Impulse - Brain Training

Health & Fitness
4.7 (553K)
158 MB
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1 month ago
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User Reviews for Impulse - Brain Training

4.74 out of 5
553K Ratings
4 years ago, kalsarikannen
The best brain training app ever!
As someone who struggles with some memory deterioration and constant information overload and who takes mental health very seriously, I always look for ways to improve the neural connections of my brain. After coming across Impulse, I figured I would give it a go. I have just completed the 30-day brain workout plan and feel real improvement now: it becomes easier for me to concentrate on the particular task and my working memory seems to be better as well. Not sure whether the same may be fully related to the use of this app, but I don’t care as long as I see results. I have bought the lifetime plan and consider this as a huge investment in my mental health. Planning to start a new workout but not sure whether to go for 30 or for 10 days. It would be great to see some recommendations after finishing the 30-day plan. Also, I enjoy solving brain-teasers a lot. Just a small suggestion here - would be really interesting to see how other players answered to brain-teasers. The only thing I wish this app have is more training areas, like creativity, brain speed, etc. Also would appreciate more games and exercises (still, worth to mention that the developer adds new content regularly). So, it’s a legit app and thank you for creating it.
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4 months ago, Waldrop has a
How much I love this game
So how I love this game is like it challenges you to do all the stuff like if you don’t know like 5×6 with one of my questions I think I got it right maybe so like if you don’t know that answer it’s OK it’s sometimes it’ll be timing you but it’s OK to get answer wrong like it doesn’t matter whatever age you are it doesn’t care but I played this game for like so long I’ve been like a pro but like now I’ve been I my babysitter who’s name is Miss Vicky I she has this game and it’s called Impulse and it’s so fun to play with and like not to play with play and it’s like so fun, entertaining like I love the sort, the trash and like it’s just so so fun and like just so fun so like I love it too much that I can’t stop playing it so like so so so so so so so it should be like sold everywhere like sold online and you should have to pay for it because it’s such a fun game like I love the money game. Whatever it is I love like the 123 there and just like I love the ghost one. I love Connect Dots I love adding them and subtracting and symbol where it’s like the symbol where it has like a X for it so I love that game and it is so fun to play with and guys whoever whoever made this game. Please put it all around the earth cause I love it.
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2 years ago, Nana_Su
The best app for a cognitive boost
Thanks to this app I now know personality type and have been more of myself. Knowing how i am on a scientific scale has helped me narrow down on my strengths and weaknesses and has since improved my ability to connect with my family, friends and even in my marriage. Everyone I know has taken the personality test and has inevitably had the “Ahah” moment. Upon sharing with others we all say” well that makes sense. “ This app has fantastic games that are challenging, fun and really get the brain juices flowing as they get harder. I really like the diversity in games and the fact that they all challenge in different important skills. My favorite are the ones where you have to put a box together in your mind and be able to rotate it mentally to see all sides in order to be able to answer correctly. Another good one is the math challenge. Frankly for anyone like me or otherwise with the desire to see the world from multiple perspectives and solve problems with practical yet unconventional methods this is a great app to get short form challenges to stimulate the mind.
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6 months ago, KotyLinn
Caveat: this is a paid subscription app.
ETA: I got a very nice response from the developers but I think they misunderstood me. I think it’s fine for devs to charge for their work. My problem is the general trend (incl this app) to not tell you the costs up front. You take a little test, the wend au you, and only then do you find out if, and what the cost is. I’m sure it’s a good app, I’m just unhappy with this business model, which seems to be ubiquitous now. Tell me up front what you want me to pay. Let me decide before giving you personal info and my time. That’s all. There’s a current trend for companies to initially lead you to believe they’re free, then they ask you data gathering questions that also hook you in so that by the time you realize they want money, you’re primed to just pay what they ask. This app may be very good, and I don’t have a problem with them charging; the amount is not unreasonable. However I do have a problem with them not being upfront about it being a paid app. If it’s so good, why not let people know that you know your worth and tell them immediately that you’re charging? As I said, this is a pretty common trend rn so I don’t blame this app specifically, but I find it to be a sketchy business practice and it turns me off from paying, even the small amount this app is asking.
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2 months ago, chadcwk
False claims about being able to diagnose people with ADHD
This really rubbed me the wrong way. I saw this on a Facebook ad and was going to download the app (because it looked entertaining) until I saw their claim: “Only people with ADHD can solve it.” Your claim is that NOBODY else is able to solve your game and that ONLY people with ADHD can. Unless you provide your evidence or research, the claim is ridiculous. I will delete my statement if you do provide proof. In the future, don’t pretend you can diagnose people with a disability if they can solve one silly game as though you’re a licensed medical professional AND DEFINITELY please don’t use a disability as your marketing strategy. It’s unethical, dangerous, and rather pathetic. If it’s a joke, shame on you. This is a shinning A+ example corporate greed and why people don’t trust corporations and their marketing campaigns. I have a screenshot of your claim if needed. The CEO and the marketing team are insensitive to people with disabilities and should be embarrassed. I was forced to download the app to leave the review (didn’t even open the app). Now I’m deleting it. 👋 UPDATE: Here’s their response… “Sorry”. I love the canned responses here. The developers probably didn’t even see my complaint. Or, these people just don’t care about their fake medical claims. How sad. I truly hope Apple makes them remove their false claim.
