Gymondo: Fitness & Yoga

Health & Fitness
4.7 (879)
98.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Gymondo: Fitness & Yoga

4.66 out of 5
879 Ratings
3 months ago, Poboomot
The only exercise I don’t hate doing!
This app is awesome and honestly the subscription feels like a steal for everything I get. Gymondo has tons of different workouts and makes it easy to stay motivated. I have a hard time making time for workouts, but the app lets me select my workout length and I have tons of options for different workouts. I’ve taken boxing, yoga, pilates, dance, stretching, and strength classes. I get to like certain workouts which makes it really easy to find them again so I don't lose motivation just trying to decide on a workout. The instructors are really great. I’ve also tried a few of the recipes offered and they were all good. I love that there is an option to add the ingredients from the meals into an easy shopping list. Meal planning isn't something I really need this app for but if I did, this is a tool I would definitely use.
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4 years ago, Canadian_inUSA
First thing that has worked
This workout program is the first thing that has worked for me. I signed up with low expectations because I’ve tried many other things in the past and always seem to give up after a few weeks. I have now been using the app pretty regularly for over two months and am still going strong. I’ve definitely noticed an improvement in my strength and toning and overall am just happier in general. When people ask me what has changed I tell them all about this app. I think the reasons this works so well for me is that I can do the workouts just about anywhere at anytime and all of them are no more than 30mins. Even when I’m not in the mood I can convince myself to commit to 30mins and am happy I did every time. Thank you Gymondo!
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4 years ago, Alex Smitha
Gymondo is easy to use and effective
Finally. A fitness program with just the right amount of bells a whistles. The app integrates with my FireStick and I can do my workouts from the app or the TV. Simple, straightforward, workout plans that you can adjust as you go. I also love that I can choose other workouts from the library if I’m feeling like something different. Lastly, it’s affordable. I refuse to pay $30+ a month for an app. Gymondo fits my budget and my needs. 10/10 would recommend!
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4 years ago, m_e_ball
Not like other workouts
I have never been good at keeping at working out. I forget to do it. I say I’ll do it tomorrow, and I never do. This app has quick, fun, easy workouts for anyone. I have been doing the Labrant Fit and a mobility workout and I couldn’t feel better. I actually want to do my workout because Cole and Sav are so fun and relatable. I definitely recommend this app for someone looking to get in shape and stay motivated.
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3 years ago, littlespols
Skeevey customer service
Workouts are fine. Didn't end up working for me long term to work out online. Skeevy customer service. I had bought an annual membership a year ago, stopped using after a month or two. Last week I see on my bank statement that the membership auto-renewed. I received no notice it would renew (I checked my email and spam). I cancelled the same day, and they would not refund the money. They just keep saying they always notify 3 days ahead of time. THEY DIDN'T. Such a scammy move to make someone pay a year's worth of something they won't use.
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2 years ago, villagefun
Will not fix time zone
I open the app to see what my workout for the day is- it’s a 29 minute toning. I get a couple of errands done, walk the dog for a warmup, then open the app and magically it’s now my “day off”. I’ve put in the app that I’m on Pacific Standard Time, but for whatever reason when’s it’s the next day in Europe it counts for my app here. Such a easy thing to fix, but these clowns won’t put in the effort. As far as the workouts go? Some of them are pretty good, but I’m not super impressed with the results despite using it for a few months. I think I’ll use another app next year.
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4 years ago, Pattie_bikinibottom
Like having a personal trainer
I hardly write app reviews but this app is well worth it. You can get a workout program based on your body goals and there is the flexibility to try other workouts. The trainers are fun and amazing. My body is getting more toned than when I was going to the gym. It’s a worthy investment. Edited: I noticed a bug, so I’m dropping my rating (from 5 to 4).You cannot see the details of an active program when you are looking through all the programs.
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1 year ago, LCS1381
Not Secure per Google
I created an account online using my google credentials as offered. Go to the app to login and I can’t because google doesn’t trust their security. Guess I have to create a new account and set up billing again and cancel the google account so I don’t get double billed if I want to use the app. Not a great first impression, especially when there are plenty of competitors out there. Edit in response to developer below: I have two factor authentication setup, it did not allow me to progress. I cancelled my membership so as to not be charged.
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4 years ago, ashley bruggs
I love the motivation throughout the workouts and the variety of different full body workouts they have are amazing. Has me getting really sweaty every time. I also have tried a lot of the recipes on here and they were delicious and healthy. Love, love, love this app and will never use a different one.
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4 years ago, G-Unfitbutmotivated
Great Workout and Modifiable!!
