Home Workout for Men

Health & Fitness
4.9 (8K)
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Last update
6 months ago
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9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Home Workout for Men

4.92 out of 5
8K Ratings
11 months ago, Magic_Thunder888
5 stars
i LOVE this app. i've only had it for 3 days and my first workout was abs and i swear i saw results like a couple hours after it. i can't wait to hit arms for the first time on this app (which i will be doing sunday night) bc if i'm seeing results this quickly from the abs workout, i'll definitely see results quickly in my arms bc i'm a very skinny kid and i really wanted to at least get my arms bigger. i do however have a brace on my left leg but i can take it off when i want and i may have to skip some of the leg workouts or just manage them to where i can do them but that's not the point, this app is COMPLETELY FREE, no subscriptions, no ads, no in-app purchases, everything is free. there is absolutely no equipment required for this app, you can exercise with this app where and whenever you want. amazing app
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3 years ago, Weavin85
Awesome workout. Totally free!!
I love this app for a few reasons. It’s free to download & use without just a short free trial like many of the other apps. It also doesn’t have ads that get in your way every time you click on something (typically just ONE full screen ad that pops up only ONE time each time I use the app but it has an “x” at top left to quickly close it & that’s it until the next time I open & use the app). It is informative & set up nicely to progress your workout within different muscle groups. Great app & worth writing this review for bc it’s hard to find apps that are this useful & this easy to use truly for free!
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3 years ago, ihaveabrain
Incredibly simple and highly effective.
The work out guide is highly effective. I am a skinny guy and Saw improvement within 48h. That then others noticed. The exercise was not strenuous at the lower levels but my muscles definition was quick. My regular exercise routine at the gym clearly targeted only a few set of muscles. With these routines I can feel muscles I never knew I had and also have the superhero abdominal region that I never knew was part of my potential. I was not looking for that. But was very happy to stumble on it.
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1 year ago, 🌸pup🌈:P
This is just stupid and unfair
First I wish I could give this a zero star rating it’s so stupid. Because I looked into it more and found that that the same creator also made a work out plan for women but of course the mens workout is free but the women's is $9.99 a month and I find that extremely unfair like I understand if you wanna ad a subscription to your app but don’t just decide that the men don’t need one. What do you think that men are going to use it more seriously and women are just going to download it and forget about it. Why even make a women work out app if you are going to charge $9.99 but then turn around and give it to men for free. Over all this just makes me mad I’m not sure is there being sexist or whatever but I would start making a subscription for men or not making a subscription for women 😡😡😡.
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2 years ago, pricklehedgehog
Best home workout app!
This app is effective and quite simple. It has 21 levels for arms, abs, back and shoulders, and legs. The levels have increased difficulty as you progress so you can’t get too mad. The app has instructions on how to complete the exercises and video demo for assistance. You can redo the levels after you finish them. The levels are completely free, so there is no premium subscription that you have to pay. I highly recommend trying this app at home if you want to workout.
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3 years ago, RAGEMONSTER101
Best home workout app
This app truly is awesome. It is definitely not just a fitness regime. It gives real muscular/strength results. As a younger and more in shape athlete I find this app to have the organization for certain muscle groups, and proper exercises (and rep recommendations) for desired muscle and strength growth. The fact that this app is free is astounding. Some workouts I complete in the gym with weights often times don’t grant me the strength and muscle growth I can receive on this FREE app. If you haven’t already... download this app and get the body you want!!
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7 months ago, clograsso
The perfect workout app for busy people
This app strikes the perfect balance between simplicity and features. Four categories of workouts and the 20 levels allow me to quickly select the right workout for that day, and my limited availability and execute a good workout. The comments are helpful and the voice track is perfectly informative. I’ve shared this with my family and many friends and they all use the app now.
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2 years ago, TRW 61971
Great app for home workout!!
