Hero: Medication Manager

Health & Fitness
4.7 (6.7K)
72.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hero Health, Inc.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hero: Medication Manager

4.72 out of 5
6.7K Ratings
1 year ago, Ssingh567
Best device for taking multiple pills
I have used HERO for more than 3 years now and it’s been a game changer. I don’t miss any of my scheduled meds and moreover it’s so convenient. I have it in my kitchen and when I get my morning tea or dinner it’s there to remind me to take my next dose of meds. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is on multiple medications and wants to make their life easier. Moreover, customer support for HERO is excellent. Every time I have called them, their response is quick and courteous. Lately, the device started giving me trouble. One call and the customer support quickly did the troubleshooting. When that did not work, they promptly sent me a replacement device. There may be other competitors in the market but I would choose HERO every time just for their amazing customer support. I need to take meds every day and need a company that will be there to back me up and help troubleshoot when and where I need it. Thanks HERO!
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1 year ago, calftown
Life saver
My father has been using Hero for over a year now. We set him up based on my mother in law’s success with the device. My father has Parkinson’s and lives independently with my mother; they are both in their late 80s. Last week my mother was hospitalized leaving my father alone at home and my visiting daily to check on him. Yesterday I received notification that he had not taken his morning medication, after giving a reasonable time to take the medication I decided something was wrong and I needed to head over only to find him on the ground with his head busted open. Less than four hours later and hundreds of miles away my mother in law fell. Hero saved them both. I know there are several other emergency medical devices they can wear, but typically forget and do not sleep with them so, thanks Hero for your wonderful device doing what you didn’t develop it for! Works awesome for medication and support has always been helpful.
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2 years ago, Mrs Garin
The HERO gave my Mom her freedom!
I live 1.5 hours from my Mom. She was having difficulty remembering to take her pills. She didn’t like the folks we hired to give her her pills. She had to be in her apartment at a scheduled time. She had other things to do - like playing dominoes with her friends. The Hero was the perfect solution at the time. The lights and sounds the machine made to notify her it was time to take her pills worked perfectly. When she was home she took her pills right on schedule. Even if she wasn’t home when the machine notification went off letting her know it was time the notification was still on when she got home. She took her pills. I think she thought it was fun. It cost far less than paying for somebody to give her her pills every day and it allowed her freedom to go about her business while still notifying her to take the pills. With HER PERMISSION I set up a pet camera so if she was having problems with the pills she could show me and I can help her. She knew the camera was there and could call me to ask questions. We agreed the determining factor for assisted-living was when she was no longer able to figure how to use the machine - i.e. push the button to dispense the pills. Unfortunately we are now at that point. We knew it would happen. My mom had freedom she never would’ve had without the Hero machine!
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2 years ago, zoeluw
Do not buy for convenience
Do not buy this device. Spend the extra money for a better device. This is not intuitive and we’ve had nothing but trouble. It took forever to actually connect to wifi. Once connected it was tough to even know which cartridge to place each medication into and link it correctly to the specific medication. Now we are needing to add a new medication, we got the first medication into the device but need to add too more. We receive a message on the app stating the device needs to update and come back in a moment. The new message is that the device is disconnected from wifi but it’s connected. We reset the wifi and still gives the wifi disconnected message on the app. Try to chat on the app and have been waiting for at least 30 min. While waiting for an agent on the app, I called for tech support. I waited on the phone for 20 minutes and then wanted to take a message for an agent to call back. They never called back the last time we needed support, why would I trust that you’d call back this time. The other problem is that this is my mom’s device at her home so I can’t wait her for someone to never call.
