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User Reviews for I am - Daily Affirmations

4.85 out of 5
590.9K Ratings
4 years ago, Godislove2020
Felecia’s view on this
I personally believe that everything you see , hear, read, watch, listen too. Everything you take in is what you will put out. So by these positive affirmations which is the only thing I allow to notify me on my phone , when they pop up. It’s like a breath of fresh air. Nothing changes over night, but I have been looking this stuff up and reading into it for a while. Positive affirmations can change the way you think. Even if you think you can’t, just continue reading them and hearing them for a month . Watch how your life can change. We all should strive to be more positive human beings. I know it can be hard, especially since I come from a very abusive and violent back ground. You can change your negative thinking habits. I challenge you to trying positive affirmations for a month and to also be monitoring your thoughts...also called mental chatter. Try to calm your mind and always be in the present moment , and if you’re going to have thoughts. Do your best to always make them positive. Positive affirmations is one of the ways to help with this. I also learn from our teacher Jesus Christ. A lot to learn from the good Book. The Holy Bible. Guys try it and see. I wish everyone to find their purpose in life and to be more loving and show more compassion towards one another. May God bless you all. Sending positive vibes!✝️🤍
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7 months ago, Anonymous user 678732
Best app to ever exist
I first downloaded this when I was down in the dumps after a break up. I literally have it set up to feed me like 150 notifications per day from 5 AM to 11 PM. it’s so important to feed your mind and heart these uplifting positive things about yourself especially if you’ve gotten in the habit of saying negative things to yourself. I didn’t even realize how bad my self talk was before I used this app. Have no idea the difference between the free and paid version because literally I want to throw money at them because of how much it’s improved my life so I just pay the $20 a year which is a nominal fee compared to the benefits I am reaping. The quotes are spelled correctly in plain English (not weird AI typo vibes) and are thoughtful. I’m so grateful to this app and I also really like having the watch face. I got an Apple Watch specifically so I could have the watch face this app provides. it has an affirmation and I also have voice memo, mindfulness, heart rate (watch my own heart beat) and Notes app icons right there on the watch face next to the affirmation which can also be scrolled thru right there on the Watch. It has completely improved my mental health, especially when I’m scrolling my phone and I see an uplifting message. I read them when I take a coffee or bathroom break at work lol
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2 years ago, COdogman
Try it
I’ve tried several mood tracking apps over the years. I feel like they help in the beginning to identify what is happening, but over time it just felt like a regular reminder that I was down and at a certain point that stops being helpful. I’m not severely depressed - just another person struggling with the roller coaster of life over the last few years. We own a stressful business, separated from my wife, then later found out I had cancer. Therapy helps a bunch, but when my therapist took a break for maternity leave I was on my own and needed some help. I decided to try this app instead of another mood tracker, and I am so glad I did. I can customize the categories of affirmations I receive and how often they pop up. I can’t begin to describe how helpful it is to have some positive words show up on my Apple Watch just when I needed it. If I had one suggestion for the developers it would be to create a category specific to cancer patients. Most of the messages are great, but having incurable cancer means my health is literally failing so messages that remind me that I should be grateful for my health are not negative, but also not necessarily helpful. Otherwise this a great app. Very easy to set up and I hope it helps you as much as it’s helped me so far…
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3 months ago, Why to tell the truth
Why I love this app
Looking at the positive messages make me more brave and tough and it makes me not be afraid of the negative words that people say or do to us and it doesn’t affect me anymore be brave when I seen the affirmations and calms me down in situations that I don’t wanna be in people say negative words thoughts but I ignore because when I got the widget I looked at my phone everyday reading these words and I feel like I have a lot of energy now that I am getting good at handling business and so I am more confident and brave looking at these messages makes me moreover and blissful I am fearless and bold and it’s giving spirit I love this app if I could give it 100 stars I would 10/10 app reading makes me more powerful than I was when I didn’t have I felt angry but when I got this app it’s so relaxing and fun to read I love it so much I wish I could help with affirmations but my dreams are just dreams but sometimes they can come true reading this makes me happy me just swiping threw these affirmations makes me happier and joyful and now I have joyful thoughts and memories so addicting thoughts and prayers and I gone to church and I am still looking at these I support this app so much
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4 years ago, healingmyway
Constant reminders needed
My cousin asked for my phone one day, and as I handed it to her, I said, “Don’t set no GPS up on there...I know how nosy you are”. I was teasing, but an applicable truth. See, I am going thru depression right now. Facing some long standing truths in an effort to save my children from my own childhood trauma. It’s a struggle worth seeing thru the storms, but sometimes I get super discouraged. My cousin, knowing how weak I feel and how my circumstances effect my outcome, is ACTUALLY nosy...AND LOVING and CARES, so she would very much GPS my phone, coming from that space. But about an hour after she had my phone, I got a very appropriate and reassuring message from “I am” and I just stared at it for a while. It brought me to tears once I realized how it got there. I’m managing my struggle right now. This app has given me certain constant reminders and reinforcements, that I may isolate from in the physical sense. I appreciate my cousin for downloading this app. I need it and she cares enough to make sure, I got it. Even in her own struggles, she can’t always be there for me, but she made sure she did what she could...and to know I mattered, really does matter to me. So “Thank you” to “I am” for being a positive piece to my process.
