GoShare Driver: Earn Money

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GoShare Inc.
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6 months ago
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User Reviews for GoShare Driver: Earn Money

4.66 out of 5
6.2K Ratings
2 years ago, neleigyournala
Great company and service!!
I just started with GoShare this week and what a great week it’s been! I just retired from 3 decades of teaching and needed to stay productive and useful. I have had several great delivery experiences thus week. Customers are so grateful for my help and the feeling of helping is very fulfilling. GoShare is so easy to work with and for. Customer service is very responsive and very helpful. Payments have been quick and estimated job payments have been accurate. The only challenge is beating out the competition for jobs, since it’s first-come, first-serve. Got to be quick, responding to notifications! What an excellent system too! Using a smart phone, an app, and my truck to make money. My Apple Watch is also a very useful part of the technology. Thanks GoShare for providing these opportunities, for helping me make money and serve others, and for helping customers with their needs. It’s a Win, Win for All!! Sincerely, Alan G.
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6 years ago, Esmuti
Project requests don’t show on app.
Hello, I am a new driver for your company. I have the utmost desire to be part of this team and make money for everyone involved. Nonetheless, I am very frustrated with my experience so far. In the last 3 days I haven’t been able to get but 1 project. For some reason I am not getting requests to my app. I only receive emails which I reply with the word “accept”, but most times, nothing happens. I deleted the app and downloaded it again and it is the same thing. I borrowed a friends phone and downloaded the app on his phone and I was able then, through her phone, to accept the 1 job I have been able to do. I triple checked and my phone have push notifications activated. I don’t know what seems to be the problem, and I have only been able to communicate via text messages with your support team. Just right now I received an email with a project but nothing on the app! This is very frustrating! As of right now, I am in the negative with GoShare. I haven’t been able to even recuperate the cost of the background check. I will really appreciate some technical support with this app. I have friends that have trucks and were all waiting to see what was my experience, to see if it was worth it before they move forward or pay the background check. As of right now, my experience has been very frustrating and disappointing. Please, I need some technical support. Thanks in advance.
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2 years ago, MCole1981
Could be great… but
GoShare could be great if they were more reasonable and understanding as well as accommodating when the client changes the time, location or canceled. If you do any of that your charged $50 automatically without consenting but the likelihood of you getting reimbursed for your time due to a client or app mistake is not likely. Plus the customer service reps can be rude even in a moment or crisis. If you apply stay on top of your application status because it takes awhile then all of a sudden you’ll get a bunch of responses from different people asking for additional information. Stick with the main support/ driver email and not individuals. PS… I don’t I remember receiving any tips. My luck mine were being reallocated to the wife I don’t have alimony payments. Again… what wife!?!
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4 years ago, Highwayhank61
First assignment told me I wasn’t allowed to avoid toll roads I’ve been avoiding tolls for over 28 years and 3 million miles like they have a right to tell me how to drive which is my expense 2 days after the gig they told they couldn’t pay me because of some excuse even though they verified my account then they wanted my PayPal account so they could pay me ASAP my PayPal account was mysteriously locked after I gave them my email for it it’s 6 days since gig no pay starting to wonder if they are legit or a scam all the other apps I use pay me in 24 to 48 hours some pay same day customers pay with a credit card they already have their pay because I worked for them I put off working for 2 other companies and because they haven’t paid me I’m short on rent definitely not starting out on the right foot and still they have the nerve to ask me to continue doing gigs not this man until I get paid not to mention it was a 540 mile round trip that I have to pay for fuel and tolls up front and pay my way home so far not so good I hope it improves
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2 years ago, Murad 1973
The best company I have ever worked for
GoShare is the best company I have worked for by far. I have been with them since October 2020. They pay better than any delivery company I have worked for. The dispatchers are awesome and the customers are generous tippers. Most projects can be handled by one person. Buying a truck was the best decision I made in my life. It’s worth the investment since people always need someone to deliver their furnitures. GoShare is growing and expanding. One day, it will be the most popular and well known platform ever. Just do your part and be smart. Show up on time and communicate with the dispatchers. I’m planning to stay with GoShare as long as they exist. A+
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4 months ago, Teeeee S
GoShare is kinda ok but not doing well on the PAYMENT part. I drive with GoShare and my payment can never be tracked by me, the payment method is very ridiculous and it’s not transparent. Sometimes, some payments will be added together without indicating what project it was by adding project numbers, which makes it very difficult for me as a driver to track my payment as they are paid out to me. Some payments will be paid alone, sometimes payments will be paid randomly by picking one from the top and leave like 2 in the middle unpaid and one will also be paid from the bottom and this makes me lose track of my payments as a driver. This payment method is not transparent and it’s a very bad style because sometimes some of my payments are never even paid. GoShare should try to be more transparent concerning payment and make it trackable for drivers also. This will make everyone happy.