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6 months ago, woonbdsfjkjrruu
Love this brain training app!!!
I do my brain training every morning and also enjoy the games that are not part of my daily training throughout the day. The daily training helps with brain function and speed and some games are timed. The additional games and puzzles are relaxing while still using your brain to think and solve puzzles and games of your choice. I feel it helps me on a daily basis, especially with my job. I throughly look forward to playing this every day and also in the evenings. I did find one small glitch that I do not know how to share the information and screen shot with the developer. It’s a game where you are shown a group of numbers, and the goal is to find the missing number in the sequence from another small group of numbers. In this case I was instructed to “Find the missing numbers in the sequence from 1 to N and tap on the correct answer. Of course N was not a choice because it is not a number. Definitely download this free app and have a blast while keeping your brain young and healthy!
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1 year ago, frisk, chara, and sans
Impulse is a good app
I don't exactly pay for anything on the app store considering I feel the need that I don't have to. It's hard finding good and productive apps to help me succeed mentally and keep me on the right track, most of them are in-app purchases and you can only get so far before you can't do anything else without paying. Impulse is a good app for letting you use the app for free for however long and you can pay for more options if you feel free to. There are different training exercises that focus on different parts of your brain, it will also show how you did after the game. The app gives different games everyday so even if you complete all of the games you can play more the next day and repeat. The app helps me most with memory since I can't remember a lot of things, it builds strength to the brain and its very beneficial. The app keeps me from getting bored and it's educational, kind of like when your a kid and you don't realize the educational games are helping you learn since your having fun in the process.
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12 months ago, kurt.iss
Stop showing porn
So I’m fine with ads. Shoving them down my throat does absolutely nothing to encourage me to pay. Lol instead I don’t pay just out of spite. But when you show a questionable ad that only got worse once I tried reporting it… that’s when there’s a problem. Especially since I’m good at certain games and after every level there’s an ad. Which is fine.. but not when it’s showing a woman bending over with her behind arched up as high as it can go so that it’s eye level with a dude basically sniffing her snatch.. If I wanted to see that all that… I’d go watch porn on a platform made for porn. Not an app that’s rated ages 4+ with no way to report such ads. Obviously it’s not straight up porn but it’s so implied that it looks like you’re watching porn. Fortunately I found a loophole to skip all ads. If you add a report feature that will allow the user to stop seeing ads from a specific company/developer (because the developers make several different ads), then I’ll go ahead and tell you how anyone can skip the ads, without violating any terms and conditions. Edit: I’m not turning on personalized ads to change what ads I get.
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2 years ago, AlienX_MT
Get Great!!!
If you’re looking for an app that’s fun, relaxing and keeps your mind occupied/focused, this is it. I’ve only had this app for a short period of time but I can already say I enjoy it so much. I haven’t been in school for years, since then I’ve been working full time but I always felt the need to keep my brain active and this app does just that. There’s many different games, puzzles, quizzes, etc to choose from and the best part is that they keep track of your progress throughout every different criteria. An example of a test I took was the Personality test and let’s just say after I learned my personality type I realized a lot about myself . I’m not saying the tests are 100% accurate but for me at least I benefited from finding out. I even did my own research on the personality type impulse gave me and it was nearly spot on for the type of person I know I am personally. Definitely check out this it. Btw there are ads but you can skip them, I find them Annoying so I’ll probably end up subscribing for no ads.
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2 years ago, heyarron
Simply amazing.
I saw this being advertised on Instagram and had been in the mood to get back into brain training. I truly believe everyone should have a brain training app, but this one beats them all. I’ve used the competitors BAXK in the past when I was in high school, now that I’m older, I can say this one has a more in-depth method of training and the games are really addicting. So much so I don’t want to do the recommended games, I want to play them all! But strict habits are good long term so I keep reserved, haha. Anyhow, they have different areas of brain training. You have your daily, then you have certain sections, I.e: Memory, Mental Math, etc. I got the 50% lifetime and honestly best money I’ve spent. If you want to sharpen focus, mental math, or even just feel like you’re not as ‘sharp’ as you used to be, you need to get this app and the subscription to follow. IQ tests on here and that’s something I’ve never seen those other apps have. Grateful for discovering this organization. I don’t even write reviews but this is one that had to be written.
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4 years ago, Mganwe Shikoto
Love this app!
I don’t usually write reviews, but in this case, I decided to make an exception. So glad I came across this app a few weeks ago! Thanks to it I finally realized how poor my math skills are... But the thing is they were not like this all the time! Back at school, I was really good at math, not the best in the class, but really good! And look at what happened... I avoided doing some simple math on my own, thinking it would save me some time (or maybe I was just lazy), and as a result, having faced the tasks in Impulse math category, I saw how big my problem is. Huge, actually. The tasks and the games are not that difficult, they really aren’t. And back in the day, they would be a piece of cake for me. And now it feels like starting all over... But the good thing is that doing it with the app helps! I’ve been getting better and hope for more results! My only suggestion would be to include more games to the Language category, just like Math it seems really useful. Oh, and the math lessons! They’re amazing! But it took me time to find them. Thank you!!!
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1 year ago, kkunicorn321
It’s pretty good, just not 100% upfront.