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1 year ago, rainbow unicorn bird girl
A little edge on your best life
I have tried several personal growth, meditation, and inspiration apps. This is by far the best and the only one that stuck with my for more than a week. I rarely pay for the years subscription for anything but this made a difference in my life and my days and the way that it customized to your needs like how many days you would like positive reminders or affirmation and at what points of the day you may need them most. The chime for the alert when a positive message comes in is like “calm technology” it’s a sweet peaceful chime that you learn to recognize and instead of being another overwhelming alert text or marketing thing you feel a sense of comfort and joy when that sound come it. It reminds you to be more present in the moment and your day. So many time a message came in with just the right thing that I needed to read at a moment I truly needed it. Even my daughter recognizes the positive sound and how it uplifts me to receive them. I highly recommend this to anyone but especially to those with any PTSD, chronic pain, anxiety, depression. It makes a difference. At least it does for me.
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10 months ago, Stream Itzy "Cheshire"
Amazing App! Helped boost confidence! Try it to see if it works for you!
I’ve struggled with my body image for many a years but this app, this honestly helped way more than I think anything else could. This is just my journey of course, but I really recommend you to look into getting the app because it’s a real life saver for me :) if you do, make sure to leave a review to let others know about your experience! This is such a good app imo, even though honestly this sounds like an ad (🥲😭💀) this is honestly an amazing app to me, it works well, has a cute aesthetic, cute idea and such sweet messages. If you’re one of the professional ppl who made this app reading this, thank you. Thank you so so much, honestly <3 this sweet idea of an app helped my life, in so many ways and so many levels. The whole team I’m sure are amazing people so, instead of you all giving us good affirmations and making us feel good, let me tell y’all something instead. You’re eyes are glowing today and that outfit, it’s just stunning. You’re stunning!! Have a blessed day and thank you so much for this beautiful app. <3 May the lord bless you all :)!
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3 months ago, HARMFUL ADVISE
Some of these are TERRIBLE advise or words of affirmation
Ok. I NEVER write reviews but this really bummed me out. Some of these things are nice. “I’m turning down negativity” ok. Not bad. But others are like “I am cultivating a life based on happiness.” I know that SOUNDS nice- but is TERRIBLE advise!!!! And it’s honestly about half of them. “I am in control” no. You are not! Jesus or “the universe” is moving things. We have very little control. Saying something like, ‘I am controlling what I can’ would be much better. A life based on pure happiness is TERRIBLE. What makes me “happy” is sitting on the couch all day, polishing off a bottle of wine, smokin my vape pens, and eating fast food. That would make me “happy” in the moment, but HORRIBLE if I just “did what makes me happy.” Listen- not everything in life needs to be happy. Sleeping around might make you “happy” in the moment. But we still need to discuss that facts that it leaves many people feeling hallow, lonely, less valuable, and also the possibilities of STDs and pregnancy. Come on! You guys are part of the problem in this generation. STOP TELLING EVERYONE THAT JUST EVERYTHING IS FINE FOR YOU AS LONG AS IT JUST “MAKES YOU HAPPY!” Seek JOY! Joy is sustaining during tough times. JESUS- is the only way to that. You don’t realize you’re just throwing people in the completely wrong direction. Turn back dude. Turn back. This is not the way. It’s hurting people. Not helping them.
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6 months ago, NickysMom2003
Lifetime subscriber with a few recommendations
I’m a Lifetime subscriber of this app and overall I love it. You CAN customize the affirmations so that they fit your life, vote up or down on an affirmation to give feedback to the program, and you can customize the text and background of your widget or app. These are all excellent features that people can take advantage of instead of complaining or leaving a bad review because the app gave them a “toxic positivity” affirmation or that they “choose to work out”. I can’t stand those types of affirmations either, that’s why I customized the app so they don’t show up! My deduction of a star is due to the fact that the widget consistently asks me to open the app to keep my widget up to date. That’s why I have the widget - so I don’t need to open the app all the time! Another thing is the widget photo goes completely blank and I have to either uninstall it or wait a day or so for it to return. Lastly, I hope that the backgrounds don’t keep getting deleted because on a few occasions I’ve loved a background for my widget or app and then next thing you know it’s been done away with and I have to redesign my app/widget. Stop it!! :)
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2 years ago, LadiieXo
💫Wish I downloaded sooner🥰
This app has (for real) changed my life. LOVE LOVE the powerful, sweet and inspiring notifications! I’m not exaggerating when I say I look forward to seeing the notifications from this app more than a text from someone lol. This app is like the best friend/boyfriend/mom I’ve never had. My whole life I’ve been independent and sadly never had anyone to truly depend on or to lift me up, one way or another always been alone (single parent) this app….. Great way to start positive momentum in ANYONES life. This app uplifts me! As the days go on from using it, ive noticed a change within myself where If i hear my phone, i EXPECT a positive message which in turns.. changes my mood all together towards my day to day responsibilities. Wish I knew of this app sooner. I also enjoy spreading the love and sharing the quotes I get with people. Love that I can change the background too…For when My mood changes. To the creators: Thank you for making this app FREE AND READILY AVAILABLE FOR ANYONE WITH A CELLPHONE TO DOWNLOAD. MENTAL HEALTH IS SO IMPORTANT AND BEING ABLE TO HAVE SUCH AN APP/REMINDERS FOR PEOPLE WHO CANT AFFORD TO ADD ANOTHER MEMBERSHIP TO THEIR MONTHLY EXPENSES… means the world!! THANK YOU!!!
