Hatch Sleep

Health & Fitness
4.7 (54.2K)
369.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hatch Baby, Inc.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hatch Sleep

4.73 out of 5
54.2K Ratings
3 years ago, reviewerinstl
Updates Review: App update fixed previous complaint
Update: I wanted to update that I am again loving the app again. They now have an auto connect option that lets you default to the device you last connected to and bypasses the irritating additional screen a previous update added. I very much appreciate them addressing this issue. As my kiddo is getting older I’ve started using some of the ok to wake features and those are working great. I like how I can have multiple programs and try and nudge an extra 15 minutes of sleep out of her on the weekends. It doesn’t always work but that’s the kid not the device. After the recent update you now have to start at the “looking for devices” screen every time. I was already lukewarm on the device because it takes a bit to connect EVERY SINGLE TIME even if you just used the app a moment ago and accidentally closed it, but ultimately liked it for the range of sounds and my plan to use it as an “okay to wake” clock in the future. Their new + model is supposed to fix connection issue but that doesn’t help those of us with an existing model. Now their new update makes the user experience worse for existing customers. In the middle of the night, when you’re sleep deprived, now you have to take longer and click through an additional screen to access the app. I can’t recommend this to anybody if they don’t care about the user experience for existing customer.
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2 years ago, music_girl24
I look forward to starting my day again :)
*AN HONEST REVIEW FROM A VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER* …BEST IMPULSIVE PURCHASE EVER! This alarm works wonders. Not only does it help with my sleep hygiene and winding myself down at night, it also (most importantly for me and my lifestyle) helps me to start my day off right. I’ve always stuck to the traditional blaring alarms and I didn’t realize it was the reason I woke up miserable every morning. Some people can tolerate using noise to wake up, I found that I am not one of those people. Even having my alarm be a song that I liked just didn’t work. I found that noise actually scared me out of my sleep and I woke up frightened. The Hatch Restore has completely changed how I wake up and by using this product I’ve learned what I need to start my day off right. The subtle, gradual light is so gentle that when I wake up it’s in a very natural way that my body can adjust easier to getting out of my sleepy state. The light tells my body that it’s morning time and the additional sound of the birds chirping makes me feel like they’re right outside of my window. It’s just a much happier way to wake up. Thank you Hatch for truly helping me to restore my sleep again and help me tackle my nightly struggles of winding down and my morning struggles of waking up. I feel like a whole new person ☀️
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2 years ago, girlwholuvsmusic!
Love it!
We love it! Now I want one for our bedroom, the lights are very soft and ambient but can be used for a perfect personal side light at night without waking everyone up. The sound options are nice and the volume options are a great range as well. I just wish that the audio monitor has the ability to cancel out its own sound. If you are using the sound machine feature you can use the audio monitor simultaneously but it’s hard to hear your child until they get really loud, you may not hear them shuffling. The sound machine noise definitely takes over primarily but it kind of does the job if your not far from them and need at least something to listen in. My child is also under 6months so maybe the sound monitor will become more useful as he gets older, I just wouldn’t solely rely on it at night as your only monitor if you will be using the sound machine at the same time . Otherwise its great I love all the options and you can set timers and favorites still a great product and I think we will get use for many years out of it . 😊
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2 years ago, Fightamin
Missing simple obvious features, but okay
Update 8/22: Hatch customer service did reach out and I was sent a replacement for my malfunctioning device, which was nice. They were very responsive and they have made some improvements to the “beacons” … but I still think it was a bad idea to completely replace schedules/routines. So, I’ve updated review to 4 stars. One missing star for frustrating app experience at times, missing schedules, and lack of progress bar when playing a timed sound or story. No ability to queue sounds. “After this story is done, play white noise” … that doesn’t exist, and it should. Original review: I meticulously set up schedules for each scenario: weekday bedtime, weekend bedtime, no school, sick days, etc. now with the latest update, those were all erased with something called “beacons”. Why the well-known word “schedules” was changed to “beacons” is beyond me, but that’s beside the point. I’ve been trying to figure out how the $&@) to just create a custom schedule (sorry, “beacon”) for like 15 minutes now and it seems like, nope! If you can, it’s entirely unintuitive. This is awful. Completely disrupts my children’s sleeping regimen. Also, I bought two of these hatch plus v2’s about 6 months ago one just died on me. So now I have a doorstop and a useless night light. Neat.
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2 years ago, sunshyne51
good but could be great
When I finally got my babies out of my room, I was so happy expect the one thing I missed was the white noise machine. I’m a pretty utilitarian person so I’m not a big fan of one trick ponies, but the hatch restore really spoke to me as the adult version of what I had been using for my kids. However, it’s missing a few functions that seem pretty intuitive for what it’s supposed to offer. One thing, I love that you can set the clock display to turn off when you want it to, I.e., in the middle of the night. But, it would also be great if you could set periods of time to different brightness levels. I have it set to very low light bc I don’t want it to be glaring at night when I’m trying to use soothing low light to help get to sleep. But then it’s impossible to see during the day when it’s bright out. Should be able to set it to a bright setting during peek sun hrs and lower light setting during evening hrs before sleep or for early am so you can always see the clock but it doesn’t take you out of sleepiness. Also, I really wish it had a third setting to be able to just turn it off and on like a lamp. It’s goofy to have something that big on your night stand that you use for a reading light but not be able to just turn it off and on like a lamp. Otherwise, I like it. But could totally love it.
