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Huawei Software Technologies Co., Ltd.
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User Reviews for HUAWEI Health

4.16 out of 5
6.2K Ratings
5 years ago, Sam_Feng
Device link tip
For anyone who wants to link Body Fat Scale by Huawei with this app, make sure “region” setting in your phone is set to China Mainland. You may or may not have to change app’s language to mandarin as well. Then when you run the app for the first time (if you have already run it, you may or may not have to delete and reinstall), you will be prompted to register/sign in to Huawei’s account (and yes, you have to have a account). Otherwise, this app won’t find the scale. You may change settings back to original after first time setup. It took me hours to figure it out. I almost lost my patience and return the device. Besides this, everything else seems fine... for now.
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1 year ago, fgbstbnx8654
Huawei Health App units
While I’ve enjoyed my Huawei Watch GT2, the Health app for iOS needs some work. I’ve had it for a little over 2 years now and keep hoping that they’ll get the App unit’s feature fixed in one of their updates but so far no such luck. The problem is that despite setting the units in the app to Imperial, every time I close and reopen it, it reverts to displaying the units for distance in metric (km) instead of Imperial (miles). To correct, I have to change the units under settings back to metric and than imperial once again. Upon repeating that process, it will display imperial until I close the app or restart my phone and than it goes back to metric. I don’t understand why it’s so hard to have the app save and display the units in imperial as the setting says it is.
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2 years ago, TheRamenFiend
Great but having issues with profile and units
This app is great honestly, but to things that mess it up from a perfect app is that the units and profile reset each time the app is closed making it very annoying. I did a 3.7 mile run and calculated only 125 kCal because the profile reset and calculated the calories using a significantly low weight and height. I feel like this is a simple and easy fix for the developers since they can save the data similar to the weight tracker or even better to use the weight tracker data to be the set weight of the user so it’s updates periodically. With the units it must be a big with how the function is since the app says it’s on imperial units but still shows metric.
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4 years ago, AnVBThL
Additional features - yes, we do need them!
While I do outdoor walking, outdoor running or cycling are not my favorite recreation. I’m in search for application which will cover some other activities especially in the summer. Recently I got the Honor Band 5 sports and despite the excellent fact that it’s waterproof you don’t have the option to trace the swimming activities. Also, from the first sun of the year till it’s possible I’m the one of so many people who practice rollerblading regularly and there’s nowhere an option to monitor that activity. I’m certain that people from Huawei are able to develop some new features which will cover some other sports and make lots of people happy.
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4 years ago, Danivparra
Syncing workouts
I’m actually pretty happy with my Band 4. I think it’s really practical and useful when you want to know how much are you striving during an exercise plus all the other features of sleep monitoring and HR. However, I have just one complain and it is that I haven’t been able to sync my workouts (that are not running) with the app, it just stays in my band and for one day since the app just has the option of running in or outdoor or training with a bike. Maybe it’s that I don’t know how to do it but instructions aren’t clear about it.
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2 years ago, Xinobi88
Gt 2 watch
I like the app overall but there are some kinks that need to be worked out. First of all, the breathing exercises in the app and on the watch need more functionality. On the watch we need a vibration to signal between inhale and exhale or you end up staring at the watch the whole time and not relaxing fully. On the app the exercise malfunctions. You hit start and it does not work. Moving on the watch needs more faces. With how technical this watch is I'm sure it would be fun to have faces that match more of your personality. Overall the app is pretty good but if you introduced more customizations it would make this watch hands down the best. Thank you for reading
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5 years ago, fckpb
Features Not Functioning
I wanted a nice-looking fitness tracker that counted steps, stairs, & workouts. This one advertised all that plus sleep & heart rate tracking, with easy syncing to my phone. Reality is much different. Yes it shows your heart rate, but only on the watch. The app doesn’t save or track heart rate, so don’t expect to see any historical data. Stairs climbed are never counted. Sleep tracking is poor, many nights show only a few hours of data despite being worn the entire time. Steps are only counted if your arm is freely swinging; carrying a cup, coat, bag, etc equals few to no steps counted. Minor annoyance, only the metric system is offered, hope you know your stats in kgs. Overall, it looks nice but I’m very disappointed in the lack of features advertised. Huawei Honor Band 4 and iPhone 8+.
