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2.5 (318)
361.3 MB
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Current version
InBody Co., Ltd.
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for InBody

2.49 out of 5
318 Ratings
8 months ago, merebellen
Don’t even waste your time trying to change your password
I’ve been doing inbody scans for more than two years, and for some reason the InBody app has logged me out for the very first time. I don’t remember my password and have attempted to reset it now for two days. The requirements listed on the reset Password page are illogical and any attempt to meet the requirements fails. It continually says passwords do not match. They clearly don’t have great security because I’m actually able to copy and paste matching passwords into each slot so I know that there is some sort of bug or issue with the system. You guys should do way better than this with communication and security. Unacceptable.
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2 years ago, Dan H 305
2nd User Troubles - App voice is here and there
I enjoy the app and like the metrics that it provides. When adding a second user, it kinda works a little buggy. I Installed the app on my girlfriend’s phone and it sometimes “drops” her data. I added her as a second user on my phone and this seems to work sometimes but it oddly seems to “sync” to her phone a few minutes later. I would like to see her install the app and be able to use it seemlessly to track her data on her phone. I shouldn’t have to add her on my phone in order for her to track her data. Additionally, the female voice of the app sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. I don’t know why. All and all, great scale and app….look forward to future updates.
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3 weeks ago, nick2349186
Unreliable and Unresponsive. Don’t waste your money.
I’ve been using the InBody app for months to track my body composition, but recently, I was suddenly logged out without any reason. When I tried to log back in, the app kept saying my password was wrong. I attempted to reset my password multiple times, but the app wouldn’t allow it. I reached out to their support team through multiple help emails, but I received no response at all. This lack of customer support is incredibly frustrating, especially since the InBody scan relies entirely on the app to function. Without access to the app, the InBody device is essentially useless. Overall, this app has been a huge disappointment. If you’re considering investing in InBody, I would advise against it. Don’t waste your money on a product with such poor app support and unreliable functionality.
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3 years ago, Lotus1087
I was so disappointed when I got to the gym and learned they are no longer doing the printouts. I used to keep track of my Lean Mass and I also liked seeing how much water weight I was carrying, and the app unfortunately does not include those details. It also listed the BMR in kJ versus kcal,so now I have to go do my own conversions and calculations to keep track of my progress compared to where I was before. Super inconvenient. It also does not include the body segments, so I don’t know how symmetrical my left and right sides are measuring. The app is a good idea in general, I feel, but hope they update it with improvements more consistent with all the data the printout offered.
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4 years ago, bwalshin
No syncing to Apple Health
I wish the app would let you enter all the other data you get on the print outs so it can all be stored in one place. I’m currently retaining all this in an excel spreadsheet so I don't lose it. Besides the app only retaining high level data (weight, BFP, BMI, etc.), it’s okay. The biggest problem and common I’m seeing with other reviews is that the Apple Health integration doesn’t work. I’ve added data to the app manually and automatically from an InBody scale. The InBody and Apple Health settings are turned as per the instructions from the app and the. I can see the same app instructions are copied and pasted on the other reviews. I also tried to look on the InBody website and found there is no mention of the app or any support online for it. This is not helpful as is doesn’t resolve the issue. Is there a known bug or is there a specific way to turn on the settings that the app and copied developer response isn't telling us? Becuase of the lack of data retention in the app and poor support I’m giving it 2 stars.
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11 months ago, legendaryxz
Love this app I’ve been using it for years
I’m very surprised to see negative reviews about this app. I use the inbody for my own personal goals and for my clients and I’ve been using this for years. We essentially track the overall weight, skeletal muscle mass, body fat mass and body fat percentage. As a trainer, I don’t really need anything else (scale-wise) to track progress. I hope that any bugs that users are experiencing are resolved. In my experience this is the best body fat percentage tracker on the market.
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1 year ago, mad in ESt
Unreliable to connect with home scale and app set up is awful
I have the home scale, and as of end of Jan ‘23 the app won’t connect to it at all. After deleting and downloading the app again, the whole login process is changed - based on phone number not my prior userID. And the password set up process doesn’t allow you to insert the auto generated strong password saved from iPhone So it’s a mess. my history is likey not going show up since the login ID is different, if I can get through the login process at all. Considering the scale cost $370 and it’s this much of a problem after 6 months I’m beyond disappointed.
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5 months ago, HHP37
Cannot Log Back In
For whatever reason I was automatically logged out of the app. When I came back and used the password I created at sign up, the app said incorrect password. I proceeded to follow the reset password instructions and I made sure I typed the password correctly two times and followed the requirements, but the app said passwords don’t match. I tried this several times and it still didn’t work. I deleted the app and reinstalled it, same issues as I mentioned above. This app is garbage. I contacted “customer service” based on an email provided in other reviews, but they’re unresponsive. Again, trash app if they can’t easily allow end users to navigate their info.
