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YogaGlo, Inc.
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4 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Glo | Yoga and Meditation App

4.89 out of 5
30.4K Ratings
4 months ago, Mandy Bon Bon
Pre-post Natal now Perimenopause
I’ve been on Yoga Glo since I was pregnant with my first child. I can’t say enough good things about this platform. And I’ve really tested out many of the different styles. In fact, I now advocate that Yoga is for EVERYBODY and try to educate about the different styles of yoga and ways to learn how to modify. This is a very different experience than when you take yoga at a resort or on a cruise and they try to contort and force you into positions. I think that turns most people off of Yoga. Yoga Glo is helping to educate people who are new to yoga and satisfy whatever your Yoga needs are for the more advanced practitioner. For me, it’s a no-brainer that you can choose on demand whenever you have time and filter based on duration, style, Teacher. It’s so much better than trying to carve out time to practice at a specific time with other people where you have to drive to and from. On demand is really the only way I can have a yoga practice as a young working mother. I’m sure others can relate. I need to shout out to my teachers I’ve had for over a decade that I’ve never met-Felicia Tomasko, Stephanie, and Tiffany. You’ve helped me far more than you can ever realize through pregnancy, postpartum, now my next life stage in perimenopause and everything in between. You’ve anchored me and helped me get through six surgeries on my knees, along with severe anxiety and depression. I have so much gratitude for you and this platform.
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6 years ago, ELs_2725
Life saving
Seriously. As a person who lives with depression, anxiety, and addiction, YogaGlo has had a significant and lasting effect on my body, mind and spirit. On the days when I can’t even get out of bed, there is a meditation or breathing exercise. When I manage get up, but I’m tired and anxious, I can use the filters to narrow down my search to fit what I need. Coming home from the gym, a bike ride or a hike, I can find recovery and restorative classes that fit the time I have. Whether I’m sore, energized, grieving, struggling in sobriety, tensed, stressed, sad, angry, grateful, motived, have an hour or 15 minutes, in need or strength training, tutorials, or spiritual healing, YogaGlo is always right beside me. There is such a wealth of knowledge, intention, customization, and variation in types of yogic practices as well as professionally trained teachers. I have been using YogaGlo for about 4 years now and am very pleased with the app for my iPhone or iPad. I seriously can not recommend this app and program enough. The membership is very reasonably priced for how many options are available, especially when you consider you would be paying near or more than the monthly fee for JUST ONE yoga class at a studio or gym. I hope you find what you need or realize you already had it. Love.
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7 years ago, k_l_c_p
App is fine, teachers are the BEST!
YogaGlo is amazing, but forget the app itself — it’s really all about the instructors!! I have been using the website for 6+ years and I go back to the same classes again and again. I have been to many gyms around the country and also done other yoga online, and really and truly nothing compares. Jo Tastula is incredible and hands down my favorite. I have paid more than $15 a class or $60/mo for teachers who don’t even compare to Jo as far as spiritual and yoga teachings go; she is undoubtedly one of the best in the country. So I really don’t care about all the other bells and whistles about the app; take just one of Jo’s classes and you will have already gotten your money’s worth. I also love the other teachers, some of whom travel the country appearing at yoga festivals every year (so we’re not talking fitness freaks who just got their certification to earn a couple extra bucks — these folks live, eat and breathe yoga), and the wonderful meditations by David Harshada Wagner are fantastic. So worth it!!
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3 years ago, frustrated subscriber number 2
Big fan, but wish the app would take better care of personal noted
I’ve subscribed to YogaGlo since 2012. It was really good then, and it’s only gotten better since. Although the number of teachers has grown a lot, I find myself going to the same 4 teachers. And even though I do end up repeating classes, there’s enough variety so that it never feels too repetitive or boring. The time flexibility makes it easy to maintain a regular practice. I would give a 5 star rating but the app isn’t the greatest, and since this is an app store review, I’m deducting a bit for that. I use the note function to keep notes for myself about specific practices. A number of years ago, they did a refresh of the app and the note function was jettisoned. In the process, all of my carefully kept notes were deleted. A little while back, the note function was restored. I thought my notes would be safe, so I started to keep notes again. Recently, for some unknown reason, over half of my notes mysteriously disappeared. I’m disappointed to see this second loss of notes. I wish the people who handle the Glo app would do more to take good care of their users’ records.
