GE Pharmacy

Health & Fitness
3.9 (517)
13.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Giant Eagle, Inc.
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for GE Pharmacy

3.91 out of 5
517 Ratings
8 years ago, Boscovec
Works Fine
I have no complaints about the app. It works as expected. Allows me to renew my prescriptions and check on their status from my device.
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5 years ago, Lolnoing
Does what it should but could be way better
I gave this app 3 stars because I think it serves it's basic purposes. I can access my prescriptions and refill them when I need, which is the main purpose of the app. However, this app has a lot of issues and tweaks that need to be updated as well. I can see from their version history that they don't update this app much. Here are some things that need changed: 1. The app is sometimes laggy, as others have reported. 2. I can't delete people from my 'doctors' list because it says they prescribe me a current active prescription, even though they don't. 3. Having to hide/unhide your own prescriptions is annoying and the system doesn't sync well with active vs inactive prescriptions well. 4. I can't ungrant someone acesss from managing my profile. 5. The app just looks outdated and there's just a lot of unnecessary errors or inconveniences that just shouldn't be there. They need to update the look and mainly the overall prescription look/functionality. If you don't fix these things then consumers will go to someone who has a better app, which there are some companies that do.
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1 year ago, Kitana7383
Needs a lot of work
I’ve had problems with this app from the start. Some of my medications disappear before they should. I have two medications that never let me order the refill, it tells me I need a new prescription every time and then I have to call in every month. I’ve still used this app for a long time even with the problems but all of a sudden I can’t log in. This has happened before several times and I just ended up making a new password and then it would work. But now it’s saying it doesn’t recognize my email address to reset my password. And yes, I tried making a brew account and it tells me my email address is already on file but the same email address is “not found” to reset the password. And yes, I uninstalled the app and downloaded it again.
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2 years ago, candycane81014
Could be better
This app functions pretty well on a basic level. It’s nice to be able to manage family prescriptions in one place and the refill process is relatively easy. It is a bit annoying having to see multiples of the same prescription listed even though they are expired. There is an option to hide prescriptions however I have hidden them only to have them reappear again. It would also be nice to manage the auto refill option. The prescriptions do not list whether they are on auto refill and this option cannot be added or deleted from any prescriptions on the app. It appears as though the app is not updated on a regular basis.
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8 years ago, Outlaw Cash
This APP needs attention!
I downloaded this app on the advice of the Pharmacy to help manage my prescriptions. The initial setup is really straightforward. Then the issues begin: It shows almost all prescriptions that you have had filled. So it's necessary to hide the ones that are no longer valid. Very time consuming. The speed of this APP is slower than the slowest snail. It takes forever to load and then update if you made changes. I tried to renew my first prescription and it didn't go through, it showed system error. I tried again and experienced the same results. I have been unable to set up Auto Refills. I had to call the Pharmacy to get this completed. The feature I find valuable is how many days left until next refill. This way I don't have to look at each bottle in the cabinet. If Giant Eagle would spend some time on fixing these bugs and make it a bit more user friendly then it would be a great APP. The Pharmacy told me they have doing a system wide update so I hope they get the store portion updated then focus on the APP. There is a ton of room for improvement.
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7 years ago, R Sophia
Works GREAT for us!!! 🎉🎉🎉
Downloaded the app in October after switching to Giant Eagle Pharmacy because of insurance negotiations. I'm very happy that we were forced to switch since the Giant Eagle is right outside our neighborhood. I have two kids with multiple prescriptions each. It shows them all - including those on hold and allows me to manage them quite easily. When I get a text reminder, I view the Rx in the app first before requesting a refill. Makes things much easier than our previous national pharmacy. 😊😊😊
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3 months ago, dfvera
This app is a useless. You log in and it looks like it might be helpful, but nothing actually works! Is anyone at Giant Eagle (or is it Medrefill?) actually using this app? Simple functionally doesn’t work. For example, once a prescription is filled it disappears from my account. I can’t access prescription history to read important details and dosing information about the drug. The “unhide” function says there’s nothing to unhide. The only items available to view at potential refills or unused scripts. I can’t order a prescription for delivery, despite the GE website promoting this service. The “Rx Services” page fails and instead offers me a chicken for sale (no joke!)! Clearly, this app isn’t meant for an actual customer experience to manage prescriptions and healthcare. Despite its design, promotion, and promise, it’s only intent is to sell you stuff. And I see the app hasn’t been updated in over a year(!!). No wonder. Unreal. I hope you guys fix this stuff. Or hire me instead (ironically, customer experience is what a do lol).