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10 months ago, Micahbd
Need some improvements.
I just started this a little over a week ago. I constantly see projects available but the start time is within 30 minutes of getting notified and I’m usually 40+ minutes away. So I would be late getting there if I accepted it. I wish you had no less than an hour to get to the location just in case you happen to be over 30 minutes away. I haven’t accepted a single project due to that issue alone. I also assumed there would consistently be projects available, when reality is it’s 1 or 2 every few hours. Which is fine, I just thought there would be more activity. It is a side hustle so I get notified a lot when I'm already at work and barely when I’m actually off. 🤷🏼‍♂️
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2 years ago, go share rex
One of the best platforms to work on
Go share is the best platforms by far you get paid for your mileage also tips from customers plus if you have a small sedan vehicle you can still join the platform as a helper or courier and make great money just be sure when you accept a job you be on time and if a emergency comes up be sure to reach out to customer service and explain your situation don’t matter what’s the situation at hand if not you will hit with a no show fee so longs you being responsible you shouldn’t have any problems with making great money I been with go share over a year now and I love it!!
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3 years ago, mr big stuff 56
Would have gave 5
Hey , this is a great company to make some extra cash with and meet great people . It’s a little more then what I thought at first . But , that’s because I was waiting for the punchline . My mistake . It’s as good as it says it is . Now to why I didn’t give 5 . It’s more my fault I think . Customer service is very thorough and on top of making sure the customer is getting a professional and on time driver. They make sure all is good . Just a tad impersonal when it’s comes to their drivers at least in my case . But , In the end it all turned out well . $$$$$ so no 5 stars til I get more work lol .
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7 months ago, Prpekan
App is horrible
Today was the first time using the app and it was not good experience. When I selects the order the app would clicking then it says there is error try later. But the order was still added to my batch. Then when I am at the merchant bringing up the order was taking so long to provide them with the information they where needing. In addition to the app Walmart stop accepting pick ups at 8pm. But on the app it stated until 10pm. I wasn’t able to pick up up two orders since they was not located on there device. Then I had two other orders one the wait was way over 1 hour and another that I wasn’t Able to pickup since it was 8pm that I arrived at the pick up location.
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2 years ago, gerardogera
I am a new driver to the GoShare platform, and even me having all notifications on, IPhone 13, app open all the time, when a good worth project comes up, I quickly press on it, but always before the 30 sec counter is over, the project is always taken a few seconds before my counter is zeroed.. Are there drivers with counters less than the 30 sec? How do I really get these projects that seems that always are taken by drivers with less seconds in their counter? How can I lower the time in my counter to be on the same fare situation? Thank you. Gerardo
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7 months ago, C0C0W00W00
$49 for a background check?
This app/company needs to take a look at its onboarding process. They will expect you to pay $49 for a background check ($150 if you live in NY) as the second step in the onboarding. I can get my own background check done for free that meets all state and federal requirements. Any company that requires you to pay for your own background check, whether you’re an independent contractor or not, should be approached with caution. It makes no sense to require an out of pocket expense from someone when they don’t even know if they’ll have available projects in their area. If you’re looking to make some extra cash, I’d advise not moving forward with this one — at least not until they waive the background check fee.
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3 years ago, vegastim13
Do not recommend
As you can see from other reviews there’s a lot of stupid requirements because of “their insurance”. Beyond that though.. - I’m not wasting time and money getting my brand new vehicle inspected. - I’m not spending $45 (or $150 if you’ve ever lived in NY for some reason) for you to do a background check. That’s a cost of doing business that should fall on the company, definitely not the contractor. No other app or company has ever asked me to pay for a background fee. - They charge a cancellation fee to drivers ranging from $10-50. How ridiculous. Their video tries to explain how it is not a punishment but there’s no going around it. Your parent/spouse/child suddenly in the hospital? Pay up. You get in a car accident? Pay up. - To move on with the onboarding process you half to watch a HALF HOUR LONG video that explains nothing but common sense, and about 7 minutes explaining the clumsy flow of this app. AND THEN you have to answer a 41, forty one, question quiz on the video. It’s easier to sign up to deliver people (which doesn’t say anything good about uber or Lyft either 😂) There’s better apps and services to use. I will not be recommending this company to customers or other gig economists.
