iConnect Game

3.8 (1.7K)
120.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Oleksandr Nikolaienko
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for iConnect Game

3.77 out of 5
1.7K Ratings
7 months ago, Beautiful Disaster 187
Daily spins and cash back
I love playing River Sweeps. Been playing for nearly 2 years now. I have missed very few days of playing. I was wondering why I only get $1.00 & $2.00 daily bonus money and only get 5% on the cash back. I would think playing this long I’d at least get some kind of big bonus or something. I love playing but I think that would improve and make people add more money. Peace love and chicken grease.
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1 year ago, Jenniferld46
Worst win odds ever!!!
I gave 5 stars since they won't show my 1 star review. There is way too many slot systems that pay way better than icon, you will win a few times when u first start playing then it goes ice coldddddd no matter how much u load to it. The slots are way too tight and after the first few wins of a new account u will be lucky to win 3 times a year. I've played this game for two years so trust me I know what I'm talking about, if u so luck out and hit u better cash out, don't think the system is hot because it's not it will actually go ice cold til u spend it all back. Everyone gets lucky once in a blue moon but if u enjoy slots play on a different system like ultra , vblink, golden treasure , Vegas , fortune , fire k etc because icon will literally put u in the poor house trying to chase a win that rarely comes
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11 months ago, Aunt Kayy <3
I love it this platform comes in an app mode and Ken accurately update properly through the App Store. There’s no third-party app downloading bull crap with Iconnect. The main reason I love this platform more than the others is because of it’s reliability. Also, my fish game/casino group almost always runs a matching promo every day for this platform. I love how when I add $20 to the system I get $50+ in credit on my account. My favorite about this platform is cash back wheel… ONCE you think you lost everything… BOOM!!! All of a sudden you get another chance to win it all back!!! My favorite promo that they run very rarely is the second chance bounce back incentive.
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3 years ago, nonamemissy
OK so I’ve been playing this game for probably close to a year and I’ve always gotten daily bonus spins as long as I had cash on the game. I’ve always got cash back spin when I ran out of cash. Until this last two times that I’ve put money on it to play and I got only one daily bonus spin. The first day. After that every day no daily bonus spin. Plus when I put $$ on my game today it did not give me the added little bonus. Like 10 bucks extra for buying 60 dollars. 5 bucks for 40 spent. ect. So why the change or better yet why can’t I call and tell someone these things are happening and have them explain to me how come I don’t receive these perks anymore. Ok rant over.
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10 months ago, Nekia jones
Worst experience ever
September 2nat 11:23pm I went to store to load $20 into my game I came back home to play my game just to not be able to play it showed as I had no money in the account when I just paid $20 to play I went back to same store they told me it happenes and to reach you guys directly I then enter $1 it took and loaded the $1 but now I’m still lost out of $20 dollars I’ve never got to play and the store was very rude about the situation and would not provide me no contact number directly.
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2 months ago, shan_dotson
Disappointed and Unsatisfied player!
I used a 5 star rating in hopes my review gets seen, with that being said I would not recommend this to anyone what so ever! It’s completely rigged and you’ll end up paying in way way way over what your ever gonna be able to win out. The cash back spin and the daily spin is one big joke. I will never waste any more of my time, energy, effort nor money untill it shows some sort of positive change! Its ridiculous.
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3 years ago, lulu19877
Magic album is ridiculous
I’m sorry but when u run a promotional item like the Magic album, I really don’t think it’s right for me to be playing all this time to finally get enough magic to forge which COST ME 500 of my magic stones JUST to win 40 of the same thing , how stupid is that !!! I just forged 500 TO WIN 30 worth of magic and not ONE SINGLE NEW THING !!! I’ve spent over 500$ on this app this weekend and most ppl ain’t gonna have that much to spend which means u all don’t want to have to pay any promotional money which is why it’s set up like that !! So basically unless u just play 24/7 and money is no object then u may win all of the albums but if not ur outta luck !!!
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4 years ago, penguinbray
True winners and fair play
This app does truly allow the players a fair chance to win. I’ve had the chance to walk away a winner every time I’ve played, not always big winnings but at least something. However I’ve chosen to keep playing to the point I’ve lost many times. The times I have made the smart decision to stop while ahead and cash out have always been a fast and super easy transaction. I definitely would recommend this app to anyone that enjoys playing the stand up machines.
