Home Workout - No Equipments

Health & Fitness
4.9 (79.4K)
475.6 MB
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2 weeks ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Home Workout - No Equipments

4.88 out of 5
79.4K Ratings
10 months ago, Jason 4TW
Great app overall
I’ve been using this app to supplement my cardio for over a year now and continue to be more than happy with it for this purpose. There’s generally lots of variety and it is easy to use. Three suggestions for the developer. First, please give me the option to exclude certain exercises from ever being chosen by a personal plan. I have no desire to ever do a burpee and will never do one again. That’s just an example as there are others as well that I physically cannot do, cause me pain or discomfort, or that I just don’t want to do. I know I can edit plans, but I don’t want to have to do that every single day for exercises I’ve swapped out previously. Next, please make sure that personal plans adhere to the chosen time duration. As noted, I use the app and the plans it generates to supplement my spinning so when I indicate that I only want to do 15-20 minutes, that means don’t generate a plan that has a routine in it that lasts 25 minutes, I really only want 15-20 minutes or whatever I’ve indicated. Lastly, I’d love to be able to generate a one off plan on demand just for a single day for times when I may want something different, am time constrained, or whatever.
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5 months ago, username012570953357$(68,;
Accurate calorie burning???
I’ve been looking but maybe not hard enough but I was wondering how the calories burned are calculated? I wondering if the amount of calories burned was accurate cause it just didn’t seem like I was burning as many as it said I have been. So I look up each exercise and did a rough estimate on how many I burned based on how many calories are burned for each exercise. It wasn’t nearly as many as the app said I was??? So I’m curious if the app is accurate or not cause I count my calories so I’d like to know how many I’m actually burning. Other then that it’s better then any other free exercise app I’ve tried. Most only let you do a certain amount of days of exercise then you have to pay to do more. Which is super annoying so I like this app cause it also doesn’t shove the option of paying for extra stuff down your throat. I can tell that the exercises are your most insane workouts but if your just wanting to wind down and feel a bit better and feel healthier then this is probably the app for you. I have also lost weight using this app as well but of course diet plays part in that as well but I do feel like it’s helping. I hope this helps anyone that reads this paragraph of a review just know that the amount of calories burned pre exercise may or may not be accurate.
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1 year ago, Revelry 79
Was skeptical but it turned out well!
As a 43-year-old man, I’ve been working out for years pretty religiously. I generally go to the gym in the morning then practice some for of martial arts at night (currently Capoeira). I generally stay in good shape and in good health. I was feeling like I was in a rut at the gym, so was looking for something different. I gave this app a shot and at the beginning it was soooo easy. I kept with it and after a week or two of adjusting the difficulty, I found a sweet spot. It kinda reminds me of P90x in the way that it’s mostly body weight exercises, which is what I was looking for as a relief from heavy weights. I have to say, I lost a little body mass but I feel toner. My wife told me she prefers my body to this way than the bulk of heavy weights. For Capoeira, I prefer it too as it has helped me with upper weight balance and I feel that I move a little better. The only negative is that my wrists are taking a little more of a beating because there are a lot of push up variations. I think they will get stronger but in the meantime, there is some stiffness and some soreness. I just upgraded to the pro after a month and a half with the basic so we will see how it goes.
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1 year ago, P the DaWg
Awesome app! Intuitive and very customizable
I’m 14 years old (a guy) 5’7” and 115lbs so didn’t really get this app to lose weight. Mostly to build muscle and get toned up. You know, for various reasons. Even though I just got it today I worked out for over an hour with it and I really enjoyed it. It’s very easy to set up and the workouts are not complicated. (I started with beginner) there’s a voice that you can change that guides you along while working out. I like that there’s no equipment too. And anything that’s too hard for you or to strenuous you can easily just press skip, and there are plenty breaks that can be extended or skipped. And you can do all of this for free. But there is an option to get a membership which I think is pointless because you can do so much without it. And it’s $40/month. I mean if your an adult that works that might not be bad but for a 14 year old that’s a little much. Anyways great app, it absolutely deserves the five stars that I have given it. And I hope this was helpful . And I just want to say that even though there are adults pictures on the app all ages can use it.