Since I’ve added this to my daily routine I’ve honestly felt more motivated and have been doing well with thinking on my feet, which I am very grateful for. However, in the app they bombard you with deals off the premium subscription, they give you up to “96% off!!” Claiming it’ll only be there for a while, which isn’t really true. It doesn’t really affect gameplay though because you can still play some games, and you can complete your daily challenges without premium. My big issue is the tests that they have. Some include trauma response tests, IQ tests, etc. I wanted to do one, so I took the time to complete the test, and then only afterword was I told that I needed premium to see my answers… now I’m not here to beg to make the app totally free, but at least state a somewhere clearly that you need premium to unlock your answers. Or just don’t allow people to take the test unless they have premium. Anyway, that’s pretty much the only thing I have against this game, and all in all it’s been a great addition to my daily routine!!! Thanks!!!
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3 years ago, MinaMayneminks
How much I like it
So far I have played the game for two days and I like the fact of being challenged . and not knowing what to expect next. This game so far seems to give me a challenge based off of things that we have to deal with every day in daily life issues. Whether those things are good things or bad things, things that you have to ponder on etc. it challenged you and took you out of your zone that you may have been in at that moment. I’m looking forward to learning new things expanding my brain span ,and being challenged daily, because what I’m beginning to see go on in this world… we need to stay woke ,and pay attention to what’s actually happening before our eyes while being distracted with daily nuances. So we all need things that we can focus in on daily, to help keep us focused on what’s important .I think this game will be a segue into that for lots of people that find it hard to multitask at times, becauseWe get distracted. Being able to focus is important for anything that we do in life, and I think that this game is just fun tool that could help.
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8 months ago, 818383893
Great for people with ADHD but fun for all
I love the new game each time, and how they begin easy to learn how well you do. The game said that the next time the game will be harder, but for the week or three that I finally started playing it (my adhd daughter recommended it to me because other games would bore me as soon as i got really good at them. Each game has benefits, an example is one where you had to remember which squares had a football helmet, representing opponents. They disappeared and then two footballs appear. You have to make a path from one football to the second without using the square a helmet was in , using only your memory. They do a tutorial and just allow it to play out, don’t rush it, and you should then fully understand how the game works. You never play the same game twice in a row. (Unless you select replay). It’s helpful for neurodivergent people and anyone who wants to help their memory skills develop. I really enjoy it, but I think that’s obvious by now haha.
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4 years ago, NoraJ.K
Amazing brain workouts!!!!
I didn’t expect I need anything like Impulse, but after watching the ad on Instagram I decided to try. And I’m so happy I saw that add!! The app is amazing, user experience is so neat and the color scheme is perfect. What i like the most is that I only need 5 min per day to stretch my brain muscle. So I complete daily brain sessions and feel really better (on a 17th training day now). Pricing is a bit tough in case of taking a monthly subscription, but I successfully utilized the Christmas offer the app proposed. Just for the price of 4 cups of coffee I now can have lifelong brain training!! I would advise the developer to add some brain music and sounds, say for focus, productivity, concentration (I personally consider this to be crucial for effective working or studying). Apart from that, are you planning to add some training streaks? I noticed in other apps that this feature motivates me the most. But anyway the app is great and i recommended it to my friends and family (and i’m not the type of a person to recommend every stuff i see)
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11 months ago, gaisbdvdiwowbdv
Its Amazing!
its a really good app, really works the brain and etc. I have a bit of ADHD so it gets kinda hard to focus on it without gettin overwhelmed with the repetitiveness in some of the games. It really the games are really fun tho, puts your brain to work. To me the repetitive games are hardest because again, ADHD🙄but its helped me a bit with being more focused and believe it or not, you can get better with being more observed and pay attention to detail a lot more, it helped me a lot! Right now i’m 20 yrs of age and plan on having children with my gf. If any of you people are parents and see that your kid is struggling in someway educationally, i advise that you download this app and get them into this. I definitely plan on gettin my future kids into this; it can really help them get more focused more organized and so on. It even gives you back the results/reports of what you’ve done. But yk with any app you gotta pay for a plan to get em(but hey, they gotta make their money, can’t hate on that)
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1 year ago, not hardworking for me
Why Impulse is so amazing
This app is AWESOME I’m talking AWESOME. so first off, the app has ads only every once and a while, not every second and they are pretty chill because you only have to wait five to ten seconds to skip. They also have sales that one times gave 92% off of a premium package just because I picked the right box. You can also just remove ads for 5$ without ur having to buy the whole premium package. The app is also so fun for an adulation and mind game. The mini games that they do are so fun!!!! And yet it also tell you what it will improve on. For example one game might say at the bottom, “improves creative thinking” You can also start a streak and play little work out games every day. I honestly love this game so far after I got it YESTERDAY. I play it every day before bed or in the day when I’m bored because it’s usually hard to find fun games without getting bored of them. So I think this is the perfect game for all ages and all genders. DOWNLOAD IT IT’s WORTH IT
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2 years ago, BetaPreacher
I got this out of an impulse buy, but…
It’s great so far! I originally got it when I saw the AD on tik tok. I thought it was gonna be another bad app, but it’s actually not. It actually gives you exercises and games and tests that allow you to see things in a different light and jog your memory on things that maybe you need more focus on. For me, I need focus for my job. It’s extremely difficult to focus sometimes because I have so many things in life that I’m dealing with, and I get cluttered. This allows me to be active for my brain in my off time, because honestly, everything else started getting boring, even Tik tok! It doesn’t feel mindless and boring, allowing me to at least grow while in my spare time and not wasting seconds, hours, days on mindless entertainment. The best part is that they’re not the same questions every time, math problems, vocabulary questions. If you need touch ups on your brain and maybe need to learn something new, this is the app for you!