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3 years ago, cait.88
Just ok
I received the Hatch+ as a baby shower gift. We have been using it every day for the past 12 weeks since my daughter was born. I have kept it on low in our room every night and like that I can easily turn it up from my phone if I need more light in the middle of the night. We've started using the sound machine function lately as it seems to help her stay asleep. The app is occasionally glitchy, but overall ok. Things that this device needs updating on to make it worth the money: 1. Please turn this into a Bluetooth speaker, or be able to upload your own songs or sounds to the app. This is a very expensive sound machine with the capacity to be extra awesome, but truly lacking. 2. The yellow, pink, and orange lights all turn red when you dim them, and don't go nearly as dim as the white light does. Warmer lights are better for your eyes at night but it doesn't make any sense that past a certain dimness, they all go red. Overall it's a neat product and the app has functioned well for me for the most part. However, I would not have spent money on this myself after using it, so I'm glad I got it as a gift. Hopefully will be able to use the okay to wake functions as my daughter gets older and maybe there will be updated to make it even more functional down the road.
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3 years ago, Rowe2ry
Incredibly useful but I have one gripe
I hate to give this less than 5 stars because my wife and I absolutely find this to be critical in our bedtime routine. So much so that we bought a 2nd one for sleeping the baby in another room of the house as well. However, in our use case, all we do is the washing machine sound and our “favorites” programmed in are all 5% sound increments with 0% light and we tap the ring to go up 5% at a time as baby gets sleepier and sleepier. In the app, each favorite is represented by a different color of the rainbow. Red-10% Orange 15% yellow 20% and so on (ROYGBV). The thing that is anooying to us, is that if you adjust volume or the light up or down in the app, the % number ops up and then disappears when you’re done adjusting. For….. I guess aesthetic reasons? Why don’t the numbers display all the time? This is also true for the favorites editing screen. If I’m setting up a favorite and I want 30% brightness and 43% sound, I’d like to just glance at the edit screen and see if it’s setup right. I see absolutely zero benefit in having that percentage read out “disappear”. Very odd app programming choice. If the app creators and users like it this way, why not create a “settings” page to toggle this on or off?
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1 month ago, ryanjones245
App doesn’t work 1/2 the time
The app use to be great, it was easy to use and now it’s horrible. It glitches, won’t connect, plays the wrong story. The routines aren’t even routines. It’s one story followed by a white noise. Because kids are known for going to bed quickly. 🙄 I’ve waited months for them to fix it, and still having all the problems. Do not get the product, not worth it. I’m stuck using it because I’ve already invested hundreds into 3 hatch units. Again, do not buy. Your kid can go to sleep without a story. Update after company response: I have reached out to the company multiple times over the last few months with no changes being made. That’s why I wrote this review to warn others. I’ve been patient, I understand bugs happen and need time to be fixed. It has been months, with no messages saying “we’re working on a fix”. At times I wonder if anyone in the company has kids or even uses the product. It’s that bad. Just because people ask for a feature doesn’t mean the one way you implemented it was right. You got it wrong. Learn from the mistake and fix it. Read all the 1 star reviews around me. I’m not the only one saying this. I’ve told so many people to buy this product because it worked well. Now I’m going back to all of them encouraging them not to sign up for the subscription. Please fix your product.
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4 years ago, Jblack45357
Don’t waste your money on the restore
I have 2 rests for my kids, and was so excited to try the restore for myself. It’s advertised as having a programmable routine to help you fall asleep with a reading time, a wind down, bedtime, and sunrise wake up features. What they neglect to tell you before purchase is that to have access to the wInd down programs you need to pay an extra 5 dollars per month! This alarm clock was already over priced and then they limit one of four features unless you pay for a “premium” membership. I feel taken advantage of because the hatch website never mentions that you won’t have access to the full library of the wind down programs without paying more for a premium membership. It’s very deceitful in my opinion. I’d like to update my review based on the developers feedback. Yes we do have access to more than one. I don’t think I implied that we only had one but the response I received was word for word exactly the same response to another review with the same issue so I’m pretty sure they aren’t bothering to give individual responses. We have access to a whopping 2. Perhaps you should be a little more transparent in your marketing, and not spring an extra monthly fee on people without disclosing it before purchase. Would I keep this product if I had known before hand there would be a monthly fee? Maybe. But I don’t appreciate being tricked so it’s going back.
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11 months ago, ThaM00sE
Hatch Rest+ Gen 2 audio cutting out
Our Hatch Rest+ Gen 2 has for the most part been a game changer. We typically just use two presets (favorites). One to have consistent light and white noise at night when sleeping, and one that has the same volume level but a slightly brighter light for night time changes. Typically, we can cycle between the favorites with the volume staying on as to not wake the baby up with the audio fading in or out- only the light would go brighter or dimmer while audio stays the same consistent level all night. Until tonight. Suddenly, the audio not fades in and out between presets. No matter how much I’ve changed, deleted and re setup, reset the whole system- nothing changes it. Now every single time we switch the favorites between the two with identical audio settings, there is a drastic fade out for 2-3 seconds and then fade in for the EXACT same audio settings and volume. Incredibly disruptive for nighttime changes, and there seems to be to support to solve this issue. UPDATE: I contacted support and within an hour they updated the firmware remotely and fixed the issue! Very surprised at how fact and helpful they were!
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2 months ago, sfrisz
Good, but seems to struggle over time
This is actually 3.5 stars. I’ve been using our Hatch for white noise for my son while he sleeps for almost two years. At first, I didn’t love that you can’t control the volume manually on the Hatch itself, but over time, I’ve come to enjoy having the control on my phone. It’s very easy and user-friendly, and I like the updated aesthetic of the app, as well. I have a different brand of sound machine for my daughter in her room, and I don’t like it quite as well. However, lately the Hatch app has seemed glitchy more often than not. When I pull it up and click on my son’s device, sometimes it’s taking forever to load, and sometimes has trouble connecting to it at all, even when I’m standing right next to it and the WiFi connection is fine. EVERY time now that I click on our device on the app, I have to wait a number of seconds for it to essentially “catch up” or “refresh” before adjusting the light or sound. If I don’t, it’s like it doesn’t register and keeps the settings as I had them before. Seems like a bug that should be easy to address.
