Glow: Fertility, Ovulation App

Health & Fitness
4.7 (67.2K)
396.6 MB
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Current version
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.4 or later
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User Reviews for Glow: Fertility, Ovulation App

4.72 out of 5
67.2K Ratings
4 years ago, Mendoza Cris
Great but not 100% Accurate
I have been using this app for years now. I keep track of my period because it’s so irregular. It’s great to record your period cycles and your moods and current symptoms but not to calculate when your ovulating and it’s not accurate in calculating your next period either. You can’t base yourself 100% on an app. There has been times it does predict my next periods and other times it’s way off, because not every woman is the same of course. Be really careful in not trusting when it predicts your days of ovulation, it tells you that it’s high risk in getting pregnant and to be careful if your going to have sex if your avoiding pregnancy. I have tested these predictions and it’s completely off. I have taken ovulation tests just to see if it’s accurate and it’s not. I have taken my ovulation tests and it says I’m ovulating on days the app it says that I’m not and it’s low risk to get pregnant and it says I’m ovulating when clearly the test I’m not. Definitely not 100% and you should never trust an app to to tell you what your body is doing or not. If avoiding pregnancy don’t use this app for that. Use other methods. It’s great for other things just not for other important stuff.
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3 years ago, KatsyM
Only keeps the data you don’t want it to.
When I decided to move from Eve (for period tracking) to Glow (for TTC) I thought “yay! They’re by the same developer and they already have all the detailed tracking I’ve been putting in for over a year. This should be super accurate!”. Guess again. They don’t attach ANY of your period data or symptoms to your account, so you have to manually enter it. I’m even on their annual subscription to get access to better “predictions”. You know what would help predict stuff? All that data I spent over a year adding into the app you have under the SAME subscription umbrella that I paid for. You know what DOES transfer form app to app and shows *in my public profile*? The comments I leave on their “articles”. Cool. Glad we got those priorities straight guys. I even emailed support because I was certain it must be a glitch. This is the whole reason these apps exist. Why would they not attach my date to my profile? Or at least give me the option to transfer it from app to app within my phone? Nope. They know, they don’t care. They told me to add my last few cycles in manually to get started. Don’t waste your money. They also have a horrific track record for privacy and safety which I found out while googling to find a work-around. Go ahead. Google them and enjoy the horror of the fact that they let any person with your email address pair themselves to your account. Lovely. What a stalker’s paradise.
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2 years ago, MxssMonxt
Got worse over the years
I’ve had this app for YEARRSS which is the only reason I keep it, it has years worth of my logs. However I used to love this app so much, but over time it’s gotten so annoying. They redesigned the app, that’s fine, but when they did they made it to where every darn time you open the app it gives you an ad for their own premium account stuff. Never got the premium and never needed it, simply tracking my cycles on here I got successfully pregnant twice, one of which was full term and now my son. I’ve also successfully avoided pregnancy by tracking. So the premium is unnecessary cause all the “info” it gives you there is stuff you could just find on google. Idk the amount of premium ads is annoying. And it’s a bit harder to navigate the app now than it was a few years ago. Idk I say you’d be better off getting a generic tracker app, just so long as you can track your cycles you’ll be alright, this app is just filled with a bunch of extra unnecessary stuff. The only part I really like anymore is the community forums and chats/posts/threads. But again that was only useful when I was pregnant, as it gave me other expecting moms or experienced moms to talk to about my worries and stuff - but again - you can find groups like that all over Facebook. So yeah I hope that helps.
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3 years ago, Spring417
Very slow app
Can you please fix the app so it’s not incredibly slow? Syncing takes too much time. It should be not more than couple of seconds instead it takes almost a minute. And it happens every time you open the app or you want to see old data. And then, all these popping calendars and log charts. It takes time to close them because guess what? It’s still syncing. Then I open a different app while this one is syncing hoping it will sync and I can look up what I needed but I go back and it’s syncing again. If I didn’t input any data why is it syncing and taking my time? I’ve been using this app for a few years already for period tracking. Recently I decided to try the premium but it charged me for the full year without giving me the trial period. Any app you try always gives trial before charging but it didn’t happen with Glow. Another thing the app is very slow. Whenever I open it starts syncing and takes some time so I just sit and stare at the screen. You can’t really do anything while it’s syncing because if you try to click somewhere else it freezes for a few seconds. I wish the app allowed me to customize what I see on my page besides my health data. I’m not that interested in community Some pages have too many unnecessary for me stuff that is distracting me. Overall, I liked this app before but now I don’t even more for being charged without getting trial.
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1 year ago, lexxvd
Awesome app
I really like this app a lot, especially in comparison to other pregnancy, ovulation and period tracking apps. It’s affordable but it also has features and added bonuses that I haven’t found in any other fertility apps that I looked into. I love the wishlist feature which is basically a “pay it forward” option for members of the apps community. It allows everyone to post either their baby registries or their “wishlists”. The wishlists can be created by the app user once they’re signed up and registered. This feature allows app users to view the lists created by other users, of their needs and wants as new moms and moms to be. To start you look at other people’s lists and choose something off the list to send to someone a gift. As soon as you send a gift to someone, your own list then goes live and other app members can view it and send you gifts. JUST MAKE SURE YOU INCLUDE SHIPPING INFO OR IT WONT ALLOW PEOPLE TO GIFT to you
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2 years ago, NoTHankUbaconbits
Admins go after some and not others!