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4 months ago, Jordys dad jordy
This app changed my life
Like the title says this app changed my life. I started a fitness journey a little before the new year with this app. I've got 41 days in not including once a week rest days. And I'm down 18.5 pounds. Obviously the app can't control what you eat so that is part of it also but when I started I struggled to do any push ups at all now I can do push ups burpees everything pretty much. I wish I could share before and after pics. I was never a fitness person really but now I am. This app helped me start a positive habit. And now it's a life style. It's great for any level. I literally can't say enough good things about this app. If your life is not where you want it to be the first step is cleaning up your temple and this app will absolutely help you do that. It's way waayyyy cheaper then a gym or personal trainer you literally have nothing to lose! I put it on my children I have zero affiliation with this app I just genuinely love it and appreciate who ever made it there life work to develop it. Do your self a favor stop making excuses and hating your life and download this app! :]
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5 years ago, Radrar
Great for Busy Moms!
I’m not a bodybuilder, I’m a stay at home mom with 3 kids. My infant is heavy for their age, and I noticed that carrying them around all day was killing my back! So I downloaded Home Workouts and did the beginner back/shoulders routines for a short amount of time. I saw results so much faster than I expected! I swear within a week, my back was no longer hurting and it took longer before my arms “gave out” while holding my baby. I loved that I could effectively exercise within 10-15 minutes and without equipment (other than a mat). So, so easy to fit into my day. These results happened when did a free premium trial of Home Workouts earlier this year. Even with the results and how much i enjoyed the workouts, I wasn’t sure I wanted to pay for an exercise app. I thought I could find something better for free, or that I could just do things I had learned from the app from memory. Long story short, I was wrong and I have barely exercised since deleting the app a few months ago. I re-downloaded yesterday and I am so excited to be working out again!
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1 year ago, speakwitheloquence
The app is ok, but there’s sexism (TL;DR at bottom)
This app is ok with workout routines for individuals wanting to exercise at home. But there is a slight problem. The pictures illustrating the women's workout routines leaves much to be desired. The advanced ab workout image doesn't even show well-defined abs, and the same goes for the other pictures in that category. The beginner and intermediate leg exercises are simply depicted as stretching movements, without capturing the essence of a comprehensive workout. The image for intermediate-level back exercises features a model with very little muscle development, which doesn't instill confidence in the effectiveness of the program. Additionally, the leg images across all levels don't show any noticeable progress or significant changes, which defeats the purpose of showcasing the results. It's difficult for me to believe that these workouts are effective when the pictures representing them lack visible progress or even basic standards. Furthermore, there is a clear discrepancy when comparing the women's images to those of men, which raises concerns of sexism. I kindly request that you address these issues promptly, as the current state of the visuals is unsatisfactory and makes me sick. TL;DR - The women's pictures are highly unsatisfactory and fail to demonstrate any progress, which makes you want to quit.
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3 years ago, JL77
Downloaded today for the 7 day trial
I just downloaded this app to try it out since it had great reviews. However I cannot find a way to unsubscribe anywhere inside the app or on the developer website. Now I’m afraid I’m going to be charged wether I like the app or not.... I will update if I can find an option to unsubscribe. Update: I had open the app and it asked for a review and I clicked 1 star and one of options said something about technical support and I was able to send an email to their support team. In the meantime I got an email from apple the next day to confirm my subscription. I clicked on the link and was able to unsubscribe. About 24 hours after the email to support I got a response back with instructions on how to unsubscribe. The instructions didn’t work for my version of iOS. Thankfully I was able to use the apple email link. I still think they should have the option built into the app and they may have added it with the newest update. I will give it a 4 instead of a 1. I cannot speak to the app because I never got to use it during the trail period.
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5 years ago, Vernie the man
This app is a masterpiece and a game changer.
