Healthi: Weight Loss, Diet App

Health & Fitness
4.8 (90K)
78.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sunshine Health Studios
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Healthi: Weight Loss, Diet App

4.76 out of 5
90K Ratings
7 years ago, Jan Cee
Absolutely Amazing
I've been a lifetime member of Weight Watchers for 40+ years and have always been very successful with their programs. I lost 48 pounds years ago and have always kept it off until some big stressor comes into my life and then I stop tracking and start gaining the weight back. Several years ago I decided to do Weight Watchers Online and loved it because there isn't a Weight Watchers meeting within a 20 mile radius of where I now live. Then they changed the program to Smart Points. I have been in such a funk for the past year and a half. I hate the new program and even though I've tried it several times it just doesn't work for me. However, online members have no choice in doing any of the old programs because they remove the information from the app and you only have access to the current program. The WW app has also become very difficult to navigate. That's another reason I gave up on Smart Points. I've gained 35 pounds and have been miserable and depressed because nothing has worked for me in trying to lose this weight. Then today I found this amazing app. It's even better than the WW app. You have a choice of which program you want to use. For me that's Points Plus. It's easy to navigate and I feel like I've been thrown a life-line. I'm so excited to be able to get back in the tracking groove and get this weight off again. Thank you so much to the developers for creating this app. I'm a very happy Weight Watcher again!!!
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7 years ago, rainbloodgood
exactly what i need!
i started weight watchers in august 2015 and lost a lot of weight on their "points plus" system. it was awesome! i lost 60lbs in 5 months and it was super easy! then in january 2016, WW decided to switch to a new "smart points" system, which was more strict so i found myself cheating and giving up on a regular basis. the number on my scale has gone up and down since then. honestly, i've gained back the 20lbs i lost on the "smart points" system and then some. the old "points plus" system allowed me indulge a bit more, which kept me on track and encouraged without feeling deprived of my treats! unfortunately, WW doesn't let you choose which program is best for you - they just got rid of the "points plus" system all together. everyone's bodies and mentalities respond differently to nutrition and wellness so i was very disappointed that WW wouldn't let me go back to the "points plus" method that had worked so much better for my needs. THIS APP LETS YOU CHOOSE YOUR PROGRAM!!! i can feel confident in my future success knowing that my old preferred program is back! no cheating. no discouragement. no quitting. i wish i had found this sooner!
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7 years ago, I H8 Liars
Greediness showing
I liked the previous version of WW, one of the main reasons I chose this app was that it enabled you to use the previous WW plan instead of the new one if you wanted. Also, it's much less expensive. It mostly enables me to do what I want to do and the scanner works great (better than WW). However let's face it, the general interface and food guides are clunky and not at all intuitive. I've paid for the app and at least 3 in-app purchases which are food guides. They are pretty bad - most of the time I'm going from app to app and then doing a web search to piece together the points for the food I'm eating. And then "new" guides become available for a full purchase cost - when they really should be updates to current users to help better the poor food searching guides already in place. Then there are nag screens to buy things like their white noise app. We shouldn't be getting ads if we bought the app and also have bought in app purchases. It's hard enough to follow a meal plan, if you have to jump through hoops and use multiple in and out of app sources just to record your points for the day, it becomes, much much harder. I've not used this for long periods just because I didn't want to deal with navigating through the amateurish maze that they call an interface. If I hadn't already bought it, I don't think I would.
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5 years ago, Retired_Marine_30_4
BIG Rip Off don’t waste your money
To the Developers you need to READ THE ONE STAR REVIEWS AND TAKE NOTES: Don’t believe the FAKE REVIEWS!!! I have been a Apple customer for over 9 years I purchased this app on the old version when it wasn’t a friggin subscription model a total wast of money. I hate when companies try an sucker people into a subscription model. I will never give my money to a Software company monthly to use it. When people start to wake up that no company will survive, if people don’t fall into the trap of the subscription model. I earn my money to hard to give it away on theses companies that go this way. You would go broke if you subscribe to every software company on this model. There are way too many other companies that offer onetime purchase to fall for that. So when this company upgraded my app it took my purchase out and wants me to subscribe. Well Hell no. I will find another company that offers a one time purchase. I will put this company on blast on all my Social media accounts.!!!! Good Bye , I am 100 percent with all the other reviewers that agree with me and all the one stars. I wish I could give zero stars. Because it was a friggin trap that I didn’t fall for. I have did restore purchase several times and nothing, I paid the restaurant guide it’s gone I paid for the app it’s gone nothing but this friggin subscription model there should a lawsuit against this practice
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6 years ago, Giabellaa
Great app needs update
********update******** The app has been updated since my original review and it has definitely improved. I just canceled my weight watchers subscription yet again to try out iTrackBites version of freestyle which is called flex. I signed up for the monthly subscription to unlock flex and it stated there are over 200 zero “bites” foods now available. I know what they are since I recently had them on the weight watchers app, but yet again they are not available as zero bites foods on the list. How can you follow the freestyle with less allotted bites but not change the bites values in the system?! I've been on and off using this app for about almost two years. I recently started back up last week and I realized why I stopped using it in the first place. Now don't get me wrong because this is a great substitute for paying monthly for the weight watchers app, but it gets to be tedious when you have to create a new food for something as simple as green tea. I think the app needs a wider variety of foods available in the pocket guide to make for simple searches along with an updated restaurant guide.
