Home Fitness Coach: FitCoach

Health & Fitness
4.7 (65K)
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2 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Home Fitness Coach: FitCoach

4.69 out of 5
65K Ratings
1 year ago, Htjtct
Over 40 and just what I needed
Finding this ap has been a game changer for me. I have been a stay at home mom for years. I have never been one to consistently work out. I have done the workout videos once in a while but nothing ever stuck or just seemed more like a job to find the time and set up to do what I needed too. Hitting 40 I had some health issues and my metabolism also slowed way down. This ap has been a blessing to me! I have a work out mat in the corner of my bedroom, I put my phone up on my dresser and I am good to go. I love i can do so much in 10-45 whatever i want to do! I can change my workout around, add my apple music playlist for sound inspiration, and have a coach talking to me to make sure i do the exercises just right! The hard stuff goes fast because each exercise is timed or counted and so many things i am thinking i can hang on for 40 more seconds! I dont really follow the diets as some of the recipes are just stuff i do not have on hand, but I am so inspired by the set up of workouts that part does not matter to me. I had a glitch when i got my new phone and the customer service was excellent getting help to straighten that out. If you are thinking about it, just do it! It is so worth it!
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3 years ago, jiiixx
This is the app I’ve been waiting for 🙌🏾
Hi everyone, first of all I am not the type to write reviews, I usually just go with everyone else’s opinions, but in this case I can’t not leave one. I’m only one day into my free trial but I can already tell this app is fire!! I give it a top score solely for the workouts. Whenever I try to go along with regular exercise videos I can never keep up and I never feel like I’m doing it right anyway. The app first shows you how to do them and then you complete them at your own pace (and you can see your little character doing them too). There is no feeling like you're behind and they tell you how many reps to do of each exercise. The meal prep part of the app on point as well. Especially if you’re like me and have no idea how to cook healthy. You get step-by-step instructions that are super easy to follow. Also, you get to choose how you want to work out. You say what your target area is and your exercises are aimed at that. I hate feeling like certain exercises are pointless, you know? All in all, this is a really affordable program for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of time and doesn’t want to go to the gym!
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2 years ago, Stephanie86
Needs more options.
I installed this to help me get more fit/toned. Im normal size 4-6. I just need to get toned and strengthen muscles for my bad back and knee issues as well. I also installed this to help figure out a way to help my husband loose weight. He wants to, but needs support. My cooking is what can help as well as if he can join me in yoga and such. This app is bad in the ways that I wish you could manually input side workouts...like your own workouts or swimming sessions. I've been swimming lots lately, but the app just thinks I'm being lazy not taking enough steps or not doing some workouts. The voice with the workouts is annoying. Dumb phrases nonstop. Also wish I could cast them to my tv instead of watching off my phone. Im a mom of 5 kids ages 3-14. I get tons of exercise all day, but the app doesn't know that. I go up and down stairs a lot. I don't always have my phone on me to track my steps if Im not wearing pants with the right pockets. Don't care to gt a fitbit. This app doesn't track water intake or have that helpful of recipes from what Ive seen so far. I purchased a year subscription based off of reviews and saving money in the long run. Again this is really for helping my husband. I don't really need it that much. I need to use apps along side this if Im really going to do well. Wish this app had more.
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4 years ago, Isabae510
I honestly love FitCoach
Coming from a woman who is more on the bigger side, this app has helped me a lot. Of course I change my eating style as well, this app has so many meal choices to pick from. The work outs are honestly perfect, my settings of course were on beginner and like anything they were hard at first but the app builds you up to start going into harder work outs. There’s also a woman on the screen to show you first and gives you little pep talks, its nice to hear those on the works out you want to give up and then all a sudden you hear “your body is worth it” and it just reminds you why your doing this! Ive use this app a little over a month, and with these work outs and meal changes Ive lost so far 5lbs. I had some technical issue with the app but the developers got back to me right away and help me with everything. You wont regret this app, I paid for the year and it will help you stay dedicated to get to your goal!