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1 year ago, GJ’s Family
The Best Device and Great Customer Service
We used the HERO pill dispenser and phone app for two years to assist our family member with Alzheimer’s. She had an apartment in assisted living and wanted to stay as independent as possible. The HERO device was wonderful. We could store 90 days or more of 9 different medications and supplements and receive notifications on our cell phones when medications were taken and when they needed to be refilled. The family member has hearing loss and we were able to set the reminder tone to a level she could hear. The phone app is great. Showing the amount of each medication in the unit and tracking when they were taken. It’s easy to use and very helpful. When there was a power outage or any other issue, HERO customer service was always available to help, 24 hours a day. I would highly recommend this device
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2 years ago, KBAMCT
Mending a Relationship
My 80 year old mother has been dependent upon pain medication for the past 40 years. After the passing of my father, her cognition continued to decline and she would often forget whether or not she had taken her medications. (This resulted in often taking multiple doses of her pain meds and running out before the refill date.) Consequently, there were many arguments about whether or not she had taken the medications; she also refused to allow us to dispense her meds because she wanted her independence. The HERO allowed her to maintain independence for a full year before needing full-time assisted care. I was able to monitor compliance due to the app. Our relationship improved and even mended because I was no longer controlling that aspect of her care. Thank you, HERO. PS: Your support team is always available and helpful!
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6 months ago, I am Gracie
Haven’t missed any doses
I was a little bit apprehensive when I first ordered hero, however, I decided to give it a try. Although it is expensive for someone on a fixed budget, it’s worth its weight in gold. I have bipolar disorder, ADHD, depression, anxiety, I take several over-the-counter medication‘s, as well. Hence, a ton of medications several times a day. Originally, I was putting my medication into several “by the month” bill, organizers by my medication, all at different refill dates and I was having to refill the organizers several times a month. I ended up missing medication and doses, and it was a complete mess. HERO has fixed this for me. Honestly, it’s amazing. I haven’t missed a “correct” dose yet. It’s a little bit loud but it’s worth it. Highly recommend the extra expense for this awesome gadget.
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2 years ago, Ithojoe
My life is so much easier!
I cannot tell you how much time this saves me! Before I had to fill pill containers weekly. Then we all had to remember to take them. The pill containers would open during travel, the lids would break off, etc. I saw an ad on one of the news articles I was reading and clicked on it because it seemed like it would be a time saver. It sure is! Prescriptions are filled brought home and dumped in the appropriate slot, and done! It is easy to set up with the app. You tell it what medicine, the mg, the number of pills to dispense, and at what time. And it is just as easy to change a medicine if your doctor does. Did I tell you: it sends a reminder when a dose is to be taken? it can be dispensed remotely? two machines can be connected in one app? you can pre-dispense pills if you are going away, we simply use a ziplock bag and mark the bags. This device is very helpful to my family. In fact we have two so that everyone is covered. You could also use it for supplements, vitamins, etc. I can sing it’s praises enough. Look it up online and think about what it can do to help you and or your family members. Now if they could invent one that does meals….
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1 year ago, Wendy Oyler
Life saver!
We ordered the HERO for my mom who started having trouble with both what pills to take and when due to the onset of Alzheimer’s. Even though we filled and maintained the meds in the device, it was easy for her to use and get the correct meds when due. It gave her about an extra 18 months of independence. It also gave us BIG peace of mind know she was taking the proper meds as prescribed. And we could monitor and know if she was late to dispense or even missed a dose. HIGHLY recommended to anyone who has multiple medications that have to be taken at different times, even if you don’t have memory or cognitive issues. Oh yeah, and the monthly cost was definitely affordable and well worth the peace of mind. We would use it again in a heartbeat!
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2 months ago, Supqwert
Be aware you have to pay $30-$45/month indefinitely to use it.
Pros- has helped me to consistently take my medication. The update where you could dispense from your phone was much needed and made it better. Cons- loud, very noisy when dispensing. Slow, seems to take a very long time to dispense even 1 pill. The machine is pretty large. You’ll need some space for it to be. The worst part really is the monthly subscription cost. $30 a month (that’s with a 2-year commitment, it’s more if you do shorter-term) which is a lot for essentially a fancy remote. You can’t use the machine unless you pay. I understand that price for like the first year to pay for the machine, but after a year or so, loyal customers should pay a reduced price. $30-$45 a month to use it is, in my opinion price gouging. If you want a medication tracker/reminder, there are free apps out there.
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2 years ago, Travler girl
Life Changing
I had a heart transplant. I have to take 24 pills a day. Before Hero I had to spend a lot , lot, lot of time reading the list counting and double checking and still finding mistakes. I could either do a week at a time or do it twice daily. Now my phone alerts me and I dispense and take them. For travel I can dispense however many days ahead I need. It went from a major burden to easy and simple. I just renewed my machine for the maximum time. I plan to use it forever. Also my mother in law who is about to turn 90 was worried about having to move from independent living to an assisted living facility like her friends who can remember to take their meds. Now if she starts having an issue we will just sign her up with Hero! Problem solved!!!