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6 years ago, Alyssa Branen
It used to be great
I’ve had the app for years. I bought the guides and bundles and have loved chatting in the community. They have made updates where you can upgrade to Pro and do the most current WW plan. They stated though that you didn’t have to upgrade and pay the subscription fee if you don’t want to do the newer plan. They also said we didn’t have to upgrade to post in the community. I noticed a few weeks ago I was no longer able to post. I sent a support email June 23rd saying “I can’t post anymore. I’ve been a member for years. I don’t have to pay 39 now to post do I?” They responded several others had the same issue and it will be fixed in an update. It was updated and still didn’t work. I emailed them again and this time a woman responded that you now have to pay 39 to upgrade to pro to post in the community” When I asked in a Facebook group a bunch of people said they never upgraded and could still post. So I give up. I’m not paying 39 after having bought the apps and guides years ago. I’m not interested in the newer plan.
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8 years ago, Najola51
Great App!
I was motivated to start WW about 6 weeks ago when I found a classic WW starter kit at a garage sale. I logged my points for a few days before wondering if there was an app for that. I found this app, and decided to give it a try. It took me a few days to get used to using the app instead of the points books and log, but now I won't go back. I love the barcode scan, and the ability to store favorites. It's easy to adjust portions to 1/2, 1 1/2, etc. Having the points to spread as I like throughout the week is great, and I'm rewarded points for exercising. I'm able to plan my eating so that I can have a variety of food, including sweets. Keeping accountable has made me think about what and how much I eat. After seeing how many points a portion of a portion has, I'm often satisfied with a smaller amount. I'm not much for attending support group meetings. For me, having this app with me on my phone throughout the day is the reminder I need of my goal and my achievements. The community chat threads also provide support. Overall a great app.
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4 years ago, Victoria5653
I’ve had iTrack Bytes ever since Weight Watchers went to Flex Points and I have loved them. They are nice, wonderful, and professional. About a month ago, my app crashed. I deleted and reinstalled it. When I tried to sign in, it did not recognize my email address. I contacted the company and was told possibly it was because I was a beta tester for Apple (I appreciated that information) so I went back to iOS 13. Then I was told that my email was not in the iTrack Bites system. I gave them every email I have in my name. They checked and can’t find those. *That’s because my account is under the first email address I gave them. I even gave them the Apple receipt number from when I paid for my subscription and the date I signed up so they could narrow down my account on their end. The said they don’t need that information; it’s not helpful to them. They said all they can do is send my name to the developer and see if there is anything he can do but it will take “quite some time”. That was 2 weeks ago. I contacted them last week just checking and they never responded. I feel like a company should have a better system for when a customer loses their login information. I’ve paid for a year and I’ve been locked out right around a month. I love this app. All my recipes are in there. I just want back in my account. I still believe the account is under the first email I gave them but their system locked me out somehow. I just want my app back.
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5 years ago, MLBaysa
I paid, but it was worth it
I used to do weight watcher when I first tried to lose weight. It went well for a while then it just got to be so expensive. I stopped and just slowly put the weight back on. I decided to try again and did some research on which apps were similar to the points system WW used. It was easier to spend points and eat things I enjoyed and focus on portions sizes and not worry too much about micro/macro nutrients. I found iTrackBites in June and gave it a go. I also convinced my fiancé to join as well. I like that it doesn’t restrict what you can eat (I still eat a small ice cream cone every now and then) and it has weekly “bites” for special occasions if I want to splurge. I can earn some extra points through daily points and it syncs with my Fitbit. As of today, I have lost over 20 lbs in a healthy, safe way and have kept it off by tracking with iTrackBites. My fiancé is 2 lbs away from his goal weight. I’m so happy I found iTrackBites and I’m able to reach my weight loss goals in a
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6 years ago, PinkSugar8484
Food Guide Bug Fixed
Updated review 4/8/18: The update on this app fixed the bug that caused the app to keep asking me to pay for the online food guide I had already purchased. Now I just with they would improve the interface and allow apple watch integration and this app would be 5 stars. I’m certainly willing to pay a small fee for a great app vs paying for WW. ***Previous review***I like this app and I feel it’s comparable to WW and at a reasonable price. However the interface is poorly designed and old looking and their free databases lack a lot of food options. So I decided to pay $1.99 for the online food guide. I thought it was a one time fee. Literally an hour after paying for the guide the app asked me to pay for it again to use it. I took screenshots of my successful purchase of the guide as proof that I’ve already paid. There is a restore purchases option in the settings and that worked a fee times to get the guide back but it continues to ask me to pay every time I reopen the app. That’s ridiculous! There are other similar apps out there with better designs and Apple Watch integration for counting activity points.
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8 years ago, Nineys
I like this app but a few things would make it excellent!