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2 years ago, DeannaWG
Won’t work for me… I need more motivation/accountability
I work out regularly & I’m always interested in new workout options. I also lean towards thrifty. I stumbled across FitCoach very late the other night & ended up downloading it in somewhat a rush due to a purchase timer tied to a discount offer that appeared in front of me as I was trying to sort out how the app worked. Initially, I had 9 minutes to decide & something like a 34% discount. Based on the limited info I had access to, I thought the app might work for me but it wasn’t much info & I wasn’t sure. Then, at about the 6 minute mark, my discount offer increased to something like 50%. I continued to scramble for info & at about the 3 minute mark, my discount offer bumped to 61%. With the clock running out & feeling ridiculous for holding out for more info, I clicked the button to proceed, paid & went to bed. When I woke up, I downloaded the app & dressed for my workout. I tried a couple of the ‘sessions’ & immediately realized this really isn’t going to work for me. I would like to cancel and receive a refund but it doesn’t seem like that will happen. I really need to remember what it is that we all say about things that seem too good to be true… and beware of good $ deals! An unused good deal is not a good deal.😕
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2 years ago, RD2Help
App is ok but subscription/billing is shady
I don’t like subscription based apps especially when I have to pay before I decide if it works for me or I like it. I decided to pay for 3 months, but made sure to cancel the autobilling for the next charges. When the 3 months came around, I got an email that the charge was being autobilled the following day. I immediately went back in and sure enough the autobill was “on”. I once again removed the selection as I had stopped using this app, however the effective date was for this showed 3 months out! Even though it stated the service would he billed the next day, the charge had already been placed on my card and the company refused to refund my purchase. They did offer me free service for life for paying another 3 months… I refuse to support a business that scams people and offers you to select not to be automatically billed for the service yet somehow still bills you early so you’re stuck paying. This is a terrible business practice and I reported this as an unapproved charge on my credit card. Shame on you, even though the workouts were fine I will never be a customer after this experience. There are plenty of other apps out there.
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3 months ago, JM0691
Still waiting….
I am confident this app content is helpful based on the reviews I see. My negative review has to do with how they conduct their business which I believe lacks customer responsiveness, integrity, and fairness. I had a subscription that I did not use, and the renewals are on auto renewal. I received an email of my auto renewal, and immediately went to cancel the subscription, and following the process given to contact the app owners sent an email to their support as well as a message within the app requesting a refund of the money just charged me for the next three months of use, which I was not going to be using. I received an auto reply saying customer support was busy and would get back to me on my email, as well as a separate “sorry to see you go” message. I’ve seen no response to my request for a refund, and I’ve sent another message, and still 12 days later no response. Since this app is not through Apple, but directly with Fit Coach, you have no assistance with customer service nonresponsiveness, or issues with integrity of fair business practices. My lesson is you should be wary with allowing this Fit Coach business to process your money based on my experience.
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7 months ago, ChBoy7
Rubbish App- doesn’t load
The app takes a very long time to load whenever it is opened. I installed and reinstalled- and it opened right away- but the next day same issue. Once in- the app seems lovely- though the weight is only in lbs despite selecting metric. Also I couldn’t find a way to do a more advanced workout if it wasn’t on my agenda. The food is crazy- no way you can cook that stuff on your average pantry or even lifestyle. And no way to log your own food or connect to a different food logger. So if you think you can get the 30- day back- we’ll you probably can’t because you can’t follow all the aspects of their plan. They also immediately expect a 10,000 step goal and the workouts- rather than doing an adaptive step goal based on average steps. The excercise videos seem well paced And helpful- but better on a tablet or a tv connection as it is hard to see. Would be nice to pay extra To connect With a real coach to check form etc. It also has no way to add or even view Data for the day before- like if I forgot to push the fasting button. The workouts only count if you do their workouts.
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2 years ago, Swickiegirl
No support
I downloaded the app for the free trial, and was instantly directed to select a subscription. I chose the one that made the most sense for a long-term savings, and tried the app out for a couple of days. I was not happy with the way it was forcing meal options and intermittent fasting rather than just the one through 30 day exercise routines as suggested on the advertising. So I went into my subscriptions through my iOS and canceled. The problem is it didn’t flat cancel, even though I was within the trial period. I emailed the app support requesting confirmation that I was canceled and just received an automated reply. I emailed again a month later stating that I was concerned because I didn’t see a flat cancel option even though I did the steps that they told me to go through, and did not get a response. Today I called Apple support about it and they are telling me that it has now been too long. I should have reached out for support sooner. So then I decide to just log back into the app and see if I can just find the exercises. Ha!! They said I am not able to access because I don’t have an account….even though it’s paid for a YEAR!!
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2 years ago, MacSaucePro
Highly Recommend
I hate working out and I can’t do it with any great form or style. This is literally the only app I feel gives me the guidance and motivation with quick, easy to complete on the fly, workouts. I’m slowly making them more and more difficult. Easing my way back into being more healthy and happy. This app has been instrumental. It’s not about perfection, it’s about progress. And even doing just a little workout each day is better than none at all. And once you find the rhythm you’ll want to do more and increase the difficulty. I’m see results, they’re slow, but I’m also not setting unrealistic goals for myself. Slow steady momentum forward will eventually lead to the life and improved health you’re looking for.
