iFIT At-Home Workout & Fitness

Health & Fitness
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ICON Health & Fitness, Inc.
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5 months ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for iFIT At-Home Workout & Fitness

4.63 out of 5
44.2K Ratings
5 months ago, Lovebadger01
New Travel Buddy
I purchased my Nordic track iFit treadmill in May 2023, and since then it has become my most favorite tool in my toolbox to offer me a better quality of life. I have greatly enjoyed the scenic routes, the education of the location and the inspiration to commit with education on choices for a better quality of life. I recently added the app onto my phone, and I love it now I have my favorite trainers with me wherever I go no matter what day of the week. What time of the day I am set. This is by far one of the best investments I have done for myself in the last 15 years special shout out to Chris and Stacey Clark. Thank you so much for consistently having well rounded workouts. I have gained such knowledge about the mechanics of the body, the mind and spirit to connect and drive to have a better. I love the fact that you’re also and at times touch in on your family life and marriage make it personal relatable and so much more. Overall, I am like an internal toddler saying why and you’re providing answers. I have done one on one personal training in the past. But I have a game, more knowledge and understanding through the programs offered here. I just started following Nicole Meline in Montana series, she is a burst of sunshine! When I go to work on Monday, my coworkers consistently ask, where did you travel to this weekend? Lol LOVE IT! Thank you I fit
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10 months ago, mojo64 in St. Charles
Inspiring coaches in places I’ve never been
I started using the app seriously about 3 years ago at the age of 56. My wife had been diagnosed with ALS and I needed to make sure I was in my best shape to take care of her. I had a hybrid elliptical / recumbent bike and a treadmill that had not been used in a few years. I started with Stacie Clark and CrossFit workouts on the elliptical. I tried some of the bike workouts too. Then, I discovered Tommy Rivers Puzey and his Iberian series. That motivated me to move from the elliptical. I cleared off the treadmill and started running again. In 6 months I dropped 20 pounds and was ready for my first 5k in over 20 years. I came in under 30 minutes and that was a huge personal victory for me. When I got home from it, I gave the finisher medal to my wife. We’ve built up a collection of them now from 5k and 7k races I’ve run, sometimes with our adult children trying to keep up with the “old man”. The variety of trainers and activities keep me going. I replaced the hybrid with an elliptical and the s22i bike, and added a rower. I was prompted to write this review after finishing one of Alex Gregory’s sessions rowing off the coast of Brazil. I get up early to start my day with some “me” time and I have iFit to thank for having so many options with one app for all of the equipment.
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2 years ago, VS Raine
Forget about the rewards
The iFIT app is a good tool for fitness. There is a great variety in the workouts offered. Most of the trainers are very personable and knowledgeable. My personal preference is for the on-location workouts as versus the studio ones. Except for a few exceptions, the camera work and the fitness training offered in these workouts, filmed in beautiful locales are a great motivator for getting on your exercise equipment. Recent updates have made it easier to tailor the workout audios to one’s own preferences. The smart adjust option doesn’t work effectively and often “dumbs down” a workout so one has to be constantly aware of that. Otherwise you may find yourself climbing at an incline of 3, for example, when in reality 12 is more up to your level. But DO NOT expect to be rewarded. IFIT puts up these rewards as motivators for completing workouts. However, we have not received a single one of them. There are no free flags, or tshirts to be had, doesn’t matter if your app is telling you that you have earned a reward. Contacting customer service is going to yield nothing but stress. So yes, get the app if you want to get some good workouts in, but get your own motivators in place because the ones offered by iFIT are just illusionary hogwash. Update: iFIT solution to unreceived rewards—make the whole reward system disappear. There are only badges and digital trophies for challenges completed.
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3 years ago, W.C.999
Program is great, app needs improvement
Okay, I want to start with the positive. The iFIT program is great. The trainers are great, and the equipment is works will with the program. However, there is a lot of room for improvement in the app. The app has 2 big problems. 1) An incoming phone call can interrupt the program, cause it to stop or pause or go out of sync with the workout on the app, and there is no way to fast-forward to resync. Your only option is to start over from the beginning sometimes. 2) The navigation for searching for a workout needs to be simplified. If you want to follow 2 different series at the same time, or jump out of your current series to do a quick one-off workout, it is difficult to go back and find the series you were working on. There should be a simple way to browse “recently played” workouts, similar to how music apps work. There should also be a way to easily find a 20 min or 30 min workout with your favorite trainer through a search. Sometimes it takes 10 mins to find a good workout, which is not good when you only had 30 mins to spare to workout in the first place. The search need to just be enhanced to allow easy finding of workout programs by time, type (walking/running), intensity, trainer, etc. And you should be able to save your favorite search options.
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2 years ago, costaindia
iFIT Review
I stopped going to the gym March of 2020 and just did my own workouts at home. On Dec. 2020 my husband bought me the Nordic Track cycling bike and only did cycling. Love their cycling programs and trainers from all over the world, it incentivizes me to travel. The bike automatically adjusts to follow the trainer or you can adjust to your level (beginner, intermediate or advanced) or you can just manually adjust the incline and resistance yourself. I also like that I can calibrate the bike too. I love it! No problem with the bike at this time. On Jan. 2022, I decided to try all the fitness workouts they have, from strength, Pilates, yoga, etc. Again, most of them are good, some trainers are better than others according to your style. I’m mostly a beginner/intermediate and the workouts can be from 10- to 45-minutes, depending on how much time you have. In short, iFIT allows you to work at your own pace and in the privacy of your home. They have training programs and challenges for individuals who are competitive and wish to travel. So far, this year, I have done 120 workouts and continue to enjoy it. They also have guided meditation and nutrition classes that I have not tried. I hope this review helps you and I wish you good health (body/mind/spirit). Thank you iFIT!
