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User Reviews for Gympass

4.56 out of 5
6K Ratings
6 years ago, Donkatsu1
The best bang for your buck! Game changer
This app is amazing! Getting access to hundreds of gyms for $10/mo can’t be beat. No contracts and month to month. I’ve tried ClassPass but it was too pricey and limited the number of times I could go to classes. I’ve been an avid gym goer for most of my life and always had a regular gym membership ($90/mo) but I started to get bored of the same old routine. Love how I can try different things that are close to me. I haven’t heard about Gympass before but my company just started to offer it. So glad they did. It has to be one of my favorite things now!
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1 year ago, SamCadia
Too many app ads, price increase after 1 month, we’ll see
While I like the concept, not sure about long term membership with GymPass. Responses to reviews keep mentioning overall wellness, etc. I’d bet most people are paying for GymPass for just that, passes to a variety of gyms. Focus on making that the best it can be. There are a zillion other “wellness” apps that are free or a whole lot cheaper with better functionality (ie the Peloton app at $14/month). And if the price continues to go up I’ll go back to my old gym membership, add a $25 Planet Fitness black card membership for when I travel, and it will be cheaper while also supporting my local independent gym, so win win. The algorithm and forced location access should better manage what members see on the app Home Screen. I do not want to see list of virtual trainings or pushing one on one training with trainers that are located in NY when I’m in RI. It takes multiple steps to actually see gym I’m at then get to check in screen, which is annoying. Information about one check in, how to sign up for classes, etc. is time consuming and difficult to find. 3/4 of the time I have to call and ask the process or sign up for a class, which is a pain for me and probably for the facility. I also keep getting messages to reactivate my Gympass, when my membership is paid (was actually charged twice this month), so stop!
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2 years ago, Emma Claire Barnes
Multiple Issues
While I do love all of the options on the app, I am repeatedly frustrated by the lack of transparency about monthly/weekly check in limits for certain gyms. My favorite gym on the app moved up a tier in the same month that Gympass made a huge price increase on all memberships, AND a weekly check in limit was added to the gym I like as well. So I am now paying more than double and I have even less access to that gym. At another gym I use, there is now a monthly check-in limit that I was never notified about, and I still am unable to get any answers on what that limit actually is. This information needs to be clearly communicated on each gyms’ homepage. Additionally, there are always issues with the functionality of check-ins. I’ll arrive at a class and the app will glitch and I am unable to check in. Then I’ll get an email saying I missed a class that I actually attended and have to go through the process of contacting customer service to send proof that I attended to avoid a no show charge. There needs to be some sort of interface between gyms and gympass so that they can validated whether you showed up. It is super frustrating that I have to reconcile my check ins each month because without fail the app will not work when I try to check in at least once a week.
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4 years ago, jrob0518
Dissatisfying at Best
If it seems to good to be true it probably is. Unfortunately, I bought into the idea if Gympass believing that it might be better than its rival ClassPass. I was terribly wrong. Not only are both the app and desktop versions of Gympass laughable and frustrating to use, they simply don’t work. The customer service is appalling. I have yet to be able to book classes with the studios I would like to frequent due to Gympass errors. I haven’t even attempted to book a class with SoulCycle via Gympass because of how awful the process has been for my friends. There is no excuse for a reputable company to be using GOOGLE FORMS to book classes when they studio they are servicing (SoulCycle) has such a wonderfully user friendly app. They then tell you to wait a couple of days to here back on getting the classes book. You then never hear from the customer service department so you then have to get on their highly flawed chat system on the Gympass website to attempt to get your classes manually booked. Once you get to the studio you are then treated as a second class citizen for using Gympass. For 200 a month I expected this to be the Rolls Royce of fitness apps and instead I received a Yugo. Such a waste of money.
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3 years ago, tiny-sheep
Inconsistent behavior
Just want to start out by saying I love the Gympass service. However lately I’ve had issues with booking some of my favorite classes. It seems like the different scheduling integrations are a little buggy and don’t consistently update or show the correct schedule. For example my favorite yoga studio switched from MindBody to Glofox for scheduling, both of which Gympass has integrations for. Since the switch I’ve been unable to consistently sign up for classes. Another issue is that Gympass seems to largely outsource customer service to their gym partners, which makes sense but is also massively frustrating from a user experience perspective as I am left waiting to hear back from different gyms about whether my issue is resolved. The only other thing I can do for customer service is fill out the form on the app/site and wait for an email. The helper bot is not helpful as all it does it point one towards the faq articles. All in all, the gym pass service is carrying the middling app experience. It’s disappointing to have such a great service administered by a mediocre app.