I can’t tell you how frustrating this app is. 1st of all the Admins take down post for no reason that fall into the guidelines but keep homophobic, racist, transphobic posts up no matter how many times you report them. Some of the woman on this app are nasty and they do absolutely nothing about it… but make a post on how terrible they are doing at their job they put a target on your back and take down everything you post. When you challenge them they send you the same generic email and all of a suspended your suspended. *update* Lan from Glow messaged me extremely rude accusing me of having “multiple accounts”. I asked him to kindly clarify because in no way is that true. I reported an other user for name calling and my account is permanently banned and the only excuse they can hand me is that I have multiple accounts with ZERO proof! Then told me pretty much the decision was final and not to email them anymore. Their community is TOXIC and the admins act as if they are god and pick abs choose certain users to turn a blind eye to! Deleting this horrible app from my phone and encouraging others to do the same! I just got a few girls from my job to sign up and pay for their premium package.. explained what happened and they are requesting a refund and deleting the app as well after I showed them the email. This app is a disgrace!
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4 years ago, DominicanPrincesa
This app is pretty good. Not only can you track your periods, track ovulation, track your pregnancy, and keep track of your babies growth and development, but you also have a community of people where you can find a group for anything. There are groups for baby names, breastfeeding, labor, trying to conceive, relationships, etc. This app would be perfect, if I weren’t for some of the women on there. They really aren't the nicest people and they try so hard to enforce the rules that they sound very rude towards any new person that makes a simple mistake. It isn’t even their job to attack people like they do. Just report it to the admin or politely let the person know and move on. You don’t need 5 women repeating the same thing on one post. Another thing I don’t like is when you make an anonymous posts, why cant you comment on your post and still remain anonymous?? That just doesn’t make sense to me. All in all, it’s a good app. I’m on it constantly. EDIT: THIS IS A HUGE PROBLEM. There are underage teenage girls on here trying to get pregnant. People are encouraging them and giving them advice. The admins are aware and so far have done nothing about it. They have not deleted the groups of underage teens planning pregnancy. That’s ridiculous.
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3 years ago, nyradnc
Good Except the Community Part
I like using this app to track my cycle and find out more about my health. However, I tried to utilize their community part of the app and it was such a disappointment that I wanted to just get rid of the whole thing. I asked for advice and I just got a bunch of nasty rude and shaming comments. There aren’t any mods, and when I sent an email about feedback I was basically told that my email was pointless because they have too many boards to have moderators watching for those kinds of posts so I would have to individually report every single comment and/or person, and sending them an email was the “least effective way to get something dealt with.” What’s the point of offering a support email then? Why have so many boards if you’re not going to have anyone moderating them? Because clearly having some type of moderation is needed since I’ve seen MANY complaints about the rude comments. Obviously people are coming to your community boards to ask advice and it’s not helpful if they’re just getting nasty rude comments back. And it’s not helpful if the Glow company themselves are going to take a “whatever” type of attitude themselves. Who wants to continue using a product from a company like that? Very disappointing.
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2 years ago, AshBst
I used to enjoy using this, now…ugh
ANOTHER UPDATED REVIEW (since I keep being prompted): Not sure why y’all won’t leave well enough alone. I struggle to do the bare minimum: log my cycle. Now when I think I’m logging my most recent cycle, I’m somehow logging the one before that, which clears out my correct flow info. Every update somehow makes this app worse and even more of a pain to use. It’s bloated and a real headache. It’s basically a period itself at this point. UPDATED REVIEW: This app used to be great, now it’s a headache. It’s way too busy/overwhelming and it’s super sluggish. It takes forever to do a simple task such as logging a period. Any time you do any task related to a cycle, it syncs in real time, which prevents you from moving on to the next day until the sync completes. I paid for premium just to get rid of the annoyance of being asked to upgrade every single time I opened the app — which is precisely the plan, I know. I think the app developer means well, they’ve introduced a lot of features over the last few years, that I’m sure are helpful for someone, but somewhere along the line they took the stance that more is better. I’m only still using this app bc of my historical cycle data from the past several years. Eventually, I’ll just abandon it for the sake of my sanity.
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3 years ago, Ohmalthea
A very useful app
This app is very easy to use. While not being over complicated it's still pretty thorough. Also by logging things every day it helps me be more aware and objective when it comes to what's going on with my body and my emotional state. Also your partner/ significant other can use it too. They can keep they're own log and can see some of what you log (it will tell you what they can and can't see) which can be very helpful. It can give them a heads up if you're having moody PMS day or let them know that it's a high fertility day or just keep them in the loop. Also there is a "glow community" if you want to post, create a poll, or view doctors, clinics, medications, etc. that other women have recommended. One thing that can be annoying: it will "notify" you that you 'should exercise' pretty much whenever you log that you haven't or "notify" you that you 'shouldn't drink alcohol when you're trying to conceive' whenever you log that you have and other things like that making it feel kinda like a nagging parent at times. However, some notifications do have useful info. All in all a pretty useful app.