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2 years ago, cakb777
Careful not to “impulse buy” all your money away in this app
I got this app thinking that I could relax by doing some fun puzzles for free. I have never seen so many lengthy ads that force you to interact with them as I have in this app. Due to the annoyance of having to deal with the same lengthy ads after ever one or two free activities that I did in the game, a pop up came up saying that I could get the great deal of having ads blocked for $2.99. I went ahead and did it. Then I kept playing and ads kept popping up. When I contacted the app customer service about this they replied that the ad block was only for that one specific puzzle out of all of the activities in the app. They also said this was “clearly stated” in the pop up, which with I disagree. All I saw was the words “ad block for 2.99.” If I had known, I would not have paid for that and I would just have probably deleted this app. There are other comparable apps that are interactive and good for different types of brain training, albeit in separate apps, but unless you pay for this app (which is actually a subscription either weekly or yearly) it is too frustrating to use.
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1 year ago, AustinC96
Fraudulent Advertisement - THIS IS MALWARE
This application is partnering with algorithms that harvest user data such as Instagram and Tiktok in order to push fraudulent advertisements tailored to individuals that are more likely to click and buy a subscription. I have ADHD. My TikTok and Instagram algorithms know this. I recently started seeing Impulse ads on both platforms that states “WHAT’S YOUR ADHD TYPE? TAKE THE TEST” implying that, within the app, there was some sort of ADHD type test. I thought “that sounds interesting” and started a free trial. Interestingly, this test was nowhere to be found. I thought “maybe it’s a premium feature?” so I mistakenly subscribed for $6.99 (I will be getting my money back from Apple). Nope. No “ADHD type test” anywhere. In fact, upon googling “impulse app ADHD test” I was shocked to find there are NO results except for the TikTok and Instagram ads themselves. Then it clicked, that this developer is utilizing apps with access to marketing and personal data to push fraudulent ads in a targeted manner. The brain-scan images that the company used in their advertisement, hilariously, have nothing to do with ADHD. They are stolen from an academic paper. ADDON - THE APP KEEPS DOWNLOADING ITSELF AFTER YOU DELETE IT. This is absolutely malicious
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2 days ago, TennVol18
Starts off fine, but …
This seemed like a great brain game app at the beginning. I got a great deal to purchase a subscription, so I jumped at it. About 3-4 weeks in, I realized I was quickly failing at the games I was previously good at, and wasn’t getting any better at. The games never provided tips for improving my performance, and when prompted if I liked the game, I usually left feedback about how to make it more usable (give more time, provide tips/tricks for getting better, etc.). I’ve submitted feedback via the app and the company’s website and have never, ever received a reply. I’ve tried hard over these last 2-3 months to get better at the games and I sincerely enjoyed the relaxing games. But the company never really seemed to care about what its users had to say about the game or their (lack of progress). How does this help my brain? Does failure help my brain in the same way success does? Is THAT what you’re testing? This company doesn’t care about its users, doesn’t care about their brains or their successes or failures. They simply want to see if we’ll pay for the pleasure of constantly failing at something for the sake of keeping up our streak. No more. Deleted. Subscription canceled.
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4 years ago, johnybeast1
Useful app
An amazing discovery for all those who search for self-improvement. I wanted to use my time in commute in an efficient and fun way and that's why I searched for brain games in the first place. Impulse absolutely lived up to my expectations! I love their workouts - a little bit of work every day gives me a sense of fulfillment, it's not that I just played some goofy game on the phone, I actually DID something to develop my memory and improve focus. One thing to consider there is the brain-boosting habits, maybe it's worth paying more attention to them? Very often they seem appropriate and cool, but since they're not explained or anything, I just ignore them. If the workout is not enough for me, I can always go to the games and spend as much time as I want playing whatever game I like. My favorite category is Focus, so I play it the most, and recently I noticed that it became easier for me to concentrate at work. Probably, I'll try to binge-play other categories as well, hope the results will be just as good!
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5 months ago, Lil Baby 41
Fun for all ages 🤗
I have been working in private home health every since I was a kid about 8 years old when I turned 18 years old I started working in the nursing homes and other medical facilities that involves the elderly it’s been over 10 years ago when I started working with Alzheimer’s and dementia patients which I owe it all to my grandmother on my dad side of the family she was my first patient I was totally honored to take care of my grandmother she took me in at the age of 14 I wanted to make sure I was giving my grandmother the best of care any known to mankind we did card games board games word puzzles word search puzzles even coloring I wish this was out when my grandmother was still alive I know she would’ve enjoyed it just as much as my patients I take care of now I got patients at the age of 60+ they look forward to playing these games so please keep up the great work just a positive reminder this is changing lives and we are all grateful 😇
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5 months ago, SpookyCatsandPJO
Lots of lags
This app is okay. I had it recommended to me by a friend, who said that she thought it was amazing. So I was disappointed when the game started giving me ads after pretty much every game. Not to mention these ads would always lag, and I wouldn’t be able to close the ad or even participate in the playable portion, because the ad would be lagging or frozen to some degree. Another issue with this app is the games and the way most of them judge wether or not you pass. They compare how well you did to how well you did compared to “your peers” what peers? There’s a thing people say, you shouldn’t compare yourself and your success to the success of others. This app directly goes against that saying! I don’t care if I did better than 2% of my peers, I’m just doing the best I can for myself, and it’s really challenging to have to keep doing it over and over just to reach some random number like 76%!! I think it’s a pretty hood app overall, but could definitely cut back on some of the ads.