I have used the Weight Watchers app for years but decided to use this instead to save money and because I'd rather do Points Plus. I commend you for coming up with this! It has many great features. Comparing it to the WW app, there are a few things that I miss. I like how the WW app separates breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Also, I purchased the online add on and the restaurant add on. The restaurant add on needs to keep up to date! I went to Applebee's this evening and chose from their lighter fare menu and the entree isn't listed in there. I still have the WW app that will be expiring this week and it is listed in there. That was disappointing since I paid extra for the add on. I also wish that all the food listed in the online add on would give you a choice of how you want to track certain items, like whether you want to use ounces, grams, cups, etc. instead of just saying 1 serving. I like to use grams when I weigh my food. Don't get me wrong though, I do appreciate the app, I just feel that there is room for improvement.
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5 years ago, Sesit Smurf
An amazing app
I gave up weight watchers because one it was too expensive into with the new weight watchers I was not losing this place gives me the ideal of being with people that understand what I’m going through also I’ve met some people that are just fantastic on this website just talking it makes you feel better I started this back in May and it’s hard going from weight watchers to calories but I’m doing the calories all the way and since I started in May I have lost 19 pounds learning how to do calories yes it’s hard but I’ve also now started doing taking out the salt to or a lot of salt I should say so this site is amazing I have an Apple phone and I love it and I can track everything I eat and then I put it in a notepad to show my doctor to so I want to say you guys are number one and keep doing the great job and some of the recipes the only thing is I wish we could find out how long you cook it and what time to cook it for two thank you keep up the good work
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3 years ago, The ME State
Love this Program
Heard about it from Amanda Lewis YT (Thank You Amanda). Watched another YT video that spoke about WW just showing points and many times the creator was within points but in the 900 calorie or less starvation mode which is not healthy. This program gives not only the points/bites but calories and then a health guide to make sure you are eating a well balanced diet. It is very easy to use and offers a diet tailored to an individual’s specific needs. I am still with WW (for now) but being on it for almost 2 months lost nothing. With this program I have only been doing it for 2 days and I am eating better, eating more, making more intelligent choices and I have already lost 1.6 lbs! Oh and WW would never seem to be able to sync my activity from my Apple Watch. This program counts every step! As a Nurse I can say that this is by far the best program I have found (and I have tried everything but surgery) and is something that can fit my lifestyle.
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10 months ago, JodyBallard
The Good and (really) Bad
I have tracked WW points for years so was really comfortable with Byte tracking. On the plus side, the app design is attractive and easy to use. Also, a choice of six programs is far superior to WW’s current choice of only two. I also like the various user groups, and the annual subscription fee is very reasonable compared to other diet tracking apps. Unfortunately there are problems. The most significant is conflicting Byte assignments. For example, in my plan a plain 5 oz glass of Cab is 5 points, but if I scroll down a little further, it’s only 1 point if I drink it at Dave & Buster’s! Another example is a cup of full fat Greek yogurt lists a range of point values from 0 to 6! Less critical, but the inability to search for general information within the user groups is frustrating. When I searched on “different Bytes for same food” it only returned a User Group that had the word Byte in the group name. The App has great potential, but at this time, the database conflicts and limited search functionality is a dealbreaker for me.
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7 years ago, fubu grrlie
Never Going Back
I can’t say enough good things about this app. I’ve used Weight Watchers off and on for years and always somehow found myself veering off and canceling my membership out of guilt because I felt like I was wasting money. A discouraging, vicious cycle. But no more – now that I’ve been using this app I’ve lost nearly 25 pounds and gained peace of mind that if I do have a setback or two, it’s okay and I can keep going because I’m not paying a monthly membership fee. I have the freedom and flexibility to follow this plan as closely or as loosely as I want and I never feel guilty because of money. This app has been a true lifesaver and one that I will most likely be using for the rest of my life. I purchased everything except for the snack guide and it was all WELL worth it. Highly recommended if you want to get serious about losing weight the healthy way but want to do it on your own terms without being chained to subscription.
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6 years ago, Granny of six
Enjoying this app
I used the weight watchers smart points app for four months. I was very comfortable using the weight watchers app and wasn't sure if I would like the I track app… But I am now extremely comfortable and like it even better than the weight watchers app. Once you get to know it, the app is very user-friendly. Looking forward to having the ability to group the foods I track into breakfast lunch and dinner. I would also like to see an update where when you change the quantity of a serving of food you could on that same window see what the new smart points calculates to without having to track the food, then have to remember to delete the food if you choose not to eat it. I am very happy I chose this app to replace the weight watchers app. I did research many other apps and thought that this one was the closest. It is a bonus that I truly like it better than the weight watchers app.
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6 years ago, kcon1982
Great app, but could be more user-friendly
After getting tired of paying so much for the online version of weight Watchers, I purchased this iTrackBites. At first it can seem a bit intimidating to use, and I do feel like it could be better streamlined for ease of use. But if you take a little bit to browse the app and learn the ins and outs, you’ll realize it’s not as complicated as it looks. You will have to purchase a few “add-ons” like the guides, but that was no biggie to me. Still VERY well worth the low price. Also to note, this app has not yet updated to the WW Freestyle program. BUT if that’s the program you choose to follow, you still can in here. I use the “classic” version and simply do not track ANY “free” foods. Only foods that I know have points. From my understanding, iTrackBites is in the process of updating to add the Freestyle program. All-in-all, I enjoy this app and what it offers at a price I find very fair.
