Hume Health

Health & Fitness
4.1 (33.1K)
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FitTrack Inc
Last update
2 weeks ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hume Health

4.06 out of 5
33.1K Ratings
4 months ago, JustSayin2019
Would be a 5 Star if they Fixed this!
Last year this app was great, but about a month ago they rolled out a new (better looking) version that doesn’t allow you to view rolling 12-month history. It cuts off in 2024. That’s not very helpful. Also they started putting dates backwards and European style so not so easy for people in the US to tell what is going on at all. At this point the only purpose I have for the scale and app is to get a snapshot of my health. Or I suppose I’ll be able to track all of my 2024 but it won’t give you history prior to 2024 even though my fitness journey (like many others) started prior to that. Not helpful at all. They should have never messed with it. I even went to submit feedback through the app itself and it locks up after you type a couple words. Just ridiculous whoever they put in charge of this is failing big time. Update: They did seem to fix the trailing 12 month history and I greatly appreciate them fixing that aspect of the app! I would bump my rating to 4 star at this point! Keep it up yall!
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2 years ago, US Military Man
Doesn’t work to it’s abilities.
So I’ve had the FitTrack app for over a year now. (And no I never had the old app to mess with the current.) I have worked with their customer service back and worth for days and we came to no conclusion or just an ignore in response.. I have deleted and reinstalled the app at least 5 times.. and yes I have restarted my phone.. there is a very big problem with this app and scale and it basically makes it just a normal scale that tracks your weight and nothing else.. on top of that you have to put in the weight manually.. what is supposed to happen is you tap “weigh in.” On the app, then stop on the scale, there are 3 circles that buffer. First one is weight (which works great), the other two don’t work and just buffer until my scale turns off.. they are supposed to log your estimated fat% and other data, then it plugs it directly into your app and you’re done. It worked for me for a few weeks and I’m not sure if an update broke it or what but it’s been like this for over a year now and still no fix? It’s very frustrating for paying for this scale and expecting to get these benefits and then it just turns out to be a basic scale in the end. I am open to keep troubleshooting this but I have pretty much put all effort into it. The application just needs to be fixed, but I’m not sure if I see this happening after a year of issues.. if this problem gets fixed I will change my review.
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6 months ago, Mulatto_Cookie
Avoid this scale/app. Useless
This will be my third review of this product. I left two other very detailed reviews that appears to have been deleted by someone. So I am writing this from my notepad app so I can just copy and paste it back should they decide to delete it again, I won’t have to rewrite it! IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A SCALE TO HELP YOU TRACK YOUR FITNESS PROGRESS - THIS IS NOT IT! The most recent update they pushed out just took away the main feature I used to track my weight loss! The ability to compare my weight from one day to a previous day. That feature is totally gone. I used to be able to click on the weight itself, and click the “progress” button which would allow me to select a date from the calendar. I was able to see that I’ve lost 25lbs! Now that feature is gone. I also used to at least be able to click on previous months, now I can’t see anything beyond the current month. When you click the date/month button, it used to have a drop down menu where you’d select the month you wanted to view. Now when you click it, nothing happens. I literally have no use for this app now and have cancelled my subscription that I was FORCED buy because they took away so many of the features that was originally advertised as free!!! I am currently now on the market for a new scale/app as this one has become useless. Just avoid this scale/app altogether. Go with someone more reliable. Save your money!
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11 months ago, hayleys_comet
Nothing works but stuck paying for it
I bought my smart scale BEFORE I was forced to buy into this stupid app. Let me tell you I LOVE my smart scale and the app that was originally meant to be downloaded with it. Fast forward a year. An update comes out and says I cant use the old app anymore and mow have to PAY $10 a month to use this new app with my scale. Whatever it is what it is. The app looks super promising at first. You can track your calories, set your weight, goal track your water intake, etc. so I get rid my other apps that I use for these things because now I have it all in one place. Not even a day in I’m struggling to find the correct foods to be able to accurately log my calories to the point where I cant even track eating a single egg without wasting my time to manually enter in each food item’s calories for every single meal. Never had this issue with any other app that I’ve used to track calories. Because of how difficult it is to track my calories I rarely use the app as intended aside from using it for my scale. Which again is absurd because I was doing that for a year FOR FREE before I was forced to buy into this one. At this point I feel like I was scammed. And if I wasnt a year into using my smart scale I would return it for a regular one and just kept my other apps.
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2 years ago, yr wastin my time
Application Forcing Upgrade to Billable Programs
I really liked this app connected to my Dara scale in that I can see and track weight, bmi, and other body stats. I am on a diet and managing calorie intake and fitness through their program. I do not need a second app for this. I really just want to keep the weight statistic reporting. With this upgrade, I step on the scale and am now being forced to purchase the standard program or premium program paying $6 to $10 a month to get all these features I do not need. It appears if I want to track just weight and stats moving forward, I have to enter these one by one now and there are 6 buttons to choose from. So click weight button, step on scale, track that, then hit the bmi button, step on scale and track that, and so on. So you have made it very cumbersome to keep what I had forcing your users to pick between the two new programs and pay either way, if I want to keep tracking all those stats by stepping on the scale once. I do not want any of the new features nor do I want another bill to pay every month. I just want to keep the functionality I had by stepping on the scale once. I also want to stop the solicitation to upgrade every time I try to use the scale. Can I please just keep the functionality I had without having to feel entrapped to pay for the standard program or the premium program?