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8 months ago, Kar¥n
Impulse- memory, brain training, & mind sharpening skills
Must say impressive and actually pretty cool. Didn’t know if I would actually like it as much as I do. I haven’t tried all the options they have like the “IQ”and “ADHD” type, right now I’m just training my memory along with keeping my brain & mind sharp. And the games provided for the level im on is pretty intense and exciting. The levels increase in difficulty as u pass each one. Which is where the intensity comes in for me. I only do it for 5 minutes a day. Bc I don’t want to get to addicted to it. I think it’s to late for that now. I always read the reviews before downloading or putting my time into one much less leave my opinion on a review. But this one was actually worth it. So good job to the developers and everyone behind on the making of this which took some talent and time. Very satisfied!! 🤩🤩 will keep playing until it won’t let me play for free anymore.
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1 year ago, username's taken.
Left vs right brain test
More of a support ticket but, certain question on the test such as, “Do you tend to think in more images or words?” Only has two responses. Though, while I’m sure that most people only can pick one or the other, I tend to think in both at the same time if possible. Answer choices such as images or words exclude those who think in both. It’s just a suggestion that you add more moderate answers for a couple of the questions, or all. The other tests I personally didn’t have too much problems with, yet I’m sure someone will complain anyways in the same way I am. It’s a great application that helps those who struggle with certain things, such as memory, strengthening your peripheral vision, focus, and more. The games are also engaging and easy to get into. So if you’re a person who is looking to acquire this application, get it, it’s worth it. To the developers, this is just a suggestion, you don’t have to follow through on it. Good job, keep it up!
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6 months ago, Level743CandySorter
$50 candy sorter game
I got some really misleading ads for this app over the summer, which claimed “find your ADHD type!” And I was really curious, so I downloaded it. Well…only the paid version will allow you to take quizzes and see results so I bit the bullet and paid for the year subscription, which was ultimately the best value. I’ll use it all year for brain training I thought! Well I set it up and started taking available quizzes… turns out there are only like 12 quizzes, and “your adhd type” is not really one of them. It was more of a “do you have adhd” quiz which you could easily find elsewhere onlkne, and I and my doctor could already tell you the answer to that! Other quizzes are basic personality or IQ tests. I fell out of routine with the brain games and fixated on the candy sorter game. Now it’s my doom-scrolling-anxious-compulsion-look-at-my-phone-forever game and it’s the only part of this app I’m using. I’m just disappointed that I paid $50 for it. A bad investment for the habitually anxious or inattentive. But I’m at level 743 on the candy sorter game (which doesn’t get harder after level 100)
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7 days ago, ms_coach_wilson
Love this game!!
Hey yall! I love this game!!! Just wanted to let yall know there are some bugs I've found - hopefully can be fixed... When I got to somewhere around Level 1430 on the marble color sort game... It's messed up... whole game runs normally until the last marble. It sticks/freezes and won't let me put the last marble in the container... I've tried rearranging the marbles for diff. ones to be the "last move" but it doesn't fix. The last marble glitches sometimes to moving a few marbles before after 10-15 seconds giving a go ahead to the next level. Today I tried closing/locking my phone. So when it's down to the last move - I just lock my phone... when i sign back in my phone with face or password it does allow me to do the last move and continue. I've been playing and in love with this game FOR A WHILE now and would love if yall can fix before I beat the game (or add more levels LoL that'd be awesome too) Thanks for all you do and creating this awesome app!!!
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4 months ago, Mortal Fool
Charged for 6 months without signing up
Nope. Don’t go near this. I have never heard of this app and certainly didn’t agree to subscribe weekly (who pays $6.99 per WEEK???? ) but have been charged for more than 6 months until I finally noticed the small charges hiding among other charges on my credit card. I’m sure that’s intentional so that when someone accidentally subscribes (Again I do not think I did. I know not to press that button for a free trial and get sucked in) then they get $$$ out of you. Apple won’t consider a refund except for the last week. Shame on them! And they threatened that if I take it up with my credit card, my whole Apple account will be deactivated. A quick google search tells me they will do so. So basically bullying me. I have NEVER disputed a subscription or in-app purchase in many years as an Apple customer. Not once! I am educated and technically literate (my degree is in computer science) so it’s not that I’m an idiot and don’t know how this works. If I made some mistake that signed me up for this, it would only be because it is set up to trap people. Predatory practice! I’ve reached out to the app developers and no response.
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5 days ago, JKalegi
Impulse is fun. It really works!!!
Impulse brain training is something I look forward to doing everyday. There is a great selection of training sessions, with good instructions. I have the option to tell Impulse if I like a particular game or not and why. After each game I see my score and how it compares to my previous score. I recently had to re-install the Impulse app. My iPhone is a little older and locked up. Since January, 2024 I have been using Impulse and definitely know my memory has increased a lot!!! Too bad I had to loose all the work done previously. Oh well, Impulse is such an excellent brain training tool, starting over just means I will not run out of sessions for a long time. Give Impulse a try. You will love the variety of brain training “games”. Your memory recall will start to speed up! You will feel good knowing you are doing something important to keep your brain sharp. Use IMPULSE everyday!!!!