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1 year ago, Moran504
Gympass is good don’t get me wrong
I really enjoy using my Gympass. The access to other apps is great. I really am more motivated to come to the gym and come work out. My work has motivated me to wanna use this app and take full advantage of this benefit. Which I’m extremely grateful for. There is however one problem with this app that is making me score it a three instead of a perfect 5. The constant having to go during staff hours to get into the gym instead of being able to come here whenever I want. I’m a late night person and wanna be able to come to the gym at night time hours. Some of the gyms listed are 24/7 but no staff available to check me in so I’m just stuck waiting at the door like…..umm…..So I urgently ask the creators of gympass. Please fix this issue and I’ll totally switch this 3 star to a 5 in heartbeat. You guys gave me a reason to go back to the gym and get back into shape and try to cut down my high cholesterol. Please don’t make that go away for me.
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1 year ago, frozen01
Not as good of a deal anymore
Update: They just keep jacking up the rate. About a year ago, I was paying $60-$65. Then I got a notification that my usual gym was being upgraded to a higher level, despite the fact that nothing changed. So I started paying around $90. Then a couple months later I get an email that they’re changing the cost of that new level; it’s now $115. And now I just got an email saying it’s being raised to $125! Meanwhile, I can still only check in once per day, I don’t get guest passes, and the number of participating gyms keeps dropping. They don’t have ANY gyms within an hour drive of my corporate office, so I can’t use it at all when I’m traveling for work. Original review: I’ve literally had zero problems with this app. The layout is just fine for me (actually better than the website, much easier to use). Every check in I’ve done has gone smoothly. One complaint is they’re not very upfront about the fact that you’re only allowed one check in per day, which has made things a bit logistically difficult sometimes (for example, if I do my regular morning workout, I can’t then join my partner for a swim after work, or try a dance class or some karate lessons later, so I really have to plan things out). This has really reduced my ability to try out different things, because trying a class or whatever means skipping my morning workout. I wish there was a way you could “upgrade” to two check ins per day.
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2 months ago, WellnessKing
Good concept for Gyms, focus on that
I love the gym pass concept but there are lots of nuances that I wish were better. I live in an expensive area so the choices to studios that offer Pilates, Yoga, Stretching, Heated Sauna are very limited and require at least Gold or Platinum levels. I don’t really see value in all the other apps and virtual training and coaching. I really need you to focus on these premium offerings. Club Pilates for example limits which level and number of classes I can attend. I don’t have a landing page dashboard with my stats, check-in per studio (so I can see how many Pilates or yoga classes I’ve attended) and my favorites. I have to spend time searching for the same few studios I use regularly. So quite a bit can be improved in the current platform. Reading thru each studio’s policies and wavers is painful. I should be able to sign a waiver electronically via the service as well.
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2 years ago, azver3
Consistently worse and more expensive …
I never write reviews but this situation is really disappointing. When I first joined gympass, the top tier membership was $250 and included all the best boutique fitness studios in NYC as well as a full Equinox all access membership. This was a perfect deal for me and I couldn’t have been happier using gympass. Since then, the price for the same tier has increased to $300 a month and I just received an email that Equinox is no longer offered after September. This news is extremely sad for me as I already established a routine of going to Equinox as my main gym and going to my 2-4 favorite boutique fitness classes every week. Gympass used to be the perfect solution for the type of flexibility I wanted and now it’s just gotten more expensive and much worse. In order to keep the same routine I had, I would have to pay $300 for gympass and $300+ for Equinox separately and that is way out of my budget. Really disappointing situation.