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2 years ago, Phineas1231
App needs some tweaking
I have the Dara scale and purchased it in mid 2021. The old app recorded all of my weight and measurements and worked great. When they launched the new app and eventually had no choice but to delete the old app and download the new one, I’ve still never been able to get the app to save the data from my weigh ins since this app change. The app and the scale are synced while I’m on the scale and I can see the app registering the weight. After the scale displays my weight, remains lit until it eventually goes dark, the app still tells me to keep standing on the scale and appears to be “processing” (from what I can tell) with the green circles lighting up in a row over and over. I’ve stood there for over 5 minutes waiting for the app to save the data but as soon as I step off the measurements go back to the last time I used the old app. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app several times, including the newest versions, moved the scale all over the house to different flat surfaces, taken the batteries out and put in fresh... Nothing seems to resolve the issue of the app not saving the data. I read all of the FAQ’s for the Dara scale but can’t get an answer for why this is happening.
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2 months ago, JessyTooFreshy
Does not Sync with other app data/Terrible touch response
Specifically, this app does not sync with Apple Health despite asking for permission and granting it. It is frustrating to jump back and forth to different apps to see the most updated data on your health. You have to manually enter everything already in the health app if you want to have a holistic health picture within the FitTrack health app. I can only ASSUME this aids in the selling of their own watch brand since this has been a known issue for some time and not resolved. This is especially frustrating considering the money you spend on their scale and/or other products to gain a better understanding of your health. Update 4/24: the app is barely responsive to touch sensitivity. This is not a phone issue, as I do not have this problem in any other app or function on my phone. It will not scroll up or down to review data. I have to continuously close the app and reopen it if I would like to look through anything in the app. Very frustrating. I deleted and redownloaded the app. It’s worse, it won’t load my data pages and is so unresponsive. I’m upset I wasted my money on the scale and glad I didn’t upgrade and put any wasted money into the app itself. If I could give 0 stars, I would.
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1 year ago, Orlmom
I bought the Dara scale about 2years ago, and then we moved. Recently found my unopened scale among some of the moving boxes in storage. Got it set up and connected to the Fittrack app which I had no problems with it. It synced all my information. Fast forward about a month ago, when I was forced to have the Hume app instead of fit track except now, I can’t get the app to even open unless I pay a monthly fee which I did not have to do before. All I see is the intro screen with word HUME. I in my phone settings the app is synced with my Bluetooth. When I step on the scale, it shows the Bluetooth symbol and my weight but the word Hume on my phone never changes and I never see any information. I I don’t want to pay monthly or annual for information that came with the scale when I purchased it, the reason for purchasing it. If you are forcing us to purchase the program, then I would like a refund for my scale.
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5 months ago, Lal12
App originally for my fittrack smart scale- now unusable
I bought the Dara Fittrack smart scale, I just wanted a smart scale that tracks my weight. When I first downloaded the app this, it was simple! Connect the scale to my device and poof! I could immediately see my weight, body composition, etc, and I could view my metrics over weeks and months easily. However, shortly after I purchased, Hume took over the app, and then, every time I opened it, they pushed their premium app. Annoying, but I could still very simply track my weight and body composition. Ok, so, recently, Hume updated their app, which is now focused on tracking someone’s whole health, whatever, not what I’m looking for, but my frustration is: now I can’t even find how to connect my scale anymore! It’s literally easier to manually enter my weight, which is ridiculous, the scale was sold with the promise of auto tracking everything. Now I’m going to chuck this and buy a scale with a SIMPLE way to track my WEIGHT!!! Another case of diversifying and complicating the product too much, simple user interface is key. Hume should have kept a version of the app for the consumers who purchased these products, now I have to buy a new scale and will never use a Hume product.
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6 months ago, Derivatives4ever
Bugs and glitches for $9.99/month
I’ve been using this app for nearly two years. At the beginning of each week, the app shows a notification that says: “Unable to generate your Health Score this week. Be sure to weigh-in at least once a week to see your score.” Doesn’t matter if I’ve weighed-in once, twice, 6 times, or seven times. Always, the same notification. When that notification appears, you can still check your Health Score, but when you do, the app displays a notification saying that it’s “Calculating… check back soon” and the “summary improvement advice” tells you that your health score has dropped by whatever your health score was at the end of the preceding week. The app then proceeds to tell you what it thinks you need to do to get your health score back in line. Because your health score is zero. Brilliant. It’s just bad programming, plain and simple. My advice: go buy a better scale that doesn’t require you to pay $10/month for a subscription to a poorly written app that will track your body composition. I ordered a new scale today and I can hardly wait to delete this terrible app from my device. Would give zero stars if that was an option.
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5 months ago, tbacon1
Broken? Or forcing me to start paying?