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2 years ago, Tophaerious
Disappointed but thankful
I was originally going to rate as a single star, however, customer service via automated messaging upon submitting feedback through the app, made subscription cancellation and receiving a refund a smooth process. My original critique follows: Into my second day using the app and in the middle of a workout session, I needed to pause it temporarily. I accidentally pressed the other button on the right that ends the session. A simple “are you sure you want to end?” would have been a standard UI choice here but more importantly, after ending the session, it is closed for the day as if I completed it and I cannot reopen it to actually complete the session! Such a simple lack of functionality is very poorly designed. Additionally, the ad that initially intrigued me on Instagram showed visualizations of exercises that target specific muscle groups, however, no such visualizations seem to exist in the app itself. The advertising is deceptive. The sessions are very straightforward and great for on the go, convenient use. However, the exercises are displayed visually through video and audibly through naming the exercise, without a deeper narrative instruction of how to execute them - this is fine as an experienced mover but I can see how this approach could lead to injury without more proper technique instruction. I think the app is promising and could use refinement as indicated above but am thankful processing my requests went smoothly.
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2 years ago, DLH gal
Bad customer service
I signed up for this app but it was too difficult at the time. I did not cancel as I thought I could use it later. This was not the case. I was charged a renewal fee without any notification from FitCoach. Their subscription is not managed through Apple subscriptions do it did not show up when I log in each month to make sure I am not paying for something I no longer use. The company did not send out an alert of a pending renewal via email or the app. When I did get an email of being charged almost $50, I immediately canceled my account and requested a refund. (By the way, the website address given in their charge confirmation email is ridiculous as it says to login there but here is not a place to login). I was denied a refund even though they can see I have not used the app nor was warned of a pending charge. I know that I signed up but an ethical company would send out a reminder email of a pending renewal. This was not the case and should have been done, especially since hey do not run their subscription through the Apple store like most apps.
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2 years ago, Ziutek5
Stay clear of this app if you don’t want to get injured
I got very excited about this app and the customized program of exercises. But after the first day - I did the assigned three session (cardio, stretches and 7 minutes) -I injured my lower back so badly that I’m unable to function, I’m in so much pain with every move the following day (I’m writing it on the second day). I’ve been exercising my whole life, doing both group and individual fitness programs, but I have never experienced anything like this! Who designs these exercises?!? They ask you questions like “do you have serious back problems?” and then assign you exercises that WILL give you serious back problems! Moreover, the ads showed the app as demonstrating which muscles work in each exercise - the app does no such thing. Also, it’s impossible to cancel the subscription! You have to fill out a questionnaire, then get a message “subscription was not canceled,” and then it freezes. I’m waiting to hear the customer support. This app is a scam. Do yourself a favor and stay clear of it. It’s dangerous to your health. So disappointing.
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2 years ago, Grndc2
Bummed. I wanted to love it.
Let me start off by saying i don’t hate it. It’s straightforward, I enjoyed the workouts I did. But I don’t like that I couldn’t reset my workout plan after I customized it. And that was the least of my concerns when I realized I couldn’t target a workout based on muscles or a specific area of the body I wanted to work on. That was really the main purpose for my purchase of this app when I saw the video ad on Insta, and how you could select a specific target area and choose related workouts. However, you can only select certain types of workouts. Not necessarily targeted for muscle groups or areas of the body, but more-so “strength,” “yoga,” “HIIT.” Am I missing something? I’ve gone through all the filters and settings possible and am just really glad I only spent $20 for the 3 month and didn’t waste more money on a longer subscription. I only used the app twice due to not being able to use it how it was advertised. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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2 years ago, Hellfire114N
Continues to bill after cancelling
I haven’t had time to use this app the way I intended to and cancelled my billing and deleted my account months ago. They continue billing me setting off fraud alerts on my card. Stay away from this app/fraudulent company. Update: their customer service apparently didn’t read my comment, because I cancelled my subscription on their app and deleted the account, and they STILL continue billing me and have not responded to emails (the only method of contacting them). Their app shows I have no active subscription and they still continue billing me. If you google this company you’ll see a lot of complaints about the same issue I’m having - them intentionally making it difficult to cancel subscriptions and continue billing people despite cancelling and deleting accounts. I’ll be getting in touch with my bank’s fraud department over this company and whoever I have to at apple. Note: these frauds state in their profile they bill you via apple, but they use third party billing so apple can’t directly address their fraudulent billing.
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2 years ago, M-O-M of 3!
WTH??? This popped up, and I thought, eh I’ll see what it tells me. I’m 47, 5’5”, and 125lbs. I said my goal weight is 125, but then It showed a graph for my goal, OF NOT LOSING WEIGHT! The picture of “now” and then “after” their program, is absolutely triggering to people w/ eating disorders. I don’t have one, but my daughter suffered for 10 years. If she would have seen the “plump” figure representing the “NOW” version of herself…that one picture could have had disastrous repercussions for her. Her BMI was 13.2, and it showed me the same line graph to lose more weight. Extremely dangerous. These apps need to fine tune their weight loss programs. I was shocked when I put my daughter's current weight in, and I decreased her weight , to her absolute lowest weigh in. It gave her a plan! It should have said something like, “I’m sorry, but according to your BMI, you are underweight, so these plans are not for you. Do you need to speak w/ someone? We have staff who’ll listen.” Or something like that. They should think about those w/ eating disorders, and ensuring they aren’t encouraged to lose more weight.