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5 years ago, Wellsprings
Great yoga, buggy app (for iPhone)
The app is working on my iPad but it is not working on my phone. First, it kept telling me that I have to renew my subscription even though I had renewed my subscription, and I could not get off of the page with that instruction. Then suddenly it started working, but when I started doing my 10 minute class it ended after two minutes. Also even though I have signed down from Facebook it’s only started saying I could not sign on for Facebook and there was no account linked to my Facebook account. There are a lot of glitches in this app (for the phone), and I have reported them but I would like to see them fixed faster. This has nothing to do with the quality of the yoga classes and instructors, which is great. Also, I’m scratching my head about why you thought it was a good idea to take the word yoga out of the yoga app and make a new logo that has nothing to do with your mission. But meanwhile I would just like my app to be fixed
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5 years ago, Matsubayashi-Ryu
Jason Crandell changed everything.
As a yoga teacher, I used to be a die hard fan of Alo Moves and all the flashy fun it has to offer. There’s some neat-o tricks on there! It wasn’t until I heard of Jason Crandell on the Yogaland Podcast through his wife, Andrea Ferretti, that I immediately knew I HAVE to learn more from this guy. After taking his online sequencing course, I immediately canceled my membership with Alo and signed up for Glo. If you haven’t already, I can’t recommend learning everything you can from Jason Crandell. My teaching as well as my personal practice has grown so much and I can’t even begin to explain how thankful I am. I think it’s worth mentioning that Glo lets you “gift” a certain number of classes to anyone you want, something I’ve been taking advantage of! I love sending them to students I’ve become friends with so they can continue to learn. Whether you’re a teacher or practitioner, Jason Crandell and the other amazing teachers on this app will take you to a whole new level!
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5 years ago, Aldon1988
Love the classes but wish the UX was more full
I adore the classes on yoga Glo and the ease of finding good teachers. I do however, really miss the old UX. I am a sucker for minimalist design and as an app designer myself I understand a lot of the decisions that were made but I feel like there are a lot of missing connections in the new app. The suggested ‘playlists’ are often really buggy and take up so much screen real estate. The large card views for classes make for a lot of scrolling when browsing or searching through favorites. There is no indication when a ‘namaste’ is successful and the ‘notes’ added above is quite confusing. I hope that there is a release in the future which takes the user into more consideration. It seems that form may be taking a precedent over function in many parts of the app. Giving it a 4-star because the programming and teachers are so wonderful and because it is really quite affordable for the quality of the filming and teachers!
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3 years ago, MKK0814
Love Yoga Glo!!
Teachers are fantastic, and there is tremendous variety in the classes with something suitable for just about every goal at every level. Glo has been helpful to me for several years but seriously saved my life over the last year and a half. Between the election year and the pandemic, I don’t know what I would have done without it!! Two suggestions for improvement in the future: I would really appreciate a way to organize the classes I’ve saved beyond what the filters allow. I guess I mean I’d like to be able to create personal collections (eg, my favorite classes for travel.) Also, I’d like to be able to see the comments of other students in their entirety. Right now “gratitude” is truncated. Feedback from other students is very useful in selecting a class, and I’d like to be able to read it.
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3 years ago, Fanny Y.
Great content (teachers). App not so great.
The content and the teachers on Glo are top of the tops. Amazing classes, well filmed, love the live streaming! It makes me feel like I'm in the yoga studio with the teachers. The content is diverse with different styles of yoga and pilates, from vinyasa to Ashtanga and conditioning. The app is another story - needs so much more UX work for mobile and apple TV - NOT intuitive or user friendly. The content organization is messy and hard to find classes - not sure of the differences between classes added or saved to library. Please make it easier for the users to browse classes! The live streaming is great when it works, sometimes it doesn't run as smooth. Goal setting on the app seems like a great idea for user insights but it needs count properly, currently it doesn't count for the live stream classes. It'd also be great if it counts the metrics on how many classes I've done total, regardless of the platform - mobile, apple TV and watch, etc. Lots of room for improvement for the digital products!
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3 years ago, saaaassssafras
A wonderful vault of knowledge
This app has helped me progress in my yoga practice in so many ways. You are able to create collections of yoga sequences or “playlists” as I call them. There are teachers of every variety from “woowoo” to hip and energetic. It’s also so much more than yoga, there are also Pilates, HITT, strengthening, prenatal, post natal, meditation, dance and cardio workouts. Yeah it’s over $20 a month but a single class at some yoga studios is that or more sometimes, and a gym membership is certainly more than that. I’ve considered the cost as an investment in myself and I’m reaping the rewards in countless aspects of my life. Spend the money on yourself, you deserve it. The ONLY reason this app doesn’t get a 5 star review is that the actual app itself could use some work. It’s a tad clunky and gets a little annoying when you try to link it to Apple Watch. But with that said… I’ve still had the app for 16months with absolutely no plans to stop using it.