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2 years ago, jkhpb
Great customer service
I’ve had my Hero Medication Dispenser for more than 2 years. It helps me manage my medication in an easy way. When I started having a problem with it not always being able to dispense a pill, I contacted Hero. I was concerned that there wouldn’t be much done to help me but I was pleasantly surprised! They were great! I tried a couple of their suggestions but when nothing helped I was told they were sending me a replacement. Just that easy! I’ve been very happy with their product and now with their customer service. In the interest of honesty I have to also add that as much as I love the dispenser and their customer service, I use my Hero through my computer and do not use the app so I cannot answer as to how that works.
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1 year ago, Scraphappy7
Working great again. Thank you so much!
UPDATE: it’s a day later and I received a message to contact them. However, I see that there was an update to the app “12 hours ago”. Sure enough, I was able to open the app. When I deleted it I got the warning that my data may be lost, but it wasn’t. Thanks so much! Like I said, I love this app and the machine. Simplified my life a hundredfold. I’m now compliant and within the A1C goal, so much so I was able to get some surgery I’ve been wanting for years. Upgraded to 5 stars. See UPDATE. Love my Hero and app! But suddenly, the app isn’t working. I’ve turned my phone off and on and deleted and re-installed the app. All I’m getting is a blank (Hero yellow) screen. Maybe has to do with recent iOS update??
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2 years ago, ADK Nolan
Hero has given my father the ability to stay living at home, and not in a nursing home.
The Hero has given my dad his continued independence. Without Hero he would have been under a facility’s care a long time ago. My father has Alzheimer’s and can take perfect care of himself daily, however his ability to remember things and follow a schedule is about 25% of whole. Hero combined with a alarm clock 3 times a day allows him to stay in his home, and keeps him regulated on his meds. We have been with Hero from the start, and have had some technical issues with the Hero, but combined with the help of staff, and a few replacements it continues to learn and get better. I live 200 miles from my dad, so to say we depend on this is an understatement. Thanks Hero!!!
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5 months ago, JRKLODI
Great Machine!
I’ve been using My Hero for Quite a few years now and it’s filled to the max, ten medications. And it’s getting to the point where I’m going to need to order a second one. Thankfully I’m “Grandfathered” in at the price that I originally paid for when I first purchased the device (I know I don’t really own it), but even what I’ll have to pay for a second one will be well worth it!! I could never keep track of all these meds and when I have to take them had it not been for my Hero! As a 67-year-old guy with a ton of maladies, I certainly need someone to watch over me when it comes to making sure I take my pills on time. Left to my own devices I’d be in a world of hurt. Thank You Hero!!
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1 year ago, Reeses601
Hero is a life saver
We started using the Hero device for my mom‘s medication, and we both love it! I was finding my mom was having a difficult time managing her medication‘s and was over medicating herself with her pain medication. Once we started using the Hero machine we were able to regulate her medication‘s and get her back on track. Now every time she has a friend come over and visit, she takes them over to the Hero machine so that she can show them the machine! I was recently married and no longer live with my mom, but my brother does, but I am still able to monitor the medication’s and the machine. I highly recommend the Hero device. a lot of medication’s to keep track of, it really works great!
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1 year ago, Smitty's Heart
This machine has been a great help to our family
It's just the right size and alerts and notifications are sent right to my phone. My Dad became a widower after 57 years of marriage. Overwhelmed with grief, he would forget to take his medication. This machine is a blessing. Once filled, it dispenses meds as scheduled and allows you to set a window in which you can retrieve medication after the scheduled time if you miss it. I can also remotely dispense meds from the app. This helps greatly because I live across town from my dad. I'm notified when he is running low of meds and needs a refill. Also, the Hero Team was so supportive and patient when we needed them(Thank you Christina!). You can't go wrong.