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4 years ago, mishbell710
Horrible community/bullying
I joined so I could track my periods, ovulation, and eventual pregnancy. Initially I thought the community was a great addition, where I could speak to other women for support and have good conversation. But it quickly turned into a nasty experience. Majority of the conversations turned political, even when the topic had nothing to do with politics. The mass majority were 99% liberal extremist views, and a witch hunt to attack any of the remaining 1% conservative views. Especially if you’re a Christian. Majority of the women were nasty, rude, threatening, and condescending. The “report” feature and “mute/block” feature are completely ineffective, as the admin never responded or removed any of the terribly mean and disgusting content. Basically it’s just an app for bullies to fester and feed their egos. I’ve been trying for days to delete my account because I’m consistently being attacked by users, but my account is still there. I’ve been emailing admin about it for days and there’s been zero response. Let’s not even mention the slew of underage children posting photos of their vagina and discharge and asking how they can get pregnant to trap their boyfriends! This app is dangerous and legit has illegal underage activity and nudes. DO NOT get this app!!
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4 years ago, obxmusicfan
Slow, Bloated, and Busy
REVIEW UPDATED AUG. 2020 - I literally only keep this app because of how long I’ve been using it and how much data I’ve logged. It has gotten SO BAD! First I thought it was my older phone and chalked it up the that, but then I got a new phone and it’s the same. It takes forever to load anything, it’s multiple clicks to do input data, and the app interface is busy busy! The pop ups are too much, the little widgets are too much. There also used to be a lot more free tips and graphs, and for how much advertisement happens on this app it should still have those things But mostly this app is SLOW! Glow used to be awesome, but now it’s just outdated. If you’re just getting started with tracking find a simpler app (not Eve because Glow owns them I’m fairly certain) that’s simpler and works smoothly, like Clue. That app is actually made by women for women, unlike Glow which I read was started by a bunch of men! That fact really started to show in the last couple years. Also don’t be fooled by the pretty pictures you see here on the App Store. This app looks NOTHING like that at all! I contacted support and they told me the update was “rolling out slowly,” but that was almost a dozen updates ago...
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5 years ago, Sbpitchin
Very good, but could be better
UPDATE: The community feature is nice but there are some very rude and nasty ladies on the forums. Post with caution. I really do love Glow, but there are a few things I wish the app had. First of all, I wish that if you are using the app to conceive a baby that after your “ovulation date” it showed “days post ovulation” instead of “days until next period”. I don’t know why but seeing “days until next period” makes me sad and most women are symptom checking after ovulation and I feel like that information would be more helpful. If you aren’t trying to conceive then by all means leave it as is. Also, when putting in symptoms, cervix position, BBT, CM consistency, etc, I wish there were more every day insights into how that matches up to where you’re at in your cycle other than just comparing to other glow users. I never know if what I’m logging is normal for where I’m at in my cycle and I never seem to match with the other users which makes me concerned. I do feel like the newest update is very helpful though and have learned a lot from glow.
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5 years ago, acx04
It was great...before the update
I had this app for over a year and it was great. It gave me some scientific research facts, easy to use, excellent at keep notes and easily tracked my period. Until recently, the new update made it harder to log and re-log, it’s also harder for me to edit my notes when I need to add something. The cycle analysis is always in the way and it’s only promoting glow premium; I don’t mind the advertisement until it gets in the way of everything I need to do on the app. The security lock on the app is very good and convenient. The stories that every other glow user makes it feel like social media and it makes me want to stay on the app explore and communicate with all the other women on the app which makes me feel very warm and fuzzy every time I see women supporting each other on the app. I’ll wait for the next update but if it’s really not giving me easy and quick access then sadly I have to find a more simple and easy to period app to use. Hopefully the glow staff and creator can do something about the new updates. Thank you very much for taking my opinion into account.
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7 years ago, anonymom2b
Pretty good up until lately
I have been using the app for about 7 months. We have been trying to have a baby and I can never keep up when I last had my period unless I look at my BC pack. Obviously, now that I’m off of them I needed something to help track it as well as ovulation. It’s been pretty good with some exceptions but I think that is mainly because of some issues I’m having and not because of the app. I have found some great support and advice among the members. It’s also just nice to have a place to go and join specific groups that are similar to your situation or interests. That has been a very positive experience. Women lifting people up. The last few days the app hasn’t been able to open. I’m not sure if it has something to do with the latest update but I have never had this issue until this week. I hope it gets fixed ASAP because I have really come to rely on this app for logging all of my information.
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3 years ago, The_Freckled_Fox
Love it.
I used this app until it became a bit of a heartache as nothing was working and I just don’t want to watch it anymore. However our little girl just started and I want to watch her cycle so I decided to download the app again and keep track for her. Since there are no apps for a 10, almost 11, year old with no chat group or fertility tracker. I’d love a basic period tracker that she could download to her phone and get updates on when she’s likely to start so she can be prepared herself as well. I want her to still tell me and her mom but I want to give her more than I was given when I started and a couple weeks ago we had a very emotional moment when I found out she’d been bleeding for a day and was able to hide it from me. Just a suggestion glow. They don’t need anything except the tracker with moods and cramps and all that but kids are starting so young and I think many mothers would love to show their little girl’s how to track! I know I would at least!