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4 years ago, JDurb923
Subscribing with AppleID is busted
UPDATE: I did eventually get a response. Turns out that even though I subscribed with my AppleID, when logged in with my AppleID (which is an option in the app, along with logging in via Google or email), the app doesn’t recognize my subscription. I have to log in with email instead, using the same email thats’s connected to my AppleID, in order to view content. Clear flaw in the app that made everything far more confusing than it needed to be. I subscribed for a free trial with my AppleID—was supposed to be a 7 day trial but I was charged immediately. On top of that, the app nor the website registers the $23 I paid 3 days ago. I can only watch 2 minutes of any video before I’m kicked back to the subscription page asking me to choose annual or monthly payment. Have reached out twice, once with their ‘Contact Us’ form and once with the support at glo dot com email address—have gotten a response to neither.
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2 years ago, notanapplesnob
Im a paid sub for 2 years now
Very few new classes have been added in that time. So many classes are labeled level 1 and are actually more advanced than any beginner class I have ever taken. (Ive taken over 400 classes with more than 30 teachers) I dont know who labels these classes - but it can be dangerous. (Always check with your Doctor before starting any exercise program) Classes with props are seriously lacking in the app as well. Something as common as a fitness ball has 3-4 classes - and half dont even use the ball for more than a couple minutes. I dont want 80 classes on how to breathe. Thats the most popular and updated classes from what I can tell. I get why, but its a bit overkill at this point. I subbed and stay subbed for teachers like Anula. She definitely understands beginner classes and is so thorough in her explanations. Her classes are fun and unconventional- and she’s a great teacher and motivator. Hope this produces some change in the app for users that actually stay engaged and support.
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2 years ago, ArtKid29
Great- but do NOT pair with your Apple Watch
I have loved Glo for 8 years, and have used it almost daily during that time. It’s truly been a lifesaver since the pandemic. I tried using the app with my Apple Watch to streamline my workout/fitness documentation hoping it would build on my previously great experience. Sadly it’s so disappointing. The past few app versions have had very poor streaming with the app frequently crashing. Most frequently though, I use my iPhone to stream a class and when it’s done, swipe up anc lose the Glo app to make sure the time is logged correctly. BUT the app still runs on my watch, opening by itself and prompting me to select a class. Even when I push the dial and “close” the app on my watch it still logs it as “workout” time. My rings are messed up, my fitness times log workouts of sometimes 30+ hours. It’s useless now. After submitting multiple service tickets to Glo, I’ve updated both my Phone and Watch and it still happens. Please fix this! 🙏
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3 years ago, kitk4t2k19
Amateur loving accessible practise!
Being a very novel yogi, I have always struggled making a routine of my practice, especially considering I’m not quite ready to go to actual classes during a pandemic. Glo has live classes, tutorials, meditation and flexibility, to name just a few of the many facilities! I am so happy to have this membership, it’s boosted my confidence in yoga and allowed me to explore dance aerobics - something I literally never expected to like. The features and app layout is comprehensive, simple and gives summaries for all activities (level/intensity/length/what props are needed) which helps for a quick browse. You can search your desired class from any of these categories, by teacher and also have others available offline (amazing for Someone whose constantly out of data!)
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6 years ago, Jes22226
Last update is awful...
I used to love yogaglo. I’ve been a subscriber for about five years and practice at least three days a week. At first the roku app stopped working, no big deal I just used my laptop or iPad. Now I have moved and don’t have access to internet ad lib. So I would download my practices when I had access. After the most recent update, the downloaded practices won’t play. If I have access to internet they will play, which defeats the purpose. I’ve contacted customer service and at first I thought I was getting help and was told many people are having issues now it’s getting turned into it being an error on my end. Needless to say I am very disappointed. I am now looking into other yoga apps and may cancel yogaglo altogether. Practicing yoga should not be stressful or upsetting.
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6 years ago, marmota m
Authenticity, Variety, and Great Customer Service!
I have been looking for video yoga for a long time and have never been satisfied with what is out there. A friend recommended YogaGlo and I’m home! The instructors are knowledgeable and there are a wide variety of classes (and there are thousands of them). I love that I can download some classes for when I travel and I can’t count on WiFi. Most importantly, for me, this is truly yoga where many of the apps I found were workout programs that had a glancing familiarity with yoga. That said, I appreciate that there are plenty of challenging classes designed to make me stronger and more balanced. Finally, Yogaglo’s customer service is terrific. I got a response to my email about a billing issue (that I created through a goof-up when I signed up) and got a response in minutes helping me resolve the problem.