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3 years ago, beckybanana3o1
More positive things happen in my life
At first when I added this app I felt cheesy and like these words wouldn’t make that big of a difference. I was so wrong. Only two weeks after having this app send me notifications and stay as a widget on my front screen I started believing the affirmations. I would be thinking something so negative and damaging every day and these affirmations keep fighting my negative thoughts and helping me break the cycle. The more I got interrupted with a positive thought, the more I questioned why I believed such horrible negative “truths” about myself and others and became more compassionate and loving to myself and those around me. I notice and am receptive to more positive things in life and as a result more positive things happen to me. This app is worth every penny. It is the reason I am less depressed and my brain is slowly shifting cognitively to be more positive...because why not? Why don’t we believe that we are worthy and beautiful and that life is beautiful? You can only enjoy life if you choose to enjoy what is in front of you and be thankful. I am so thankful for this app and for the creators. This is beautifully done and very effective. ❤️
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3 years ago, April Nicora💠
My Review 🤗
I love this app!!! I forgot how I came across this, but I am grateful that I did because it has been such as positive blessing in my life. It’s helping me in boosting my self-confidence, self- love, self- esteem, and helping me forgive myself and enjoy my life more. It truly is life changing and to get multiple positive message and affirmations on my phone really means a lot me to💜! This app is great for a lot of things reassurance, growth, and positivity, those three things for sure are the key elements shown in this app. I definitely recommend this to everyone because it is so positive and it helps with self-happiness and acceptance and I love that. Using this app has been such a wonderful treat on my mental and emotional health and wellness and I’m truly thankful for it. Whomever created and developed this app had positively pure and true intentions to myself themselves and others enjoy their positivity and grow within themselves. I actually give this app 10 stars 😂😂, but seriously using this app is so beneficial in a lot a ways I hope this app can be a blessing to you the way it is for me!!!! ENJOY 😊😊😊!!!
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1 year ago, freckles813
Toxic positivity galore
Anyone who says this app isn’t littered with toxic positivity (and ableist prompts) sadly is unable to recognize it when they see them. I constantly get prompts that start with “I choose __” (like I choose to be happy, I choose to be calm, etc). Apparently my depression, anxiety, and PTSD can be cured by just choosing something else! Who knew! 🤦🏻‍♀️ I wish I could remember where I was saving all the screenshots of the bad ones bc there’s also been ones along the lines of “my body is healthy” or “I will exercise everyday” and the like. Uh, I’m disabled with multiple chronic illnesses. My body is not healthy, nor will I perform to the extent it thinks I should. The app was somewhat okay when I first got it a year or so ago, but it’s just getting worse and worse, and sends the same prompts with slightly different wording all the time. It also doesn’t seem to learn to stop sending similarly-themed ones you don’t like after lots of downvoting either (otherwise I would’ve stopped getting a ton of the toxic positivity and ableist ones). So do yourself a favor. If you have chronic illnesses or mental health disorders, you’re probs going to want to steer clear of this app so you don’t get triggered or irritated just about every time the notification pops up. I’m glad I finally deleted this app so I won’t have to see the nonsense anymore.
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1 year ago, Stargirl11_
Used to be great but GREEDINESS made me delete.
They’re going to type a generic “app costs money to make” response…Yeah we know! It’s not about that. It’s that you download based on something and they keep changing it until you lose all the features. Now there are barely ANY unlocked affirmations left. Why would I waste storage on that when I can pay for another app that’s actually honest and consistent doesn’t the start?…I used to love this app, especially the widget function UNTIL suddenly my “favorites” affirmations were no longer showing up on rotation. This had happened before so I assumed it was another tech glitch (you can set a customizable widget but are unable to actually set it to that. So you have to always keep the affirmations manually set to the type you want). However this time I realized it wasn’t showing my favorite affirmations (that I had spent months selecting) because all of them had been added to the “premium” locked categories. Before only a few categories were locked. Now ALL except 3 are available. That means unless you’re paying this app money every month, you’ve now lost access to all your previously curated affirmations. Once I figured that out, it was an easy decision to delete the widget *and* the app itself.
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9 months ago, abfalder
Terrible, except for the aesthetic of the messages and widgets.
So I been pretty depressed and in absolute pain recently, mainly that I have terrible teachers and only one class with “a friend” and scoliosis and other problems. This does not work how you expect do you think just some random motivational quotes will make you happier then the rabbit in Looney Tunes that always gets in trouble? No it doesn’t and for me it actually kind of made it worse because I some reason personally gets mad at inanimate objects all the time, literally every day I probably throw something like a pen across the room. And it just made it worse, this review might not be going anywhere but this definitely makes a huge note to people if people look at the reviews on this app. If you have depression or just down recently, probably go to a gym punch a bag or a therapist. Depends on your age but that’s pretty much helps most people tbh, it sounds like any other movie or show when a dude is mad at a heartbreak and feels better when he’s in a boxing ring, or someone lost a job and went to a therapist. But it’s true it does help to beat something. Overall the app does nothing I only rated 2 stars because the aesthetic, but it’s annoying with the ringtones and it just gets me mad even more.