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5 years ago, JennyL4859693
Tracking Great, Community Not
I loved being able to track my dates, my symptoms and have all of my information in one spot to look back on. However I became turned off from the app when I began looking through the community section. A lot of people seemed extremely rude. It seems like those who can’t get pregnant want to make those who are feel bad and those who can get pregnant easily want to brag about it and make those whole can’t feel bad. There’s a forum to see if pregnancy tests are positive and some people said no even though it was an obvious yes just to be rude while others didn’t have the positive line and the comments were so harsh. I felt like this was supposed to be a place for support, a place to get advice and a partnership of women who want people to understand what they’re going through. My jaw would drop reading comments and my heart would hurt seeing responses. If you use the app, use the calendar and track your symptoms but avoid the community. There are some really nice and great people but there are more people who aren’t who ruin this app.
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4 years ago, mboros14
Nice Features, Inconsistent Functioning
The amount of elements you can track in Glow is very nice and detailed. It’s help me easily record lots of data so I can become familiar with how I feel at any given point in my cycle. Their predicted ovulation point is pretty generously late, which seems good if your goal is to abstain from pregnancy. However, the app crashes all the time, and is very slow to use. The ads for Glow Premium (I use the free version) are plentiful and annoying. I also would prefer a more streamlined, simple, refreshing platform, rather than the busy “girl talk” one they advocate for via cheesy discussion forums and “did you know” articles. In addition, for being a natural family planning app, most of the content of these writings are not very NFP at all - discussing use of condoms and so forth. Kind of discouraging, it’s like they don’t even have confidence in the very system they’re advocating women track! For now, the level of detail I can get in daily tracking is enough for me to continue using Glow, but the overall ethos and reliability of the app leaves much to be desired.
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1 year ago, Bri Swan
Not accurate, not user friendly, inappropriate content
I can’t believe I paid money to use this app. I started using this app in October. Right after getting this app I got off of birth control in the middle of my cycle which of course changed my cycle. The app wouldn’t let me edit that so it was a week off. Because of this it was not tracking my ovulation to help me get pregnant (which is why I paid for premium). I did end up getting pregnant with the help of Natural Cycles app but had a early miscarriage. Tried to use this app again and it wouldn’t allow me to edit my cycle yet again… so it’s still useless to me because it’s off and won’t let me edit. This app is so over loaded with content it is ridiculous. They should give you the option to turn off the news feed that is full of videos of people doing yoga high (tell me how that helps anyone on a pregnancy journey…) or having to see pictures of others vaginal mucus. All around terribly designed app. Not user friendly. WASTE OF MONEY. I would personally use natural cycles instead of you are trying to get pregnant. Very accurate, clean, and user friendly. The complete OPPOSITE of Glow.
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6 years ago, AmandaUchiha
Most Accurate Period Tracking App
I don’t know how well it works for fertility as I’m not trying to get pregnant, but this app predicts my periods better than any other app I have used! That alone earns this app 5 stars! It’s usually perfect or only a day off. The community can be fun but I agree that some of the ladies on the app can be very rude, but that goes for any social based app so I won’t dock a star for it. Great app overall, just avoid the community if hash words get to you. EDIT: I have been seeing bullying and rude comments in excess lately. I would suggest that there be harsher penalties for bullies and rude women than just having their comments removed. There are grown women on this app who will literally stalk your profile and comment rude things on your other posts as well, just because you said something that they don’t agree with. I’m still leaving it at 5 stars, but as someone who is a strong advocate against bullying, this is very concerning to me.
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3 years ago, Lipstick_Face
Super helpful!
I’d like to start off by saying that this app is super helpful when it comes to keeping track of my period and fertile days. Probably the most accurate app of a lot of the ones that I see. I use this app and Premom, which in my opinion are the BEST AND MOST ACCURATE APPS EVER. Most of the time the tests are accurate readings (I like to take several pictures of one test at a time to make sure they all read the same result) and it allows me to really see what type of day I’m on. My hubby adapted to the app really fast and he even bought me a premium deal because it’s really easy and super inexpensive since we’ve been trying to get pregnant for a while now. Well worth it if you are having trouble keeping track of your cycle and trying to get pregnant. It also tells you a lot about your cycle and there’s many articles that you can read if you’re really questioning something.
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2 years ago, kylienop
So, so many ads
I’ll start by saying I NEVER write reviews and I used to really love this app. But in the last few years they have gotten so annoying with ads that it feels like straight up GREED at this point. I have PCOS and need an app to track how long it’s been since I had my last cycle. I basically use it for a calendar because my periods are wildly unpredictable and the “estimations” for ovulation are always incorrect (I typically don’t ovulate at all). Can I not use this app for what the free version offers without being bombarded to purchase an expensive and unnecessary subscription after every click? I open the app, there’s an ad to exit. I click on the day to log symptoms, there’s an ad to exit. I click that I started my period, there’s an ad to exit. I can’t stand it anymore! I’m definitely looking for another app and I may just upgrade that to spite Glow. Get it together and stop caring more about making money off of desperate woman than providing an actual good customer service! I’d consider upgrading if I wasn’t being harassed to do so after every click.