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2 years ago, Dclub
So much unmet potential
I love the idea of IFIT with the ability to control my machine’s speed and incline during workouts, keep me in my hr zones etc. Unfortunately, it works terribly. Peloton is 1000x better!! I’m constantly having issues with the app. I have a NT 6.5S which only has a little 1” screen so I have to rely on the app. The active pulse and smart adjust doesn’t work from the iPhone (or phones in general is my understanding) so you must use a tablet. I’ve had so many connection issues with it seeing my hr monitor or being able to cast to my TV. Sometimes it will only decrease my speed when my hr is too high but never increase my speed when it gets low again. The UI is also pretty clunky. It’s hard to find specific workouts and you can’t see past workouts within the app. You have to login to your IFIT account online. I’ve tried contacting help a few times with some of the issues and they are also terrible. If they do respond, it’s about 2 weeks later and miraculously they always claim the issue is with my tablet or my hr monitor - never with the app or anything they will help with. Oddly, I don’t have issues with the hr monitor or iPad using ANY other apps except IFIT. Like I said, I think their concept is great, if they could just make it work like it’s intended and reliably. Or at least admit their faults when things don’t work instead of just brushing you off and telling you it’s some other problem I might have given it 3 stars.
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4 years ago, good tracking tool
Awesome Concept - functionality not so much
Let’s start with the positive; love the outdoor class options, live options are limited but are decent, trainers are educated, motivating and scenery is great. Love the interactive nature of the bike with the trainers such as incline/decline adjustments. Feel like you are really there. Negatives: App on Nordictrack S22i bike times out often, cumulative workout data works sporadically (frustrating esp when you are trying to stay motivated and track time on the bike and mileage). Error messages pop up frequently when ‘saving’ workouts and they don’t save all the time. Should have an option to manually add workouts to be sure things are tracked. App on the iPhone doesn’t show cumulative data at all (don’t know if it’s weekly or total stats - should have all those options) and Bluetooth option doesn’t work with the app/bike. No search functionality which is annoying. Filter options are decent though. System often buffers and sometimes historical ride data doesn’t show up at all. I even tried uninstalling and installing, clearing the cache, etc.....need to get this infrastructure fixed or people will get frustrated and go elsewhere. I’ve had better luck with regular Iphone apps like map my run for the tracking aspect - at least it doesn’t lose the data! Hope all of this gets improved as it has a lot of great potential and I love the bike but yikes on all of the issues!
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1 year ago, Laurie Tirpin
Great and keeps getting better!
I start my day with iFit. Typically I work in a series with my favs Tommy Rivs or John Peel, but have done smaller series or one offs with others. One various days I can now, thank you iFit, add yoga, Pilates or meditation- and these sessions are at a level that are both challenging and interesting. On days when I feel like a simple walk - love the culture walks or Ted talks! Kudos to you iFit for the continual upgrades and new content. Beyond fun and interesting I can’t believe the difference in my own endurance in the year and a half I’ve been working with this . Thank you! Not sure how long ago I wrote the above BUT now even better! On a crazy whim 7 months ago I decided to try running again - I’d given it up years ago due to knee problems and frankly I couldn’t go very far back then. Well first day running with the app and I hit 3 miles easily without thinking - I couldn’t do that in my 20s and I was fairly fit! Excited I decided to restart tommy riv’s great Portugal series and learn from the master. I’m now regularly running and feel better than ever - not bad for a 60 year old newbie! Thank you to all the great trainers! Especially love the Live races! Great job all!
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4 years ago, SUPABWE
App is great in controlling connected equipment but lacks some of the most basic features
Giving the app 3 stars because it does quite a bit. However, it lacks some of the most basic features that consumers expect to have in a similar app. First and foremost, the Browse section lacks search capability, which requires users to spend a good bunch of time looking for the workout they want to start. People have limited time to workout and if it’s taking me 5-10mins to continue scrolling up and down then thats half my workout time spent. Not to mention the headache (literally) I receive through scrolling up and down. Second, there’s no way to control the video - move it forward to where you left off. Several people get interrupted for various reasons and the last thing they need is to start the same workout from scratch. Big blow on motivation. Lastly, if one starts first of a series of multiple workouts, they have to go to the browse screen and spend a long time (related to first issue listed above) to start the connected second, third related workouts and so on. Having said all of the above, I believe iFit is definitely a great start with tons of improvements awaiting. They need to move forward and close the gap on these basic capabilities before other competitors come to market with better experience and enhanced controls.
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5 years ago, joffreybieber
Great program, terrible app
I love the idea of iFit and really enjoy all of the sessions so far, but this app is really not good. There are some good things about the app. The quality of the videos is good, and the controls for the machine are relatively responsive. The app does lag a bit in some areas, particularly loading and saving workouts, but no breaking bugs that I have noticed yet. However, when it comes to finding workouts to do this app is simply just a dump of every video they offer with no infrastructure in place to find the workout for you. The organization of the videos is in endless tabs arranged by series. There is no searching, filtering, or sorting of any kind. This really falls into the bare minimum of what an app like this should have. If you want to find a workout for a given intensity or skill level, your only option is to swipe through the tabs until you find something with a promising title, select one of the videos in the series, and hope that it is one of the ones with a description that includes the intensity, because not all of them do. I will adjust my rating if future updates improve the workflow but as an application developer by trade the laziness of this app is a major let down. Seeing as this app is a key component to using iFit for entry level NordicTrack users (and non-NordicTrack users), improving the user experience in the app would increase the value of iFit tremendously.
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7 months ago, Volcom2196
This App is light years behind Peloton and Apple Fitness
Most workouts and trainers are good, however the beginner level is so off-base. If you’re a person changing from zero working out to an iFit machine, you can rely on the “beginner” workouts to be either way too easy, or way too hard. There is no gradual progression as you’d expect with an app that is supposed to have an algorithm that learns from your workouts. The app doesn’t have any integrations with music platforms, except a handful of radio stations, and the music they have available is terrible and detracts from my workouts. You can’t skip a song from the radio, but have to change the entire station, spending minutes on the screen that you should be focused on working out, trying to get the music changed in the settings. The app is extremely glitchy when using it with an iFit machine, and sometimes will start a completely different workout than the one I selected, or the workout just ends for no reason while I’m still pedaling away. The Smartadjust feature doesn’t work for longer than 10 seconds. It goes right back to the speed or resistance I just changed from. I’ve done all the resets, I’ve checked all settings, my S10i cycling machine is working perfectly great other than the app. I’ve chatted and done troubleshooting with support. The app is pure garbage. Massive regrets purchasing a 4-Year iFit membership when I bought the bike.
