InPulse - Heart Rate Monitor

Health & Fitness
4.6 (114.9K)
96.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for InPulse - Heart Rate Monitor

4.63 out of 5
114.9K Ratings
4 months ago, Gaja2020
Nice tracker for nice habits
Initially, I mainly used the app to measure my pulse, but after experiencing a really low point in my life, I’ve also decided to try its habit tracker. It’s been a game-changer in helping me steadily rebuild my routine! Instead of diving headfirst into intense workouts or strict plans, I’ve been taking it slow, incorporating gentle habits like yoga, meditation, and stretching into my daily life. And you know what? This tracker has made it all feel so manageable. It’s like having a friendly reminder to prioritize my well-being, one small step at a time. Whether it’s sipping water throughout the day or taking a few moments for mindfulness, this app has been very helpful, carefully guiding me towards a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. If you’re on a similar journey of recovery and renewal, give this app a try. It’s a simple yet powerful tool for fostering self-care and building healthier habits, one day at a time.
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9 months ago, Mollusk3087
Wild false advertising, and unscientific
So, I saw an ad on a social media app (the one that has the name relating to a clock), and saw an ad for an app that can measure my blood oxygen level, and my heart rate. I knew that this made no sense, but I wanted to check out how bogus it was. Of course, it immediately needed payment info, hoping I would forget about in when the free trial ran out. And just because I wanted to see how accurate it was, I measured my BPM (it said 26, I’m at 90), then I tried a bag of chips, and it read 123, and said I had “low energy levels”, after these tests it wanted access to my health app (never allow applications like this have access to you info, their selling it). I can also see that the creators are obviously botting their reviews, and deleting real ones. Also, their little ad campaign of “this app is saving thousands of lives a year” is so scummy. Whoever made this app is honestly an awful person. Sure, we all need to get some cash, even if it may be in a morally questionable way, but this is just overkill. Boring reviews, pushing lies in your ads, and taking advantage of people who aren’t tech savvy, and immediately asking for payment info (which I haven’t actually found a way to cancel payment)
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6 months ago, justpostmyreviewidontcare
Heart Rate Accuracy
I had an infection and I was to monitor my heart rate. I had two monitors (one on a blood pressure machine and one that goes on the finger), and this app. The blood pressure was exactly the same or within one degree difference of the other two monitors. I was at 116 resting and now that I’ve healed, it’s at 72 resting. I see other people said it wasn’t accurate, but I was taking mine daily with all three monitors (because the doctors always question the reliability of your tools so I decided to have three for sake of being sure) for like a week it never gave me a wacky reading, and I maxed out all the daily allotted freebies. Perhaps older phones aren’t as sensitive? I am not sure.
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6 months ago, BlackDogOfWar
This ap looked good, nothing stated that you had to spend any money. Just hit the plus , then hit the skip button and get your bpm. Well Tuesday night checked my bpm and then Wednesday twice first in the morning after my sleep, and secondly that evening after work. Then I went to check it today because I woke up weird. Well no more checking it at all “The basic plan allows for only 3 measurements a day. Switch to InPulse Pro to remove the limit.” I don’t have any money to spend on wasteful spending, and this from the reviews looks good. Once again just a bunch of greedy people you can easily make the money for this app for those who need more. I was simply trying to get more information for my doctor so I don’t have to spend that much time in his office, and I can just leave. If you were going to do this you should have stated at the beginning (you only have 3 measurements before you need to spend money) I would have never downloaded this or looked any further. I would have just went on my day.
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8 months ago, spiderhex
i’ve been using this app for a while, and i was perfectly fine with the restrictions that came with not paying for premium, i had the necessary info for my own health. today i go to do my night check of my pulse, as i’ve been using this app to track important info while i try to work on getting appointments for important diagnosis, but suddenly, all this basic but super important info that i’ve been tracking aside from just my heart rate is locked behind a pay wall that i can’t afford. important notes that i was going to show my doctor completely blocked off. no warning either, had i any warning i could’ve at least gotten screenshots of what i’d tracked before it went behind a paywall. don’t get this to track your heart’s health unless you have spare money to throw around, if you’re trying to keep track of your health for cheap, this isn’t a good option anymore.
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4 months ago, KatieDuMi
Impressive precision!
