect on my phone yet. 5 Stars- The app provides tremendous amount of useful information. I enjoy the format compared to Fitbit in every way. The app is customizable to each persons preferences in terms of what you want to see and in what order. Works seamlessly with Strava and Myfitness Pal. I’m enjoying it very much and I find the app to be very satisfying. -I love how as I read my stats, I can also read about what statistics mean and how Garmin calculates them so seamlessly in the app. -I never quite figured out how to use the Garmin coach for marathon training plan in that... I was hoping for interactive videos and audio commands, haven’t figured it out yet and used other training plans for the Marathon. I may try it for a different goal I set for myself to be seen.
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2 years ago, Igottabigdisc
PLEASEEE. When viewing a completed activity, running, for instance, please add the ability to see the time for 5k/10k/half marathon. I always pull up the mile checkpoint review page to see mile times, i just would love to see another little stat between miles 3 and 4 that says the time in which i ran 5k, and further metric distances as well (i’m using statute by preference in the USA). I would also like to see the ability to gain the same badge multiple times. And at the end of the activity show you new badges as well as your new total of badges of which you have more than one. Annoying to only get them once. Okay cool you ran 10 miles here’s a badge. It would be satisfying and motivational to be able to accrue multiples of some of these. I imagine a lot of people would strive to collect a benchmark 100 5ks or something. Just some things i hope the developers consider. After being suspicious of some of the pace times the display has been showing me, I decided to run 3 miles on a track at an even pace. The watch was almost a full 200m early in telling me I ran 3 miles. That really starts to compound on longer runs. Using ViviActive 3 Music.
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4 months ago, Ale1916
Update screwed everything
When I first purchased this Venus 2 watch, I really liked it. Did not care for the shortage of battery life. I did not like enabling battery saver because I look at my watch frequently and did not want to have to be turning my wrist or tapping on the watch every time I wanted to look at it. Also, the fact that when it did come on, it was only for a split second and one had to tap on it or twist your wrist to get it to come up again for another split second. Then came the first update. It wiped everything off. Wiped out my watch face, wiped out the Bluetooth connection, , wiped out connectivity. I cannot get anything to work. Nothing wants to connect. I tried to get my selected face back on the watch, says it is installed, but it’s not. I can barely see the time (the default face )on the watch. It is so dark it is barely, and I do mean barely legible. Nothing is working and the watch, since I cannot see the face, it is so bloody dark, is totally useless. For the money I paid for this watch, this should not have happened just because of an update. So, it was nice at first, but if this is what happens every time there is an update, you can assume I will not be a happy camper.
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3 years ago, NickBishop47
Please Read, and consider adding!!
I think this is a 5 star level app, but it misses the ability to do 2 things!! So if u would could u please add in these two things: 1) the watch I have had the ability to recognize I’m sleeping and the ability to see hey I’m asleep, what zone I’m in and etc. so is there a way we can establish its ability to recognize my naps. I sleep 4 hours and then wake up almost every night. But then when I try to go back to sleep 30 minutes later or during the day it doesn’t document my sleep. I for this because my average sleep is at 3-4 hours, but I don’t know how much I’m actually sleeping. I’d appreciate you updating this, as I’ve also seen multiple people talking about this via the internet. 2) and I think this is the bigger of the two. The workouts don’t have enough options, it’s like u can run but u can’t run and swim. It’s like u can swim but u can’t swim and workout. I’ve been searching how to do this on the internet, but everything is just running or just swimming or just etc. I think if you added this in at the least I’d be extremely happy. Thank you so much for reading my review and I’d appreciate you guys putting in these few features!
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7 months ago, TheCav3
Please Update Your App
I never write reviews and am only writing this in the hopes that someone, anyone, at Garmin will read it that can change things. I use Connect quite a bit for tracking runs and workouts. The functionality is there but the app is not all that intuitive and the design is wildly out of date. Which I was willing to overlook because the app functioned like it was supposed to. Recently though, tracking my workouts has become somewhat frustrating. It’s minor but when you edit an exercise it constantly glitches out and redefines another exercise that you weren’t trying to edit. It seems to have something to do with exercises that target similar muscle groups or have similar names. If you want things to be correct then you have to manually create the exercise and reorder the list the way you want. This wasn’t an issue a month or so ago so I assume a recent update screwed things up. Garmin just seems slow to respond to things like this and there’s no easy way to submit a bug report. Which would be a very nice feature. I’ll gladly delete or update this review if, and when, they respond.