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3 years ago, katieallyn824
Great OK to Wake Toddler Tool!
When switching our little guy over to his big boy bed, we knew we wanted to implement an “ok to wake” clock in his room. I ordered a different product first but the sound machine portion was awful and I had no intention of keeping his old sound machine along with a new clock that should have that feature. This was only $10 more than what I had originally ordered and with using the programming feature for bedtime each night we LOVE this! I will definitely be buying another one down the road when we have baby #2. My only wish is that there was an Apple Watch app as I constantly forget my phone when I go to grab him from his nap and I have to either run back down to my phone to switch the saved theme from a red light to a green light or try to hide how to touch the ring to change it once I go in there as I don’t want him interested enough to play with it (we only use the program feature for nighttime as his nap times vary so much each day). That would really be a game changer for us!!
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6 years ago, Sarakdaboo
A quality sound machine with great potential!
I love your hatch baby rest sound machine! I wanted to provide some feedback regarding the app :). I love how simple the programming is and it is far superior to others on the market. That being said, I was wondering if you guys could work on integrating an option to play music from the users iphone and also an option to mix white noise with the music by having the volume for the noise separate from the volume of the music. My toddler currently uses a sound machine and in conjunction with that we play baby lullaby radio from a pandora app to add some light lulling music in the background. Even if you couldn’t add a button for users to add their own music, could you create a mixer button to mix the preset lullabies with noise? Another request is to add a button for customizing a cycle for the lights. I know their is a button to cycle through all of the lights, but it would be great to be able to customize a light color cycle for different occasions (ie a red, orange, yellow color cycle for sleeping). Thank you so much for the work you guys do and I look forward to seeing what updates you have in store for the future!
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4 years ago, Gejjvdtjvfgjk
Causing more hassle
In some regards I love the Hatch- I love that it has helped my toddler gain independence by providing a visual cue to transition times alone in his room. I love the idea of this product so much but the app to run it has made it more hassle than it may be worth. We purchased this after years of waiting but Ultimately I wish we’d gone another route. The time it takes to access the app and gain control of the device is so frustrating. I have to stand in a certain spot if I’m downstairs so the signal will connect and the load time is insane. We have recently been having a lot of early morning wake ups with our toddlers and unfortunately the Hatch hasn’t always helped. On many occasions where he is finally ‘sleeping in’ past his new normal wake up time I will go in to update the schedule in the clock which is irrelevant- it turns off at the old scheduled time. Once again my child has gotten woken up by the very thing that is supposed to be helping him get the rest he needs. It’s so frustrating to be putting so much hard work into helping his sleep get back on track to just have the flaws in this app undo it all by ignoring the changes I’ve made and shutting off the lights and sounds anyways.
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3 years ago, goodbreathj
A really good app
I like the hatch and app a lot! very happy that I purchased it and have recommend it to friends! I have two observations: 1. I would like the option to add to my morning routine the same way I can for the night time routine. I understand you can add a bunch of different morning alarms and have them set them back to back, but like why not streamline that the way it is for the night time? 2. I have the premium version so I have access to all sounds, I just don’t like them. I have the app Headspace and their “sleepcasts” the night time stories are far better! I understand the educational aspect of the hatch stories and I’m sure that is appreciated by some. However the soothing stories on Headspace have nothing to do with anything which makes it easier to just wander off into the scene that they set. I find stories like that to be easier to drift off to sleep with, 45mins ambient sound whispering/quiet narrators it’s perfect. I would love for hatch to expand their libraries, because this app and speaker are great I just need them to colab with Headspace or something because the stories are not that good.
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5 years ago, ViolentRibbons
Was a 5 Update Killed That
The latest update has made this go from 5 star product for me to a 3 star. Changing the volume and light levels are so irritating. Before you could adjust everything seamlessly, but now they have added haptic feedback which just randomly gets stuck and either won't increase or decrease on demand, or it skips where you want it to be. Also, the light dimmness use to allow me to lower it to a point where it was so dim you couldn't see it glowing throughout the room, but if you looked at it you saw the light. This was perfect for my child's room. Now it just goes from semi bright to dark, no in between. I know that level of light exists because it's still preset like that on my schedule, but you can't get to it when you adjust manually. On top of that they still haven't integrated a way where the app automatically connects to the device once the app is opened. For people who only own one and want to make quick adjustments, not waste precious seconds waiting for the app to load everything this is vital. If I'm honest with myself I would say I should have just stuck with using a cheaper sound machine instead of paying $50 for this device.
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1 year ago, Khoxie
Many Features Cannot Be Used without Subscription
I’m writing this for two reasons. One is so anyone looking to buy one of their products knows what they’re getting into. Second reason is so the company can see this and know this is a shady business practice. I was gifted the Hatch Restore Personalized Sleep Solution for the holidays and it looks like a great product. After setting up the product up, I discovered I cannot use the wind down feature unless I pay $50 a year for the product. That’s 1/3 of the routine features I cannot use right off the bat. That might seem not like a lot, but there was no information about this on the product box and I wasn’t aware until setting the product up and it is unfair to force people to buy a product then surprise force them into paying to use it. I also cannot play sounds outside the two free routines. There’s an option to turn the light on outside the three routines, and the same goes for sounds, but when you try to use the sounds, all of them show the “subscribe to use” messaging. This is a shady practice to force people to pay an extra $50 a year on top of paying $130 for the product itself. If you’re going to spend your money on a product like this, take your money elsewhere.