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3 years ago, oxcamel
Needs improvement
It works. Just not well. It does what it needs to eventually but you have to get used to quirks it has. It is slow to load my meds list (I do have a lot of meds), sometimes it will tell me it can’t process a refill when it has and it always tells me that a refill will be processed after they get it approved by my doctor. My wish list: Being able to put things on auto refill, being able to fill prescriptions that are on hold and to be able to print med lists and med expense list.
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5 years ago, Cat26forever
Walgreens Customer
My elderly mother uses Giant Eagle Pharmacy exclusively and will not change. I just watched her on the phone trying to refill two prescriptions. It was ridiculous how much she had to type in to the phone. With my Walgreens app, anytime I need a refill, I can scan the barcode and it automatically submits the refill. In trying to set up a giant eagle pharmacy account for my mother, it asked for the RX number. For which one of her numerous meds? It is ridiculous that I have to type all of those in! This app would be so useful to her, but it is not practical to try to set up an account for someone who has multiple prescriptions. This should be addressed. If you’re not sure how to do it, check with Walgreens.
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4 years ago, GTPA98
Could Do Much More
The app does the basics, but it could provide more detail, permit more accurate info such as prescribing physicians (old names for old, not still being taken meds), more detail and a better way to view the history of current prescriptions and hidden ones separately. This is just far too basic an app for what can actually be designed these days. A little work could make this much more helpful to where a call to then pharmacy isn’t something that is mandatory and not an actual choice.
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5 years ago, Mopsey's mom
Giant Eagle App is a Real Convenience
I was really happy to find this app for my prescription needs. One review mentioned slow times and looking out of date. I’ve not seen or used any other pharmacy sites for comparison but I know that All sites online experience sluggishness some times. I think the appearance of this site is professional, easy to use and has what I need with no extra steps to reach my desired goal.
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6 years ago, Thomas Veil
Buggy and confusing
Whether it lets you fill a prescription online seems to depend on what kind of mood the app is in. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. When it does work, it presents you with a numeric keypad to enter your RX number, but when you’re done, the keypad doesn’t go away, and there’s no obvious way to submit your request. It wasn’t until multiple frustrating attempts that I discovered that the Submit button was hidden behind the keypad, and you have to scroll up to be able to even see it. That is not a good UI.
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8 years ago, Under Rater
Worst app ever
Since this app seems to keep forgetting that I've already reviewed it twice before, and it continues to remind me every single time I try to use it, I will acquiesce and write yet another review and lower my rating from two stars to one. This app is horrible! I cannot effectively renew my prescriptions (the only real reason I would ever need it), nor can I even look up my list of current prescriptions (what could be a nice side benefit, e.g., if I'm filling out paperwork at a doctor's office and need to write down my current prescriptions). So then: what other possible use could I have for this completely ineffective app?
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1 year ago, PugaRenee
Idk what happened, but this app and the pharmacy itself are about worthless now. It takes 4+ days to get my scripts filled, and there’s no communication. I ordered 3 refills December 28. One was filled almost immediately. Great. When I picked up they said the other ones would need authorized by the doctor. It’s been a few days so I went into the app to check the status. One said it was filled, but I never received a notification. The other has disappeared completely. I’ve tried 2-3 different emails and phone numbers to complain, and everyone tells me they’re not the correct contact for app and pharmacy complaints. But no one seems to have that number 🤷🏻‍♀️ As a chronically ill person, stay away from Giant Eagle. They will not help you manage your illness.
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2 years ago, Sidewyndr
Acceptable except
Transferring a prescription is okay until you enter the date you were born. Instead of simply typing the date you must toggle through their stupid calendar from TODAYS DATE all the way month by month back to the month and year you were born. If you are over the age of 40 it would take a shorter to just drive to the pharmacy and requesting a transfer
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7 years ago, Tosharae0821
Needs new app completely
This app is terrible!! Half the time it doesn't even work! And when it does work, majority of the time is kicks you off. If you go into account settings to have you prescriptions sent my email or text to let you know they're ready for pick up or whatever. Like that's pointless. I've been trying to put in my number for text for probably 6 months and it still won't work. This app just needs a makeover, a serious one!