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1 month ago, HotPantsMcGee
Have always been majority weightlifting for my workouts and very little cardio. As I age, I am noticing that I really need to flip or balance my workouts a bit… the problem is I hate running. It’s always felt monotonous and boring for excessive amounts of time in order to get anything out of it. Lo and behold, I purchase a treadmill during the early days of the pandemic, which came with a free 30 day trial of iFIT. Like most trials, the intention was to let it expire and use the treadmill manually while watching TV thereafter. Two years have passed and I still have my iFIT subscription. I would not be getting the daily use out of my treadmill if I didn’t have it, and all the benefits of starting my day with a two or three mile run. I have done multiple series multiple times, and keep finding new interesting tidbits of information at each location. It’s inspiring my wife and I to travel to some of these locations now that we can do that again! Lastly, if you spot a run or a series with Casey Gilbert as your host trainer: do it. I’ve had to pause my workouts from time to time because he’s had me laughing too hard.
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3 years ago, kda-sc
Phone app and smart tv app don’t connect
I love the spin bike and treadmill however, I have reported to I fit numerous times with no resolve the above issue. On the TV it states that you can search workouts by keyword or a trainer. Key words have brought me to Ted Talks with Elon Musk when I search for build and burn- a series by a fantastic trainer John Peel. I can search under John Peel and view about 650 workouts by him however, none are in order or categorized in series names or numerically. Very frustrating. However, you can search for a series by name on the phone app BUT it doesn’t stream to the TV so trying to do a workout watching your phone is difficult. I cannot a dupe the workouts to my tV as they don’t interface and there is no calendar on the TV app. I have expressed this shortcoming to iFit a few times and they open support tickets to close them within 20 minutes and the issue remains unsolved. It would seem like an easy fix to categorize workouts by series and in order as well as keywords as they suggest. I find it more odd to have Ted Talks pop up within their I fit app as well. The workouts and trainers are phenomenal. This shortcomings need to be addressed however. Please get this corrected iFit and train your support people better. They try hard but don’t seem well educated. Invest in your people and improve the functionality and streaming capabilities of your phone, TV and library.
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4 years ago, LifesRf
Good for C19 workout
I am using a Proform bike with iFit. The iFit App is a great tool for scheduling your workout. You have choices from mountain to road bike. You have a ton of excellent trainers with a variety of skill sets to train you on. The App has most of the necessary categories you want to monitor for - incline, power, time left and RPM are the most common used by trainers. Rate of Perceived Exertion is missing in the App - so I normally combine this with Watts and RPM and judge from 1-10 how much RPE I am exerting. With C19, iFit never stopped providing programs. They continued with more C19 bike series outdoor and indoor program. Why I gave it a 4 star is that their app is wanky - when starting in the morning- even after you select a program and Bluetooth has connected to the bike - it goes often to Manual Mode. So I have to exit out again, go back to navigation and select my program again. This is a bug that has been there for 6 months now. The other reason is navigation. It’s just ok, but could definitely be improved. It does remember your last filter. If I have a bike, it should focus on bike and not provide other features like trails. I can compare this with Peloton- and the IFit trainers are better. But if we’re talking about the software- there are lots of room for improvements.
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6 months ago, 41390
Ifit review
I really like the nordictrack equipment but wish it was compatible with other fitness programs besides ifit. Ifit seems to depend on the user experience to correct its software issues which wastes SO much time. Its worse than having to call health insurance companies. You end up having to go through so many troubleshooting steps which make no sense most of the time and the majority of the time get no resolutions. Most of the work outs that are available aren’t uploaded into all of the equipments, which is strange. I have 3 relatively new different nordictrack machines and each screen displays different work outs even though they should all include minimally the same strength based workouts. What’s most disappointing is that the mirror, which should have all strength based workouts, does not have all of them uploaded to the software ifit has for it. I know this because I browsed through the app on my phone. What’s the point of buying the equipment and paying for this software to make the most of it if you’re going to force people to work out on their phone screens. It makes no sense. I can’t even remember the last time the row had a software update and it’s not because it doesn’t experience glitches. It’s neglect on the part of the ifit team. So overall, I’m highly dissatisfied with ifit and dread anytime I’m forced to contact their customer service team.
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3 years ago, AuburnArt53
Wonderful trainers and locations!!!
I got my new treadmill with iFit on Sept 1st. I’ve done a couple of hundred workouts since then... I am SO excited to see new places and meet new trainers. Depending on my progress I will sometimes switch up ‘series’ and trainers during a given week. What I love most about iFit is the variety. The photography is excellent, I also like being able to override the trainer. When I do an override it’s usually because I’m doing several workouts in a day and I skip the “warm up” that precedes the workout and I tend to increase speed and/or elevation at the start (the warmup that’s part of the workout). A couple of changes I’d like to see in iFit are the ability to stop and save a workout and then pick it up where I left off previously at a later time. I’d also like to be able to save searches. IF I search for a particular trainer or type of workout I’d like the ability to SAVE that search... this could easily be implemented. Lastly, the “disclaimer” that is mandatory and precedes the WARM up could easily be removed if users agree to a stipulation via a DocuSign affidavit that we’re aware of the risk etc. This could be renewed annually.