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1 year ago, Crazy blue eyes
They are kind humans 😘
This is the best app I think I’ve used. The people who have this are supper excellent in costumer service. I’ve had nothing but amazing and easy to deal with. I hope they get to keep it. This is the best way to decompress from the crap show that life can be sometimes. I’m happy I get to play sometimes. Then not to mention the money drops. I have only good things to say! I will forever be a River fan! ❤️
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2 years ago, followeringletgo
Do not give a fair shack on win
Terrible terrible you must be. True lover of the world. Ever get a win and then soon as you win you better cash out because this crazy machines system will not let you win a second time. Every time I get up if I don’t go straight and cash it out you will lose every penny they need to lose the game up so people get a fair shack at a !
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4 years ago, Wise Travi
Please read this review
I’ve learned throughout the years that this game is fair and fun. On the crooked side, these glitches, robbing of funds, etc... come from the purchaser. You have to be careful whom you add your funds towards your Acct. Since this is gambling there will be some twists as to the software will try and run you to win its winnings back. My advice is to collect any winnings that reach $100. Its a small business not the casino folks. You can also report to the BBB if you know the contact and location to retrieve your winnings. Best of luck.
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3 years ago, Boss1042
Been cheated out os stamps and money
I’ve been playing for awhile now and spent a lot of money they have been cheating me out of the stamps bonus they have going I’ve read all the game rules and hey don’t follow them I have 82 stamps and the farthest you can go is 100 and you get 500 dollars I’ve gotten past 82 and they want count them trying not to pay me I guess they didn’t think I would notice but I definitely did and there cheating me out of my money by not adding my stamps and I definitely screen recorded for proof if they ever ask which I prob will never get contacted
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5 years ago, Dollysues2727
Smoked out
Omg the diamond was over $2000 an the gold over $1500 then alasuden the diamond is at $600 next day gold is at $600 then the next day the gold fell even lower to $300 this is a very small town everyone knows everyone here an we all talk to see who won big surprise NO ONE won hmmm fishy fishy sounds like like someone is skimming the money from the side pots oh an by the way yes u can win the silver an red pots I win them a lot just saying
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12 months ago, 1 troubledcat
It’s fun , don’t get me wrong. Here lately I don’t receive my daily spin or cash back . I only get if I add money that day! Also there’s been times when it’s buffering or trying to get a connection and when it comes back on, my money is gone! Plus what happens to my avoiding if the store decides to get rid of the machine?? Seems no one has that answer.
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2 years ago, shawnabear81
Don’t lose your money here!
I signed up last night and got a $5 welcome bonus and this morning I went to play for the first time and they sent me a new PIN number to use so I did and all that it showed on my account was the $1 I sent to verify my account. They argued with me and wouldn’t give the $5 bonus back to me so I got my $1 refunded back to me and when I asked how to rate them they blocked me on messenger and locked my pin so I can’t play the game! Very bad customer service! It seems like a complete different person then who I dealt with last night.
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2 months ago, Trenan72
Hi, I just want to ask a question
I have went to my neighborhood store brought my game pin from the machine the store but, I can’t register my game pin because the first eight of the numbers is blocked out. Some the people who worked in the convenience store do not know how to solve the problem
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1 year ago, ideide98078
This game is a ripof never lets you win its a greedy game you can put in a thousand dollars and it’s gone in 20 min with no win bigger than 100 $ and again eats your money like craze, I would not recommend this game to anyone and today is the last time I played this game , whoever made this game at least you should let players win some I don’t start playing this game to “ make money “ just a little fun but this is some greedy cold game and plsss don’t waste your money here rather give to the poor, no fun cold greedy set up just to take JOKE !!
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5 months ago, ItsMyEssence
I enjoy the game sometimes, it’s a hit or miss as it should be. However I keep receiving these emails telling me that I have received 300 free entries and every time I click to activate, I’ll get a page confirming the entries are on my account but once I open the app….nothing. This has happened at least 3-4 times and I send emails and never get a response , it’s been a couple of months now. Other than that it’s ok
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1 year ago, mickideannafaith
Game glich
Have had some game glich issues and never is there a way to actually talk to someone to resolve it. All I get is the middle man (host) saying he doesn’t have access to this parts of the game but yet can’t point me to anyone who can. I still play sometimes but it stinks that u can be cheated out of a bonus and no one ever comps you a thing for it. Nor can you relate to the developer that the game is having trouble.
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3 months ago, High rollersCLUB
Took my money!
I had been playing the game for about two years and it was great and all I was going to cash out what I was happy with winning. I come back to the game and I was at $0.00!!! I mean I did my part in playing thousands and lost thousands. I helped them so why can’t they help me get what was missed. People do shady things nowadays to hack peoples accounts and make it look like your the person that did it. Yes there is hackers in this world look it up. I will NOT be back unless I receive $3K in apology. Until then.. 🚪🚶🏻‍♂️‍➡️
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10 months ago, Msroper
Download today!!!!!