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5 years ago, kdiff
It would be great if every other update didn’t break something
I’ve been a been a Garmin user for a long time and at times I really question my loyalty because their software updates for devices frequently cause new issues, loss of functions, etc. (Some issues have taken months to resolve, eg when Strava segments updates weren’t transferring to Garmin devices.) Why am I bringing up device software issues on an app review? It’s because the app has the same issues, eg I bought a Fenix 5 about 7-8 days ago and it was working great with this app, I had all the functionality that I was supposed to until I updated the Garmin app this morning. Now the weather and the Physio TrueUp functions aren’t syncing to the watch. All the rest of my software is up to date so it’s not another software issue. Stupid me, for forgetting how many times I’ve updated the app when everything was already good and only to have a month or two until it finally gets fixed. This cycle repeats itself with Garmin every few months. Apparently there is no testing before an update release. As such, I encourage all to ask “is everything working well? If yes, then do I really need to update the app?”
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5 years ago, JWB457
Long time user
Overall I really like Garmin app & Garmin products. Am currently on my 5th Garmin watch over 7 year period. I currently use a Garmin 235 and am anxiously awaiting its replacement. I find Garmin Connect has been a very reliable application and has all the data I need. I find it has all features I need and several more that I’ve never gotten into. My only qualm with Garmin over the years is their heart rate measuring devices... to me it’s their weak spot. I have had issues with heart rate straps dating back to my first Forerunner 25 up through my Forerunner 620. I switch to wrist based on 235 and find it’s maybe 90-95% reliable - unfortunately that 5-10% comes at the most inopportune times! Like during the Boston marathon in 2017 or other critical races or workout. Actually it’s the Garmin Connect app that kept me with Garmin running watches. I know Polar does a better job tracking heart rate but I like the Garmin Connect app enough, plus have years of data on it. Am hoping that improvements to the 235 replacement will include better more reliable heart rate tracking...
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9 months ago, Kgsailor
For all of life…
This app makes all the amazing functionality of the fenix 7 (and I’m sure other devices) easy to use, review, expand, and deploy for many parts of life. I say this because the feedback from my sleep quality (duration, quality, and HRV) has literally changed my life. I wouldn’t say I was a heavy drinker, but it became totally clear how one or two beers in the evening affected my sleep, and the next day my training readiness would be in the toilet. Figuring out sleep, rest, training readiness, diet, and all of that has helped me beyond just my training. But I have also used the coaching to get back to some semblance of conditioning. I was a long-time triathlete and gave that up with some moves and a passion for rock climbing. And I’m still clawing my way back to a reasonable level of cardiovascular health with great programming from the coaches and Garmin. Really helps me to just get up and do what it says when I’m in an environment that doesn’t pull me out the door every day as it did where I used to live. Thanks for it all.
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4 years ago, Wheredidalldanicknamesgo
getting better again
Latest update seems to have resolved all of the issues below. I am upgrading my rating to 4 stars since the auto syncing is working flawlessly again and when I manually sync it works exactly as intended. The only reason I’m not going a full 5 stars is due to the amount of time it took them to resolve an issue that wasn’t an issue to begin with. Since the last update my FR945 has difficulty maintaining connection and syncing with iPhone. iOS 13 latest version. I have to turn off the 945 and restart just to acquire a connection. Then when I attempt to sync the status bar/circle will reach the halfway point and freeze and eventually fail. I have to repeat this process 3-4 times before getting a full sync. Last night it took over an hour to sync the data. Prior to the latest update there were none of these issues and everything worked great. Seems as though Garmin is going backwards? Oh, and I have gone through and adjusted all of the privacy and Bluetooth settings as Garmin has instructed since the latest release.
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5 years ago, D_Edwards16
Good but can be so much better
May not deserve a 1 star but the fact there are so many problems/bugs that they haven’t addressed in years makes it a one to me. The first is the notifications. If I get one in anything it’ll show as a very large number of notifications and won’t go away unless I tap on the top left icon. Second are the charts that are messed up when going in my run details. Might as well forget trying to look at pace chart. For some reason it wants to show pace as slow as 30 minutes a mile even if you never went that slow. For instance I may do a run and the slowest I go is 8 minutes a mile but since they pull the chart down to 30 minutes a mile you can really tell anything about your pace. The other thing they need to do better on is making it more sociable. They have basically accepted strava as taking its business but if they would make a better screen with social interaction and better search engine for friends it would be great. They also need to make it to where people can use their phone as their GPS device in their app but I doubt they’ll ever do that as they want people to buy their devices but the fact is most casual runners will never buy one cause they want their phone with them.