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5 years ago, SylMag84
After Update...App is Garbage
I used to love this app & actually bought a Hatch for a good friend of mine, bragging about how it was “the best.” I’m embarrassed now. With this latest update, the font is small...tiny. It is aesthetically unappealing. Developers, please don’t reply and deflect by telling me that the font was “changed to be adaptive to your iPhone text size settings. In order to change this, go into your iPhone Settings > General > Accessibility > Larger Text, and change the size to your liking.” This is garbage considering the rest of my phone doesn’t have a minute font. It’s not my phone’s fault. Just like it still doesn’t make sense why we have to choose a device to connect to each time. If you’re so adaptive to our iPhones why does your “we've found that auto-connecting has been unreliable on certain platforms/devices, and we want to make sure all our users have the most reliable connection possible” excuse make any sense? The sliding bars seem to stick now as well, which is annoying when you are trying to get the thing running quickly. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, people are a bit upset with the update. Your app rating has gone DOWN. A developer response does not make good customer service. Fix the issues, stop deflecting and maybe you can get some better ratings.
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3 years ago, waterbabyyyyyyyy
My sleep saver
I struggle with sleep to a great extend. I would be awake for two days. Not by choice. I can’t calm my brain down and worry about everything. I have wanted to stay away from medication until it was no other choice. I made the decision to go for the hatch to try. You can always return it. This I won’t be though. I have a routine and I am sleeping soundly without medication! I also am able to wake up on time. This was something I struggled to do which caused me to be late to work often. Especially with Covid I went into a depression where the bed was my best friend. I always felt I needed more sleep. But now I wake up feeling rested and not frightened when the alarm clock goes off. This is the best thing to happen to me. I highly encourage everyone who needs a routine, who struggles with anxiety, who has a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep and even those who dread the morning alarm to just try the hatch. The worst thing that happens is you make a trip back to the store to return. But I am 99.9% sure you won’t need to.
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2 years ago, RoseyRunner326
Clunky, not user friendly, much to be desired
For such an expensive alarm clock I was really disappointed to learn that I had to also pay for the app to even be able to use it. And on top of that the app leaves much to be desired and is not user friendly at all. There is not much that you can actually control on the clock itself… which is ironic considering this is a device that’s supposed to promote sleep health. I purchased the clock mainly to try and start sleeping with my phone in another room. But that’s not really possible considering you need the app to control the clock. The app is seriously lacking, especially for the cost. There are not as many sounds or options as there are on many of the free sleeping apps I also wish there was a way to change up the “sleep routine” without having to edit the entire routine which starts everything over. For example, sometimes I want to turn the sunrise feature off but keep the alarm or vs versa. That’s not really an option unless you go into the app and change the settings… who wants to do that at 5am?? Not me! The app and clock have really caused more frustration than anything. It’s a beautiful clock and I love the idea, but the execution has much room for improvement.
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7 months ago, doofer238
Crashing A lot Lately
We’ve had the Hatch for a few months now and love it - it’s in our room with us and our 3 month old but lately it’s been crashing a few hours after it’s scheduled 8pm “On” time, or randomly in the middle of the night. The sudden dead silence wakes us up! The machine will either make a mechanical stuttering sound before shutting down and rebooting, or will just shut off to silence and then will turn back on with horizontal lines across where the time should go before going back to the normal time display. Then you have to go back into the app and click on your scheduled light and/or sound to get it back up and running. It’s been happening every night - multiple times in a night sometimes - for the past week/week and a half and it’s getting really annoying! I thought the chat feature on the Hatch site would be an actual person to discuss this with, but it’s just a robot unfortunately so I guess I have to rely on the app updates that keep releasing to hopefully fix this issue because trying to talk to an actual human tech to explain what’s happening and see if something is wrong on my end is next to impossible.
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3 years ago, hweisman22
Hatch Restore - doesn’t free me from my phone
This review is for the Hatch Restore sunrise alarm + app. I’ve had it for about 5 months. Pros: great sunrise alarm, easy to use, attractive on the nightstand, able to dim or turn off the time display at night. Decent selection of audio in the app. Cons: I really wanted an alarm clock that allows me to stop using my phone in the bedroom. This is not the solution, since you have to use the app to set your alarm and adjust what wind down audio you want. I suppose if I woke up at the same time every day (or even at a consistent time on specific days since it does allow you to program a different wake up time for each day) it would be less of an issue. As others have mentioned, I’m also not keen to start paying for their full audio library after the 6 month free trial. I wish I could integrate audio from my Insight Timer app which has higher quality mindfulness meditations from renowned teachers. I’m considering buying the Loftie because you can program it manually, or just a regular, old-fashioned manual alarm clock. If the app content were free or I could integrate other audio into my routine I might reconsider.
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6 months ago, Katieesss
Old version worked better and was easier
I have multiple Hatch products and have been using the app/ product for about 3 yrs now. While I like the clock feature, I feel the old nest rest worked a lot easier. It was nice that it didn’t have to connect to WiFi. I also like the old app better. The alarm setting features were more intuitive. New version with clock and WiFi has too many bells and whistle that come with glitches. Ex. The alarms don’t say when they are done, they only will read how long you set them for so if I want another sound to start, I have to do the math and when that is. This morning the new hatch with clock went completely useless on me. I was trying to change the sound with my phone because I was awake in the kitchen and didn’t want to wake my husband up, but the app wouldn’t change the volume. I unplugged and reset and it still wasn’t working. In my opinion, the new product and app is overly complicated. I work in the tech industry and am on a computer all day and the app is tricky for me. I’m sure others who aren’t as tech savvy would be more overwhelmed. Time to do some product testing or go back to the old trusty.
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3 years ago, CaylaDenise
I like it but I’m disappointed.