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6 years ago, dhogan72
Free with a catch
App has recently updated making it a free app. There is, of course, a catch. You can no longer purchase the add on components that make this comparable to the WW online plan such as the online food guide, recipe builder, and restaurant guides. If you want those items (and they will make your experience a ton easier), you are required to purchase a subscription of approx $48/year (it's advertised as $2.99/mo but they charge you the full amount). If you don't subscribe, you can still use the programs but you will be required to calculate the "bite" values with the calculator or scan the barcode. They have a basic food guide but I rarely find what I am looking for. I enter my values (often looking stuff up on MyFitnessPal or by label) and save it to my favorites. This essentially is how I am working around not subscribing. Overall, it's a great app for the price (free) and still much cheaper than WW even with the subscription. I wish I found this app several weeks ago when I could purchase and own the information outright.
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7 years ago, Eastcoastgirl75
Great app!
I've done weight watchers multiples times since 2001 to either lose a few lbs or maintain. It gets so expensive to join and rejoin all the time just for the purposes of tracking points. I prefer using an older weight watchers program since it worked for me in the past and I'm more likely to stick to something if I'm familiar with it. I like how I can choose from 3 different programs in this app. I am able to use my preferred program no problem. I only had to pay once and have had this app on my phone for a few years. I like how I can just come back to it any time I feel the need to track my food again. And all my data is still saved so I can look back at prior months. I used to hate how I would pay for a few months of WW and then as soon as I stopped paying I didn't have access to all of my data.
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6 years ago, LisainNC
Would not recommend
I purchased this app at the beginning of 2018 and, despite the overall clunkiness, was using it relatively successfully until recently. Apparently, the new developers have promised that the latest WW plan, Freestyle, would arrive March 1... which came and went. They now have promised March 31. In the meantime, the app and its community have seen an influx of people demanding Freestyle. All this noise has made the community basically unusable for those following other plans. In addition, various functions in the app have not worked since the latest update. For example, you can only delete one tracked item, then you have to restart the app, delete another item, and so on. Today, the sync functionality (which I purchased) is not working, the scanner is not working, and the community isn’t working at all. I’m very close to requesting a refund and finding something else to use for tracking. I would not currently recommend this app.
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8 years ago, Mbkissyface
Great app with some annoying issues
Love many of the aspects of this app: It has an awesome database of food built in, nice features, and it's pretty user friendly. It syncs nicely between devices. However, there are a few negatives, too. In the iPad version, it only works in portrait, but I have a keyboard for my iPad, so it is inconvenient that I can't change it. Also, it doesn't sync up with Fitbit or my Aria scale or any other fitness devices to help me keep track of activity bites. In addition, all the in-app purchases are so expensive. To have a fully functioning app, it costs about $10. Lastly, even after I have purchased everything there is to buy in-app, it still has this little tab thing that comes down over the app with ads for the in-app purchases. I have already bought those things, so I don't need more advertisements of them. And it covers parts of the app I need to click, so you can't just ignore it. You have to click it and look at the ad to make it go away!
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1 year ago, coolmama3
Mostly inaccurate info and the search function is trash
Mostly inaccurate info and the search function is trash. I’ve been using this app for about 3 years. I used it to lose my baby weight after I had baby #8, about 30lbs. But it’s been updated a couple times since then and now the search function is a nightmare, as is the scanner. Basically you have to use an outside website to verify EVERY entry, even if you scan it. So what’s the point of this app, you ask? Well, that’s a great question. I’ve been a paid pro user for a couple of years and sadly I will not be renewing. I spend so much time in other apps or on MyFitnessPal double checking entries that I’ve just started using those other apps for tracking too. So no need for this app anymore. There are so many nuances now that make it too hard to use when there are so many other apps out there. If you do try this app, make sure you join the Facebook groups too ask questions because you will need to. The admins are angels.
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6 years ago, Alladara
They’ll make you re-purchase features you already paid for!
Downloaded the app. Purchased all premium features. A few days later, app was updated and they made all of the features subscription based. Everything I paid for ($15 worth of in-app features), I was then unable to use. Contacted the developers, received unprofessional responses promising a bug fix update that would include a “restore purchases” button. Updated, and surprise surprise, still no way to restore the features I paid for unless I want to pay more. Last word received from their customer service was “I’ll let our developers know and reach out to you if I hear anything”. Perhaps before updating your app to make all of your premium features (which are the only reasons to even use this app) even more expensive, the developers should first ensure they don’t take it away from everyone who has already purchased it. So glad I wasted money for premium features I got to use for two days before the app was ruined, and had to waste time with their joke of a tech support and then again with Apple to request a refund. UGH
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8 years ago, aimeevd
Great substitute!
I call this the free app, even though it's not. Comparatively to competing apps it totally is. I used the expensive ww app for a year, and yes I loved it, but I cannot reason budgeting it. This takes a minute to figure out, but once you do it's great! Remember to click "fruits and vegetables" when tracking fruits and veggies to make them 0 points! I also like that it's customizable, so you can decide for yourself if you want to eat your activity points. This is important for me since I'm about to train for another marathon and I HAVE to eat more--and now I don't need to figure out how much more! Also for the activity tracking it actually lets you choose "speeds" so I don't have to decide if I'm doing med or high intensity (apparently everything I run at is high intensity, where it wasn't with ww). I'm very happy with my purchase and am once again going back down to my goal weight since I stopped using ww (again, due to cost).