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5 years ago, [OXA]maryjane93
Worth it!!
A couple weeks ago a friend of mine talked me into participating in a sprint distance triathlon. Often I’d joke around with friends that my three least favorite activities are running, cycling and swimming. However, I am very competitive and very much into fitness. So I got talked into this triathlon. I knew I had to prepare but I had no idea how to. When all else fails, data is the key. While looking for the ideal fitness tracker, most of them seemed lackluster. When I found Garmin, and realized that they make much more than just GPS devices, I knew that it’d be worth a try. Ordered a Garmin Forerunner 735xt and the running sensor and off I went on my journey. Everything about this app is awesome! From the recovery advisor to the map of your run. The graphs that I show my girlfriend/trainer so that she can help me get better are easy to understand. It feels like it uses minimal battery in the background even when on constantly. Solid app, great hardware, flawless connectivity so far and I recommend it to all my friends and training partners!
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5 years ago, CRE33
Great multi tool
I wanted a watch that was a tool to help monitor sleep, workouts, outdoor activities, heart rate, while also playing music without the need to strap my phone on somehow. I’ve already used the watch for several activities including row, run, walk and the metrics measures by the watch are better than I expected. I’m still finding the capability of the Connect app but I was looking into doing a 5k this spring and was surprised to find the 5k coach. Battery life and the claim of 500 songs are why it’s 4 stars. I’m not seeing a way to get the 7 days battery unless I strictly use it as a watch and not monitor activities. Music storage is not what was advertised. Maybe advertise it can hold X amount of hours of music because I went to building playlists and it filled up in about 110 songs. I will be checking to see if the length of 1 list just cut out the whole thing and I’ll update if I increase the amount stored. Overall I’m pleased with my VivoActive 3 Music watch and The Garmin Connect app and I’d recommend it to those looking for a multi tool kind of watch.
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2 years ago, Big Pierogie
Unreliable phone connection
Despite many updates, this app never works well for me, regardless of which iOS version I’m using. I use it with an Instinct solar and it keeps disconnecting. I have to reboot the app for it to work again. Since there is no Bluetooth connection indicator on any watch face (it’s in a deeper menu), you don’t realize the connection has been lost. When the app works and you turn off your phone, the watch will notify you that there is no Bluetooth connection. But when the app just randomly stops working, you never get that notification, or any other notification, and that happens a lot. Very frustrating as it’s easy to miss calls and messages since my phone is on silent most of the time. Wish there were more watch faces to choose from and that they would include the Bluetooth icon. Even my old Pebble had that. I would also like to see my phone’s battery level displayed on a watch face. Sometimes the watch battery saver won’t turn itself on at night, and if it does, it will stay in that mode past the designated off time. This is less common but it happens. Love all the features but it would be nice to get what I described above. Please make it less buggy.
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5 years ago, moeds89
Great for me
My first Garmin was a Forerunner 610 and it was my absolute favorite watch. Marathons to long trail runs it worked perfectly until one day I hit a tree (embarrassing I know) but I cracked the screen a piece of the screen literally fell off. It still worked for another year! Finally it died and I decided to give the Nike watch a try. I wasn’t crazy about the way it looked and it randomly died on my twice. So I decided to give Fitbit a try... I like Fitbit however, their software on the device has way to many issues for me. And the app leaves your yearning for more. Now this leads me to today. I have a fenix 3 hr and between the device and the app I couldn’t be happier. There are a lot of reviews on here saying about glitches in the app. The occasional slowness to update from my fitness pal is the only issue I have. And I wouldn’t really call it an issue typically I just have to close the app and open it back up. Overall I’ve used a lot of devices that also have apps and this is the best one of them all.