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6 years ago, lil mater
Second time user!
I used this app for nine months before I got pregnant with my perfect little boy that’s one this month! This app was a ton of help and I have told many people like me about it! We are trying again so I am using the app once again and it’s just not the same at all! It is a lot more difficult to maneuver around and a year ago (without paying for prime) it was a lot more helpful. It really seems like this app is now based on trying to advertise and get woman to get fertility help when they really don’t need it! That’s all that’s been popping up since I’ve used it now for the last three months. Vitamins, bbt, keep track of your fertile window (which you girls only have 12 hours really so make sure it’s every day if not more:) GNC has a his and hers vitamin pack...look at the label and buy each vitamin separate because it is “blend” if not! Vitamins will take around 4-5 montages to start helping so don’t give up! Best of luck
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3 years ago, MissyCDai
I’m not the reviewing type!
This app’s purpose has helped me tremendously in regards to trying to conceive. It is extremely accurate as to when my period starts. Glow helps with tracking my symptoms, logging my moods, and recording any changes my body goes through daily. After a loss, my body has changed drastically with my cycle, so the ability to have all my information in one easy to find spot is amazing. Though my cycle has had subtle changes, glow still does a pretty decent job of tracking my period start date. I also enjoy that I can connect with my fiancé so he can log items, too. We’re working on baby #1 and we’re excited that Glow (along with my ob/gyn) is helping us through this process. It’s comforting knowing I can turn to this app and find many groups of women who are in similar boats who can offer advice, and share their stories, and offer motivation. Great app!
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4 years ago, Danita Marie
I absolutely love this app!
It’s addicting!! I am constantly reading the community posts and getting sucked into the juicy stories! Besides juicy stories, the community can be quite a system of support and knowledge. They answer questions and offer kindness when and if you post about something that is bothering you. I also love how Eve/Glow grows with you!! It starts as a period tracking app (Eve), then it’s a trying to conceive app/ovulation tracker (Glow), then there’s a pregnancy version (glow nurture), and a version for when your baby is born (Glow baby). It seriously is the best. I love the daily calendar where I can log important things and I love all the articles. They are so helpful and informative. I remember reading the articles daily when I was pregnant. Every article described how my baby was growing each day and what new sensations the baby was experiencing with growth. It was amazing. I highly recommend this app!
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6 years ago, gp22222
Was better before update
I still use Glow and value it, but the recent update is less good than the old style. In the old style, I could glance ahead to see exactly where I’d be in my ovulation cycle weeks down the line, which was helpful for scheduling vacations and scheduling life in general as someone who uses the app for contraception. Now the app is flashier looking but there is less information. I can still see the green ovulation window for future weeks by checking the “period calendar” but I can’t click on future dates re: chance of pregnancy or have as good of a total picture of my fertility. Basically my criticism is that it’s clumsier now to look ahead and that even within the current week, the app has become much more geared towards something you have to look at look at every day to get all your information. I’m not quitting the app or giving it a poor rating, but the new changes are less good and make for less effective family planning.
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1 year ago, lb945
Don’t recommend
I bought this app as a fertility tracker and upgraded to the paid version and I wish I had shopped around more before deciding on Glow. There are so many spam articles on the landing page (even with the paid version) that aren’t applicable and are trying to sell you something. There also seem to be a lot of features focused on building community and comparing you to other people trying to get pregnant which I found to be really off-putting (if this is something you want, that’s great, but it really wasn’t for me). I also had an early miscarriage and couldn’t figure out how to enter that into the app. It seems this should be pretty basic and intuitive but I could only figure out how to enter it as a period, which seems to be throwing off the data I had been I putting about my cycle, which seems to kind of defeat the whole purpose of the app. Bottom line, tracking your fertility/trying to conceive can be an emotional time, this is an app that seems to skew towards being some kind of pastel colored alternative to Facebook, which, I’ll pass…
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6 years ago, BelllaNicole
The best app if trying to conceive
I was using a different app to track my periods and fertile window, and after much frustration —due to its inaccuracy- downloaded Glow. Once I saw the interface i immediately knew i should’ve been using this all along. It’s gorgeous and very user friendly. i can’t dress how easy it is to track everything i.e. BBT, physical symptoms, CM and ovulation test results to name a few. One of the things I most appreciated was the notifications it will send you to remind you it’s time to take your prenatal. Cute, right? Another way it helped me was you can search for topics other women posted and see what the responses were. By doing so I was able to discover some things I could do to increase my chances of conceiving or as we say, getting that BFP! I highly recommend this app and i am so happy i found it. You won’t be disappointed!!
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4 years ago, 2 Weeks Nicotine Free
I’ve used Glow for years now. I got pregnant for the first time this year. I started using their sister app called Nurture, which is also an amazing app. Unfortunately, I experienced a pregnancy loss at 20 weeks. Glow has an option to document if you’ve specifically had a pregnancy loss, (and not just that you’ve “had” the baby). Ever since my loss I’ve went back to using Glow and all my insights and analyses are custom to my specific situation. It helps me understand what may be normal after a pregnancy loss. I can’t express enough how great and caring it feels to have an app that individualizes service in this way. It has helped me feel more in control and confident about what’s going on with my body; which, in turn, makes me more confident to get pregnant again in the future. I would recommend this app to all females!