I’ve been using this app for a while now, and I must say, I’m pleasantly surprised by how precise the pulse measurements are. The app’s ability to quickly and accurately measure my pulse using just the camera is quite remarkable. It’s convenient, especially when I’m on the go and don’t have access to other monitoring devices. Plus, the reminders to check my pulse regularly help me stay on track with my health goals. I find this app to be a valuable tool for monitoring my heart health, and the precision of the pulse measurements is definitely a standout feature. If you’re looking for a reliable way to track your pulse on the go, give this app a try.
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8 months ago, Loughdough
Misleading advertising and fake features — a combination for a sleek-looking cash grab that takes advantage of those wanting information vital for maintaining their health. Firstly, absolutely does not measure your blood pressure. Any app available for your phone without the proper equipment to compliment it is quite physically impossible. Advertisements ran for this app literally say it is able to measure blood pressure, making it both completely incorrect and misleading. Secondly, the app DOES offer a feature to measure your pulse… however, it’s not only inaccurate, but it seems the number is pulled from thin air. Somehow the app is able to “read” the exact same pulse rate by both following the directions or by placing the camera literally anywhere else on your body (or even just hovering your finger over the camera without actually even touching it). Do not waste your time, storage, or money on this.
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3 months ago, Valera Shirokov007
Great app
As someone who struggles with blood pressure issues, having a convenient way to track it has been a game-changer. The journal feature allows me to log my blood pressure readings easily, and having all that data in one place has been incredibly helpful for me and my doctor. I quite enjoy having a personal health diary right at my fingertips! I can’t recommend this app enough to anyone who’s dealing with blood pressure concerns. It’s been a true blessing for me on my health journey.
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3 months ago,
Do not use for medical advice!
I was very interested in seeing how this “heart monitoring” app worked at first but it is simply inaccurate. I decided to test this out against my series 5 apple watch with a heart rate sensor and it showed how inaccurate this app is. I followed the instructions and loaded the heart rate app on my apple watch at the same time and there was a difference of 11 BPM. My apple watch read 93 BPM while this app read 82. To test my suspicions I decided to stand up while measuring my heart rate (i have orthostatic intolerance) and my apple watch immediately recorded my heart rate jump up to 154 BPM while this app continued to mark 83 BPM. This app should not be used to measure your heart rate or trusted with any information. This app should in no way shape or form be used to track your heart rate or any type of heart rhythms or to track heart conditions. This app should be taken off the AppStore for false advertisement.
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11 months ago, Outraged631
This app DOES NOT monitor blood pressure directly. My wife’s first language is not English and she purchased this app that says “monitors blood pressure” to…well, to monitor her blood pressure! So, in this instance, it depends on the meaning of the word ‘monitor.’ For this type of monitor, you could simply take your blood pressure and write it down in a notebook as opposed to being scammed into a $40 recurring subscription. I see in other reviews how the developer responds by saying “we’ll review the language in our description… blah blah blah” when they could simply post a disclaimer (as many similar apps do) stating: this app does not read blood pressure directly. Period. If you do mistakenly purchase this app, you need to go to your subscriptions and immediately cancel it, otherwise next year will roll around and you’ll be scammed once again.
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1 year ago, j1mmie
Does not actually monitor blood pressure
The app states that it "monitors" your blood pressure. Which is a purposely vague statement. The app doesn't monitor your blood pressure. You may measure your own blood pressure physically (via a machine, a clinic, etc). Then you may choose to enter your data manually (which is error prone, but that's beside the point). Maybe the app tells you if the data is high or low or something? But that hardly constitutes "monitoring" in my book. Maybe I'm a sucker because obviously how can an app measure pressure. But I was impressed with the heart rate measuring feature and thought maybe there's some way to estimate it. Devs: use the words "allows you to track/journal/log your blood pressure" instead. Until then, 1 star, false advertising. Apple should reject them from the App Store.
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1 year ago, bre<3❤️
literally at first i was like “oh cool an app that can actually help me with my crippled self” and i thought it actually worked you know? cuz i’d be inside and my heart would be like 77 or something, then i’d go outside and run, and it would be way higher. so i was like “woah it must be real if it knows my heart is beating faster.” well i started experimenting more with the app, and my heart rate was completely normal, and it said i was at 150 SOMETHING. I was like “what” so i got a red blanket and put my phone camera against it, and IT ACTUALLY STARTED MEASURING THE BLANKET SAYING IT WAS AT AN 86. LIKE IS IT JUST THROWING NUMBERS UP THERE WHEN IT SEES RED?! I WOULD ALSO BE LIKE EXTREMELY TIRED AND IT SOULD SAY FULL ENERGY BUT YOUR HEART IS OVERWORKED. LIKE WHAT?! Don’t waste your time or money with this. Literally making people pay for a dumb app that false advertises. it’s not worth it.