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1 year ago, coach Adaj
I’m enjoying Ifit
It really gives me the push I need Sometimes it’s hard pushing yourself or staying committed everyday or to try pushing a bit harder to get better. Once I commit to a workout I wanna make myself proud I didn quit, my time getting better and being able to see the ending view (beautiful places) I love they incorporate history of the islands I’m usually running but I am also starting to get a few mins in wit yoga or stretching as part of my warm down. My time has been dropping. And if you reading this keep like two bottles of water with you cause I am pouring sweat, my hair is dripping sweat. Even when I go on runs outdoors, I play my workouts and do them on or off the tredmil. There’s so many workouts I’m looking forward to at the same time I’m trying to finish the series I started . When I coach at home, I can cook from the kitchen and control and see the laps… who I’m training -multitask Some places around the world you may have been but not know the history or popular sayings of its culture which makes things interesting on choosing your next travels Thanks IFit!! ❤️
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2 years ago, JWP1776
I cannot express how much I love our new NordicTrack treadmill but more importantly the IFIT subscription. This has been the most fun and exciting workout experience I’ve ever had. I’ve tried gyms of all kinds and other workout videos but I have never found anything I was very interested in continuing. Since starting 4 weeks ago, I have looked forward to getting up 5 days a week to jump on the treadmill and I can’t wait to get home from work to get on it AGAIN! I have NEVER felt that way about any exercise! I started with the Italy Walking series with Chris and Stacie Clark and I am HOOKED. They did an amazing job on the series and I was even teary-eyed when I finished the last one yesterday - so I started it again! I am just floored at how it really feels like you are there with them and even though I can’t talk to them, it feels like I know them. They and IFIT have changed my and my husbands lives! I have a goal of losing 65 pounds this year and running a half marathon when I can’t even run a mile yet but I am so inspired, I know IFIT will help me get there!!
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2 years ago, CassiusM5516
App needs to be fixed
I love iFIT and have been using these workouts for 3 and a half years now via the app. I am however continuously upset at the amount of workouts I complete but the app does not save. I will finish my cool down and then it will say “Workouts less than 1 minute are not saved.” I’ve tried ending the cool down earlier to see if that helps and same error message. It doesn’t happen all the time but enough where I’m frustrated. This happens to me at least 4-5 times a month. Today was a new frustrating experience. With 5 minutes left in my workout the screen froze, then turned black. Music kept playing and I pressed the screen and it was just giving me option to pause and play but screen was completely black when I pressed play. When I paused it just told me the name of the song playing. At the end of the day my Apple Watch is tracking my workout but if I’m following a series and it tells me I haven’t completed a workout I just did, then how can I continue the series and complete it unless I go back and do it again at some point. Which I do, but sometimes it doesn’t save leaving me doubly frustrated. Please fix this from happening to people so frequently. We pay a lot of money and enjoy these workouts to expect near seamless execution of your app.
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4 months ago, Ultra Man 7
Service is great - App is terrible
UPDATE - 6 months later Well, its now 6 months later and I am still using the service, because I can’t find one that takes me to as many different places as iFit does. However, the App still stinks. I never know when the app is going to freeze up and force me to “force quite” the app to get control back. And when I do, I lose everything I just did… still. SO IRRITATING! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I love the workouts, they make exercise fun and engaging. However, the app on iPad is so frustrating. It often forget’s what workout series I am in, and when I return to the app, it shows me other workout series as though I were looking for a new one. Then there IS NO SEARCH option! How can that be? It’s ridiculous. More seriously frustrating issues: 1) Why is there no easily accessible PAUSE button? People have to use the toilet sometimes. 2) When the app crashes (it can happen to any app), when I launch it again, it doesn’t remember where I was in my work out or give me a way to fast forward to where it crashed. I have to start the workout all over again! 3) Why is there a “favoriting” feature when there is no way to see what workouts you have favorited? This app is so bad, I may stop using the service over all, just because of this app!
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3 years ago, Mama2468
IFIT app
I am in love with iFIT! I have had my iFIT treadmill since 2012 and had no idea how amazing working out with the iFIT trainers was! I started using it in May 2021 and will be using it as long as I can! I have a rower and a road bike that I can use the app to do workouts unpaired and be lead by amazing trainers. I have two favorite things about the app. The first is that it automatically controls my treadmill’s speed and incline when I do one of the workouts from the app, all while the trainer leads me on my treadmill screen and/or my phone app. I simply schedule it and it automatically sends to my treadmill. The second is the trainer takes to amazing places all around the world and teaches us about the local culture and history in very thoughtful ways, as well as teaches us about the physiology, exercise science, and nutrition! I’ve been a runner from junior high to college and beyond, but I’m learning every day from these absolutely professional trainers! Oh! And the live classes and challenges are an added bonus! You’ll never stop challenging yourself or learning just by using the app!
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4 months ago, Ace boogie!
I rarely ever write reviews!
I have had this app for about 5 years. I use it on the treadmill, at-home strength training, and stretching. The filtering options for difficulty, duration, and trainer are in my opinion the highlight of this app. I can adjust my workouts according to the time I have and style of training I need. As I have progressed and sometime digressing in my fitness journey, I have been able to use this app to meet me where I currently am. I joined a personal training company to drop weight and now that I am in tip-top-shape I am back to using this app to stretch and maintain my new muscles and train for a race this year (10miler or Half Marathon haven’t decided yet). I would recommend this app to anyone looking for direction I their workouts. They have workout series and quick workouts for all your needs all you need to do is show up for yourself. They only thing not included I believe is a meal plan, but the trainers may throw suggestions as they give you commentary during workouts. 9 out 10 for that reason, but definitely 5stars.
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1 year ago, Wikiclub
I love this app when it works! However, I do have 3 major issues that have occurred ever since I first starting using ifit 2 years ago with my Nordic Track s22i bike. The first issue I have is that the application just stops working mid workout and there is no means to pick up where i left off in the workout once the software reboots. This happens about every 4th to 5th workout on average. The second issue i have is that my AirPod pros do not reliably and consistently connect to ifit without issue. I have no issues connecting my AirPods with any other bluetooth enabled devices so I know it is not an issue with my AirPods plus other family members have the same issue using their own AirPods. The 3rd recurring issue, although less frequent than the other 2, is the inability to manually adjust the resistance and incline. This hasn’t occurred recently but has occurred a number of times in the past. I’ve worked with customer service to update all software yet these 3 issues still occur. I would really like a fix to these issues so I could give ifit 5 stars. It’s disappointing these issues existed right from the start and have not been resolved.
