Inito Fertility & Ovulation

Health & Fitness
4.7 (253)
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2 weeks ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Inito Fertility & Ovulation

4.69 out of 5
253 Ratings
3 months ago, A.e.pp
Please add HCG
Excellent. But what would make this a game changer is if you can add HCG. Given the cost of the strips, this seems to help with tracking hormone levels without having to constantly get blood work (only at certain check points). Having HCG will help during the first few weeks of early pregnancy during which HCG levels truly do matter and provide very sensitive insight into the health of the embryo. Many people have threatened miscarriages (yes I know it’s a sensitive topic especially since this is a consumer product) BUT having some general idea of the embryo’s development, or lack thereof, truly would help mothers-to-be. Not to mention expand your market and consumer lifecycle / value of the product a little bit more. Thanks
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2 years ago, jkbxbb
Effective and easy to use
I was using LH sticks to track my cycle for a couple months and found them difficult to use, so I decided to try Inito. I love the notifications and reminders to test, etc. I discovered I ovulate later than the other app expected me to, and with the level of detail Inito provided I got pregnant on my first try! The only improvement I could suggest is to add the ability to mark a successful conception. As it is, the app keeps asking if my period started and the only way to stop it is by turning off notifications or deleting it.
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2 months ago, PMAC6325
Missing Key Features
Inito can only be used for the hormone chart. You can input your cycle symptoms and cycle start dates, but there is nothing that references the information that you input so that you can use it for anything. I can see my cycle start dates on the calendar, but I have to physically count the days to know how long my cycles are. I can input my symptoms, but unless I click on each individual day from a past cycle in the calendar, I don’t know what symptoms to expect for my current cycle. The dashboard is a huge ad to review the app and purchase more strips from the store instead of actually being useful information. You have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the dashboard to see your hormone levels. I really like the hormone chart, but I need a supplemental app to track everything else.
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2 months ago, Katewend
Accurate Monitor
I’ve been tracking my hormones with Inito for three months so far. I asked my Dr. a lab order to compare the numbers and I’ve got my lab results and numbers are pretty much the same. My first two months using Inito, my hormones were not balanced due to a failed FET. Now, my husband and I are trying to conceive naturally and I feel good knowing that I’m getting accurate numbers. Also, I can feel when I’m ovulating and it matches with what the app says. I recommend Inito! I hope we get blessed with our baby soon! 🙏🏼
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9 months ago, RChristi
Inito is a Blessing ✨ We’re SO Grateful!
My husband and I had been trying for 6 years with countless fertility treatments and thousands spent out of pocket. Two unsuccessful IUI’s and preparing for IVF when I ran across this app and decided to try. We got pregnant the IMMEDIATELY (3 weeks after receiving it in the mail). We are so grateful and have shared it with so many friends/family who are struggling with the same issues. * Thank you to the makers of Inito 💗 *
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1 year ago, Heimsness15
Knowledge is a blessing!
I have never wanted to be the person to track my cycle. But after struggling to get pregnant for a year I needed something with better testing. I researched for weeks and liked what this app offered. There is also a group for users who also use this app and seeing others graphs helps understand the process. I’m only 1 month in and I have so much relief knowing what I know now!
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4 months ago, a!llyson;
After three years of trying, I got pregnant on my 2nd month of using Inito. My PCOS made it so hard to tell when I was ovulating and my doctors couldn’t even tell if I had ovulated at all because the blood tests were coming back without signs of ovulation. I cannot believe I could track so easily at home myself. The tests are expensive though.
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6 months ago, kvtieee
Was good…
the app was good, until suddenly it logged me out randomly. every time i try to log in i get an error. and each time i hit forgot password i never get an email to reset it. i’m highly annoyed as this is the only other app that i use besides apple health and i can’t even do any tests until they respond to let me into my account. the tests each month are expensive so at this point i might cancel everything and try another way to do my tests.
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11 months ago, Melissa032022
Pregnant after one cycle
We had tried on and off for about 7 months to get pregnant. My cycle wasn’t exactly irregular but wasn’t lined up 28 days and my ovulation was always all over the place. I used this one month! And am now 13 weeks pregnant. 🩵 Thank you inito!!!
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1 year ago, hana988
I have the newest iPhone, iOS updated, notifications turned on in the app and Inito, but still it did not notify me either the night before or first thing in the morning that I need to test. Only on the website FAQ did it say I need to use first urine in the morning. The app should say this, and should notify the night before and very early morning to help remind of this. Right no, notifications are broken in this app.