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3 years ago, Handy mom
Truly life-changing
As a full-time working solo mother and elder caregiver, Glo has allowed me to continue a yoga practice that I thought I would have to abandon - had abandoned - when I was widowed young with children. Thanks to Glo, I’m now integrating 1-2 short practices a day into my life (10-30 minutes each). The quality of teachers - Stephanie Snyder, Jason Crandell, and others, is very high. I particularly enjoy the “live” classes, although it’s extremely helpful to have recorded ones. Sometimes it’s only at 10pm that I find a few minutes for myself. And sometimes I just want to review a particular pose that I’m working on. Glo is affordable, flexible, offers top-notch instruction, and the video quality is also excellent - high than other yoga apps I have tried. Thank you. PS Maybe think about adding a “reference section” to the “Glo library”: very short (2-3 minute) videos that walk you through the mechanics of a pose. Particularly the inversions and balances, it’s nice to have someone say explicitly where your weight should be and what is bound or locked, and to see this demonstrated from a couple of visual angles. It’s just simpler knowing the instructor is not about to flow into something else and you’re also not trying to ration your energy for 30 more minutes of flow.
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5 years ago, BreeBou
It’s awesome!
Plain and simple, I love Glo! As a yoga teacher and someone that works a full time job my schedule can a little exhausting. It’s so nice to have an app that has awesome teachers (check out Taylor Harkness, Jo Tastula, Chelsey Korus and Sara Clara, just to name a few). One of my biggest struggles is finding the motivation to leave home after a long day, so having an app with solid cueing, fun classes, and LOTS of options you can use to as filters to find the class that’s right for you is a dream. Just to compare, I have Alo Moves which is also great, but the variety of actual yoga classes on Glo is better, in my opinion. They have a lot of class styles, multi-day and multi-week programs, meditations, and I think they have a better selection of teachers. I use both apps frequently, so just depends on what you’re looking for.
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4 years ago, catf3f3
Great app that can be even better
I will start by saying that I’m not a regular yoga practitioner. I’ve attending classes off and on through the years, and I’d put myself solidly in the “almost intermediate” camp. Lately my partner decided he wants to do yoga as well, so we’ve been using it to supplement our other exercise. We’ve been going through various 101 programs, since he’s never done it before. I have one criticism for the app interface, and one suggestion for programming improvement. Regarding the app interface, I wish it would remember that I’m following a program, and bring me right back to where I left off last time, when I open the app. Right now it takes me several clicks to get back to where I was, and it’s not very intuitive, so I have to figure it out every time, like where was this thing again? Regarding programming, after you’re done with 101 programs, you’re kind of on your own. There are a ton of stand-alone classes to choose from, and some “specialization” programs. It’s great to have all that choice, but for me it’s too much choice. I just want to jump in and practice, without dealing with analysis paralysis. It would be great to have an option to keep going through some kind of logical progression after 101 with slowly increasing complexity and class duration.
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6 years ago, Millisue
I love YogaGlo
I live in a small town with no gym. I also have young kids. This app has allowed me to stay fit, escape for a little while and feel great. There are so many options of classes and styles to choose from. I have a couple teachers who I absolutely love and I also like trying new ones out. If I only have 20 minutes I can still find a great class. Searching for exactly what you want only takes a second. You can filter the duration, teacher, type of yoga, emphases, etc and in 15 seconds you will have multiple options at your fingertips. I’ve been using YogaGlo for about 3 years and I feel like I have really improved in my yoga skills. I have gained a lot of strength and even flexibility. I also have been able to land a bunch of poses I could never do before. I really love it!
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5 years ago, bloominglilyofthewest
Affordable way to learn from the best yoga teacher!
Worth every penny. If you use guided meditation apps, you can easily replace headspace, calm etc. with this app PLUS you get more yoga and Pilates workouts/practices then you can ever hope to complete! This app has a full introductory course to the Ashtanga primary series, yin, restorative, kundalini, plus every possible style of vinyasa flow you can imagine. I use this app to supplement my in-studio practice and to continue study with teachers I used to take class from in San Francisco before I moved. If you are a total beginner I would recommend sticking to level one classes and not trying level two until you can practice with a teacher in real life. If you are an intermediate or advance yogi, you will love the challenge and variety of advanced flows. Something for everyone here!