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3 years ago, Ankush407
Very well designed for somewhat serious runners
I have been using Garmin 645 for about 4 weeks and I really like it. I primarily use it for running, so cannot comment on its utility for strength training. As regards running, I run around 20 miles a week and training for half marathon. I am using the ‘coach’ feature and it is really helpful. I don’t have to spend hours for planning the workouts. The ‘coach’ does it for me. It adapts the upcoming workouts based on current performance. I find the various statistics that Garmin provides useful. However, I doubt if a beginner would need them. They might get overwhelmed or bogged down with such info overload. I don’t think beginners use such sophistication. Until I started long runs (up to 10 miles) I was using Vi earphones. That’s the best thing happened to me in recent times. It was great motivator and made me coming for a run each morning. But it is not accurate and detailed as Garmin. So I switched and it’s a bitter sweet feeling. I am keeping one star because I feel Garmin can do better with the coach feature.
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8 months ago, Liam Conner
Almost gave up
I use to run 10 miles easily at a 6:30 mile pace when I was running track and XC. That was my early college years up until covid and school got tougher and I put on a significant amount of weight. I honestly got scared to run again because I could barely run a 800m at a 9 minute mile pace without stopping. My girlfriend got me the garmin 245 music because I told her I use to have one and loved it. I started following the app and calorie counting. I wanted to just put miles on it. After a few weeks to a month I was running 9 minute miles easily and started running further and further. Now I’m at about 8 minute miles and feel more positive to be healthy and looking a lot better. It was a gift I never knew I needed but it pulled me out of a bad place. The watch and app itself works just fine for me, I wish other apps would connect with it like an Apple Watch would, but garmin has always been a very solid brand.
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1 year ago, ulñj.ll,
Hate it. Dude perfect could make a better app. Oh wait they did. Ha! In yo face Garmin people!
It doesn’t load. At all. I waited forever. Nothing. I hate this app and it should never have been on the App Store. It’s the only way to control my garmin. But no, 😑it doesn’t work. My moms works perfectly, but no, no, no, mine stinks. Why do y’all hate me that much that you make it so I can’t control my watch? I haven’t had a watch in 4 years because of it. I can’t have nice new ones like you millionaires do. oh wait, you’re not millionaires, cause this app stinks!!! But seriously dude, this app is terrible. Maybe you should rename it to something else instead of Garmin. Here are some ideas: Lamein, Stinkin, doesn’tworkin, loadin forever and Ever and everin. Even though I hate this app I wanted to let you know that, I’m never gonna give you up never gonna let you down never gonna run around and desert you never gonna make you cry never gonna say goodbye never gonna tell a lie and hurt you bud um ch. Have a great day. Hopefully by the end of it you can create an idea for a better app. But for now, I’m stuck not knowing the time for the rest of my life while our school clocks broken. Sincerely, Someone 🎩
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4 months ago, Mari-anna-photography
90% satisfying
I’m loving my venu 2plus. Almost everything. The Don’t disturb function is one of my issues. I wish there was just a button to turn off and on, like on the iPhone. Instead this sleep /wake thing doesn’t make sense to me. What if I don’t want to get notifications even if I’m awake? Like I’m in a movie or something. Or I got up earlier then I set it up. Etc. I’m aware that I can manually turn it off and on but I always keep track about this sleep/wake settings. My other issue that sometimes when I start running or walking, the watch shows some insane pace, mostly way too slow. For example my average running pace is 10 minute per mile and sometimes it says 20, which is impossible. I usually restart the watch when this happens and then it’s ok but by the time I’m done with that, I’ve already lost 5-6 minutes. I really hope that these issues will be improved, I’ve read other reviewers having the same problems
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4 years ago, Flygirl1973
The app, the watch or the phone?
I had this app and wore the watch years ago (vivofit 2) but got frustrated with myself; self competition got old. My original review was a 1 star (after an update) because I couldn’t edit or find runs that came out as walks (9 min miles aren’t THAT slow) and my HR was missing most of the time. Fast forward to the last month where I’m back on a health kick and have moved to a farm, curious to see what my activity level is. The app is slow to sync, slow to look at different days and activities. It still shows workouts as as a walk or shows I walked 47 min only going .03 miles....I walk the perimeters of our fields with our dogs that I know are approx 1.5 miles depending on the route. So what the heck? Is it that the app is old, or the watch is old or that I’m on an iPhone 7 which seems to work fine with just about everything else. I’m still not satisfied with this product-5 years later. On the flip side I now know my general step count per day and a general idea of calories burned even if it doesn’t see my workouts and me sweating to the sound of my lungs collapsing under all this heat in TN!