I have a high metabolism and this app’s workouts work great for lean mass gain. The workouts are easy and don’t take up to much time. Depending on how you set up your regimen it can take 5-25 minutes. I do separate workouts everyday of the week and at the end of the month I do a whole weeks worth of a monthly challenge as a benchmark. I usually continue to lose wait when I work out. But this app is great for losing weight and also cutting and bulking. I don’t know if this app has a dietary area but I believe that a dietary area based on body weight and BMI index would be a great addition to this app. It would be great for people like me who are trying to put on some healthy pounds, but also great for people who are just trying to get in shape. I would like to thank the app developers for this masterpiece and I would also like to ask if you would keep this idea in mind. Take care of yourselves. I’m going to be a long time user of this app. It’s a real game changer.
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5 years ago, Xronco
It’s the single best calisthenics workout app.
I don’t usually post reviews but this app had me. I have come to fall in love with this app. The UI is simple and clean. It’s incredibly easy to access everything. They perfected the workouts. It only takes 5-15min daily to get into shape. The have challenges that you can also compete in. The ads are actually smartly placed and most of the time aren’t getting in the way. There are only a few times the ads pop up but it’s still that much of an inconvenience. There is an ad button you can press, if you want to support them in making money. Throwing an idea out there: You should make a reward for a certain amount of times the user taps the button. For example, I hit the button a 50 times or whatever, I get a secret workout. In summary, if you don’t have any weights or don’t want to buy a membership to the gym, this is absolutely wonderful replacement.
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4 years ago, GoldenEmperor
Workouts are great amazing gains but...
Hi I’m a 15 year old kid. In the summer of 8th grade I did 0 push-ups on my test and my uncle told me to do some push-ups. Till then I never really did any until I realized that I had to improve. I found this app last year and it helped me a lot. It’s a real fat burner. Idk how but the ai was correcting all my mistakes as I was doing them. It’s like it was watching me. I love this app but sometimes when the workout happens and it goes into rest the same workout I just did shows up as something else but the name changed. Now I can do 20 but I stopped in the middle. Also this is the workout I used to do. I started off with the 30 day plan. Each exercise it showed I did the same one separately. For ex: on arm in 30 day workout, I did intermediate arm and so on. So for each day I did the same part twice.
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1 year ago, ASoggyHotdog
Was new to at home exercise. So glad I chose this app.
I used to be an athlete before I went to college, and was fairly sedentary during college and throughout Covid. Shortly after I knew I needed a change. I found this app thinking it couldn’t hurt to try and am pleased to say that if you just stick with it, even on the easy plans at the easy levels (that’s what I did) you will see the results you’re looking for. It’s all about consistency. 30 minutes a day, often times less. You can choose the intensity and after hard workouts you can let the app know it was too difficult and it will adjust the plan going forward to reflect that. Sticking with this app forever. Just bought the full version. Not a paid review - just a good product and a satisfied customer.
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5 years ago, jade.fy
Deceptive UI tricks you into purchasing before trial
TLDR; I wanted to try the premium trial period but ended up charged twice due to a deceptive user interface. I wanted to make use of the 7-day trial and click on the “trial” checkbox that shows under the pop-up to purchase a subscription. I continued with purchasing the annual premium subscription as that was the only available navigation (besides cancelling out of the process). I was immediately charged the $59 and my subscription didn’t show the free trial. In the App Store I edited and switched to the “Annual (free trial)” subscription, and I was immediately charged a second time. Both charges are pending and I’m hoping only one goes through. Looks like I won’t get my trial period regardless. NOTE: There’s only 1 subscription option available in the app pop-up ($59/year). There are monthly options and a $19 annual option available through the App Store, but I was only able to access that screen after making the in-app purchase. So other subscription are only available after your first year, is my guess.
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1 year ago, Macrick II
Great for teens!
I’m 15 and a Second Class Assistant Patrol Leader (APL) in Scouts. I downloaded this app because I wasn’t able to keep a steady workouts for rank requirements, and I’m loving it! It has step by step instructions on the different workouts and how to do them. I personally don’t have the membership, but even still this app made it to where I enjoy working out again. It will ask if you have equipment or not, so if you don’t have a bench press( like me ), or any other expensive equipment than it’s not a big deal and will give you different workouts. Plus most of the app is offline which definitely helps with dudes like me that lives in a place with mediocre phone service. I 100% highly recommend this app to ANYONE wanting to start, continue or spice up their workouts.