This app and scale combo has worked well for a few years. Then they started with the constant push to upgrade to a paid program. I don’t need that, I only need to weigh myself and get body fat each time. The scale is not accurate with weight or body fat, but it is a decent tool to track changes. To clarify my accuracy comment, I have 18 inch tiles in my bathroom, they are smooth, and level-I checked. I have to put the scale on a tile the same way each morning. If I turn the scale, say 90 degrees on this flat, level tile, and weigh myself again, I will get a different measurement. ??? So I have to be consistent each morning with the scale placement. Lately they changed things again, I now have to manually connect the app to my scale each morning. I have tried to contact them in the app but when I fill out the comment form I select the “related to” then “category” then start typing in “comments” and I can never get more than 12 characters typed before the app shuts down. Really? I just want to easily be able weigh myself each time. I should not have to manually reconnect with the scale each time. Fix this, so it works like it used to.
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11 months ago, nvlindsey
Bait and Switch
I originally purchased the Dara scale a few years back. This is advertised as a smart scale with various analysis included. The application was free and available with the purchase of the scale. This all change when I was forced to download the Hume app,my scale, although it says it’s connected I can’t get any measurement readings, nor does it record my weight. It seems that the app is really pushing an upgraded membership. However, the basics on the app don’t even work properly. I purchased a scale that was more than a scale, it was an overall health analysis. However, with this ridiculous new application that doesn’t work and a required membership of an absurd amount, $120 a year. This is not what I purchased, and backing your clients into a corner to now pay to use the scale that was advertised with these features included shows the lack of morality to your clients. Time for you to take responsibility and make it right. This is not what you advertised at time of purchase, this is a bait and switch. In the mean time I am requesting a full refund for my purchased smart scale that I paid over $100 for, that is not any better at this point than a cheap $5 scale.
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5 months ago, Wal Cust 2023
App needs a lot of work
I first purchased the scale which I love and when I purchased the scale there was only the free version of the app and it actually worked great. They replaced this app fittrack with Hume and this app has never worked correctly. I tried the pro version because while I will never use most of the features since I already satisfied these needs in apps I love and have been using for years. There were a few features I was interested in and thought if it was great I would re- evaluate. This exercise failed I tried and tried to get the pro version to work with many conversations with the technical support when they would actually respond. And when they did respond it was to delete and readd almost every time. It may be great but I never got it to work and they never refunded my money. Now the free version has issues logging in. I have never had this many problems with an app. Not to mention when it logs in it is a better than 50/50 chance it will lock up. Please bring back the original free app. I just enter my wait in fitness pal but I really wish I could reliably upload my data. The scale is great but the app ruins it.
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1 year ago, Bionicears2004
Don't get this scale
I'm done. Completely D O N E. I liked the scale, but I do not like that all the metrics don't transfer over to Apple Health. I'm also extremely tired of being constantly harassed to upgrade to premium every time I open the app to weigh myself. This after being forced to change from one app to another and then to another. Ridiculous! I spent too much money for this scale at the advice of a friend who loved it two years ago and I now regret it. Moving on to another smart scale after doing some research. Hardly any tech website suggests this scale anymore. I HATE the dark mode (no option to change out of it) and it's too cluttered. If you're looking to get this scale and checking out the app reviews? Look elsewhere, because this isn't it for you. I'm not spending $72/year where I can't change from the dark mode and refuses to share all the metrics with native apps. I complained about the dark mode before and you claim to be listening, but after this update, I feel like I got the middle finger and a hand out begging for money. UPDATE: We have switched to another smart scale with a MUCH better app. I’m sorry I ever got this scale in the first place.
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2 years ago, akief8795
Growing fitness company
FitTrack recently introduced a new app to replace FitTrack pro. I love the direction they are going, and the improvements are noticeable. I have used MyFitnessPal, but with buying the Dara scale, I have decided to give FitTrack a more extensive look with their new nutrition tracking and workout plan tabs within the app. They are still building, but I believe they will be a top competitor to MyFitnessPal in the next 5 years, the new FitTrack app gives me the feel of the top dog, and their scale is the most accurate I have used. For people who think it isn’t accurate, don’t forget to always weigh yourself first thing in the morning before working out or eating, that is your true weight! Happy to be a FitTrack customer, and to use it to track my macronutrients day-to-day.
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Waste of time and money
I really enjoyed this scale and app when I first got it in 2021. However, it’s simply become a piece of decoration in my bathroom as it’s proven to be a total waste of money. For a long time, I had the same issues that I see others writing about. I’d stand on the scale for over a minute while the circles on my phone screen just turned and turned and told me to remain there for a reading when the scale had already turned off. That seems to have been resolved since resetting my scale and re-syncing it to my phone via Bluetooth. There’s never been a way to sync all of your data from Fitbit. If you manually try to enter your exercise or calories, they are automatically calculated for you depending on the exercise that you select. And after a long day and paying for these services, who wants to sit down and manually enter all of that information from one app to another? No one. I absolutely am not giving this company more money for one of their watches to do this for me. I should have never bought this. I’d give it zero stars if I could.