I like it. It’s sleek, I love that you can adjust the sound and light, and pick colors and sounds. My favorite part is that it stays on of the power goes out. My son wakes up as soon as it turns off so I love that feature! I even love the app and and the fact that I can turn it on when I’m in town and he’s at home with my mom and I forget to turn it on. However, my only complaint and it’s a big one is the fact that there is no way to control it or turn it on with out WiFi. My wife is down right now for whatever reason and we’re waiting for the tech but it’s my sons bedtime and I can’t turn it on because we don’t have WiFi. At least have the option to touch the ring and the exact sound and light that you last used come back on. I’m a bit annoyed with this design, I feel like it was very dumb and not thought through. I’m disappointed because this thing is pricey and I can’t use it at all times, they’ve limited it. What happens when we’re on vacay and we don’t have WiFi? It won’t even connect to my hotspot. I’m upset with the impracticality of this device.
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5 months ago, LaTenley
So much room for improvement
I LOVE the idea of our Hatch Rest+, but the app leaves so much to be desired. Our Hatch will sometimes just stop playing in the middle of an episode. Hatch does not offer a pause, fast forward, or rewind option, so we have to start the episode completely over. If you have a kiddo that relies heavily on routine and is hard to get to sleep, it throws a wrench in our whole bedtime routine when trying to get through one meditation exercise takes 30 minutes because we have to keep starting over. Besides fixing the crashing, it would be so appreciated if we could get pause, fast forward and rewind! The library of stories and sounds is great but is poorly organized. I wish there was a way to filter episodes by narrator or type or lesson. There is not a search option either. All-in-all, our Rest+ has been instrumental in getting our 7 year old ADHDer on a nighttime schedule that works for us, so I’m thankful to have found it. On the flip side, for a paid subscription I expect a better user experience and a device that doesn’t consistently crash.
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11 months ago, Drmomoftwo2
Love this product and the company. We have used the Hatch in my children's rooms for years and recently had an issue with one (it was 4 years old). Their customer service was polite, quick to answer, understanding, and thorough. They provided multiple troubleshooting options and even followed up a week after one email when I hadn't responded. Ultimately the hatch was unable to be fixed but they graciously sent me a new product. We have recommended the hatch to so many people - especially young moms who need just a bit of light for those MOTN feeds and diaper changes, but also for toddlers who need the wake to rise function. So now in addition to loving the actual products, we can certainly add our appreciation of the company and their customer service to that list. If you need a white noise machine (with other sound options too), nightlight, wake to rise light, or audio monitor, we cannot recommend the Hatch enough!
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5 years ago, mugzy bubz
When we first had our baby this was an okay device
I would’ve purchased something different but my gf got the Hatch Rest. It’s just lacks innovation. It can’t keep up with technology, you can’t upgrade it to do anything else other than what it was preset for. Fine I get it. But as my baby grows and he is now about to be 1 year old, the rest app is just the same as it ever has been. Boring. I just don’t understand, all it takes is a simple software update of some sort to allow it do so much more, it’s capable of doing plenty but the app remains the same. Same old music same old sounds, same old color changing lights that cannot play other music like classical music, Mozart Beethoven Bach and Vivaldi. So pretty much have to get out the iPad out to play these kind of songs cuz it is what puts the baby to sleep, not the white noise or the birds chirping or any sound on the Hatch Rest. I’m so tired of the same stuff you put out and I’m like why can’t you guys add something to it. A small update, add another lullaby. Do something because your proving to all of us customers, that this device doesn’t grow with the babies it was meant to be for. It’s just the same old Hatch Rest device that I hate to say our baby monitor can outperform any day any time
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5 years ago, tra03
Pretty impressed
This programmable night light/sound machine is pretty awesome! I love how many different variations you can choose from (the sounds, colors, brightness, etc). I like the fact I can change a setting on my phone from the next room without having to disturb baby (especially if they’re awake). I have it programmed to turn on at a certain time each night and off at a certain time in the morning. I removed one star because sometimes if I’m not home (and thus my phone is not home) that sometimes it doesn’t turn on at the programmed time. Not a huge issue as I just open the app and turn on, but still. That’s really my only gripe about the app/light. And I remember when I first purchased the light and got home. It was daylight hours and I put the light on the highest setting and I remember thinking that it didn’t seem very bright...I was wrong. I rarely use the light feature anymore as our baby sleeps better in the dark, but I used to use it on the dimmest setting and it was still plenty of light to see where I was going/doing during those late night feeds.
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5 years ago, KariLova
This was too expensive for what it does.
I love the Hatch rest with a few exceptions. For the price I feel like it’s should have also had the feature of bluetooth speaker so we can play music that we select from our phones, the sounds provided are very limited. Also I’m quite upset that now you came out with another product the Rest + which is a baby monitor as well, wish you could just add this to an updated so your existing devices can have this function too, but I suppose it’s a hardware issue not just software but I’m still feeling ripped off having payed 70$+ for this. I have no way to return my hatch now since it’s been 7moths in use to buy your new product which clearly is superior Do you offer some kind of trade in so I can update to your new device? Over all I do love he device and know that it will serve us well once baby is grown up enough to understand the colors. I suppose I can live without the monitor part but please if it’s possible add the feature to where we can play music through it, that would really make it worth the price.
