Insight Timer–Meditate & Sleep

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User Reviews for Insight Timer–Meditate & Sleep

4.9 out of 5
406.4K Ratings
1 year ago, Lyssaszoo
Reliable and helpful for all ages
Our family has loved Insight Timer for years now. Nearly every update has been an improvement on an already great app. We use it when putting our little ones to bed at night (and we’re too exhausted to tell them a story or sing to them ourselves). My 8-yo particularly loves Cori Cochiolo, especially her Heidi, Cherry, and Vaya series. Our kids often turn it on when they go to sleepovers, especially if they’re having trouble falling asleep. Their friends usually start using it, too. Personally, I’ve used it for myriad things…. It’s a fantastic support / encouragement for staying consistent with my meditation practice. It helps me fall asleep, whether that be music, stories, or guided meditations. It helps me go back to sleep. Sometimes I've participated in their courses and challenges (I’d like to do more of them). I’ve reconnected with some of my favorite Kripalu teachers from years past, who are active on this site. I’ve even found super helpful sessions that help me wake up in the mornings with a positive mindset (even before coffee!!). I could not recommend this app more highly. The options are endless, and you can financially support the content creators as/when you’re able…so you can use it regardless of your financial state. I view it as having a personal meditation “trainer” come to my home a few times a day, for support and guidance. For me, that’s priceless.
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3 years ago, Buy a better game
Don’t call it a timer, because it can’t keep time…
I use to love this app and for years it was my favorite app, but it no longer is able to manage it’s basic functionality. The timer function constantly pauses during calls and won’t restart no matter what, or just completely shuts down during sessions. The Insight support usually has the same tired response, re-download it etc. etc, but nothing is working. That and the app would also loose my day count for meditation whenever I flew out of my time zone. The app was sold several years ago and their became a rapid shift towards competing with other mindfulness apps like Headspace and Calm. It is clear that the new developers are much more interested in creating a new age social network and promoting different healers, many of which seem unvetted. All of this functionality seems fine, but to let go of the basic timer function is disappointing and doesn’t seem like much of a technological challenge. Bottom line this should be called INSIGHT SOCIAL NETWORK or CHEAP GURU, but when TIMER is in your name and you can’t even keep time, what’s the point. They also don’t really give a crap about customer complaints because this is now years that I have been dealing with this issue. In the end, I lost my Zen due to my meditation timer app which is a dark joke in itself. Goodbye insight!
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6 years ago, LaurelT
What a resource!!
I initially downloaded this app for the timer - a nice variety of authentic sounding bowls, blocks, and chimes. Fast forward four years and I'm continually blown away by the incredible amount and quality of the guided meditation content now available here! All for free!! With new recordings arriving each day, there's everything from basic breath work and mindfulness practices, to creative visualization and hypnotherapy, Yoga Nidra, meditations on specific topics (I've noticed everything from improving your ball game to having a healthy pregnancy!), children's meditations, meditations in a variety of foreign languages, music, and spiritual talks. While most of the offerings seem to be pretty secular, there are some which might appeal more specifically to people with backgrounds in Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and probably other religions as well. There's everything from world renown spiritual leaders to up and coming teachers from around the world. I've found some real gems here and have bookmarked many more than I'll probably ever get to as I keep coming back to some favorites. I haven't gotten into the social aspect of this app, but that is also there for people who want that. I do enjoy seeing the charts of my practice over time and feel more centered and able to cope with life as I enjoy realizing the personal goals I've set. Thank you!!
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1 year ago, Thrav
Adjusting the previous rating I made
6-8 months ago my insight timer app stopped working but the developers worked for several months to try to fix the issue, to no avail. They even checked in with me months after that to see if it still wasn’t working and I had to tell them it wasn’t. I continued to recommend the app because I believe in it and their customer service was outstanding (even though I was not a premium customer)! I would check monthly to see if I was able to use the app and was often disheartened when it would fail each time. Fast forward to just a few short weeks ago… I re-downloaded the app to see if it would finally work and to my astonishment and glee, it opened right up for me and didn’t glitch and stop working. I had access again to the app!!!! I did lose my extensive saved libraries, but I don’t care about that! I am just thrilled to have access to the app once again! I use it every once day at least and I am so very very grateful to have it back and working well. A huge thank you to the Insight Timer team for whatever they did to make it work for me and for trying so hard to fix it for me months ago. I will continue to recommend the app as I always have. Much gratitude to all of you!
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1 year ago, ramak444
single most important app in my iphone!!
sighhhh. this app is everything. using insight timer consistently, i have 135 total days meditated & 66 consecutive days completed. i use the app from the moment i wake up, work on my laptop, in an uber, when i’m home reading or cooking, and finally when i sleep. i can’t believe there’s a FREE app like this that houses so many wonderful meditation tracks. you can choose music or guided meditation. i ‘ve even played the kid meditations for my little nephew to fall asleep. in the settings area, it has a full chart of your progress and how many total minutes etc you’ve meditated. seeing the numbers really motivates you to keep the streak going & meditate daily. if you don’t like guided meditation, there’s a simple timer you can use, which is the original purpose of the app. thank you to the creators of insight timer & the teachers who provide their guidance & positive energy. i’ve tagged them on instagram stories in the past & they always reply and like. i love an interactive company. i see myself purchasing their ‘member plus’ version which has a lot of cool features. i rarely write app store reviews but this platform has truly helped me in my daily life. THANK YOU! sending peace & love your way. download this dang app i tell ya! ~Ra
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5 years ago, Macmamamarie
As a teacher, I’ve been recommending different apps and music for my students and patients over the years and I can honestly say that I have switched and I use Insight Timer EVERY DAY without fail and have done so since the day I found it! I recommend it to everyone! I’m so impressed with the content and how it’s broken down by category and by time. If you only have a few minutes, you still can access a mind space to breathe. There is so much to explore and do within this little app. You can choose to approach meditation from a spiritual or scientific angle, you can simply use it to breathe or listen to lectures and learn something new, you can use it as a meditation timer or go into a chat room and discuss meditation or philosophy with other like minded people. The option to join and become part of a community and connect with other people on the journey of learning and discovery is wonderful, and it’s international platform makes it uniquely powerful. I can’t say enough about this because it’s so much more than an app, it’s an idea that came together in an app and created an international community of meditators and made it accessible to even the newest beginner. I have passed this app on to over a hundred people and will continue to do so! I can’t recommend this enough!!