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1 year ago, Valechina
Worst working out app of all times !
Whoa, it’s 2023 and it’s hard to believe that paid apps come with totally incredible glitches that instead of motivating people to truly work out end uo being a waste of time and energy. Even 2000’s aerobics dvd’s will be more coherent and useful than fitcoach. also, they DO NOT honor their customer satisfaction and guarantee and it’s been over 2 months that i’ve been trying to get my money back as i have found this app very complicated and non sensical to use. save yourself the time and money. **** UPDATE: hilarious and quite offensive how they pretend to be following up these issues. No, by replying here in a forced and dishonest polite way you guys are actually not solving the issue. I obviously contacted your incompetent team and after 15 emails i decided to report this directly to my bank as none of you truly LISTENED my concerns and had a way to solve and mend. absolutely not interested in dealing with this anymore again. what a greatest disappointment having a “health” app playing with the mental health and stability of their clients.
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2 years ago, Mary Jane Black
Horrible Company. Don’t Spend Your $$$ Here
I made an accidental purchase online. I intended to buy for 50-cents a trial. After clicking through several pages online, there was a big green button that I thought meant I was done. But it actually said “skip trial and subscribe.” Underneath was a little link that said, “No thanks. Keep my trial.” The green looked like a green light, and it confused me. The “no thanks” confused me, but that was in fact what I wanted. All I wanted was the 50-cent trial. I did NOT want to spend $129 to subscribe. I contacted the merchant within 5 minutes. They refused to refund me. Then they told me if I used the program for 14 days and didn’t see results, I could get a refund. I did so and provided the screen shots they specified to qualify for the refund. The 1st response I got was, “we’ll investigate your case and get back to you.” Ummmm, what’s to investigate? I had followed their instructions and provided the proof. The 2nd response was, “As an exception, we’ll process your refund,” like they’re doing me some huge favor. MAJOR hassle. HORRIBLE experience. DO NOT recommend.
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12 months ago, DCopherinSC
Not renewing
I found Fitcoach on Facebook about 8 months ago, and I couldn’t be any happier about the app. What I loved the most what’s the fact that I could customize my plan, and the app would recommend what was good for me according to my needs but at the end, it was me making my own choices. With the latest updates, I noticed that the app selects what it thinks I should do, so I just stopped using it as much as I used to. I cannot make my own choices in terms of what kind of workouts I want; it asks what’s my goal and then shows me what are the “required” workouts according to that goal. I cannot do jumps or running because of my plantar fasciitis, so at the beginning I could just skip the cardio part and do yoga and strength, for example. Now I’m only able to select the level and the days of the week I want to work out, but cannot choose the workout type I want, so I had to find another alternative. Not renewing my subscription.
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2 years ago, nickname.mb
Please be careful and read the small print
I didn’t have a chance to use this workout program. I signed on under a discounted rate for a month. It started right away on a day I couldn’t use it and wouldn’t let me go back to start from day one. I decided it probably wasn’t the program for me. I didn’t realize however that it had signed me up for a monthly subscription. I was charged for the next month at double the price. I wasn’t given a heads up that the subscription was about to continue at a higher rate and instead was account was charged. When I emailed customer service stating that I wasn’t able to use this program and could they please refund the new month that was charged as I was unaware the subscription was continuing…they absolutely refused to give me my money back. And are still refusing. Please make sure you are aware that you are signing up for a subscription program and that after the introductory rate, the price will go up! Absolutely terrible customer service!
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2 years ago, ellebee327
Please Add Screen Mirroring Capabilities
Started using this app today and think it will end up being a fantastic tool to keep me motivated, but upon opening it today and trying to use it by “screen mirroring” with my smart TV, nothing would work. I thought it was the app altogether so I came to the reviews and saw someone else with the same issue. When trying to connect the phone to a smart TV and begin the workout it brings up the “get ready” screen but will not play the video. It would be so much easier to follow along from the TV than having to look at my phone for each exercise, especially with some of the floor exercises where I have to reposition my phone from the coffee table to the floor so I can still see it to know what the next move is. Other than that, so far I really like this app and hope I stick with it.
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2 years ago, LoveF1tness1234
Scam -Be Aware
This app charges several international fees during the free trial. It also has a link to cancel subscription that leads people to believe that by clicking it you can cancel your free trial. However, it is a trick and if you contact support they will tell you that by reading the fine print you will see that that is just a false link and that you have to email support 24 hours prior to cancel. You cannot cancel online either. If you reach out, they won’t cancel it. So be very careful of all the charges and the ways they attempt to trick people with cancel subscription links that don’t actually cancel your subscription. They will however take your money and then offer your a free lifetime subscription after the first year with no refunds… In terms of the app. It is a simple version of others out there. It tracks input and has a selection of animated workouts. I have tried and used some great apps that are personalized. This one is not advanced as those but cost more.