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3 months ago, Loseit user dc
25 Versions and Still Not close to Working Properly
The app history tells the story, noting 25 versions in the past year. This was obviously put on the market before it was ready. It is still buggy—for example, it will ask you each time you use it to allow notifications even if you are already allowing them. You will not get notifications. I have been told that this is a known issue for the past 2 months. If they cannot fix this, they could at least delete the feature for the time being so that it doesn’t keep bothering users. Increasingly, the app doesn’t communicate with scale properly such that you cannot get readings without deleting the app and setting everything up from scratch. This level of quality extends to the scale itself. After a short while, I have had to almost stomp on it to wake it up. And now, the readings vary by 3-4 pounds from moment to moment. Avoid. There are smart scales from brands that have long track records of producing quality products and that care about the value of the brand.
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9 months ago, GemObra
Fit Track Better than Hume
My app worked a lot better when it was under FIT track. Whatever Hume is it stinks. Like for instance apparently I’m down 134 pounds of muscle. Not only is this inaccurate it’s ridiculous as I would be dead. The interface is harder to read and I hate that you can’t get rid of the dark mode. I guess they think it’s chic. I think it’s illegible. There is no way I’m going to pay more money for an app to build my “digital twin” when it can’t even give me the more basic data that it used to get right! Also, I can’t find over a years worth of data! How disheartening! Whoever Hume is, I guess they bought out Fit Track. Too bad because they stink. ***UPDATE*** I have written to customer service about how lackluster the Hume app is and never heard back. I also never received any response to my original review. So not only is the Hume app awful the customer service is nonexistent. Oh. Also, it would seem to get my years worth of data. I would have to buy the app. There’s no way I am big $72 a year for this garbage. I can’t wait to replace the scale outright
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3 years ago, BookWorm1231238
Cannot Update Profile
I bought this scale about 2 months ago and got it set up right away but found that it wasn’t syncing with my device and would I to show weight, not the other stats that I actually bought it for (BMI, BF%, etc) because an influencer that I follow said this was the most accurate scale for that. Today I went back in to try to work with it again and solve the problem and saw there was a new app to download. I did this and everything seemed to sync perfectly except then I looked at my BMI and BF% and there is no way it is correct, not even close. I realized maybe my age, height, etc were incorrect in my profile so I clicked on “update profile” but all I get is a white screen with a blue bar at the top and nothing else. In order to get out of that screen I have to completely remove the app, reload, resync my scale with the app. I’ve done this 3x and it still does not work which is very frustrating because I bought this scale specifically for the promise of “accurate” body stats.
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1 year ago, Aggravated app user
Hate it!
I wish that we weren’t forced into updating the app. I really liked how user friendly the other app was and I was able to navigate it easily. I really don’t like how they didn’t give us the option to keep the other app. This app is not as user friendly and took me a while to figure out. I’m not really a fan of the layout & I hate the fact that I lost all my information from the previous app. I do see the potential in the new app though so I’ll just make do. Update: I hate how the automatically updated the app to the trash that is "Hume”. Bring back the FitTrackPro app! This new update is not user friendly and I find it hard to track my progress. I don’t know how to navigate the app and the new features are useless to me. I’ve had my Dara scale for two years now and I’m starting to regret investing in such an expensive scale when I no longer can enjoy the features that made me buy it in the first place. I want the progress tracking feature back and I also want all the unnecessary features gone. I’m not paying for them!
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3 years ago, devans5783
Was going ok
I have been trying to hold off with a review but can’t any longer. Took forever to get the scale (bought in the beginning of May for my bday, got in June or July)and had issues syncing the watch. I finally got it all sync up and just had to remind myself to sync it . I have to sync every day or I loose the data, fine I’ll adjust. Now I love the concept of the updated app however it doesn’t work. My steps will be over 5,000 and I finally get the watch to sync which can take several attempts the app says I did like 250. My scale I thought synced but when I went to look nothing saved. I have talked to the messaging robot then I think a person and all they say is delete app and redownload or unsync the watch and turn off your phone and resync everything. I think I did that 5 times. I love the concept of the watch and scale on one app and the community the company provides, however right now the scale and the watch were a waste of money and that’s sad because I don’t have money to waste. Needs better app and customer service.
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3 years ago, Melinda Richard
Dara Scale is useless
I bought the Dara Scale after hearing an influencer go on and on about it. It took forever to come. Now that I have it, it cannot stay connected to Bluetooth which renders it useless. I have had so many customer support people write and email about …. do this, do that, all to no avail. You originally put in your four AAA batteries and it syncs fine. Then the next day it just searches and searches and won’t link. Then you get told reload more NEW batteries. Get rid of the app, try FitTrack Pro. It again works for one day and then nothing. Then it’s get rid of that app and go back to FitTrack Health! Reload four MORE new batteries and mind you each time you lose all your info on the app. Who has time for this nonsense? This scale is not cheap mind you. They have no clue how to get this to work. Get told repeatedly it’s a glitch they’re working on it! You can’t sell something that you never had working in the first place! It’s a major rip off. So many BBB complaints as well with this company. Do yourself a favor and pass on this.
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4 months ago, Janixa
What happened?!!
