Half Marathon 13.1 Trainer

Health & Fitness
4.7 (4.4K)
308.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Zen Labs
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Half Marathon 13.1 Trainer

4.68 out of 5
4.4K Ratings
7 years ago, Tweaky510293
Great for those trying to get back in the game
So I am 24 years old and have had two knee surgeries and for the last 5 years I have made every excuse to not have to try and get back to my previously athletic self. I have struggled mostly because of self esteem and every workout was difficult because it was mainly speed oriented and distanced. Needless to say the day after a workout I would be unable to walk. The nice thing about this workout is it is challenging but realistic and not painful to do. Granted I’m sore the next day but I can walk. I actually look forward to working out. I will post again when I have completed the entire training because I am registered for the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February so I am hoping to finish in a reasonable amount of time and I’m using this app as my training plan. I highly recommend it.
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2 years ago, Jess76532
Money for nothing
This app is unfortunately really disappointing! I am training for my first half marathon. I wanted an app to help me build a training schedule, give tips, and where I would be able to input all of my workout data. This app has no customization, and really offers practically nothing for your money. You can only track your designated daily workout, which is only running or cross-train, and you must have the app open while doing these in order for the workout to be documented. It only tracks time, not distance or anything else. There is no video, no suggestion, no tips, nothing. You CANNOT input your workouts manually, or add any data. I didn’t realize when I made the purchase that clicking on “Fitness plans” only takes you to all those sister apps that don’t exactly help either (who needs another music app)? Just really disappointed that I can’t get a realistic training schedule out of this. And I definitely do not enjoy having the app open with beeps and vibrations while I am trying to run or work out! Annoying app, no customization, take your money elsewhere!
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7 years ago, Laoghaire24
First half or coming back from an injury? This is PERFECT!
First of all, read the description before buying this app. This isn't an app that trains you to run a half marathon the whole time. It trains you do walk/run at a consistent time and pace the entire time. Once you know that, go read the research about how interval training is the way of the future and even professional runners are doing it. It's not for the weak. I'm coming back from a torn ACL and 2 surgeries so I need to take it slow and be smart. This app is amazing for exactly that. I hate having to time myself during interval training and the built-in instructions make it so I don't have to. Add in some workout jams and I've got a perfect training partner. I usually give up on these apps after a few tries. But I'm still going strong and that Napa Valley half is looking closer every day!
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8 months ago, jmason86
Third time around and still love it
This is exactly the app I need. I used this one and the marathon trainer to build all the way up to an actual marathon I ran in 2021. I’m still going with it to maintain my fitness. It’s a perfect fit for me: all I really need is someone in my ear telling me when it’s time to run and when it’s time to walk so I don’t play a bunch of mind games and bargain with myself about some landmark I’ll run to or the constant struggle of whether it’s okay to walk yet. I just do what it says and I can focus on my podcasts/audiobooks instead. The voice is encouraging. The new affirmations are corny but I love them for it.. makes me laugh out loud almost every time. Highly recommended if you’re like me!
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4 years ago, Budley 8
Love this app
I use this app indoors in the winter and outside when the weather is good. I like that I can easily switch to my music and still navigate to and from this app. I have also turned it into a HITT workout when I’m not just working on an upcoming race Easy to pause and restart And great motivation messages when I log on!
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1 year ago, Lsbelle
Mixed feelings
I could easily run a 5k prior to starting this app and this app was well reviewed for moving onto a half, however after 6 weeks in, and previewing what’s to come, it’s not really made for those who want to build to RUN. I really appreciated the run/walk format for the first few weeks, but then when I previewed the upcoming weeks, I noticed that you never run for more than 4 minutes at a time the entire program. This builds you to run/walk your half, and on top of that, the app has you run/walking a full half marathon TWO DAYS before the race, which is irresponsible in my opinion. Every other program recommends you run your max distance 2+ weeks before and wind down until the race…I unsubscribed and chose a different app for the latter half of my training.