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6 years ago, pooooowjerhchvheirh
The BEST meditation app there is!
I've been through quite a few meditation apps, but Insight Timer is by far the best and the one I've been using consistently for months now and plan to continue using. Unlike other apps that only feature their own meditations or require you to pay to access all of them, Insight Timer allows users to upload their own meditations and there is an enormous catalog with more added each day. Also, you can choose from the amount of time to the category of meditation you want and see/leave ratings and reviews on anything. As if this weren't great enough, it also has the best meditation timer I've seen in any app. Set any amount of time or infinite time, add the bell of your choice from one to three times, beginning and/or end and/or intervals. AND beyond these wonderful things, it offers groups to enter for support or kind messages, and it logs your progress! It's so great to be able to see how many days consecutively you've meditated and for me this is a huge motivator not to miss a day. It's also interesting to see your days and weeks compared and how much time total you've spent on the timer vs guided meditations. Recommend this app to anyone and everyone who enjoys being relaxed and grounded!(I.e. Every human being)
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4 years ago, sober mama
Best meditation app hands down!
I don’t write reviews for apps. I felt compelled to do so for this one. First off, i have been trying to get into the practice of meditation for several years now. I’ve tried classes, doing it on my own, and various other apps: Calm, HeadSpace, etc. Problem with those apps is they all charge you a monthly fee after the trial period. This is the only truly free app for meditation. Once I got into it, it’s laid out so beautifully, easy to find specific meditations, and its so user friendly. I really found myself looking forward to meditating after the first couple of days. It is now a part of my morning routine and i could not imagine my life without it. They do offer courses in addition to the over 45,000 free meditations. I fell in love with one meditation guide in particular who led a Smiling Meditation which literally brought happy tears to my eyes while meditating! I found that she offered a 10-day self-confidence workshop. I wound up going ahead and purchasing the yearly membership for $65. Well worth it to me bc i don’t think I could run out of courses or premium content on this app! Could not recommend enough! If you have had other apps collecting space on your phone, do yourself a favor and delete them! Get Insight Timer!
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6 years ago, Im4everjyoung
The PERFECT Library of Meditations at My Fingertips
I cannot say enough about how much I enjoy this app. It doesn’t have any advertisements, like in other free apps, and I can pull up any type, at any moment, for as long as I need, and for what purpose I need it for, and VIOLA!! Poof!! 💥There it displays many many choices! I am so thrilled, there is such a treasure chest of talented gems, and I am really learning so much! It not only helps me learn how to meditate, but how to continue putting into practice what I’ve learned. Prior to this app, I had restless sleep. I am experiencing the joys of menopause, so there are a lot of sleepless nights. However, when I used the sleeping meditations, I’m sound asleep in minutes! 😴 I wake refreshed & ready to take on the day! I’ve even done morning meditations, during acupuncture, for a power nap, waiting for an appointment... anywhere at any time of the day. I’ve gained an abundance mindset and have truly felt the confidence, clarity, pleasure, self-love, healing, cleansing, serenity, gratefulness, openness to love, self-care, inspiration, rejuvenation, motivation, fun, and receptivity to enjoy discovery and new challenges... and truly living life. Very powerful and well organized app. Thank you for the developers & beautiful contributions. The BEST APP EVER!! Life changing!!
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5 years ago, Wrisque
Self Acceptance
A message I wrote to just one of the many teachers available to you with Insight Timer: Thank you Paz. For the 30 day mantra challenge❤️. I am 55 years and meditation is new to me. I gave myself permission to pursue this challenge using the body and mind I currently have (busy and distracted with many joys, passions and concerns) and so I started the challenge laying down in bed in the morning (cozy), I enjoyed it so much I sometimes did 5 sessions a day as I washed dishes and did the laundry and walked the dog❤️. I let myself be who I am at this moment, someone entirely new to mantras and meditation, and so added the challenge to my life without trying to do it perfectly. Sometimes I sang along. Sometimes I just listened. Sometimes I picked up after my dog. —-> it didn’t matter, I came out the other side of the challenge a more calm, present, peaceful person. I was fascinated to be able to feel the vibration of my singing in my heart with my hand set on my chest. It’s so exciting to be learning something so extraordinary at this time in my life. I am listening and participating again now with my quieter mind. This has improved every aspect of my life. I also listen often to your album Inner Light. Thank you Paz for this gift. Thank you Insight Timer❤️
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2 years ago, soodfq
Every update worse than the last
This used to be a great app. Simple and compelling. But more than any other app I can think of, they keep making changes that lower the experience…clutter the screen, put the most commonly used features (the timer, for instance) underneath menus instead of on the home page. And they’ve destroyed the community they had by a series of rearrangements and bugs that have killed off a lot of the friendly conversations with others which I enjoyed about this app. It’s been more than a year since the “new messages” red light meant anything, and I just stopped checking it because it would not light up when there were new messages (after working perfectly for a year before that). But now no one sends messages anyway so who cares. Update: they tell me you can customize your home page and make it the timer, which is good. But the criticism about the reduction in community interaction remains. I’d say the number of messages I receive (Ie “thank you for meditating with me”, or custom messages) and responses I receive from my messages is down 80% from before they made these changes last year. It’s essentially killed off any social/community aspect of the app, which is a shame. It’s a wonderful group of people and those of use who enjoy saying hello really miss the way the app used to facilitate those happy interactions.