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3 years ago, scruffy2010
Just started a few weeks ago so far, love the free one!
I’m just a few weeks into iTrackBites, I love the accountability and the scanning capability. I can go to the grocery store and scan most items to see how many “Bites” that would cost me. It makes me want to choose the better option....usually. I can really see now the cause and the effect. I can, for the first time ever, see that my eating pattern was not good. I knew it but didn’t realize how many bad things I was consuming like it was nothing. It’s eye opening. I’m on the sugar one...forgot the’s one of the free ones. It also has many “Zero bite” fruits and vegetables that you can eat either to hold you over in between meals or to use when you’ve run out of “bites”for that day. There are also weekly bites that allow for wiggle room if you want to have a cheat day. I found out about this APP through a friend who wanted to do a free version of Weight watchers. God bless!!!
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8 years ago, Tech_99
This app has helped so much.
I still wish it had "build a recipe" capabilities. I still like being able to add favorites. But I love the community. So supportive! In my healthy weight loss journey that means a lot to me. 👏👏👏‼️ UPDATE: They have it now‼️ Yippee‼️ Another review mentioned the costs of the different points of the app. I bought the bundle. I think it's an acceptable cost for what it gives you. Money well spent. As for the lack of alphabetical order in some portions, I can live with that. The community has a lot of knowledgeable people who a very willing to share their expertise. That is a big plus for me. I'd give this app ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️'s if it had the recipe builder but I can work with other apps for that particular need, for now. 😎 Update: The developers really listen to our concerns. The latest release is iPad compatible. Awesome‼️ I don't have one right now but there are plenty in the iTrack community that have been requesting it. Thank you iTrack‼️
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4 years ago, Irishjae
Please Allow Net Carbs
Update: ***** in response to developer answer**** I guess it’s time to find an app that fits my lifestyle and stop paying for this one. I contacted support and was told to come here. I’m not the only keto user who subtracts fiber AND sugar alcohols to get net carbs. There are many others that do the same, because that’s the true net carbs. The way this app is set up, I’ll develop an eating disorder. Not cool. ****** I’ve not been consistently using this app, but I’m trying to get more into it. I’ve recently switched to the Keto plan, but I found tracking to be difficult because the app doesn’t allow net carbs when food items are scanned. Yes, I could calculate it myself and do a manual entry, but that takes time that I don’t always have. It would be super helpful and less frustrating if there were an option added. I.e. when I scan an item with fiber and sugar alcohols, provide an option for me to subtract what I want to subtract so that it fits into my plan and way of eating. Make it flexible, because not all keto people subtract 100%.
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2 years ago, nancyntn
Would love But
I am pro. When I joined I track bites in 2017 I purchased everything the offered. 5.99 for restaurants. 5.99 for recipes. 5.99 for each part of the app I wanted and that was ALL of it. I had I Track Bites connected to my iPad too. Fast forward to the email I received that they were becoming Healthi. Because of sickness and things beyond my control I did download new Healthi but did not have time for myself as I was total caregiver for my husband, he passed and so did my Children’s father and my Son last year. So now it is time to take care of me. I can pull up recipes and everything I paid for in I track bites. I can pull up everything on iPad except recipes. Why? Healthi has tried to help me. Now I am asking the developers? iPad says become pro to see recipes. Why? I track on iPad or iPhone depending, and the tracker shows both. I would gladly give 5 stars. However I cannot get this issue fixed.
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6 years ago, *kjp*
L❤️VE the new update!
Holy moly, lots of change avoidance in these upgrade reviews! Ya’ll did a great job. The user interface is spectacular, and for WW users, it now closely matches what we’re used to. For everyone saying they can’t find food, you click the +, then “food”, and search for it 🤷🏼‍♀️. It used to be several lists, and now it’s one (including restaurants). 🙌 It literally could not be easier, and the community folks have already figured out all of the new changes, for those not tech savvy, and are *super* helpful. I’m excited to see what comes in the second phase of the roll out, because this has been a long awaited slice of awesome. For those complaining about certain features only being available for pro users: (1) it’s still cheaper than WW and; (2) I know it’s weird, but people don’t like to work for free. 👋
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5 years ago, AAB101511913
Customer Service Needs Improving
The app itself has been pretty good. I’ve had it for a few years and have already purchased all the features to basically have PRO. However, I don’t have the most recent with the 2 choices of tracking and the Apple Watch sync update. The 2 tracking options are no use for me because I use a different one. BUT I’ve been waiting to be able to use the Apple Watch sync since I purchased the app years ago. I recently emailed customer service and was told I’d have to pay the $35 to upgrade to PRO JUST TO GET the Apple Watch sync. So I’d basically pay $35 for one option when I’ve already paid to have all the same features. I just think it’s crappy. I even sent the screenshots of all the purchases in iTunes for the other features and they still wouldn’t offer to help in anyway. I’m a lifetime WW member so I get all of their info for free. I just don’t like their new freestyle plan so I chose to use iTrackBites so I’d have the option for points plus. But with bad customer service they won’t be getting good reviews from me.