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5 years ago, Dimp21
Love the workouts, but...
When I first purchased my Proform treadmill, I had zero desire to use the IFIT app. However, after one workout, I fell in love! I’ve been using the machine and following workouts on the app for 6 weeks, and I’m obsessed with several of the walking and running series available. The reason I did not give the app 5 stars is because it is missing what I think is a major component, video controls. I have been kicked out of two workouts recently (which could be a glitch itself), but when I tried to resume I found that there is no way to skip ahead to get to the place I paused, without starting the workout from scratch! As a mother of young children, it’s inevitable that I will need to pause or even temporarily stop my workout to take care of my children. I don’t have the time to restart my workout, especially when I’m already 20 minutes in. Video controls that would allow me to pick up my workout at any point would be so helpful. Or maybe some other type of save and resume function would be great. Either way, I do love the IFIT app, I just need a little more flexibility in controlling the workouts!
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3 months ago, Jayduke123
A work in progress
I really enjoy the I fit app I am a 55 year old man, I enjoy running some times I fall off but I always come back. My life changed last year after a traumatic event in my life the loss of a child in June in November I started running again I ended the year with 50 plus runs for the year. I had not ran much until that point. This year I have ran 36 times and it’s the end of February Well we are halfway through the new year 2023 and I have completed 83 runs so far this year.I have lost some weight and gained some muscle I am really enjoying this journey. It has been a year since I started my I fit journey I use the app daily. I have logged 264 workouts this year so far the year is not over. I have went from 226 lbs. down to 192 lbs. This has been a great change for me I enjoy my workouts A year later I am still running strong I use the IFIT app daily if not on the treadmill I use it outside as well. My mind set has changed when it comes to physical fitness it’s a part of me.
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3 years ago, Jaekani
App Interface needs some love
I purchased a HIIT trainer for Christmas and I’ve been using this program since it came with my purchase and I’ve been loving the workouts. It’s so neat to travel to different areas of the world and actually feel like you’re running along the trails or hiking along a mountain slope. The trainer is right there beside you and helps to keep you motivated and pushing through the workout. Top remarks for the programs and the trainers. Where this app falls short however is the UI. It’s hard to search for something and it seems the categorization of everything is all over the place. It’s was difficult to find a series of workouts that were tuned down to a beginners level or for one that was fully appropriate for my particular machine. And then it also appears that there isn’t a way to check out my stats other than what shows up on my actual machine. It would certainly be nice to know what my average pace was for the past week, or how many miles I put in, but for now I haven’t been able to find it. I’ve fairly tech-savvy, so I’ll update this review if I manage to find it, but for now I’m fairly certain it’s not there.
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2 years ago, brian163
Enjoy content, app is good but not great
I’m giving this 4 stars for the content which I’ve enjoyed so far and seems to have plenty of beginner level content which I appreciate at this stage in my fitness journey. But the app has some maddening shortcomings like it really isn’t used by the people developing it. For example, why can’t you use the built-in music feature just because you want to use manual start mode? That needs music more than playing during (and over) the trainer content. And SmartAdjust is a cool idea but it only seems to adjust for speed but not incline? I’ll set treadmill to a higher incline and and a moment later the session content just sends it back. Shouldn’t it be additive? (If session track is zero, I set it to 2, and session track changes to 2, shouldn’t it go to 4? Or at least within some sliding ratio?) It lacks intuitiveness which is a shame because the idea is fantastic. I also get errors trying to check for firmware updates. I really think the app just needs an overhaul update to deliver the experience I believe iFit is aiming for.
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2 years ago, losing100_facefree
Excellent workouts and trainers, I miss the physical rewards
I’ve been using iFit since December 2020. I had lost 60 pounds and was looking to lose another 20. Ifit helped me accomplish that, in part because I had some thing I never thought I would ever have… A wall full of medals I would do just about anything to earn. A few things I still enjoy from Ifit, even though they abruptly discontinued sending physical medals without giving an option to pay for them or anything… I love that the trainers are interactive during the live workouts but also interactive on the Facebook groups and on their Instagram’s etc. I attended one of the fitness retreats Ifit put together and I had a seriously eye-opening experience that changed my life. I’m continuing to push on, even without my beloved physical trophies, Ifit is offering a digital trophy case. I wonder how long until I’m no longer bitter? They didn’t decrease the cost of the monthly fee. I still rate four stars because had I never known about the physical rewards, I wouldn’t be bitter. I know I know… “Fitness and health is my reward…” 😂
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2 years ago, GDV23
IFIT Stability across Platforms
I truly appreciate the workouts and trainers. Walking, running, and yoga workouts are great! The app however consistently gets in the way of my ability to easily access those workouts. On the treadmill, several minutes are wasted while the workouts load—or I am exited out altogether and forced to sign in again. The workouts available to me on my phone are different from my iPad, and different from the IFIT app on Roku. Even when I favorite a series or workout, my ability to see it varies by device and I waste time finding workouts previously identified. Finally, despite paying the subscription fee, the rewards promised fail to come through. I completed over 100 workouts in late November/early December of 2021 —I can no longer check as my log was wiped at the start of the new year. I received a message that I earned a t-shirt and would be contacted shortly via email for fulfillment. No such email ever arrived. I do not have more time to waste chasing down rewards that should be automatic and, barring changes in email/contact info, foolproof. I want to give a better rating because the content is very good, but delivery at this point is sorely lacking.
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1 year ago, Winged Hussar 2
One great way to see the Aviano Park
I bumped up the speed and the incline a little but a great walk. I really prefer the outdoor walks / hikes since I like the scenery. Cannot wait for Michigan series. May I suggest Isle Royale National Park as one location. New entry: in the process of the Tommy Rivers workout in Iberia/Moroccan. What a series. History, culture, and geographic awareness all come together to create an exceptional workout experience. Broadened my horizons thanks to Tommy’s narrative. In Chile with Paola B. This is the end of week 4 for me, one week to go. After a bout with Covid at the end of May, I have been returning to my workouts after several weeks off. Looking forward to getting back my strength and endurance. This is a great location with a motivating guide. Chris and Stacey Clark workouts are motivating and teach proper form and approach to fitness exercise. I have completed two of their series and now on the third in St. Lucia. I like the historical profiles the Clark’s provide and wish more of that. But the workouts are achievable and result in prep for the next level.