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4 years ago, iTheTodd
Absolute TRASH
My grandmother has AFIB(an underlying heart condition) and I was going to test out this app to see if it worked so she could check her heart rate on-the-go, but unfortunately after sitting there for a few minutes I came to the conclusion that this app does not work. I never got an end result and the entire time I was sitting still the numbers fluctuated from 68 BPM up to around 93 BPM. I know that I do not have any underlying heart conditions, therefore the fact that this fluctuated nearly 30BPM in a matter of seconds multiple times told me this app was a misleading waste of time. The developers of this app should be ashamed of themselves for not only making people pay an ungodly amount of money for a subscription to keep up with their heart rate on an app that doesn’t even work. This should be a for if entrapment and thievery!! ABSURD
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1 year ago, Donnan1313
Beware! Misleading advertising.
They claim to be a heart rate and blood pressure monitor, but it doesn’t check blood pressure…it only records like a journal after you input the information. That isn’t a “monitor”. I cancelled app within 24 hours and asked Inpulse for a refund, they told me to contact Apple, which I did to no avail so I appealed their decision and appeal was denied because I didn’t have a “valid “ reason. So scrutinize every word but most importantly read ALL the reviews before you purchase an app because you evidently don’t get your money back even if app doesn’t do what they advertised. Ad also stated just a small amount per month, but they charged the entire year up front. So for using it once and discovering it wasn’t what it said I paid $44. Thanks Inpulse and Apple.
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3 months ago, 𝐠𝐟𝐠𝐝𝐛𝐝
Be cautious.
Most of these reviews very obviously seem botted, just based upon the names they are not very convincing. They are most likely just giving themselves bad reviews to make it seem more convincing and adding the fact that these reviews are botted convincing people that these are real reviews. Nonetheless, this app is overall decent if you want to know your heart beats per minute however you must pay to know anything beyond that. Not only that, it responds back with the same message after you check your heartbeats per minute. Overall this app isn’t great yet isn’t bad at the same time.
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2 years ago, beisb38838dbje
I downloaded this app a few hours ago logged in with my Apple ID & continued to use the app a few hours later I got a notification saying that someone is trying to login my Apple ID now look I’m not sure if this apps security system is weak but it’s a big coincidence that a few hours after I sign in this app with my Apple ID I see someone in a different country trying to log in… good thing I have 2 step verification set up just a heads up to anyone who plans to use this app !
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4 months ago, kristtr79
Precise pulse tracker
This app has become my go-to for keeping tabs on my heart health! The pulse measurement feature is lightning-fast and impressively accurate. I’ve tested it multiple times against other devices, and it’s always spot-on. Plus, the reminders to check my pulse daily are a lifesaver. Literally! With this app, I feel like I have a personalized health assistant right in my pocket. If you’re serious about monitoring your heart health, look no further. This app has got you covered!
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1 year ago, listen 123456
Actually tells heart rate!
I’m very impressed with this app I didn’t even think it could be done. But I even test it out myself by feeling my own pulse and putting a 1 minute timer and it’s very accurate. I will say idk how much the phone affects it I have an iPhone 14pro max so this app for that phone works really well. If that’s not your experience then it could be the phone but I hope that it’s good on all phones. Great app for tracking heart rate on the go
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11 months ago, JapslapUrAz
No more extra baggage
I wanted to test this out so I wore my arm my blood pressure machine at the same time as I held my finger onto the camera on my iPhone 14+ and do you know I was shocked to find out that they were both almost in sync this off by 1° so no more curing around this extra machine that I have to have in my purse and the embarrassment of everybody looking at me when I’m testing my blood pressure now we’re hiding in the bathroom to test my blood pressure no more baggage. Yay.
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8 months ago, NilClass
Tricked my wife into a $6.99 per WEEK subscription.
Thankfully, she told me about it once she got an email, but hadn’t even realized she was going to be paying it. I am a developer, and she was showing me the app—the gimmicky measurements it does via the camera are essentially what something like at Apple Watch does, but the latter does it with no effort. When I asked her how much it cost, she said $6.99. I told her she was wasting her money at $6.99/mo. When I found out it was PER WEEK, I was inspired to download the app just so I could write this review. There is no world in which this app delivers anything approaching this much value. Save your money and after a year of not paying for this app, get an Apple Watch.