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1 year ago, maryep2
This app has had bugs since I started several months ago. However this last update has made the app pretty much unusable. The countdown bar rarely ever moves then most of the time you have to manually advance to the next exercise after you time the exercise yourself. Then a lot of times the app freezes and you have to close it out and restart and then scroll through to find where you left off and hope it doesn’t freeze up yet again. I paid 69 dollars for something that I can hardly ever use the way it’s meant to. I canceled my subscription and won’t be renewing it when it runs out. I found an app that offers most of the same things however so far it runs flawlessly UPDATE: The app seems to be fixed now. Hopefully it will stay fixed with future updates.
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4 years ago, karluey
I just purchased this app. I purchased the yearly subscription. I decided I was going to explore the app to see all it has to offer. At first everything seemed great, up until I got to the meal portion of it. It says there’s over 500+ meal plan offers. That’s incorrect & yes I’ve counted. 33 meals for breakfast, 33 for lunch, 33 for dinner, 63 for snacks. Not to mention, I CANT CLICK ON THE MEALS I WANT TO TRY. I’m not sure if there’s some kind of a glitch. It popped up once or twice for 2 of the meal plans; never again afterwards. I need someone to respond back to this, fix the bug or tell me what I’m possibly doing wrong besides clicking the meal I want. I’m down to try the workouts and give this app a try but if I need to go out of my way to find the recipe to the meals provided then it’s not worth my money. If this problem can get fixed, I’ll be more than happy to do an honest review after SUCCESSFULLY trying the FULL POTENTIAL of this app.
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2 years ago, alvaradi
Not satisfied
I purchased this about 3 months ago. The app would not connect to my tv. I don’t like having to look at my phone to watch the workouts, I like to connect to my tv so I can really watch them. This app does not let you do that. I forgot about the app after that. I notified a charge in my bank account and it was for them. I contacted them because the billing was from a name I haven’t heard of. They did cancel my membership for me, but apparently I didn’t read the fine print on the refund policy. If you purchased through the app you can not get a refund but if you purchased it online, you can. If the app was better, I wouldn’t mind being charged that, but since it’s not, I am not happy about it at all.
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1 year ago, technicalcomplaint
Improvements Needed
This app has great body weight workouts of increasing difficulty, but it really needs more ability to customize the daily schedule of workout plans and input other planned exercise activities. I regularly swim, kayak, lift weights, and ride a bicycle, and there is no way to input those workouts into this app, so it assumes I am not working out at all if I don’t do the workouts within the app every day, and it makes the workouts too easy for me. More importantly, I have a herniated disc in my back and a bad knee, and I cannot do exercises that involve jumping or jogging. This app really needs a feature that allows people to note injuries that prevent certain exercises or require rehabilitation so the app can recommend only exercises that are safe for them. As soon as you increase the difficulty level of this app, most of the exercise routines involve jumping and jogging.
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2 years ago, EmerysHoneyBee
I was super excited hoping for it to work as a young person that’s overweight and hates their body and is super uncomfortable in their body and has a hard time keeping track of weight loss, weight gain, and health in general. Looking at the whole beginning test thing to see where your at was promising but when I got to the end and saw I had to pay for a monthly subscription I was devastated because the only money I get is a small weekly allowance from my parents that’s used for other things I would’ve been fine if they did extra things you would pay for in the app but a monthly subscription right after the test was just disappointing and annoying I understand since it’s a free app that it needs to get money somehow but they very well could've done it where you pay for extra plans. But this made me really sad to see because it’s so hard to find good weight loss apps and I can’t even figure out if this one was good or not 😕
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1 year ago, jennavieelowyn
I am a naturally skinny person with bounds of energy. At 37 years old that doesn’t mean I am in shape, and am a novice. My lungs and muscles are weak, but I do build muscle and endurance quickly. This was the PERFECT app to get me moving every day. I can say after two weeks I am the max level for all the workouts, so while I will not be renewing the subscription and finding something a little more challenging, this app was immensely helpful for me. The clock and the timer on the workouts kept me motivated. The seconds between work outs allowed me the rest I needed, or time to put in a few more reps if not challenging enough. Long story short, thank you. I am impressed, and feel incredible.
