iMassage U Vibrating Massager

Health & Fitness
3.8 (24.1K)
16.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Jade Lizard Software LLC
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for iMassage U Vibrating Massager

3.83 out of 5
24.1K Ratings
5 years ago, Bekah Lucia
Great app!!
This is a great app! If you are having trouble with it not vibrating (I personally had this problem) here are some tips. 1. Most things you read will say go to settings then sound and hypnotics and then make sure all switches are flipped 2. If that doesn’t work (it didn’t for me so I figured out my own solution) go to setting -general- accessibility- vibration- flip switch on I hope you found this helpful and I would so recommend this app!!
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6 years ago, Geehxrhb
Good for sore hands after tons of homework
Last year back in November (2017) I had a ton of homework, and my hands would often cramp up because of all of my writing and typing. When I mentioned this at school, a friend suggested this app to me, because he used it for his calves after track practice. You have to pay for some of the patterns, but I really couldn’t tell the difference between the free ones— they worked really well! My hands stopped having pains after I used this app. A buddy of mine just had two AP tests in a day so I recommended this app, but I’m afraid his hands didn’t feel any better after using the app. Anyways, I’m giving this app three stars because I signed up for notifications (like maybe an option to update), not for really weird notifications; additionally, this app isn’t helpful for everyone. I was considering giving this a two, but it did my hands very well, so I gave it a three. Just— if you get this, don’t enable notifications. Also don’t expect a miracle like what happened for me. :/
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10 months ago, lllllllllots
Favorite app destroyed
I purchased and have used this app for years but the recent update (v 7.0) has totally destroyed it — the excellent vibe patterns are gone and the quality and feel of the phone’s vibration action is weak and unfocused. So sad because the previous versions were well designed and thoughtful, offering good patterns and flexibility in vibration action. The new version seems aimed at controller effects but delivers very poor phone vibrations. I only hope the developers realize this incompatibility and recreate the classic app, perhaps offering two different apps aimed at separate users. Meanwhile I’m looking for a new phone vibration app
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4 years ago, Morgan F. L.
It’s okay, but someone said there’s an option you can unlock for free by leaving a review on the app? I didn’t see any unlockable features that didn’t have to be purchased, I wish there were more free vibration types. There are different speeds, but the only reasonable one is fast because the others are so measly. But I guess it’s okay, I might pay for premium later, and then I’ll leave an update.
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6 years ago, Vines good dig
This product is most definitely one for the books, it is the best and I mean the best app in the App Store today in my opinion that is. Definitely worth the download I have enjoyed for many hours and will continue to enjoy for many hours to come. I have relayed the message on how awesome/outstanding this app is to many of my friends and family members and they have all also been VERY SATISFIED!!! GREAT APP!!!
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6 years ago, triplenickname
👌 10/10
I got this app because we can all appreciate when your phone is on vibrate, and someone calls you, and you're just sitting there, not answering, because you like your phone vibrating in your hand. It's a comforting feeling for me, so, I wanted to get this app to have the nice, comfortable feeling of having something moving in your hand, with a soothing pattern.
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4 years ago, lawrenceperez7676
Needs background activity support
It's good, but I just wish it had background activity. I could just imagine me using this while I am listening to music and other things. I think it would also be cool if I could lock my screen and it would still vibrate, Because keeping the lights on can waste battery life. It'd also be cool if you could set a timer on it.
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6 years ago, Stednie
Better than I thought for a free version
I’m reviewing the free version - not bad for a quick pulse and vibrate on my fore arms when they got tight from typing on laptop. I like being able to change the haptic speed, even on the free version. Would consider purchasing to remove ads if continues to help my arms
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1 year ago, snicker bars yummy
This app is amazing!
I got This app not too long ago and found that it’s really fun to use. It’s great for massaging you hands or other parts of your body . It has a great amount of settings to chose from! The only downside is that because of the phone motors it’s not as powerful but that’s not the apps fault.
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6 years ago, hfodvejfb
Very Relaxing
We all have that one moment, where you lay down, and you’ve been doing something all day and you get a call, and you don’t even answer because you sit wanna feel the vibration pattern on your hand, this app satisfies that relaxing need anytime, I recommended this app to my friends and they absolutely loved it!!
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6 years ago, Namina Lee
Helpful yet confusing.