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3 years ago, Sarahbeth44
It’s all about getting you to pay money now
I have used this app for more than five years now to track my periods and just be “safe.” In the past, it was easy to use, pretty straightforward, and served its purpose. With the newest updates, I’m constantly getting badgered by pop-ups to upgrade and pay money. I get that apps want to make money, but it’s so annoying to constantly get pop-ups trying to talk me into it. Also, the app seems so cluttered and “busy” now. It took forever to figure out how to mark the days on the calendar after doing it one way for 5 years. I liked the simplicity and ease of use in the previous versions. Now it’s too much. I only want to track like two things, so all the power to those people who want to track every single thing in their life and see Mandy Moore’s Top Seven Tips for whatever, but I really don’t care to pay money to mark some days on a calendar. Stop asking.
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4 years ago, sfgirl94115
Too much content I don’t want to see
The app has a lot of pros. If I was looking for community or health information it makes it easy to access that information. I like the bio stats of the data I input. However, I want to use the app to track my personal health and it’s annoying to have to scroll through polls about makeup, posts about cheating, sonograms etc when I am dealing with fertility issues. The last thing I want to see after a miscarriage is a post and hundreds of comments about someone’s sonogram or positive test. I’m happy for that person and her successful pregnancy but it shouldn’t be in my feed because I don’t know this person and I don’t want to have the entire community’s thoughts on it either. I wish they had an option to mute things to allow for more control on what I view when I use the app. I upgraded to the paid to avoid having to see ads. But was disappointed to continue to see content I have no interest in.
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3 months ago, Sagelytiff
Just ok
Been using the app for 5 years. I use the free version mainly for tracking my cycle. During my first year using it I got pregnant. I appreciated some of the other features like tracking additional symptoms during different stages of my cycle, articles about women’s health, and the community pages with other women whose stage of pregnancy/postpartum was similar to my own. However, they’ve added a ton of new ads and irrelevant sponsored content to the free version and taken away some features to make them premium only. The premium features I believe would work well, but I do not need them. This app is not very valuable to me anymore since I just need a cycle and symptom tracker. The app runs slower and is less user friendly with all the clutter. Many of the tools still show up but stay locked until you pay for premium access, so taking up even more space. No longer easy to look at or to use and feels pushy with so much advertising.
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6 years ago, Ckeoenebsjzocnf
this app encourages bulling and this is a day in and day out constant problem and they have done NOTHING to resolve all the hate and underage drama all over this app. It’s also encouraging young ladies to have sex post photos they shouldn’t be. Making comments on things they’re not even old enough to know anything about. If you end up with a stalker on your page they won’t do anything to help you resolve that either. They will however make a victim feel like they did something wrong and attack both people. Even the person who has been being verbally abused. You cannot get away from the abuse because “mute” as they put it is NOT the same as a block. So now I have a stalker on my page who will not leave me alone and they won’t do anything about it. If you download best beware of all of these issues.
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3 years ago, AllyKatGrl
Very easy to use, and super helpful
I have debilitating PCOS and irregular, dangerously heavy periods. I have been using Glow for 5 years now, and I love it. It helps me plan my schedule by helping predict when I’ll have my next period (even though it doesn’t come at the same time every month), and it’s pretty accurate. I also log my medications, how I’m feeling emotionally and physically, sex, and any GYNO problems I might be having. This has overall helped me to be more in tune with my body, and the community that GLOW provides, has helped me to feel less alone whenever I’m dealing with something. I’ve used this pre pregnancy, while I was pregnant, and when I’m avoiding pregnancy. It’s a great system overall, and although I don’t pay for premium, I think it would be worth it to subscribe.
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6 years ago, altdancer
I have been using several period tracker apps as I have been considering switching and am trying to find the one that is best for me. One thing that I would love to see change is more personalized content. More specifically, I am trying to avoid pregnancy. In my health profile I have selected never when it asks about when we will think about it. That may change, but it is where we are right now. We even just terminated a pregnancy, so it is definitely not on the table. So why does the app show me things every day about fertility and trying to conceive? The poll a few days back was “have you told people you are TTC?” We’re not. That is what it says in my health profile. So my suggestion would be to tailor content to the goals listed in our profiles. Also, not a big community person, so it is annoying that everyday the little red dot is there alerting me to new content even though I have not subscribed to any groups.
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4 years ago, LandiMandy
One Cycle with this app and we’re pregnant!
I have tracked my period for years with an app called “Flo” and it did well for that. When I tried to use it for it’s “trying to conceive” portion and tracking ovulation, it was a let down. After our first cycle not getting pregnant, I downloaded “Glow” and purchased both a pack of OPKs and a BBT (basal body temperature thermometer). I logged all of my period data into Glow that was in Flo and it immediately said a much later ovulation date than Flo had predicted (aka hubby and I at the point I was ACTUALLY ovulating, we were taking a break from being rabbits, missing it completely). I tracked and tested with Glow and found my accurate ovulation window and sure enough we found out today we are pregnant! If you’re TTC this is your app!!!! (and PreMom app with their BBT, was a huge help).