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3 years ago, Dana Ortiz 23
Best Decision I Ever Made!
There aren’t words to describe how iFit has improved my life. In February 2021 I decided to upgrade my treadmill, I thought I wouldn’t even use the program that came with it. After that I thought “OK it’s free for a year, I’ll use it and then just cancel it”.These trainers are phenomenal, the locations and views are spectacular, and the community has been above and beyond! Customer service has been fabulous and I have looked forward to my work out every day. I will GLADLY pay for my iFit subscription when my year is up. The live races, milestone swag, and the Facebook group has been a tremendous amount of support and a strong sense of community. I even signed up for a live race in December that I will run in person with iFit and a treasured friend I have made through the program! The only decision I have to make is if I will purchase a bike or a rower next!! Thank you doesn’t even begin to describe the gratitude I feel for iFit and all it has give me. If you are on the fence, just jump in- you won’t regret it!
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2 years ago, healthyhappyfit
Loving this app!
UPDATED REVIEW: I found out I wasn’t on the most current iPhone update and once I updated it, the app started working. I have been doing the walking Italy series and Jamaica yoga series and love them both! I love how they go to the most amazing locations, the music feature is awesome and has the option for different types and the trainers are top notch. I have an old treadmill so I can’t hook directly into it, but I just use my phone during the walking workouts and it works just fine for me. There are still some glitchy moments every once in a while where something doesn’t load, but seems like if I wait a few minutes when that happens, it goes away and things start working again. I’m excited to continue using this app!! ORIGINAL REVIEW: App doesn’t work (1 star) Couldn’t get any video to play or even pages to load. Kept saying there was an error and try again. Try again button didn’t even work. I have latest iPhone updates. Love idea of app, but how are you supposed to workout when nothing plays or loads in the app?
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3 years ago, JennLensing
Amazing Destinations!!!
IFit’s production is so amazing when you “go” to these destinations you forget you’re even working out. The trainers give so much knowledge and facts about the area too I just love it! If I had known working out could be this enjoyable and fun I would never have gotten out of the habit! Ifit motivates you too by giving rewards (such as t-shirts, free months on your membership, etc) so you’re always striving to be your best self and get those fun rewards. They literally have thousands of workouts (places) for every level from beginner to marathon runner. Our ifit is for our Nordictrack 2950 treadmill but I use the TV app (free with family membership) to do yoga and strength training as well. This blows Pelaton out of the water. Seriously. It’s a bargain for what you get. My tread integrates incline and speed with app buy my Sister uses it with her non ifit compatible yread and just does it manually. There’s so many ways to make it work and so much you can get out of it. Try it you won’t be sorry.
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1 year ago, Karyn#143
Something for everyone
I absolutely love the journeys I take with the trainers. Love how my treadmill adjust automatically to what they are doing. Walking stopped feeling like a workout and now it feels like an adventure. Even my husband loves it and recommends it to all his fellow employees! Funny story… I was walking in Aruba on ifit, when my husband called me and told me his job was transferring him to Aruba for 2-6 years. I currently live in Aruba and did those walks in person. I still do them on the treadmill with Stacy and Chris in the air conditioning! Haha Thank you iFit for helping this middle aged woman trying to keep fit. I have minor lower back and hip issues and I can still find a workout that doesn’t cause me more pain. I am inspired by the trainers positivity and motivation. Stacy, Chris, Nicole, and Paulo are a few of my favorites and who I have tried. Excited to try more workouts by other trainers in the future! So much is offered, I haven’t had the opportunity yet, which is exciting because I will never get bored!
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3 months ago, coolperson800
The best purchase in years.
I absolutely love my Ifit subscription. I will be turning 60 this year and have never in my life worked out as consistently, as I do now. I always found going on a treadmill to be so boring that I rarely used it. Now, I look forward to a walk or a jog because I love exploring new places. Even though I have never visited the countries in person, I feel as if I have travelled through all of Vietnam and Portugal and have to remind myself that I haven’t actually been there when someone asked me if I ever travelled to those places! Also, I rely on my chest strap which keeps my heart rate in a target zone. My treadmill incline and speed adjust to keep me just where I need to be. When I’m off the treadmill, I do Ifit yoga classes and strength training—so I get a full body workout without needing any other equipment. I look and feel better than I have in years. Someone will probably think this is a fake review, but it isn’t. Thank you!
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2 years ago, ET of LHC
Great app for home fitness equipment
I use the IFIT app with an elliptical machine. It’s part of my daily morning routine and I love the workouts for the most part! I’ve been able to “virtually” visit so many places, which makes you forget you’re even working out…sometimes. I’ve also enjoyed the studio workouts, but I don’t care for the parts when they have you get off of the exercise equipment to do floor work. I always follow the trainer settings, when I tried SmartAdjust it was much too difficult for me. I feel like the incline setting in the workouts is much higher on the elliptical than what the trainer is actually doing. When it raises to 22 (the max on my machine)I can hardly move the pedals, in fact I have to put my whole weight on one step to get it to go down! I wonder if the trainers sample their own workouts on the different types of equipment before they are published? It’s just a small drawback, I will keep renewing my membership, keep enjoying the wide variety of choices and keep dreaming about the places I want to visit!