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3 years ago, J-mister4life
Clinician Recommended
As a clinician that assist in the overcoming of trauma and various other mental health hurdles, I highly recommend this app. The fact that it helps myself and my clients isn’t what I want you to look at for this review. I want you to take this challenge! Download the app, set aside 5mins, and focus on your breathing. When you are nice and ready, start the practice affirmations (little play button on the bottom) and I want you to go through each one and own it; like for 5mins I want you to act as if every I am statement every positive affirmation came from you that part that wants to be whole and free. I mean I am not promising you that you will grow abs or win a million dollars. And if you don’t feel grounded and positive, then delete the app and be on your way. I mean it’s simply just taking time to show up for yourself. This app just makes it more convenient. So alright go ahead, take the challenge, and maybe just maybe you will be better for it. From your friendly neighborhood. LCPC.
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1 year ago, The Mrs. V
Maybe I’m just tired
I used to enjoy this app. I was able to create a few of my own positive affirmations that several people enjoyed. I decided to ditch the IPhone for a while and went back to my beloved Galaxy and forgot about the app. Long story short, I have returned to the sheep herding IPhone but also rediscovered I AM … now I can’t create anything. I have watched enough ad videos for a lifetime membership at this point however I will not pay. Mental Awareness Month and I am struggling with every aspect of my life. My depression and anxiety are at an all time high and I’m not new at this game (I’m 51 so I know a thing or two). I know one of my greatest stressors is due to my illness and inability to work. Can I justify paying for an app to help me when I can’t figure out how I was able to before I had to pay? Sure I can, but not while looking at my daughter’s shoes and knowing my priority is to help her depression and anxiety by helping her not worry about shoes … so that both of us and hopefully neither of us fall into the abyss of suicidal ideation. I will miss this app, but it won’t kill me. I’ll probably die tripping on a Lego.
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1 year ago, Kerenashley
Positive thinking booster
This app is fantastic! I’ve told all of my friends and family about it because it is that good 😊 This app has helped me be more positive, see the bright side of life, and practice more self love. It can be hard to think positive in tough times or if you’re not use to reciting affirmations (or even believe them when you say them at first). My father always said if you tell someone something enough times they start to believe it and this app is proof for me. After using it for a couple of months now I’ve been more positive, motivated to change the habits that have kept me down, and to be loving, gentle, and forgiving to myself through the whole process. I also love that you can tune the amount of times per day you receive the messages, it’s on my Apple Watch, and I have a widget on my Home Screen so I’m constantly bombarded with positivity ♥️ 10/10 would recommend and definitely worth the upgrade for all of the customization possibilities!
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1 year ago, Sonic&Breezy
The real reminders I need to tell myself
I love this app because in a world that can be so cruel and ugly, I can set myself reminders of positive sayings, thoughts, quotes, that keep my mind in check that I can be positive no matter what. Whatever else is going on, the most important thing is to remember to love and take care of myself, and just with the business and everyday tasks of life I can forget that. This app will let you just get a few reminders to a lot of reminders. I personally like a lot so I make sure I’m always getting those powerful positive messages that remind me I am an awesome person, even with things I need to work on. I have anxiety and some depression and this really helps me get through some of that as well! I just really think this app could help so many people because we tend to forget about ourselves and put our kids, significant others, family and friends first, but we can’t truly take care of our loved ones unless we take care of ourselves first.
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6 months ago, Grassthegreat
Words cannot express how much I love this app
I don’t even know how to start. I’ve never fallen in love with an app so hard. I downloaded this during one of my darkest hours, not thinking much of it and figuring I’ll probably delete it in a few weeks. I was wrong. Through out the day I began to get little notifications, reminding me about how great I am. The best thing about these quotes, is that they always know exactly what to say, and when to say it. The best example I have was.. right after I got off the phone from Breaking up with my mentally abusive boyfriend, I got a notification from I am saying “I understand that I have to let go of the past to move onto my future” or something along those lines. It gave me so much confidence in myself. Whenever I feel alone, or am having a bad day, I am is always there for me. I owe everyone who has worked on I am a massive thank you. You all have helped me more that you could imagine. Thank you so much.
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4 months ago, SkylerJune
Was set up for free version - got charged for more but now am thankful for the app
I initially was a bit harsh regarding this app, but now have grown quite fond of it and need to change my rating and review. It really is nice. It’s been very helpful to stay in a positive mindset, and in such a passive way (using the widgets). I can be stressed and scrambling on my phone for work and a widget goes by with a reminder of positivity, and one that is often changing (changes as often as you’d like to set it). So instead of some positive note you write out and stick on your desk, you have positivity just there, changing and staying fresh. It’s a good app. I think once they get the option to save backgrounds/themes you create is set up, it will be quite perfect. Most people consider me a positive person, and still this app has been helpful for me. Thank you to the developers, and my apologies on my overly critical first review. You all have done good. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Twister J
Surprisingly Improves My Day
I’m in the midst of a divorce. The relationship has been both physically and emotionally emotionally abusive. I have been quite depressed and working hard to boost myself back up. I downloaded the app on a whim and I didn’t expect much. The Lock Screen notifications and widgets have truly lifted my day sometimes. I put a big widget on my main page of apps I thought the messages would be corny. However they have been uplifting in a way I didn’t expect. Seeing those positive statements after so many years of negative feedback is helping me. I read the messages that tell me I am worthy of happiness and peace and it nearly brings me to tears. I want to rate this app five stars. I’m only holding back because a lot of the affirmations were written by the same person and they didn’t have much depth. I also had a hard time figuring out the widgets. However the quality of the affirmations has improved. It is making me feel better and reclaim my value as a person. and
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2 years ago, Colette ♡︎
It’s 𝑜𝑘.