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1 year ago, Sergey Gutsko
Think twice before opening up your wallet
Happily was utilizing their free trial period that implied that all features and games would be unlocked, so I also took an IQ test which lasted for fifteen continuous minutes. First, notice that the tests have an almost hidden disclaimer at the very bottom of each test overview that states: “for entertainment purposes only.” I overlooked it so I took it anyway, and then at the very end they give you a sneak peak of your results and then ask you to PAY even if you’re already on a free trial. What a scam. I was excited so I paid for a weekly subscription anyway, but notice how they don’t mention this “disclaimer” on the purchase screen, they just do everything they can to minimize cutting you off the lead and take your money. I’d say it’s really dumb, much wiser would be being more transparent with their customers to build long-term trust and reputation. But this… this is no different from other mainstream “brain tests” and “exercises” you find on the web—where all they want is just your cash. The test result wasn’t even comprehensive, no mention what scale they used or base for questions. But my money is already gone. Obnoxious.
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12 months ago, Iabes
First impressions as someone diagnosed w/ ADHD
The games are pretty fun to play and it also tells you how well you did relative to other people in your age range which gently motivates you to do better (if you like competitive games) while also keeping you updated on your progress. Some of the games are similar to the sort of testing I had done during my neuropsyche. eval. for ADHD so I feel like that adds to its credibility of being a brain-stimulating app. I also like how they paced the increase in difficulty of each game. When you’re further along in a game you can give feedback on if the last level was too difficult or easy which adjusts the next level accordingly. The games definitely feel stimulating to say the least, plus there’s a bunch of em so you’ll likely not get too bored or just good at one game if you play with the intention of bettering your brain. P.S. the UI is very user friendly
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6 months ago, NevilleIsHott101
Misleading charges
I downloaded this app to check it out, so I started with a 3-day trial. I immediately liked the games it took me through but upon exiting the game, I got an alert that my credit card was charged IMMEDIATELY for the trial I started today. In addition (though this is often the case!), the quiz shown in the ad for the app is not even remotely what is offered in the app itself. In addition, since even the three-day ‘Pro’ trial leaves many things behind a paywall, I went to buy a weekly subscription, with “cancel anytime” clearly marked and highlighted, I got charged for an entire year at once. I thought the quality is good, I appreciated the opening quiz, and I liked the sense that there’d be a path to follow… but I don’t trust this game to be responsible with how it marks subscription fees, and I’ll be uninstalling it and disputing the charges. I think developers work hard and deserve to be paid for their work — and I would have enjoyed keeping this app and paying for a subscription, but I don’t feel I can trust this particular app to not lead me down a rabbit hole of requiring more and more money to view content. Bummer.
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2 years ago, georgiablondy45
Exercise for your brain-best app!!
I am a recoverinopen brain injury from about 10 years ago. My mind is not as sharp as it used to be and I have a very hard time remembering things, especially my short term memory. This game has helped me tremendously and I can actually feel the difference in parts of my head that haven’t been used, (if that makes any sense) in such a long time. Granted I’m not the fastest one to complete the task but I do get it done. I can tell a slight difference within my memory issues and Ive only been doing it a couple of weeks. It feel so rewarding to know that I can “wake” my brain up in certain areas. My neurologist recommended a application just like this to try and get me healthy results and it makes me feel so much better no more embarrassing moments when I can’t remember something mid sentence. Great app, I love it and would most definitely recommend it to neurological patients.
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2 weeks ago, Wandering J
Challenging games, but brain training?
These are some genuinely fun, challenging games. Some are even relaxing, like Candy Sort. The variety of games is great. The two star rating, however, is due to so many games running against a countdown timer. It is counterproductive for “self improvement” for the player to have to race — and fail — against an arbitrary countdown timer. It should be a simple timer to allow the player to complete the task and see how long it took, which then creates a goal to improve upon without feeling frustrated at never finishing the game. Taking away points when one fails just compounds the detrimental effects. Doing well in one of the timed games also just means next time you have to do more rounds (or have a higher number of things to process) in the same amount of time, so essentially it goes back to making you fail. These are not games to improve brain function; they are just playing a win/lose, arbitrarily timed game. They would also be better as brain skill improvement if they provided tips based on one’s performance.