I was looking for a workout app to help me without needing to go to a gym. I was reasonably skeptical, but this app is tailored to start you easy. Up until the recent IOS upgrade, it was linking to another app called Lifesum which is a diet app. I am 51, and I’ve lost 11lbs in 3 weeks, using the app exercises and the Lifesum tracking. You choose the weight you want to get to, you choose how fast you want to get there and the app guides you. Great app I love it!
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1 year ago, Chill_Bill-
Best fitness app
This is the best truly free workout app that I’ve found. I want to thank the creators of this app for their hard work and the service they are providing for so many people who may not have the money for paid apps. They are truly doing a great thing by giving everyone an opportunity for fitness. And while I hope the app remains free for the most part should they ever offer premium add ons they will be the first to get my money.
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4 years ago, FordFocus2013
Great workout
For some right now is a time when gyms are closed and all we have are workouts at home. Given this I have been using this app for about a week and have to say I have felt it some days more then I did while lifting. If you do these workouts and follow the breaks given in app you will find they work pretty well. I started on the first intensity level and am glad that I did. My body was definitely not used too these types of workouts.
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11 months ago, wizardnation
Awesome Calisthenics Workout App
This is an all-in-one app. Mostly using calisthenics so you can workout anywhere without an equipped gym. It does offer tips to use weights when doing the exercises for more challenge. It also allows you to record your weight to keep track of progress. And there’s a calendar to help you keep track of completed workouts. Free to use, free to download it. I love this app.
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4 years ago, HrdTopJeep
Challenging, Flexible, and Effective
I have been using the app for about 9 months and have seen results. I am more tone and have added muscle. The routines are easy to follow and the increasing intensity allowed me to not be frustrated in the beginning. The variety of exercises with instructional videos makes the workouts more fun. I love that I can customize the routines to remove exercises that don’t work for me, like V-ups. I have recommended it to multiple people and really believe this is a great tool to get fit and stay healthy.
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1 year ago, Brianna ._.
I am a 14 year old girl, who is 5 feet 0 inches and weighs 105 pounds. Sometimes i get bullied for now i look and i know everyone needs to exercise to stay fit and stuff, so i downloaded a bunch of apps. Almost all of them made me pay to do more than 1 work out, but this app? No! This app is pretty much completely free! ❤️I love it so much❤️ I’m already on day 6 and i feel so much better 🫶🫶
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2 years ago, wasteland durvival
Great app read description
I love this app it’s 100% free and it is very interactive based on your specific physical level. The only thing that I don’t like is there’s a couple bugs like when you put in a reminding time it doesn’t show the time so you have to put it down then check again but nothing major. So all in all great app 5 stars
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1 year ago, ShaneIsAnArtist
great exercises for getting back into shape
I’ve been pretty irregular with my workouts for the past few years, but I love how this app seems to have great understanding of the best methods for success designed for many levels of fitness. My only qualm is the rest periods between sets are too long and the voice prompt needs a more realistic voice.
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2 years ago, Slagdyen
Great workouts with many levels
I have to say I’m 21 years old and have struggled working out since I graduated high school. This app does a great job at layering many workouts and making it quick and easy while still being efficient. I can do it all at my house and still add a cardio at the end to feel great. Definitely recommend!
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3 years ago, Dlockster
Great app.
After being a personal trainer for over 10+ years I like to mainly workout doing calisthenics. I must say this app does a very good job of covering just about all the basics when it comes to home workouts and much more. It’s very informative and shows you how to correctly do each exercise. By far my favorite app out now.
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2 years ago, bajdickebxiwmfjs
Great app
So the app and workouts are perfect. But just today after an update I’m unable to change “rest set” and “countdown time”. When I tap either one no numbers show up to choose from. Other than that this app has been just amazing for the past two years for me now. Please fix that issue.
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1 month ago, IVAN0298
I give this app a 5 stars because it has help me a lot, if you don’t see no changes on you it’s because you stop working out and star working out when ever you want you should do it every si how day and you’ll be happy with what your seeing I went from 183 or 172 in 1 month and 3 days! I’m not a bot btw
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2 years ago, Flannel Lamp
Shows good exercises for free!!!!