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5 years ago, zusecannon
Guys I just want you to know I’m 18 I’ve been fat for most of my life I was over 260 pounds when I started using this 1 month ago but just today I completed a beginner an workout without pausing or quitting for 30 mins and let me tell you I’m sweating and I’m tired but the feeling I have right now is so amazing I’ve never been so proud of myself like I said I was over 260 when I started I’m 218 now and I’m still working but I just wanna tell you guys if you’re using this and you get tired pls don’t give up and if you do give up keep on coming back and getting better because you won’t understand the feeling I’m describing until you achieve it yourself just pls never give up and I also just want to thank the creators y’all have truly changed my life and my attitude so thank y’all so much I hope you guys see this
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3 years ago, hikkikizziz
Best app i have ever will ever invest in
I love this app more than anything I recommend it to everyone an anyone I’m get nothing from saying how amazing this app is other than telling you it has changed my life I’m a mom of two in 7 months I went from 280 to 240 an that was with very little diet chance an 3 15min work out a week. It’s so amazing me an my fiancé both invested in the premium version for each of our phones. Speacily if you need a personal coach or just don’t want to leave your home this is for you. It walks you through it shows you encourages you I’m taking one a week photos as I go on this life style change this app is givin me hope to be a better me not just for me but as an example for my kids an my 7 year old loves to join it it is the best. Thank you so much to whom ever made this!
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4 years ago, 6Michael A.
Better than I expected tbh
So, Ima go into a lil anecdote to give context: I used to play basketball for my high school, and as a result of me not playing daily anymore, I have grown somewhat out of shape. I was always skeptical of workout apps like this as I felt they wouldn’t give me a good workout. I started using this app, and the exercises are some that I wouldn’t have ever thought to do, despite being calisthenics, they worked me out enough to feel more fit. It’s not an app I’d use as a replacement for going to the gym, but it is a good way to stay in shape. Most of the workouts are pretty short but they work you (if you chose it to). You can also choose a lighter workout that suits you too. Overall, it’s a simple app that surprisingly will get you back in shape, couple it with some running and you’ll be good.
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3 years ago, xpd203
Tells you exactly what to do
Some thing I have really struggled with regarding other home work out/fitness apps is finding a sense of direction; a lot of them are great at tracking your progress, or helping you build a routine, but I was looking for an app that actually gave you a routine of exercises broken out day by day and did all of the thinking for you. This is exactly that! I’m a beginner with no gym membership no real understanding of proper strategy, and this is perfect — it shows you exactly what to do, how to do it, and when to do it, and offers courses, schedules, and trackers. I’m only on the free version at the moment as well. Would highly recommend. Also I was concerned this app might not be super legit (looks kind of click-bait ridden) but it is in fact legit and helpful.
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5 years ago, Grayson McDonald
Best app I’ve used
Really good app. I love the workouts and they work great. I started at “beginner” and in 5 months I’m already doing incredibly tough, “advanced” workouts. One bug I have noticed is that whenever I finish a workout, it takes me to the report page. From there, If I click to go to the training page, the workout I just finished wants me to keep working even though all of the workout bars are blue. If I click the “play” button, then the workout has me do the last stretch in the workout and says I completed another workout and documents it on my report page again. In the end, it says I’ve done two workouts for one day when really all I did was one. Besides this minor bug, it is the best app I have used for home workouts!
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3 months ago, cheyhTspn
Love it but would love to see yoga!
Love this app it took some while to get used to but once I got the hang of it, I really really loved it especially with the customization. If I don’t feel as strong one day, I can go on my workout plan and decrease the level that feel stronger the next day I can do more also love the wide variety and that you can edit the plans. Also, I really hate jumping jacks, so always replace it with something else. The only thing I wish to see I really really really hope they had yoga. I know they have Pilates but Pilates isn’t yoga. I’d love to see you both beginner and advanced classes.! Both for regular yoga for meditation, and stretching and more advanced yoga that’s meant to make you strong!
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4 years ago, Kytose
Amazing app!