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5 years ago, ignovaa
The best health tracking app - hands down!
I must start off by saying I love this app, it is my go to and probably the one I spend the most time in! Some improvements are still needed: 1. Allow users to customize sleep hours! My goal is 7 hours but Garmin doesn’t allow this setting to be modified! You only have 8 as an option I tend to never make this goal which throws off my daily card showing that I made all of my goals! My health and fitness team recommends 6-9 hours I’m not certain if this is a general health standard but Garmin should at least allow us to set it within this range! 2. The watch menus “in the app” -can use a overhaul “Activities,Apps and More” should be collapsed as a single section which includes “data fields” and “widgets” currently they fall under appearance! I get it Garmin is trying to make it simpler for non-technical users however, I think with less menus and more grouping it would improve workflow! Btw, it used to be this way they changed it some time a go! 3. The App Store needs to be more integrated! It seems that Garmin should let the app include apps from the AppStore without launching a browser within the app! I would suggest putting the App Store directly below the watch on the main menu, allow the api to talk directly to the store and have it better embedded into the app! Overall I can live with the app without these features however it would be nice to see them in a future release!
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3 years ago, Rynatat
Just What This Fitness Enthusiast Needed!
I got a Garmin FR645 as a bday gift to myself last June: I run, swim, lift weights, boxing/MMA & just keep active in general. I never realized what I was missing until I upgraded from a FitBit Blaze to Garmin! GPS tracking is on point on the watch & app, training stats are amazing to see where & when I need to adjust intensity & history is great to see how I’ve improved with better tracking abilities from Garmin. Yes, there are some glitches, but nothing to cry or scream about: pretty much everything tracks, monitors & gives guidance where needed. It’s great to pull up stats after a long run to see if VO2 Max is improving, cadence, HR Zones & pace (for those coveted negative splits!) & see how my cross training improves my running. The only down side is sleep doesn’t seem as accurate - it’s shown me asleep when I was watching a movie, but I’m more concerned with the other athletic stats so as long as I’m scraping 6+ hours of sleep I know everything else flows well. I was using MyFitnessPal to track calories consumed which it synced 99% of the time accurately which was nice to see the calories burned/consumed stats. I don’t track there much anymore unless I’m in serious training or trying something new to see how it may affect me but things usually flow between the apps well. Garmin syncs to MyHealth which syncs to my smart scale so everything is together. As long as I can keep active I’ll keep Garmin!!
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1 year ago, Random3242432
Ok but will never improve
First off it’s not well tested, as bugs slip through which affect obvious functions which can’t be missed. You have to have internet do use any of it Outside that issue it’s fairly solid, but somehow too generic to be useful for any specific question you have. It’s so generic I think it’s impossible for them to do much with it now, other than the low hanging fruit, and I haven’t seen any useful improvement in 2 years. It does save your activities but doing anything useful with them is often impossible. Annoyingly you can’t merge or do many useful edits. And it always has issues syncing, super slow. Stay away from their streaks or similar features. They act like overbearing parents and don’t trust you to track your own activity. Just pray you don’t forget your watch one day, or take a flight, or anything. Eff you garmin, it’s my activity let me do what I want with it. With behavior like that, and the general difficulty of doing much with stats, I’m looking for a alternative watch and app. If apple adds one more feature that I’m missing then I’m out.
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1 year ago, CandyceInCincy
*edit* (Problem solved for now)
*Edit/update*: The issue I had turned out to be a bug in the watch’s sensor software, not a Garmin Connect issue. I found a fix on the product support website, and things seem to be working now. I do wish I had been pointed toward this fix a little sooner in interactions with product support. Alas. Hopefully this issue is in the rear view. The app itself mostly works okay, though there are occasional hiccups. (Also found a way to set up via computer, so my bad for thinking I could only set up the watch while using the mobile app.) Original: I mostly enjoy using my watch (Vivoactive 3), but I can’t connect it to my phone right now. Product support had me reset the watch to factory, and now I can’t connect to desktop either, since set up is strictly via mobile. There were some intermittent connectivity issues with iOS 15 (the connection would drop randomly), but eventually it would always connect. Right now my watch is basically bricked. Please update the app.