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4 years ago, Gab021
Best Yoga App out there
People at Glo, please never stop doing what you’re doing. You are changing lives and giving people hope and the ability to tap into their power during an extremely difficult time. Sometimes I go a couple months without practicing due to work or stress. Yet every time I am ready to get back on the mat Glo has a class that will meet me right where I’m at. The instructors are personable and just lovely human beings, you can feel it. The app itself works with Apple TV so you can stream on your tv as well. I also love that you offer more than just yoga classes. Pilates, barre, dance, and meditation coupled with every concentration of yoga makes this app a power house. I feel incredibly fortunate to have this app during this time. Worth every penny.
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6 years ago, Movie-lover42
Frustrating to try to use
I signed up for my free trial after reading review and deciding this was the best option for the money. However, I fat fingered my email on registration and put in the wrong email address. I went to use the app for the first time and was locked out because I didn’t verify my address because the email was sent to the wrong address. The app and the website give you no way to check your account to make sure your address is correct, so I contacted customer service. However, customer service is amazing even late on a holiday weekend. I can’t complain about how they have jumped in quick to resolve the issue (and even though it happened twice, they were quick to respond both times). Even with the issues, I think this is a great app and look foreword to this being part of my new year plan.
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2 months ago, Kjo2286
Good App but beware of subscription
I really enjoyed using this app while pregnant so I have nothing negative to say about the app itself. The lack of a star is because I was charged the annual subscription after thinking I had canceled it. I regularly check my apple subscriptions (this app is not subscribed there apparently) and I never received an email about an upcoming subscription renewal and when I immediately reached out to say there was a mistake and I didn’t want to continue a years long subscription (I hadn’t used it in 6+ mos), it was a weeks long process of getting refunded. All of this to say- it’s a great app, but immediately unsubscribe if you even have an inkling you may not want it more than one year because they charge you without warning and don’t easily refund
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6 years ago, bishbah
“Downloaded Classes” feature is a work-in-progress
I recently went on a retreat in an area without cell service and with limited Internet. It wasn’t possible to stream classes, so I tried downloading them. HUGE headache. Anytime the connection would falter, the download would stall/stop and could not be resumed, only restarted from the very beginning. If my phone locked itself while I was waiting for the download to complete, it would stop again. It was a complete PITA, but I managed to grab two classes eventually. Next problem: After I finished the classes, the app showed them as having been taken, but would not mark them as complete within my program, even after I connected again to the internet. I had to fake-retake the classes while streaming, just to get them counted. Very irritating. I’m glad this feature exists, but I wish it were more functional.
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4 months ago, yib06463
Stuck behind the paywall after paying/subscribing
I followed Glo’s sign-up instructions, which had the option to sign-up and subscribe through your Apple ID. After paying the $245+ for a yearly subscription (via Apple ID) and logging in, I was still stuck behind the paywall and only able to access the content’s preview mode. I followed Glo’s current resources which advise you uninstall/reinstall and log out/log in when this happens, and neither worked so I submitted a ticket with their support team. They insisted that their system does not speak to Apples system, and to request a refund from Apple and then sign up through them. This was not only extremely frustrating, but it also did not make much sense since their app prompts you to sign-up this way. Additionally, when i tried adding payment to the Glo app directly, it told me I could not since i was already subscribed - very strange notice if the two systems “do not communicate”. Overall, I was discouraged at the entire issue, but also that Glo’s support team put the burden back on me to fix a problem between them and Apple. I have a feeling this is a result of the recent changes between Apps and the App store, due to the class action lawsuit against Apple. Either way, be wary of signing up for Glo through your Apple ID.
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2 years ago, Talti
Best yoga app I ever had!!!
I am a yoga teacher myself and usually I do my own practice. However, I sometimes just like to go to a good yoga classes so I don’t have to think so much and just follow the voice of a good teacher. Once COVID hit I couldn’t go out to my classes and was devastated. I did my own practice at home but was missing that just following with no thought. Long story short; I tried many yoga Apps. “Glo” is hands down the best one of its kind!!! I have been using this app for nearly 18 months now and was raving about it to anyone who asks or will listen. Amazing high quality teachers, easy to navigate and just all round incredible app. I don’t think I will ever return to a studio! And at a very reasonable price!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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5 years ago, BPol30
Fantastic for all levels!