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2 years ago, matttttty815
It’s not right
It’s not right how 3 guys get every single job in Boston once in a while one slips threw the cracks. If my phone is in my pocket I don’t have a chance that is insane I’ve been in this business for 20 years and it’s not right. We are all here to make money but how can I if a job is gone as soon as I click on it. It’s so disrespectful to all the drivers . One time I was in the store when a order came in and guess what I could not get it this also makes no sense. Frist come frist works in a grocery store at a deli counter not on deliveries
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1 year ago, KINGJRA6
Stay away
It works like a regular company who use apps to make money , yes is true you are you own “boss” I strong recommend it if you guys work with this company to RECORD all your projects -Why ? , because is customers who really like to take advance of the system and make a report that you (driver) scratch the walls or the floors to get some credit for the “damage” , that means they pay less for what supposed to. GoShare don’t care about the version you have and they CHARGE YOU the “damage” . That’s why is required to have a credit card on file when you submit the application to work for then. That’s my story with this guys , they charge me to my credit card for something I never did it and 2 years later COLLECTION company’s star calling me to say I OWN MONEY for a “damage” project. BE CAREFUL !!
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6 years ago, ShawnChrome
App fails to display date/time for jobs. Repeatedly reported issue
I have been driving for the company for approximately two years. Though I love the extra money and the work and fully support the program, I am now unable to responsibly accept any new jobs. For over a year, my app has stopped displaying the date/time for jobs. I just recently found out (from the customer service) that I am not the only one with this issue. My previous work-around was quickly swapping to my email to check the date/time of the job, but the company recently updated their email format and removed the date/time. Now, I have no way of accepting a job without blindly hoping that I will be available. As a military member, I cannot simply up and leave my day job on a whim, so I carefully select which jobs I accept. I would love to continue to do this work, but I’m at a stand-still and can’t participate until this glitch is resolved. I have reached out to customer service no less than three times over the years; only on the most recent attempt did they admit that the problem expanded beyond me alone. For the record and tech support purposes I’m on an iPhone 7 Plus with the latest iOS installed.
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2 months ago, Mr Mirjani
They will rob your money!
Definitely when you are in very hard time and you try to find a job for yourself you apply for this company too, but they say you must pay $49 for background check and it’s not refundable, after that they make everything super hard for you to get to the point ,how after two weeks when they waste your time for background check, you can find out they didn’t verify your information because they said ,because we have lots of driver application we need eight weeks to verify your account. You know what! they make money from you not from the job. They are not honest with you. They never let you know. They have lots of driver application until you pay $49 then they surprise you with eight weeks
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2 months ago, Sonny42024
First time
I was offered an opportunity to be a helper so figured it’ll be good to finally get my feet wet after being a member of the GoShare platform for several months. I had a great experience overall. As the other driver, “Julio” pulled up, I helped him load the furniture into his vehicle and followed him to the customer’s home. We got there, unloaded and the task was complete. I thanked the customer for her business. Since it’s my first time, Julio assisted me with closing out the job on the app. Thank you Julio! Again, great experience overall!
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4 years ago, drm9188
I’ve had a terrible experience over all and had nothing but problems and literally zero customer or driver support. I drove for over an hour to get to a job that didn’t even have a real address or anything and the only way to get to support to find out what to do is to cancel the job and screw over the people waiting on you and also lose the work and money you put in and then try (key word is try) to reach them only to get a voice mail service asking you to leave a message that is promptly ignored. To make things worse they also put all responsibility and liability on the drivers that they are ignoring and sending out to imaginary gigs. Stay away from this app I’m sure there are much better ones out there.
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5 years ago, DaRock88
GoShare, best of the “Gig Jobs”!
I’ve been with GoShare for approximately (1) month. I was the first independent driver to come on board with the program in Antelope CA. Work was slow in the beginning but it has gradually picked up. I’ve completed (2) jobs but have had multiple ones slip by or sometime rejected. The platform is easy to use. You have to be quick sometimes when accepting a job or someone else will grab it🤨. Had an issue with pay but once I contacted GoShare , it was dealt with quickly! I’m making about $40 on a job but it’s a start and I’m loving!😊
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4 years ago, bdfjwhhdc
Jobs not being vetted correctly.