I love this app already. The workouts are hard enough to make you sweat, but they also give you ways to modify the sets for people like me who haven’t worked out in a good while! I also love that they’re intense but only 20 minutes. It makes it harder for me to want to give up.
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4 years ago, Elllie93
The best
I’m a new mom and I’m 6 months post partum now and have been having a hard time getting some of the extra pounds off. I don’t know what I would do without this program! This is great and also affordable so thank you for making it affordable and possible to get help to get in shape!
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4 years ago, eimajlynn22
Terrible customer service
I attempted to cancel before my free trial was up and haven’t gotten any response from customer service about it except the automated messages. Then I was charged $85 because No one could help me out with canceling the free trial in time. You would think it would be on the app to cancel at any time, but I have tried multiple times and haven’t received any support. I don’t care about any reviews about how good the workouts are. If you don’t have good customer service, your product isn’t worth it.
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4 years ago, yuyuiouiyuio
I tried a lot of other apps that u have to exercise but none where working but this app is amazing if anyone is thinking they should get this app u should it makes me feel so confident about my body and how I look and I only started this program because of savannah and Cole but I am loving this app
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4 years ago, laurkussee
Loving it!!
Just started this workout program with my husband yesterday because of Savannah and Cole and we are loving their program! It is totally kicking our butts but is still doable for beginners like us!! Can’t wait to finish this program and mo e on to the other ones available on the app!
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4 years ago, Jo viewer
Definitely worth it!!
i love this app!! I never write reviews but this review has to be seen. This app is amazing the videos are so motivational and the girl is super nice! I’ve only had this app since yesterday but i am starting to get more confident in my body and feeling very great of myself. Thank you!!
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3 years ago, James151
Great app, minor bug
I’ve had this app for a couple months now and love the workouts. The programs are great for keeping me on track. The only drawback is a bug where the in-app music sometimes fails to play and the video is left with people awkwardly working out in silence. The on switch for Gymondo music displays as **Gymondo_music_on**.
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4 years ago, J.O. 61
I love that the material is fresh and tailored to my specific needs. I have yet to find anything like this! All the virtual programs I’ve tried are redundant simply the music is changed. After the Covid pandemic has past I doubt I’ll return to the gym.
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4 years ago, #englishisfun
Great Workouts!!!
I’ve tried other apps and while they usually let you get a few days days free, Gymondo is free, unless you want to upgrade. It’s workouts are challenging, it’s very encouraging, and I’ve liked all the instructors so far.
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4 years ago, Ailyne11
Don’t sign up
I wanted to try it out to see what it was about. After having it for almost a month I realized I had only used it about three times. So I decided to cancel. I have reached out various times in the past few days about cancelling. All I get is an automated response that they’re working on the issue and will get back to me within the next 24 hours. They have not. I am trying to cancel before the next billing period.
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4 years ago, yesssiiii42
Lo mejor the best
I am Colombia girl I see gymondo for Andrea I did not know anything about exercise, then I finished the program with her and started another and I am doing very well I have lost weight and toned Thank you, and also has incredible recipes
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1 year ago, ReggineDorsey
Won’t let me sign in
I have deleted and re-downloaded this app over 10 times every time I sign into it with my Apple ID. It takes me back to the home screen, but in a different language. When I still proceed to sign in with my Apple ID it just keeps taking me back to the home screen to login 😑😑😑 I paid for a yearly subscription and I can’t get into the app because it signed me out
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4 years ago, Macykid
I love this app. I wasn’t expecting much when I got it but the workouts really workout. I love the fact they give you healthy recipes and diet plans. I recommend this to anyone who wants results fast.
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4 years ago, lovehaterelations
Good and shows results
I think this is an awesome app it pushed me to my extent and even made me go farther the downside is there is only 2 lessons u can do for free and you barely see results but they are there why not increase the lessons
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4 years ago, slokken98
I’ve tried many different apps and they are all way more than I want to pay. And this app and the programs in it was perfect for me! Love the pay and the variety of workouts!
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2 years ago, Vgtaleo
They committed FRAUD by charging me quietly for a whole year of membership renewal without sending me any communication, notification or reminder in advance. Also, no communication was sent after my credit card was charged. I just accidentally found out that I was charged for a whole year. Looks like that’s the way they make money in their business. Please AVOID them!
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4 years ago, KaylaL1115
In love!!!
I absolutely love this app! Has so many different workouts. I do a workout 3 times a week and do yoga on the off days. It’s works so well for me. Short workouts which is ideal for a mom of two under 3 :)
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4 years ago, April violet
Amazing professional workouts!