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3 years ago, Lunabeat
Unable to leave reviews for meditations
The review button on the site is broken and users are no longer able to update old reviews that we have written or leave new ones. This problem started about 2 weeks ago. I have emailed the app about 6 times over this period, but nothing has been done to fix the problem. I am in the habit of listening to new meditations and then leaving reviews (which are never negative) so I know which meditations I have already listened to, which I love or merely like. I enjoy reading the reviews of others as well. So the fact that this review button is not working is a problem. Otherwise, I love Insight Timer. I have been using it for 3 years and 3 months and have clocked over 10k minutes of meditation. The topics are varied and interesting. I bounce around a lot to new meditations based on the topics I am working on in my life. I find some of the meditations to be incredible and in the style I enjoy and others to be just good, in my opinion, but not my style. That is why the review button is so important, so I don’t unintentionally begin a meditation that I have already listened to in the past and just found to be ok, but unmotivating to me.
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2 years ago, AdryaneP
Insight Timer has so much content!
As a therapist, I’m great for listening to clients and making suggestions for addressing ongoing issues but this is the first time I was intentional with beginning my own personal practice of mindfulness and meditation. I didn’t know where to start and thought an app would be helpful. I didn’t know there are apps that require paid membership in order to access the content and I understand that. But I didn’t want to pay for a membership if I wasn’t sure I would be consistent. Insight Timer fit exactly what I was looking for! First, the amount of content that’s free is staggering! That lets me know there are other professionals that understand the reach of their expertise and don’t mind sharing with the larger community. Second, this content is provided by professionals who practice in this arena of wellness. I want to explore more and I see there are ways for me to personalize my wellness experience. Mood tracking, journaling, setting reminders and timers, classes and now I’m excited to continue this practice with full intention. Thank you to all who have developed this app and who contribute to it! Amazing work! And the surround community will benefit from this work!
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5 years ago, Tljane
My Favorite App
I have been using the free version of Insight Timer since 2011 and other than my standard mail, text and calendar apps, this is the app I use most consistently. I recently upgraded to the paid version thinking that at the very least, I should support this dedicated staff and I’m really glad I did. I’m enjoying the courses and other paid features. I’m an executive coach and for years, have been recommending Insight Timer to every one of my clients, most of whom have never meditated before. There are so many options to help beginners get started, from short meditations that can help busy clients dip their toes in the water and build their meditation muscles to guided meditations that really help people learn to calm their minds. I’m really looking forward to exploring more of the courses. It would be fantastic if there was a way to build a favorites list, then easily share that with my clients. I’ve found that anything I can do to lower the barriers to getting started (one of which can be an overwhelming array of choices), the higher the likelihood that a client will try something. Maybe this option already exists. Guess I need to do some exploring. Thanks Insight Timer for developing my favorite app!
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5 years ago, shineylewis
Great app with several limitations
I love this app, I really do, but unfortunately there’s some limitations that make it difficult to use under certain situations. I paid for the upgrade. There are many Courses included with the premium membership that are fabulous. The daily Insights are also wonderful. The problem is not with the content. The limitation is that The Course tracks and the Daily Insights don’t repeat. So you’ll be trying to fall asleep while listening to a 10 minute meditation and when it’s over, if you haven’t fallen asleep, you’ll need to dig around for your glasses in the dark (if you’re like me) then find your phone, to manually restart the meditation. Or like yesterday, after the start of a migraine the same thing. I’m getting very frustrated, having to continually do this with each meditation. They have the ‘repeat’ function on the regular guided meditations, but just not on Course tracks or Daily Insights. Why? I’m really sorry to bash such a great app, and it truly is a great app but again, those limitations really knock it down a few stars for me. In addition, there is no way to bookmark Course tracks or Daily Insights or download them as a Premium member, like you can do with the regular guided meditations. Not sure if I can find a better meditation app, but these limitations are going to make me try to seek one out.
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6 years ago, flaminywen
Wonderful app, evolving conscientiously
Insight Timer has been with me since way before it became a source of so much varied and wonderful material. I used to use it just to time my own meditations or the holding of my yin postures, when all it was was a timer! Even then it felt like a treasure on my iPad. I lost my thread with meditation for a while and when I returned I found a new world in the making on this app, with a most inspiring talk from the CEO to kick off my appreciation, respect, and enthusiasm. I came back as a regular and haven’t scratched the surface, in spite of using it nearly daily. It helped me through a two year battle of my husband’s with cancer that would eventually take him out. Most remarkably, my husband, never having been a meditator himself, found his way to using this app for desperately needed help in sleeping the last few months of his life. He listened so much the last few weeks that all we caregivers needed to know how to access his favorites, day and night. And now I’m returning to this wealth of help to work with my grief and move forward. I can see that it will be a godsend yet again. Thank you for a remarkable product, conceived and conducted with great heart and smarts. Still a treasure for me. w
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10 months ago, ZenLydia
Most useful and versatile meditation app
I’m an experienced meditator in a number of meditation styles and traditions. I love this app for giving me customizable bells and timers for any meditation I want to create. I use it for myself solo and when I lead a meditation group. I’ve been exploring more practices and music/soundscapes and find my access to teachers and content creators super easy and exciting. I love the quotes of the day and being able to record my mood and what’s happening for me and go back and look at my well-being trends. I’m not so keen on the milestones and star assigning system that makes me feel like I’m reaching for an accomplishment with my meditation. I’d rather just track the stats, which you can totally do. I’m also not really involved in the community but you get to see who you’re meditating with around the world which is so connecting. Insight Timer is way more than Insight meditation, and if you’re looking for a timer, a community, some meditation direction, and wanting to enhance your mental and physical well-being, this is the app for you. Beginners and experienced folks alike will find many things to like about this meditation timer and meditation app.
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1 year ago, Gosh Darn!