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5 years ago, Mossnose
Running but disappointed
I spent the last 14 weeks on the 10K app and LOVED IT! I don’t think I’ve ever been able to run 6 miles straight before in my life. So i downloaded the 13.1 app and initially when I previewed the weeks I liked the set up f each week: 4 days running, 2 days cross training, and 1 day rest....but then I previewed the end and it has me “running” a half marathon 4 mins running, 1 min walking....I got this app so I can RUN a half WITHOUT WALKING....in really disappointed in this app, in part because I spent the $10 to get it and now it’s next to useless for me, but also in large part because I loved the 10K version so much but the 13.1 has really let me down.
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2 years ago, Stina_Louisiana
*updated review*
*update I found the proper steps to work through for this app to work between watch, phone, and AirPods. While slightly cumbersome, I love the app and the developers were fast to respond when I submitted a ticket to help walk through and make this work better. And note, I was never able to get an app I’d used for years to ever work so this is a Win! *old review* I want to love this app but the amount of timing I’m having to spend to try and just get it to work between music, AirPods, and my watch is ridiculous. Hopeful I’ll hear back from support
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4 months ago, Aggravated long time user
Where did my app go?!
So I have used this app along with the marathon, c25k and 10K apps for years. Now when I try to open any of these apps on my iPhone 12 Pro (which I had no issues with doing before) I get a white screen and nothing comes up. I have a strong WiFi connection and stable internet when I’m trying to use this app and nothing! Very frustrating when trying to plan out a workout schedule for a new 1/2 marathon. I am paying for the subscription for the use of all 4 of these zen lab apps. Why can I not access them now? Starting to feel like I am being scammed by the company. Pay for a subscription but we won’t give you the services you paid for….
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6 years ago, Buggirl76357
Good but glitchy
I love this app in theory but as I’ve gotten farther into it (around week 7 I think) it’s started glitching on time. I’ll look at the time then do a cycle or two and look at the time and it will be the same or it will say workout completed but when I open the app time is still left. I’ve updated and don’t want to lose my progress. I’ve also found the distance isn’t very accurate but I just run map my run in the background and it isn’t an issue. Overall I would recommend it for at least getting into it!
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5 years ago, meganme-crazy
Wish I could return this
Totally dismissed the other users comments about it teaching you to run/walk a half marathon because I’ll likely have to walk a little during a half marathon anyways. However, this app teaches you to run 4 min/walk 1 minute the entire half marathon!! That’s more difficult than just running. I’d much prefer something like running 20 min, walking 3 min or something so that I’m not constantly speeding up and slowing down. As soon as I realized what I’d paid for, I wished I could return it, but due to apples policies I can’t. I love all the other apps from this company and I’m so disappointed I wasted 10 dollars on an app I can’t even use.
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1 year ago, purchase not honored
Pro version
I purchased the pro version of this app for $9.99 a few years ago and it is not recognizing my purchase. Also, all my data is deleted. Please contact me to remedy the situation so I can add stars to this review because I like the app but this purchase should be honored. I have the proof in my app purchases. UPDATE: I contacted the company and they are supposed to be refunding me for my prior purchase due to the fact that they removed what they sold me. I attempted to follow the link to request a refund but it didn’t work. They sent me a second link and that link did not work either. I sent an email and am waiting for a response.
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1 year ago, BigDuckAK
Abandoned their customers
I purchased the bundle with all of the running apps 6 years ago, but now due to their subscription model they have taken away the program from those who already paid for it. I feel taken advantage of, charging nearly $30 for a software bundle only to make it unusable due to a business model change. It’s unfortunate that everything has gone to a “subscription model.” Especially when the model doesn’t really give anything new from what was previously available. Stay clear, there’s better options out there.
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7 years ago, Sunrunner719
Needs work
I loved the C to 5K program. I started this one because I thought it was ready for a little bit of a challenge. My issue is that when my phone is in my pocket it doesn't give me the vocal cues to run or walk. It vibrates but I can't really feel that while I'm running. It would also be convenient if they had some sort of cross training program on the cross training days. Other than that I think it's a good program.