February 16 This app just keeps getting worse. The whole point of buying this scale was because I would have all the details in this app. For whatever reason my scale keeps disconnecting and now it will not even connect to record my stats in the app. So disappointing and what a waste of money. What is your IT team doing????? What is seriously going on behind the scenes in your company because this went from a well oiled machine to complete trash. Who is running this thing? Some time in January This app is horrendously malfunctioning! My profile is set to recognize the Imperial system but the results are being shown in the metric system. In addition to the month and day being backwards. This is beyond frustrating with trying to already be disciplined and put forth a valient effort in my health journey. Trying to track my results should be a streamlined process. On the contrary, my experience as of late has become an enormous disappointment. I have also messaged you directly on your website and no answer.
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8 months ago, maddstermaddie
This app is just Ok, to me. I tried a free trial of the subscription and was underwhelmed. Basically you get the health report, but you can only get an accurate report if you track EVERYTHING. All your food, steps and exercise, sleeping, water etc. so if you don’t have a device that tracks those things it won’t give you an accurate number. The app itself is convoluted to navigate. There are lots of steps involved in just weighing myself. Took a little while to figure out how to weigh in. It’s just needlessly over complicated and not very user friendly. Could be streamlined. As far as the actual scale and body measurements go, I have no complaints there. It quickly measures everything and I like that it’s all color coded so you can quickly see what you need to work on. I do wish there was a bit more info included for each category - possible causes and solutions, reasons to aim for a certain range, etc.
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11 months ago, PurpleAuraElements
The Biometrics are goals tracking is great
So far, the biometrics are great, I love that I can track my macros and I love the goals like the daily water intake, the activity goals, reminders, syncing to of fitness devices like the Apple Watch, etc. The meal tracking could use some work, it’s a bit all over the place and confusing, the barcode scan and food image scan doesn’t work for me most of the time, and I end up having to enter in nutritional information (also because the database doesn’t seem to be extensive.) Also it’s not super cohesive with entering serving size and grams and doing the math. I’ve used other meal tracking apps that are a bit more intuitive. I would love to see more nutrition based content. Also would be great if you could actually use other scales, which I assumed initially, only to find out that my smart scale was not compatible and had to purchase the Dara to use the app correctly,
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2 years ago, Eye on eternity
Challenging update but figured it out
I was very frustrated with this update for a long time and tried to continue using the former app version, as others have stated. However, customer service responded to my review and helped me out. Two things: I had to disconnect my phone from the old Fit Track Pro app, disconnect the Bluetooth, etc. make sure it was only connected to the new version. That still didn’t fix the problem. The new app prompted me to make sure I had fully charged batteries in the device. So I switched out the batteries and voilà, all was fixed! So simple! As soon as I did that it started measuring all my biometrics and storing the data again. I’m still giving it only 3 stars for the circuitous route you have to take to update and figure out the bugs. Would be nice if during the update process, all of these steps were explained and it could be a seemless update.
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2 years ago, Walecky
Not for people with an ED
It’s ok except for the fact that the new app adds additional weight than what the scale says. Scale said I was 161.2 and then the app upped it half a pound. And then some of the other stuff is just off and you have to take it with a grain of salt. The “standard weight” is so comically low and is based off of old science. It doesn’t calculate body changes with kids and such. Says I’m severely obese but I wear a size 4. I had gotten the scale cause an influencer raved about it but it’s just so-so. If I tried to get to the “standard weight” I would have to starve myself and adopt severely unhealthy dieting habits. Could I lose an extra 20-30lbs? Sure. Do I want to be 119lbs again and the size of a high schooler after having 3 kids? No lol my body isn’t the same and I could never get back down to that weight. This is NOT a good scale or app for people with an ED. Because the measurements are off it could trigger unwanted responses. So if you have an ED please do not get this.
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3 years ago, JDH1896
Not impressed
Got forced into this app from the Fit Track Pro app and suddenly the readings are significantly different from my scale. I can’t see any of my previous data 👎👎. The graphs don’t make any sense, wish I could show you the graphs 👎👎. Update- apparently the app designers responded to my review. There is no buttons at the bottom of the screen as they describe. So 👎👎. And of course they call me out for being wrong right after they push an update… not sure how I feel, maybe they are trying to say I’m lying? Perhaps they could acknowledge something was wrong with their app? Regardless, historical data does show up on the graphs with the latest version. And they fixed the problem with the way the graphs were showing. Still would rather have the Fit Track Pro app but I bumped the rating up from 1 to 3 because it at least functions at the basic level now.
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3 years ago, tcmcaro
Only use this app for weighing purposes
Besides knowing my body details, using it for anything more than that has been a complete mess. I sign in through my iCloud apple account and I chose to sign up for the 30 day free trial of the “health+”. Then the next day when I signed back in it was giving me options to do that again and the features you get when you do weren’t available to me anymore. Yet it was still under my subscriptions under my apple account. I was also using the app to keep track of my macros. Firstly it has very few known food items under its catalogue. I would suggest MyFitnessPal instead. You can create the food you would like listed but I would have to create it every time because if I tried adding it from the list it was on already I couldn’t even select it. Not to mention that I had already created an account months prior but I hadn’t used the app in a while and it was telling me I had apparently never signed up at all. They need to work on the app interface.