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1 year ago, Sml0818
App not great for the ridiculous price increase
I really enjoy having the ability to access different gyms, and was willing to overlook app issues…that is, until three months of membership passed and GymPass raised their prices of the Gold level from $140 to $175 - a 25% increase!! The app is constantly glitching and often does not show all classes a gym offers, even if there are spots available. It will often show an error booking into the class, yet I will be booked into it anyway. The search using map feature is terrible and doesn’t work correctly (clicking on a location will not bring up the gym’s page, or clicking on a location moves the entire map, making it really inconvenient to move from gym to gym). If I want to view Live classes, it only shows the online classes and there is no way to filter by in-person classes at gyms near me. For such a huge price increase, do better, GymPass!!
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2 weeks ago, Ian_MacD
Very good service, AWFUL APP
So the Gympass (pre wellness hub) app was pretty bad, had awful UI, was laggy, notifications opened a web browser and not the app, just all around a poor experience but the ability to book classes at such a discounted rate made up for it. Now this wellness hub rebrand is… let me start with multiple people should lose their job. This is a tech company, all you’re doing is aggregating services into a simplified platform, I can’t believe you could make a worse app, did you do any user testing on any iPhones? It’s embarrassingly bad. When I open the app why would I default to check in? I would first need to have a class booked, which by the way you have the data on that and could curate my my experience app after that but until then why do you make it so many clicks to book or find a class. Your UI team should be fired, your CPO should find a new line of work, I would rather a DOS application than this.
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2 months ago, Osittttttto
Beware: Unexpected Changes and Questionable Business Practice
I am deeply disappointed and feel misled by my recent experience with this service. After subscribing to the Gold Plan specifically for access to StretchLab facilities, these were abruptly moved to a higher-tier Platinum Plan just 15 days later, without any prior notification. This sudden and unexplained change feels not only unfair but also deceptive, as it directly impacted my decision to register based on the benefits advertised at the time of my subscription. My attempts to address this issue through customer service were met with inadequate responses, further adding to my concerns about the company’s transparency and integrity. I am now compelled to consider this a potentially fraudulent practice, designed to force customers into paying more. I strongly urge potential subscribers to consider this experience as it might reflect the company's overall approach to customer satisfaction and honesty.
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2 months ago, T95578
App has an error leading to inappropriate charges
I love the service but needed to cancel a dependent’s plan. There is an error with the app in its current version where it does not record a cancellation even though they provide a cancellation button to click in the app. I canceled through the app, and they still proceeded to charge me for the dependent the following month. When I contacted customer service they said that they had no record of my cancellation, and refused to give me a refund. But of course the problem is that I requested the cancellation, but the app doesn’t record it so of course they have no record! When I then proceeded to dispute the charge via my financial institution, they blocked my whole account, not even just the dependent one, because of the chargeback for the inappropriate fee that they charged me. The whole experience was incredibly frustrating unfortunately - and they still haven’t resolved.
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4 months ago, 1AMGN
Check in issues and membership pause
All was great with gympass until 2024. I pay for a gold family plan and my husband recently had his membership paused in January because he didn’t check in at Orange theory the right way even though he attended every class. He showed proof of attendance to gympass and sadly still his membership was paused for the month becuase check in wasn’t done appropriately. So, we paid for Orange theory in addition to Gym Pass monthly fee. Today, we both worked out at Club Pilates, checked in at the studio and the app and the app says we didn’t check in. If membership is paused again due to a system error, we will cancel this gympass membership. It’s pretty frustrating paying monthly and getting your membership paused by gympass due to clerical errors and paying additional fees just to join classes. This needs to be resolved.
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5 years ago, Mrs.silengo
App is terrible - service is awesome
I love Gympass the service. I get a discount through my job and I love the variety of gyms available to me as I work all over the place. The app however is TERRIBLE. Why is there no button to jump right to all my favorites? Hours listed for gyms are never correct and very few have reviews, probably because reviews won’t save after you write them! Unfortunately the problems in mobile are the same issues with the desktop version too. How are you guys still able to sell this service?! Checking in is NEVER not an ordeal. Gym staff have no idea how to get me checked in. As a result I don’t have an accurate log of my work outs. And to boot, I was promised my second month would be free if I have at least six check ins. I hit the gym 3 days a week on average so that’s no problem. Oh wait - I can’t get actually checked in at a gym! Guess who paid for that second month?