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3 years ago, 21K-in-training
Major glitches at week 5
I really enjoyed this app for the 1st 4 weeks. I’m not much of a runner and the variety of run/walk and different run durations kept me interested. However, at about week 5, the app began repeating segments or stopped tracking mid-workout/shut off. I tried restarting my phone and reinstalling the app, as suggested by the help page but it didn’t help. Two friends who downloaded the app a couple of weeks before me had the same experience. I’m moving on to a different app but it’s a shame because I had really come to like this…reliability is important.
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3 weeks ago, Klinkles
Constant bombardment to spend more money
The workout progression and everything is great. The problem is, I signed up for the pro version of the app, but in the middle of my workout and every time I open the app it keeps prompting me to sign up for Zen Unlimited or whatever. I think it’s ridiculous that the paid version keeps asking for more subscription sign ups. Sure, the free version I can see the constant advertisement, but in the paid version, it’s really annoying. Unsubscribing and deleting.
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4 years ago, wrclark
Very dissappointed
I had used Zen Labs couch to 5k and 10K Apsa and was very happy with them so I bought this one even though it was a lot more expensive thinking it would help me take my next step following the same philosophy (building up gradually to long runs). But it is both too gradual and not gradual enough at the same time. First, it never get beyond running 4 mins and walking 2. Second it jumps around from doing that six tome to 9 and back again in random order. Also, I don’t need my running app to try to manage what I do on my off days.
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1 year ago, AMR1810
I bought the 13.1 program in 2019 and can no longer access to it. Looking at other reviews, I can see the company is claiming that the subscription model offers new features like music streaming…but I didn’t want music streaming when they rolled out that feature a couple years ago and I don’t want it now. I liked that the program was easy to follow, but it’s not so amazing that it’s worth being charged monthly. And, if they don’t honor previous purchases, then what is to say they will have a consistent subscription price?
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9 months ago, n8ivebadboy
Where the music page it does before you subscribe
Even looking at the perks of pro one page shows a dj page that has workout music tailored to increase your workout upon looking it’s no where to be found is it somewhere I’m not looking or is this false advertisement I looked again there is no dj music page but on your app it shows all kids of ferries I’m not seeing after downloaded
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3 years ago, Am435y
Great, when it works….
Loved the app for 8 weeks. Then I began having an issue where the app began crashing. It took support about to 1-2 weeks to respond to my issue. After trying the fix and reinstalling, the app crashes within 10 minutes of my run. Extremely frustrating. I’ve since deleted the app and switched to Map My Run. I like the 13.1 program better, but the app crashing on every run was too much for me.
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5 years ago, Fleifam
Round three
This will be the third time I use this program to train for a half marathon. It keeps me going with the brisk walks in between intervals and it takes 13 weeks to ease into your run. I wish once you have completed the days program that it continued to calculate your distance instead of automatically shutting off when you’re done...
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7 years ago, HobbitMomRuns
Keeps Getting Better!!!
Love this app. I used Zen Labs C25K when I quit smoking, 10K Trainer to lose weight, and now I'm on the Half. This program is idiot proof and I actually look forward to the daily inspirations. It works beautifully with my playlists and I just won't run without it. Thanks for a constant awesome!!!
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5 years ago, MsAncheta
Could be Improved
I used this app to train for my first ever half marathon and it did work but I needed to make some adjustments. The most important one which is a GLARING ERROR in this training plan is that you cannot run the entire 13.1 miles just 2 days before the race. No training plan I have ever seen does recommends this. The app is a little glitchy sometimes with Apple Playlists but aside from that I really liked it.
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2 years ago, 00RunneR00
Not a happy customer
I purchased this app as part of a all in one bundle that zen labs was offering. This was before they changed to a subscription model. I paid full price for several apps. Now they do not work. I want to train for a half and I see I only have access to week 1 of the training plan. My only option is to sign up for the recurring subscription to get full access. I’m confused! Did I not pay full price for the app? Now I need to pay more money?!?!?!