This app is ok. It’s good, but there are some things that can be improved. For example, the affirmations. One of the affirmations said “I am a magnet for money.” Another said “I am sexy and attractive.” One said “I am thankful for the comfort and joy that money provides me.” Another said “I treat myself like I am my biggest fan.” Ok. First, what is up with the money stuff? This seems like a Buddhist app and if y’all are Buddhist you should believe in the Four Noble Truths. (They explain how wanting things like money leads to suffering.) Not very Buddhist of y’all to put those affirmations 🤨. Also, I know this is a positive affirmation app, but this is going a little too far. I am sexy and attractive? I treat myself like I am my biggest fan? This app is suppose to rise your self-esteem, but not make you too confident like you are the best person in the world! What about being humble and kind? Despite the bad things, though, it’s fine. The good affirmations are helping me feel better about myself and becomes better person. But you should really change those bad affirmations that I listed.
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4 years ago, lmaonade
Healing Reminders
I think it’s amazing that there’s an app that can send you positive affirmations daily or however many times a day you desire. For my own use, I have the app send me one reminder daily at 9am, so I can use that affirmation throughout the day (focus of the day). The only issue I have is, say, if I open the app directly from my phone without clicking the notification with my daily affirmation, it displays a different affirmation altogether. So then instead of seeing the same one that I was notified about, I’ll see a new one. Perhaps I’m not navigating the app correctly, but when I flip up and down on the affirmations, I don’t see the one that I was notified with. I try to be intentional about clicking on the app aka avoiding it and just focusing on the alert notification, however, sometimes I forget, and then it’s kind of a bummer. On another positive note, I do really appreciate the wording of the affirmations being written in a positive context rather than a negative one.
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11 months ago, mytherapystsayz
Great app even with the limited free version, except…
I would have rated this app 5 stars. Its limited unpaid version is decent and it is, for the most part, unobtrusive ad wise. However, two things. First, I get affirmations along the line of “My body is in perfect health” and it’s quite difficult for that to be an affirmation with chronic illness. I’m sure other feel the same. Second,I’ve noticed it being Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc unsure why but I did not anticipate seeing an affirmation that started with Happy Mothers Day. I realize this is the norm but for this to be a mental health app in some regard, I thought developers would be able to anticipate that some of these days may be a sore spot. This is not a bash. Perhaps you could reword the affirmations as “On this Mothers Day”.. today is neither happy nor easy for many of us. If you do this for Father’s Day, perhaps think of rewording that that way as well. I’d love to see that change for those of us who struggle. Otherwise, I like what you’ve done. Thank you.
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12 months ago, tmra21
Sent me a message when I needed it the most
I tried this app on free trial, thinking eventually I would delete it but I soon discovered how much I enjoy and appreciate this app. I sprained my ankle really bad and drove myself to the ER. After 5 hours of being there, I was exhausted and in pain. I had no idea how I was going to pay the bill and was worried about missing time off work. When I got in the car and looked at my phone it showed 2:22 and underneath the time was a notification from this app that read “everything will be okay”. I broke down in tears because I knew it was a message from the angels. This app has quickly become my favorite! I look forward to seeing what notification will pop up throughout my day. I don’t know how I lived without it! lol. To the developers: Thank you for making such a beautiful app that is both aesthetically and spiritually appealing! I will recommend this app to everyone I know!
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1 year ago, KBarrick
EDITED 3/31 Yeah, but what if I’m happily married…
EDIT: The affirmations using my name is a great option…. If it was an option. It started to bother me and I couldn’t find a way to stop it unless I deleted my name. Now it asks my name every time it’s opened. Also, it turns off the video (and music, I think) every time I open it while doing something else. Despite these minor complaints, I changed my review to five stars because I still really like it and it doesn’t seem like a mental health cash grab. Old review: Really enjoying the app. Tell my husband that it’s like if you got notifications for GOOD things! Only complaint is there’s a lot of affirmations for finding love in ways that seem exclusively romantic. I thought I was opting out of them by my selection but they’re in “Hard Times” and “Stress and Anxiety.” Perhaps this could be fixed with each affirmation having a dislike or remove option instead of solely a ❤️.
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3 years ago, __lexcc__
Positive reminders to help you get through the day!
I’ve only had this app for a day but I really enjoy it! I struggle with thinking negative, mood swings, and being irritable on a daily basis. I know that affirmations can be powerful tools to help this but I never really have time to listen to them in the morning (I’m a CNA and work 12 hour shifts in a busy urban hospital, so I like to get every last wink of sleep possible). I like this app because every time I open my phone there’s a positive and motivating affirmation to read quickly. I use the widgets on my Home Screen and I don’t even have to open the app! Plus they provide many different themes for free so it looks cute on my Home Screen. I elected the option so the affirmations change 8-10 times a day, so I’m not reading the same things over and over again. I hoping that seeing and reading these affirmations multiple times a day will help me be in a more positive mindset!