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2 months ago, conover
Nice but….
Strips are expensive and even if you do the subscription you still have to pay for shipping which seem ridiculous and a bit annoying. I tested and it seems like the app is either lagging or stuck. It ready my test but didn’t update anything. So, it’s kind of just stuck. I email for help but nothing so far. We’ll see if I keep it or just try something else..
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3 years ago, Easalden
Add’l Functionality Would Be Great
Future development to include charts and numerical values for each hormone would be great. You can currently reach out to their team for that information, but it would be nice/comforting/convenient to have that at hand without having to request it. Otherwise the app looks nice and step by step instructions for testing are helpful.
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1 year ago, catcdowney
Helped us get pregnant
An amazing product. I got pregnant within two cycles once I started using Inito. It helped me understand my hormones and what my body was doing each month. The graph and app are all very clear and easy to use.
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2 years ago, BabyGirl413
Only problem I have with this fertility monitor is that if I want to see my whole chart, I have to request it from Inito. And when I do, it doesn’t show my numerical amounts. Just the curves. I would love to see my whole chart with all numerical amounts. Other than that, I love the coloring, how easy it is to use. It’s very accurate!
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12 months ago, cchandl123
Would recommend, but needs work!
One of the most important factors in your cycle is noticing changes in discharge. There is no place to log the cervical mucus quality in the app, and I think that would contribute some great data to make the results even more accurate.
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2 months ago, gab_babette
Love it but let’s get some strips with hcg
I love Inito and that HSA covers otherwise I’d never be able to afford it. I was able to get pregnant on my third month using this app with my first it took 16 months. Not sure if it was the app to contribute or that my body just knew what to do this time around. I just wish there was an option to has HCG tagged along with the strips for when testing past ovulation. I know the app isn’t meant to track pregnancy but it would be nice to have it to confirm pregnancy.
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2 months ago, Lalasully
Grateful to be pregnant because of this app!
Love this app! It helped me understand my very unique cycle enough to get pregnant even with the irregularities I deal with because of my thyroid issues.
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4 months ago, LizaJane1231
Started out good
Liked Inito until this week. My phone software and app software are up to date, but yesterday my option to add symptoms disappeared. Today, I can’t even log a test. All I can actually access in this app are my previous charts. Whole lot of money for a problem not addressed in the FAQs and I can’t actually get help from customer service.
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3 years ago, Mayadaisy9
Great item for keeping track of Ovulation cycles
This is a very discreet and reliable tool to help you plan your family! Easy to use and it takes a couple of minutes to get results. Gives you reliable guidance every time... i love it!
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1 month ago, megismr
If you have PCOS, this is 100% for you
With a recent diagnosis of PCOS, i needed a better look into my hormones. This has helped me tremendously!
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2 months ago, samanthasav
Best Ovulation tracker
Best app and at-home tester out there. Extremely accurate. Recommended by my doctor.
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3 years ago, midnightmsrie
The app says you can look at charts but there is nowhere on the app where you can access your actual chart with your hormone levels on it that would be nice to see on hand !
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1 month ago, ANW007
Great tool!
Highly recommended. Even if you’re not using for fertility, it’s great for monitoring hormone trends.
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3 months ago, Mrs. Dunigan
My Experience
Wonderful Monitor and Exceptional Customer Service
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9 months ago, MissChelseyKay
Can’t sync with Apple Health app
I would love it if they could streamline the app to sync with my health app
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12 months ago, Mizz Juicy Juice
I downloaded the app and I am getting a message about warranty and the app freezes on that screen
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2 years ago, Z12$@
Lacks educational resources.
I don’t like how your app has no educational resources that go in depth of the E3G, LH, and PdG. The chart shows the levels, but I can’t even click on each line for an explanation. Yes, I can Google it. Yes, I can look up your videos, but wouldn’t it be helpful for your users to have an easier way to access it through your app instead of having to research it elsewhere? You have so many YouTube videos out, put it in your app as well so we can find out answers to our questions.
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2 months ago, Mhcwr
Not worth it
Takes really long to show results, very unclear
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7 months ago, Xdamond
Extremely heteronormative
I’d love to have a cycle tracker to help me get pregnant that doesn’t send me notifications about “my partner’s sperm” or how we should be “making love” right now. Not everyone conceives that way, not even heterosexual couples
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