GoShare needs to verify exactly what the customer wants before putting up the job. Example I saw a job that the customer wants you to pick up something from their house, take it to a warehouse and then return another item back to the customers home. That is 2 jobs! Who is responsible for this? There also need to be a point of contact within the job for drivers to communicate with
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11 months ago, hhanyhhab
Waste of time
I got a request as a helper I accept it I drive 8 miles from my location. I have arrived at the job location waiting for 20 minutes and then they tell me project has been canceled and I text to them. I told them if I cancel project I get paid 50 as fee cancellation and if you were at time of my clock 40 minutes plus gas, I got nothing so I told him the story they tell me they will beat me $10 liar day does not pay me penny they very very happy to charge you $50 cancellation fee but they cannot give you $.50 for one hours west of time I talk to them even the manager he confirmed they will pay $10 for me. I got nothing all play. And I hope if someone see the views, you know who I am without, thank you
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2 years ago, livjack2011
I am in the Denver metro area. So plentiful population. Since I was approved 6 days ago I have gotten a request for 1 job in the middle of the night. By the time I saw the alert it had been taken. I think that it’s highly unethical to take money from people for a background check if there isn’t enough work. I understand that this is better as a part time gig but there’s a big difference between part time and totally dead. GoShare should NOT allow more drivers to sign up in areas where they know it isn’t busy. I wanted to get my money back for the background check and a representative said I couldn’t. I just think it’s really messed up to advertise $30-40/hr when in reality it is nothing because there’s no work.
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2 years ago, PT977
One of the lowest gig pay
I signed up two months ago and still have seen an offer that worth my time. I accepted one helper offer and when arrived the location at Costco, the customer said that no need for helper, the cargo van driver can do both jobs. I contacted the GoShare support, they contacted the customer and said the customer canceled the helper offer but I will be paid $15 since I came back the location. A month later, I haven’t receive the $15 payment and I didn’t bother. No offers available in my town though I saw several offers where the drop off is in my town. The pickup location is 17 miles and the total pay is about $24, total of 34 miles; not with it my time.
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2 years ago, Chippy1250
Not worth it
Went through the whole process of signing up and spending all the time to get a vehicle inspection and background check just to get signed on and literally see any jobs pop up here. I signed up with the expectation that there would be more than one job that every so often. The jobs that do pop up are way out of your way. Being that I signed up with my pickup truck most of these jobs aren’t worth driving almost an hour to pick up the stuff to deliver it almost another hour away. You spend more gas and if you don’t jump on the jobs quick it’s not even worth it. Thought this would be a great opportunity to make extra money with my truck.
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2 years ago, puro247
Review to end all
Pros You might make some money On demand Cancellation fee (although it’s sometimes doesn’t cover gas money) Cons There countdown system for projects where you are competing against bots and other contractors. If you have weak cell service forget about it They don’t have same day pay like most apps ( this is a big deal especially considering they get the money from their vendors usually the same day or the day after They charge you for canceling even if it’s within 10 minutes of selecting a job and you accidentally accepted it and it’s like 20-30 dollars If you get cancelled on they paid you a fee which is really nothing at times and they don’t show it in your earnings. Which can throw off your accounting You never know how much money they owe you. They simply show you how much you’ve already been paid. All the while all the jobs will show as paid. It’s very confusing.
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2 months ago, rchgoepp
Don't Do it
The amount of money you pay just to get on the platform. Inspection fee and expensive background check. The offers that they give you are just trash. 47 miles for $30 using your time and your gas, all I see is drivers keep getting cut in pay. Not worth the money they require to spend upfront just to make better money door dashing.
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5 years ago, michaelzxq
Brand new vehicle
It’s a decent side hassle job. I think sometimes bureaucracy kills. I just upgraded my 2016 Silverado 1500 to a brand new 2019 Silverado HD and I informed them for the change . All of sudden I was informed that my account is deactivated due lack of documentation for the new vehicle. One of the missing item is inspection receipt and form. This is a brand new truck with a valid inspection sticker on the windshield valid for 4 years. I do not understand the “NEED” to do another inspection. IMHO this is bureaucracy and makes driver to rethink if they should upgrade their trucks and got penalized for have a newer vehicle and being honest telling them so.
