I'm Done Drinking

Health & Fitness
4.7 (15)
5.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gothic Software, Inc.
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for I'm Done Drinking

4.73 out of 5
15 Ratings
3 years ago, mixedbreedlove11
Genius idea
I was looking for an app to track both dollars and calories saved to help me go alcohol free. This is a perfect counter to keep me on track. I check it every day and it’s very motivating. I can actually see the dollars and cents I’m saving, which helps so much in the hard moments. Simple and effective app. Does what it says and has helped me stay away from alcohol. So thankful and highly recommend!
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5 years ago, SLP7777
I like this tracker!
At first all the numbers continuously changing drove me crazy but now I’m getting used to it. It is still a bit overwhelming though—I’d prefer each one to maybe lose two digits but either way I love the app. Thanks!
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1 week ago, 10251969pma
Great app!!!
This app is amazing. I love looking at it and seeing how much money I saved. I also enjoy planning my next vacation with that money or self reward!
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2 years ago, coach 1974
Great App for Me!
I have used this for years. Today is 7 years of the 12 Step Spiritual Sobriety solution working in my life. Thank You ❤️🙏☝️ Bill C. 5/2/15
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10 years ago, Tiffany916
This app is great, I LOVE it, 80 days sober!
I can honestly say that this app helped me yesterday stay sober. Holiday parties, everyone drinking, anxiety, if your a drinker you know what I'm talking about. I was able to take my iPhone out and pull up the app, see that I had 79 days sober, I thought to myself who would want to start drinking at 79 days clean, don't know why I had that thought but I did, and didn't drink. I think I need an AA fix tonight so I will go. I LOVE this app because it helped me not to relapse and it is fun to look at through the week.
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3 years ago, 1j9e
Please return money for this app.
All it does is count. Cancel order. Thanks.
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10 years ago, 30grit11
Great app
Yes, it's simple. No it doesn't do everything. But it does what it's supposed to do and that's help remind you of your accomplishments and the positivity that comes from NOT drinking. If you find the counter is not accurate than double up. Call two drinks one and double the price. Come on people..staying sober takes creativity and positivity. Thanks for making this app!
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11 years ago, LonghornKat007
Best sobriety app I've downloaded
As a visual learner, I'm able to appreciate this app in more ways than one. I can see how long I've been sober, how many drinks I haven't had, how many calories I have not consumed, and how much $$$ I've saved. Simple. Easy. Effective.
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8 years ago, Vinese
Thank you
This app has really been an inspiration and has helped me SO much. I just want to say thank you for creating this. 10 days with nothing to drink! I can't tell you how many times I glanced at it to keep me on the right path.
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8 years ago, jgfrovold
$$ Amount Difficult to Set
The dollar amount is difficult, almost impossible to set. When you have it where you want, it always changes when your finger is lifted, it is waaaay too sensitive. I hope this gets fixed. Otherwise a great app.
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8 years ago, kls06m
Thank you!
Simple is better in most cases. That includes this app. Nothing complicated, just a simple reminder of your daily grind and the success that comes with saying, "I'm done drinking."
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9 years ago, nicolbert
needs improvements
this would be an AMAZING app if it allowed you to add more than one type of drink. my favorite part about it is seeing how many empty calories I haven't had. but I always had mixed drinks, and it would be cool if the app allowed us to factor in the mixers cost and calorie content too. even if we had to add the calories in manually.
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8 years ago, Ljb913
Simple and rather effective
Really helps you stay motivated and always appreciate the progress you've made.
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11 years ago, 15+
Good Basic App
This is a good basic app, the only suggestion I could add is that the number of daily drinks slider in the settings only goes up to 15. For some of us ex-drinkers out here we were just warming up with 15 by lunchtime, hence that's why I use this app now :)
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13 years ago, Sweetcharity79
To the point
This app is simple and to the point, definitely gets the job done. I love that it's a continuous counter so you really feel you are doing something good for yourself with each second that passes.
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9 years ago, Snakeyb88
Decent app but not worth buying
Other apps have same functionalities for free and the constant "motion" of the money and calories saved meters were annoying. Also it had minimum price per drink at $1 when a 12 pack costs $8 for me so a value lower than one could produce more accurate savings
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9 years ago, Jewelsine
So helpful to see all of those numbers ticking. Especially when you are fighting a craving! I wish the icon was different.
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11 years ago, Happyfuntime2
Another tool for sobriety
Does exactly what it says. For anyone who drank daily, it is easy to see both health benefit and monetary benefit. Thank you.
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8 years ago, momvetkat
Can't Set
Agree on the sensitivity of the settings - can'g get either drink amount or dollar amount right (it changes as soon as you lift your finger)
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8 years ago, hottoddy70
Recent update ruined my streak!
Most recent update seems to have changed everything. I'm 3+ years sober, I would get a kick of seeing how much money I've saved, but now it appears like it has reset or something. It should be approaching $20,000.00, but instead it says that I've saved $24.859947. My date is the same as it ever was. This REALLY should be fixed. What happened to my app?
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