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1 year ago, mxsa_chzn
I am a student in high school and recently life hasn’t been treating me the best. I’m someone who is always anxious about something, even if it’s the smallest thing. I used to talk down about myself, always predicting the worst. I’ve tried many things, meditating, doing other activities, or talking to people about it. They never seemed to work. If i was meditating, the anxious thoughts would start to roll in, taking over my brain. If i tried doing distracting activities, the only thing I would think about is, ‘After this, you’ll still have to deal with your problem.’ And yes, talking to people helped a little but their words never really helped. But then i discovered this app. It really did change me and my life. I love how it reminds you everyday and just gives you positive reassurance. I don’t think I’ll ever delete this app because it has made such an impact on who I am as a person to this day. ❤️
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1 year ago, hobbs💜
My daily feel goods!
I have truly enjoyed this app. I found that I needed something like this in my life. I only have the free version, but it allows me to set how many messages/ affirmations I receive throughout the day. I also have it set at the top of my main/home screen so that I can read a positive thought anytime I choose. Having struggled with my health over the last few years and having two children with disabilities, this app gives me a break throughout the day to stop for a minute and reflect positively on myself and my life. Regardless of your faith, the messages you receive are inspiring and thought provoking. In today’s hectic life it is nice to be able to slow down, take a breath and read something inspiring and positive. I would highly recommend this app to anyone, even if you only set it to receive one message a day. It provides me with that little extra feel good each day.
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12 months ago, JohnLocker23
Dear Dev Team of Monkey Taps
After using this app and getting notifications from every app u made it makes me happy to get daily reminders of motivation. I wanted to add a idea for you. Within one of these apps adding a option to set a goal for yourself would be nice so u get daily motivation reminders to keep up with it and remember to not give up on it. For example, someone who wants to lose weight can add a picture of what they looked like a year ago and get daily motivation reminders to go to the gym or quotes or whatever it may be to keep them motivated. Another Example can be saving up for let's say a car a picture of the car and daily reminders to never give up on your goal of saving up for that car. I really hope this reaches the dev team and it gets read. I am sure many people who use this app may find this idea useful maybe even part of the dev team. Thank you!
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3 months ago, MicDropChef
It’s very nice to have something so supportive even if it is just an app
As I find myself on a lonely road in my life, I have noticed even more so than before, the power of words. In particular, kind, supportive, caring words. This little app allows you to chose topics, choose or like your favorite quotes, they’re randomly sent to you in notification form. It’s actually surprising how much they pop up at almost the perfect time for me with a few words of encouragement, wisdom, or any number of uplifting things that have been very helpful in centering myself. Combined with other tools in my toolbox that I have learned over time, I have found improvements that are noticeable to me. That’s saying something, because I know how hard I have been on myself. Having too high of expectations is a work in progress for me, and this has even assisted me with that. Well worth the yearly investment of $20🤙
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2 years ago, CamKelll2217
Love this app
To note, I have depression, anxiety and ADHD. This app as a widget on my phone can help change my thinking, ruminating, or negative thoughts without fail. The categories are perfection for individualizing but also the random helps to bring up new ideas you may not have thought of before. These tend to fit the exact circumstance you’re facing if needed. It helps to dig deeper within yourself and give yourself gratitude that can not only change your day but change your life. Of course the aesthetically please and non-glitchy app has backgrounds, fonts and ease in finding the affirmations extremely calming, inspiring despite it feeling so simple. It has changed my life, the way I am speaking or thinking of myself, and I do believe this App has true potential to rewire my brain and habits … not just each moment. But for a lifetime if I can continue this type of thinking. Thanks!!!! 🤍✌🏼
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3 years ago, Angry Parent Mal
Loved it until...
Downloaded this app to check it out and loved it. Paid for premium within like 5 minutes of getting it. Use it every day and it has made a huge positive impact on my life. Downloaded and paid for premium on each person in my house’s device as well. Then they started advertising in app. My problem, advertisements for other apps by this company have started popping into my feed. 1. This is something that you usually pay for the premium version to escape ads. 2. The very premise of the app and of affirmations is that what you see, and read (and then possibly say) effects you. Having ads for the developer’s other apps in the middle of an affirmation practice is wrong. I’ll be watching to see if this sticks around. I preferred this affirmations app for its clean and simple style both in looks and in use and the quality of its content. I’ve been using it several times a day and recommending to everyone. If updates remove the ads, I’ll keep it. If not, I’ll find another program and replace it on our devices.
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1 year ago, DobbytheESA
Needs Sync
First, I love this app. With that said, however, it’s had a few glitches. I am a premium subscriber, and about a year and a half ago I opened the app and ALL of my personalized affirmations were gone, along with all of my favorites. I was told there was no way to recover my data. So I went through the process of re-adding some of my affirmations. When I got my iPad last summer, I added more on there, because it’s easier to type there. However, there’s no sync feature so all the affirmations I added (over 500) on my iPad aren’t available on my iPhone! I’ve sent several requests for this feature, but all I ever see in the updates is ‘new affirmations and themes added’, which is fine for people who use those, but I consider device syncing to be a core feature. I am considering letting my subscription expire because this has been bothering me for way too long, and I keep getting ‘we’ll work on it’ or ‘we’ll consider adding this in a future update’ from customer support.