This has been a game changer for me! No more expensive yoga classes that you have to leave your house for and may not even like the flow once you get there. The price for this app is like 1 maybe 2 yoga classes and you get unlimited for an entire month! Every video I have watched has been amazing, it’s opened and released tension like expected and I’ve also learned new techniques/positional realignments that I carry throughout my daily life. This part is what really sets Glo apart I think, is the very detailed instruction that gets you into the exactly right position every time. The video is at a normal speed that is easy to keep up with and you really enjoy each pose. I honestly couldn’t recommend this enough!
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4 years ago, ara305
Reluctant online yoga
During the covid crisis, I decided that I’d have to practice yoga online (I’ve tried various platforms in the past but couldn’t vibe with them). The search/filter function in this app is key. And the instructors are fabulous. After two weeks, I can say that almost every class has been exactly what I expected and needed. If I’m feeling tension I can search for a class by body part. I’ve found my preferred styles and instructors. And I’m learning more about various styles of yoga than I ever have. I look forward to each session. The platform is easy to navigate and the layout, as well as the studio, is elegant and soothing. This app is brilliant, unlike anything else I’ve seen.
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5 years ago, bobbillhead
Not thrilled with the update
I’ve been using yoga Glo for about a year and I have absolutely loved it! the teachers, variety of class styles and durations are exactly what I was hoping for in an app. However, the new update is not user as user friendly as the last version. While I like the style of the new “glo” now, it’s takes me much longer to find a class that I want to do each day. Each video takes up the whole screen now making it hard to compare your options. Also the styles used to be arranged by color making it easier to find the style I was in the mood for that day. Everything seems to just take one extra step that I didn’t have to go through in the old version. I hope that there are more updates to come because I love this app so much, but since this update I’ve considered looking for another app.
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5 years ago, SlothGirl27
Great variety in a well-organized package
Glo is my go-to yoga resource because it utilizes highly trained instructors that do more than lead classes - they teach, explain, demonstrate and explore. As a student I find answers to questions I’ve had for years and develop an understanding of my practice that reaches way beyond the mat. The website is organized in such a way that you can search for exactly what you want to practice at any given time. You can search by instructor, body part, purpose, style, prop, time ... And if you want to learn some of the more philosophical aspects of yoga there are even lectures for your listening pleasure. I practice more with Glo than I did with my yoga studio membership and it’s a quarter of the price per month.
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5 years ago, Lmlangf
Best exercise/stress relief app ever!
This app has been literally life changing for me. The variety of videos suits every situation (if I’m feeling more or less energetic, a particular part of my body needs work, in the morning/evening, etc) and the ability to filter for the amount of time I have - anywhere from 5 to 90 minutes or more - is perfect. Plus, the quality of the instructors is so consistently high that I know that whatever I choose, I’m going to get a great workout/meditation/stretch. I was reluctant at first to shell out the monthly fee, since there are so many free/ad driven apps out there, but it was SO worth it - this is way better than anything free I’ve tried and still way cheaper than a gym subscription! Thanks, Glo!
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4 years ago, michaelsnickname
Decent selection but incredibly slow loading
The selection is decent. I’ve participated in some really lovely classes on this app with teachers I enjoy. But the videos load much slower than any other app on my iPad. I’ve got 40mb / second download speeds on my wifi and I’m still waiting to download a 20 minute class I tried to start 25 minutes ago. I wanted to stream it but it kept buffering, disrupting my practice. To make matters worse it’s pretty buggy and just stopped downloading three classes I had queued and now I have to go find them again. The search feature is also lacking. It has some interesting categories that the classes are organized into, but I’m usually scrolling through a list of loosely related classes and I have to click in and read over and over to find one I’m interested in.
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5 years ago, A.bryly
Glo is an invaluable tool! The instructors are incredible. At times it’s better than going to a drop in class because you can tailor it to be so personalized. You get exactly what you need, when you need it. It’s also an adventure. You are able to try new things (or old things) in ways you’ve never even thought to approach them before. For less than a week’s worth of fancy coffees or green juices you have the yoga world at your fingertips. I HIGHLY recommend yoga glo whether you have a studio practice or not, it is the perfect supplement to a home practice and a tremendous resource of inspiration for instructors. Do yourself a favor and subscribe, you’ll wish you did it sooner! Special thanks to Jason Crandell and Kristin McGee!
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1 year ago, Groupaholic
App not working thru appleTV
I’ve been using Glo for several years now. During the pandemic I started using Glo through the App on AppleTV. It was wonderful! Having it on a full size tv allowed me to feel like I was in a actual studio. But recently, the app stop working properly. I can no longer search for classes. The content videos suggestions are no longer updating regularly. I reached out to Glo and was told that they were working on it. That was months ago. In the meantime, I’m missing out on a lot of Glo content and feel like I’m not getting my money’s worth. Hopefully this gets resolved soon or I may start checking out some of the newer fitness apps.