Should have done this before now
Three months from today I turn 70. I have never been a meditator. Certainly not a daily one. I’ve had a curiosity about it, but I think that part of my atheism is that I tend to be pretty much a skeptic. In February of this year, I began daily meditation, using a few different apps I’d downloaded. They were all okay. Solidly good, perfectly fine. But there were fewer options on one, or too new-agey (for want of a better term), or there would be some perceived lack. Then I stumbled across Insight Timer. This has felt like a fundamental shift in my experience of life, and I’ll attribute it to my time with many of the teachers here. Both courses and guided meditations for me... a friend uses the app strictly for the “timer” aspect....bells, chimes, gongs... I’m a paying member, but even the free parts of the app seemed to me to be effectively endless. AND good, at that. In case none of this is clear enough , I recommend this app. So, I must have written that in September 2020, and just found it now; it appears that I wrote but never posted it. It is now January 2023; I still come here every day, and still recommend the app. It can be transformative.
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2 years ago, DJ Satta
Used to Be A Great App
This was a great app I used for many years, I think close to 10. Insight Timer provided a nice structure for my practice sittings. Also had a great format to connect with others I met at meditation retreats and such, and see how many people around the planet were meditating at the same time – cool! Unfortunately, in the past few years they have made it more commercialized with all sorts of intrusive video and audio recordings and live workshops, as well as making a more sophisticated profile of me linked to other health related apps. There are so many other apps out there doing that already and I am disappointed Insight Timer could not remain a simple helpful tool. I’m not a fan of self-help culture, especially when meditation practice fully opens the door to self-growth without requiring guided self-affirmations and reassurances from strangers on the internet I find mindfulness practice is a true internal source of strength and wellness all by itself. With the most recent updates (Fall 2021) they added smiley-faced feedback after each meditation setting! That was really too much for me. I don’t see how their new anxious commercialization and overactive self-help mindset fits the spirit of meditative transformational practice like it used to. Sadly had to delete the app.
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4 years ago, KonaHIMike
70+ days in and still LOVE this app!
Update — now three years in & would prefer it stop being so commercial. Meditation is not complicated, does not require going to class for the rest of your life. Those of us who just want to use the timer function — it gets put in with constant ads in your face. It is shameful actually that an organization that says it wants to make your life better pushes you to do routines and classes that actually detract from getting from point A to point B. Oh well, if the times keep getting stuck behind commercialization, at least I’m not addicted to these classes at all, I can use alternative timers or none at all. I still mostly use it for the great sounding sequential timers. Who wants to be blasted out of their session? Not me, and this app provides quality sounds to let me first relax, sound so I know to move into my first part, then when that time has passed, sound, so I know to move into my second (rest) part, then a nice gentle sound to let me know I can comfortably open my eyes and end my "meditation". Works perfect -- and is all I need to use -- I can add friends when I have extra time or browse the "forums" but totally not necessary to do Turning Within meditation (Kelvin Chin) -- a sort of hybrid of TM, a sort of mantra meditation. It has made a world of difference and this app helps me keep my place and incidentally tracks the days that turn to weeks and months. Very happy with this app!
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1 year ago, Gurt011
Easy to use and keeps you in touch with your mind and body
I really like this app I was looking for something that would have breath work and gratitude templates and this app has both. There are a lot of free options to look through, I learned from my psychology class that when doing these breathing exercises it is more benifitial to engage your belly while breathing. This contracts your whole diaphragm calming your nervous system and is very helpful to do when you are anxious or stressed. I really like the mindful part of this app as well. There are morning talks on how to start your day with intentional positivity which can help improve your days. Along with daily mood check ins. There are different playlists of music along to fit whatever you are doing. Along with yoga to help you stay active. Increasing your heart rate can release endorphins like dopamine and Serotonin. The release of these chemicals in your brain makes you happier and more attentive throughout your day. Overall this is a really good app that I would recommend. I just wish you didn’t have to pay for some of the stuff but there is ample free opportunities for you to use.
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11 months ago, MindfulMands
Can’t go without it now. I’m hooked!
My son is 11 and has severe ADHD and PTSD with Anxiety and Depression. I am currently trying to overcome a 17 yearlong abusive and toxic relationship. I have learned to love meditation as a recovery tool and I am grateful for the recommendation to try this method and to continue learning to meditate and use it for my daily life. It is never easy and it’s a learned practice and discipline to be mastered. I am grateful to have found insight timer and had no idea about the app or the array of options available for free and the Plus courses for which I am currently working on where to begin because there are so many different options available and such excellent content for anyone going through any kind of situation or at any point of their journey. I am just excited to have this as a daily tool for me and my son and cannot imagine going without. Amazing and talented people on Insight Timer and the community is so supportive and awesome! Positive all around! Thank you for creating this app and world of learning for us all to access and become part of! Beautiful work! Thank you all for sharing this with us and the world.
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4 years ago, Braveorchid
Almost Perfect
I love this app and use it daily. There are so many content options it’s a bit two sided—it’s a lot to sort through. My biggest pretty please wish is that it return to saving my preference to sort my bookmarks from short to long. It used to remember the last sort setting, but for some reason it was taken away (and the bookmarks kind of buried) a couple of versions ago. Edit: I still enjoy this app, but with each new version I’m a little disappointed. I had liked the opening screen with the map of where people were meditating, but also that it wasn’t more than that, as meditation is a private thing. A quiet connection felt much more comfortable. It feels much more commercial now—I’m constantly being advertised at with smiling headshots. I doubt that would change if I subscribed, and I’d prefer to buy rather than rent the app anyway. It’s also constantly being redesigned, making it hard to know where to find things. And the last update completely took away the ability for me to sort my bookmarked meditations from shortest to longest, which I really preferred as my default and used to be able to set it to.
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3 years ago, tea spirit
How to ruin a perfectly good app...
I've been using Insight Timer for many years. It is by far the best meditation timer available on iOS. Over the years the developer has added various other aspects, but the Timer was always front and center. Some of the newer aspects included meditaitons, which I greatly appreciate. I was able to add my favoruites and access timer and mediations from a simple home screen and turn off or ignore the "social" aspects which become more dominant in the app. (No, I dont want to know how many people have meditated with me today!) But the recent update has really turned me off. To start, the app launches with a daily quote. When I wake up in the morning and reach for my phone to start a meditation session, the LAST thing I want is someone's quote floating around in my head. There is no way to turn off this so-called "feature". And now the social aspects are front and center and very annoying. No, I dont want the app to ask me "How are you doing today"! I'd like to suggest to the developer to read the recent comments here as I see that MANY other people are as annoyed as I am. Please do not abandon your roots. Please return the basic simplicity and functionality of the app, and let those who want the other features to access them without (disrespectfully) shoving them in front of everyone's face. Thank you.