The workouts are genuinely challenging and truly require NO equipment so you don’t need to spend any money, The user interface is super friendly, and the Me page is great for keeping track of workouts, calories, water intake, and more. I love that all of those features are available for free! I will switch to the paid version after a few months so I’m in good enough shape to do the more advanced workouts. For now the beginner workouts are great for me! I love this app. On a side note, I would love to see a meal planner either incorporated into this app or even another app from the same company for meal planning to help me stay on track with eating, but that would just be a big bonus. This app is already great for what it’s meant for. Working out!
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12 months ago, Aeroguy422
Thank you for this amazing app
This app keeps me motivated to work out. I’ve never wanted to exercise more than I have now! The workouts are easy but effective. (You definitely feel how effective it is the morning after trying this!) by the way, I use the free version. so this isn’t of of those fake reviews getting you to use the premium version. Anyways, this makes me want to exercise when I need to wait for something for a bit. The session times can vary from quick sessions to something a bit longer, which gives you the ability to select a bite sized session when you only have ten minutes. This is an awesome app, thank you devs 😊
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5 years ago, trashleyly
I used the app “Home Workout - No Equipment”, in my opinion this app is so amazing and i'm surprised more people don't know about it! It was very straightforward to use. I liked how there was an optional trainer voice with tips and a verbal timer. I like how for every single workout move there wasa link to a long description of describing the move and also a linked video as well. I like the custom timing and custom areas you can workout to. I love the ability to track your daily usage, weight loss, and overall health. I did not like all the ads that were placed on the app, but the app was excellent. To make this app better I recommend making the trainers voice not as annoying and monotoned and of course less ads if any at all. This app is wonderful and I think everyone should give it a shot!
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3 months ago, kp89898989
Lied about a free trial
I am deeply disappointed with my experience with Home Workouts. What was advertised as a free trial turned out to be a nightmare of hidden charges and nonexistent customer service. Firstly, I downloaded Home Workouts with the promise of a free trial period to explore its features. However, to my dismay, I found out that I had been charged for a yearly subscription without any prior warning or notification. This deceptive practice left me feeling cheated and deceived. Adding insult to injury, when I tried to reach out to customer service to rectify the situation and request a refund, I was met with frustration. There was no easily accessible form of contact, no email address, no phone number, and certainly no live chat support. It's as if they deliberately make it impossible for users to get in touch with them. This lack of customer support is unacceptable for any reputable company, especially one that deals with financial transactions like subscriptions. It leaves users feeling helpless and abandoned, with no recourse for addressing their concerns. I implore future customers to beware of home workouts and the tactics. Don't fall for the allure of a free trial; it may end up costing you. Unless they improve their transparency, communication, and customer service, I cannot in good conscience recommend this app to anyone.
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4 years ago, gargantyuan
Great free workout app
What I like about this app is how, yes, the premium option is there, but you really don’t need it to get some decent workouts in. The 4x7 challenge is good at breaking a sweat, and the fact that you can scale up between intermediate up to advanced allows a lot of flexibility. The premium option lets you get more specialized workouts, for essentially the price of a gym membership. I haven’t sprung for it yet, but we’ll see after a month or two of using the free version. Also, ads only pop up after you have completed a workout, which prevents it from interrupting your flow. All-in-all, it’s a well-designed, interactive and very good app for the home exercise enthusiast. Highly recommend!
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5 years ago, Corporal Hardcorps
Better than You Think!
I tried this app on the recommendation of a physician who also happens to be a triathlete and Veteran of three armed forces (Navy, Army, and Air Force). I'm a Soldier myself - also a prior service Marine - and am in decent shape, so I was naturally skeptical about what an app could really do for me. However, I was looking for something I could do with no equipment while traveling, and the doc said it was great so I gave it a shot. Well, let me say I came away both humbled and impressed! I signed up for three different workouts simultaneously. They are deceptively simple, but deliver big results! Highly recommend this no-nonsense app! In addition to the workouts, it features great tools to track your progress. Five stars, easily!
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5 years ago, j567890!
Everything is easy to follow, it’s not to hard, it gives you your BMI, so you can work at getting better. This app makes it really easy to pick your workout, it tells you what is in every level of the muscles your going to use. The navigation is really good, super easy to find what you are looking for. If something is to hard for you, you can skip it and try it again later. It tracks your workouts, and tells you when you worked on one thing last. This app is very useful it makes working out easy and fun. There are very few adds, and they don’t pop up during the workout. This is my first ever review posted, and I am glad I did, because this app is amazing.
