Gold's Gym

Health & Fitness
1.8 (298)
204.5 MB
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Current version
Gold's Gym
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Gold's Gym

1.79 out of 5
298 Ratings
2 years ago, Snow cheetah
A small update.
A busy meter at your selected location would be cool. I live in a big city and the gym isn’t that big. It can become too crowded to move around. I’m a teacher and have found a good schedule during the summer but when I go back to work I’ll be getting off around the busiest hours and I would love to see if I should go to then the gym or go home and grade papers, cook, etc. until the gym is less full without actually having to drive all the way across town to check. Wife uses Planet Fitness and Co-Worker uses Crunch fitness and they both have a busy meter that uses the gyms sign ins to scale between 1-10 on how busy it is.
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1 year ago, kitty_boobtastic
Constant Errors
Update: A very helpful person wrote me back after sending a note to the golds member email address and now I can access the app. Increasing stars due to friendly/helpful support. This app will not register my barcode and presents an error message stating it does not recognize me in the system. The work around doesn’t work and when I try to select my gym, it throws an error. So I cannot even get through the workaround. I have tried getting help from employees at the gym and although they tried, could not figure it out. I also submitted a help request through the app and through the Golds member email address and have not heard back. And before you ask, yes, I uninstalled and re-installed the app. Where is the production support team and are there even product owners working on this app?
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2 years ago, Mastercait
Clumsy, congested and slow
This is one of the most annoying apps I’ve ever had to use. It’s laid out poorly, and really slow. Forgot to my password and had to reset, so I click “reset my password”. Easy enough, right? Nope. There is one sign-in window that pops up as soon as you open the app, and a separate sign-in window that pops up after selecting “manage membership”. The first will send you a reset password email with link gore. The second will send you a functional link, but the password reset doesn’t take in the app. If you go to the actual site, it’ll say that password is incorrect, and you have to reset it. Then you’re locked out because of too many failed log-ins. Y’all need to figure out how to streamline your systems. Planet Fitness figured it out, why can’t you?
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1 year ago, katatatat
Bad policy
I got a gym membership to Gold’s several months ago. But, I soon realized that this type of gym was not for me. I went to a couple of Zumba classes which was kind of fun. I am not someone who enjoys treadmill, weights, etc. Although I know many who enjoy it! I tried to cancel my membership via phone, email, and in person, but none of them allowed me to cancel. I wasn’t made aware explicitly upon signing up about the fixed 1 yr membership, nor the $125 cancellation fee. Plus, this app / their online website in general is very concerning in that you can’t even read your charges, information, etc. Lesson learned, do not sign blindly, and don’t force yourself to go if it’s not something you enjoy. I started climbing and I love that!!
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2 years ago, ebr1018
I am a new account holder and just got my key fob and I cannot even register for the app. It keeps saying that my barcode number is incorrect. I have entered it three separate times. I tried changing the zero to a letter O, I tried putting it in without the letters. Still to no avail. When I called my local gym they suggest said that sometimes the app just does that. I literally do not understand how this app can be so terrible when my membership costs me twice as much monthly than Planet Fitness which had no app issues, kept track of my badge ins, and also had a live gauge to note how crowded the gym was at any given time. I’m coming to Gold’s for the classes, but maybe I’ll keep PF just in case. Get it together, Gold’s.
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2 years ago, sullivan.1068
Hi! The app has nice features, but is definitely buggy. For example, every time you click on a class, a pop up says “Request failed. Please try again later.” It seems there are issues receiving data from the backend. I can still sign up for classes, but I’m sure this error is dissuading people from doing so. It’d be cool if the app automatically tracked when you scan in and kept a running tab of your workouts. I’m not going to manually enter my workout info into this app when so many great alternatives exist that are much easier to use.
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1 year ago, Draw4201
Not user friendly
Great for checking into the gym, but to look up schedule at different gym locations near me is confusing. I used lots of apps with no issues, including different brands of gym’s app, but I got frustrated with Gold’s I set my home gym once, but it was taken over by different company, it still shows on the app as my home gym. We don’t need anything fancy, after we looked up gym location, there should be a direct link to the schedule, not having to go to each website.
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7 months ago, dharma69
Crash crash crash…
This app doesn’t offer much is generally useless, but the ONLY thing that I used it for was for the class schedules and now that doesn’t even work. Crash after crash after crash. You’d think that a company this established and world famous could make an app that actually served its customers. Seriously, the ONLY use it served was the class schedules.
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2 years ago, blrpjamie
Can’t get in to the app!
I’ve been logged out of the app & unable to retrieve my password. (Therefore cannot log back in). I have tried “forgot password “ several times but have not received the email to reset password. Yes I’ve checked the junk folder. Very frustrating as I cannot find a customer service/help number to call & they could not help me at the gym. Previously I used the app all the time to check class schedules, reserve a spot, & check in. Not having access to the app has been a huge inconvenience & I don’t know where to turn to solve this issue.