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2 years ago, Daisy4mi
Kept Freezing
I have been looking thoroughly for an app to help me lose just a bit more weight and tone my body. I saw this app on Instragram and thought, “Hey this is awesome!” “I can try this!” Well…here is the reason why I gave it two stars, things were going well till the past three days. When I pause it, it doesn’t let you go back to where you started. It kept freezing. Then I would try to go back to the beginning, and it wouldn’t let me. It goes jumping to the next workout. Then when I FINALLY have the chance to workout, it starts playing then freezes at 20 seconds. All the workouts freezes at 20 seconds. I was like “UGH!” I wanted so much to do this!!! 😫 Lastly, I’m trying to find a place where I can communicate with the app, to address these concerns and so I can have a refund, to no avail. So now I’m stuck with an app that I am having issues with. So disappointing. 😞
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2 years ago, abboe9
The only way to communicate
Warning to others that make any in app purchases. I paid for a one time fee—not subscribed—and after the 3 month period they tried to charge me again. I didn’t really get anything more out of this app than my own schedule and gym membership. Figuring they “accidentally” tried to charge my card (they came up as a fraud alert) I went to the app to cancel. Well, too bad, you can’t. Can’t from their app. Can’t from a website. Heck, you can’t even find a “comments or questions” area. After digging a little further I found that I am far from the only person this has happened to. So yeah, I have to communicate through a 1 star review and I just got off the phone with my bank. Cancelled my debit card. My bank considers this company as predatory and that’s why the fraud alert came up. Feel free to reply and explain how we are to navigate through your mess of a program. Thanks but no thanks.
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2 years ago, Djlove712
Terrible customer service and rude
This ad is super busy and there’s way too many features in it. It makes it very difficult to navigate. When I tried to reach out to customer service they are actually very rude and they can care less what the customer is struggling with. It is not necessarily that the app has glitches it is just that it actually has way too much information going on. And unfortunately I have to give this one star because the customer service is probably one of the worst I’ve ever seen in my life! They can care less! Quite rude! I have to dispute my subscription with PayPal and the App Store. The company said they don’t care go ahead and dispute it. I’m not sure it’s even worth the argument for just $30… Beyond frustrating! There are a lot of apps out there that can help support fitness goals and overall health improvements. This is definitely not one do use!!! Absolutely do not use this app!
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1 year ago, Ana.S.1.
Really cheap towards people.
They purposefully give a no-grace policy and no upcoming payment renewal emails after a $0.96 payment made 3 months prior, to sneakily make money off of people and then intentionally set it up to place the blame on you because you didn’t read their fine print that no one reads and that they know no one reads. “Give people something for $0.96 and then don’t remind them of the upcoming payment they will have to make in 3 months because the $0.96 is so miniscule they won’t remember and we’ll get an easy $50 off of them by implementing a “no-grace, must cancel 24 hours in advance or you’re stuck paying another 3 months” policy. I am a very lenient person with companies, but I’ve had enough with companies as these whose only care is to make money off of people however they can get it, regardless of how mortally/ethically right/wrong it is and how they’re treating their audience (which isn’t me).
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1 year ago, Rose Garmin
Great for beginners
I feel like this app is really helping me stay on track with my fitness goals, bc all the exercises are already planned for the week and I confident the app has chosen exercises I can manage. After each exercises I am asked about the difficulty, depending on the answer they give you an option for easier or more challenging exercises or stay the same. It’s been about a week so far, and really having the exercises picked out saves me so much stress from researching exercises and trying to figure out which ones my body is capable of right now. There has only been one I looked up a modified version of. Another awesome point, the exercises start by explaining how to perform it correctly and breathing techniques, there is encouraging comments throughout recording that makes me wonder if they can actually see me 😂 like it’ll say “you got it, that’s the right way to do it” right after I have adjusted my position. Timing is good for sure from commentor lol Looking forward to getting in shape! 💕
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2 years ago, Genesis11354
Whoever is behind this app is a scammer. They make you purchase the app “on sale” to then subscribe you and make you pay about 55 dollars “subscription fee” without letting you know. I navigated through the app and in just that one day I had so many issues I just decided to loose the $28 I had paid and deleted the app. About 2 months later they charged me an additional $53 WITHOUT USING THE APP. I reached out to them and they refused to refund me and you cannot even cancel the unauthorized subscription. There are no buttons nowhere for you to get out of that. Please read all of the negative reviews and you will see that everyone has complained about the SAME THING. The reviews with 5 stars are all bought they are NOT real. Also, they will respond to your review by saying “contact us for a refund” and its not true they will NEVER refund you instead they continue charging your card without permission.
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2 years ago, chipacles
Ok at best
Disclaimer: The developer refused to issue me a refund. I have been using the app for two weeks, I was not really enjoying it, and I found it to be buggy. Several times and exercise would not load, and once the timer froze while I was doing a FaceTime exercise, so I didn’t even realize it for privacy 30+ seconds. I had not taken any screenshots of the issues, and because their policy states that use of the app must be “impossible“ that I did not qualify for the refund. I got this app to hopefully supplement another app I use and love with strength exercises, but the experience was just low budget and unsatisfying. Pros: - variety of exercise groups: strength, cardio, stretching, yoga, etc - groupings are typically short, so easy to fit in to your schedule throughout the day - decent strength exercises (body weight) Cons: - as noted, app was buggy - felt low budget: app is essentially iPhone only, so even if you use it on an iPad, it’ll look like you’re on your iPhone; videos aren’t super crisp, not always easy to understand the exercises - super cheesy words of encouragement spouted at you in a robotic voice with no option to turn it off that I could find Recommendation: Down Dog HIIT. Very customizable, feels super high quality. It’s my go to.