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3 years ago, sarah pani
Easy to work out consistently with this app
I’ve been using this for 3 days now and I have worked out consistently ever since downloading the app. I had been feeling extremely tired, lazy and unmotivated from being inactive as I am usually a very active person but since it’s winter and I sit down all day at work I had been very immobile. The day I did my first workout I felt amazing and it is so easy to keep doing the workouts because they’re short and require nothing except what you have in your house. I couldn’t find a dumbbell so I just used a can of peaches. I can’t wait to keep using and to feel better. Working out is about how my body feels not necessarily how I look. Thanks for an amazing app.
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2 months ago, peace, dude... :)
This app has SO MANY different exercises that you can chose from! I am doing the beginner abs, arms, and lower body. ALL of them seem to do VISIBLE things. It has an extensive test that you go through so they can give you custom courses, guide you, and even predict how long it will take for a weight goal! Let’s say you’re a little bit small in weight (like me) and you want to gain a couple pounds. Well this app HAS. YOU. COVERED. It will tell you in detail what you will be that weight by. I’ve only had this for two days and I’m already ADDICTED. I hope this helps you in your workout journey! P.S, you can also pick wether you want no equipment or if you do :)
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4 years ago, joken1105
Was Great for so Long.....
I used to love this app, as it used to give the best workouts for me out of any workout app and it also had the capability of altering the listed workouts to my own workout plans. However, recently this app had a glitch on both my ipad and iphone. When I customized a workout and saved it, the app changed some of the other unrelated workouts to have the same plan. For example, when I edited a leg workout, it changed an arm workout and an abs workout to have the same exact exercises for some reason, causing me to lose my past data from customizing those workouts. If this issue is fixed, I would defnitely change this review to five stars because I loved this app. Nonetheless, as long as this glitch is present, I will not be able to enjoy this wonderful app on my devices anymore.
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3 years ago, Karatekidd25
Amazing app
Honestly I really wish I could do a before and after picture with this review. I have been working out with this app for a little over a month now and haven’t paid a single dollar just been using the free resources they provided and the amount of change I’ve gonna through with just using this app is indescribable! I’m one of those people who need a routine to keep motivated with working out and if the free resources done this for me best believe I’m going to be a long time user and start paying for the premium which I may add is super affordable! I made more progress with this app in a little more than a month than I ever had at any gym membership I ever had!
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5 years ago, Annatonline
Good app for the majority of the population
Some things I appreciated about the app were the options to choose the difficulty level and what area I wanted to focus on for my body. I liked how instructions for the exercises were provided and every exercise was timed. As an athlete, I don’t think that this would give the level of difficulty I would need to really reach my ideal HR and challenge myself with every workout. In the long run, I could see myself losing interest because of the relatively small volume of workouts available. I do realize that there also might be more options that come with a subscription. A suggestion I would make is to increase the intensity by requiring more reps or longer durations of exercises as the user improves.
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9 months ago, Ghostwolf24272
Amazing workout app
This app is the best workout app I’ve seen, the amount of customization is extensive such as being able to up the difficulty of your workouts, the frequency and more, plus coming with in built music is a good bonus. And as for someone like me who does mostly calisthenics the full body workouts you can do will seriously help you out if you push yourself. Of course with these apps you get what you put into it so if you don’t try you’re not gonna get results but at the end of the day this app is for better than any of the others out there. I highly recommend it
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4 years ago, LW3499
Wow, pleasantly surprised.
I never leave reviews, but feel compelled to for this one. I am shocked out how well the app works. The movements are not complicated, but I am more sore after 2 days than when I used to workout with weights. I absolutely love that they pace you, they keep track of what you’ve done and the programs have been great at getting me the most well rounded workout I’ve ever had. You can add dumbbells if you want more resistance. I was super skeptical, but tried the free workouts first, which are great in themselves. But I wanted to support this developer and open up a huge number of additional exercises. You will not regret trying this if you truly give it a shot.