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3 months ago, yeti_wrx
Needs to be updated
In this day and age, you’d think the top tier gym would have top tier app quality. Efficiency of app operation, my app closes down frequently so I cannot utilize the features well. Busy meter, although I can see this option on Google Maps, it would be nice to see if 1 of 3 locations near me is busier than the other on the app. My manage membership area has me viewing my account with Chuze Fitness instead of Golds. I mean, what the heck?
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2 years ago, sm02021069
Won’t Startup
I’ve been trying to login to the app for 2 months. I have a new iPhone and only a 4th of the storage on the phone has been used. I try to login and it tells me everything is wrong although I know it’s not. I try to reset the password and the app freezes. I’ve asked at the local gym and the most help I have been provided is being told to uninstall and redownload the app. I’m hopeful that it will work when I get it installed but as of now the app is trash and there is no way to get support. Will update when resolved.
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2 years ago, krezqz
Payment glitch
Trying to make a payment is difficult, keep getting “undefined” and can’t secure a payment date on the current date or a future date. I’ll get lucky sometimes if I keep pressing the submit button multiple times to secure my payment. I won’t know if it goes through unless I get an e-mail confirming my receipt. Hoping for your kind consideration to tune up this issue.
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2 years ago, fang of the tortoise
App does the job but lacking extra features
The app does what it’s advertised to do but it could be so much better with a tracker showing how many times you checked in, would also benefit from a crowd meter type feature which shows how crowded the gym is based on how many people have scanned in over the past hour
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1 year ago, MeganaxR
Workout history based on barcode scanning
Can you please add how many times one visited the gym based on the checkin (barcode scanning) ? I don’t want another app to where I have to remember to go and enter that I worked out. Basically not looking for the workout history but more of an automated tracking based on barcode scanning when you enter the gym.
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1 year ago, Patrick Arguello
Works Great
No performance issues with the app. Works great. I recently signed up and the barcode states that I am a basic member when I signed up for the VIP membership. It can cause confusion on both ends when trying to bring in a guest. Not sure if this is an issue with the app or the location.
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2 years ago, The Heinrich Maneuver
Needs Fixing. Unable to log In
Giving this a one star because I am unable to complete the registration process. I don’t even know what features this app offers. Registering as an existing member requires you input the member number on the fob, however, the app is unable to detect my number and I cannot create an account. As an existing member, It is important I should be able to register on the app. Hopefully they find can fix for this.
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2 years ago, jrdnmccllm
Add check in history feature
App works good. But the one thing it needs is a tracker for how many days of the month you go. LA fitness has a check in history that works great. Seems like the only way to do that is to add a workout or record a workout.
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2 years ago, Maroontails73
Can’t even log in
No one in my whole family can use this app and we’ve been trying for months. Every time we are asked to input our barcode numbers, we’re told that we’re not in the system. This is incredibly frustrating and seems to be common among existing members trying to use the app for the first time. Don’t waste your storage on this thing until this bug is fixed.
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2 years ago, Maxamilium
It doesn’t work!
Why change something for the worst? The app was fine and then were were told it was going to be better! This update was supposed to be fixed the week of feb 16 and still it doesn’t work. You can not see classes for any location selected! Some others are saying you are being told to pay extra for regular classes! Please fix this already🧐
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1 year ago, DanMcNeely
Apple Wallet Support Broken
I cannot add my membership to my Apple wallet. I talked to my local gym and they said that many customers have the same issue that it’s a problem with the app. Can you please fix the functionality so that I can add my barcode to my Apple wallet on the newest iPhone and the newest iOS. Thanks.
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1 year ago, jenn m
If you don’t absolutely need it don’t download
This app is the worst. There’s always something going on with it; classes won’t load or I can’t check in, the schedule for the next week won’t load. I would delete it but my gym requires us to register and check into class. It doesn’t seem like there’s a lot too the app so I don’t know what the problem is.
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2 years ago, Private oldie
Great app, once you get it
The app is easy to use and very handy. The only thing is that the staff should really install it for you because it's not intuitive! Once installed, it does what it's supposed to.
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11 months ago, KIKI20713
Can’t book classes for 3 years
I’ve re-downloaded this app several times over the past 3 years and I’ve NEVER been able to book a class using the app. What’s the point of having the feature if it NEVER works for THREE YEARS. all this money you get for trapping members into a contract and y’all can’t have a decent app??? Please fix it. This app is terrible.
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2 years ago, (Cod)
Needs big update
Worst app ever. When you go to pay your balance it charges your card and then says transaction declined but on you bank statement it says golds gym processing the amount you just paid. But on golds gym app says you didn’t pay anything.
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2 years ago, THEY CALL ME E
Don’t pay via mobile
This app is terrible for online payments. When you submit a payment it will charge several times for the same amount. You’ll have to keep calling the bank to challenge the additional charges which takes 10 business days to clear.
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5 months ago, Yas8989
Full of bugs/crashes/errors
It gets to an error every single time that i tried to sign up for a group class! I dont see a point to try more. Its been long that iv been using just to see the schedule and every single tome that i try to sign up it goes to an error page and did not let me do it. Its the most horrible app ov ever used.