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3 years ago, fasterasamaster
App definitely needs work
The app is very clunky, and the user interface hurts my eyes. You get these constant pop ups (“Do a yoga class with James” or “discover the Calm app” or whatever) which get in the way of trying to actually check in to a gym. It takes 5-6 keystrokes every single morning for me to check into the gym that I have been attending for years. There is extraneous fluff all over the various gympass screens. I could do without the smiley face emoticon everywhere. I just want to see what gyms are out there, and check in. Pricing is inconsistent. For example, my CrossFit gym was suddenly moved up from the gold tier to the platinum tier, causing me a shocking 67% increase in monthly out of pocket costs for the exact same service. Meanwhile, the gym across the street, which I think has a very similar monthly membership pricing structure, stayed in the gold plan. Gympass can switch gyms in and out of plans without warning, so beware of that.
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6 years ago, njvas89
LOVE the service, hate the app
The freedom to go to any gym at any time is AMAZING! Wouldn’t change a thing about that. However, the app itself is super hard to navigate. It feels like a poor adaptation of a website. It is extremely difficult to find what I’m looking for at any given time whether it’s finding a gym I’ve favorited, viewing my current bookings, searching for new gyms etc. The organization just feels chaotic and unintuitive. Even something as simple as adding a class to my calendar is a chore. Logged into google to add the event, easy enough, but then pulled up the desktop google UI which is super tiny, created the event at the completely wrong time. Then when I finally finished fixing everything, I was just stuck browsing my google account inside the Gympass app and couldn’t get back to the normal UI. I know it all sounds like little stuff, but it’s a BUNCH of little stuff that all adds up.
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4 years ago, allissajean
Terrible execution/not widely understood
There’s two primary issues with Gympass. One is the app itself, which is not user friendly. It’s difficult to search and navigate, and frequently does not work the way it should. The second, and biggest problem, is that gym participants don’t seem to widely recognize Gympass. I signed up for a more expensive pass to gain access to a wider variety of gyms, and I have a lot of issues with gyms that do not want to honor what the app promises to deliver - I have often tried to attend a class or gym where they “have never heard of Gympass” and would not allow me to workout. It’s also impossible to sign up for classes in boutique gyms (ex. Pure barre), which makes it difficult to plan a schedule around. The execution is really not there to promise on what they want to deliver. I hope it improves - I like the concept better than class pass (using credits).
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11 months ago, Parker160
Terrible tech, customer service & expensive
The app has major tech issues and a terrible user experience. I am currently a Diamond member (most expensive plan) and I can only book two live classes a month. My plan is four live classes a week. I reached out to customer service and it took over 24 hours to respond and they acknowledged a tech issue with no solution, timing to correct, or plan discount. I am currently spending a lot of money to go to two live classes a month. I do not recommend gympass. Update: thank you for your response. I did contact customer service and requested a credit as I am paying for Diamond (16 live classes a month) and can only book 2 live classes a month due to a bug in your app. Your customer service responded that she asked her manager and the answer is, no. Why are you charging me for 16 live classes and only providing me 2 live classes?
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2 months ago, Nms2511
Great service, horrible app
I’m not one to write reviews. I love the service that Gympass provides. I have a Platinum membership with them and the service itself is amazing. The app however couldn’t be less intuitive. The search function isn’t clear, reading your own upcoming schedule is confusing, and I cannot for the life of me understand why I need to “check in” on the app when the studio that I attend classes checks me in themselves and knows I’ve attended. I’ve forgotten to check in on the Gympass app twice (despite having attended the classes and the studio recognizing that) and was told if I don’t check in on Gympass again my service will be blocked for a month?? They need to find a better way to communicate with the studios. And please I’m begging you create a better app.
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6 days ago, LottoBot
For this fee, why doesn’t this app have better UX?
Like many of the users, I purchased this gym membership to access a variety of local options. That is THE selling point so it makes no sense to de-prioritize the users schedule and preferences in favor of unrelated adverts. The home page is swallowed by massive graphics that could be tucked into an About tab. If I have to see a schedule of upcoming classes why can’t it be my favorited places instead of virtual classes that are irrelevant to me? The “Interactive” offerings should be there one tab. My favorite spaces are several scrolls at the bottom. Lastly, why does the name of membership tier disappear unless that red bar is adjusted? That is not obvious or intuitive in how to use in order to search for gyms in the various tiers in my region.