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6 years ago, Anonymously1975
Worst update ever
You took something that was wonderful and exchanged it for a piece of crap. The old one I would be able to see when my scripts were filled which was a huge help to me. That way I wouldn’t have to waste gas going to pick up prescriptions that aren’t there. Not only that but I no longer get notifications even though I have them set up in my account. So for a busy mom, like myself, who relies on these things I feel let down. This is a huge disappointment. Go back to the old version where nothing was wrong.
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4 years ago, Bob44281
Where’s the “Hide Prescription”
App used to be great. I was able to “hide” prescriptions that no longer are needed or have no refills left. Now, since the most recent update that feature is gone. So I have this huge list of prescriptions contesting my list and it makes it frustrating to figure out which ones are current. Contemplating using a different pharmacy all together now. Please fix or lose a big customer. Thank you
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4 years ago, Non-Tech Fritz
Been using GE Pharmacy (Streetsboro)for over ten years; always great experience. Just downloaded their app and now it’s all even easier. Very Boomer friendly; just put my prescription numbers in and send and they’re ready to pickup. You can choose ASAP or next business day.
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7 years ago, GusIndiana
Problematic app
Even after talking with the tech support this app along with the page on the website still has an error when trying to refill a prescription. Message says it will be placed in the queue but does not get filled. Keep trying to update my phone number for text alerts but keep getting an error. Called the customer service number and they are just as useless.
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7 years ago, Miss M.A.G.
Totally useless
Status bar shows orders from last month as still in process even though they were picked up weeks ago. No information today about refills ordered yesterday. Placing orders online is no better. Online orders were received and then canceled by the system without the pharmacy staff knowing anything about them. They said lots of customers had same problem. One person who works in the pharmacy said it is best to place orders by phone.
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6 years ago, DrGeekPC
Needs work, by someone who cares
The app has a feature to transfer prescriptions from another pharmacy, which would be convenient, IF IT WORKED. I was told by my local GE Pharmacy, “You can’t do that. We need to call the other pharmacy.” Businesses want a consumer app to frustrate the consumer, at least that’s the way it appears in many ways because few of them work properly. Need some frustration? Download this app.
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8 years ago, Sarah1990Caitlin
Works good for me
This app works fine for me. Isn't slow, refills always go through, and it makes it a lot easier for me than going in, asking them to refill and then having to wait. It's a good app and it serves its purpose well.
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4 years ago, singerErin
Accessibility please
I just downloaded the app. I believe it’ll do what I want. However the app really needs to have a better compatibility with voiceover software. This app is somewhat tricky to use with the screen reader on, (and I will always keep the screen reader on.) I would like to see an easier to use, easier to navigate app.
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7 years ago, lvs2run
Use it to manage family's meds
Works great. No issues. Love being able to check when a refill is due and with one click, it's refilled, I get the alert when it's ready for pickup. Slick and very useful.
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7 years ago, BossLady912
Great App, Fantastic Pharmacy
App is easy to navigate which makes refilling my prescriptions fast and easy. After 30 years of Rite Aid and consistently bad service and shortage of medications I switched to GE pharmacy and it was a great decision. They ALWAYS have my medications and are very friendly.
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7 years ago, arthurtom
I find that this app, not unlike any other item I have used in my life, once I read the instructions and understand the controls, it works seamlessly to manage my prescriptions.
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5 years ago, jimscap
Crashes often
When it works, this app makes managing and renewing prescriptions a breeze. Problem is, it crashes frequently and updates to fix bugs are rare (last update at this writing was 1 month ago) it has been over a week sine I was able to even check my refill needs.
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6 years ago, Erinalexis789
Please just try
There are so many bugs it’s painful to use. It should be pretty straight forward but they make it difficult. I’ve had a prescription stuck in refill limbo for a year now and trying to refill my prescription is a pain, because it won’t rid of the outdated rx
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3 years ago, jessesgirl929
Since the latest update, it looks nice, but the app isn’t working properly. I’ve ordered several refills on the app that never moved past “rx in process”. I finally called the pharmacy to see when they’d be ready & they said the refill request never came through on their end. Ugh. It also takes forever to get logged in.