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5 years ago, tineydancer
Yeah, this app is the best. Period.
Like many other reviewers, I have tried and tested many different forms of meditation. I tried Headspace (and liked it!), but it never stuck. I am a YOGA TEACHER, and yet, to my disappointment, I simply couldn’t turn a personal meditation practice into a daily habit. Skeptical but re-inspired, I downloaded Insight Timer. I tried a 5-minute loving-kindness mediation and felt invigorated. I’ve had the app for four days and have meditated everyday since (sometimes twice in one day!). It’s easily become habit - suddenly - given the great magnitude and variety of resources on this app. I LOVE how you can search for anything (and find it, no doubt), listen to different voices and techniques every time, AND it’s free. There is a premium option, but unlike many other apps, the abundance of free perks on this one makes it easy and simple to use without concern to upgrade — they’re not trying to trick you one bit! (Thank you, Insight Timer, for making this app free and accessible to all folks with smart phones.) I love this app. And for the first time in my life, I not only turn inward regularly - rather, I eagerly look forward meditating every day.
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3 years ago, Parazenbo
The TikTok of Meditation Apps
Do not buy this app if you want to use it for the timer only. Using the app is like logging into facebook, just to access the timer. With this app, you are constantly being marketed to with “New and Improved” update of their app. I have been using the app for a long time and it is now so completely different that it is no longer functional for its stated purpose. From the login page, you will have to navigate through several different pages before you get to the actual timer. Basically, they built a social network around the timer that you are now forced to join and participate in, so they can sell you their premium “meditation services”. I am a long-time practicing Buddhist, and from what I can see, the app has been redesigned to distract people from sitting in meditation to make them dependent on a “meditation specialist” or some other “premium subscription service.” I would not be so harsh, but if you purchase this app, you will be giving money to someone who wants to sell services over providing you a product that will help you progress in your spiritual journey. I deleted this app and will be looking for suitable alternative. I hope you can find the same, and I wish you the best luck trying to escape the lies of samsara. Maybe “samsara” would be a better name for the app at this point.
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6 years ago, 2 Peace
Thank you for this wonderful resource 🦋🌺
This app offers so much to so many people—Much more than a meditation timer! It offers free and low cost talks on many aspects of life, guided meditations, groups, short courses, connections to other meditators, inspiration and more. Need help with relaxing? Or calming anxiety, working with depression, chronic pain, sleeplessness, body image? All of these and more are here. The teachers include those who are enlightened and share their peace, wise and humble teachers who share their understanding from years on the path, beloved for their human qualities of sincerity, vulnerability and compassion. Since there are many facets to inner deepening and many places to begin or delve deeply—this is a wonderful tool/app and I thank its creators and all who participate as guides and as participants. I do have a few requests. Is it possible to get a pure clear tone on the timer? An example would be Eckhart Tolle’s perfectly tuned and light, ringing chime. A second suggestion is an option for an array of seconds of a large quartz crystal singing bowl being toned around its perimeter. Both of these would be cleansing and beautiful to hear. Thank you.
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3 years ago, SammaSam2012
Best Meditation App By a Mile
Insight Timer is by far the best meditation app available, I’ve tried all the top apps and nothing compares. Most of the other major meditation apps are focused on selling you hardware or a subscription - Insight Timer is free and has additional content you can pay for but it’s not built as a “money machine” the way the others are. Plus, there are legitimately excellent, experienced and trained meditation instructors like Tara Brach who post free guided meditations to get you started. My only “complaint,” if you can even call it that, is that there is now a TON of essentially worthless “woo-woo” visualization exercises and “healings” posted by an increasing number of “meditation teachers” who clearly have no training or credentials and are just using the app to build an audience for their personal brand. It didn’t used to be like that, but now it’s common to see three pieces of new-age nonsense for every one actual guided meditation. I worry a bit that beginning meditators would easily get sidetracked down an endless rabbit hole of “mind candy” and miss the core point of meditation - training the mind to be present, empty, and completely open.
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3 years ago, ErikaLMoon
I’ve been using Insight for YEARS!
Truthfully, there is no better app for meditating whether you are just beginning your journey or have already found and are simply improving your zen. You’ve found the app you are probably looking for. The guided meditations are my favorite because my brain has a habit of wandering off to things I need/want to do later, maybe a conversation that already happened, where the person is going whose loud car just drove by... so listening to someone else guide my thoughts into focus by following my breath is EXACTLY what I never knew I needed. They have tons of instrumentals you can choose from, which I have used before and practiced yoga or just worked on something with it playing in the background. Oh my, and endless sleep sounds like will knock you ouuuuut. The actually timer within the app, I honestly probably use the least. So, if you are on the fence about if this should be the one you download because you don’t just want to delete after a few weeks or months because you didn’t get out of it what you thought... you do what you choose. ✨
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3 years ago, Cateink
Try it. You’ll like it.
I love so many things about this app. First all the meditations, playlists and live feeds are free. It’s really important to me that everyone can have free access. That being said, I upgraded to get the extra perks, but mostly to support IT, so it they can continue to offer all the free stuff. That’s the goal. One can also contribute to individuals teacher, one can support that way which starts at 1.99 (US). Drawbacks: it can be overwhelming when one first encounters it, but the daily suggestions, playlists, and live feeds introduce new teachers & meditation types, mitigating the overwhelming number of meditations. So do the search features. The other drawback, in my opinion, is it’s seems they aren’t vetting their contributors as carefully as they used to, and some teachers don’t have credentials in meditation, mindfulness, yoga...., but they consider everyone an expert. Still I highly recommend it for beginners & novices. It’s changed my life for the better, and I recommend it to my therapy clients, many of whom have started their own practices. I am grateful a friend recommend it to me.