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3 years ago, liz8832
Horrible Customer Service
The company that I work for (which is linked to my gym pass account) is a global company with multiple branches. I accidentally selected the wrong branch (in Brazil) instead of my correct US- based branch. This made my default location in Brazil which altered a few display items including currency, language and default location. I have been going back and for with customer service for over 3 weeks trying to change my default country and company on my app. They send me 1 line responses usually a day or 2 after I send them a response and don’t seem to escalate the issue. I’m pretty tech savvy - I’m in marketing analytics and I still can’t get through to them. I’ve asked for a phone number to address this issue quicker but they won’t give me one. Very very frustrating.
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4 years ago, fortemartha
Unexpectedly logs you off, when you are in a hurry to make a class every minute makes a difference. Doesn’t allow you to check in to more than one gym per day, not conducive to my schedule, I have a couple of free days for gym time, a yoga and fitness class in the same day are not uncommon, but this app won’t allow it. I went to a small gym and he confirmed that he did not get paid on time for all of my checkins. It took 7 calls. He doesn’t want to use the app. Enrolled my son as a dependent in my plan for a short period, but in order to log him in I had to log off my account and re-enter under his account, very cumbersome. Unfortunately it was the same provider that wasn’t getting paid timely and he refused to continue to allow me to use gympass for his membership.
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10 months ago, birder793915
Bad User Experience
This app has always been difficult to use. Half of the gyms listed are shown as temporarily closed or the booking process is not integrated with Gympass yet. There are a lot of glitches and it’s extremely difficult to achieve the main goals of the app: search for classes, book a class, etc. You will find yourself wasting time on this inefficient app because it is not developed properly and use cases are not thought through thoroughly. I recently experienced a change in my plan, which I’ve been subscribed to for half a year, without any proper communication. For example, the gym coverage in your plan may change, but they won’t tell you before they change it. This is a major flaw in the user experience and makes the app extremely frustrating to use.
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4 years ago, ashley12897
So far this app has worked very average-ly. My employer started to offer Gympass as a benefit so I signed up. After creating my account the app changed to Portuguese (maybe) and I was unable to navigate through the app and obviously couldn’t find out how or why the language changed. I deleted and reinstalled the app, it went back to English. I attempted to close it first and re open without luck. So far, so good, I’ve only had to do that once but the app is SOOO slow. Takes forever to load and the search function by location takes forever to load. I chose the lowest plan level offered, I can’t imagine someone paying up to $50 or even $200 a month and have to deal with an app like this. Hoping it improves
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2 years ago, Medievalslayer
App Issues
I get a discount through my work so I enjoy this service. However, I had my wife added as a dependent and when she stopped using the service I went through the dependent management to lower her plan to the free plan. When I went to the gym and tried checking in I realized that it had changed my plan to the free level and hers didn’t change. So I had to change my plan back to the plan I was using and contact customer service to change hers back. I was charged to reupgrade my plan and did not receive a refund for my wife’s plan not changing. I would cancel the service if it wasn’t for the discount I receive through my work. If my work no longer provides the discount, I will be canceling my subscription.
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5 years ago, Me37337
5 star concept. 1 star app.
Love the concept so much that I’ll keep using the app! It is saving me a ton of money. I used to do classpass but the area I moved to doesn’t have much too much going on there and work subsidizes gympass making it very affordable. Here’s what needs to change in the app: - no gym I’ve ever been to knows how to check me in. Even the fact that I have to check in once I’m at a gym seems like an extra step. I didn’t realize that for a while and sometimes still forget. Why can’t I just book a class in the app and be done with it? - some gyms don’t have classes you can book in the app, yet they offer classes. So I can show up and take a class, but have no way to book in advance. Also because of this, there isn’t a good way to truly search all the classes available at once in the class section. I have to go to the gyms section and click on individual gyms to see who is nearby, then go to their websites to find a class schedule. - the filter section in classes never remembers my location and is just overall fairly clunky Hoping gympass reads their reviews and fixes these soon! I’ll keep using it anyway, but I want others to use it as well so they can keep offering it!