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3 years ago, Pinterest Crystal
Not a free training app
Got this because I loved their click to 10K app which allowed you to do the entire training program without paying for the subscription. Just had to deal with a few ads here or there after your workouts. Upon downloading and trying this one, found that you can only go through the first week and day one of week 2. To go further you’d have to pay for pro subscription. No thank you.
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4 years ago, kuddlingkittens
Not for people who can run
I was highly disappointed by this program and sadly it was a waste of money. The 5k and 10K app programs by ZenLabs is great. This program is garbage. If you can run an hour straight, this program won’t help you be able to run the next 1-1.5 hours for a half marathon. If you want to build up stamina and mileage, look at the Hal Higdon programs. That actually helps you build up to running 13.1 miles straight through.
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2 years ago, Tsa1nt
Love this app
I never thought of myself as a runner but wanted a goal and to get out of my comfort zone. So I set my sight on half marathon. This app was perfect!! It broke it down in achievable goals. I just run my first half marathon and I owe it to determination and this app!!
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2 years ago, Bkkkb
Not free at all
I got a week in and I can’t continue without paying for the app. I don’t get it. I could see all 13 weeks, read through them, decided with my different medical conditions that it was one attempt and just see how far I could get. I was excited. Got up this morning and I am not allowed to continue.
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5 years ago, AlyVero
Not impressed!
The app doesn’t save your run so you can return to a map. It doesn't sabe your split times to see how fast your running each mile. I’m not even sure it syncs with the health app on my iPhone or if the phone is simply tracking what it would do anyway. If all I wanted was a counter to reach me how to run 3 mins and walk 2, I’d just stare at my watch during the run. Kind of lame for the price and a disappointed after all of the marketing put into it. Kind of feel ripped off.
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6 years ago, petit princesse
Works great
The only thing this app doesn’t provide is your minute/mile pace, which I would like to track to mark my improvement. All you get is your distance and calories burned and I’d prefer more detailed data about my run. The audio cues work well and the app is easy to use.
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4 years ago, beermn
Needs improvement
While app has lots of features it misses some basics. For example it requires you to “allow permission” for tracking even when you are not using the app. I paid for the full version so I could integrate the app with my Apple Watch which is nice. The interval timing has been a great tool as I am starting over running from scratch.
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2 years ago, natgeo_live
Where do I start?
I bought all three of the couch to 5k apps about 3 years ago where they had the entire programs when I downloaded them. Now I am being charged again to access the same workouts that I previously paid to have access to. Feels like I got ripped off.
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4 years ago, Catrina St
Great app!
I was talked into a mini marathon with some friends and this app is what we are using to train. It’s a great way to get into running, in the way it eases you into it. I’m 4 weeks in and actually liking running for the first time!
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1 year ago, jfox1218
Apple Watch Update
The new watch app update is super glitchy and doesn’t allow you to run the workout function of the watch at the same time as the 13.1 app is going. Prior to the update it worked and that’s how I would load my activity from 13.1 to Strava. Now it’s either don’t upload it to Strava or don’t use the watch app. Poor functionality.
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5 years ago, jessandnoodles
Not a training plan for a half marathon
A friend wants to run her first half and rather than my old google doc she wanted an app to help follow her progress. So I downloaded this based on reviews and it is not what I expected based on advertising. Essentially this plan teaches you to walk run interval every day. You slowly increase mileage but it does not incorporate enough actual running and interval/cross training to be able to run 13.1. It’s quite a lazy app really. Save your $10.
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2 years ago, LG Jackson
Bought app and now it’s requiring subscription
I bought this app when it was a paid version and had access to the full program and now it no longer works and requires a subscription to access. Don’t mess with this scam! There are better free apps out there with free training programs and overall better features and integration with apple products (see Nike Plus app).