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3 years ago, Taft1jm
Helpful for prevention but not reaction to anxiety
I found this app extremely helpful when I was trying to relax. I get overwhelmed with school work and all the things I have to do. I recently downloaded this app and have tried it a few times. I really enjoyed how this app had several meditation lengths. Therefore, when I had something due really soon, I could pick a shorter meditation or I could choose a longer one when I had more time. I think being able to relax is crucial to getting through life. We even learned a relaxation method in a class I am in. It was a breathing technique but I think this app goes a step further and allows for affirmation, which allows for longer bouts of relaxation. I’m this class we talked about anxiety. Mostly we talked about panic attacks and how sudden they can be. While this app could be helpful in managing panic attacks, I do not think it would be very helpful while a panic attack is occurring. Rather, listening to a meditation before entering an anxiety-inducing scenario would be better. This app would take too long to calm someone down from a panic attack. This way, anxiety could be prevented rather than reacted to.
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3 years ago, Chrisdohfr
Don’t need all the bells and whistles
I want the timer to again state the number of consecutive days I’ve meditated when I press “finish.” Why did they remove this feature? What app developers never seem to understand is “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” P.S. I’ve had this app since before it was a pseudo-social app and it was just a simple, elegant, functioning meditation timer. Update: contacted about the missing consecutive days tracker. Prompt response was, “but it works for me, see?” So I sent a screenshot of my black screen after I press “finish,” and curiously haven’t gotten a response since. Sigh… Update 2: Reinstalled app, to see if it would fix my issue (as suggested). Well, that made the consecutive days come back, but also changed many of my settings. 🙄 Changed my settings back, oh, but wait, now getting the black screen again (after a day). Maybe you can ONLY get the consecutive days tracker if you have “show who you meditated with” enabled (or whatever it’s called). in other words, they are forcing you to engage in the social media aspect of the app. Very frustrating. Seems there is probably some “tech bro millionaire” jealousy going on and the developers really, really want to make this app into a purely financial venture. Good for them?
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3 years ago, Tiigraine
Have to pay to rewind
Overall I think Insight Timer is pretty good. There is a ton of content you can access for free. It can be a bit to dig through to find what you like, but once you do, it’s a great resource. However, if you’re listening to a talk and want to skip back a few seconds so you can write something down, tough luck. There are ‘skip back’ and ‘skip forward’ buttons but if you click them you’re redirected to subscribe so you can access the ‘advanced player.’ The abundance of free content means I’ve never felt a need to shell out $60 for Member Plus status. I’m certainly not going to for the privilege of rewinding. Also the rating system is weighted towards good reviews. I started listening to a 45 minute talk that turned out to be very amateurish and condescending. I discovered that Insight Timer requires you to listen to at least half a recording before you are allowed to review. I understand why they do this, but it seriously skews results. No one is going to sit through 23 minutes of that talk just so they can leave a review. With this policy in place it’s highly unlikely you’re ever going to see less than a 3.5 star average review. Just something to be aware of.
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7 years ago, mr.raines
I use this daily, Excellent app, great tool
I continue to use it daily, to time my zazen. The developers continue to improve the experience. It supports meditation of all sorts and all faiths. Very flexible, allowing me to choose timings to fit my day. I take it when I am on the road. It allows social connections to other meditators, if you wish, but that's far from necessary to get value. The reminder feature is nice, as are the record keeping features. Really appreciate the efforts to upgrade after seeking users' input. The newest version offers a great deal of customizable features so that practitioners can create an individual experience. I don't use the guided meditations, though those are plentiful and varied. The "groups" feature supports community of practice in a very customizable manner. There are Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, and non-denominational groups, as well as inter-faith and even humor groups. There is considerable support to maintain a daily practice, including a 365 group, with a goal to sit each day in 2017. It has earned a spot at the bottom of my iPhone screen, along with the phone app, mail, and safari.
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4 years ago, Flamingjellyfish
All the features you could want and then some
I like that it's versatile enough that I can also use it when I want to do yin yoga where I hold each pose for five minutes. Over time I've been starting to use features I thought I didn't even want at first, like joining groups and listening to guided meditations. This app has everything. (And if you just want a timer that starts and ends with a gong sound, it can do that too, although it does take long enough to load that if you just want a timer you might want something simpler.) Really I'm kind of astonished that subscription-based meditation apps even exist, given how good Insight Timer is. One minor complaint...I do wish there was a way to opt out of being shown your “streak” at the end of every meditation session. I realize many people appreciate the feature, but I would really, really like to be able to opt out of it. It’s like a little guilt-trip when I miss a day or just...meditate or do yoga without using the app. Or, when I do have a good streak going, I’m still irritated because I don’t want to be “rewarded” for using the app each time.
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1 year ago, tmfoxy
My favorite App And Favorite part of my day.
This has been the best meditation app I have ever used. I have tried a few, and this one is full of so much more than just meditation. It can teach you to meditate or you can expand upon what you know. It can help you learn new things about not only meditation, but spirituality, tarot, chakras, breath work and many other things. The live events offered daily for free from many of the teachers is a great extra. It offers opportunities to see the teachers in person, as well as learn about new subjects. You can just drop in and listen and leave when you’re ready. There are lots of things to learn on the app. they offer courses that are simple and varied in content and length. I use this app daily. I went from meditating here and there to meditating daily thanks to the app, I am therapist and like this app so much I have passed it to many of my clients who would benefit from learning to meditate or further their own meditation practice. I can’t say enough good things about this app and thank you for offering so much for free.