So many games to choose from. I have played multiple games and won on each one!! Most games don’t let you win but this app here is a good come up!! Anyone that loves to gamble this app is perfect!! Easy cash out. Fun to play while at home comfortable. I high recommend it.
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3 years ago, mslongley
Disappointed player
I play religiously and like tonight after loading and spending over the pp dollars in a 24 period it failed to give me my spin for % at the end of my money. I also don’t get credit for some of the targets I hit and it’s big money shots that fail to credit. I think I will start playing locally instead and move my friends over as well. It would be fun if it was honest and consistent but I feel it’s not even worth it to try to get anyone to respond or fix issues anymore
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5 years ago, petty cash 74
The app is a great only thing I hate about it is when you go to the machine when you have a problem the number is disconnected and also I can’t get my five dollars bonus when I put $20 in other than that everything is cool I won big money before couple of flaws
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8 months ago, m72greaves
They cheat!
Don’t waste you money. They cheat! Even if you have fast fiber optic lines for internet it will say you have a bad network connection signal. The fish games will not die no matter how many times you shoot them. I’m don’t with them taking my money from cheating. I am going to video one last session and you will see how they just stop someone from winning anything in the fishing remastered and original. Won’t mater how many times you shoot a fish it will not die and pay up.
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5 years ago, Locklear1980
Spending to much money and not winning 🤷🏻‍♀️
Love the game at first! But I never win anymore it gave me $200 and like 2 of the lowest jackpots every. I put money on this everyday! Thinking about deleting the app because it sure isn’t fun anymore. I had like 10 ppl download the app thinking it was worth it but it seems it’s not
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3 years ago, Devildog30
Won Grand prize
I need answers I hit for $109,200 my play balance was at $700. After bonus collecting big win my balance only went to $1800 where is the rest of my winnings. App is 1000% legit, thus far would recommend to everyone. Thank you
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2 years ago, sxyno1g
Playing forever
I have been playing this game for years and I have one question that’s been bothering me forever …..,,,, why is it I only get 1.00 every day I spin the wheel? It never lands on anything minor or major not even on 2.00 it’s always the same 1.00 ? Is that ratio even possible when you spin daily? How bad can my luck be ?
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3 years ago, kenz2333
Great online casino app
I’ve been playing with the 777 company for awhile and they are legit! I’ve enjoyed this app along with others. You don’t always win but I have cashed out max daily multiple times.
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4 years ago, Ms. Hopes
There’s always room for improvements. The developer(s) have definitely increased the percentages of when the games hit. I’m assuming the start up of each person(s) is much less than now after a year. It’s how they make their money. Just remember “the house always wins”...so play responsibly. FYI... they have the option to provide bonuses or “extras” to clients.
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1 year ago, Massey3773
I have been playing this game since 2020 and yes I have hit the jackpot several times first time I hit the jackpot I turned around a used to pay for a pickup truck I highly recommend this game
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1 year ago, Malcom aKe Guap
System malfunction
I don’t know what you guys just did but whatever it was it messed up a masterpiece I loved this game and I go to different stores every day to play but now it seems it’s not loading up right and really feels like a scam more now so hurry and fix if you can it was good it needed no fixing so don’t try to you’ll ruin it for yourself and everyone else
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3 years ago, mommyhodge
Game crashes after eating lots of your money
Game takes lots of money! I put $100-$200 a day on my account and at first it didn’t do this! After the last update, I can be shooting at the boss or a crown for .30 a shot and it will eat $7 then crash!!! I will quit playing until they fix this! It’s sad because I have won good money playing this game!
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4 years ago, not tohappy
Rivers fish game
This game is fun but after you play for a day or two it messing up won’t shoot quint stay on game and it does it right in the middle of a game and if you were shooting at the boss you just lost all the money you spent trying to make it pop . They seriously need to do something about that it’s making us not even want to play the game anymore!
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4 years ago, !!!!!!!!!!!!!Mark!!!!!!!!!!!
I won $900 and the agent (whom I personally know)cashed me out but said Pay Pal wouldn’t let her send me my money. Now she changed her number so I can’t reach her and I Still don’t have the money I rightfully won! I have looked for a number or complaint service but haven’t been able to find anyone who can help me with her stealing my money. I say STEALING my money because that’s what she did. I spent a lot of money with this company and I deserve what is mine. I give this company a -5 stars!!!