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1 year ago, sommershade
Not bad but not great
While it is functional there is definitely room for improvement. I was using MyPlate and I love it so much. Sooooo much but after years of operation they are finally closing their doors. It is sad for me. While they too had a pay or sub they also gave you a lot more free stuff which made me want to pay for it. So why am I here. There is a community… however it is locked behind a paywall. God knows I hate paywalls to talk to people. It is called support with others not with a developer. While they make the app it is a community that builds it. I will still use this until I find an app that has a community that is free to use. Technical complaint: make it so I can click on Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snack anywhere in that box. It is rather lazy to make it just an + as someone who did some Programming before understand how it is done.
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5 years ago, classicsm
4star for free version. 3star for paid
Great features for free. 4 stars for free version. I am used to tracking macros. Upgraded to $35 *a year* (not one time. A year!) I would think there would be a way to display the calories AND macros. Wastes time to have to go back to settings and change it every time I want to see how many calories I’ve eaten. Why not display how many grams of each macro I’ve eaten? If I’m trying to keep my carbs at a certain level, 62% of 145 grams means nothing to me. For $35 a year, I don’t want to have to calculate how many grams I have left. A suggested feature would be the option to save foods, as “Save as New”. Such as 1 tablespoon or 1 teaspoon of my brand of Ghee. Saves time not having to change serving size on frequently used foods. Also, a way to search the forums??? Go for the free version unless you must have and idea of your macros. I got tired of entering iTrackBites for my points and Stupid Simple Paleo app for my macros so I upgraded ... but I still don’t know how many grams I have left to eat of each macro. I can eat 26 points of potatoes every day or 26 points of bacon but I won’t be healthy or lose weight. I need a break down. Next year, I will most likely print my logs for point values, cancel iTrackBites, and use Stupid Simple Paleo with logging my points on paper. The % left on the macros is no help to me for staying on track on a busy day.
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3 years ago, Jeffandlesli
I was SOOO skeptical when I first heard of this app as I had been successfully using the WW app but found, to my dismay, there was ALWAYS an “upsell” or people who were successful had to # everything they did! Had to be 🌟positive🌟 but it felt disingenuous to me, like yet another Facebook-esque post or a link to their IG page….. I’ve been using them side-by-side for the past week or so and it is amazing how much better I understand the food I have been eating and using to fuel my body. Easily, this app really goes above what I found to be true in the WW app. Plus! It’s like $22+ monthly! THIS program is identical to WW except it’s MINE. No upsell, fantastic recipes, community yet it’s what I put into it and make it mine. It’s newer still and I see much movement from 💜💙💚over to this VERY specific calculation and it’s a broader spectrum of what I’m eating, not just point-based. Free foods are same and basically this is a very easy-to-navigate system. I feel more in control of my journey. Heck, they even have a menu PLANNED so you can be told what to eat. It’s so easy and so so affordable! If you want weight loss, more help with sugar, keto, balanced-diet or have it help you in any way …..THIS IS THE APP YOU WANT!
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8 years ago, TofuHendrix
Very effective app for those with WW materials/experience
I have been a lifetime member of WW a few times in my life and last joined in 2010 (Points Plus system). I gained a few pounds back and decided 4 weeks ago to go back on WW. I had all the materials and didn't want to bother weighing in. I found this app, which lets me follow the Points Plus program. Total cost - $3.99 versus over $75 for a month of WW and their app.I have been recording my food faithfully, looking up points values I don't know in my written WW materials and adding them as a"create new food." So far I have lost 5 pounds painlessly, with only 4 pounds left until my goal. I am very thankful for this app. It may not help you if you are not already familiar with the WW program or don't have its materials. But if you do, it is a great way to follow the current or older WW programs.
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7 years ago, Mare1083
Excellent WW Alternative
I'm giving this 5 stars because in the 6 days I've been using it, I've been able to follow the program very easily. I do feel it's a little clunky and I'm annoyed it $2.99 to sync it with my iPhone to iPad. But a month of WW online is $40 so you can't be the cost. I've used MyFitnessPal so I'm used to that. This has some annoyances like with adding Favorites...the cannot be edited, only deleted. The recipe builder and guides are all extra BUT still cheaper than WW. Overall I'm very pleased. I do not have the budget for WW. I wanted to try for a long time but was nervous since I've invested big $$$ in diets before and always failed. It's still early but I feel like I could stick with this. There's freedom but it encourages you to make good choices. Thank you for developing this. There's no way I could have started this program without this tool. My suggestions would be: 1) make already entered Favorites editable 2) in the recipe builder search, let me view the nutritional details and go back to the search list for that particular food if the one I viewed doesn't match my nutritional info on the product I have. There are several items in there with multiple entries but they don't all match.