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6 years ago, megcrough
Preferred the older version
I enjoy and appreciate Insight Timer very much. The one “upgrade” I would like less of are the photos that dominate the first screen when app opens. Meditation is most often a private experience...and less a public one...and in a growing culture of rabid oversharing, privacy is the luxury. I enjoyed seeing how many hundreds of thousands of people had meditated each day, and I love the world map pulsing dots—these were the features that made me feel a part of a larger whole. Now that there are always smiling carefully-cultivated “happy” photos occupying half the screen upon opening the’s distracting and seems off track for this app’s audience and intention to provide a digital quiet place to BE. To take a short break from the comparison/competition mindset and instead further develop the inner channel of self care, wellness (each-on-our-own-terms) and the time and space to nurture our innermost depths, honoring the beauty and diversity of those processes. Meditate because it nurtures the essential YOU and welcome That Person into the larger conversation of sharing this planet. I ask the developers to consider a photo-free or photo-lite alternative👍🏽😊. Thanks!
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1 year ago, kim in redwood shores
I turn to this app many times a day and refer it to my recovery family frequently. As a sponsor and in many different forums for quitting drinking there is a boredom, an emptiness that quitting your vice leaves behind. I leave any of the Insight Timer apps meditations, breath-work, yoga, affirmations, and live talks with positivity and a lightness in my step and in my heart for the remainder of the day. Whether it’s a morning meditation, afternoon enlightening pick me up, or night time wind down, this has become my new healthy habit for 2023 and I’m sharing it with so many in recovery-even from cigarettes or sugar-who rely on it when they are feeling irritable, angry, bored, lonely, and any other way that would cause them to reach for a vice. I would like to see some free challenges on the calendar that are easy to find for newcomers. Something as easy as a 7 or 10 day check in could help many people with over eating, cigarettes, drinking, etc. as a new healthy habit. I loved the healthy habits challenge of 2023 and have gone back to it frequently. Thanks so much for my continued sobriety.
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10 months ago, Anythinggoeshere
Best Meditation App, and it's Free?!
I love love LOVE Insight Timer! Started using it years ago when I first got into meditating, and doing guided meditations was a lot easier than trying to sit still and quiet my mind. Now I can enjoy both, but I still come back to Insight Timer when I'm looking for a specific vibe or have a certain intent or thing I want to work on. The app is so intuitive, so much free content, some great teachers here. I'm looking forward to the Premium content so I can hopefully get some of my favorite teachers' paid content, that until now they had to put on sites like Patreon, etc. I recommend this app to all of my friends when I encourage them to meditate, which is all the time! I've tried a few of the paid meditation apps, but I really prefer this one because I can choose if I want to do a structured course for a few days or just pick a random one every day. Did I mention it's FREE? Premium is a new feature, and it's optional. They don't try to black ball you into subscribing, and there's still just as much free content. #winning
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2 years ago, Bocat101
Upgrades don’t make sense
Update: Long time user and still daily user BUT seriously considering other meditation apps now. Since the latest updates, the app is so incredibly slow to open that I give up on using it. It freezes when using the groups area, which means connecting with other meditators is frustrating and disruptive to the whole process. Also, I can’t get rid of the annoying happy face- how are you feeling graphic that I have no need of to sustain my meditation practice. With every update this app gets worse and harder to navigate. Sadly I no longer recommend this to friends anymore. I have used this app for 4 years. It has been a great tool for helping my daily meditation practice. When courses began, I bought several and really enjoyed them. However with this most recent update, white font and gray backgrounds for descriptions?!? I simply can’t read these. So while I’d like to try new offerings (of which there are many) I can’t read them so simply go to my bookmarked ones. And while I understand that the developers need this to be a sustainable revenue stream I really miss the opportunity to purchase one course at a time. This has been a fantastic app in the past and with a few tweaks could be so again.
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6 years ago, Psychojenn1223
I’ve been using this app for years
Like the title says, I have been using this app on and off for year! I’ve tried other apps and always come back to this one. I used it before the current owners took over and the changes in the app continue to support and inspire my journey. When people recommend other apps, I turn around and offer this one and rave about it. A long time ago a told a doctor about one of my life theories and she told me to look into Buddhism. From there I turned to meditation. It helps to control my symptoms better than most medications and there are no negative side effects! Since I’ve come back to the app lately, I love that I can find something that I need to work on in the moment by a simple search and that I can refer to my library. I also love that I can pick a guided meditation based on the amount of time I have to dedicate so that I don’t have to skip a day or I can go deeper if I have the time! I love the evolution the app has taken and look forward to all that is yet to come. I will continue to tell people about this app. Thank you for such a great app!
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5 years ago, eileen789
Insight Timer
Excellent app with well organized meditations. I use the guided meditation for sleep, bookmarking those that are most pleasing and effective for me. Sometimes just the music for relaxation or stress reduction or healing is soothing, calming and enjoyable and helps me fall asleep. There are more features on this app than I can quickly bring to mind, like ambient sound and music, a timer function with an array of gentle closing sounds, courses on clearing away guilt or shame, dealing with pain, learning to meditate, etc—-with interactive features for questions and comments with the teachers. There is a social feature, connecting mediators with one another. There is a user rating for each offering that is extremely helpful because the number of choices are so large that I read the ratings before I try something. The amazing thing about this high quality app is that it is free. I pay a small annual fee because I want to support the venture and be able to download my courses and favorite meditations so I can listen offline. I would give this app as a whole the highest rating possible.
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2 years ago, Another Krista Reviews
A Worthy and Well-Done App
I have been using Insight Timer for many years, years before they introduced the paid membership. It has always been and continues to be one of the most beloved and used apps on my devices. I recommend it to people all the time. When they did introduce the paid level of membership, I was so impressed with the thoughtfulness and intentionality they used in deciding how to move forward with that. They took nothing from the existing experience, only added features that some might consider paying for. Honestly, this is one of only 2 apps on my devices that I am happy to pay annually; happy because I both get so very much out of it and also because I am so grateful to those who are making it possible. I want to offer payment in gratitude and recognition of a job well done. The app has changed a lot over the years, but I am always delighted by it, impressed with the content, and grateful that it makes mediation and mindfulness in my life so wonderfully accessible. Thank you, Insight Timer.