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5 years ago, Pat1911a2
Great app
Recently had open heart surgery and had many prescriptions to fill. App notifications cut down our travel time to pharmacies and I specially the pharmacists at Giant Eagle- Canfield for a job well done!! Thanks again
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6 years ago, Jeannie69
On the old app you could submit a prescription that has zero refills. It would just say do you want us to Contact your doctor just like it does over the phone. New app just says sorry. Please call pharmacy. Why have the if if I can’t use it to refill prescription
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7 years ago, JohnJr1981
Still Needs A Lot of Work
The updated version of this app is a step in the right direction, but it has somehow made refilling my prescriptions more confusing. And, to top that off, the app no longer tells me when my prescriptions are ready for pickup. Please fix these problems and improve the app.
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2 years ago, SoftwareMama
The app won't open
I have had the app for a couple years. Today it will not open for me even after deleting and reinstalling. I didn't see how else to report the issue.
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6 years ago, Leslied4424
It needs work!
I do love this app, it is very convenient when you have a job that doesn’t allow you to make calls. The only improvments I would llike to see is to be able to make notes when refilling medications. Along with speed; it shouldn’t take 5 minuets to try to refill one medication.
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7 years ago, Mark from Pittsburgh, PA
Great app
Very to use! Simple to keep track of prescriptions and refill requests. The alerts are very helpful to know as soon as your prescription gets filled.
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8 years ago, vilag85
Needs attention!!!
The app crashes regularly and is usually very slow!! I also always have to call the pharmacy to double check to see if my refill submissions actually went through because it's hit or miss. Several trips to pick up my refills only to find that the refill requests somehow never went through and I learned my lesson!
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8 years ago, Awesome10345
Primary person
When I did the update the app changed the primary person on the account to my child. I cannot change it back to me. There is no option to change the primary account keeper in the app for iPhone.
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2 years ago, yourmomgoestocollege😒
Can’t make an account
I tried to set up an account and it said my email was associated with another account. I went to the sign in screen and clicked forgot password and it says “we’re sorry, we do not recognize that email. Please try again or create an account.” This app is useless to me.
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7 years ago, Ncrabb2011
This app is an accessibility nightmare!
Because of this app's numerous failures with the built-in screen reader, VoiceOver, blind customers of this pharmacy are forced to abrogate much of their privacy by dealing with telephone calls rather than being able to independently and privately take care of prescription refills, etc. This would be less than a one star app if it were possible for me to rate it so..
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6 years ago, DMabin
Can’t access App
Downloaded the app fine on iPhone 6 but can not log in. Tried to set a new account but it says I already have an account with that email try again. Tried several times and no luck. Tried to access my password in case it was wrong and it says I have no account by that email. I give up!
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7 years ago, TJ71
Wow, it actually got worse!!!
Not sure why you felt like you had to change the app, but the one you had before that you no longer support worked just fine for me. This new version forced me to sign up again, and it doesn't have any of my prescriptions in it. How exactly does that help me? Think I'm going to switch back to CVS.
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8 years ago, Ywhdhegegdh
Getting better
Improvements have made this app better . I like it that we can add family members to help centrally manage prescriptions .
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5 years ago, Bn2
Needs an update ASAP
I still get push notifications when I’m due for refills, but when I try to open the app to actually request a refill, it crashes EVERY TIME. Aside from the notifications, it’s completely useless to me until bugs are fixed!
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4 years ago, PMNC777
Doesn’t work half of the time
When it lets you login it is great. Unfortunately half of the time it buffers for a long time then says uh oh something went wrong. It’s faster to long in to my account through the website most of the time.
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7 years ago, liltom79
Version 2.3 has issues. I’m on iOS 11.1.1 on an iPhone X At first I was just disappointed because I couldn’t have GiantEagle request refills from my doctor as you could on the prior version. Now today the app won’t go past the GiantEagle logo screen it starts on. Although the interface was outdated I WAS content with the app.
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7 years ago, kaneda42
Needs to be updated
This app needs to be updated for larger screens and it has a few glaring bugs that need to be fixed. Crashes frequently and takes a very long time to load at times.
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8 years ago, Tnlds1
It's ok.
I've been using this app for about two years now. I love the convenience of ordering prescription refills online, but the app moves so slow it's almost easier to do it by phone.
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5 years ago, Cleff09
Great app!!
This app is fantastic! Very easy to use and reminds me to refill my prescriptions. What more can you ask for?!?!
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5 years ago, judi in fairview
Love the convenience
It’s very convenient for refills and checking on past prescriptions, i.e. when did I get that antibiotic?!?!?
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