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3 days ago, PaulaCox123
Difficulties Loading Money
I really enjoy playing this game but my biggest downfall about it is the fact that I can only load money on at one particular store. If the store is closed or I don’t feel like driving 30 miles out of my way then I can’t play.
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7 months ago, ROBINATER83
Big scam
Big scammmmmm I sent 15 dollars to them then they said oh we need another 15 so I did then they said oh you need to send another 50 to fix your account so do not trust it the person that did it was named Robert Lilly their cash tag was $KanoraKemp someone higher up needs to help me with this or I’ll spend every penny I have which is quite a bit to pursue this situation as far as possible
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9 months ago, SlimThickkk90
New to update
Love it but the should at lease have a way you can deposit your winnings. I just hate you have to drive around to find a iConnect machine just to play 😩
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11 months ago, Nancy is trash
Horrible agent that’s runs the app
I really enjoy playing this app. But if you like to gamble and be persistent this is not the app for you. It take 4 hours to get money loaded and it takes longer to get money withdrawn. Horrible agents don’t care if you wait all day. This same app with other agents would be perfect. Until then I would consider playing a different platform
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3 years ago, Redickyouluss2021
Poor customer service
So I’ve only been playing for about 2 months. I’ve spent well over $500 buying play time and have never got a win bigger than 50 credits. And to top it off my last payment of $70 was never credited to my account and now I can’t get a response from the moderator that controls that. Absolute ripoff. If I could give 0 stars I would have.
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6 years ago, salvador angel
Cool, could be better
I like this app but I’m constantly having issues either with signing in or not being able to do the daily entry!! It’s annoying other then that I’d give it 5 stars but due to those glitches I would rated it a 2.5 unfortunately that’s not possible so I give it 3 stars
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8 months ago, Jigabooma
Don’t play trust me
You will never win… if you do it’s a one time deal. Get out don’t come back. 3 dollar bet 30 spins 14 dollars… the promos do not work and there is no one to complain to. Again this is in their favor. You think you are working towards a promo and then you get nothing. The games have errors and it is always in their favor not yours. Don’t waste your time.
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2 years ago, MrsMills91215
Love this app
I love this app. It gives you daily free points. I wish it was easier to win more money and I’m currently having problems spinning the wheel for my daily entry!
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6 years ago, BritToeKnee
Love it!
I’m a Gambler, no doubt about that. This makes it easy to gamble from home. I’ve won a lot of money on here so far, I just wish there were more games for the IOS version. Please put more games !!! Thank you
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5 years ago, No not really
App is free to view only...
Can’t spin unless you pay. Daily wheel, if it works it doesn’t win more than $1.00 and wins seldom pay out more than bet amounts. It used to be fun to win enough to keep you playing for awhile, even if you only put in $50. I just put $ down and hit only one bonus and it paid me zero. So disappointing. Don’t waste ur time.... Update: Dont bother sending email either as no one responds back.
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2 years ago, winner- i wish
Pay out disappointed player
I’ve been playing for a long time. Lost a ton of money. Now they are telling me I have to drive to the place to pick up my winnings. It’s like an hour and half away. So what do I do? Play until I lose like always. Makes me not want to play anymore. Probably a good idea anyway. 🤨😔
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2 years ago, GoddessNc
Can’t update without having card on file
Why can’t I update this app without having credit card on file?
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1 month ago, Temper 33
It’s not the game it’s the people who you have to use in order to play
I enjoy this game very much but I was robbed of my winnings because DallasSweeps Didn’t want to pay me so they wiped my account clean like nothing happened and I had over 2000 in my account from winning two days in a row. Don’t play with Dallas sweeps they won’t pay you if you hit big.
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1 year ago, Allielove4me
Things are not as it. Use to b
It used to be fair and make money well you could lose as well but I have put thousands of dollars in and not won anything back I think this is going to be quitting soon for me if things don’t change around it’s getting pathetic
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2 years ago, micka11❤️
i use to really love this game been a loyal customer over 4 years
it use to be my go 2 but i’m do over this game i lose thousands of dollars on this game and it really upset me the fact i can lose so much money and stay missing out on the bug jackpots it’s really crazy i can play all day the moment i get off it goes off i put so much money into this game it’s beyond on me i can’t never be included in the jackpot this game is really addictive but they be good to u until u are hook then it’s over i really hate it now and i don’t recommend it for nobody
Show more
12 months ago, Ehhh:)
Don’t do it.
Does not pay out. Horrible game. Have been playing too long and have not had a single win. People play and play and I have yet to see anyone actually win. Including myself and the jackpot have not gone off as far as I can tell. Would not recommend. Find something with a better pay out.
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