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4 months ago, Mama Alis
We like Hatch a lot and would love it if these improvements were made: 1. Faster response time on app. When baby’s crying and we need to get the Hatch light on from the app, the several seconds it takes to “find the Hatch” again, choose it, and then turn the light on are extremely precious seconds for parents of newborns and babies. Those seconds bother me every time, despite knowing that this product is still great. I know it can be better. 2. Please make the sound and light slider control buttons bigger. Again, when baby’s crying (or not, in general, too) fumbling multiple times trying to fat finger the teeny tiny circle toggles to change the light/sound is extremely frustrating. If those little circles were bigger like the size of a penny instead of a 2 millimeter circle, think it’d be easier to use. 3. Please make an Apple Watch integration, keeping the above points in mind too. We actually bought an Apple Watch BECAUSE of the Hatch app… only to be extremely disappointed that we can’t use it for the Hatch. That means we have to have our phones somehow on us whenever we want to change the Hatch settings, which, again, isn’t easy since parents often don’t have enough hands as is. Do you see a theme here? Please make it easier and faster to use, especially for those caring for crying babies. Since that’s your primary market, considering feedback from new parents is warranted and would greatly help to improve your product! Thank you 🙏🏽
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10 months ago, dmleong
App is disappointing. Returning device
I really wanted to like the Hatch. It’s a gorgeous physically designed device. But the software is truly the weakest part of the experience. First of all, you can’t use the Hatch without paying a monthly fee. The meditations are fine, but if I’m paying a monthly fee, I would expect them to be higher quality and for them to rotate on the device automatically. You have to still go into the app and send a new one to your Hatch every time, which defeats the purpose of trying to wind down without your phone. Calm definitely has a better library that I turn to more often. There was also a bug where updates to the wind down got stuck and wiped out my morning alarm, so I didn’t wake up on time. Good thing I still had a backup alarm on my phone so I wasn’t late to my meetings! The setup of the routines is also very confusing. It seems like it’s trying to do too many things without a clear purpose. If you just want sleep sounds with lights, there are cheaper options without a monthly fee. If there’s a monthly fee involved, I would expect a better experience. I’m returning it
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1 year ago, Christopher Daniel Johnson
Good product but misleading
The primary reason I bought this clock was for the sunset feature that was advertised. After purchasing and setting it up in the app, only then was it apparent that I needed to pay for a $50/year subscription to set up the “unwind” routine with the sunset feature. I’m currently using the free trial of the subscription and not sure what I’m going to do when it runs out. I find it shady and misleading that you have to pay MORE money on a yearly basis to access one of the most advertised features. I shouldn’t be made to feel like I’m having a second-rate experience because I don’t want to pay for a subscription. After buying an alarm clock this expensive, I should feel like I’m having a VIP experience. Anyone who bought the clock should have access to 100% of the features, period. It feels like their value is placed on getting the maximum profit out of the customer rather than ensuring the customer has the best experience possible. As long as they keep this subscription model, I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone I know.
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2 years ago, Melly017x
Really great! Except…
After just under a week with this I do love the sleep routine and am already getting to sleep much faster. I love the soothing sounds and the wide variety of choices depending on what you like for your sleep routine. My only complaint is a big one, which is preventing me from giving it 5 stars. The sounds to wake you up are very limited, just a few choices. One of the main things I wanted out of this was to not only wake up gently with a light that gets brighter and brighter over time, but also to wake up gently with soft music that gets louder and louder over time. All of these channels with a huge variety of lovely music to choose from to customize your sleep routine—why can’t I choose from that music in my wake up sound too? The only alarm sound that even comes close is the meditative flute, the rest are kind of annoying like a regular alarm clock and not a whole lot different than what I can get on my smartphone alarm. Please add the music channels that are in the wind down and sleep sections of the sleep routine to the wake routine too! PLEASE!
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5 years ago, desi a.
Love it
We love the light and the sounds that come with it. My daughter is staying in her room more often and easier than she used to. I just wish there were a few modifications. I would have loved to be able to upload stories or songs to it for her to listen to during her quite time (or nap time depending on the day.) I also wish there was a way to lock her out of changing the settings and playing with it. Lastly, I would love to be able to use it for emotional regulation. Everything about it is ultra soothing. It seems to calm her down very easily. I just wish that it had a pulsing kind of light that would help guide her in some deep breathing and would be able to use as a kind of time out light as well. For instance, the light would change colors or slowly dim with each pulse (breath) and she’d have to stay in time out until it shut off (3 min timer or so.) Maybe there are some of these features already, and I just haven’t found them. I’ve only had it for a few days, but it seems to be helping soo much already.
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2 years ago, Kay JB
So I bought the Hatch restore when I switched from night shift to day shift less than a year ago and LOVED my purchase. A few months after purchasing, one of the lights burnt out in my clock display so depending on the time it was hard to tell what the correct time actually was. Hatch customer service was phenomenal and sent me a brand new one which happened to be the “upgraded version.” I will say, I love that the new one has actual buttons now and I like that you can increase or decrease the clock display brightness. What I’m sincerely and most disappointed about is the choices in sounds. The old one has TONS of sounds and stories and all kinds of things to choose from. This new one literally has about 8 sounds for sleep and wake and about 15 stories/sounds for falling asleep. I even purchased the yearly membership thinking it would somehow open up so much more and got nothing. I’m extremely disappointed in this and almost want to just go back to my old one with the broken clock display and lack of buttons. Super bummed.
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5 years ago, SellingSally
A purchase I do NOT regret!!
Since my daughter has been born, we have been trying to find good playlists or songs that can sooth her to sleep. We would always be fighting with our devices trying to get it to play when we needed it to and when to turn off or it would just cycle through “similar” songs which were no where near similar! Haha Without music or background noise at night, our little girl doesn’t sleep as deeply for long. We were told by another parent in store to buy it because it was a lifesaver. We’ve had the app and the device for a whole day and we’ve used it 3 times already. Seeing that my daughter does not go to sleep easily for her naps, I played the music in the background while nursing her and she just knocked out WITHOUT a fight! TWICE! Timers, color changing, dimming and brightening, song changing.... I will be a loyal customer for the future babies after what I have experienced today! Thank you for an amazing product!