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2 years ago, molowry
I like it
I like this app, my friends and I share our affirmations a lot and it’s been good. And I’d pay for it too, but not twenty bucks. But if you continue to use the free version they bug you to keep reminders. I know it’s not a big deal but jeez “tap to continue getting reminders” is annoying and I don’t need it. I get those every other day, and when I open the app to favorite an affirmation I get twice as many. Twenty bucks is way too much to get that to stop - especially when the affirmations are often in categories that I don’t have selected. Maybe they’d stick to my topics if I paid for it but still, not worth 20 bucks. ******* Here’s an update to the first review. I finally paid for it so I could get better affirmations and stop getting the “tap to keep getting reminders” notifications all the time. So the affirmations aren’t any better; they repeat the same ones just as much regardless of the categories I choose. Plus I’m still getting the “tap to keep getting reminders” notifications. The only thing different it seems is the wallpaper selection has improved. I’m not impressed.
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3 years ago, Miss_Sunshine21
Best Friend Vibes
I had an old friend introduce this to me when I was struggling with yet another break up. I’ve had it well over a year. And it’s not always on my mind, to be honest. It sends me about 10 notifications a day. Sometimes it can be annoying, and I can change the settings. But sometimes I really am just having a bad day or a bad few months or just need some encouragement. They have so many different types of affirmations and different styles and backgrounds. I can’t tell you how many times some of these have been made to be my wallpaper. No matter what is happening in my life, this app makes me feel better or supports my already hyped up energy. I try to love myself always, and this app just backs me up. It’s almost better than a best friend 😂 never has anything bad to say and is always there for me throughout the day.
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1 year ago, Judy VT
Best App ever bought!
This app is amazing. It was only around $20 and let me tell you, it’s the best money I’ve ever spent… I mean on anything… including my favorite out of jeans, haha. It lights my spirit up and reminds me when I’m feeling down, that I am worthy, and my stress and anxiety is all temporary. I also love how you can set a timer for 1 minute 5 minutes etc, and for that whole time, different affirmations will come up, and I silently mediate on them. It brings me out of whatever head space that I need to get out of, or just when I need a little pick me up, to remind myself that I am beautiful, I am worth it, I and strong, and I can overcome any obstacle that comes my way. I’ve made it through worse times and I’ll make it through whatever comes my way! Thank you to the developers of this wonderful, beautiful app!!!! It’s changed my life.
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4 weeks ago, Brilliant1
I didn't ask for that
This thing needs a serious update upgrade to make more accessible. It had gotten buggy as it keeps showing aspirations that I didn't ask for. I only strictly wanted it to show "my affirmations or only my favorites or a little of both of something like before and it does not have the options it had before. And now I feel like I'm paying for this and can't get it to operate to my own personalized preferences like I used to. I am thinking of just canceling my subscription. I gave it a good run for years maybe its just run its course and owner is not thinking there are problems bc reviews are good. I had this for years and I think its a great app but I obviously I have a lot of user experience with it to know the tech is remedial and the price increase from 2.99 to 3.99 a month is not worth it if I cannot get it to work like it once did. I hope the update solves my issues but if not, it was good while I lasted!
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3 years ago, Ähmbraí
Helpful :: advice :: review
I love this app, it’s been very very encouraging and helpful since the day I downloaded it. I love being able to set certain timeframes for different alerts & also that I can make a mix of all the things I prefer to see! But my one piece of advice and personal suggestion would be to have some more information on all the different definitions and some how givethe true purpose of the app.. cause I only seem to like it for the “affirmations” & I quote “inspiring quotes” or “motives” .... but I don’t have a full understanding of what I’m doing on the app. This is all new to me. But I’m trying to be more positive and believe in my self more , like have more self confidence. Which I do feel this app fulfills... but I feel like I need a better understanding of the entire thing as a whole, to be able to get the internal concept of using this app.
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4 months ago, Paulakaytn46
I need this
I’m 50 days sober today and each day I write a gratitude list followed by positive affirmations, but I always get stuck with listening to positive things about myself and that’s where this app comes in handy. it helps me to remember that I am a good person that I am worthy that I am capable of being loved and that I can love but first I have to love myself and that’s where this app comes in so I thank you to the creators of this app it helped tremendously. today I’m going to work on a goodbye letter to my addiction because it’s not just affected me. It’s affected everyone that I came into contact with especially my kids because they’re the only family that I literally have left. everyone else has passed on, so it’s just me my son and my daughter and I have an aunt who’s been really supportive and I’m very very grateful for that.
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3 years ago, kaitareenaa
So helpful
This app really helps me feel better about myself and about my anxiety. It’s very hard to deal with so much stress with only you telling yourself that everything‘s gonna be okay in the moment, so reading it from an app and hearing it in different ways you may not have thought of really helps. I love how this app sends you notifications because throughout the day I may not even realize that I am stressed, but reading one of the notifications makes me feel so much better. Give this app a try if you’re having a hard time with stress or being anxious or even if you would just like positive reminders throughout the day. Thanks for making this app!! They also have another app for quotes and a lot of them are very positive and uplifting too and the facts app always makes me laugh because they’re super funny fact sometimes. Once again thank you!
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2 years ago, Crb1717
A fantastic app!