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1 year ago, Redneckyankeegirl
Not Worth the 💸
I purchased this app about 2 months ago and it's been a waste of my money. It constantly locks up on my phone, even after I've uninstalled it and reinstalled plus it won't load nor can I use on my Apple Watch Series 8, even through I've redone all those steps again and again. So please tell me why I've spent this money for an app that I can barely use?!?! And when I can use it, it asks me for even more money for other workouts?? Are you serious???? I've already paid you for this, why do I have to pay more money for additional workouts?? Makes no sense and is a total waste of my money!! Honestly wish I could just get my $ back at this point and be done with it!!! My recommendation is- Do Not Get This App unless you are prepared to pay close to $100 for the app & workouts!! And it's not worth it since it wants you to pay for more!!!
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2 years ago, regret tried app
It’s a scam. Never used app but got charged $53
I never used app and never even downloaded app, I completely got surprised that got charged $53 today. Wrote to their support right away, they would not cancel the renewal and give refund. Very unfriendly customer service. Be aware! I must have carelessly tried “free” trial, but I don’t think I signed up for auto renewal. It’s a scam! The customer service said “note that uninstalling the application/not using it/erasing personal data in the program will not lead to the cancellation of the subscription plan or the billing cycle. the subscription may be cancelled only by users themselves in the 'User Account' on our website or upon making a request to our support team. Kindly note that the cancellation request must be submitted at least 24 hours before the next billing cycle to avoid being charged for the next period of use.”
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2 years ago, Phlash70
Great app. Janky payment process.
First, I love the app. I’ve always had a daily routine of push ups, etc but was getting bored with it recently. So I gave this a shot, and it’s working great. Good exercise variety, good instruction, and a well-designed app. So, after my one week trial I’ve decided to buy the annual plan. But, after chatting with support (which was very quick to reply), I’ve been told it’s impossible to switch subscription plans. So I’ve had to pay an extra $10 or whatever for next week. And when that ends, I’ll have to go start a new account (i.e. lose all my data) and open a new account with an annual plan. So, great workout program and app in general, but the e-commerce side is lacking.
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1 year ago, /)(&,5)!
It’s good, but could be better
One of the hardest parts about getting back into shape is just getting started. While the programs do provide timed countdowns and a general percentage complete of the session, I could not find the list of activities that today’s session would cover. If there was an overview of the workout plan at the beginning, it would help to set expectations and know if the hardest part is over or if it’s still coming up. Nothing is more demotivating than to put in 100% early on, only to fail at the exercises you most want to complete because you went out too hard. Just asking for the same kind of plan a coach would go over at a team practice.
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2 years ago, Princess893648937
Horrible workouts! Don’t waste your money!
I would give them a 0 if I could. First off, the workouts are by far the worse workouts and beyond boring. Some movements I can’t even comprehend what the think it will do for anyone. Second, if you’re thinking about purchasing a month to try it out DON’T! They don’t clearly state that it’s auto renewal they promote it as though you are only purchasing one month and you can come back and purchase more months, however, apparently on the very bottom of the plan options in small writing it says it’s an auto renewal plan. This information should be presented when purchasing the plan, not hidden hoping people won’t see. I stopped using the app two weeks after trying it because it was horrible now I am charged for a second month and they refuse to refund me! Don’t waste your money!
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2 years ago, elizzy0630
I cancelled this app after my first month bc it didn’t count my steps correctly and would not work with my apple health app. I wanted to use it with my daughter to help us both tone up and get fit together. I was absolutely worthless. So I cancelled after my first month. Only to find out that it automatically renewed for another month. When I saw the charge come through I contacted customer service immediately to request a refund, as I had no use for the service and didn’t even have the app. I was told basically, sorry but we have your money and can’t do anything. But they promised they wont charge me again. Guess I’ll have to wait another month to find out if they were telling the truth bc they sure didn’t tell me the truth last month. Awful service. Worthless app. Save your money bc they’re gonna keep charging you.
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3 years ago, timba2020
Great fitness app!
The workouts are great — not too hard but you feel it for sure. I really appreciate the notifications as a source of motivation. I do wish the meal planning was a little more thought out. For example, it’ll tell me to have toast but then I won’t see that in other meals for multiple days so what do I do with that loaf of bread I just bought?! That aside, I have been seeing some good results even when I make my own substitutions in situations like that (I can’t stand wasting). I appreciate how simple the app is, it is pretty straight-forward — just follow the plan. It is really nice to just stick to something and see it actually working.