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2 years ago, bajunk
One of the best things to support a loved one
I purchased a Hero device for my father about two years ago. I cannot begin to praise enough how this has helped. At first he was capable of using the himself. He went from missing at least half his medications to only missing once in the first month. If he did forget I would get a notification that he did and I could call and remind him. As he became less able to manage himself and moved in with me the device has been very helpful in making sure those of us giving him support are reminded to give the pills. He takes up to seven pills at a time so the time this saves is valuable. Get the device. It will really help.
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10 months ago, kellijanesmith
I am 100% perfect with my meds and that’s great!
This dispenser keeps me so on track every day and just never forget any meds and I just love that. I love not having to fill the weekly am/pm pill boxes or little packets, that just got so tiresome and this is so easy. I get plenty of notification both from the Hero and my pharmacy when it’s close to time for a refill that I’m rarely pushing it too close to refill date on any med… so it really is a great and convenient little machine. Downsides are that it’s a bit loud and it’s slow but that will improve with each generation of the machine I’m sure as this company grows which I really hope it does. I give it 5 stars and highly recommend.
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1 year ago, Smorris112
Love my hero
My daughter got me this early last year to help make sure I was taking my medications as it should be done. After 6 months and feeling better about taking my medications like I should have been and not taking to much or not one time I fell in love. So we ordered one for my husbands medications. Then set my mother up for her medications. We are a hero family for sure. I’ve even told our physician about this gadget so her elderly patients could benefit for their care. I highly recommend this product. If you make pill cases up weekly this takes the place and saves time all while making sure you take them and are getting the dosage your auspices to. Thank you Hero
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1 year ago, vjs313
Great Customer Service
While I had to cancel my Hero subscription, I really enjoyed using the dispenser while I had it. Initially I was taking 7 different medications for mental health and needed help managing them as my adherence was not so good due to frequently missed doses while trying to self manage. The Hero dispenser made it so easy to track my adherence and helped get me back on track with my medication management with alarms in the app and daily/weekly adherence reporting. Sometimes my alarm would go off to take my meds and I would be in the middle of something and would forget to dispense my meds so Hero would actually call my phone to let me know I forgot to take my dose. This dispenser really helped me get back on track with my mental health and I would have stayed with Hero had it not been for the fact that I no longer take 7 medications. I now only take 1 pill a day which I can manage on my own. So it only made sense to cancel my subscription and return the device. I would recommend Hero to anyone who needs help managing their meds and may struggle with med adherence.
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2 years ago, TMMitch
Hero is as good as its name!
We started using the Hero system to help my mother manage her medications. The system started out as a time saving device and simple reminder. As her dementia progressed, it truly became a Hero for her and I as her caregiver. The ability to set a schedule and see it was followed even while away was priceless. The security of the machine and the ability to receive messages if anyone accessed her meds was also a huge help! As her meds increased, the pill count and reminders to refill helped us stay on top of everything with minimal effort. So many concerns were taken care of with this ingenious device! If I find myself in a caregiver role again, a Hero is one of the FIRST things I will get!
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1 year ago, WillPIII
Game Changer
My parents both got Alzheimer’s a few years ago… Managing their pill schedule was a big job! Getting these machines changed everything… It was easy to set up over the app, and super easy to manage their pill intake. The App sends me alerts when they miss their “pill time”. It also helps me manage my pill inventory for the both of them. I don’t normally write reviews, but we’ve been using the Hero for almost 3 years. This is the type of technology that changes everything, when it comes to elderly care. I cannot recommend this product enough for anyone taking care of elderly parents
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2 years ago, Autumn Fischer
hero is fantastic, the app- not so much
I’ve had a LOT of issues with the app. between not being able to refill meds properly, to having the app override the correct pill amount I inputted to estimate the amount of pills in Hero, only to get it wrong and put me at risk of running out of meds due to overestimation. I’ve had the wrong medication format (injection instead of my auto injection. I’m not comfortable with standard injections) sent through AdhereRX (the company that provides mail in pharmacy for Hero). I’ve had my meds sent to the wrong address- they’ve been sent to my residential address when they’re supposed to be sent to the other address on my account. the app, to be honest, I’ve found to be a hot mess. the dispenser is amazing. I couldn’t manage my own meds without Hero and I’m so grateful for the independence it’s given me. but I really hope the app developers make some steep improvements.