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1 year ago, Alexmia305
Great Company from I have heard … Terrible Job Notifications system
I have email support multiple times and they send me the same generic email saying to do certain tasks like making sure the Notifications are on , delete and reinstall the App, too many complaints in the Facebook Group about these same issues. Is there anybody that can reach to me for help … Please a human being not a system generated email would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
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2 years ago, guitarzan_03
Could be good
So far, I’ve found GoShare to be a pretty good way to lose money and time. The orders are so sparse, I can’t make any plan or schedule and the few orders I do get are so far away from my starting point, I lose money in time and fuel just getting to the pickup location. If you accept a helper job and there’s no main driver, they will reschedule the pickup for a different time, even though you just spent an hour driving to the location. If you accept a job and have to reschedule for bad weather, they charge you a $20 fee. It could be a good way to earn money. It just isn’t.
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2 years ago, user147382
Not a full time job
Don’t try to work for go share it’s not possible. Every time I get a notification for a job I click it, and before it even lets me view the job, someone else has accepted or taken it. Not a good outline for a company, and no regulation on people who are making the hire. For instance I got hired on for truck only, and the guy thought it meant labor and the truck. So they need to figure out when the customer is making the order, to have both options available, driver only, or driver with helper.
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6 months ago, 4Press10
Seems have the potential to esrn
Id Had my truck dealerships , while in the on boarding process for set up with GoShare! Only been able to look at jobs came through the goshare app like take up Lowe’s & many other delivery install from shopping /depot’s home deliveries ect. end of today when got my truck out of dealer ship so will see -very Interested in start FT its middle of holiday season plans for tomorrow . App looks to show some real potential i cant wait find out tomorrow! Will follow-up with a review !
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2 years ago, MSV Transport LLC
This is one of a kind!
I started working with GoShare a week ago, thanks to my family friend, that told me about this app. I had my truck park at the house while I was doing Uber on my SUV. I couldn’t believe how busy and professional this app runs. So far I did 6 trips. And the only thing I can say, is that I’m very happy with this app. The Dispatch are totally awesome and very helpful. Now I drive my truck all day lol.
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5 years ago, Funkensteiner
Customer support not helping
Hello, I downloaded the app and tried to applied for being a driver. Something went wrong the first time, so I went online and started online chat. They told me I’m a customer but not a driver. We agreed to delete my account so I can start over again. Nothing works, went back to the online chat, were the second person told me there was never a chat in the first place. Long story short ended up like the first time. Applying process is super annoying, no support at all. I’m very disappointed in this app. Tried to download the app multiple times nothing has changed. Tried it over the web page, seems to be worse.
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8 months ago, ogb711
Best gig. App
If you are a retailer or a driver and you have not started using Goshare, I think you are missing out big time. I have been in Gig delivery, same day delivery last miles delivery, independent contractors for the past 10year . I must tell you that Goshare is the best among all. Goshare has changed my life for good. I want you to use Goshare for your same day delivery. Highly recommended.
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6 months ago, DannyDeez39
Couldn’t login
I had high hopes. I got cleared for my background check after paying the $49 by the following day. Then that morning they charged an additional $95 to my card. So I decided I would contact support. It didn’t take long to realize there is no support, I emailed and called with no response. So, I’m unable to make any contact with anyone with the company. Long story short I had to contact my credit card customer service to file a claim against the app for fraudulent charges. It’s seems as though I won’t be working with this company after this mishap.
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3 years ago, benben0007
App just doesn’t work!
I’ve been a driver for 3 months and have only been “lucky” enough to secure two jobs. Why you ask, because the app does not work. When you get a new job request, it gives you 40 seconds to review it. After the 40 seconds you hit “accept job” and it says sorry someone has taken this job. Horrible process! When you contact customer service they say. You probably have an old phone or it’s outdated. Both are false, I have the newest iPhone and it’s fully updated. I would love to hear what the developer is going to say about this!
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1 year ago, SuperJoel79
Great first run!
Had some tires to deliver. It wasn’t far away and didn’t take long. The only thing I would mention is, I took a picture of the invoice, and then I was going to take a picture of the tires, but I hit the wrong button and submitted the one picture of the invoice and it wouldn’t let me go back and submit the pictures of the tires.
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5 years ago, Lovin it cool star wars game
Happy Cinco De Mayo Folks!