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3 years ago, kaderan
Software not as good as hardware
I absolutely love my honor band 4 (previous fitbit user). The sleep tracking in particular is better than I’ve found elsewhere. But the software leaves much to be desired. I won’t mention the missing functionality which other reviews have already commented on. There are still bugs... one annoying one is that the app insists on reverting to metric after a few minutes regardless of whether you’ve selected “imperial” to get your weight (among other things) in pounds. This ought to be a simple fix and I am shocked this has yet to be addressed. It is such a shame that such good hardware is paired such frustrating software.
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4 years ago, KayakBliss
Better than my Mi Band for Sleep
This is a correction of a negative review I left yesterday, disappointed when all the great sleep metrics disappeared. Turns out I’d been too rash as the “Harvard option” had inadvertently been disabled. Now it’s all back and I’m returning to say that I like Honor 5 better than the Mi Band or basic FitBit. Sleep tracking is unmatched and while fitness may lack for those with more varied routines its counting of steps and distance (for walkers) seems very accurate. Of course the face itself is widely considered the best.
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2 years ago, kojo Boahene
No log in and No watch faces
The app doesn’t give us the option to log in again and all the watch faces I spent money on and paid for are all not accessible again. The funny thing that Huawei is not doing or saying anything about it and all our user data on the app is lost . I even made people buy these watches over Apple Watches because of how good the battery and features were but I am really disappointed in HUAWEI technology and company when I switch to Apple Watch that will be the end I am not coming back again and I am sure same as thousands of users who are also frustrated with the bad app ruining the user experience for all of us.
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4 years ago, Ali@meer
The app need some work
I have huawei watch fit. I love it. It changes my view of smart watches and I don’t want to take it off my hand. But this app makes the experience with the watch bad. Maybe the only thing I love about the app is that it gives you plan to manage your tasks for exercise. Things need to improve: 1-the app shouldn’t be disconnected and require to log in every now and then. It should be connected always to the watch as long as Bluetooth connected. This problem cause many things like not being able to find my phone as the huawei fit allow find my phone function. 2- the app no synced with the watch. My workout is not reflected in my plan. I have to start t he run manually in the app. After I do so I can not close my phone screen because the app gps will not track my run. This ruined so many runes for me in the past. The app should give you at least what it promised. Please fix the app
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4 years ago, NL6622
Works fine but can be better
The app works fine on iPhone with a huawei band. Data sync is never a problem. The GPS is the most accurate among all running apps I used. With that said, the app could be better. In a few cases when the app was closed accidentally in the run, the ongoing record was gone. In addition, there is no real time pace and heart beat display. I wonder if it is because I am using low-end huawei band.
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5 years ago, dfcorrea00
Syncing Issues
As Omar pointed out, syncing this app with Health must be done manually. On top of that, & in my opinion, more importantly; of the 21 days of recorded sleep in the Huawei Health app, only *10* have been sent to the Apple Health app. This is not excusable. As a user, I've tried my best to find a work around, disconnect & reconnect the app to Heath, etc. But this is not user error. The app simply doesn't fully sync with Heath for some reason. Other than those 2 syncing issues, everything works OK. The app itself is pretty straightforward & informative.
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2 years ago, Mihajlo022
new update, at last!
finally, new update fixed crashes and terrible slowness on my iphone XS max. Much faster startup, and everything opens instantly. Previously I had to wait for several seconds whatever I click and often it would simply exit the app. Great work! Only thing that is missing is dark mode.
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2 years ago, SJBergeman
Could be great
Huawei Health could be great. It has all the potential from the powerhouse company. The app needs to fix the bugs that have been plaguing it for a while now, which is the personal profile - it doesn’t keep the data you put in the app (it changes to me being 2ft 3 and 525 lbs) Now with the recent update, it won’t change the weight units to Imperial on the app widgets (won’t show lbs), and finally no dark mode! Please make these needed changes, the world needs your smartwatches to help in their journey to a healthier level.
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4 years ago, Valkirye1
How to fix ‘Tap to update devices’!!!!
This worked for me: If phone is hooked on wifi, switch wifi off, turn cellular on, turn on app, go to pair your device and this time it will update the list of devices... at least this worked for me :) My best idea as of to WHY OH WHY!?! Well... the Huawei app is not properly built with the iOS permission logic and was not being allowed to use internet through the wifi.I thought of that when I did mot see the app in the list of apps to allow/deny permissions to use cellular.. This worked for both my iphone 6s and my hubby’s 7 Good luck guys!