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2 years ago, LoulouLeMan
Big bad changes
I have told so many people about this life changing device. I have been using the restore and it has sleep trained me out of insomnia. BUT. This new app refresh removes every single feature that helped me get there. I had previously set it up so I had an hour of reading light, then a half hour of soothing ocean waves to rock me to sleep, then white noise until my alarm and if I somehow woke midway through the night I could tap for a relaxation meditation to get back to sleep. Before bed I could quickly toggle which of my 3 different alarm times I needed. Now, none of that is possible. I have to settle for just the sleep and wake portions of a routine? And if I have two alarms set for weekdays, they’re either both on or both off unless I delete and reprogram them?? This is just a white noise machine with an alarm clock, you can get something comparable for way less- unless I sign up for their subscription plan, which still doesn’t bring back all the functionality. HUGELY DISAPPOINTING. Why would you mess with peoples sleep routines? Isn’t your entire objective to maintain one??
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4 years ago, ELM@B
Easy to use but unreliable
I’ve been using the hatch app with my new Rest+ for about 3 days. The app is very easy to use and intuitive. I love the variety of sounds and colors available. I haven’t really used preset programs or timers yet but they are easy to set up. My biggest complaint is how unreliable the app is in connecting to the Rest+. Whenever I open the app on my iPhone 12 it takes awhile to connect. Often it can’t connect at all. It tells me to reset the device, but closing and reopening the app always fixes it. It’s also logged me out several times. It’s annoying when I’m trying to take care of my baby or listen to the audio monitor. I used the Annie app before and never had this connectivity issue. My husband also experiences these issues on his iPhone 7 but not as often. My other, minor complaints are with the audio monitor. It sounds very grainy, which may be due to the white noise. Also I wish it had an alert feature so we could leave it muted and it would turn on automatically when the baby cries (which is a feature of the Annie app).
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1 year ago, Chelsk7
Love this app
I absolutely love this app and my hatch! The app is super easy to use. I’ve never had any issues with loading anything etc. I would love a larger variety in the sleep library but it does have a lot of great choices. I went from having to sleep with the tv on for a little light and noise and it taking minimum of an hour to fall asleep to falling asleep in 10 minutes of less with my hatch restore. I love the sunrise alarm settings and the simple layout of buttons on the device itself. I’m getting a deeper more restful night sleep every night and I couldn’t do it without this device. I love that you can put multiple different noises on throughout the night. It’s honestly so relaxing. I have never used a sound machine with my other kiddos and it has worked so well with my baby that’s still in our room. My only regret is not buying this device sooner! No other device compares!
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3 years ago, Kdkdheballdifbf
Best sound machine ever
I know you’re reading reviews because you wanna pick the right sound machine. Just go ahead and bite the bullet, buy this one!! Seriously. Do not buy any other sound machine, you will be disappointed (sincerely someone who bought a portable one that needs new batteries every single day) I ordered the hatch machine for my (9 month old) daughter as it was starting to get chilly and we couldn’t keep her fan on every night but she needed the noise. I wish I had bought this when she was a newborn! Not only is the app easy to use (with a wide variety of options!), the customer service is unmatched! I am in love with this sound machine! We love that we can preset her bedtime and it goes to the perfect sound and light combo we chose. She even crawls over to me when it comes on because she knows it’s bedtime! Overall amazing sound machine, amazing app, big fan of the company. 10/10 recommend!
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1 year ago, AidanaKA_
Great product, but sometimes Glitching
Great product. My number one helper. This is the first thing I use when I nap my baby. But the app is glitching with volume recent days. Example: You turned on hatch and it is working fine you put the volume 24 and you closed the app. Then later you want to change the volume up , you open the app and everything is ok it opens and you start changing the volume slowly like 25,26,27 up to 30. And you notice volume feels still same 24 ( even in the screen it shows 30) and like after second 2 or 3 the screen swipes right by itself, new screen shows the volume 30. And the volume turns up quickly so loud that it wakes up sleeping baby and he is scared and starts crying. And it happened several times. It has been like a month or more that this issue exists. I hope I could explain everything. Please take a look to this issue or bug. Other than this I LOVE it. Thank you for great work.
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2 months ago, Proudredhead13
Like my hatch…. Not so much the app
I was given a hatch when I needed a clock. Later, I found all the mind blowing features that were included. Guided meditations, sleep sounds, You name it, it’s probably there. I used the hatch for a while off of someone else’s app until I realized that I could have the app and control my own hatch. When I downloaded it, I did what it asked me to do. Plugged it In, synced Bluetooth, and it easily found my hatch. I Pressed on it, and the app seemed to freeze at that point. I refreshed multiple times, and every time it was at that point when the app froze on me. Than, I got a little pop up and it said ‘ don’t worry, we are currently working to fix this issue.’ I believed it. Months go by, and it still says that same thing, freezing when I try to press on my hatch. I am still using another devices app waiting for this issue to be fixed. In the mean time, I would like to get a response regarding what the issue is, and how long it will be until I can use the app. Thank you!
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2 years ago, C DIT
Update: The app is great
I wanted to update this review. The developers reached out to me to help solve my issue. I tried to get proof (screen shot or screen record) of my issues, but since writing the review I haven’t had any issues. The app is great. I haven’t had any issues in 6 months or so. The app is spotty and doesn’t always find my device. I use my device multiple times a day, it is always on autoconnect, I never change the settings and there are times where I have to manually change the sound on the bottom of the hatch because there is “no device found”. That is SUPER annoying when I’m trying to turn off the light after a night feeding and the app won’t find my device. I have learned to have presets saved that have no light options. It’s annoying. But when the app works, it’s great.