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4 years ago, macclthc
Just does not work consistently
I am a Garmin Fan Boy. I have used their product both watches and bike computers for years. I like the Ecco system and I like the hardware functionality. However, the connectivity has been consistently and very disappointingly mediocre at best. I recently got the Garmin Edge 830 and it worked reasonably well and now I literally have not been able to connect the device to the app for a couple of weeks. This may finally be the straw that breaks the camels back and may return the Edge 830 and abandon Garmin devises for Wahoo. I hate that this is the case as I am very happy with the hardware but the software ecosystem is just plain and simple unreliable. It is Bluetooth and 2019 why can the software engineers not figure this one out. I know I am not alone. More and more people I ride with are abandoning Garmin because they can’t figure this out. I even had a bike shop that carries both Garmin and Wahoo tell me not to get the Garmin and to get the cheeper Wahoo because they are getting so many complaints about this. I guess I should have listened. This may be my first app review but it is so frustrating that I had to share.
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1 year ago, vkuzy
Please improve “challenges” page..
I love my “My day” page. I love how you can expand and collapse. I like how for more information you can click on individual cards. “Challenges” page in my opinion needs some work from Garmin. I access this page on a regular basis to check my progress. I think it would be nice to see progress of each challenge without clicking on it. I also think it would be nice to have all current challenges displayed on this page, I usually participate in more then just three.. “past challenges” don’t have to take as much screen space as “current challenges”, a link to “past challenges” would have been sufficient… “News Feed” is ok, but not great. But I don’t have good suggestions to make it better… “Garmin Coach”. I don’t use it much so I can’t comment on this page.. “Calendar” is missing something to be useful, don’t have good suggestions…
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6 months ago, Pimpin Schrimpin
Premium equipment, lackluster App
I have been using my new Forerunner 265 for ~2 weeks now and I love the watch, but the Connect app has been a little frustrating. With how powerful and capable my watch is I am surprised that data isn’t presented in a way to break down all the details and help me learn and improve my fitness level, sleep, and habits. Things I’d like to see improve: 1. Weekly and/or monthly summaries that compare sleep data with training load/stress. There is plenty of capability here but I would like help identifying trends and understand if I’m overreaching or not doing enough. 2. All the right pieces are in the performance stats “training readiness”, “training status”, and “training effect” but they are presented in a way that doesn’t help show trends or help make good judgment how you can train better. Data is there, presentation is lacking. 3. There should be a workout option for spin bikes like Peloton and Echelon that displays real time heart rate. If I could at least view my heart rate on the watch while recording the workout that would be extremely helpful. I have used “indoor cycling” for these workouts and it seems it’s meant to work with the Trax app so the distance stays zeroed out and there is just a time countdown with no HR displayed. 4. A journal questionnaire that could be filled out everyday to help identify trends with sleep and fitness. Overall, I’m very happy with my watch but I would like to see the app get some improvements.
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7 months ago, FitChickRD
LOVE it! Great for real life, not just elite
I love the Garmin connect app. I love that I can personalize everything from what I see on the screen for my phone to my watch right from the app. The features are wonderful for training and monitoring. I have used this app now through two pregnancies. It has been nice to watch my fitness and be able to reflect back across the last 3 years to see the difference between each pregnancy. With integration of the body battery, it was fascinating to see how my heart rate variability changed during the last four weeks of my pregnancy. The only thing I wish the app had for the pregnancy piece was a spot to track contractions. That literally has everything else you would need. Now, a request, and not a complaint-would love to see this app integrate with Carbon for nutrition tracking. Thanks, Garmin, for being amazing as always.
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4 years ago, SeñorJonzon
Great Motivational Tool
Garmin Connect is a wonderful tool to motivate. It’s really interesting how important a badge can become and the feeling of accomplishment that is felt when you’re able to earn one. The metrics are easy to interpret and are relatively accurate. When coupled with Fenix 5X the GPS metrics are a delight. I look forward to expressing my athletic prowess with the many features offered in the Fenix 5X and am excited at the thought of Garmin Connects potential readouts. And to add to the pleasure, I’ve connected a few family member’s through the app and we now challenge one another. The app offers the ability to share your metrics with those in or outside of your circle. Another great way to motivate you to try harder. I highly recommend a Garmin training device so that you can challenge yourself and others through pure innocent shame or competitive pride while becoming a healthier you. Excellent app.