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2 years ago, Beytzim
May be the best 5 star customer SVC around
I have the Hero unit for the bast few months and am thrilled with it. The unit did need some small adjustments ( hand holding ) during this time. Contacting the support team is totally awesome. No waiting to speak with an agent who then walked me through in detail spoke clear & easy to understand with their instructions what i should do to reset the unit ( wifi or other issues ). Customer service stays with you on the phone ( no rushing ) until your issue is resolved. I am humbled to say as a 70 year old who has had a large CS dept in the bast that the Hero team are just that Heros. They deserve 10 stats
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2 years ago, badodaim
HERO support was incredible
I had a problem with my credit card and I called to explain the situation and let them know I would make a payment as soon as I could. I was lucky to reach Stephan who was not only professional but an incredibly kind person. I can’t thank him enough for his small act of kindness it meant more to me than he knows. Any company would be lucky to have such a employee and HERO is a company that cares for their clients and actually wants what is best for them. These traits unfortunately are not common and I was happy to find them here. I am proud to be a client of HERO and am thankful for their professionalism and their human kindness.
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7 months ago, Mackelly74
Love this!
I love the Hero machine and app!! I take a lot of medications and it can get very overwhelming having to refill the regular pill cases every week. Most of the time I would even forget to take my meds. Ever since I got this Hero machine I have been taking my meds on time every single day. The Hero machine lights up and reminds me to take my meds, and it also notifies me on my phone so I never miss a dose. The cartridges that hold the meds are a descent size. I find I am able to empty my entire monthly prescription bottles into them instead of having to do it weekly with the other pill cases. I fully recommend this machine and app!!
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1 year ago, George Parrish
Meds made extremely simple
My Hero has made my life tremendously better when it comes to my medication. I take 12 oral medications. Some of them are daily, weekly or monthly. I’ve been able to setup my Hero with my medication regimen and 9 of my meds are always delivered right on time. Now I only manage 3 meds manually which are narcotics but I wish I could afford a second hero. Customer service is amazing and they truly make you feel like your a patient as oppose to “a customer” or “number”. Well enough babbling. I wish I could post a video of my machine in action in a real life house!
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1 year ago, Dea Lyn
I absolutely LOVE my HERO. I have a chronic disease and I’m on several medications and supplements, multiple times daily, and HERO is the first way that I’ve been able to keep them all organized, and also make sure that I don’t miss any doses. It’s the absolute best, and definitely worth the money for the headaches it saves me! My only problem with it is that my machine is starting to have problems, and I am afraid of what will happen if it stops working altogether. Also, I wish they had a version that held up to 20 different meds/supplements. That would be better for me!
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8 months ago, ktapec
Hero is my Hero
If you ever yearned for the customer support of years gone bye, this is the site that will renew your faith. Beyond being an absolute support for monitoring/controlling the administration of medication m, Hero has customer service that is for real. Imagine calling the support line and actual being connected and having someone who can really make things happen. I can not say enough about the support and problem solving this operation has performed for me in providing medication monitoring for my sibling suffering from Alzheimer’s. Thank you to ALL the wonderful people who answer my calls.
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1 year ago, Caitlin Rose Templeton
Hero is amazing and customer support top notch!
My hero was not responding which prompted me to call customer support. My call was answered quickly, and the support agent was extremely patient and knowledgeable which I appreciated greatly! After finding out it was a minor issue with one of the dosing cups not being clicked into my machine properly, his precise instructions helped me to get my machine was functioning optimally again! The customer support team have earned the title of Heroes too, because good support is not that easy to come by these days!! Thanks Hero, it is much appreciated and we are grateful!!
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6 months ago, Krull87
Loved my first machine with its idiot-proof app & setup. I did run out of space in HERO #1 and added a second dispenser without hesitation. HERO is an amazing company, regulated by stringent FDA GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) They have tenacious, considerate people working for them (incredibly knowledgable sales, technical and customer service units). When they close a ticket, or I leave a question on voice mail, they always follow-up by phone, e-mail or text to verify the problem is resolved and that HERO patients are 100% satisfied. I am on a relatively fixed income (disabled) and my HEROS are worth their weight in gold!