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3 months ago, like10bats
Very Useful App
I want to start by saying I really enjoy this app. It's eye-opening and helps me keep track of important issues like stress, anxiety, and overall health. My only issue so far is that I can't change the Mood and Activities graph. I accidentally clicked on the wrong mood, and now my chart is a bit off. It would be great if a future update allowed you to edit the chart in case of mistakes.
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3 years ago, Laserbeamz
Inaccurate and will give you anxiety
I got this app to track my heart rate as I have some health anxiety from time to time. I’ve had this app for a few weeks and I’ve recognized and talked to doctors that the numbers are inaccurate. I had the worst anxiety attack that put me in the ER because I kept on relying on this app for my heart rate only to pile up on my anxiety and make me feel like something was wrong whenever it got really high. I did one last check on my chest and used the app and proved that my heart rate was just fine and the app exaggerates from time to time. I highly recommend just using your hand or a medical professional as they’ll have a more accurate rate for you.
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4 years ago, blobslanguage
Great app!!
I downloaded a few apps before this one, the very first one did not work which made me disappointed, then came this app and wow! I opened the app, continued to the heart rate and instantly the flash light turned on (which did not happen on the first app) and started to calculate my pulse, it indicated the time I should wait and finally it gave me my results! Also they mentioned if my pulse was normal or not. I was very satisfied. Thanks 😁
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3 months ago, Charlotte's HeartRate
I have 40 disorders
One of my 40 disorders has to be mild epilepsy, which also has to do with seizures now I cannot control them, but with this app, I can tell exactly when I’m gonna have one whenever my heart rate is at 100. I know I’m gonna have a seizure sometime some minute any second when my heart rate is under 100 but higher than 61 or 60 I know I’m gonna be in the clear.
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10 months ago, ashianataeeee
False Advertising
Not exactly sure how they have nearly 5 stars when IPhone’s health app does exactly what this app does and more. Thankfully, I skimmed through reviews before opening the app. The developer has stated that the app has never been said to DIRECTLY measure blood pressure, but that’s a lie seeing as though I was sent here from Instagram based on an AD that shows someone putting their finger on the camera lens to measure stress levels, heart rate, mood, and energy along with a video insinuating that it measures blood pressure. Definitely click bait/false advertising. But if you’d like to jot down your BP after taking it with a machine, this app is for you!
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7 months ago,
highly recommended!
It's been my daily companion for monitoring my heart health and overall well-being. The convenience of measuring my heart rate using just my fingertip and camera is impressive. The journal feature helps me keep log of my blood pressure and oxygen saturation, while the daily health assessments and lifestyle advice keep me on track. Integration with Apple Health is a big plus.
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2 years ago, giiiaaaaaa-
Not the best.
Starting off, whenever I open this app it says its not connecting, I hit button and it lets me in. Keep in mind I’m on wifi 24/7 and when I’m not it automatically uses my cellular. Next, when checking my heart rate it always go up. You might be saying, “Well yea, our heart rates fluctuate as human beings,” no. It goes up because I guess I have like anxiety or something because the heart beat noise and vibration it plays makes me nervous and the rate goes up. Btw I did not pay for a subscription.
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2 months ago, dibenzaquen
So great!!
The only reason I wore my ugly Apple Watch was to monitor my heart rate because I get a fib. I have beautiful watches and I didn’t want to wear my Apple Watch, but I wanted to monitor my heart rate and then I discovered this app which does exactly all the things of my watch was doing, so I’ve discarded the watch my beautiful watch that I had put aside and I rely on this. I’m thrilled.
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11 months ago, angrytravel1
Download “HeartRate” instead
This app promotes paranoia. I have two apps on my phone. This one claims my heart is beating at 120 beats per minute. HeartRate says 70. I have fully been sent into a panic attack from this for fear of heart failure. If it gives you an outrageous number and you don’t physically feel a difference don’t believe it. If your heart rate goes up after the fact it’s most likely due to anxiety. Don’t believe this and don’t rely on it for valuable health information. Place a finger on your wrist, set a stopwatch. Count your pulse for ten seconds and multiply by six, and there’s your BPM acoustic style. Zero stars. Shame on you.