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2 months ago, Drusillaa
$30 bucks for this app? Don’t think so.
I tried to sign up for a 7 day trial as I had read lots of great things but the AppleTV app is buggy. I signed up and couldn’t access any classes, only previews. I contacted support who told me that I was a guest and I needed to enter credit card information. Makes sense but then so would being prompted to enter my credit card information when I signed up which didn’t happen. I also didn’t find customer support helpful as they made it seem as if I am magically supposed to understand how their app works and whatever happened was the user’s fault. I was still considering trialing but after reading some of the review and learning they have an F with the BBB, I’ll pass. It makes sense that you cannot trial it through Apple as then they would not be able to refuse refunds when they swindle users into inadvertently signing up for their app.
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1 year ago, vrehhgfuherfg
The best health app ever
Found Glo based on quite a few magazine reviews as it was consistently rated as the number one yoga app. I had a free trial at first. It took me a while to find the teachers who truly inspired me (Annie Carpenter, Kia Miller, Mary Taylor and Richard Freeman) as it has an extensive variety of options. I feel truly lucky to have Glo that brings together these inspiring yoga teachers of such high calibre (as opposed to those people who got their teacher certificate after completing certain hours of training and call themselves “yoga teachers”). Since I joined Glo in February, I’ve been practicing yoga at least 4-5 times a week and these teachers transformed my life — mentally and physically. So thankful.
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2 weeks ago, BL22z
5-star content, 3-star app
I have been a Glo user since 2016 and it has had a huge impact on my life being able to practice at home with instruction from incredible teachers. Unfortunately in the past few years the app has become more and more laden with features and distractions I don’t care about, and has become dramatically more expensive. As much as I like Glo, if this trend continues I will stop using it. I really wish they would introduce a discounted “legacy membership” with a more barebones interface. I would even be happy just having access to videos before a certain date with no new updates. There is already way more content on the site than I could ever know what to do with.
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4 years ago, J Ericksen
Great content, app needs improvements
Love the content, and the variety. I have been using this most days of the week. However, the app could be much better. When I do this in the morning, I can’t stream classes because it just buffers so I have to download them, which is also a slow process and also limits my choices in the moment. (Sometimes I am able to stream during the evening. I don’t have any other consistent issues with my internet and we are household with two WFH employees.) The download section of the app is confusing because it seems to list every class that was downloaded, including all the ones that have expired. I’d like to be able to access the ones that are currently downloaded, a filter option could fix. I love Glo, it could just use some improved delivery!
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3 years ago, Hm1217
Closest thing to in-person classes - LOVE!
Love this app. Helping me keep my sanity without my daily ritual at my local studio. High quality instructors and classes. All the instructors are great so far and there is truly something for everyone - whether you are looking for specific guided instruction, move by move, or simply guidance through a sequence. Creative sequences and appreciate the ability to narrow down the selection to what you are looking for. Only thing I’d like to see is a sort by popularity or instructor. A bit more expensive than others but SO worth it and still much less than a studio (one month for unlimited classes on Glo is comparable to one class in person). Highly recommend!!!
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3 years ago, NilgunE
Excellent source
I love Glo! I kept my practice during pandemic thanks to its excellent teachers, and to my pleasant surprise even improved it. I thought I would only use it during pandemic while the studios are closed, but I don’t think I will ever give up on it now. I am ever so grateful to Rod Stryker, Jason Crandell, Steven Espinoza and many more amazing teachers… I learned a lot from them and keep on learning from them everyday. Even if I go back to live studios I will keep my Glo handy because it has so many other futures now, such as Yoga Nidra, and they just added lectures (I wish they have more of these). Glo is something is permanent on my phone now. I use it everyday. 🙏
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1 year ago, Musuta44
An important tool in my life but could use some tech improvements
I have been using YogaGlo for more years than I can remember. I have traveled the world with the confidence of being able to do yoga with regularity whether I had wifi or not. However, I do often notice glitches. Either the app not opening in one device or another, or the video skipping or freezing here and there especially when traveling and despite good, fast wifi, or the filters not really working to facilitate a search. So I do often hope for technical refinements. But the content is excellent and I am grateful for the resource it is!
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5 years ago, RoadTrip2012
Great app and classes!