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3 years ago, makehehl
I like the trainers and courses in the app, however, iFIT customer service is atrocious. They very sneakily signed me up for the family plan instead of the individual (there were no options given to me during signup), and I was unable to change the plan without completely cancelling. This wouldn’t normally be a problem, however I had a 1 year free gift card that came with the purchase of equipment, but it only covers the individual plan, and I am being billed the difference between the family and individual plan. You can’t make membership changes online, and when you call customer service, they are nonexistent, they don’t answer the call, and option 1 does not work from their prerecorded options, it doesn’t even recognize you selecting that option (which is conveniently Billing and the option to have them call you back). This treatment is so disgusting that I would NEVER recommend this to anyone I know. I’m tempted to return the equipment and remove the charges from my credit card. I can’t believe they are still in business, they must be cleaning all their reviews and deleting the negative ones. Definitely avoid this app. So disappointed.
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3 years ago, tfarmer79
Joining Series
We have really enjoyed using the iFit app with our new rower. One huge complaint is when you join a series, it automatically deletes your completed workouts you have already done. One suggestion is when you “start workout” that is part of a series, it automatically joins you to the challenge, this way it will challenge you to keep pushing through the series. But please change it so it doesn’t delete what you’ve already done when you join a series. It would also be great to be able to set up challenges like you do alarms on your phone (every week - on select day) then it auto populates the weeks for you. The way we’ve been doing it is every Monday is a row challenge series (the next Monday is the next challenge in the series), Tuesday is a weight workout challenge, Wednesday is a row challenge, Thursday is weight challenge, and Friday is a hiit workout challenge. The next week is the second workout in the challenge series. So having them auto populate on the calendar would be great!
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3 years ago, Christina&Carina
First walk with ifit
My family needed a new treadmill- hubby had had a heart transplant, daughter neck surgery and I needed to lose some paunch. Did some research and saw a low priced Pro-Form with Ifit at the Aldi grocery store! At that price it seemed worth a try. We would be walking, not running- and the brand is one of the best. I let my oldest daughter and husband set it up, so I don’t know how complicated it was. I did not hear any cursing and no real complaints, so it must have been tolerable. Today I used it for the first time and had a really good time! The iFit let me do a guided beginner walk around the Egyptian pyramids, a slow mile. It was great fun to see things from a walkers perspective and have an enthusiastic, knowledgeable guide. I am actually looking forward to going into the pyramids tomorrow! I used my phone as the screen, which was fine, but tomorrow I’ll have the iPad charged. I love the idea of walking and touring. A better escape than the news or tv. A great way to exercise and learn. I hope it will keep me motivated
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2 years ago, David.141
Best fitness app out there
If you are looking to bump up your fitness level, no matter what stage you are currently at, I would recommend iFIT! Whether you want to work on strength training, cardio, HIIT, yoga, meditation, and so on, this is the app for you. You can either pair the app via Bluetooth to a compatible machine (treadmill, elliptical, rower, etc.) or you can go unpaired and explore your own paradise while completing your workout. iFIT offers a huge array of prerecorded workouts as well as actual live workouts and races. iFIT has some of the worlds best fitness instructors like Tommy Rivs, John Peel, Ashley Paulson, Leah Dana Rosenfeld, and Casey Gilbert. Not only do you have the best fitness instructors, you also have world class athletes like Danelle Umstead and Dan Cnossen leading some classes. This app has helped me both physically and mentally. There is also the iFIT community that is worth mentioning. They are out there willing to help motivate each other. After all, iFIT isn’t really an app, it’s family.
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2 months ago, I agree!!
I like it but…
I got a Norditrack S27i about a tag and a half ago. I love the ifit workouts. Additionally, I just completed my first workout on my archaic. Nordic track T5.7. Dual shock treadmill with my good friend JP using the app on my tablet. Loved it. I am frustrated with all the changes. No more milestone swag, no more connecting with friends, no more live races, no more leader board, yet, I’m still paying the same for the subscription. An email just came out with more changes. I don’t think it’ll affect me because I have an individual subscription, but it didn’t seem to be a change in the right direction. When completing challenges for the digital badge it’s also frustrating to not see the active dates of the challenge while it’s active. It’ll only say “needs to be comped in June” after June!?! I just really feel like we aren’t getting the same bang for our buck. I’m still upset about the Halloween ride 2 years ago. What a great ride!! Waited for part 2, and it was Google maps. What a let down. Please ramp this up. So you have a focus group of active users???
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3 years ago, Angelesjc5
Best Decision Ever!
Joining iFit has been the he best decision I have ever made! I needed a push and motivation and the trainers and challenges have made that happen for me. Too self conscious to be at a gym which I paid for over 10 years! Smh 🤦🏽‍♀️never felt the want to work out for my self and my health but iFit programs and trainers have given me exactly that the WANT and the WHY to work out. I look forward to it and in 5 months of joining I’ve lost 20lbs and 2 whole dress sizes and my endurance has increased tremendously from where I started. Although the trainers may not know me it feels like they do when they talk and they share struggles and success or when they say “this is how you should feel and I feel it with you and we will keep pushing and work towards your why”. It’s not only physical work but also mental and I’m very grateful to be able to enjoy this program. Thank you IFit and all the trainers I have worked with and the ones I have yet to meet!
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3 years ago, Venussama
Love the app but missing one thing!
I have been hooked on iFit since I got my new treadmill in January and I struggle to get off I love it so much. There’s so much variety in terms of workouts and challenges and there so many trainers you are sure to find a ton you enjoy working out with. My only criticism is that (unless I’m mistaken) you cannot schedule workouts from the app. It would be a life save to be able to schedule workouts from the browse/live calendar and then have push notifications on your phone to remind you when they are coming up. Right now I’m having to set my own reminders in Google and even though this works it would be great to have it all in the one app. Then you could look at the calendar within the iFit app and it could show you your future scheduled workouts. Right now the calendar on the app seems like more of a history than a calendar or schedule. Keep up the good work!!
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3 years ago, Meh Member
No connection to Apple products? Is this 1999?