In my 30’s and wanted to exercise at home and wasn’t sure what movements would target specific muscles. After trying at least 6 other exercise apps, entering information and goals only to be prompted to subscribe. This app shows it for free, and has different routines to start easy and progress.
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4 years ago, M.Bader Algadwi
Really free really great
I’ve used many other apps before I start using this app. It’s been over a year now and It still great. All I need is home workout without equipment. So this app gave me that and many many many workouts that target all the muscles. I’m still talking about a workout app that is totally free. With reasonable ad banners every now and then. Great work guys. Thank you.
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4 years ago, hvstijfrr
This app is really good I have been seeing improvement in my body! This app really pushes you and explains the workout if your having trouble and need more time it will help you on the next workout telling you how to make it feel easier, overall for a free app this is really good ! Props to the developers they have a lot of other good workout apps too.
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7 months ago, Get bulked up
They have so much workouts listed you can do anything you would like each day you’re not assigned to do what you want so that makes it better. You can do one each day and then you can do abs whenever you want. I like the way they have it set up.
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3 years ago, named giant24
Easy to use, no equipment, free
I don’t write reviews normally but for this one I had to because how helpful it is, for me as a 17 year old I get confused on these apps normally but this one is pretty simple & has a reminder alarm which is exactly what I wanted in this app & has follow along home workouts with no equipment needed.
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1 year ago, joey 'jokeysmurf' jones
Great workout app
Different levels of intensity and it helps you build muscle and lose weight as you go. Needed to meet physical requirements for my job and this got me in shape enough in a month. Great free option as long as you don’t mind some ads. I’ve been using this for years
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3 years ago, jtillman2
Great app
Definitely a great way to get and stay motivated. You can definitely go about it a few different ways, there is an premium option and a free option. I am already seeing results and I have only just started. The workouts are fun and challenging.
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1 year ago, just an artist in a basement
After 1 month here is my response
I have started to grow bigger shoulders and my stomach is not as thin, but instead buff, I took before and after pictures and the comparison is pleasing, I’m not at my after stage yet though so I am going to go for a year and see how far I go
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8 months ago, dandiesil
Download it
Full disclosure, I downloaded this app because it was free. Once I started using it, I realized this app was the real deal. I started seeing results within a week. I cannot strongly recommend enough for you download it and change your life around.
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4 years ago, JThompson6174
Home Workout
This app is really good for working out. It gives you a variety of different types of stretches and exercises. And it keeps track of data so you can see how much you have improved. In all, this is an amazing app and I highly recommend it if you’re trying to get into shape.
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5 years ago, KAT_ONE_OCM
Just what you need!
This has been working real good for me! I love how it breaks down the routines for you and lets you replace workouts or choose the ones you feel are best for you. It’s very motivating and it keeps an up to date log of all the workouts you’ve done! Makes me want to do more! And it’s FREE!!! What’s else can you want?!
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8 months ago, Nem :)
Great app
I was very impressed how easy it was to use this app, it tells you exactly how to do each workout. I would highly recommend this for anybody. It has different levels for people who are more experienced with workouts.
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1 year ago, Finn Wilder
Just select level any go
Nice at home work out app. Select a level and hit go so easy to use. Keeps you moving throughout the workout. My only complaint is not being able to adjust my age (birthdate) in settings.
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2 years ago, huluzigzag7
Usually these workout apps have plans where you have to buy it but this you don’t there are videos to watch different intensity and it track how much weight and calories u lose or burn it is really good I recommend getting it
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4 years ago, appsuxwasteoftime
I’d have to say, I was pretty impressed. The overall layout is very well done! I would love to be able to reset a certain area, and not am the whole workout. Sometimes I change my mind about the area I’d like to use and change it. But other wise it’s very well done first day using it and already feeling great! Pretty user friendly.