I rarely leave reviews. I use tons of apps and like many apps but just don’t leave reviews. So why leave this review? This app is helping me so much, that I felt a bit guilty staying quiet about how healing, powerful, and transformative it is. This is a simple concept, brilliantly executed. You receive affirmations pushed to your device. You get to decide what topics you want to focus on, and there were way more topics than I imagined. Truly something for everyone! You also decide how often you receive the affirmations and can design widgets and watch faces as well - all customizable with many lovely backgrounds and fonts. Most important though are the affirmations and their health benefits. Some of the things we struggle with require a major mind shift. Getting positive reminders throughout the day helps shift negative patterns and helps build new mental habits. This app is helping me deal with anxiety, body image, self-care, and stress. Throughout the day I feel like I have more support on my healing journey because of this app. I can’t thank the developers enough for creating an app that genuinely brings more good into this world - by enabling the good within each of us to emerge with greater power and presence. Thank you so very much.
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8 months ago, HelloitsDerek
This app saved my soul
Before using this app, I hadn’t realized its potential impact on my daily routine. Now, I find myself eagerly anticipating its notifications – a first for any app in my experience. The focus feature has become a cherished tool, offering timely affirmations that shift my perspective during personal challenges. It’s more than an app; it’s a companion that enhances my mindset with its thoughtful affirmations, which I enjoy embodying into beautiful, personalized pictures. While I’m genuinely content with the experience, I have a modest suggestion to enrich user interaction further: the ability to freely position text within the images, instead of the default centered alignment. This would allow for a more customized expression of the affirmations. I extend my heartfelt thanks for developing an app that contributes significantly to my mental wellness.
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4 years ago, canadian_corgi
This app has changed me for the better
Let me preface by saying I never write reviews, or if I have, I’ve already forgotten about those apps. This app deserves one. I’ve had anxiety like symptoms for a while and only recently have I been seeing a therapist, which helps somewhat but it’s hard to remind yourself to change your way of thinking when the anxious feelings hit in the moment. This app has helped me so much. I set my number of reminders to 10 so I do get affirmations often which some may find annoying (but it’s a setting that can be changed). Quite a few times however, they’ve popped up right when I get triggered and help calm me down. Honestly would 10/10 recommend this to anyone with anxiety who needs help with more positive affirmations. I even told my therapist about it so she can share this!
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2 months ago, Zebralocked
I have paid the premium for two years now and really wanted to spend time with this app to see how it could change my life. You can set notifications so it sends you daily affirmations set to your individual needs for whatever you may be going through. It can help build self confidence and guide you through grief. It can help you with depression and also help you find love. It can help you reconnect to God and just overall help in many ways. I highly suggest this app to everyone. I have told many people about is. I wish they had a sponsorship program where users can either become a sponsor or apply to be sponsored. Where you can share your store and why this app would help you and what reasons you may have that leads you to not be able to afford the app.
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7 months ago, iiHateShittyApps
Thank you creators
This app is honestly amazing, I’d kiss(not rlly that’s just how grateful i am) whoever the developers of this app is. I’ve had a long while struggle with depression and decided i need a new start. I didn’t really believe in this manifestation stuff but once you truly think something is going to happen, it will. My life has gotten so much better and it has all went my way thanks to this app helping me with positive thoughts and keeping my peace. I truly wish I could pay for this app just because I love it so much but I can’t; and even then the free version of the app offers so much and it’s so great. I’ve added this app to my lock screen widgets for daily affirmations and it’s truly great. Thank you developers of this app, I will forever be grateful for you guys creating an app like this🙏🏿
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2 years ago, bre1721
Love this app
I definitely recommend this app! It has played a big factor in my motivation and healing. I love how the little reminders pop up on my phone throughout the day. They are always different too, and not cheesy like “live laugh love” or something lol. The funny thing is that they always seem to connect to how I’m feeling in the moment. For example: I have Covid rn and am feeling a little lazy/unmotivated because I can’t do anything, but I’m also too sick to. Quote I received this morning: There is a time to push myself and a time to rest. As in I need to let my body heal and understand I can’t do eveything I planned to do this week and that’s okay! Everyone needs some positivity in their life, especially with the state of the world around us. We need to be reminded that it will be okay and we will be okay!
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3 years ago, keepsmessingup1122
Great app but needs some improvement
This app is wonderful for frequent affirmations. My only issue with this app is the fact that they don’t save the affirmations they send to your notification. If you get a notification of an affirmation and press on it, it’ll take you to affirmation in the app, but if you save or double tap to heart the image the wrong way it’ll swipe (quite easily so this happens OFTEN) to the next affirmation and if you try to swipe back to the awesome affirmation you were just on and wanted to save, it’ll be long gone and forgotten. I hadn’t realized how aggravating/inconvenient this is at first but it gets old very quickly. Please for the love of affirmations, fix this. I’m very close to looking into another affirmations app because this is just that irritating. You’ve been warned.
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4 years ago, Keepitchill246
Positive mind
Usually with these types of apps I download them in hope that I can change myself for the better, but I eventually delete them. This app here is different, at first I would just say the affirmations but not believe them. Slowly as the days pass I noticed that my mindset started to change and that I believe what I am saying. I walk with such confidence knowing that I am beautiful, and that no matter what I always have to have myself first. I think what I like the most is that I can have it as a widget so whenever I’m on my Home Screen I can read them real quick and I am constantly changing my mindset and now the person I see in my mirror is a different but in a good way. She is radiating. I highly suggest this app and when you get it add it as a widget so you can read your affirmations readily available. Thank you creators!
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