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7 years ago, rosebrook
Should have just stuck with MyFitnessPal
I had been using calorie and activity tracking with MyFitnessPal and MapMyFitness. Thought I'd switch to points b/c of the "free" fruits and veggies and to have that weekly "bank" of points, which MFP doesn't do. I created a "from previous day" category to try to simulate that idea... which is clunky at best. That feature wasn't a good enough trade off when comparing the food database, free recipe builder, and restaurant search. I didn't try a different setting, like calories, so that may have been more similar. But I found I missed the daily and weekly nutrition info quite a lot. I like to know if I'm getting enough of certain nutrients go I put in vitamins and supplement info. I did WW years ago so thought I would like this. I'm back to MFP synced w/ MMF. I'll use the weekly calorie setting to try to stay in range if my allotted calories. If you already use a point system this might work for you.
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3 months ago, AngB1026
Love this app
I’m like many who have found this app, a lifelong member of WW. I found my most success using a plan similar to the Healthi-Sugar Smart plan. And then it was taken away by WW. I went from having 30 points to having 23 points and then WW made change after change. I couldn’t keep up. I bounced back and forth from WW to Healthi for a couple years (4-5 actually) and found myself right back where I started. 40 or so pounds overweight. So what’s a girl to do? Re-evaluate the plan, right? A 30 point plan, or bites as Healthi says, worked before and it was simple and somewhat easy, if you put in the work. Anyway, I started using Sugar Smart on April 1,2024 and I’m down 3.6lbs already! I think I’ll be sticking to Healthi & 30bites… Loving this app!
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7 years ago, Nursesanti
Great app once you get favorites set up
I am a creature of habit. Especially when I'm trying to eat healthy. I often cycle through the same foods. Eggs, fish, chicken breast, ground beef, feta cheese, a low card bread or tortilla. Plus my fruits and veggies which I rarely log since they are zero points. This app works good once you input your favorites. Then it's quick and easy to keep a food diary and track points. I guess if you want to purchase some of the upgrades for restaurants or expanded food searches that might be easier. The free food searches work okay, but are fairly limited and the search isn't very intuitive. You might have to search several word options: chicken tenders, white meat, skinless chicken, chicken breast. But eventually I find what I want. It really does help me stick to a plan. And make a plan for my eating for the day ahead. Having a plan is key to success.
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6 years ago, spiritualfish
New 6.0 version free IS THE WORST
This used to be the best free “track food” app, but now it is THE WORST. I cannot track all the databases I paid for (online foods, snacks, restaurants, etc). When it converted to 6.0, all my favorites and recipes built started using a different system for bites tracking so everything is MORE bites. (I was using one of the older systems where fruits and veggies were 0 zero points). No instructions or FAQ comes with the 6.0 version. I have contacted (email) the developers three times asking for instructions along with answers to my questions. Haven’t heard a peep in response. I am going to start using a different tracker because this no longer has databases that I can search. I asked for a refund for all the databases I paid for and now cannot search. No answer. This feedback was from 2017: developers listen to feedback and respond quickly. When the new version came out with intro to PRO, the free one was diminished in resources. The developers fixed it immediately so the free one is GREAT again
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5 years ago, babygirlgold88
Love this app
Let me start off by saying this is not a paid review. I am doing this based upon using the app since2014. I love all the new updates and the way they changed the interface. It’s a lot cleaner and pretty lol. I have to say the reason I gave it 4 stars is because I had to pay for pro for the recipe builder and also the restaurant guide. I didn’t want to pay for pro but it’s worth it in my opinion. I also love the second metric because it shows me how many calories I’m eating. Love love love this app! The community is a huge part for me and I truly enjoy it. Can’t say enough good things about this app! If you’re a prior WW member, GET THIS APP! You won’t regret it. It’s way cheaper than the monthly WW online and meeting fees, that’s for sure. Plus, you get to choose what plan you want to do. 😁 I’m doing thePoints Plus plan with ITB but it’s called carb conscious.
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7 years ago, Lissadbl
Just what I was looking for...
Thank you to the developers for giving us Weight Watchers a choice. As others have said not everyone likes having to change with the current program and many of us REALLY DO NOT like the new Smart Points. I have been a WW lifetime member for several years and I needed a way to stay on my Points Plus program. After struggling all this time and gaining weight I have finally found the answer-Bites Plus. I especially like the affordability and the option to buy the in-app extras that I like and need. The only thing that could be better is the recipe builder. There doesn't appear to be a way to edit ingredients on a recipe. The only way i have found is to first delete the ingredient and then add it back in with the correction.
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6 years ago, mandyjo2005
Not the ideal app for someone new to points/bites
I was looking into WW Freestyle and decided to use this because it's much cheaper. As someone completely new to the points concept though, this was not the app for me. There's too much guesswork. Black beans are on the list of zero point foods. Yet when I scanned a can of them, it comes up two points. Their "solution" to this is that there is an option when logging the food to toggle it to a "zero bite food." This is fine if you know a lot about zero point foods and exactly which foods are zero. However, I thought maybe it was because I bought canned. So I ended up purchasing WW for one month. Scanned the same beans-- comes up zero. My plan is to use WW for a month or two until I learn the ins and outs then maybe switch back to this app. I definitely would not recommend it for someone who is new to the points/bites concept.
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3 years ago, Toocute56
Can’t log in???/ Revised and Grateful
I signed up for one year and haven’t used in a while. Keep trying to reset password but no luck. Could use some help please. Will be happy to change rating once I can actually use the product I paid for. Thank you. This is in response to the amazing customer service I received very shortly after posting this review on which I gave the app one star. They found my Pro account that expires in 10/21. Then once found, I still couldn’t get access. They set me up with a new password in less than 24 hours. Thank you to the developer and your amazing team. They are all courteous, quick to respond and extremely helpful. Happy to be a part of the community now.