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6 years ago, IndieMusicNerdGirl
One of my favorite apps!
First off I love the low monthly price compared to all the other Meditation apps like headspace and such. And even without the monthly subscription there’s already so much more available to you compared to the other apps. Even with the newer extra packs you can buy the price is still low and you get so much more for your money! I downloaded it for the guided meditations, have yet to use it as I love the calming music so much and my presets. But I love the fact that it’s available to me when I decide I need it. And there’s so many different people and meditations to choose from! I also love that I’m able to turn off messages from others if I don’t want you use that feature. The only thing that’s hard for me is the lay out. But for the most part I’ve figured everything out. So that’s more of an annoyance than a problem. But I would like to be able to find the types of music and music for sleeping, peace etc. easier. That would be awesome. Beside the music keep up the amazing work! You’re doing awesome and I will never not recommend your app.
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4 years ago, yuhfdfbged
This is it!
This is the free guided meditation app with minimal obvious data mining that I have been looking for. I feel comfortable using the app, which is easy to understand with a pleasant and intuitive interface. There is a lot of content to discover. I appreciate the diversity of the teachers, both backgrounds and styles. I did not have to answer a bunch of personal questions to get started but that kind of filtering is optional if you want it. I did not have to make an account or set up yet another password. It is really and truly free to use long term, but it is easy to donate to your favorite teachers if you are so able and so inclined. There is a social media aspect available but it is not required. I never would have found this app based on just the name but I’m so glad I read a review somewhere and decided to try it. It is non-threatening, inclusive, feels private with my opt-outs, and is very easy to get started. It even works with my truly crummy rural internet. Thank you so much, lovely people who make Insight Timer work! You’ve given me exactly what I was looking for.
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2 years ago, JMB_Music
UPDATE: Was an excellent app, now bloated…
I started using this app from the recommendation of a family member. Very easy to use and motivating for my practice. I like that it keeps stats and goals. Many of the guided meditations are very good. Like a free meditation course. Excellent! UPDATE: Docking 2 stars for what this app has turned into. I started using this app again and find the new UI completely convoluted and bloated with “features” I don’t need. It’s difficult to even find the meditation TIMER function in an app that’s called “Insight Timer.” I mean this is/was the most basic core function of the app. Guess what? I finally found it - a little button amongst a grab bag of other buttons in a tab ambiguously called called “Discover” which also has a whole array of poorly organized redundant stuff that you can also find in the “Home” and “Learn” tabs. Then there’s the “social networking” function which they’re really pushing, but I have no interest in. Fine. Why must every app developer turn their simple, easy to use apps into bloated, convoluted messes of stuff that most of us never asked for? And why must every app become a social media app!?
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2 years ago, ElsaB.
As a Mental Health Therapist, I Truly Love This App!
I don’t usually have warm feelings for apps, they’re just apps-they either do what they are supposed to do or they don’t. But I truly feel a deep sense of gratitude for insight Timer. After using it for about a year now, I am continually blown away by the caliber and variety of resources available in the free version. Whether I am struggling with anxiety, sadness, falling asleep, conflict in a relationship, self criticism, or just wanting a lovely supported guided meditation practice, Insight Timer has multiple supportive and specific resources that always help me feel more grounded and renewed. I highly recommend this app to my clients, friends, and family all the time. It’s more than a meditation app, it is like a free and constantly available Therapist, teacher, and supportive community (when I open the app, I love seeing the little dots on the world map representing all my fellow Insight Timer users who are practicing alongside me right now). I would get rid of literally every other app before this one.
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7 years ago, NataleeDara
A quality app, but could use some upgrades
I love this app- it gives you access to hundreds and hundreds and of options for your personal meditation needs. You can browse by topic, 'teacher' or guide, or see tracks that are similar or related to ones you're using. When you find tracks that you like or want to remember to try you can bookmark them, but it would be so helpful if you could create playlists. Or maybe if you were able to group tracks together so you don't have to interrupt your session if you want to play more than one. This would be especially helpful for the sleep tracks. Many are very good and effective, but can be short in length causing you to wake when it ends before or just as you're about to drift off. Having the ability to play tracks back to back would eliminate this. It would also help if you could leave notes or comments on the tracks as a reminder to yourself. Sometimes there is something I want to remember about a track but I don't want others to see it. Having a function aside from the shared review to make notes would be great.
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4 years ago, Moxie Carol
Why Insight Timer is my favorite app
Insight Timer is wonderful. I love the variety of offerings, teachers who the reflect the cultures in our world, the many approaches, from mindfulness to music. I learned about something new to help me fall asleep, Yoga Nidra. Sometimes I just try something or someone completely new, and through that have discovered some favorite teachers and readers. I tried some other meditation apps before I found Insight Timer. This is the best meditation app in my opinion, because there’s plenty of content to explore and it’s free. I did buy the Premium membership when it was on sale, so that I could take some courses and also to support IT, their staff and teachers. I listen to a meditation every night and sometimes during the day. The coronavirus talks and meditations have been outstanding and full of variety. Not everything is to my taste or needs, but it’s all such high quality that I know I can find what I need at a given time. I recommend Insight Timer frequently. Thank you for creating it.
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3 years ago, Camworkout
A good app with lots of bugs
I wish I could give this app a higher rating. But there are multiple problems with it. I like the timer function. And I also enjoy the many guided meditations that are offered both paid and unpaid. But I really got this app in order to network with other like-minded people. And for years you could network with friends who are meditating at the same time. But this function often goes missing. I’ve emailed them many times. Sometimes they fix it sometimes they don’t. Currently I can never see who my friends are who are meditating at the same time. Another problem is that they won’t change my residence even though I have changed it in the app. It still says I am down in North Carolina even though I’m up in Massachusetts. So when it shows people who are meditating nearby, I only get North Carolina people. I have tried for months now to get them to fix this to no avail. Also, when I’m trying to send a message to other people, I cannot use the microphone to dictate. I have to type out every message. So annoying! This should not be a hard thing to fix in this day and age.
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