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2 years ago, ashleyenicholson
Chemo Brain & In Love 😍
After going through chemo a few years at 30, my brain doesn’t function the way it used to. I love this bc it’s helping retrain my brain, improve memory and executive function skills. I had to do this with art too, to get my creative mind back. I always enjoy brain games for stimulation, I had it for one night, found myself playing it til 1A Ooops and decided to spend the $40 for the lifetime game. I like to invest in my health and this will be sooooo beneficial to get me back to my A game. I was going to neuropsychologist and she gave me similar exercises. This is so much more cost effective than medical bills! They still don’t really know what causes chemo brain and there aren’t really therapies out there for it, so I’m all about trying anything that will help! It’s totally worth it, coming from someone who does not buy apps and uses free version of games…I made the exception for this one! 🤍🤍🤍
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5 months ago, Awesome Spiritual Mentorship
Good for the brain, bad for a budget
I am a Veteran and I have since developed different neurological disorders that prevent my brain from functioning “normally”. It has progressed to the point that I have to put things into my calendar in order for me to even remember the event at all. I played the trial version of this game and saw that it was challenging. It is Definitely Worth the money IF you have the budget for it. Sadly, most of us with brain issues have so much medical expenses that a helpful game like this, which I believe would help stabilize my brain functionality from deteriorating even further, is just not feasible in the budget. In short, gift this game to someone in your life who is having issues with their memory and love to play daily play games to help with cognitive thinking, It is So Worth the fee!! Thank you for listening beautiful ppl! ❤️
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2 months ago, endjusbsisbsvsuwbwba
Sketchy business practice
While I know that essentially trying to lie to your customers to make a sale is the meta here: I’d really like to encourage the creators to stop. I’m now 10 times more suspicious and unlikely to download an app ESPECIALLY if they’re running ads on apps like tiktok because so many of yall just can’t be honest upfront. Offer the FREE assessment without needing my personal info and include some trial content. Tell me upfront what the premium is. If I like an app/product I’m likely to want to invest in it, and do all the time. I have zero issue with developers making money: I have an issue with using dishonest and manipulative tactics to make more sales. Take the “fabulous” app for example. They disclose from the very beginning that a good part of their app is paid but offer enough of a trial and information for me to make an informed decision. I’ve been subscribed for 4 years to them and as long as they remain honest and make a good app, I’ll keep doing it. What I won’t be doing is giving money to a company who doesn’t think their app/product is good enough to stand on its own without manipulation of the consumer.
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5 months ago, BAlexT
Read the developer responses
Before I spend money on an app, I’d like to go read what kind of interaction the developer has with the reviews. this is just a bunch of canned responses sent from the developer. They don’t even read the critiques they just throw something out there that sounds like it might address it. So if you can’t bother to even look at the reviews are getting you’re not gonna pay attention when I have an actual complaint, so no money. Also, they like to say on all of their responses, you don’t have to pay to use this app, but you have to sign up for a paid subscription to get three days free trial and if you look at some of the reviews it’s very difficult to stop them from charging you anyway so I have no reason to trust them. What kind of response are you gonna give to this one? So the response is automatic, they don’t really care about what you have to say. They invite you to contact them directly but if they were actually reading the reviews, they would not have to ask you (the reviewer) to do more work, because they can’t be bothered.
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9 months ago, Get it together BOSE!!!
Info is good, games just ok
This is an interesting app. I have played a lot of mind training games. They are some of my favorite apps. This one is just ok on the brain training. One thing Indo not like about this app is the constant 99% score. No matter how well I seem to do in different categories, the top score is 99. As an educator who specializes in success strategies, this is a bit of a pet peeve of mine. Like the developers want me to keep coming back over and over to get that 100. I find this concept less motivating than beating a high score or something. Sometimes some of the games do not set up correctly. I actually paid for a year of this app and then requested a refund for this very reason. This challenge added to the low motivation to create a less than ideal brain training app. I would definitely compare this app to some of the others. If you want food archetype info this app will break that down for you. But the brain training is better found elsewhere.
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2 years ago, moon@bookstore
1) after all it has been
I fear brain doctors, for their worth of advice. That is all “ it is called a tooth” when first started legal tests. I was told I would have a different reflection other than what I am , I am here taking this review lightly! And I want to learn self inspiration out of the many things I had to learn and do. Thank you for the app! I will use it to the best of my conscious betterment to evolve a better connection through a history that was commuted by war. And I value my life with most of all and a higher being does not bother me of just a shoulder shrug. HBO brain games since I was a kid. Was not a topic but today’s question. The brain doctors were part of my sympathetic life in hope of my pathetic being. I may feel a bit strange, but walking out from the light felt like a dead nail. Thanks for the app and please review my review with thumbs out!
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1 year ago, Taj72
App signs you up even when you don’t accept the free trial
I wasn’t aware that there was a charge to use the features. After answering most general questions, app then informs you of weekly/monthly/annual charge or offers you a free 3 day trial that will auto renew if you don’t cancel. Because I hate those traps and can never easily find the cancelation I’ve is started, I selected to quit the app and not sign up at all. Instead, the app continued and took me to the screen as though I’d accepted the free trial. I immediately left the app and went to my subscriptions through Apple to try to cancel any subscription that it implemented without my consent. However, it didn’t show up in my subscriptions, but it did remain showing in my account as “free.” I have now wasted 30 minutes trying to figure this out. Ultimately, I deleted the app from my phone. Hopefully, that is sufficient to keep it off my subscription and account. I don’t know exactly what happened, but save yourself! If you don’t want to pay $6.99 a week for this app, don’t even open it!!! It’s a trap!!!
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1 year ago, Kanderson39
I work nights at a factory. My time to do stuff is limited between work and spending time at home. I’ve found that other apps like this tend to hardly work or feel to bland. These guys have found a way to make it feel fun and challenging while working with your schedule. It feels more convenient and easy to just pick up work on your daily tasks. The best part is that you can do so much more than just play cool little games. There are the games, puzzles, and tests that they offer and let you play on your own time and pace. It shows your growth in the different areas of your mind, and while also showing you where you scale in the group of people your age. I went ahead and bought the life time deal. It’s surprisingly a affordable and fun way to train your mind and work on where you lack.