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2 months ago, rockingmedic
The scale is an accurate it says I'm older than I am I run marathons, etc. and a firefighter. In addition they stole my money. They don't respond to emails. Their phone has been disconnected once I didn't renew for almost $80. All my information disappeared. I no longer see it. I still get messages from them, but I can't see any of my information. I'm getting ready to report them to inside edition, etc. where I purchased it through one of their companies that they recommend products on the Better Business Bureau website all their complaints except maybe one have gone answered. Their phone number has been disconnected. I wrote one of their head people that email and their email to Customer Service have gone. An answered they will steal your money and run. All they care about is making money they don't care about you your health your life. I'm 100% disabled veteran. They don't care about me, the thermometer is accurate. Their scale is in accurate. They liars scammers run.!!!
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5 months ago, Callie9790
The app developers should be embarrassed
This is the worst app I have ever used. I honestly hope someone starts a class action lawsuit against them. Maybe I will! We were promised so much when we purchased and then we were told we have to purchase a subscription to use the app. And now, the app is literally not even usable it’s so beyond slow, I have to reconnect the scale every time I use it, and on top of that, as someone who knows a lot about what a healthy body is, the way this scale promotes specific weights is horrifying. Like it tells me what an ideal body fat percentage is for me and I don’t think I would have a period at that percentage. Also- according to this I have a standard muscle mass which is crazy. I weightlift HEAVY, 6 days a week. In the *gym* I would confidently say I’m top 1% most muscular women. One of the best features this had was I could compare my progress and that is completely unavailable now either by poor app function or it’s just gone, I can’t even tell. DO NOT BUY THIS STUPID SCALE.
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2 years ago, Tennisman128
New App Producing Inaccurate Data
I used the app after updating to the newest version for the first time in several months and upon doing so and syncing with my scale, I discovered almost all the data that’s being synced besides the basic weight is entirely inaccurate and/or completely empty. My BMI is reading 242.2 which is just a crazy inaccurate number along with listing my body fat percentage as being 70% that is also another completely inaccurate number, leaving almost all other categories not receiving a reading at all in those categories. Also my profile somehow has my bright listed as “18 8” FT and when trying to click into the area to edit the number the screen is white and won’t allow you to type in anything to change the entry which I’m assuming could be throwing everything off in my measurement readings. This all needs to be fixed with an update as the scale is pretty much useless at this point if none of the measurements are accurate besides the weight…
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4 days ago, SJ11146
After seeing other reviews here, I see I’m not the only one having problems with this app. Overnight the app went from performing very well to not displaying some information at all. It’s not showing weight correctly. Overnight I went from 200 lbs. to 450 lbs. I have deleted the app and reinstalled and still the same incorrect information shows. I have taken the batteries from the scale hoping that would help; it didn’t. At this point I’m looking at other scales and apps. Hume was great when it worked, but now it doesn’t. Trying to reach customer service is impossible. None of my emails to customer support have been acknowledged. Now I just need to remember to stop my payments for this worthless app.
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7 months ago, Brian97529506
Less than 1 star
If I could give zero stars I would. This app is useless especially for nutrition information. I have been emailing support back and forth without and resolution other than to get replies that they are working on it. I have requested refunds without resolution. The nutrition information has never worked. How do 2 hard boiled egg white have 6510 calories and 0 grams of protein. I used the scanner for my protein powder and it says 1 serving has 1,562 calories, 0 grams of protein, 0 carbs, 0 fat and 0 nutritional info. I SCANNED THE BARCODE. ALL THE NUTRITIONAL INFO IS IN THERE AND NONE GETS BROUGHT INTO THE APP. This is one of the biggest ripoffs out there. Not only did I lose my mo eye for the app but the mo why I spent on the scale is a wasted because I can’t use it as advertised. This is literally the worst experience I’ve ever had with any fitness/nutritional app. How am I supposed to even trust the other metrics provided in the app. I want my money back. Unfortunately I can’t get all of the time I wasted with this app back.
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2 years ago, laurengreen1221
Horrible App
This app is so clunky. Some how there’s a lot on it but not well laid out, I pretty much just use it to record my weight but even that isn’t tracked in helpful ways. Missing some pretty logical functionality. You can see your weight change for the last week, month or year. Seems logical you should be able to pick a time frame. I’m pregnant and they had a pregnancy feature that seemed to disappear a couple weeks ago. It wasn’t super helpful but it would at least have the starting weight and how much you’d gained throughout the pregnancy. To see individual data points you have to navigate month by month, not sure why you wouldn’t just make it a long list. Most features at this point seem like you need to pay to use, but with how awful the app is I’m definitely not paying for use. Definitely wouldn’t recommend this product, but since I already have it I’ll just keep using the app just to track weight change.