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7 years ago, Mbanning
I am a fan!
I used weight watchers 20 years ago and lost 30 pounds in 3 months. I started gaining some of the weight back a few years ago so a friend encouraged me to try weight watchers again but I noticed that the ponta were different and I was not losing any weight so I stopped. Fast forward 4 years, my daughter told me about this app and explained that it had the points plus system that weight watchers use to use, I downloaded it right away. I have lost about 5 pounds in just the last two weeks! It is so easy now to just log everything on my phone and it is affordable at just $3.99 for a one time shot. I also bought the recipe builder because I mostly cook from scratch and now i don't have to guess on how many points something has.
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6 years ago, Trucash38
Life Changer!
I started using this after I saw a friend drop 25 pounds. I started in Dec.. the worst month to start you would think, but if I didn't start when Mid January hit I probably would've been up another 15 pounds from the holidays.. instead I started it is now Mid March and I'm down 20 pounds. I'm sure I would've been down more but I did eat some extras with it being the holidays. I'm full steam ahead with this and I can't wait to loose more! Being able to eat at fast food places and use the restaurant guide is awesome.. especially if you have kids or are always on the go! Thanks to this App I'm feeling awesome! I'm definitely sharing and spreading the news to all of my friends and family wanting to lose weight. Thank You for such an awesome APP! Love it!!!
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4 years ago, missbritty
It used to be great
I’m ticked off over here. I purchased this app years ago to maintain my weight with a similar program that I had used from WW points plus. Obviously WW stopped using that program so I had to find an alternative. This was great for that. I had purchased an add on for restaurant menus and the food book (forgive me, I can’t recall the name of it). However, today the app forced me to update and pushed me into the new program that I DIDNT WANT! I despise the update. I can’t create my own recipes without purchasing PRO. I also lost those two programs I HAD PAID FOR! Its completely different from what I originally purchased. They should have just created a separate app for this new program and left this one alone because of the differences. So if you are looking for a good weight tracking app, move along. This one isn’t great unless you want to give all your money over for PRO. At that rate, just join Weight Watchers. At least they give you the hard copy of the books.
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3 years ago, RipVanEinkle
Get up your inner will power
Make up your mind to loose the weight. COMITT YOURSELF FOR THE LONG HAWL. I committed to loose .44 lbs everyday, today is my day 105 and I’m down 44.4 lbs. Two meals every day in a eight hour period. My breakfast is at 11:00 am and dinner is at 6:00pm. Stop putting extra food into your body that is unnecessary. You’ll be surprised how much less you can eat with a conscious, balanced diet. Weight your food constantly. I weight in every morning and log it in to ITRACKBITES and write down all eaten, every day. My weight in, every day, reminds me of where I want to go down to and I feel terrific of how much I have lost. Keep looking in that mirror, check out your smile, as you see .. THE PICTURE OF YOUR NEW BODY !! Good luck to all..”YOU CAN DO IT”....FSS, N.Y.
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7 years ago, Ol. Lady
I certainly do wish this app has been around when I started weight watchers years ago it is awesome easily learned wonderful to have at your fingertips with your cell phone and readily available on your tablet you just can’t go wrong with this little app and then a little add-ons are even better it makes tracking your food and losing weight and keeping up with everything so easy you can even go back and look at your prior days I just love this app I will not be without it forever more in the future I recommended it to many friends and they’ve purchased it they got in the free version and then they purchased the add-ons and everybody so far has loved it it’s easy to learn and wonderful to have I highly recommend this app
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4 years ago, KAELYN SCOOOOOT
Really helped me control my weight and a suggestion I have to add the the activities are marching band and color guard. Those should be options on this app because those are very difficult sports. With marching band you have to learn certain movements and also you have to practice hours at a time in the hot weather when marching season comes around. Guard is a very core and arm workout because the flag is about 5 pounds which doesn’t sound like a lot but when your running around, doing tosses, and doing certain dance moves I think should be on this apps options for activities because both of those require as much effort as football or soccer. But this is an amazing app that’s helped my entire family and those are just suggestions and reasons that I think would be good for the app.
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7 years ago, PurpleEm633
Way too many glitches. The price point looks inexpensive, but to make it work well you have to spend an additional $8. Part of that money is for guides that are useless. Another charge to update and sync!! Features which are included on all other iPhone apps I have. AND unlike every other iPhone app I have, this one is NOT shareable across the family!!!! $12 for an app with way too many glitches!!!!!!! I SERIOUSLY DO NOT recommend it. LoseIt! is free and wonderful. It tracks good ol calories and nutrients which is far better than food values anyway. The new "smart points" tracking penalized vegetarians and people who know resistant starch is healthy, useful, and furthers weight loss. "Smart points" had basically jumped on the low carb bandwagon. This SmartBites tracking is based on the "smart points" valuation system. This tracker app just is not worth $12 it will take to make it work right. Don't be sucked in by the $4. It's not very functional without the other $8 features. STEER CLEAR.
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