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12 months ago, EmLRStevens
Accurate but app is faulty
I’ve been using this app for around 3 years - since 2020! I had a pregnancy in 2021 that this app helped me track, and I’m now trying to conceive. It’s always been extremely accurate, only missing my 🩸 by a day off at times, and always 100% accurate on my ovulation day (I get ovulation cramps so I know the exact day). But last week I opened the app and it completely lost ALL MY DATA!! I’ve been logging symptoms of my cycles, potential conception dates, my past pregnancy symptoms and all for 3 yrs!!! And it’s all gone. Same account and everything but for some reason when I opened the app to log my cycle last week, the app took me thru an orientation and asked me to put my info in which it hasn’t done since I downloaded the app. And it’s not from an update either because I don’t have automatic updates on, nor have I updated it myself. This is so disappointing because I’m literally TTC right now and I’ve been tracking my ovulation symptoms on here. So disappointed!
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2 years ago, sunglasskill
This app is insane. The worst period app I’ve ever used. From pop up suggestions to crazy misspelled forums, to inaccurate information (you can’t tell me when I ovulate after 1 MONTH of input data) that’s just irresponsible and if you don’t know reproductive health, just ugh on the makers. multiple daily pop ups, (id have like 4 PLUS notifications a day and it would all be this app) to interruptions when you’re trying to just simply log - to subscribe !!!! At a lowest deal!!$ sale! Save save SAVE! this was an insane app. Notification here! CONNECT your fitness tracker. Connect it? Don’t want to?! CONNECT. IT. Here’s your horoscope! Did you have sex? Are you sure?! ALERT ALERT LOG LOG! Then the best part is that it’s difficult to navigate and put just simple note in when are attempting to chart. It’s like someone gave adderall to WUPHF from the office and threw in that wall-e chair world. I do not know how this has so many recommendations or rated so high. I suspect some algorithm or the paid service is I guess not torture?
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2 years ago, jmeisnothappy
Too many ads
I have used this app since 2015. I was a premium member for a few years, but I didn’t utilize all of the features, so I discontinued my premium subscription. I always had good experiences with period/ovulation tracking, but now the ads have become really annoying when trying to view basic information. Also, I’m newly pregnant and since then the app is tracking my pregnancy with incorrect dates and I can’t figure out how to change it. I’m disappointed that this app has seemed to change its focus on tracking and giving information to making money with burdensome pop up ads and complicated usability. It has become congested with too many extra features that have become distracting and over stimulating. I’ve stopped using the app as much as I used to because I spend too much time trying to figure out how to access basic information while digging through popup ads.
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1 year ago, Tekphun
Great tracking and predicting app
I have been using this app for a few years and it does a highly accurate job of predicting the important monthly events. The input options are fantastic and it continues to be improved upon. I also use glow baby for tracking everything for our son and have been for over 9 months now; also a fantastic app in this family. I highly recommend this to all women who want a little more predictability with their cycles and to serve as a reminder of what we always know is just on the monthly horizon. Even if you don't input daily, it is still accurate. Just be sure to put the most important events in and when you can do more, do it. Stress free tracking at its best!
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6 years ago, Diamond Snowflakes
Pros and Cons
I love this app and it’s accuracy with period tracking. It’s always somewhere within 24 hours of its predicted start date. I do have two pretty big irritations though. For one, it’s been a lot more cluttered and difficult to navigate, more so since the update. I have to go all over the place just to find what I’m looking for. It’s not streamlined at all. Another thing, I personally have no interest in the community aspect of it, but it too promoted. I’m not crazy about getting notifications on what’s going on with the community. I’m just trying to track my monthly cycle. It’s probably nice to have for other people who feel desperate for answers, but it gets such a prominent place in the app, adding to the complication and clutter. For keeping track of symptoms and all the little things that are indicators of where you’re at in your cycle and adjusting accordingly for accuracy though, this app is top notch.
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4 years ago, Kata478536
Not what it used to be
I’ve used glow for many years now. While TTC our now 2 year old daughter, I noticed the layout starting to change and I didn’t love it but it worked. Now that we’re TTC again and I’m using the app more, I’m disappointed. The app is so slow when just wanting to symptoms to your calendar or edit a period. I feel like there are too many “bells and whistles” that weigh this app down. Personal, I just want the calendar, not the message boards and community portion. For me, I’d prefer an option to have the calendar on the main page upon opening the app and a separate button along the bottom or something to access things like blog posts, community forums, etc. I loved using community forums/message boards on another site while TTC the first time and it would have been cool to have it through an app like this, but the layout on Glow now is so messy in my opinion and so slow. They need clean it up and find a way to make it move faster.