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7 years ago, Nehzybejsuhevsu
Not what I expected based on 5k and 10K trainer
I used the 10K trainer to build up to running a 10K. I thought that this app would help me build up to running a half marathon, but it is only to help you ran/walk a half marathon. I am very disappointed in this app, and I usually like this company's apps. I'm also upset that I spent $9.99 on an app that wasn't what I expected. Now I'm going to have to use a different app and try to get over the fact that I wasted my money.
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7 years ago, Sseeeqqqqqeeddd
Sort of OK
I see nowhere to enter my weight or height. The calorie counter seems to be quite off from my running wristwatch GPS. Nearly a 100 or so difference. The only thing I use this app for is to tell me when to run and when to walk. I do like the workout plans but their is no way to adjust the days. It is what it is.
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4 years ago, t. orsino
Won’t sync with Apple Watch
App worked great for 4 weeks. I would just run with my watch, come home, and sync with my phone. Then my workout info would display on my phone. Week 4 day 6 I could no longer sync. I reinstalled the app on both devices, restarted both, confirmed they were connected. Still won’t work. Now it’s basically useless because I can no longer view or save my data after a run.
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7 years ago, Joi874
Great for 1/2 marathon training
It's incredibly helpful to not have to worry about timing walk/jog intervals with this app to do it for me. It frees me up to worry about my form and staying hydrated. The app allows you music to play in the background. So that's great too.
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5 years ago, KT633
Don’t waste your money...
Not sure how this app got so many stars?! I’m baffled and angry at myself for wasting $10. The program is not AT ALL customizable...it’s one program for a set amount of days. It comes with pretty much nothing except a voice that tells you when to run and walk. It also has lots of links on how to spend more money...cheers to the developer for managing to make an app that does nothing except make money.
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5 years ago, philliz86
Step back from the 10K app
This apps end goal is to get you to run 4/walk 1 on repeat for 6 miles... then magically, you’re supposed to be able to run/walk 13.1 miles 2 days later. If you’ve gone to the end of the 10K app (running 6+ miles no walking) you’re probably currently able to run 4/walk 1 for the duration of a half marathon. If you are downloading this app to progress from there, don’t waste your money.
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6 years ago, Tamiam26
Great beginner app
I used this app to train for the Disney 1/2 Marathon weekend. It was my first 1/2 and without it I probably wouldn’t have finished. It helped me pace myself and I really enjoyed the run. I would definitely recommend it.
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5 years ago, Joehrbrvrvrvr
Good program, bad watch compatibility
The platform is solid but has trouble syncing with the Apple Watch- it won’t sync runs longer than 59 minutes, you will need to remove the app download again- it won’t even let you just speed along to the next week.
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2 years ago, Rilikon20
Best trainer app hands down
I have used the 5k program and the half marathon training. Hands down I suggest it to anyone. The first step to a finish line is the start line.
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6 years ago, Boo's Buddy
Old white woman starts running after 30 years
Used the c25k app and running for the first time in 30 years. Highly recommended.
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1 year ago, jeank92
Don’t download — there are better training plans
Bought full access to this app years ago as part of their bundle of 5K, 10k, 13.1, and 26.2 training apps. They’ve now revoked full access to the half and full marathon training apps in an attempt to force users to subscribe (give them even more money). There are better (free!) training plans out there.
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6 years ago, Mick62114
Minor additions
Wonderful app. The only additions I’d like to see are a GPS map of the course you ran after you finish and louder alarms in comparison to the music that is playing or maybe a longer pause in the music during the transition periods.
Show more
6 years ago, chawks64
Not a fan of the update
Worked great before, but now it paused itself at least three times in (what should have been) a 43 minute run. And yes, the screen was locked. If this can be fixed, I’d be a happy customer again. If not, I’ll have to use another app.
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5 years ago, ~**NM**~
Expensive but no support
I was expecting way more from this app for the price. It is not customizable, a 20 y/o male and a 50 y/o female would do the same workout. It doesn’t explain anything. It doesn’t lay down a plan that one can view ahead. Sometimes it skips days for no apparent reason. If it were free I’d say ok, but it is quite expensive. Anything extra beyond run now-walk now is extra money.
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