This is a useful yet confusing app, my friends always complain about me not answer texts, so this will help. But when I was looking at the other reviews they mentioned somethings but I’m not sure this app was made for that. Then again I might be other thinking it. Anyways thank you :)
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5 years ago, nostopthehorror
Baby Sleep Aid Miracle
Used the vibrating function with a separate white noise app and our newborn was out. Godsend! Better yet, there was a minor technical glitch which I reported- the developer got back to me with a fix in less than 4 hrs. I’ve never written an App review before, but customer service like that deserves praise!
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7 years ago, 420coolguy6669
Great app
You get what you pay for!! For example, I didn’t pay anything so I got the bare minimum, a few patterns with a bunch of ads. It’s not bad at all and the best I could expect due to other apps of this kind being much more obnoxious with the adds and much less satisfactory with the vibrating itself.
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5 years ago, ziawatcher
Best for aching hand
I draw a lot, like everyday, and with how much I draw my hand can cramp easily. It’s so nice to use this app and just lay my hand flat on a table and put my phone overtop of it and let my hand relax. It’s the best when I need to get tension out of my hand from holding a pencil for 1-3 hours straight
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5 years ago, grannygran12
So far.....
As of tonight this is the second time I have used this app and for the most part I really like it. This is for those of us who like to mellow out and relax after a long hard day constantly sitting with our legs bent and in one position all day. Thank you so much!
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4 years ago, Alex The Floof
So I originally got this as an alternative to spending hundreds on sex toys, and honestly, I didn't mind paying 2$ for the extra things. This app is the best and I absolutely recommend it. 🤤 It doesnt hurt, it's not rough, and it always has a pattern that you can settle for! I enjoy this app way too much, lol.
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6 years ago, SeraBelleee
Fixed my phone
iPhone was not vibrating on silent anymore, after searching online how to try to fix it myself I downloaded this app to try to repair the vibrate function and it seems to be working again!
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6 years ago, nuhafaroo
Does what it needs to!
I just got this app to help soothe my muscles for sports, and I would definitely recommend! Because I don’t pay, I get the simpler features, and a few patterns, which is all I really need! I love the cleaner interface and think that this is very useful! It does as it says!
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6 years ago, mom of queen
Perfect for those hard to reach spots
I had a back ache for the longest, and I decided to check some apps out. This one worked the best, even so, my daughter started to use it! She loves it so much, she’ll lock her door and use it all by herself! Overall, five stars for great relief!
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6 years ago, Dan.the.bubble.queen.x
Great for tight muscles
After my first few fencing classes I could barely walk. My muscles seized up every step. My friend told me about this app. If you set your phone in the right position and on the free fast pulse, my muscle cramps were gone within a minute. It helped me out SO much
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6 years ago, gleamqueen
Seems good but don’t turn on notifs
It’s good but don’t turn on notifs because it’s a little embarrassing when it pops up in front of other people, especially since I don’t use it for those reasons. I also wish that more of the patterns were unlocked like a continuous vibration but I suppose it’s ok since it did say in app purchases. Other than that it’s a good massager.
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6 years ago, Iliekhsodjrall
Works just as good as a neck massager
I had been having a lot of neck pains and got curious if they would have a vibrator app on the App Store. I scrolled through and this seemed to be the best one. It was confusing at first, but it worked like a charm. I highly recommend.
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6 years ago, twixeatindude
Strong, effective vibrations good for any massage
The only reason why it’s four and not five stars is because I haven’t explored the whole app, and probably never will because some of it is part of a package you have to buy, but nonetheless this is a good app that does what it says it will
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6 years ago, SebbyOtter
Good Massage Alternative
This is a good alternative to those cheap massage devices you can get in almost any department store. You’ve already got a phone worth over $500 why bother dropping more money around that amount for a clunky massage wand?
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6 months ago, Cbisthebest
Works great!
Ummm so yea all I can say is it works great on your😺 …… it takes a little bit to do finish but good for not having to pay, would def recommend
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5 years ago, amazingalli135 (:
Barely works
I’m convinced it’s more sound that actual vibrations. I bought to help soothe my child to sleep and you cannot feel it at all when you set the phone down on any surface. It doesn’t even move the phone when it’s on my counters in my kitchen. It definitely is not going to help with any muscle issues like some reviews have said. Maybe my phone is different, but I doubt it. I regret purchasing this
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6 years ago, rachelquin374
Fixed my phone
So my phone wouldn’t vibrate when I received a call or text when it was on silent and so I had heard somewhere that if you download an app like this then it’ll fix it. I was skeptical but it actually worked.
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5 years ago, qwertyuaifndjsiandx
This app is amazing. It helps you while you are reading to focus, it helps back aches, it helps neck strains and a lot more! I love this app and I rated it 5 stars, you should spread the word and rate it too! I bet you will enjoy it!