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2 months ago, christopher_p
Password Reset Bug
There is a bug that made me waste time when trying to login. When you reset your password and you’re done entering the password a second time, make sure to not click “Done” on the keyboard, instead tap anywhere on the screen to make the keyboard disappear, in order to click the “Confirm” button. Otherwise, an error “Passwords do not match” will prevent you from resetting your password, even though they do match.
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2 years ago, bodhijen
Constantly Not Working Correctly
I bought the unit in June and have had constant problems with the app. Often it doesn’t complete a scan, just gets hung up. Other times can’t get a connection. Lastly, I will turn it on thru the app, click to start the test and nothing happens. This is really frustrating. I also have changed the unit’s batteries several times but it’s never been the batteries running low. Additionally, I’ve followed all of the suggested fixes to error codes. PLEASE FIX YOUR SOFTWARE APP - these bugs are frustrating and at this time, I DO NOT RECOMMEND purchasing your machines until you fix this problem.
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5 years ago, Unwell on Blast
Great and expensive product for a subpar app
I bought the scale and it costs $350. This app is very basic and for the price of the product you should be investing more into the app for continuous improvement and satisfaction. The app and scale have a hard time easily connecting to each other. It should be seemless as when you turn on the app and the scale - it would connect. Not happening. There should be more user friendly metrics that provides some analysis or puts it on a graph - at minimal. I know this is a new product but there have been smart scales for years and this app needs to catch up to those to be able to compete.
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2 years ago, jaybay92196
The app could be great but with the website not working well and the app being buggy it's hard to see goals. I applied how easy it is to see all my scans and what not. And I LOVED that there is a new feature to set goals like adding fat or muscle or losing fat or muscle. However, the minus sign doesn't work when my goal is to drop fat. I already have so much muscle I want to lean out but I can't even set that as my goal. It's a little annoying and frustrating.
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4 weeks ago, Saws da Moor
Edit - updated rating. Developer responded with a fix (OS update) and it works like a dream! I’ve used lots of bad apps and UIs. I generally suffer through them, because I can’t make them better. But this was awful. I couldn’t even enter my password as a new user. If you want me to confirm the thing, perhaps grant a functional text box in which to enter it.
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2 years ago, Nana12-17
Awesome app!!!
I love that I get to keep track of my body compositions with this app! Fortunately they have different machines we can use to calculate different stats on our bodies. It has helped me so much in the long run and even if the app could use some upgrades, it’s never given me too much of a hassle! 10/10 love it!
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5 years ago, Helem T
I worked one on one today with Alex Redmann. I cannot say enough on how good he is! I asked for some assistance and he gave me what I needed. I rate him an excellence in his knowledge. He explained everything to me. I felt I was back in school! He definitely knows his profession! I go to this gym because of the family atmosphere. Everyone on staff at the Riggs location, are ROCK STARS!! Owners must be proud of what Cameron, Preston, and Alex do there!
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2 days ago, xcellz
App does not let you add 20 users
I recently bought the h30 model, and it works great, the problem is with the app, does not sync users correctly if they’ve been added from different devices. The biggest issue is that it’s advertised for 20 users and only allows 8. Can someone please get back to me regarding this issue, or I may have to return it, so far not satisfied.
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2 years ago, InBody User
I was so excited to be able to bring with me my results and be able to track everything on a daily basis. I’ve been an inbody user for many years, I bought the inbody band 2 which is working perfectly, but this app is just a waste of space in my phone, it only linked once with the Band and after that it just doesn’t, it doesn’t take de data from the band, even that my Bluetooth shows me the band is connected to the phone, It won’t connect to the app. Very disappointed.
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4 years ago, ProNoob_YT
Good App Could Use Improvements
So far I like the app it keeps all of your information organized, I just wish you didn’t have to leave the app to learn what the information is, if you could click on them and have it give you a brief description, and I wish you could link your information to the health app. If you add those I will change my review to a 5 star.
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3 years ago, Pizana7
Doctor Jiménez Pizarro and staff
Chiropractic Doctor and Staff were the best, this is the first time that l feel welcome in a health clinic, they show care and attention to every patient and they let you know that they wanted to cure you not just to do maintenance like most doctor in the US. They make to feel like home and the service was excellent, l highly recommend them to anyone.
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6 years ago, jhonsh
Mine works fine.
Just bought this at Costco in Korea, downloaded this app (was a bit worried that it wouldn’t work after I read reviews on here), synced the device as it says on the app and I had no problem whatsoever. Maybe the recent update has fixed all the issues addressed on these reviews.