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8 months ago, ugottahveFaith
Doesn’t monitor/track BP
App description led me to believe it would monitor my BP. That’s not the case. You have to manually input your information. Reached out to tech support twice in hopes that it was user error and I was overlooking functionality but they confirmed that the functionality isn’t as I understood. Tech support response: Unfortunately, our app does not have the feature to measure your blood pressure at the moment. However, you can monitor your blood pressure by adding tags. Adding tags to your measurements and completing My Profile takes a minute, but gives in-depth insights on your heart performance that can be used for optimizing your physical activity, managing stress and improving your overall health. In order to log your Blood Pressure on ene app Blainscreen tap Add in the upper right corner > tap + next to Systolic and enter valid data > tap + next to Diastolic and enter valid data fix Date and Time > tap Save.
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8 months ago, Dem dem doll
I wish this app is free
If this app is free, it will be a lot easier for me to check my blood pressure. I would suggest making this free because once you make this free, you will make more money just from having more people being able to access your app so personally, I am in an apartment and I can’t afford that.
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3 months ago, LodisLane
Nice, but features lacking
While I love the app for monitoring my heart rate, I don’t like the fact that you cannot see your previous readings at all. What is the point of a daily log if you can only see the current day? It defeats the purpose of logging your stats. I needed to keep a blood pressure log and was disappointed to find that I could not go back to previous days for my numbers. It’s a good thing my blood pressure monitor has a memory.
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1 year ago, @upcomingyoutuber
Amazing app
So I went to the doctor and I said is this app helpful he said well let’s see he tested 10 different hart monitors on me and then i did the app and everything was the same! It is a amazing app it provides a lot of good info about your health my doctor started telling people to use and on top of that it is free!!! Amazing app all together.
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3 weeks ago, touchSmart@2608
It helps me so much!
I’m stuck in bed most of the time. I have end stages of osteoarthritis in my left hip. Been dealing with it for five years now. My movements are limited to bathroom breaks, showers only once a week or EOW. Getting my meal for the day. If I eat takeout my hypertension rises, so I am limited by situation and available healthy foods. This app has been helping me monitor that
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4 weeks ago, Ace hamil
I give it 5 starts
I struggle with my heart I haven’t been able to get any diagnosed yet but I am trying and this app has really helped me keep track of my heart rate whenever I feel like something is wrong I can do a quick check and get my results quickly and act accordingly.
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4 months ago, Jenlcaine
Used 3 times and just okay
So far it’s okay, but needs improvement. When I first started using it I entered my information (gender, age, height & weight). I just used for the 3rd time and had to enter that information in again. Why? Also, I weigh 237 this morning (weighed myself), but when I enter 237 it changes to 238. I enter 236 and it says 236. It does not enter 237 though, always 238. Needs to be fixed. I’ll continue to monitor to see how it does.
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4 weeks ago, all oh g San f Th vxch
Poor and misleading.
I saw the video on a break between levels of a game and thought it was great. It looked like it had taken the pulse, blood pressure, oxygen, and it didn’t none of those. All it does is take your heart rate my watch can tell me if my heart rate is high, low or different. You end up having to log in manually what it appeared to be it would take though I think you should change the video you’re using. besides that, the video I saw twice more on different downloads so you should get your act together.
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7 months ago, Tatabatuta
Scam refund me the $50
This is my serious feedback and negative experience from the 1st time I downloaded the InPulse app. Firstly, I understand that to download the app is free and the subscription has fee. Did not sign up for subscription but I have been charged $50. It is advertised free and with additional features, there's fee. I downloaded the app to see what's free in the app. I realized it’s not what I need so I did not subscribe. I am reaching out to cancel my subscription & refund me the $50. The add says 30 day free to download the app InPulse but within a week I have been charged. GS
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2 years ago, caseykay412
Inaccurate on iPhone 11 Pro Max
UPDATE: MY CHEFS KNIFE HAS GOT A PULSE YALL! APP IS FAKE FOR SURE. I ONLY GIVE IT 2 STARS FOR THE REPORTS FEATURE. I rely on my phone to accurately monitor my heart rate. This app is wrong every time I check my pulse. My average resting heart rate is usually high and this app when compared to HeartRate and Apple Watch is ALWAYS lower than the accurate rate…by A LOT. For example right now my ACTUAL HEART RATE IS 109. ACCORDING TO THIS APP HEART RATE IS 97. This is unsafe inaccurate measurements. This was compared once again to HeartRate, Apple Watch monitor and a pulse oximeter. This is the only method that measured that low.
