HRV Tracker for Watch

Health & Fitness
4.4 (797)
17.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sydvesti Oy
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for HRV Tracker for Watch

4.45 out of 5
797 Ratings
5 years ago, Bluecopper
So far so good!
I have an Apple 4 watch. I wanted to know my Heart rate variability and this does that. It’s pretty basic but is easy to use. I also added it to my watch face and you don’t have to use the breath function for it to work. I almost bought a whoop because I wanted the info quicker. The recommendations I would make are to have the info come up in a score form based on sleep, HRV and workouts or other things. I am a coach for CrossFit and this is something we can use. I look forward to the update and would love to help if you guys needed some info. Thanks
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4 years ago, GumGum903
I got this app because I did not want to spend the big bucks on WHOOP. I have been exercising regularly for the last year and half (5-6 days week) and have stopped making progress and felt I may be overdoing it. Since getting this app My scores are always low unless I used Breathe app on Apple Watch, then my numbers skyrocket. I have taken 4 days off and numbers still low. Perhaps I need more rest.... The developers of this app have been quick to respondto my questions, which I appreciate.
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5 years ago, firegirlred
Nailed it
I use HRV for training and recovery. This app did exactly what I needed. I have a professional background in USA Cycling, USA Track and Field, USA Swimming, USA Triathlon, ACE Personal Training, college anatomy and physiology, and Emergency Medicine. All occupations are starting to see an emergence of HRV as a significant training/medical tool. After working my way through several other applications, this one did what I needed for predicting immediate changes without any frustration. Worth the purchase. I look forward to seeing how the app develops. I’d love to offer insight based on my knowledge, experience, and needs.
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1 year ago, Rather be biking
Good free app to monitor HRV
A feature request: add the ability to show some more robust statistics other than average. At least for me a few of the measurements are way off and significantly affect the average.
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1 year ago, CoreReset
Giving it a whirl
Despite the reviews of recent that app looks nice and thought I would give it a try in addition to my other apps which do work well. Giving this a try and comparing the data against what the health app shows and the other two apps. Update: the main app I use is more updated and this app does not help in anyway, to all, compare the source data(health app) against what you see in this app. You want it to update in addition to using mindfulness app. Now would like a refund as my other apps work way better. I’ve tried so many and landed on the ones that work for me, this one does not.
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3 years ago, New-update
Great app for what it does!
This is a great app. I was looking for a simple app to track HRV and this app does it. Some other apps I have tried either don’t capture the data or are to difficult to use. I would like to see the option for a second graph with a variable time frame. I would like to track both my 7 day average and my 30 day average to watch for trends and tailor my training appropriately.
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1 year ago, ematto
App does exactly what is says it does
Awesome app. Saves me from digging into the apple health app and provides basic statistics (without opinion) of recent, daily, weekly and yearly values. The companion I watch app and it’s widget are also nice to have. Personally I edit my health HRV data if I see an extremely low or high value or that is not consistent with the over all data - I get rid of it.
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5 years ago, chrisli323
Great HRV Tool
Currently, there are no many HRV tools for Apple Watch that give you access to this important health metric. I’m really liking having this app for easy access to my HRV measurements, averages and trends that can be seen over time. Also, by using the Breathe app for one minute you can get current ready that shows up in the app pretty quickly :)
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5 years ago, Iglesias Fitness
HRV review
I wanted this app to work, bc I wanted to track my HRV. However from day one it did not work on my iPhone. It crashed every single time. Did work on my watch, but never could see the information in my iPhone. I will say they did communicate well via email, but they were never ever to fix the app from crashing. I paid for this app, and getting a refund is very inconvenient bc you must go through a million steps from Apple to refund you.
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5 years ago, horizontalheat
Great app for training and overall health
I used this combined with HRV Training. This app gives me a my daily or last read HRV on my watch. This was exactly what I was looking for. Has just enough features to make it valuable for me. Keep up the good work!
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1 year ago, Rivi121
I expected more but works great
I expected more detailed results on my Apple Watch screen and not through using the breathe app. But it does what it says and work smoothly
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3 years ago, cancelself
Best HRV metrics on Watch!
If this app had mindful minutes, could stop working on half of the Zendō app, which I would love to do. Great work and please add a “mindful minutes” comparison on watch so we don’t have to?
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4 years ago, Dakotamick
Not clear
Still not clear on what the trends mean.
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3 years ago, argghhhhttt
Nothing to see here
Although the interface is nice, if you’re looking for any additional information, or the ability to actually generate an HRV this app does not do that. It just takes the information you can readily see in the health app and provides it in a different format
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4 years ago, Theonethatusedit
Continuous monitoring?