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2 years ago, laverniust
App doesn't scale to different screens
I normally use this app on my phone since I weigh in at a fitness shop, but decided to download it to my iPad so I could see the sheets easier. However, the app only shows what it would on a phone, leaving a lot of blank black space even in portrait mode. It's disappointing considering how standard responsive design should be nowadays
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3 years ago, peatswift
Bad password security
The app does not play nice with password managers. Not only does it fail to trigger Keychain to generate one, it doesn’t trigger Keychain to autofill. Stay with me, it gets worse. Trying to copy and paste a good one also fails. In the initial setup, attempting to paste in the ‘confirm’ field actually pasted to the end of what you have in the first password field. In the ‘change password’ dialogue, pasting in either new field appends to what’s in the ‘old password’ field. Stop promoting the use of bad passwords.
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2 years ago, idavidram95
Apple Health sync for gym devices please!
This app would be amazing if you could add your info to the health app. The buttons that take you to some link in a browser are annoying and make the experience slow. Especially the one on the bottom at the center. The pictures on the app info section also don’t reflect the redesign.
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3 weeks ago, Bake man
Probably the worst app I’ve dealt with
I’m an app junkie, have lots of apps for different things. Fitness wise probably one of the worst apps to get into. Can’t copy paste password. Too hard to mess with to even just sign up. You really need to fix this app and get it right. And even after getting the password set and getting into the app, then trying to sign in it asked for the password again and then says it’s incorrect. This is really messed up!😡
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1 year ago, mlwollman
Data is good, but not user friendly
FIrst, fix the sync with Apple Health so i can come this data with other Apps and share with my doctor and trainer. Also to sync with myFitnessPal. Second, allow the user to set units, specifically Calories versus kiloJoules. Other than that it was relatively easy to setup the app and receive data from the fancy scale at the Gym.
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6 months ago, bmitch1234562
Unable to register
I’ve tried redownloading the app and it still won’t let me register my account. I’ve been able to click send and resend the verify and it won’t go through and yes I’ve made sure I’ve I’m using the right email, checked spam and junk, and even tried my backup emails. Until I’m able to login properly this app doesn’t deserve any credit since it doesn’t do anything for me at the moment
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2 years ago, spaz-o-matik
Last version was a good step
Previously the functionality was basic. This latest update is a very nice improvements. Love that the release notes indicate that Apple Health Integration is coming soon. Exactly what I have been wanting. Looking forward to what’s to come.
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5 years ago, great scale
Version 2.2.25
Just got my InBody H20N today. The app is easy to install if you follow the instructions in the user’s manual. Syncs well with my iPhone X and the Apple Health app. The voice instructions coming from the phone make the InBody test easy. No need to keep reading on the display screen.
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3 months ago, sirjakkall
Good app but glitchy
After numerous updates the app has the same issue 95% of the time. After the scan is complete the app crashes and you have to reopen. Luckily it saves all the data but it puzzling how it’s not fixed yet. iPhone 15 pro max.
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5 months ago, RKPear
First time log in
I'm trying to login using my phone number, then my email, but it says email already in use. What do I do now?? It doesn't give any comments on how to resolve this issue. What is the resolution if my email and phone number do not match? Wish it gave directions on what to do next.
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2 years ago, Jengthian
Great Product
Hello! Love your product. Just wanted to alert you to a small typo on the BMI explanation pop-up. The word “which” in the first sentence is misspelled “whicih”. Keep doing what you’re doing! I definitely recommend this product and app!
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2 days ago, iopheam
Worst app ever
It took me 15 minutes just to register. For whatever reason you can’t copy and paste passwords into the app. You have to type it in. Which doesn’t work with Apple passwords manager. Let the designer of this app do waterfall on Fortran from now through the rest of their lives. [update] They also responded, not addressing why copy and paste doesn’t work. If there was a minus 5 stars rating, I would give it to the app.
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1 year ago, Woods4000
Won’t sync with Apple health
It says that it will, and you can turn it off and on, and after a long time the app icon finally appears in Apple health, but none of the data. But worse when you go to the Support website, it’s all in Korean and the translated version doesn’t show where you can possibly get support.
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5 years ago, Xtrmist78
It’s good app. Compare it to the others not what you want.
Overall this app collects the info from the scale and presents in a clear way. Could it be better sure. There are a lot of other apps out there for collecting data from their scale and they are all lacking something. My wants: Ability to collect info from the higher models, like at Nutrishops and Nutrition Offices Ability to deselect/turn off BMI, for obvious reasons. Ability to see different ranges of time when compare historical data, easily. Right now one would have to go to each weighin specifically.