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5 years ago, RadRas12009
Horrible User Experience
This app is horribly built. I wish these people would hire someone to really focus on the user experience. Why do I need to click 5-7 times to book a class at the gym I’ve been going to for 6 months? Also, there are tons of performance issues and the app randomly crashes or gives a 500 error page. And generally, lots of process related issues. Why do I need to be 200 meters from the gym to use “smart” check in, when they also make the gym owner validate that you showed up?! Half the time I forget to check in on the app because I also have to check in at the gym. There has to be a better way to check in. Literally, the only reason I’m using this app still is because my company heavily subsidized it.
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2 years ago, aj v 23
Great product model
Overall I love the flexibility to change gyms as it can provide a nice mix of experiences and allow you to find one that you truly enjoy. Great business model. Only down sides 1) unable to go to the gym more than once a day- if you are a two a day gym person this app is not for you 2) unable to go to multiple different gyms in one day 3) minor but the need for a 2-factor like authentication seems strange, it would be nice if you could just use the gym app of your choice while Gympass is working in the background and give you access to all the gyms in your tier near your location.
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7 months ago, Happy new year? Not
Poor customer service and unfair policy
I am very dissatisfied with the customer service and the policy of this company. I paid $250 per month for a plan that can be paused once every six months for 15 to 30 days. I wanted to extend my pause from 15 to 30 days, but they refused to do so. They said there is an unwritten rule that the pause duration cannot be changed once requested. I spent hours chatting with different people, but none of them could explain why this rule exists or where it is stated. They only said they would update the website and talk to the tech team. They did not offer any compensation or exception for their mistake. I feel cheated and frustrated by their lack of transparency and flexibility. I do not recommend this company to anyone who values their time and money.
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2 years ago, Tyeena
Huge price increase & glitchy app.
Beware! They keep moving my gym/studio to a higher tier. And the prices have doubled since I join. The app is a joke. There is always a glitch. I would cancel a class days in advance but still get notified to check in for for that class. So annoying. Not to mentioned I would get notifications to check in even after I’ve already checked-in… also, all the F45 gyms are in the gold plan except the one by my house, which is a diamond plan and I can’t for the life of me figure out why. Why is this particular location in diamond and the rest in gold? I refuse to upgrade my plan to access ONE gym (since equinox is no longer available). Please make it make sense.
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4 years ago, shreya1169
Great concept, horrible interface
I love the concept of this app. I use it through my employer and can get so many different gyms for unlimited use at a steeeepppp discount. I will say that with the exception of a couple gyms, like soul cycle, most classes can be booked through the app. I haven’t had a problem with being not recognized at a gym yet, but I’ve only had the app for a week. My biggest issue is the user interface. On the home screen, there should be a view or list with all the classes you’ve booked already. It’s so frustrating booking things a week in advance and having to go through my email to see which classes have been confirmed and to find out the date/time.
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2 years ago, Blovely590
Easy to use but could be better
I am loving gympass and the app is fairly easy to use. My one question is what happened to the calendar on the Home Screen? It’s a little time consuming to make changes to the schedule now. You have to go to the facility you want and schedule that way. Is there a way to bring back the calendar on the Home Screen and allow us to book any facility. This also applies to canceling a class. Can you add a cancel function on the Home Screen calendar.
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4 years ago, Mimimimi1264790
Gympass is great but the app is awful
The app constantly freezes. Links don’t work, the map gets messed up, you’ll sign up for classes, yet nothing shows under your bookings. It’s also really annoying that there’s no continuity with the various gyms in terms of the booking process. Some you can book from the app, some you need to register with the gym and download a totally different app, some you have to request via email, and not all facilities have their schedules loaded to the app, so you have to go to their website, look at the schedule and then email them to book a class. gympass is such a great concept and there are so many GREAT gyms and classes, but the booking process is really crappy. PLEASE fix it!!!
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3 weeks ago, NCN0226
Decent service, horrible app
It’s a pretty good deal through my work- cheaper than an unlimited membership at my most frequented studio. I wish they had more options with bigger studios, hopefully that will come with time. The app is horrendous. Bad interface, clumsy to use and doesn’t seem to be laid out strategically. Additionally the process of checking in to the studios through the app is apparently useless. You get reminders to check in regardless if you’ve done so or not. The app also doesn’t seem to recognize if you cancelled a class, it still prompts you to check in for class. Seems like some pretty easy fixes I hope they consider.