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2 years ago, JLMB4
I am so sorry I downloaded the new version
I am so disappointed in this new app. I don’t think it is as seamless as the old app (and that’s saying a lot b/c the old app wasn’t anything to write home about) 1. I had data from summer of 2020 and all of it up until the update did not sync. So what a waste of time 2. I don’t think it’s intuitive at all. I liked to be able to choose what date range I wanted to compare fat and muscle mass numbers to see how recomp is going. I haven’t been able to figure out how to do that (if it’s even still possible). The fact of the matter is that I need all of my numbers from Aug 2020 to March 2022 and maybe I can figure out what is happening. 3. Too confusing and the company did a horrible job at rolling this new app out. On their website they wrote that they would be reaching out to customers with instructions but that never happened. 4. Knowing what I know now with this new app, I would have elected not to purchase this scale
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2 years ago, Sarahkae95
Premium upgrade doesn’t work
This is my 2nd review of the app. I had upgraded to premium, but was unable to access the premium content. It kept prompting me to upgrade again when I tried to review the premium content. So I tried upgrading again, but it wouldn’t let me b/c it said I already had a premium acct. After wasting 45 minutes trying to trouble shoot the problem with FAQ and sending messages to the developer, nothing worked. I logged out and tried logging in and it said there was already an acct with my email address and it wouldn’t even let me log in! Super frustrated, I just gave up, canceled my subscription and deleted the app. Now I’m not sure if my account is canceled too. What a crappy app. :/
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3 years ago, Dtwiggygal
Nutrition section needs help
I signed up for the free trial today and I cancelled after entering one meal. Bar codes were not recognized on popular brand items. One that it did recognize the protein, fat and sugar was off quite a bit. The take a photo of your food to calculate nutrition needs a lot of work. Very inaccurate. I entered both breakfast items in this app as well as a very well known nutritional app “MFP” and this app was off in accuracy. I then scanned many items in my pantry to see if it was a fluke experience but it just showed I would have issues entering a lot of my food items here on out until improvements are made. Such a bummer. I never post reviews but I am posting so the app developers receive feedback of customers experiences so it can be improved. I know there is always an initial beta version. I think that this version is just that. With improvements I’m sure it will perform to the level it promises. Until then I can’t justify the headache or the price.
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5 months ago, New Ain’t Always Better
This app stinks!!
I have had my Fit Track for over 3 years. Hume app is the third app we have had and it really is so awful!! The old app was so much better because it actually worked. Every single time I try to weigh myself I have to manually connect my scale or manually enter my weight. The whole point of having a Bluetooth scale is for it to connect automatically which it did before they switched the app to Hume. Not only do I have to connect every time, but I have to spend 10 minutes doing it because the app locks up. You tap a button and nothing. I end up so frustrated and angry first thing in the morning, every morning because of this scale. It used to be so effortless!! Now I want to throw my phone across the house every day. I have never left a review on a product before, but I am so frustrated about this. Y’all seriously need to fix this or you will go out of business. Just go back to what you had….it worked!!!
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10 months ago, ChristyWI
Not an upgrade
This is now my second FitTrack scale and third app associated with it. The original app was BY FAR easiest to navigate and the initial switch was manageable. You could click on any measurement and it would pull up all the data associated with that weigh in. Click again you can see your entire history for that measurement. Now with the change to Hume it is incredibly difficult to navigate to and compare prior weigh ins. Every time I go to check a previous weight I never quite either how to get there or how I got there. “Not sure how I found this but I guess that info works.” is what I’m thinking anytime I navigate the app. I frequently have to weigh in 2-3x to get the weight and analysis to actually sync with the app despite the scale and my phone being less than 4 feet apart. I’m glad I’m not paying for the subscription and only utilizing the free features because I feel like there is no way to even easily and effectively use the free version.
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1 year ago, LizBerg
Used to be great, now it is terrible
Update: tried again after the SECOND app change. Still total garbage. I honestly wonder if garmin bought out this company and turned it into total crap to raise their sales. If you are looking for a better product, check out garmin. It is far superior to these horrible apps they keep putting out. Why not just bring the old app back? Clearly people loved it. Whomever is making the decisions in the corporate office needs to get this figured out before they bankrupt the company. Absolute garbage for an app. I loved FitTrack Pro. I am sick of it asking me to upgrade and pay constantly. I paid too dollar when Dara first came out and loved it. Purchased the scales as gifts (for people who asked) and told everyone how much it helped me one weight loss journey. This app has taken a great product and turned it into one that does not work at all. Bring back the old app, that myhealth junk is going to do nothing but lose you business.
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5 months ago, Boom is beast
Wish it could go from kg to lb
I like the app. It’s ok. I really like the metrics tab to make sure while I’m losing weight that I’m not losing muscle. Seeing the charts move in the right direction in a visual way is helpful to motivate me. However, my goals are in pounds. I don’t understand how the charts are only in kilograms and there is no way to change it (that I have found) in all of the charts. The only place it shows pounds is my weight, and the scale shows pounds at least. I would like to be able to see that if I lost a kg of fat it’s actually 2.2 pounds. The conversion is not easy and should be a simple fix to the app. Allowe users to decide what they want and stick to it consistently in the app. Because of this and the bad reviews, I don’t want to purchase the paid version. If they fixed some of these things, I would.
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7 months ago, biggerblue8
Still won’t show any measurements
I did the free trial and it worked okay. When my trial was up I purchased three months and now none of the measurements will sync. The FitTrack and the Hume app are synced but when I step on the scale it shows my weight and and that it’s talking to the app but when the scale turns off I’m still standing on it, the app shows it’s thinking and hasn’t provided any information. I’ve stood on the scale for several minutes while the app is thinking, I’ve changed batteries, reinstalled the app, synced both several times and nothing has changed. I have to manually enter my weight every day without being provided any other numbers. I enter my water intake and food intake and erases every time I close the app. The tree trial worked way better than when I made the purchase. I hope there is some way to fix this! I really enjoyed the information that it provided.