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2 years ago, mark___s
Get a Native English Soeaking Translator
The app itself is okay, but could be better for iOS users in the US. More watch faces. Third party watch faces. So yeah, watch faces. What's really absurd though, are the release notes. First line: "[Vibrant Life] Enjoy high-quality rights and interests" What is that? "Vibrant Life"? You've added a vibrant life? You're going to give me a vibrant life? What are "high-quality rights"? If the developers don't speak English as their first language, find someone who does. Yes, it's okay to ask for help translating. As it is, this thing reads like a fortune cookie.
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2 years ago, Tathan2502
Like a 10 USD Watch
I owned the latest GT Running watch and it’s like I have the cheapest device found on Ali Express not insulting the really good ones there. I ran this morning without my phone and didn’t record the course (not sure now if this has built in gps). The app is even worse, can’t login my account, can’t link any other running app, no watch faces any more, no music option available and so on.. it’s like definitely having a very cheap watch and I paid more than 300 usd. Not fair just to see your notifications. Don’t deserve even one star.
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2 years ago, Ik591
Because of Frequent Updates
I’m using this app last around 2 years. At the very beginning there were many bugs. But after they allowing us more and more updates. Those bugs are fixed and they are adding some interesting features as well. Thanks
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4 years ago, B-Rock Lee
I bought a brand new GT 2 because it is advertised as being compatible with iOS. However the app is stuck on prompt to update device list and won’t get past it. Cannot pair my watch and actually get watch functionality. Talked to Huawei support and they say it is a known issue and will work on it but give no eta. App hasn’t been updated in over two months and users have been having this issue since January with no resolution, at this point I just spent a load of money on a smart watch that is useless! If you have a smart watch that needs this app you are out of luck!
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4 years ago, alaalilo1
The app is no longer working
New Update: 8/May/2020 App still not working - based on the latest app update (month ago) they mentioned bug fixes. i am not seeing any improvement ! App is not working when connecting to Bluetooth. 31/March 2020 App still crashes and watch can't be paired with the watch! When are You updating this app ????? 7March 2020 The app still not working and freezing everytime i open it- please fix this issue ASAP New review: 19Feb 2020 I am not sure what's wrong with the application, freezing all the time, cannot connect to my watch or anything else ! This app is getting worse - PLEASE FIX THE ISSUES ! Old review: We are now 11/Nov and the app still doesn't work . I no longer use the watch .. Bravo I am unable to use the app or connect it to my mobile since 24 October. Whenever I open it it freezes and can't do a thing. Please fix this ISSUE Once it's fixed I will edit the rating
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3 years ago, RealMusicLover8675309
Caution - Huawei lost my account!!
I used this app almost every day for two years. It was not perfect, but the interface was appealing and the features were useful. A few days ago I updated my iPhone to iOS 14.7.1. When I opened the app, I got a prompt for a user ID and password. The app rejected all of my attempts to log in, using all the methods available: email, mobile number, Facebook, Google ID, and Apple ID. The Huawei customer service people were friendly but absolutely useless, refusing to consider the possibility that the problem is on their side.
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4 years ago, Mistress Gynny
App needs major review
I have the Honor Band 5 and the app is on my iPhone which is updated. My issue is that every time I open the app, it puts the unit of measurement back to metric. I keep changing it to imperial and the app says it’s imperial but when I open the app again.... it’s metric even though the app says imperial. This really needs to be addressed quickly or I am choosing another watch.
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2 months ago, outaorder
Awesome functionality
I absolutely love my WatchFit2 limited edition. I was never a smart watch enthusiast but HUAWEI changed that for me and specially this App has been life changing. Love everything about it. The challenges, the badges, the calorie count program, the exercise routines, everything! Thank you it is helping me improve everyday
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11 months ago, Jireh-T
Life Saver
This app is great for a beginner runner and run who plans to keep fit and stay healthy. It guides you when to run, when to take a walk and is just with you every step of the way. If you don’t know what you’re doing, this app has got it figured out. Just follow the instructions
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2 years ago, XoOoOoX
Keep removing Apps notifications
I’ve noticed that the app is not offering much app’s notifications. Such as Snapchat, Telegram, Instagram,…. Previously I had the notification option for many apps. Now I can see Netflix notification, who cares about Netflix notification on his watch!!!!!? With each update they’re removing more apps notification options. I’m getting a smart watch to be able to use it. Otherwise I can get a regular watch.