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2 years ago, purehoetry
Fun, helpful, beneficial to your life!
I was hesitant to try because some “brain teaser” apps I don’t find useful enough for the price, but this one is well worth it. One of the only few educational apps I would put my money into. It is free to try, but to unlock access to all of the content does require a subscription of $7 weekly. However, you will find that these games are addicting, helpful, and aesthetically pleasing. They give you a very calming mindset and are lots of fun. I could play them for hours. I have noticed a great change in my day to day life since I started playing it daily. My awareness is sharper now. I find coming up with words in conversation is much easier than before. I am able to remember certain tasks and responsibilities that I would otherwise have trouble recalling. Such a wonderful app! Keep improving.
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1 year ago, Asha_88
Very Intellectual!!!
I’m New to this App, but so far I truly enjoy it!!! I’ve been searching for an app that could rate my IQ & this is definitely the best app for that! Not only does it rate your IQ, it also helps train your brain. The games have levels, So you actually start out on an easy level & of course if you complete it with No problem it goes to the next level which is of course, more difficult. The only down side so far is the fact that you have to pay ($6.99) which isn’t that bad. It’ll be absolutely worth it when you’re literally getting smarter by using the App. I’m not sure how the (Free) version works, because I done the Free Trial, but I’ll definitely do an UPDATE REVIEW at the end of my trial & give my Opinion of Everything. I’m really looking forward to seeing how much this App can “Train This 🧠 of Mine”!!!
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1 month ago, worst one-sided game
Why would the app make you fast forward or attempt to exit an ad 3 times? Every time? Because you care more about ad revenue and sacrifice customers happiness for the bottom line dollar. It takes away anything slightly good this app had by switching over to the App Store cuz the tiny fast forward doesn’t actually exit the ad. Only open a new page to fast forward that one? Which opens the App Store. And if you close it down, that does nothing but restart the countdown to wait more time to exit the ad for the 3rd time. So you can go back to the menu to play another worthless game for 20 seconds. It’s garbage, you don’t care. You don’t care about my review. You don’t care about anything more than blood money from advertisements for more garbage games that do the exact same thing. App Store will be better when Apple cleans out the trash. Brain games. Sure me knowing 5x3=15 really fast makes me higher than 99% of people my age. Sure it does. Ur ratings aren’t even legit. Sure my IQ is 136. I’m dumb just like this app.
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2 years ago, CougClaws
Awesome for recovery from TBI/non-traumatic brain injury
A few years ago I bled out. Shouldn’t be here. My brain showed little activity. My speech was a mess. Short term memory gone. Processing speed was horrible. Critical thinking skills lacked. Staying on task impossible. The Aphasia program was awesome, but dropped working with adults during the pandemic. This App is pushing my brain in ways the Aphasia program used to. I’m an athletic person and am used to working up a sweat from physical activity…well this App can make me sweat. That’s how hard it’s making me work. It’s awesome. I’m scoring up 99% on tasks in comparison to other users. Considering what I’m recovering from - That. Is. Awesome!!! Exercising the brain will provide improvements and give results beyond what the experts say is possible. All you have to do is work your brain off and anything is possible. ♥️
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2 years ago, #LovesToDance
I’ve been looking for an app like this!
I absolutely LOVE this app! For a long time, I’ve wanted an app with multiple bite sized brain challenges or puzzles to be able to solve. This app gave me just that! I love the Workout section (or at least the free workout so far), and although I haven’t had this app for long, I can definitely see myself using it for a while. I haven’t bought any of the subscriptions, but I still feel like I’m getting a lot out of this app. So, if you can’t afford the subscriptions but you still want an app like this, this is a great choice. I can understand that some people might get frustrated and or annoyed about the amount of ads, but compared to a lot of other games I think the amount of ads is worth it. Overall, I personally love this app and I would definitely recommend!
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2 years ago, Sutten M
Buyer beware
Frankly, this app is great for what it is. The games are fun, and the tracking is great. However, I was misled when I purchased a life time copy of this game. Perhaps I mis understood the nature of the sale, but this is a subscription service HOWEVER you can also purchase life time access to this app by paying a lump sum fee up front. I chose to do that during a sale they were having specifically for that deal. This was a few months ago. After purchasing that life time access, I was STILL charged monthly for the subscription. I feel like I was mis led. Not accusing anyone of saying that it is a scam, but these guys 100% need to work on their wording when they say “life time access after paying this” but not explaining that you also have to pay a monthly subscription fee. To that end, buyer beware. 3 stars cause the actual content is great. -2 stars because the way they process their transactions are mis-leading at best.
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1 year ago, Unhappy User#X
A must have for mental health
I have noticed my mental decline over the years and felt unsatisfied, so one day I realized I wanted to take action on it and do things to help me keep my mind sharp. That’s when I found Impulse and decided to give it a shot. Ultimately, the results speak for themselves. I’ve been slowly making progress and I’m able to play certain games at a speed and precision I didn’t even realize I was capable. I cannot speak as to how well using Impulse has actually benefited me, but my mind feels sharp and I continue to get better by the day. In terms of features I’d like to see in the future, I think there’s potential to include more gamification concepts such as streak freezes, leadership boards, and learning material to learn what could I do outside the app to keep working on keeping my brain sharp.
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