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3 years ago, A Weighty Journey
FitTrack App Disappointment
I am extremely disappointed with this app. I have been using it for several weeks now and it does not capture all of the data from the scale. It only capture weight at this point. Sometimes I have to step on the scale 2 or 3 times before the app displays it. I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled several times. I have unpaired the scale and the app and paired them up again. Nothing changes. The FitTrack Pro works great so it is not user error. In addition, I am not sure how the app captures steps. The numbers are always thousands over my Apple Watch data. Finally, the app should pull historical data from the FitTrack Pro app. The data is important to see changes over time and I don’t want to see it go away. Update: Now the app does not work at all. It will not record anything from the scale. Don’t put stuff out with tons of bugs. Your credibility is on the line and I am searching for another scale that is reliable and accurate!
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2 years ago, Destinationido
Used to love it, now it stinks
When I first got the scale, I LOVED the interface. When they made me delete and reinstall the new app, I quickly realized it was a big fat sales scheme where all they want is for you to spend more money on subscription services. Hey man, I already spent $100 for this scale, so quit popping up trying to sell me more. Pop ups, and a really clunky interface that is not at all user friendly like the old version is why I’m rating this so low. My other complaint about this product is the fact that the standard weight is absolutely gross. For a person my height and age there is no way the standard weight is correct. Like 10 pounds more than it should be. So it will mark me as overweight even though all other resources say that my weight is ideal. It is actually promoting bad eating habits and anorexia in my opinion. Do better! with the unattainable standard people are held to for weight, this product is adding to the problem.
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5 months ago, kateska20
App functionality gets worse with every update
I’ve had the scale and app since 2021 and really appreciated all the biometrics information they provide. However, since it became Hume, the app functionality has gotten progressively worse. I hate that there’s no way to change the dark screen background because it makes it really hard to see the information. With the latest update the app doesn’t remember my scale so I have to reconnect it every time and moving between the different sections is extremely laggy. The measurements are in kilograms and date is written the EU way despite my having set everything to the US standards. Additionally my historical data is messed up because the date was somehow set to be 1969 when the app was updated. I don’t know what the heck is happening with the developers, but this app which was once a very helpful tool now makes me feel very frustrated whenever I attempt to use it.
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1 year ago, mustbemrsmoore
New app just as inconvenient as the old
I’m unsure when Fit Track became Hume but this new app still does not work well. It’s advertised as being able support multiple users. It is wildly inconvenient and not user friendly to switch users under a single profile. The app always displays the primary persons stats- why even “offer” multi-user support if each individual person cant have their stats readily displayed? The other option is to have a separate log in for each user, which begs the question again, why offer multi-user? Every time we have tried to register a new user account, we’re met with a timeout/server error so are stuck with the inconvenient loop described above. When the app does work, I like the data produced. Unsure of the accuracy but it is nice to see. Despite this will likely look for a replacement smart scale.
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5 months ago, Mel&Bran
I am not one to usually write reviews but I’m so fed up with this app at this point. When I originally got my fit scale it was the original app which worked great. Since they’ve changed it it’s only gotten worse. At first it was just an adjustment to see where things were, now- it’s practically unusable. I couldn’t even leave feedback on the app because all it does it freeze all the time. My information doesn’t show half of the time and I have to reset the app all the time. Also, they had updated it a bit ago for a little and it was great again. I liked the way you could see the graphs for body fat and weight and all the different things it measures but now they rounded the numbers so it’s not your exact numbers to see the progress you’re making. But now I’m just so annoyed with it I may just use the scale as is without the app unless they fix it ASAP and stop messing with it.
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2 months ago, ABthoughts
Horrible app
I have 100s of apps and I’ve never written a review before, but this app is horrible and it drives me crazy on an almost daily basis! It is the least intuitive app to use. And viewing data history is next to impossible. I love the data from my scale, but I’ve found I literally have to write down in a notebook all my stats every time I weigh in because I don’t know how to see/,compare from one weigh in to the next. I can see my weight history for a month at a glance (not a rolling month but an actually calendar month) so on 1 April I can no longer see any data from March - and despite trying hard to find a way to adjust the view I can find nothing that lets me change it. This app is so difficult and frustrating I have seriously considered throwing away the scale and buying a competitors - all because of this app!! Hume needs to do better!! This is crazy just how awful this app is.
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5 months ago, haleynichole963
Update ruined it
Since the update, I have had nothing but issues with no responses from customer service. I just wanted a scale that would track my weight for me but I’d rather do it manually now. It used to be simple — open the app, get on the scale, and that’s it. I have to manually connect my scale every single time I want to use it now. The weight on the screen doesn’t even match what’s on the scale half the time. The graph now only shows rounded weights. There is no customizable option to put the dates in the American style. I have changed it to pounds several times but it doesn’t matter. The graph is set up stupid and gives me more work to find something simple. I’m over it. I’m about to list this thing on Facebook market place and just use another app to log my weight. This thing was ridiculously expensive for the app to be this problematic after an “update” aka a tool used to IMPROVE it.
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