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3 years ago, DexPopMom
Fix the units bug!
The app reverts to Metric after a few minutes even though my profile says Imperial. Others have complained about this issue for months and still no fix. The “issues” option in the app just spins when I try to send my complaint so customer service doesn’t exist. Otherwise, the band does what it’s supposed to and the app is decent at tracking.
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4 years ago, datakeepr
Migrating from Huawei Wear to Health
It’s July 5th and since 28-June-2020 my Honor Band 3 stopped recording night sleep. I wrote this issue on the Huawei site and was told to install Huawei Health to correct this. I re-paired my band to the new app. Unfortunately NONE of my history is migrated from HWear to HHealth so all my exercise, and sleep history is now MIA. This is my first day so original expectations are not met and that’s why I gave a 1 star. I’ll update this over the next few weeks when I collect more info. Also - Huawei has NOT sent messages to HWear users that a replacement app has been produced - very irresponsible.
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10 months ago, Beticotobe
Doesn’t synchronize as it should
In almost every other features, this app is great… but when it comes to the syncing of the exercise I’ve been doing, is the worst. It skips days or even weeks of daily workouts. Bit disappointing
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4 years ago, BCMaroon
Monthly reports lacking data
Hi, In general I find this app nice to have to track my activities etc., however I think it really falls short in the monthly reports area. It would be great to have all activities compiled in the weekly/monthly activity reports, rather than just walking and running. I’m not a runner, but bike a lot. This I’m left adding up my monthly distance myself. How about showing some love to bikers and add that in the weekly reports? ;-)
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5 years ago, Chief dealer
Amazing Experiance
Hello guys.. I would like to share my stannic exp. Its amazing app and I live it. And the missing stare is only because I using Iphone and there is missing in our application. The music is missing here for Iphone and would like if you can fix it soon im sure it will be happen soon but wishing to make it soon to complete my amazing exp. with this amazing GT2 and huawei.. Good job developers and keep it up.
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3 years ago, IRivera52
GT 2 Pro
Love the quality of the GT2 pro watch. Love some features but like everyone else will like the option to install more faces even if we need a 3rd party app. Another flaw is that it tracks a los of sports but NO STRENGTH EXERCISE??????. I track it next to my Apple Watch and it very close on calories burn and heart rate. I wish that Huawei did more for IPhone users.
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5 years ago, sammy6363
Great app for the Huawei band 3e
Loved this app, this was the app I could find how to connect my huawei band 3e. On huawei wear it seems that they don’t have it so I can’t pair it. The only suggestion I have is that to have a option to be able to customize your time and maybe be able to have a option to add the date next to the time on the watch.
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3 years ago, Katek2022
Functionality still not great even after updates
There was a recent update to the app which changes the layout but does not seem to add or fix its function much. For example, when I tap to look at my weekly sleep history, the app shuts down. It did this before the last two updates and is still doing this. Why??? How come this isn’t fixed yet? I use the app because I have the Honor band, which I really like. But the app isn’t great
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4 years ago, mostlyintact
I really want to properly use my tracker
but this app doesn't seem to sync with apple health, even though I gave it all the permissions. My excercises are stuck on this app only and there seems to be no way for it to sync with the apple fitness app. Please fix this, or at least allow us to somehow save our fitness data in an account, otherwise all the fitness data dissapears when the app is removed.
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5 years ago, bkiru
Workout data is missing
Previous workout charts and detailed data is erased or missing, is it possible to keep it saved or an option to allow it to save? Whatsapp notifications do not appear on honor band 4 but it will display the number, pls update
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4 years ago, rrsheridan
Swimming does not record on their app or apple-health
Love the watch. But it was hard & took a long time to figure out how to start it & work it . That’s because nothing in the box that watch came in or the paper -directions(booklets) are all in the Asian language. Nothing in English to guide you at all. I bought this because of the features that said you can record & keep records of- Heart rate(yes, it does) , blood pressure (yes , it does) , oxygen (does not record it at all on their app or apple app.) It’s suppose to have a breathing ( I haven’t figured out how to work it or record it on their app or apple health app.) & The exercises I do are & are suppose to be included- Swimming (it does not , record & keep records on its app or apple app), steps (yes), walking(yes) , indoor cycling ( it seems as if it does not record , at all on their app or apple health)
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2 years ago, MomsHUFFY
Keeps getting better!