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3 years ago, Anoymouse Clown
Overall it’s a great app
This app is great in a few days I was already seeing results. There are many workout plans and you can customize them to fit you best. I personally enjoy how this app has you set a goal for steps, and drinking water. I was not very healthy with drinking water and so this app has me drinking 6 cups a day. Although there is only one thing I have not bought a plan for this app and there aren’t to many options for people who don’t but this app. Maybe if you added some other plans into the free set that’d be amazing. If you don’t there are still a decent amount of free workouts. Thank you to the creators of this app I really appreciate it.
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2 years ago, snowynoey97
Good App, has some flaws
I really like this app. I’ve been using it for almost a year now, following the workouts as directed and I’ve noticed a lot of changes. I started out 190 pounds and I lost about 10 pounds of fat after a month. I was never overweight to begin with, but I shed pounds quickly in the beginning. Now over a year later I’ve been putting on lots of muscle weight, and weigh 210 pounds now. The problem I have with the app is, is that it’s telling me that I’m at an unhealthy weight now. The BMI calculation has my BMI at almost 26, which is technically unhealthy, but I’ve never been more fit in my life. I wish there was a feature to get rid of the BMI scale as it’s kind of unhelpful now, and isn't a great metric for people putting on muscle.
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1 month ago, Cyberbronco
I’m 58 and this is great!
Wish I had this when I was younger but so glad to have it now. This works all of my muscles with no gym equipment. Since I have started this, after the second week I am already toned. I shot for some of the expert HIIT in the 3rd week. I couldnt keep up, but after 4 weeks I have noticed my endurance building and things are becoming easier. I love the 10 min AI workouts that I can do if I am pressed for time. It’s a quick 100 cal burn that exercises every muscle group and makes me feel great. No matter your age I think you will benefit even if you just give it at least 10-30 min a day.
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1 year ago, drvngbh$fgd
Get this app
I really liked this app and it helped gain strength. One of my favorite things about the app is how much you can personalize it. The workouts where just the right difficulties and if they where too difficult the app would change your workout plan to make it easier and same thing if the workouts where too easy. Although there are a lot of benefits to the app, I have been noticing that it has stop notifying me when it is the time I set it to notify me. Even after this one negative thing I still think the app deserves a 5 star rating and I highly recommend it.
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3 years ago, Moshealingspace
Gym at home
Downloaded the app for a second time and was pleasantly surprised at the updated version. You begin choosing your goal (fat burning, toned body or muscle building) and then can either follow their 30 day custom made routines or choose the separate ones available for download. The yearly subscription is less than the price of a monthly gym fee. Every exercise has a video and a audio recording guiding us through each step, ideal posture and proper breath work. All you’ll end up needing is a workout mat and discipline. Congrats on the updated version! I can notice a change in stamina and muscle strength just after a week of working out.
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6 months ago, amazingkink
Good workout app but I would like one more thing
Everything about this app is really nice. It’s very detailed and it gives you step-by-step instructions. It really helps with digging you out of a hole as per se and I really like it. The one thing I don’t really like about this is that the sports selection doesn’t have some sports/ activities , but it everything else is good I also think that lacrosse should be added . it would be a monumental help for people that play lacrosse. I am one of them and I really just think that it would be a smart addition, but other that I have no complaints
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2 years ago, Carassius Auratus Maximus
Solid Home Workout App
This app is great for working out at home with no equipment or with just a few dumbbells. The video clips and instructions make it easy to learn the moves correctly, and the difficulty is easily adjustable to match any skill level. There are programs and exercises to effectively work your entire body on any difficulty level at home or on the go. I subscribed after the free trial and, combined with a healthy diet, gained several pounds of muscle following a 30-day workout program on this app without any equipment. If you don’t have gym access or equipment, this app is a great alternative.
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2 years ago, MojoQize
Great overall, few small things could be improved
Love this overall. Makes it easy to get in a quick workout with minimal downtime. Would like to see an option to always exclude certain exercises, vs having to replace them each time (eg exclude sit-ups from future workouts). Would also like to see an option where checkmark to finish an exercise had a small - and + on either side so you could quickly indicate if that particular set was too easy or hard vs an overall routine rating at the end of the workout. Sometimes within a workout some sets are just right, some way too easy, some a challenge.