I like this app for my Apple Watch other than the fact I can’t see my HRV as a continuous metric over time. I only see my HRV when I use the Breathe app which takes atleast 1 minute to use. Is there a way to just use this app and see my HRV continuously??
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4 years ago, TylerAbate
Much Needed
HRV is important to me as I can from an Oura Ring. This apps does a great job on the watch and phone. I love how you can use it independent from the phone.
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4 years ago, swadberg
Not working
I have the app both on my phone and Apple Watch but it’s not reading any data? No data is coming on the watch and when I open the app on my phone it just says “no data found”. I have a series 3... is this too old? What’s the issue
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4 years ago, hack_the_planet
Crashes upon opening, can’t get refund, issuing chargeback
The watch app crashes upon opening and the complication doesn’t seem to do anything. Can’t seem to get a refund from Apple so issuing a chargeback.
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3 years ago, mohthom
Does not allow you to record hrv with out going through the breath app
This app does adds no value over looking at hrv in health. Add the ability record hrv with out going through the breath app and I’d change my review. Zero added value as is.
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2 years ago, kayofthehill
Doesn’t tell me anything new
All it does is show me info I can get elsewhere easily. If the watch has decided it’s not recording an HRV today, no matter how many times you Breathe, there’s nothing to make it record one. Was a waste of $4.
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3 years ago, colbylaw
Great app
I have really enjoyed this app. It’s simple and easy to use.
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4 years ago, diappoinred
So so app
I think this app is way too basic and lacks any form of great detail sure it gives you some basic information but it really lacks a lot of details to be honest and regret buying it at this point I just don’t think it’s all that
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3 years ago, Lisa8025
This app constantly said i have low HRV. I feel good and even when I feel super energetic still gives very low HRV. Dont know hiw accurate this app is.
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5 years ago, Davidlaska
Finally on my watch. I use the breath app to measure and this app shows it and the trends. No phone needed.
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7 months ago, dhwuh
Apple Watch Widgets?
A good app, but I am surprised it does not have Apple Watch widgets!?
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3 years ago, Fun paint
Not for me
I can’t make sense of this one. I will use the other apps. This gives me nothing.
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5 years ago, krispenhartung
Easy to use and clean interface
It’s a cool app, easy to use and interpret, clean interface. I’d give the app a 5 star and be a major advocate for it, if it had three key features. 1) consistent with how the Whoop device operates based on their extensive research on HRV and usage by professional athletes and coaches, I’d like to see the option to have the app use only one critical hrv value in place of a daily average of multiple readings, namely a reading taken during deep sleep at night. This could be a reading associated with the lowest heart rate at night while sleeping. The reason for this feature is that your hrv reading when you first wake up in the morning is most indicative of your physiological capacity to take on strain for the day. A daily average is not as informative because there are multiple factors during the day that can decrease or increase your hrv, which may not be indicative of your capacity to take on more strain. Alternatively the app could just use a reading immediately after you wake up and you are at resting heart rate. 2) allow the app to sync with TrainingPeaks, sending only only that single deep sleep or morning value. 3) provide some interpretation of the hrv trends. This will require the app to establish a baseline over time so that it knows what your lows and highs are, which in turn can offer coaching advice. For example a 50 may be a high value for an untrained non athlete but low for an athlete who can get values above 100 consistently. Hrv is meaningless to the average person without some analysis relative to their fitness level, baseline data etc. It’s just a bunch of numbers. So, I got an hrv value of 32 today. So what? Should I run that 20k or not? Should I take the day off or do more active recovery?
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4 years ago, son of EH
no instructions
i love the app just no instructions explaining all the reads/numbers
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5 years ago, Craig J J
Doesn’t work
I downloaded the app, but doesn’t come up on the Apple Watch. When I load the app on my iPhone, it just says “no HRV data found”
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3 years ago, HappyGo1234
Watch App Crashes on Apple Watch SE
It crashes every time I try to open the app. Complications work. iPhone App on my iPhone X works fine.
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3 years ago, kev8821
Junk App
It tells you nothing more than what your Apple Watch will tell you. Don’t spend a dime on this app. Waste of my $2.99
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8 months ago, Not amused! :-/
App does what your watch already does. It’s redundant and pointless.
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4 years ago, Hamedina
It doesn’t work in iphone pro max
Hi I have problem with this application and it doesn’t work for me
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5 years ago, matt07208
I was charged $5.00 for this app why? Your price is a dollar. I paid you through PayPal. Please refund the overcharge. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Rob479
Does not test hrv only shows scores
Does not test hrv only shows scores
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