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2 years ago, Anton Zimarev
The app was ok, but the billing looks like a scam
I subscribed with an ok discounted offer to try the app. I'm sure I turned off automatic subscription renewal, or at least I did not explicitly turned it on. The workouts were fine, but it felt nothing like a personalized plan, just a bunch of programs I selected it never felt real to to everything they suggested. I stopped using an app after a while. To my surprise they charged me more than $50 automatically. I tried to reach support for a refund, but it was not successful. And now three months later I'm facing again $50+ charge on the subscription I cannot cancel! When I'm clicking in the app on "Cancel subscription" it just opens the page which states the subscription is active WITH NO WAY TO CANCEL IT. And here I see many of such reviews, so I'm not alone being scammed. Shame on you, developers!
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2 years ago, Dazee79
I didn’t quit
This app has helped me stick to the healthier lifestyle I choose for myself. I am the person who will repeatedly start a new habit and then quit after 2-3 weeks. Not this time. I’ve been doing these workouts for almost two months now, without skipping a day. Some days I do just 1 workout, some days I do 4, but I do SOME THING every day. These workouts are short and sweet, just the way I like things, so it makes it easy for me to stick with it. I am so glad I found this app! I’ve been sharing it with all my friends! Thank you FitCoach for changing my fitness attitude!
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2 years ago, Word director
Disappointed that I can’t continue
I absolutely love this app. I got it for a trial period for a little bit of money. I can’t remember exactly how much. I absolutely loved it. It keeps me going and I use it every day. I love how the exercises can be tailored to what I need. However after the trial. It charged me $29 plus some international fee. I really can’t pay that much money for an app when my local gym charges $10 a month for all the equipment I could possibly need. I just can’t justify it. But I am so disappointed because I would rather use this app and work out at home. I just wish it didn’t cost so much. I had no problem with the cancellation.
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2 years ago, katstandyou
PLEASE READ BEFORE CONSIDERING!!!! I signed up for a week trial and paid for it. During sign up they asked if you wanted to sign up for six months and I hit the “no, just the trial” button. (There was also misleading information about the app being $30/mo) All the confirmation I got from them was proof for the trial I paid for, nothing about the T&C or what I was getting, NOR a reminder of the renewal or that a payment of $149 was going to be taken. Subscribing me to 6 months and not the $30/mo on top of that? Very odd. I contacted them within the hour of noticing the charge and they refused refund. Their app/website is not clear at all, many people are having this issue. Not to mention all the in app purchases needed! I just want others to be informed of the hassle that you will seemingly be getting tied up into.
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2 years ago, Clefrench
First of all I got this app and then never used it, so that tells you how good it is. But this review is because they run auto-renewal like a scam and according to the customer service agent I communicated with, they do not “refund any transaction once it has been made.” The problem is this app doesn’t give you the option to cancel your subscription through Apple Subscriptions - trust me I checked - and they don’t send you any notification email prior to auto-renewal giving you a heads and also providing information on how to cancel. So they are basically creating a system to charge as many people through auto-renewal as possible …… and then to never offer refunds?? Save yourself the frustration and find a fitness app and program that actually cares about customer service.
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2 years ago, pepeane
Change the instructions and timer beeps
I like this app a lot. It does cost money, but if you don’t have a gym membership or prefer to workout at home, it’s a great way to stay in shape. I’ve used it for about a year on and off. (I usually walk or swim for exercise.) The new update changed the volume to include both the warning timer beeps and the instructions. I can’t stand listening to the instructions every time, but I need the beeps bc I don’t stare at my phone during every move. It’s really hard to have proper neck alignment on a side plank and keep my eye on the phone so I can tell when to move to the next position. Please have an option for just the beeps without the instructions!
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2 years ago, SorryThatIGaveTheAppATry
Watch the Auto-Renewal
I made the mistake of not canceling the subscription after realizing the app was not really what I wanted. As others have pointed out, the company does not send out notification of renewal. I cancelled the subscription upon receipt of payment notification for the auto-renewal and immediately requested a refund. Based upon the fine print, they would not offer a refund. However, they did offer lifetime access to the app without additional or recurring charges. While others may not have an issue with that, I have to question the value of the company’s product if they are simply willing to give you lifetime access without additional charges after charging for the auto-renewal. Why not just offer the app for purchase without subscriptions?!?!
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2 years ago, Banannaz4yew
Dont Call me FLABBY
I was stoked to try this app until I started the questionnaire. It forces me to choose my body type, “Regular, Flabby, or Extra” sorry but this is problematic. “REGULAR” in your eyes is YOUR NORM. Its not the norm for a majority. And to have someone call themselves “FLABBY” as a body type is forcing them to see themselves as that even if they never thought that about themselves. I am curvy and worthy, I dont dare call myself flabby since being on a mission to love myself. Also using the term “Regular” your implying that anyone else who is thicker than regular is not regular or normal and that is absolutely problematic. I am a health coach and I would never call my client flabby or extra, perhaps you all need to change your wording so people dont self hate. Choose words that are encouraging to someone on a self love and self healing journey.
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