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4 years ago, Skinn98
Genuinely genuine
Went through a lot of apps. Many of which beat around the bush for the first 2 or 3 workouts then make you pay to unlock anymore after that, extremely annoying nonetheless. LIKE, I WATCH ADS FOR THIS APP. I REALLY CLICK THE “Ad” BUTTON IN THE TOP AND KEEP CYCLING. It’s amazing and a 5 star review doesn’t even do it enough justice thank you, very much.
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1 week ago, deerob86
Simplicity meets perfection
This app is simple to use and straight forward. An excellent tool to keep you active and healthy, while saving money by avoiding a gym membership. I’m very enthusiastic about my next workout session using this app!!! (With a higher intensity setting of course lol)
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5 days ago, Kneegrowlover29
Best app ever.
You may need equipment for some of it. But like who doesn’t have. Easily the best… and it’s Free. Their other app six pack in 30 days is really nice. But u have to pay, otherwise u only get access to one set of beginner workouts. Thanks to whoever made this app!
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1 year ago, origami contender
Homework for men
This app is amazing it has different genres like abs , legs and more.I saw results of me losing weight in just two weeks so I would recommend this for if you’re a man and you want to work on gaining muscle and losing weight and even better it’s free.
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5 years ago, MistahJ_91
This is super custom without the hassle.
This one is great because you can either do a single 5-7 minute workout on the quick. OR....you can do several of them for a VERY effective home routine. Just by doing that, You tailor your workouts to fit your schedule, energy level, etc. BAM.
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2 years ago, unearthlybones
Work out on a tight schedule
I have very limited time to work out very busy most of the time, however starting fresh from a year of not working out, using his app for one week I’ve already dropped 3lb perfect app
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4 years ago, Webbnat000
Really Great App for working out all around
Good app for working out anywhere, at your house, park, hotel room, it’s portable! It’s free with no “extra workouts” for extra money type of stuff, which is also really good. Great workout if you are looking to workout with no equipment.
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4 years ago, dominicvv
Best thing ever
You get to workout different parts of your body and it has a ton of workouts. There is different levels you can choose and it actually makes it fun. You can set goals and reminders, and it tells you how many calories you burned. Best part is that its free!
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10 months ago, slugga444
It’s inspirational and I recommend this for everyone that’s having a tough time going to the gym for exercises or maybe work hours interfering with gym hours. Having this here app helps out a lot and is motivational and inspirational too
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12 months ago, Dani62hsh
Supporting the app
I don’t know how to start this but I have lost wait because of this app this app has helped me a lot and I hope it has helped other people you just have to keep doing it and be alive in your self but yes it is a great app
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3 years ago, Cag4589
My new personal trainer
By far the best, I’ve used the Nike app for years and this is even better than that, it kills if your on the correct intensity, I hope they don’t change anything, even the ads are not that bad!
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4 years ago, Robert the ping
Actually free to use
There is ads but this app has gotten me further and helped coach my workouts better than me doing it by myself and it being free really helps out also the fact it is at home workouts really helps during this quarantine 5/5 stars pretty great app
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3 years ago, mikey tint
The best
I like this app because you don’t have to pay and you get to pick the level. All the other workout apps you either had to pay or it gave you a certain level
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3 years ago, øgice
Good app
I started using this app since it was giving tips. This is very good app it has helped me a lot and most of all it’s very free. If there’s more than 5 stars I’ll go for it. I wish they bring back the tips it was really educative. Thank you
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1 year ago, Masonnnn17
Love it!
I love this app helps when I don’t have that much equipment laying around but there’s just one problem is it won’t let me set a reminder to remind me to workout or it won’t let you set how many days in a week and stuff wanna do it like when I click on them no option are out to click it’s just white no days or numbers or anything so won’t tell me click anything but I love the app that’s just my one problem.
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2 years ago, ZIN NCZ
It’s pretty good it’s free and can make you break a sweat. Just on the first day I did all four workouts and could tell it was good seeing as I was feeling it on the easiest day. It is definitely a challenge and is good to motivate you to push yourself!
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