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5 years ago, PanicTexas
Amazing App!
I love the app, it was great to use, and didn’t take too much time. I loved not having to go to the gym to do workouts, and I loved having a specified amount of what I was supposed to do. One recommendation I would have is maybe not having the subscription thing when you download the app, because I almost deleted it when I got it because I couldn’t see the x. I’d like for more people to know about the report tab. It keeps you accountable for being inconsistent, so it keeps you on a better schedule. Overall, I would recommend this app to anyone who is trying to start their workout journey from home.
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2 years ago, Shelly 227
Best Workouts Ever!!!
If you want to get fit this is the thing for you! One of my favorite things about this app is that you set a goal of what your body shape is and what you want to be, and how long you want it to take. Then the app personally finds workouts that you might like. Another one of my favorite things I like about this app is that at the end of each workout you do some great stretches to relax your tired muscles. The only thing I would say would make this app better would be to have it connected to your smart watch so it can record your workout. Enjoy!
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1 week ago, nat burger
Decent app
While this is a decent app - it does what it says it does, I do wish there was a way to create a personal routine, or maybe just add routines to the scheduled workouts. I like to plan my day in the morning so I fit the workouts in throughout. If I'm looking through multiple workouts when I have time to workout through the day, I get distracted by the options and spend my time making the decision rather than just going down my list of daily workouts. Would rather be able to set it up in the morning and just go back to that one screen. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Otherwise, I'm enjoying the app so far, good workouts etc.
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2 years ago, 4Puf
Confusing options and settings
Used this app for about a week but I find it a little bit confusing on how to use it. There are three options at the bottom, classic Discover, and personal which I feel that they all offer the same choices and it’s not clear which one I should use. Then when you go into the settings there are things like a training rest seconds and countdown timer seconds and I could really not find a relationship with the real time. First one is set to 17 and the second one to 10 it should be 27 second between exercises but sometimes it’s much less is some time is much more. I do like the visualization for the exercises though.
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5 years ago, hdugjohjfoxg5837
Amazing !
I love this app it’s the best app for work outs there is it gives u different stages for every group of muscles. Gives u detailed explanations tell you what they do gives you track of your calories tells you how good is your weight to your height! Gives you videos of other people doing it and 2d animations and if you wanna pay 40 dollars per year it will also give u suggestions on how to lose weight diet and even something like how to get rid of man Boobs I used this app for a week and already can see some results this app is TRULLY amazing I recommend it to everyone who is determined to lose weight or go into shape
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10 months ago, Bashie boy
My opinion
I’m a young kid trying to lose some weight and then you need to pay for it and I can’t do that like I want a good work out app and not pay for it but the world live off of money and I can’t pay that I want to lose weight so bad have been for a while now and I seen this app and I’m like bet good reviews and good ratings but none say that you need to pay like is there a app that you can get and not pay for it I was so happy to start working out and getting in shape but then I had to pay and then I deleted the app right away I can’t pay that right now and I just feel like there will never be a app that you don’t need to pay for something on it and I’m done trying to find apps when you can go to a gym for cheaper then what is app is offering and I will do that then pay for this
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8 months ago, BubbaBee123
Personal plan is not user friendly
I paid for the subscription and used it for 4 weeks. The app set me up with a personal plan when I first opened the program. Based on a series of questions I ended up with two short workouts. I followed the workout for three weeks then I noticed it was the same amount of reps every time and the routine didn’t change. After investigating the app I noticed I was still in week one. Maybe that’s how it’s suppose to be but if not I couldn’t figure out how to advance the week. The app for me is not very intuitive as far as the personal plan goes. It’s good for seeing many different types of exercise but not much else.
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12 months ago, DonnieRaz
Works with you for results
Really like this app. Started with body weight exercises and moved to weights. Very helpful visual and audio explanations of exercises. Really like the “How hard was the workout” at the end where you can choose too hard, just right, or too easy. If too hard/easy the program will make adjustments for the next workout. Seen definite gains on strength building, muscular definition, and flexibility. At 54 years, not easy to achieve. Only question is if there a family account? My wife has seen my results and wants to try. Thank you!
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