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2 years ago, Jeepaxle
What a great name for this app. I really feel like it’s helped me connect with what’s going on with me on a physical level, with different metrics and helpful blurbs about things like sleep quality, body battery, recovery times, pulse oximeter, heart rate etc. Feeling wiped out? Check my body battery and see I’m under 10, it’s a funny thing but seeing that readout kind of gives me permission in my brain to prioritize rest instead of just slogging forward. I bought a garmin descent mk2i for the functionality on the device itself (which is extraordinary) but am now hooked on all the functionality the device AND the app seamlessly provide. Here’s a good example, I can’t wear my watch to track Brazilian Jiu Jitsu sessions because it would probably get torn off my wrist, but after class I can add that workout through the app. Keep up the great work Garmin!
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3 months ago, Djotz
Great App, but need to access PC for all functionality
The functionality of the app is good, you can upload and view your recent data/ride/activity seamlessly with the WiFi/ Bluetooth functionality. The reason for the three stars is that the App does not offer all of the functionality of the Connect website; specificity the “Elevation Correction” function. In order to accurately reflect the elevation data, one must log onto your PC after every activity and manually check the Elevation Correction box. It would be a nice upgrade to be able to do this step from the App so the results from the days activities are corrected and immediately accurate. Especially since the App can upload to other sites (Strava); having inaccurate data should be able to be fixed from the App, not just corrected when we log in from the website that basically has the same look/feel and ALMOST the same functionality.
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1 year ago, mypalscallmeAL
Really, nothing beats a Garmin…or the Garmin app
I had a Fitbit for several years and after it broke, I was planning on getting another. But as I researched the latest Charge model, I saw that it had a /lot/ of features that would’ve been great to have…if I was willing to pay for the premium membership. So, I started researching Garmin, based on the recommendation of several friends who owned them. I got my Forerunner 45s (not their most expensive or high-tech watch, but one I believed would do everything I needed) and haven’t regretted a penny I spent on it. There are no features that you have to pay to get—no fancy memberships to “upgrade” or whatnot—whatever you spend on the watch is paying for everything you get. This app is super helpful for looking at my runs (editing them, etc.), and I plan to stick with Garmin for a long, long time.
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3 years ago, Smytty YOW
Works pretty well 90% of the time
I have Bluetooth connectivity problems every few weeks where it won’t automatically upload my roadies from my Edge 520. Not sure if it has to do with updates, or restarting the phone, or whatever. Usually, once I restart both my phone and my GPS, it connects up no problem. I also use it for connecting to my vivosmart watch/ HR monitor. Works pretty seamlessly for tracking sleep, steps, activities, etc. I use a Garmin index scale to track my weight, body fat %, hydration ,etc. and it works well to keep all that data together. I use a different app (MyPlate) to track calories, and for some reason it doubles whatever I’ve burned. Typically, if I ride and burn 2000 calories, GC will tell my iPhone health app that I’ve burned 4000, even though it’s showing 2000 in GC. If you’re a garmin fan like me, this app is a must have for stats tracking. However, it’s buggy and needs to be updated.
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1 year ago, New Fitness Watch Guy
This app is excellent
So I am completely new to the fitness watch world, automatic dive watches and G-Shocks have been my go to in the past. Smart watches have never interested me because I don’t want to charge the thing every day. With the watch I have I don’t have to worry about that and the information this application gives you is astonishing to me. On a bike ride it shows you where you rode and it also shows you your speed by color overlay on the map. Riding into a 20 mph wind from the south? It shows you how you were slow heading south and fast going north. Want to know your heart rate, no problem. Want to see your speed graphically no problem. Your respirations, check. The list goes on and on. I have only used it for biking, swimming and walking so I have truly not scratched the surface of it. Get the watch, get the app and be happy!!
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3 years ago, AplJck
Always down
The app has been super buggy this year. It goes through long periods where I can’t connect. It often says they are performing maintenance and to try again later. The next day same error, so I look to see if there is an app update. It seems like there is updated version every 2-3 weeks now but the orate never describes what they are fixing. I update the app, but then usually still can’t connect for another week. Still couldn’t connect yesterday or today. The error says they are experiencing server connectivity issues. Now the latest issue is that it keeps losing Bluetooth connectivity with my watch. Contacted Tech Support and I have to delete the watch in the app and in my Bluetooth and set it all back up again. Very time consuming, and it keeps happening. Very annoyed by how often Garmin is “down for maintenance” for days and the requesting requests to re-authenticate, approve the terms, and set up the watch again. This was a stable app for over a year and now it never works when I need it to.