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3 years ago, Kasi1684
Constantly shows unpaid
Main issue with Gympass is that it show at least once a month that you did not pay causing you to not being able to book classes and the embarrassing situation in the studio if they could kindly get you into the class manually and having to explain that you actually paid on time. Another annoying thing is the the app asks you every time how you liked a class although you just want to check into your class the next day. There is no way to escape it and it takes away time from just quickly wanting to check in- especially if you are late for your 6 am morning class
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1 year ago, Sydsterr96
all around difficult to use
The app makes it difficult to find what you’ve signed up for, to cancel classes, to find answer to questions, and more. The chat function crashes frequently meaning you have to start your support all over again. The connection to gyms you are a part of with your plan such as orange theory have a difficult time syncing account info. Also, they should focus your home screen and class calendar on favorited gyms as a default and have recommendations on a separate page or tab. Currently, the calendar won’t even load everything because there are so many options (which is great! but only if i can see them when i choose to and if it works).
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2 years ago, Je174
Great concept, terrible app!
I regularly have booking issues. How regular?Twice this week, i attempted to book a class, it failed, and i was notified via email 15 minutes later. Today, I’m searching for a class at a studio i often attend, but it says “no classes scheduled for this day”. Last time i had this issue, the studio owners said that’s not true and is a glitch on gympass app. This problem really causes a problem at 6:30am when I’m trying to book a class last minute. (And no, I’m not interested in booking classes in advance because that doesn’t work with my schedule and i don’t want to get hit with cancellation or no show fees.)
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9 months ago, Wkchin17
app keeps prompting me to check in for a class even after checking in, it seems like the push notifications are delayed or are sending duplicates. Add to calendar function is an invite link on iPhone which does not make sense. It would be great if you could click on an upcoming class and cancel from there rather than navigating to the facility schedule and then cancelling from there. The upcoming classes section is not relevant, I see suggestions for virtual sessions that I have not interacted with or chosen I’m not sure if they’re sponsored. I love the service but the app is cumbersome.
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1 year ago, kaylaholland6
Good product, terrible app
This app’s UX is beyond terrible. I love the Gympass offering - a great value to access many boutique studios and gyms. However, my experience actually using Gympass has been frustrating. 1. The app’s interface is dated, clunky, and not at all intuitive to use. It is constantly crashing or glitching. Even “check in” is difficult, which is a necessary step to use the service. 2. Rules are unclear. Late cancellation or no-show fees are expected when attending some of the fitness studios that are included on my plan but because different studios have different rules and restrictions, it is difficult to keep track of. Nowhere on the app are the cancelation policies for individual studios noted; it should be listed in the studio details or warn you before you cancel that you will be charged a fee. This is not unheard of and other fitness apps have this ability. 3. Customer service can only be reached via email. No phone support and I have yet to get the live chat to work.
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5 years ago, Slm4444
App doesn’t work that well
I’m not sure what fixes were made but now I have a hard time booking classes. First, I can’t access the submit button because the advertising on the bottom of the page covers it up and makes it “Un clickable “ Second, I can’t figure out a way to keep my gym as a favorite “forever” to book classes with. It’s annoying to keep having to hit the favorite button for EVERY class I register for. If that exists, I can’t find it. Lastly, I unchecked all email notifications and even had a gympass employee uncheck my email notifications and I STILL GET THEM with every registration or Unregistration. It’s maddening. Are there remedies for these issues?? Thank you
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4 years ago, $0C00L
Poor User Experience, Slow, and Buggy
This application lags, it’s buggy, and worst of all, the user experience is frustrating and time-consuming. It’s slower than other applications, making the user experience frustrating at a very subtle level. The “classes” tab is completely broken. It says “no classes available” on every single day, which makes finding and booking a class extremely difficult. After I finally book a class, it’s frustrating and hard to cancel. It takes 7 clicks, some scrolling, searching, and page loading before I can even cancel a class. This app really needs improvement. It’s really frustrating and makes me want to rejoin my old gym—they use MINDBODY.
