Hacking Game HackBot

4.1 (753)
30.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
RoboBot Studio
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hacking Game HackBot

4.14 out of 5
753 Ratings
1 year ago, K2010.soulsurvior
Entertaining but constant ads
Very addicting and kinda challenging! If possible lower the amount of advertisements that pop up, as well as extend the time frame for the advertisements.
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3 years ago, gddgxhdh
It fine
It a pretty good game but.......it pretty hard well not hard but hard to understand what to do if you could please add information on how to play the game I would enjoy that also if I have made a mistake and there is information on how to play I am super sorry
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6 years ago, The Panzers
Fun but harsh ads
Fun. Loads of fun. But the ads pop up way too often and I can’t get rid of some of them and have to close the application to do so, then lose the progress on what I was doing! So frustrating. Other than that, lots of fun.
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11 months ago, Spicnspanmrpan
My review
Very addicting I like it adds pop up a lot and other than that I like it and today I got a password with 100% similarity but it was wrong?
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3 years ago, MJtheking09
Great game!!!!
I have no ad problems, and is the best hacking game I’ve played in a while. Passwords are sometimes easy then hard and takes just common sense. Great game!
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1 year ago, 13leland
fun so much fun I have a little bit of ads but shorten so I don’t mind but it’s not the most funnest game. I have heard I love that you can change the avatar and its name and prank your friends.
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2 years ago, hacker dot follow
It’s fun you should buy it i can’t say that much my arms are already tired from riding this welp play it it teaches how to hack very good at Learning.
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5 years ago, Emmett M.
Too many ads
The game is very fun and challenging however it seems after every time you tap the screen an ad pops up and some ads you have to close the app and in the process lose progress
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2 years ago, sjjsjsjsjdjskjskj
Good Concept
It’s a good game but the numbers are pretty hard if the owner tried to fix it I would be really pleased 😻
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3 years ago, misty$owner
Cool concept but...
This game seemed cool but I couldn't figure out how to get past the first level and i tried to understand but I couldn't. Disappointed, I wish it was a bit easier to understand.
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2 years ago, suspicous sis
Can not hack
I can not figure out how to hack and that is why I have it a four star and to many adds
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3 years ago, Sir timmer
Not what I thought it would be
It is not a hacking game like I thought but a great app for people who want to be good hackers on other peoples accounts!
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3 years ago, dfyuvd
Great game though it’s hard to figure out the passcode hopefully one day it will become easier for me
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7 years ago, PhoenyxxRaine
Great app
You should download this app because you doesn't have to pay money
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2 years ago, Vegetable bully
What's the password? How to get it?
Hello, can you tell me what the password is and how to fill in which 4-digit password?
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5 years ago, toriolsen
Great but ads...
The game is super good but every time I click the wrong thing an ad pops up, I like the game but can you lower the amount of ads.
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5 years ago, doss101yeet21
Fun,but to much adds
This game is really fun but the adds pop up to much.other than that it is fun
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3 years ago, snailsssssss
Great game but one little problem
There is a lot of adds but I really like the game 🔓🔐🔏🔒
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3 years ago, trigonometrycode
Reverse Engineered the application and…
I Reverse Engineered the app to see why the developer allowed this app to be flooded with ads. Turns out some contain malicious intent. I was able to get rid of all ads and put in a false value for watching the ads, and it accepted the values.
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3 years ago, Enter a Nickname 0:
Such a fun game but way to many ads!! Why did you do that!?
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3 years ago, Turtle Girly
Good practice
It is good practice for if you are interested in becoming a hacker like myself
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5 years ago, emmielovesbrie bella
hacker game
I love it but the ads always one up and it’s
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4 years ago, DjCatling
Leads You To A Hackers Path
It Gives You A Real Idea Of A Hacker Which Really Helped Me Hack Many Company’s but only with their permission
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5 years ago, sama aliedani
I think I like the game but one thing I hate is that the ads pop up way to often and I want to get rid of them but I can’t.
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2 years ago, Black dog bowl
It’s OK but
I can barely hack and every time I try to complete I level it won’t let me and I don’t even know the first level
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4 years ago, hbhjgyvygyfdhgg
I love it but to hard well to be a real hacker its always hard but then Awesome so good I love hacking
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11 months ago, Boogiekade
The best game!!!
It’s soooo fun i play it every day now it’s just sooooooo fun!!!
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3 years ago, skeriffatv
I hate it do not download
First level is way too hard every level it’s hard I can’t get through the first level
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2 years ago, 01Joel Unhorror Hacker91
H4ck3r T1m3 (Hacker Time)
I Love this app! Now I can Hack Who I can hack. Maybe, But I LOVE Hacker Stuff so yep
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5 years ago, xaminmo
Timer spam only
More time is spent waiting for multiple layers of popup timer advertisements than actually playing the game. Hack tests are pure guessy, and not actually based on how people set up their security IRL.
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2 years ago, AyaanAsim
I hate this game!!!!!!
It’s asking me for my password but I didn’t even make one in the game and I don’t even have a password for the game 😡 wasted my money
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5 years ago, DeltaBreaker
More Ad Then Game
I like the idea of this, and I’d really love to play it some more, but.... everything I click pops up an ad. They’re really short, but they’re more frequent than aimbotters on CSGO
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2 years ago, 75((!,&&::77
Best game ever
Is fun and difficult
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5 months ago, Kikilota
Good and bad
The passwords are hard to get in, but great otherwise
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6 years ago, Bosketchy
Very entertaining application
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3 years ago, rfbhhbrfhbrfybcfbcruhbf
Hacking is bad
I know this is for coding but it could make you want to hack please read before download.
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4 years ago, Sonsychart58346
Fix the helps
The help don’t work
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2 weeks ago, StudyingAlpha
cannot open
my game is trapped in loading page
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5 years ago, littel haker
Micah Dattel 7
Micah Dattel 7
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6 years ago, Tony Constanza
Good game
9 q There are nine
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2 years ago, Galib Shanto
Nice App
Nice App
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2 years ago, Andy4.0
El juego es muy bueno
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4 years ago, De(me)
Hacker Hacker Hacker❌
My Favorite Game
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4 years ago, uyr TF fyuyfyfuucyc
This app is just amazing
This is hard but this is the same way hackers solve passwords they get info on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram This is a good experience and a good training session for future programmers, Or hackers. This is the best hacker game I found so far and I'm pretty decent at it I’m wishing to be a future Hacker and a robotics engineer and stuff with electronics but one thing that kinda bothers me Is the adds but still it’s really fun and I love the game even though I’m still trying to get lvl 2 😂😂😂😂😂 Keep up the good work PS. I will be waiting for future updates
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5 years ago, tangke mangle lolbit
3=3469;3 #590 5(3 63””8;*
By the way that was everyone stop the yelling I love this game it is so so fun! ❤️💜🧡💛💚💙🖤💗💖❣️💝
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