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2 years ago, Mandi51
Wake Sounds are limited
I have terrible sleep issues and have been working of sleep training myself for a while. I was always recommended Hatch. So I took the plunge and spent the money. Here are my complaints: 1) None of the alarm sounds are good. (In my opinion- I have tried multiple different ones and they all leave me feeling frustrated in the morning. They are all bells or beeps, except “meditative flute”.) No options beyond those even with the premium subscription. 2) It is Bluetooth enabled but cannot be used as your own speaker. I cannot play anything on it. I seriously expect more from a 130 dollar product and subscription based app. There is no options to upload your own alarm sound? You can’t Bluetooth music from your phone?? These are changes that could transform the experience. This is what I would expect from a cheap alarm. Just disappointing. Two stars because I love the convenience of tapping and your whole bedtime routine just starts. But the price made me have higher expectations. Please consider expanding your library and features.
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5 months ago, lincolnp15
My daughter (3) loves listening to the sleep stories and lullabies to fall asleep. It’s super cute- she sings along with them and sings herself to sleep. However, it is not easy to navigate through the them. The lullabies and stories are located in a playlist but you can’t select just one of them. You have to keep clicking the next arrow and that’s when it gets glitchy and has a slow response time. It will also only play one lullaby or story before it turns off unless you have the playlist saved as a favorite and the setting “follow up with sleep” turned on. I wish “follow up with sleep” was an option for playlists that are not set as a favorite. Sometimes we try a new story but if it ends and turns off my daughter wakes up from the silence. It would be nice for the sleep setting to turn on automatically when the story ends. I do enjoy the idea behind the app but I think it needs some work to be more user friendly especially for the price of the premium.
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5 years ago, Brittaleigh
*edit Dec 19* Not even a month later and here we are again! The Hatch has frozen twice, no linking or resetting works. I have to unplug the device and wait for it to completely die in order to get it working properly again. The only good thing is that it remembers its programming and turns on when I set it up to. This is absolutely insane! I’m close to tossing it in the trash! ***** Where to even begin?!? I caved and bought this and transferred the cheap “fan like” sound machine to the new baby’s room. I’ve tried to like this, I have! The sound options are horrid! I’ve had to change the noise settings around because nothing is really like a fan. Currently set on dryer. Please change the color sliders to something else they are unpredictable and sometimes have a mind of their own. My current issue is the numerous times I’ve had to reset the hatch or re-link it to Bluetooth. Or the amount of times the app just freezes or doesn’t work when I am trying to adjust settings. Just horrible. Would never recommend this fancy sound machine. The only nice thing is turning it in via your phone. Otherwise stick to the cheap alternative.
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3 years ago, Rebizzle1
Love my alarm, some serious drawbacks
I love my hatch alarm clock. I do best with a sunrise alarm, and this has a ton of wonderful light settings that I can pick from depending on my mood. I like the wind down bedtime features and white noise. There are some extremely pleasant sound options and it is all very easy to adjust and personalize. However I do not like how little options of white noise or meditation options there are to chose from if you don’t pay the $50 a year membership. A yearly membership at that price is unattainable and not entirely worth it for the cost of the alarm clock on top of that. I plan on using my alarm for the next 5-10+ years, giving that it still works. That turns my 130$ alarm clock into a 700$ alarm clock if I subscribe for the entire time I own it. That’s just too much. I would gladly pay $50 for a lifetime subscription but those seem to be few and far between in the age of subscriptions. My last complaint is that I wish that the light and the alarm noise would both gradually turn on at the same time. I love another app that I’ve used that has gentle wake ups that slowly increases the volume for your set amount of time. I usually wake up to my light before the alarm and I get confused that maybe my light is malfunctioning and it’s not time to wake up. If I had gentle sounds playing at the same time, I would understand in my groggy state that it is actually time to start waking up.
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12 months ago, Kmom92
Great-when it actually works
My app and machine act up frequently and I will cover that in a minute- I wish at the next update that I could choose ANY of the sounds to play on loop all night. I can’t stand the three lullabies that play as sleep songs, they have weird irregularities in the rhythm that keep me awake. But my daughter and I love the acoustic campfire and it’s a shame that it stops after an hour max!! Also I wish the color changing options such as “glowing volcano” from the “time for bed” option were color options for favorites, sleep, etc. those colors are only available in “time for bed” and I don’t know why. Issues: several times a week, the machine just turns off in the middle of a program before the time is up. Or the light keeps working but the sound does not. And I have to unplug and reset, which is a real pain when I am holding my toddler to sleep and I want to be able to just use the app to control my machine.
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3 years ago, j_helen56
I was so excited to try my new hatch product so I could have a better nights sleep. After setting up my Restore product in the app, I was unable to do anything else. Each time I clicked on the product to set an alarm and explore other features, the app would unexpectedly crash. I even reinstalled the app several times and still faced the same issue. Without the app the alarm clock is unusable. It seems pretty bad that this app is unable to do the bare minimum/ it’s sole purpose. I did reach out to the company but should expect an answer in the next few days. When the app was functioning the setup process seemed unnecessarily long (around 10 minutes). Not sure why connecting to WiFi/ Bluetooth should take 10 minutes. The graphic “how to use” video only seemed to explain the device rather than the capabilities of the app (which controls the entire device) and ultimately didn’t seem to capture the product as a whole. The app is also not particularly exciting to use or look at (but we’ll see if the app ever decides to function properly).
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5 months ago, Lucasmt
Please improve the UI
The most important part of an alarm clock is setting the alarm, duh. Why does the design not put this at the top? Why is it in small type that has the AM/PM small and close to the minutes so it’s easy to inadvertently switch to PM while changing the minutes? And then if you forget to hit the little save button at the top corner it never sets the alarm. We’re so unconfident that the alarm will actually go off when we want it to after several misses that we always set a phone alarm. Just put the time at the top in big font with the save button next to it. The details of color and such can be below that. Also I agree with others that the device should allow you to use it as a speaker for other content. It’s pretty lame to have a speaker on your bedside table but you can’t use it for other things especially after paying such a high price for the device.
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