This app is great whatever way you choose to use it! With or without premium works totally fine. I use it almost everyday!
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4 years ago, AshleyLmB
False advertisement
The trick is you pay for the entire subscription up front! The free workouts are great because there are videos showing you what to do however there is no nutrition plan fit for your specific needs, so basically you pay $50 to get the SAME videos that you can get for free. This was a total waste of money and discouragement. I advise you to only use the app for the free workouts.
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4 years ago, avinc28
Love It!
The workouts are customizable, love the vegetarian meal plans, and not having to think about monthly charges! Cheaper than a gym membership and I can do it from the comfort of my own home.
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4 years ago, Jolie BC
Not fair
Everything good in this app you have to pay for, and when you finally find something free after you do it you can’t do it again without paying for it, you are better off looking up exercises online, you know where you don’t have to pay for everything you touch.
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4 years ago, Sue*8*7
Great workouts!
I love this workout group so much! It’s helped me stay upbeat during quarantine and fit too. Sara Lynn is my fav instructor. I would highly recommend this app to anyone☺️
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4 years ago, Angi.e_P
Actually Works
Day three and my stomach is looking a bit flatter 😘 . I’m in the getting toned program and it feels good to be active and do meditation and yoga . Fast results .
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4 years ago, Kanderson510
Something easy to follow and doesn’t take a huge chunk out of my day. I think this is something I can actually stick to.
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4 years ago, fittnes rules
Best place to workout
This app is changing my life and everyday I’m sweating and that’s really good and labrant fam made a video of this and I thank them for showing people this app have a nice day😄😄👍🏻
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3 years ago, yoktb
0/10 recommend
App content gets 2 stars and the customer service gets 1 star. I canceled my membership 6 months ago and now they’re charging me $83 and telling me I didn’t cancel my membership and the only way to cancel now is to pay the $83. Ridiculous. The videos lag and the workouts aren’t that great.
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4 years ago, Omlthisismaddiii
I love working out now!!!
If you dislike working out try this!! I’m doing to labrantfit and I feel soo amazing and love pushing myself now. It’s so beginner friendly
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4 years ago, devtron25
There is no customer service. If something happens, you need to reach someone, needs to talk to someone about a refund, have any type of issue etc- there is no customer service number. You have to send a message - outside of your account, (you have to send a message from the website). They will not get back to you.
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4 years ago, AlyNicBur
Charged full subscription fee when signing up for free trial
I tried to sign up for the free trial for this app after doing a couple of the free workouts. I was instead charged the full $75 (which I cannot afford right now) and am now having to jump through hoops and am being passed to multiple people just to cancel my subscription.
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4 years ago, thugga_pj
Great App
After each work out I feel amazing and so far the workout are evenly balanced between challenging and effective.
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7 months ago, OhRatsChelle
This has been the most frustrating experience I’ve had in a long time. I cannot change the app language to English. I don’t speak or read German. I figured out how to change it on the website, but not the app. Now I’m off to delete the app.
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4 years ago, RiRiunipuppy
I haven’t found an app better than this my dad even said he was going to get it
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4 years ago, chapina14313
Love it
Love the work out really does make burn and from home at my own time. Helped me a lot :)
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4 years ago, weston:/
Loved it
Love this app using it in quarantine for weeks it’s so better than my trainees and it’s way cheaper
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4 years ago, cxfftrrrdrzrdf
Love it
This app seriously gave me motivation and I am starting to love my body because of it. This is by far my favorite app.💖💕💖💕💖💕💕💖💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💖💖💖
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4 years ago, Brenna69
No customer service
I have been trying to cancel this subscription for weeks, even before my 14 day trial was up. I could find no way to cancel and can’t find any phone number to call. They will only respond through an email. Do not subscribe.
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3 years ago, Bierley18
Bad customer service
I went on the app and canceled my subscription months ago and apparently it didn’t cancel. I was now charged 85 dollars for an app that I can’t even use due to being high risk pregnancy and they refuse to give me a refund!
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4 years ago, ukalahy
Helps u pick workouts specifically for u!!! 10/10
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2 years ago, Dfiefhj
Worthless company.
Canceled my subscription 1 year ago and they just charged me my “annual fee” again for $83 and so I called and sent proof of cancellation and still won’t give me my refund for the subscription I canceled a year ago.
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4 years ago, Madilynn3nan
Great app!!!
I used this workout app to get ready for track season.
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4 years ago, Sukceso
Age limit
Hi, While downloading this app, it is written +4 for age limit, But after getting the app and registration and setting the proper program, at latest step the app doesn’t accept you as a member unless you are 16 years old. The app was offered to me by my older friend.
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