I’ve had several Fitbits and an Apple Watch . All of them died around 1 year old. This keeps going. Fantastic battery life! And the app gets better every update. Two years in and I love this!
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1 month ago, kharaokee
Multiple working out
Please upgrade as my example below: when finished walking and just touch plus button and select running out easily. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Maxito74
Battery Usage is Crazy from this app
I have a Huawei watch and I downloaded this app on my iPad and it started taking up 70% of my battery in the background. That’s really weird. So I turned of background app refresh for Huawei Health and it was still taking up 70% of my battery in the background even though I turned off background app refresh. All I’m trying to say is, even if you have a Huawei watch, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP! IT WILL DRAIN YOUR BATTERY DOWN IN THE BACKGROUND EVEN IF YOU TURN OFF BACKGROUND APP REFRESH!
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4 years ago, Mad GT2 watch buyer
Paired iPhone 11 with Huawei Gt 2 watch
With the latest APP release, I was able to pair my iPhone 11 with Huawei GT 2 watch bought a few weeks ago. I can use the watch to make/answer phone calls, and receive APP notifications. I haven’t had time to explore other functions of the watch. So far the GT 2 watch works great!
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1 year ago, samlin89
What happened to the App?
The app was crashing a lot, so I decided to uninstall and reinstall the app. However, now I can no longer login to my Huawei account. I had bought several screens for the watch, but now I can't access the screens through the ios app anymore. I want my previous functions back or my money back. It doesn't make sense that I paid for a service and now you don't give me access to it anymore.
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4 years ago, Shuydsk
Still needs some features and polish
The graphics look nice but there are some features missing and also some bugs: - stress analysis missing - SO2 measurement missing Would be fair that all buyers of a Huawei Watch get the same features independent of the OS of their smartphone. Bugs: -Sleep data not synchronized (happed after a week of usage, in the night that the switch to summer time happened; don’t know if has any connection to the bug) -after a reset of the watch sleep data synchronization worked correctly starting with the following night, but now if you switch to the weekly view of the sleep data the app is just crashing.
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4 years ago, NeedHelp-LoveMyHonorBand!
I installed an honor band 5 on my iPhone 8 a month ago or so and LOVE it. Got one for my daughter and her device list won’t update (I phoneXR) and therefore we can’t connect the device to her phone. I just tried it on my iPhone and I can no longer update my device list either. Can someone help? I’m a huge fan of the honor band 5 and want to share the love! reidssratgmail to contact via email
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4 days ago, New Workout
Enjoy it
Allow me to connect the smart device with iPhone, it is good quality. It will be super awesome if there is same features as Chinese versions. That will be a huge upgrade.
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3 years ago, Aws almola
Connection bugs
It’s really a good app as well as the watches but when I connect it to my iPhone and when the phone get away from the watch normally it will disconnect but the real problem is it will not connect after this unless I delete the watch from Bluetooth in settings and also from my watch inside the app it’s really time consuming and annoying things please correct this bug
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2 years ago, mpantoja599
Wishing for more support for IPhone
Got the Gt3 Pro and I absolutely love the aesthetic look and feel of it, the app works okay for the most part, but the reason I bought it was the custom face watch however its not supported in IOS I don’t know if that is because I live in USA. Wish someone would care enough to explain why I can’t have that feature that I’m looking for. That reason will probably sent me back to my Apple Watch
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3 years ago, Its me 😉
The pairing experience was great, but I’m giving it 3 stars for a reason. I paired my watch, I wanted to check out the watch faces, as it is one of the reasons I bought the watch and I couldn’t find the watch face section at all. I tried the same watch on my friends device and it worked! Idk what happened
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4 years ago, joyfob123
Just stops tracking distance
For several years worked well on P10, then stopped tracking distance. No response from several customer service inquiries. Started using iPhone X early this year, app worked as it should. This past week, again stopped tracking distance. Records elapsed time, but no distance. All other map-related apps working normally. I have more than 4 years of history on app. Shame to see it go, but app reliability isn’t good.
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2 years ago, nina_asd
This version can't connect to my watch.
I had old version of Huawei health and that works with my "magic watch 2" wery vell but then I update it to this version and no longer my watch connect to this app. Now I cant use my watch, it became useless. I used other iphone and another watch of my friend they had this connection problem too. Please fix this problem. We cant use our watch any more.
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