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1 year ago, dallas75229
Good service today
I called Saturday and held 30 minutes in the queue. No one answered the call, I was forced to voicemail without being able to hold. The app would not let me update my subscription without calling in. In todays world the user should be able to renew without having to call in. Otherwise you would FORCE me to the highest dollar plan to benefit your wallets. Not really happy with a rate increase. Maybe we should have been grandfathered in and raise subscription prices to new members. Some of us are on limited incomes pushing dollar to its limits. Ty Ward
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1 year ago, 8863250ct
Had to sit a Pural all over again!
This was due to my stupidity of not putting it on vacation mode, when I had to have surgery! i’m sorry I’m bad with names but the woman that helped me was so sweet and I had already missed with the machine. I don’t know how long maybe an hour or hour and a half on my own. she just jumped in and helped me out and I’m sure it was over an hour that we were on. Just polite as she could be. We got it done thank goodness because it’s already on telling me 7 PM meds are ready. I can’t wait for you to get a bigger hero so I can have all my meds in there. Anybody that is considering a Hero I would definitely say get one! Best thing that I ever did! You should consider getting yourself one if you take 10 meds. They’re getting ready to come out with one that and 10 meds and I’m ready for it. L O L. Again, thank you hero for helping me out! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Cathy Tolias
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2 years ago, Jamieedith
Hero- Piece of Mind
Hero is the best medication dispenser for our loved ones who can’t remember to take their medicines . Customer support is amazing! You can call them 24 hours a day with any questions or concerns. Customer service have always been friendly and patient! I live an hour and a half away from my mom & I can rest assure she is taking all of her medications because of the Hero application on my phone! It alerts me a week before her medicines are low so I have time to have them filled. Thank you Hero for helping my family!
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1 year ago, Ddonatto
Hero Medication Dispenser Changed our Life
The hero medication dispenser has truly changed our life. My father, who is 92 years old, was not consistently taking his medication and putting himself at great risk. The only way that we knew if he took his medicine was to travel to his house and check twice a day every day. With the Hero medication dispenser, we were able to see exactly when he took his medication. Just made things much safer for him, and much better for us. I can’t believe more people don’t know about this great machine.
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2 years ago, JoJour
Great machine, great support
We received our first machine and had some difficulties, called support, they walked me through set up and determined that the machine was damaged in transit. They sent me a new one and again walked me through set up and all was well. I messed up loading the meds and they even helped me fix my mistake. Sent me repackaging instructions and a return label to send the first machine back at no cost to me. Am on schedule and taking my meds every day for the first time in years. My doctor is impressed with the Hero and so am I!
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5 months ago, moncrieffe londa
A Life Saving Machine
I received, by Gods Grace, along with the Transplantation Team of George Washington University Hospital in Washington DC, a Kidney transplant from a cadaver. Due to my medical history along with receiving the cadaver I was on an unmanageable (for me) amount of medication. I found Hero after my body began to reject the Kidney. With Hero the management of the medication changed. Now i can manage my medication with the prompts and the dispensing of the correct amounts of medication. Even with the hostile medications, i don’t have to think about anything, just count and swallow.
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2 years ago, Feeling safe in DC
Life saver
I have had my hero over a year. I absolutely love having my hero. Before getting my hero I overdosed due to forgetting I had already taken one of my medications, I was in the hospital for two days. My daughter saw the add for hero and ordered it for me, my family and I are so excited and feel so much safer knowing I will not accidentally take to many medications or select the wrong pill because I never have to figure it out for my hero dispenses it on time, the correct pill-and in the correct amounts. Feeling secure in DC
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1 year ago, cptusaret
HERO malfunction
Are used to put my medication and two medication boxes for two weeks at a time. Due to the number of medication‘s that I take, it was time consuming. At first, the hero, worked very well. I could honestly say that now it does not necessarily work as well as it should. For example, out of six medication’s this morning, it only distributed three. I had to open the Hero machine to retrieve the other medications. Frequently, when I go to distribute medication, it tells me to remove the pills in the cup. There are no pills in the cup. If I take the time to remove the cup and put it back on the machine, it works fine, even though there were no pills in it to begin with.