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4 years ago, Wildtazz61
I just downloaded this app because the reviews looked ok. I had it downloaded. Read how to do it. Then proceeded to do what it said. I had my finger placed where it said it should be. It started to read and then stopped. It told me to place my finger on the camera. My finger never moved. After 5 or 6 tries it finally read it. I thought that might be a glitch so I tried again. Same results. I tried the 3rd time and nothing had changed still same faulty results. That’s when I deleted the app and wrote this review.
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9 months ago, Kayla Goetzinger
Love it!! But don’t love to pay for it!!!!
I love how it shows you information on everything and you can take little quizzes, set reminders, check your pulse, and so many other things I just don’t like that we have to pay for it.
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4 years ago, ilovehsn
This APP Shows how idiotic people are
I was able to put inanimate objects, and it still gave me a “heart rate”. If my flash drive and book have a heart rate of 67 and 72 how accurate can it be for someone seriously figure out your heart rate. I also did test on myself while using an Apple Watch (Apple Watch may not be 100% accurate it is sure close to accurate and I’ve actually used my watch data to show a doctor) my heart rate was 52 in real life. While the app said it was in the 70’s. TLDR: Play app and dumb people believe it. Also my book has a heart rate of 72.
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7 months ago, ayehaww
Very very much a scam
It doesn’t let you look at results of health and MENTAL ILNESS ISSUES, it told me to take a quiz to see if I had an Eating disorder and I was crying whilst answering and it all the sudden asked if I would like to pay 65$ per year or month or something . And wouldn’t tell me my results. ALSO I put the “heart rate monitor” on my finger and believed it for a milli second before I put it on a package of red food and it started saying the bags heart rate was 67 then 77 and so on and so forth. It’s fake and will make you anxious for no reason. It’s a fake Chinese hacker app.
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6 months ago, Gaffer in Virginia
Day one of my “free” trial
It looks like a robust app, but the feee version being a three day period whereby auto billing starts in day 4 feels no so free to me. I can’t seem to readily find how to change from the hideously expensive $7 a week plan to your more reasonable $40 a year plan. For forcing folks into a box, you get dinged from excellent by one star.
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4 months ago, MORGSMOO
App changed
This app used to be so good and helpful, but now everything requires you to have premium. It’s also really annoying when it says you have measurements left but when you try to take a measurement it says you’ve run out for the day even when I haven’t taken any measurements that day. Really disappointed with all the changes.
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Helps me with my high blood pressure
I have had high blood pressure ever since I was 7. I don’t know what the cause is but I do notice that whenever I receive bad news, my heart starts beating so fast. I don’t know if that’s for everyone, but this app really helped me so I could know when my blood pressure was high and I had no idea.
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7 months ago, RayTreg
Ridiculous amounts of charging after deleted and canceled
I got the app and tried it for one day. It didn’t seem to give and accurate read. I decided not to keep it. I deleted it and canceled whatever subscription was tied to it. I have been charge $7 every 2 weeks for this app. For several weeks now and I don’t know how to get them to stop charging my card. Seems dumb to be charge every two weeks for an app someone has totally deleted and turned off.
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8 months ago, 208854
Missing or Insufficient Information
From the Free 3-day trial tried to measure heart and blood pressure. Sensor seems to be very specific as to where finger is placed and how much pressure to be applied. Instructions only specified where to place finger and that was a challenge as it took me a total of 9 tries just to get a recordable reading. Oh. Pray that you don’t move otherwise will have to start over again. Tried to look up blood pressure but app is telling me to take measurement first. Gave up and deleted app.
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2 years ago, Codicilel
Very inaccurate, like incredibly
I know my condition and it causes me to always have a high heart rate in general, it can’t be helped without medication and therapy for it; and my numbers are always within a certain range. I thought I would try this app from seei by ads so I was like “ why not” . This app keeps telling me my heart rate is 66 ALL the time, after workout or other activities it always gives a number in the 60s. Several days same stuff. Removed it and wrote this ad
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3 years ago, Mkstl25
Doesn’t really work
I tested this against my Apple Watch as well as manually checking my heart rate which has been very consistent with me feeling my heart race. If your just wondering you can use this but if you are concerned because you don’t feel well, don’t waste your money on this app. Manually and my Apple Watch show my heart rate was 127, the app said 80. That’s a difference of normal and tachycardia. Not safe to rely on this. It also gave me the same rate regardless of when I used it.
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