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3 years ago, Sorcs101
Garmin Instinct - Great app and better watch
Recently got an instinct for Christmas. After wearing none stop for almost 3 weeks I love it. It has everything I want from a smart watch with nothing I don’t need. When it says “tactical” it’s not some typical sales gimmick. This thing has modes to be compatible with night vision, accurate gps, three different parachuting modes (HAHO,HALO, and static line), and a stealth mode that masks all wireless signals. Also the battery life is 4-6 days, and it charges in the time it takes me to complete my hygiene routine. I am not a fitness app kinda guy, but this app is great. Easy to use and fluid. Helps me keep track of my sleep, stress levels, hydration, weight, and heart rate. In doing so I have set and achieved goals, using this app, which have formed much better habits for me. This app really helps you hold yourself accountable with how you use, abuse, and maintain your body.
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3 years ago, Mateo Mas
Too many glitches to deserve a good rating at this time
I seem to have at least one issue everyday with this app. I own three different Garmin products. The one I use the most is the Forerunner 945 triathlon watch. At some point almost everyday (ave 6 days a week) my watch becomes disconnected from the app. Unfortunately, it’s not an easy/simple fix. It usually involves me having to turn off my watch for a couple of minutes and turning off/shutting down the app and then back on so that I can sync my device. This usually works, but sometimes it takes several attempts. Not the end of the world, but frustrating never the less. Then I’ll have issues with features on the app. Today’s issue is that the app won’t display the “Intensity Minutes” feature. I cannot figure out how to get it back up. I’ve tried logging out and back in, turning my phone off then on, whatever. My phone did automatically update the Garmin Connect app this morning. I’m sure that’s the problem. I’m still committed to the app, but I wish Garmin would sort this all out. Until then, “Boooo!”
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1 year ago, jackmanjt7
Love it - but
I love Garmin and everything about my 935. It has about near all the activities I’d ever want. The only thing is Garmin exports to about near ever cardio based app there is but no lifting apps (that I’m aware of). I use Strava to compete with my brother, no issue connecting. I use Komoot to make routes, no issue there. But I LOVE JEFIT, a lifting tracking app that generates workouts for me and tracks my progress. The issue here is Garmin HAS a strength app that I use, but neither Garmin or JEFIT connect to each other. So I end up having to track my lift sessions twice. Once in app with JEFIT as I go along and once on my watch so the activity is tracked in Garmin. This works but it’s a round about way to do it. Id much rather track it on my phone and have it sync to Garmin afterwards. What’s important is Garmin tracking it, because I want the intensity minutes logged. But if ur strictly cardio based, you’ll love this.
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4 years ago, Psfrdsb439
Update- worse app on my phone that gets used daily. For the price of the watch this app should work great. Too many issues to list, makes owning their watch a drag and will switch to Fitbit on my next watch. My suggestion for the company would be to open your competitors apps and see how simple and easy to use they are and try to be better than them. Instead they throw everything and the kitchen sink at the app in hopes something works and most of it doesn’t. Just a waste of a good watch if the interface is lacking. Just a suggestion- under activities when you look at what you've done under any of the activities it uses the "last" 7 days, 4 weeks, or 12 months. Why not break it down just by a set Monday-Sunday week for the 7 days, an actual month for the 4 weeks, and an actual year for the 12 months. I feel everything else in our lives is set up with those time standards why not have the app set up like that too. Would make looking at that part of the app more enjoyable and user friendly. Everything else is great.
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4 years ago, nightmarchers
Weather doesn’t work / Sync issues abound
Since the most recent update, Weather doesn’t work on my FR945. The watch simply displays “waiting for data” where Weather info should be displayed. I have tried all troubleshooting, and still do not have functioning Weather since the update. Please fix Weather! I have also experienced intermittent sync issues since the most recent update. These issues seem to resolve, at least temporarily, after taking the following steps: remove watch from GC > quit GC > forget watch from Bluetooth settings > power off iPhone> power off watch> restart watch > restart iPhone > open GC > pair watch to GC. This revolved the majority of my sync issues for the time-being, but HAS NOT fixed Weather. After pairing, Weather will initially display information. You will think all is good, but the info never updates. And eventually, Weather inevitably reverts back to the “waiting for data” message I mentioned above. And you are back where you started. Lots of users experiencing lots of problems since this latest update. Please fix.
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