So if you don’t have a REAL JOB already do not Rely on having this “APP” as steady income. Matter of fact keep track of your payments received from the projects accepted they’ll try to pull a fast one on you. GoShare will pay out to Delivery Professional(s) at least 80% of the Authorized Amount collected from the customer at the time of booking. Not true they only give 50%! So be careful. But hey! Happy 5 De Mayo! Arriba Arriba
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11 months ago, Side piece kid
App pays 3-4 days later In 757 area jobs aren’t very consistent Cancellations result in fee If you complete both sides of a two person job you will not be paid out the respective payment All together you can make a couple hundred on this app but the mile age for the payments as well as the pay schedule not driver support is very supportive.
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5 years ago, sureeeeeeeeeeeeeer
Been at this for 2 months sending and resending same info, finally got email approval. Went to app nothing spent over an hour with customer service installing, deleting, reinstalling. Nothing nobody can figure out why app doesn’t work on my iPhone 8plus. I have over 5 different driver apps I use daily, no problems. About to just give up on this app and take the $45 hit. I’ve spent countless hours with chatline and several email to customer service here I am 2 months later and still waiting to actually do one single job. Get emails with jobs that I cannot accept or see. Good job guys
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5 years ago, joelipos
Bad costumer service
Very bad costumer service, they act polite answering your concerns but do nothing to solve it. Keep pushing you around until you give up. This company seems very shady, I’m consulting my attorney now to see what we can do about it. I’ve been a driver and a costumer and had problems in both ends, wondering if they’re following the real law. Or if they have their own law. My friend who’s a driver told me he hasn’t been paid few rides for over 6months. Also he said he had an accident and they charged the costs all on him. So be careful drivers, or they may make you pay for a costumers appliances on your own.
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2 years ago, big wiilly
Payment system
I’m ordering another way that you guys pay out like waiting per week to pay once a week so that the payments can be bundled in the past can be larger so people can pay their bills those payments come out to separate it’s like you’re not making money really
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2 years ago, Yallkno JAYMOND
Awesome app
I was about to write a review saying the only problem was the app don’t let you select more than one job at a time but, soon as I was about to write it another job came thru and I was able to select both jobs lol. Awesome app!!! Just wish they had consistent work thru out the day in my area..
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1 year ago, Alan Els
If you want to waste your time do it
When I went to the first project the store told me someone picked it up already. 2nd project was way much worse, I was a helper I arrived at the store on time, the other guy arrived 20min late then I had to wait for another 45 min for the store to bring the order (2slide doors) in the app it says 50lb or less in reality no less than 200lb. Doors didn't fit his cargo truck only one door so we had to make it 2way. 30 min project took 85 min pay is $36 they didn't count the time I lost, forget about customer support
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2 years ago, Luke-duke01
Too many drivers
It is crammed packed full of drivers to competitive and they do not give a viable time for one person reasonable time to accept a gig. First gig was a wrong order removed and couldn’t be replaced with me customer service is not desirable as other apps have the ability to put work orders back on you when they mess up the order. Pay seems to be good But it is definitely lacking in time of response for one person to get a gig. It is severely congested with drivers.
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2 years ago, memeMike415
Scam. Don’t sign up. You pay and get scammed
Basically it takes about 3 weeks to sign up with them, staff is nice but extremely slow. After I signed up and paid ($45 to sign up yes, they make you pay after you submit everything 3 weeks later so you feel defeated and pay anyways) after all that and taking my money then they show you the jobs for you ( ZeRO jobs zip nada ) so basically a scam to get you signed up pay them $45 and laugh at you with all your data and information for them to sell later.
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4 years ago, LeeHarden
No work
I’ve became a GoShare driver earlier this week and I have yet to see any projects that I can take there haven’t been any work for a few days now I’m starting to wonder is there any work in the Chicago land area for me or is there something I’m doing wrong for me not to see any projects!
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2 years ago, Hot Shot Logistics llc.
First cargo pick up
First cargo pick up was an absolute disaster. Received the request, accepted it, got to the job early no one at the Lowes pickup point had any idea where the cargo was, the control number given on the app did not work, the customers phone number given was disconnected, and customer services ultimately canceled the job after being here for 30 minutes! Huge waste of time, the load board needs to better vet their customers for drivers so as to not waste their time!!!!
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6 months ago, Kayo336boi
It went down the drain
Used to pay really well and had A+ customer service. Now, the offers pay lower than almost any other delivery app. I’ve seen orders where they expect you to drive 30 miles, delivering 8 tires for $16! Need to cancel a gig? They’ll charge you. (No other app does that) If the supplier cancels the gig? They won’t pay you. I’ve driven with them for over a year and even hit their leader board a few times, but it is officially time for me to delete them.
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