Update on 9/6/21: my treadmill says 3 miles, 307 calories. My watch says 2.75 miles and 256 calories. NordicTrack/iFit should get a deal with Apple to sync. I wish I waited for the peloton treadmill to have a price cut. It’s now $600 less than my NT 1750 and syncs with Apple Watch and AirPods with ease. IFit has amazing workouts and educated trainers for running and walking on my NT treadmill. A few things led to my mediocre review… 1)Even though my treadmill has Bluetooth, connecting iFit to AirPods takes an engineering degree. When I use my Peloton bike, it’s so simple a toddler could do it. 2)Since iFit has their own smart watch, iFit will not sync your treadmill with your Apple Watch. GET A DEAL DONE ALREADY! What prompted my review was the 289 calories burned on my treadmill and 188 on my watch. My watch doesn’t know when I’m at a 15% incline! 3) I’m supposed to have a full year of training with the purchase of my NT treadmill but my treadmill didn’t arrive until mid-February 2021 and my membership expires on January 1, 2022. A year is a full 365 days and not 320 days.
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3 years ago, bsp03
Great Workouts but app needs to improve
I have the Norditrack Bike which is great but using it with IFit is hard. There are many workouts where you combine cycle with weights and you need to step off the bike. If that happens and for wtv reason you need to pause your workout then there’s no way to resume it (it will only give you the option to end the workout or resume movement, but because you are now off the bike it doesn’t sense the movement). I’ve had to end workouts without finishing because of this and also it doesn’t allow you to fast forward the workout so you cannot continue where you left out. This happens on the phone as well, sometimes workouts don’t get saved. Because you can’t fast forward you cannot preview the workouts. I feel the whole point of working out at home is that you can adapt it to you but the app doesn’t allow that. To my example if I need to step off the bike to do abs I need to move the screen and fix my mat (because I’m not in a gym) well you’ll end up missing part of the workout because you can’t pause and resume.
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4 years ago, Jon the Wannabe Pro Golfer
Doesn’t work with smart bikes!?
Ok, so Peloton owns this space and Nordic is trying to enter it. Good for them. To enter a space and do exactly the same thing as the market leader is, well, to put it kindly its probably not the best course. Currently Peloton has a big installed base of bikes and an even bigger installed base of app users. Peloton treats the app users as second class citizens (slow releases of functionality, not all the classes, not as timely access, etc) which makes financial sense for Peloton as the hope is it will drive someone to a Peloton bike but most importantly the over priced subscription. Let’s call this the Apple model. What if someone came along and offered a more open ecosystem. That could be Nordic. Make the bikes, sure and the service they connect to also but the thing they aren’t doing is offering iFit for people with smart bikes and making it a first class experience. It would cost virtually nothing to do other than enabling open protocols that are well leveraged by Zwift, Sufferfest, et. al. It increases the addressable market almost overnight. Everyone who has a smart bike becomes a possible subscriber. Duh! This space needs more competition, I hope Nordic sees the light and changes course.
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3 years ago, JourdyK
Love the workouts but..
I love the workouts and the variety this app/company has. The trainers are phenomenal & keep me motivated the whole time. I would have given it 5 stars however with this newest update I have been having issues. I like to “follow the trainer” but at my own speeds, as in I want my machine to speed up when they speed up & slow down when they slow down but, allow me to adjust the speed to my preference & not theirs. The trainer is over 6 ft & I’m 5 ft so my strides aren’t nearly as long so I can’t go nearly as fast. Before this past update I was able to do this but now I am unable to & if I’m not able to I will most likely unsubscribe because I literally can’t keep up with the trainer & won’t be able to use my machine with this app as I intended. I shouldn’t have to turn my speeds up & down myself when the purpose of this app and machine Bluetooth is to do it for me. Please fix this so that I can follow the trainer but just at my own speed like before.
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12 months ago, BreatheLike
Much to appreciate
I very much enjoy the ability to have a guided workout at home via iFIT. I like mixing up my workouts, and to have options to choose from like those that synch with my NordicTrack rower or those I can do on a mat is terrific! It’s awesome to have the app and rower sync, so the workout in the app automates the resistance of the rower in coordination with the workout. It’s a pretty amazing thing when you think about it, to have a guided workout on a solid machine in one’s own home that automates resistance thanks to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi or cellular technologies. Quite an improvement from a VHS workout video in the 80’s or no workout options at all for women in much of the 20th century prior to the 70s/80s that I’m aware of. I’m not sure if iFIT is building their library of workouts with regularity but I won’t complain because there is enough of a selection and variety of workouts to choose from to keep things interesting.
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12 months ago, Sir Silver aka TJ
IFit and me
IFit has changed my life in so many ways. Sounds funny to say this, but I didn’t know how to run. Tommy taught me to take the brakes off (and taste everything 😉) John taught me about core and drive. Knox brought humor and lol questionable answers (that’s a joke from the live 8k) Now learning more about food to add smoother level of success. I’m down 20lbs, 10 more to lose but already it shows in my diabetes. I am so much stronger now. Those muscle chow the little bits of sugar it gets. Mostly I prefer to eat very healthy (some weird side effect from all this training). When I look at a cookie, all I see is another mile on the treadmill. I’m lazy so I skip the cookie (usually) Side note: the faster you run the more calories you burn. So I run because I’m too lazy to walk. IFit - you’ve truly been a blessing in my life. Thank each and every one of you! As a bonus I’m getting to be a bit of a history buff while I explore the world.
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3 years ago, absentspace
Impersonal Trainer
iFit is marketed as a virtual personal trainer. This is a big exaggeration of the experience. It would be more accurately described as Netflix for workouts. The content is good, but there is limited guidance as far as program specific nutrition, or advice regarding how often you should workout. You are left to your own devices to decide what workout to do, and when to do it. Scheduling a 25 part workout should have planned days on / off, with some flexibility to reschedule. However, in practice, you can only tell the system specific days of the week that you want to train. As a result, if you have 7 days a week of availability, joining a 25 day program will schedule as 25 consecutive days. The calendar feature is very lacking and only shows the name of the series, and not which workout in the series you are scheduled to do. Personalized feedback is non existent. There is no heart rate based “target zone,” etc designed to optimize for your specific metabolism. This is much more of a virtual spin class than a virtual personal trainer. A personal trainer gives you direct feedback and adjusts programs to suit your needs.
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