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2 years ago, skuxy18
Key tag error
Seems like a known issue for months but still no patch. Have had two seperate key tags now both showing an error when trying to sign up to app. The scanner itself at the gym barely holds it together and the app is recommended but doesn’t work. If there’s a solution devs, please feel free to reply I’d love to get this thing working…
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2 years ago, helenhawaii65
So much better than a key tag
This is so much better than having a key tag! Love that I can add my barcode to my apple wallet
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2 years ago, MBbyy
Support person got all my errors resolved, and latest update fixed dark mode! ♥️🙏🏽
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11 months ago, Ahudson44
Can’t even log in
Been a Gold’s member for over 2 months now and cannot log into the app due to tech issues. I’ve received various error messages and emailed their Support team, but still haven’t been able to successfully log in even after being told the issue is fixed.
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2 years ago, Garen.SH
Love the app
I love the new update and it works perfectly after the last update fix
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10 months ago, Doc_Byrd
Needs major improvements
Can’t actually access your account. Should show if location is busy or not, what classes are available & be able to sign up through the app. Should also be able to pull up your membership agreement and email it.
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2 years ago, kdubwestern
Issue with black blocks and can’t read text
With this new update the app is not accessible. The color contrast of title text is minimal: so a dark grey or black font does not display on these blocks of black throughout the app. Before this update, I could book classes and read what class it was. Now I can’t even do that at all.
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2 years ago, JackiefromtheBlock
Apple Watch
The latest update states that there’s a companion for the Apple Watch, but I’m not seeing that at all. Not sure if it’s just me doing something wrong. Would give more stars if we can please get an Apple Watch app.
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1 year ago, RSL26in the 406
Ease of use 👎🏻 Intuitive process👎🏻 Function 👎🏻 I’ve seen more error messages than anything else . It’s really frustrating. It’s a platform that could be utilized at a much deeper level. My suggestion is to find a gym who has a working model and copy it . Hint / suggestion Lifetime Fitness has a killer platform
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2 years ago, FMA Fan7
Ways to improve the app:
- Make Widget so it’s easier is get in - Have a way so that we can know how busy it is at our selected gym - Concerning the protein bar, there should be a way to save our favorite drinks and power bowls
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2 years ago, Al in Los Angeles Downtown
Broken For Months
Won’t even find my membership number even though anyone in the phone can look it up within seconds. This app is an absolute trash bucket. Why would Gold’s allow its branding to be on this? Not wise. Meatheads should be lifting the weights, not running your business.
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7 months ago, SuperC5
Worse app ever
Constantly crashing, can’t sign up for classes, not that it matters one bit. When it worked for a brief a minute I liked it because at least they updated the classes and instructors on the app because they don’t do it on the website.
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11 months ago, OregonBillsFan
Yikes this app is a headache. Putting the dreadful login experience aside, a notification stays at the top of my Notification Center without an option to delete it. If it didn’t give an option to scan at the door, this app would be more of a burden than an anything.
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2 years ago, Aberfoyle Place
Does not work
I tried many many times. Contacted Golds gym, they told me to log out then log in again, but the app still doesn’t connect me. I’ve been a member for nearly 20 years. Now I can’t even see my class schedule, not to say about booking. What a disappointment.
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2 years ago, WannaRace?
One of the worst apps ever
It crashes trying to create an account. I created an account on the website but the website can’t even find my local gym without erroring out. So I go back into the app and try to connect barcode and it crashes the app.
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2 years ago, Mike Arevir
Apple wallet
The “Add to Apple Wallet” always returns a error “Barcode not added. Please try again later.” Works great now!
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5 months ago, M223456789ppp
Terrible Experience
I cannot log in into the app. I can log in into the website but when I try the app it says that my email or password are invalid. I have tried resetting the password from the app but I don’t get the reset email.
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2 years ago, (SniCkERzzZZ) =D
Doesn’t work
The app is slow and I can’t view my membership even after refreshing and closing the app several times.
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1 year ago, nosleep4christ
No. Option to book classes
No Option to book classes. There is only an option to add to calendar. There is no book now button. Unable to sign up for gym classes via the website as well.
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6 months ago, Veganmusicman
Keeps Crashing
Every time I go to check classes app crashes. Asked gym staff they laughed and said it wasn’t working. Really? Tried contacting customer support no reply. This is par for the course with gym. Things broken for weeks/months without fixing.
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6 months ago, bubblebutt2673947
Screen frozen
I kept the screen open trying to type my home gym for about 5 minutes and nothing worked. I exited the app and refreshed but nothing was assisting the issue. Unfortunate situation that should get fixed asap!
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2 years ago, k3lv1n's
Great app!
Adding the pass to wallet has been fixed!
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2 years ago, AwesomeOreo791
App does not work
App does not recognize password. Trying workaround, it won’t send me password reset link. Now it has locked me out for 10 minutes. I just want to sign up for a class. I hate this app. This is the worst app I have ever used.
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10 months ago, MeganAnne1993
This app is brutal as a group fitness participant. It appears that after 6pm, the app thinks there are no more classes for the day. If you have a 730pm class and login to register at 630pm “no classes left for the day!” As a software developer, this is literally a 3 line fix, fix it.
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