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1 year ago, SamD3187
Updates needed
I have been using Glow since 2013. I have always loved it. It’s always been a 5 star app for me until recently. There are a few features that need updated for it to go back to a 5 start app for me. 1. The OPK strip reader needs to be updated to be compatible with the new iphone 14pro tri-camera system. I am paying for the premium version of the app while ttc and now that I have upgraded my phone from an iphone 10 to an iphone 14 pro I can no longer use the opk strip tracker because it doesn’t activate the correct camera to zoom properly on the test. It’s super frustrating paying for an app that doesn’t work with the main feature that I use. 2. I love the cycle analysis but they need to include in there the dpo days as well. It’s time consuming having to open the calendar each time in order to count out how many dpo I am
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4 years ago, Courtc3
Accurate but too much Community
The fertility tracking was accurate - I got pregnant after only three months of trying - and I really liked the functionality of adding pictures of multiple ovulation tests so you could compare side-by-side. The biggest downside of this app for me is the Community section. I with there was a way to hide it (if there is, it’s not obvious to me). Everything the app posts is flooded with women posting - not commenting on the article, etc., but posting photos of their pregnancy tests. It gets annoying when that’s all you see. It’s also unsettling for someone who’s TTC with a first baby to read about women who’ve tried for YEARS with no luck. I know we all need support, but it would be better to make the community section something users seek out vs putting it at the front and center of everything, so we can choose what comments and topics we see.
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3 years ago, baileymckenna
What a huge relief!
After recently quitting birth control, having taken it for well over a decade, I felt really in the dark about what I would experience. But on day one of my first real period, I downloaded this app and immediately felt so much relief and peace, knowing that I had an easy way to track and record my symptoms, as well as having those symptoms affirmed (ie I'm not crazy, this is normal, in fact 38% of your 'cycle buddies' feel this way at this time in their cycle too) as well as having a scientific explanation for why those symptoms were occurring! I love that I have a forecast for my upcoming week to help me know what to expect. There's so much more I could say but really it all comes down to: get this app, you won't regret it.
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7 years ago, headquarterss
Just one little thing!
If I'm in the middle of reading someone's comment or post on the Community portion of your app, sometimes I read something there that I want to check with my own calendar. So I go to "Home" to check out my calendar, but when I click back on "Community" it starts me from the top of the community page, and not the post I was just on. It would be really great if you added the ability to click between Home and Community without losing your place of what you were reading within the community posts! If I want to reference my own calendar, then I have to click on Community and scroll, scroll, scroll until I can find the post I was looking at originally! Kind of like if you're on Instagram and you switch btw your likes and home page, that would be great!! Thank you!
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1 year ago, Bannister832
Has turned into Eve
I initially started with the Eve app, but have an older phone, so all the notifications from the Community and the Wishlist and blah blah blah would slow my phone down to the point I could barely use the period tracker. Downloaded Glow and found I could use it as I’d initially used Eve, for tracking and that’s it. I’d found perfection again!…until I opened the app to check where I am in my cycle a few days ago and lo and behold, there’s the Wishlist and Community. I really use there we’re a way to disable these items because these truly are the best trackers in my opinion but I barely use social media so I don’t need it for my cycles, thanks lol but in all seriousness, please Please PLEASE give the option to opt out or disable for features. I’m not sure if you call read the community posts but I know for a fact that I’m not alone in this. I’m giving it a 3 because it has great tracking capabilities but I remember users asking about the ability to disable the Community tab at least 4 years ago so at this point, they have to just be ignoring us. if you like cycle/ovulation/pregnancy tracking with a big side of social media, this is definitely for you but if you’re more lowkey or have an older or laggy phone, you may want to pass.
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4 years ago, Snotori
Great App
I’ve tried many apps before this one and actually had a website I used before this as none really did what I wanted or they were too difficult to figure out. I found this one as a suggestion and I’m always looking for stuff to keep on my phone rather then having to log into a website. The first few days I was hooked and being that I was trying to get pregnant too I loved it. There was a lot to take in from logging my period to reading the forums depending how in-depth I wanted to get. So I can’t say enough what a godsend this is. Plus if (Lord willing) I do get pregnant again they have a couple other apps too for when I’m pregnant to after the baby is born. But even if that doesn’t happen again for me I’m still thrilled with this app.
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7 years ago, P.Sherman42wallabyWay
Love this app
So not only does this app track your period but it also predicts your fertile window and when you ovulate. This app is actually pretty smart because my other 2 apps predicted my period 9 days before I actually got it but Glow was right on point with prediction and I wasn’t quite sure when I ovulated this month and it helped pick a date on when I should have based on my info I had logged. The best part about this app is the community. Most apps just log everything this app has a forum of different pages you can join and chit chat with other ladies, especially if your going through something you feel like you can’t talk to anyone about chances are someone on here has gone through it. I love it and it’s a nice escape from facebook.
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4 months ago, Lyssalaughter
Premium membership wakes baby by playing ads
First off I’m a premium member, I paid for lifetime membership and should not have this issue. The ads from their shop tab will play WITH AUDIO without me even clicking on the tab during my baby’s nap which almost always wake her up because it startles her and stops the sound machine app I use on my phone!! Don’t you pay premium to have no ads (and extra features)? I cannot describe how much I am beginning to hate using this app. I used to have this app rated 5 stars, but this is not acceptable for a paid premium membership. This needs to be fixed or you can refund the money I paid for premium. (Previous review: So many great groups to connect with others who are TTC or are pregnant, or anything else really. Also lots of really good features on your own log if you’re into tracking patterns. I bought the premium and do not regret it, definitely worth having more detailed insights.)
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