I’ve been using YogaGlo for almost 2 years now and it’s kept me at my practice. The high cost of classes in my area had me thinking I couldn’t continue, but this app got me back into it. I can pick and choose from goals and instructors. I love that I can find a class that fits whatever I need. Need a quick lunch break back stretch with no mat or yoga clothes? No problem. Need a deep meditation when the world is crazy? Say no more. Need a vigorous workout to tone up? Right here. I still stop by a physical class from time to time to make sure my posture is ok, since face to face is obviously best, but without YogaGlo, I would be without a key component to my happiness and health. Namaste!
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4 years ago, Kels-belle
In the age of quarantine, this app has been a saving grace. I like the preferences you can set and that you can search by duration. I REALLY wish you could search by pace, because there is a wide range of paces of even vinyasa classes, from almost yin-like to continuous flow, and it’s not easy to tell from descriptions what you’re going to get. I would LOVE an additional rating of whether a class is slower or faster—the different levels ratings don’t always convey that. Also, the phone app crashed for me a few days ago and wouldn’t open at all, so I had to uninstall and reinstall it, which is frustrating.
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5 years ago, katelbr
Great app!
I absolutely love Yogaglo. I have been off and on Glo for about 8 years, mostly because I would cancel thinking the cost wasn’t worth it. Then I would lapse and lose my motivation in yoga. I had to reshape my perspective from “this is the only app I pay for so I don’t need it” to “wow, it’s so convenient I can use this for only $18 a month.” Love the app, love the service and the teachers. I’d say it’s worth the price. My only complaint is that I can only register my practice and meditation with apple health if I do it on my iPhone. It’s unrealistic for me to watch a class on that tiny screen, so I am unable to use the watch and apple health integration. That's my only complaint!
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6 years ago, 109291
Poorly Designed
Not very user-friendly. Classes are more difficult to find. For example: running specific classes are no longer found under the ‘Focus’ section. I searched and came up with 49 classes, but instead of an infinite scroll you now have to click ‘show more’ after every few classes which makes me want to stop searching after a few clicks. I couldn’t locate a simple sleep meditation. “Meditation” is listed under the Practice menu and the Style menu (difference?). Tried both with a focus of Sleep and nothing was found. Added sleep in the search box and still nothing. On top of the flawed design, my go-to classes were by Claire Missingham, whose classes are now entirely absent from the app. This is a service that we have used almost daily for years and this is a big disappointment.
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5 months ago, Yogacin
Best teachers
I joined Glo when it first became an app for yoga as the teachers were ones I had studied with over the years and this was an alternative to going to expensive conferences. I stopped using Glo for a couple of years and went to Omstars because i had already viewed a lot of its content. I came back recently to see what content had been added. Unbelievably all of the classes I had taken showed up in my history and my prior teacher favorites were saved, which was nice, but the addition of new teachers was an added bonus. Very good content for very little cost.
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6 years ago, beancollins
I love yogaglo
I love yogaglo, and there are some really great teachers. This review is more about the structure of the app. This isn’t a cheap app, so I would expect to be able to track the classes I’m taking. The tracking is the most rudimentary system I’ve ever seen. Basically just a list without any dates attached. It would be so amazing if they would put a simple calendar in the app, so I could see at a glance what classes I’ve taken and when. The class history is buried and takes time to find. Maybe I want to use this app differently than others, but it really seems to be lacking some basic functions, and the structure seems disjointed.
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6 years ago, jillianjade22
The BEST part of my day.
I have been a Yogaglo subscriber for over 4 years. It has helped me transform my body, my soul, my mind and my heart. No matter what is happening in my life, Yogaglo is there to support me, to help me along. I joined right after my husband of 27 years died suddenly. I am not sure if I would have made it without you. The price has not changed, that is so amazing. Some months I do 30 classes! I could never afford that in studio classes. I have favorite teachers and favorite classes and I find new stuff all the time. I feel so amazingly fortunate to have this service in my life. I actually think you saved MY life. Thank you. OM. Namaste. Please never go away.
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4 years ago, johand24
Now more than ever...
I travel a lot for work so I’ve been using Glo since it was YogaGlo, through all the various updates and upgrades. (It’s really rocking and seamless now!) But I need and use it now more than ever during the coronavirus shut-downs and quarantines etc... the catalogue of instructors and class types is unparalleled, and it’s lovely to start each day with others I’ve come to “know” over time. Kathryn Budig in particular is amazing. I know there’s a lot of free instruction and videos on all sorts of platforms - especially now - but Glo is what I keep coming back to. I’m more than happy to support these folks financially during a crazy time.
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