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3 years ago, dgerba
Powerful data but doesn’t sync with Apple Health
Great metrics and powerful health data at the tip of my finger to constantly adjust my fitness program. The only issue is the app does not sync with Apple Health which is a real set back to leveraging all this useful data. P.S. past updates by the developers have been frequent and steadily improved stability and usability.
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2 years ago, mi_remy
Can’t get past signin
App prompts for phone number, then says you are new and asks you to provide email and seems to wait for verification. I go to email and verify. App still stuck waiting for verification. Tried verifying in chrome and safari. Tried exiting and restarting app. Tried re entering phone number. Can’t get past initial screen, super frustrating for such an expensive product.
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3 years ago, fvdave
Progress tracking
The data provided is great for tracking your progress if you are training or working on weight loss. Also, support is great when you have issues.
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8 months ago, Mitch Mayville
Helpful in reaching fat loss goals
I have found the Inbody to be a great way to track my previous scans and progress. It would be nice to have some customization to order the features how I want to view them.
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2 years ago, k.i.s.s advocate
You just took away what I paid for. Stop it!
I bought this scale partly because of the layout of the app. So, you essentially just took away from me what I paid for in the first place. Please only update your software on new products, so your customers can retain the user environment they paid for. Nothing like having a product you love changed into something you don’t like overnight.
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7 years ago, valwoman
Useless App
The registration screen requires an email address, along with age, gender, height/weight and includes additional fields for PW setup, and acceptance of the privacy policy and terms and conditions. However, the screen locks up at each field. Email confirmation and PE confirmation are required to advance to subsequent screens, but it’s impossible to input all the required information. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app, and rebooted my phone (iPhone 8) but the outcome is the same.
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5 years ago, Lovethearts
The newer version doesn’t work.
The last three weeks I’ll get the text to my phone saying that the InBody test has been completed and then I open the app and I can’t sync it to the test! It’s beyond frustrating! I’ve started to manually enter my progress. There’s no way to delete an entry that I created myself if I’ve made a mistake. That’s also irritating.
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4 weeks ago, Lexiejc
Cannot log back in
I have had this app since 2022. My dr office has me log in with my phone number. Suddenly my log in isn’t working on the app and I cannot reset my password as “no email is associated with this account” which makes no sense! I have the set up email verification from 2022!!! Emailing support gets failure kickbacks as their posted support email address is not functional.
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1 year ago, Nancyred83
Apple Health sync not working
Installed the app, scanned myself on a device and got a reading. Went through the steps to sync to Apple Health and it won’t work. Checked the privacy settings, allowed all data, restarted my phone. Tried it all again. Nothing. :(
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3 years ago, gxc50701004
Synced with Apple Health!
Saw a review that it cannot be synced to Apple Health, but it turns out that it CAN be. Not sure if this was an updated feature, but super glad that this can be done. Works well so far.
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2 months ago, Church112234
Can’t Log In
I hate to sound like a broken record but it seems like a constant problem with this app. Iv been using Inbody for awhile and it logged me out randomly one day and will not let me log back in. There is so many bugs with the log in system with special characters not popping up on the keyboard and passwords not matching. Don’t use this app to save you the headache
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1 year ago, terencelee
disconnect an old device issue
Seems like there’s no way to disconnect a old device say InBody270 to link to a new InBody570 machine so the new data can only be added to the app manually by QRcode Will there eventually be a fix around this?
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4 months ago, arnavjhala
Edit after Dev response: Thanks for asking me to contact your customer support. I charge $150/hr to help you find your bugs that make your app unusable for me. —— Installed twice: First install — linked email to phone; created new password with password manager; immediately tried to log in and got an incorrect password message; tried to reset but app message was that no email is linked to account Second install— tried resetting password; password verification says they don’t match even though it satisfies requirements and I very carefully checked it several times You lost me completely. Sad.
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4 months ago, Doe sn't mat ter
Says cannot connect to internet, but all other apps can
App is super buggy. Right after the 30 day return period ended, the app now “cannot connect to the internet”. Killed and restarted many times. Internet works for all other apps plus safari, so it’s clearly not an internet issue. For $350 a basic app should just work.
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3 years ago, Bigvilg
App would not let me register ... worthless
It only allows you to register if you agree to their terms of service. However, there appears to be no way to agree to the terms of service in the app. If they want people to use this mobile app, there had better be a way to register on the mobile app. Not worth the effort for me.
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5 years ago, akristiina
Love this app!
I really do love this app and the in body machine they have at my gym. I really feel that it is accurate and I love to see the results tracked on my personal device. Although I do wish it would sync with the Health app for iPhones. That would be so awesome!!
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