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10 months ago, maui now non lover
Great idea awful execution
Ok gympass is objectively a great idea. My employer works with gympass to get me discounted gym memberships. I love the variety and it’s much cheaper than class pass. Gympass’ execution is objectively bad. The customer service is awful - only online can’t get anyone on the phone ever. They keep changing prices and introducing limits so even when you’re paying over $200 per month they limit you from going more than a few times. Lastly , this most recent app update is awful. I’ve lost my favorite gyms, I can’t even search for gyms in the app I’m forced to the website. Can’t book classes, can only check in from the app right now. Seriously, you have a lot to work on.
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3 years ago, CE851
Typical mediocre work benefit
For me this app over promises and under delivers. It seems like a cool perk but currently many of the gyms in my area are either closed (not that gympass seems to know it) or actually won’t accept gympass users in person, despite accepting other clients in person. I’ve also found it quite challenging to use the additional app-related benefits gympass likes to boast about, not to mention that some of them seem to be MUCH better for users who live in other countries - literally I have a Brazilian therapist now? Through iFeel? What is happening. The mobile vs desktop experience is quite different and you can be led astray quickly when trying to manage any elements of this membership via mobile. ClassPass is a far better option, at least where I live. Maybe the app should be priced differently based on what’s available for users in a given location.
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5 years ago, ya boi weezy f baby
App is terrible at its core concept
I got gym pass at a discount through work. Great concept of being able to access multiple gyms in your area for a flat rate. GARBAGE EXECUTION. If your entire business model is about finding gyms near you to access, your app should be functional at doing so. The app says there’s no gyms near me on my current plan, yet the website says there is. If I search for the gym I want to go to it comes up in the app as being on a higher plan despite the website saying it’s on my plan. Sometimes lists of options just come up empty, which obviously is wrong in a giant city. Cool concept but I suspect the only reason this is still operating is from partnering with companies because it very clearly isn’t from a great app
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4 weeks ago, SMCstudent
App not allowing check in Again! Will change if the issue is resolved
I’ve been liking Gympass/ wellhub but last week, the app would not let me check in to a rumble class and today it wouldn’t let me check in to a bare class. I got a notification that I won’t be able to book any more classes this month if the app doesn’t let me check in one more time. I paid quite a bit of money to use this app and I’m extremely disappointed that the app doesn’t work when we are penalized for check ins. I showed the front desk and took screenshots as well and I hope customer service reverses the “missed check in” for my class.
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7 months ago, lindseymadd
Gympass is a pass.
I was really excited to try this program but the app is extremely finicky, told me I checked in to classes I didn’t, and had a few other issues such as telling me I couldn’t go to classes without telling me why. The customer service is nonexistent, there is no number to call, the “chat” feature lets you talk to a person after a while but that person might as well be a bot, as they keep repeating the same script without even trying to understand the problem the customer is facing. I’ve never been more disappointed in a service I was willing to pay $200/ month for. Will certainly be canceling that.
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6 months ago, SMDSMD89
Please make it easy to cancel classes
It would be great if on the main page you could cancel classes where it shows you what you have signed up for the week, instead of having to go to the studios page to cancel. Would also be awesome if you showed the cancellation policy for each studio in this same spot. Also the app can be a bit glitchy, like you click on a studio from the map view but then the box at the bottom with the studio shows a different studio.
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1 year ago, TAP 4567
It was fantastic… until it wasn’t
I love the methodology behind the app. Who doesn't love having access to try different gyms and classes in various locations. However, after using the app for a year I’m almost ready to deactivate my account. I’ve noticed multiple prices increases over that year (inclusive of this month at an extra $22) and a few days ago received notice that a branch for one of my most used gyms is moving to a higher price level. Not the entire gym company… just one branch. Either one by its self I could understand and have understood the prices increases over the last year since they are a growing company but, don’t charge more while taking away features. It gives off the feeling of a company growing too quickly for it’s own good. If you use this app don’t expect the price you pay now to last for too long and check your bank accounts for increases.
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5 months ago, Kdog6789
Horrible service
My experience with Gympass has been quite disappointing. I have been a member for a year and have taken over 150 classes. Was marked as a no show because of the poor functionality of the app even though I actually attended the class and was not allowed to utilize a service that I pay $225 a month for. I asked for them to reverse the no show or give me a refund and they said I could walk into gyms on the app. In this economy boutique fitness is a luxury not a necessity. I would rather spend my money directly with the local business than partner with a low quality service such as Gympass.
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