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6 years ago, lifebug
It’s wonderful and soothing , very relaxing to the body and very enjoyable I’ll recommend it to anybody just the sound of the vibration is annoying but then again it’s soothing as well in some type of way .
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5 years ago, Quáedyn
Pretty Good
I use this app for massaging my scalp because I don’t have a scalp massager yet. I love how this app had different settings so I can massage my scalp however I want! It’s very soothing and I may just stick to this app instead to save money!
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6 years ago, 161616p
4 out of 5 stars
It’s definitely not what I expected it has 4 speeds and there is a bunch you have to unlock with a purchase and if you write a review you get soothing speeds and it just not what I expected. It definitely is a good vibrator just not enough speeds.
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6 years ago, zachadam
Great Home Body Tech Relief App!
This app at first seems unlikely to be beneficial but give it a couple of minutes to work and your mind and body will go into a deep relaxation state! Great for massages, concentration for work or study, and overall less stress!
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5 years ago, Hippohumongous
Great app
- has different speeds and intensities - no ads (except for one that you can pay to remove) - interface keeps you from accidentally shutting off the vibration
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6 years ago, Bluegurl1324
Pretty good
Pretty good. Really only doin this review for the extra pattern but I’ll see how it goes. The ones I’ve tried so far are okay but yea pretty much what you would expect from a vibrator that comes from an phone.
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6 years ago, Filldawack
Not bad for free
The free app gives you a taste, but only the basic ones. If you leave a review, you can try one more pattern. The ones it does come with leave a little want, but it’s ok for the price. Would be easier for me to just go to the vibrate setting on the phone itself and use a pattern from there.
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6 years ago, Coolcam6578
Background functionality?
This needs to work when not in the app and especially when the screen is locked.
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4 years ago, God Loverz
Helps with shoulder pain too
I injured my shoulder a few years back, and this definitely helps when it hurts and I don’t have anything with me to help ease the pain
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6 years ago, bethhh7654489
Good for musicians
Playing piano/guitar for hours is fun and entertaining, but it starts to hurt after only a few minutes for me. A friend recommended this app to me for when the pain comes, and it helped TREMENDOUSLY!!!
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7 years ago, Brids_and_words
Hand cramps be gone
I have this weird texting style where I write with only my thumb and it does a number on my hand. It was a bit weird at first but very much helped my hand relax a bit because of it.
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7 years ago, naihfty gurl
Better than the real thing
You don’t have to buy a “blank” and u can use this instead... just make sure you have a waterproof case
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5 years ago, The great stuff
Fax machine
First five minutes on the iPhone 7 I don’t really get anything out of it. Just makes me think of a fax machine. Cool app though. Soothing pattern should be unlocked now. Maybe that should be good.
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2 years ago, Dharma Mia
One thing
Can you unlock just two or one more? And can it be harder not so light vibration over all great app
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5 years ago, Bryce Sumner
Very good app
I love this app because it makes your phone vibrate and you can just continue to do it over and over again
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6 years ago, sleezyD
It’s pretty good.
It’s okay. I don’t recommend if you get stressed (because it can feel like a constant notification coming through) but it’s easy to use, and you get a wide range of patterns in the free version!
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4 years ago, OddieVanity
Great for travel!
What do you do when you’re on vacation without the fiancé and you left your vibes at home? Download this app :) it definitely works!
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5 years ago, Skywalker1719
Decent, but not too impressed
I enjoy the vibrations that it gives off considering a lot of vibrating apps don’t even work. However, I find it slightly ridiculous that I’m expected to pay to unlock certain vibration patterns. Slow, medium, and fast pulse are the only ones unlocked. It’s literally a vibration. Why pay?
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5 years ago, Levga2627
Does what it’s supposed to, but awkwardly
Doesn’t work when screen is off, two finger touch makes it better however sometimes the app gets minimized and cancels. Otherwise it’s good.
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6 years ago, Big L Hou
Exciting and New
It’s nice to find something that doesn’t pretend to be another thing. Also it’s VERY satisfying to find an app that does what it promises. You won’t be disappointed!
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6 years ago, Jollybeanbean
Decent for free
Not bad for a free app, got it to see if it would work as a bit of help for neck pain. Helps a bit but would probably be better off with an actual massaging device. Works as advertised though.
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2 years ago, ParkNicole1
Amazing app just one thing
This is an amazing app it’s just that you need a subscription to unlock everything?
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