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9 months ago, kayleelauren18
50% Price Increase with only 1 month notice
I’ve been a customer of Hero for over 2 years now, and the price increase came out of nowhere. When I emailed to cancel my subscription they offered a discount until I can “get back on my feet” as if this were my own financial issue rather than a burden on the customer with very short notice. The device is simply not worth a nearly $50/month subscription. You can easily find manual pill dispensers that work even more reliably for a fraction of the monthly cost of this. Not to mention, the device is marketed towards the elderly who have trouble keeping a complex medication schedule. You are preying on the most vulnerable of our society. This is despicable, greedy behavior.
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5 months ago, Do'in it
Life saver
I ordered this for my mother who is still independent, but had issues remembering her medication. She was doing very poorly due to the inconsistencies of her med taking. This machine and this app are the reason my mom is still able to be independent. She’s been on her medication and hasn’t missed a dose in over a month, she’s doing fantastic!!! The customer service is great! If you get disconnected from a chat, they follow up with an email. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you Hero, you are doing great work!!!
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3 months ago, Simple Meditator
Great app, needs refinement
This app really makes it possible for me to work with my dad and make sure he’s on a regular pill schedule. That being said it has a few problems and that if you haven’t caretaker the app logs out and makes it difficult for two people to pay attention to a pill schedule. I wish it was better but it has been helpful beyond trying to get my father to remember. That being said there are things that should be refined quickly that I have already sent into support months ago, looks like I shouldn’t expect those updates to come.
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2 years ago, TeaganTotallyRocks
I Love My Hero
I am an automation engineer, having the ability to dispense my daily pills has been a huge time saver. The new remote dispense feature is the one feature I have been waiting for for years. Currently I have a microprocessor and a servo that activates the dispense function when my dispense schedule hits, being able to click a button to dispense my meds will make my life even easier. Please roll this out as fast as you’re capable! Thanks for this device!
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1 year ago, Marshdt96
I don’t normally right reviews… this is an exception
I am on an unmanageable (without hero) amount of prescriptions with 5 doses a day to get past PTSD and a very hard time in my life. Hero manages all that for me and my symptoms are very well managed. I have just hit 1000 doses dispensed and I am beyond thrilled and hope to have this for years to come. My only question, does it come with a warranty if anything gets damaged over the years? (Working like day 1 still) Highly recommend!!!! 5/5
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7 months ago, b3ckerex
Any New Machine on the Horizon?
I have been using and enjoying your machine, app and service since 2020. Was wondering though if you’re working on an updated machine and if so when this might be releasing? I really appreciate what Hero does as a service and machine/app but it is starting to really show its age and is feeling a little 70ish….especially with the graphics and colors on the app. A sleek new updated machine with corresponding updated app would really be a great improvement to a solid core service that you currently offer!
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5 months ago, akzowife62
Life Saver
I’m bipolar and keeping my medication straight was a struggle. At one point I was overdosing myself and I didn’t know it. After a month of confusion and uncontrollable emotions I decided I had to find a way to fix it. It was then that I was looking for a safer way that I found HERO. It is a lifesaver. One time of loading all of my meds and setting up my schedule and now I don’t worry anymore. I truly believe that without HERO I would not be here today. Thank you HERO!
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2 years ago, no nagging wife!
Hero Means Independence
My husband had a massive stroke four years ago. He was hospitalized and in residential rehab for almost a year. One of the requirements for dismissal from the program was to manage his own medication. That’s where HERO became the Hero. We have used Hero for about 3 years and Hero is his medication management system. I am responsible for all ordering, filling the cartridges, dispensing meds when we travel, but he is in control otherwise. It keeps me from having to nag! THANKS HERO, you are our Hero!
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5 months ago, drmeels
Best support for caregivers!
I have been using Hero for my 80-year-old father, whom has 12 medications he takes daily. It makes my life and his life so much easier, allows me to keep track of when he needs refills, and recently, when he was hospitalized, gave me a quick list of his meds to share with the doctors. My only very small criticism is that I wish it had more than 10 slots. Great customer service and so easy to use.
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1 year ago, TJB&J
I take several medications a day. My granddaughter would help me organize and even then I never took what I was prescribed. We tried different ways and nothing worked. Due to missing doses of my medication I suffered from high blood pressure, nausea, dizziness, and other symptoms. Hero is definitely my hero because I am now taking my medications as prescribed. I sure notice the difference with my Hero because all of the above symptoms are gone. Thank you Hero. TJB&J
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