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User Reviews for Instant Heart Rate+ HR Monitor

4.9 out of 5
31.3K Ratings
4 years ago, Hwernega
Surprisingly accurate
I downloaded this HR monitor to track myself before and after my bike rides to monitor my progress. I noticed that my resting heart rate was in the low 50’s and that it was a little irregular. I figured that it was a flaw in a monitor that uses a phone app and it’s camera. I was satisfied with its operation and used it regularly. A few years later I was working at a job that was extremely stressful and not a healthy working environment. One morning getting ready for work I was stressing the day and passed out due to afib. My wife took me to the hospital and through every test all my numbers were beyond excellent and I was told that I was in excellent health and that the episode was brought on by stress. The relevance of this story is that while I was in the hospital on an actual heart monitor I was curious about my app. I took out my phone and checked it in reference to the hospital’s monitor and the irregularities were the same and it was about one or two beats off if that. My resting heart rate also matched. I was at that point thoroughly impressed. I have suggested it to friends and find it is a worthwhile tool to have.
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5 years ago, jweaver1982
Was Great
I first downloaded well let me say I purchased Azumio Heart Rate Checker when that was all you had to pay for; just the app. Of course they had a free version but I opted for the paid version because it had more features. Now this app has turned into one big in-app-purchase. Everything you click on; in an app you already paid for, opens up another screen wanting you to sign up for a premium subscription. There are thousands of similar free apps on the app store that offer the same services as this one but again I went with Azumio. Now I wish I would have never even downloaded this. Yes it will check my heart rate but then it jumps to screens you can’t even view unless you buy a subscription. I wanted this app because I have high blood pressure and have suffered numerous heart attacks and needed something to keep track of my heart rate. I don’t care about my weight nor do I care what Joe Blows heart rate is in another country. This use to be a straight forward heart rate monitor/tracker and greed has driven the developers away from what once made them great. If I was an athlete, weight lifter, or health nut then everything in the app would be fine. But not everyone is wanting everything thats offered in this app yet it’s constantly threw down their throat. I still monitor my heart rate and will do the Stand Up Test but then I close the app out just to forgo all the subscription pop ups. Sorry Azumio but this app just isn’t what it use to be.
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9 months ago, LB12355
This app is spot on the reading of my heart doctor!
I tested the accuracy of my heart rate while having an EKG at my PC and heart specialist. It was the exact same number. I personally have found that comforting knowing the rate is accurate. This week I needed a check up from my heart doctor but due to COVID-19 no one could go to the office without an emergency. He had seen this app work before and was confident that HEART RATE was properly monitoring my heart. I was able to report high numbers, low numbers and what I was doing! I told him I highly recommended this product! He agreed that I should. Some of his patients were even told about this app so they could find comfort but also to better know when to call his office! But!! Everyone should have this app. I am definitely going to upgrade mine for additional information.
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6 years ago, Ms. Nora Barnacle
Great app, with a few disappointments
Love the free app! User-friendly interface, great decisions on what to emphasize—e.g., including a prominent step tracker. One suggestion I have for the free app would be to tweak it so that your flashlight doesn’t come on as soon as you open the app. One more prompt before turning it on would be great. My major disappointment was that after I paid for the app’s “insights,” it proved to be really just a summary/snapshot of your data, which you can already see for yourself within the free app. I thought it might be more involved, I.e., offering suggestions for lowering your restrictions by heart rate, etc. Please improve these “insights” we’re paying for!
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6 years ago, Andy is my name
Works great but ...
The only objection I have is the app makes you struggle through a few pages that encourage you to first login through facebook, which you can decline (no login is necessary at all but not clear if you can set it up to skip this page; then you get another page encouraging you to sign up for premium ( what you would want premium escapes me) then it measures your pulse and then you have to turn down some other choice before it gives you the result. Other than that, the bp measurement is a snap and works great. You don’t even need to use a finger - almost any place will do. 10 seconds any it’s done. I would like to be able to use this in an emergency and the clunky interfering steps that try to rope you into making more profit for the coders are a serious detraction.
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6 years ago, Satan's Toenail 666
Very good app
One of my favorites. It seems rather accurate. Will test this against a Holter monitor later this month. So far it seems the highest degree of accuracy is attained by laying the phone on your finger while resting your arm on a table and don't move. I hope it can be possible to export the graphs to open on the computer in order to view the full range of the pressure of each pulse. I can see in the Realtime graph how it is resized, say from a group of strong pulses to a group of Weak pulses. My pulses are strong when I breathe in and weak when I breathe out. The saved graph does not indicate this. You get a bunch of ads when you open the app. Yeah, it's irritating, especially if you want to get a reading right away, but it doesn't interfere with the performance or accuracy while the test is monitoring.
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6 years ago, Fields of Dreams
Great App and Accurate HR
I have been using this app for years. I have tested this while sitting and running and compared it to the readings of my chest strap HRM and was happily surprised how well it works, giving me the same rating as my chest strap (which does not connect to my phone). While I don’t use this app to check my heart rate while I run it was still a great test. I have tried other monitors that do not pick up HR very well while running. I purchased the Premium, but have noticed what is included in the Premium keeps changing so its a little confusing when I get ads recommending I upgrade. This is the only thing I don’t like and recommend they re-name these upgrades to avoid confusion or add the new features as free enhancements. Looking at new options they seem appear to be great options.
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4 years ago, Circuit code
That I know of, no one has ever written about this App’s ability to indicate the degree to which your blood is being oxygenated through your breathing discipline: the taller the BPM WAVEFORM is on the screen, the better your circulation is being oxygenated by your respiratory system. Went through a transitory period of systemic health breakdowns. Through this Azumio App discovered that I had developed a 24 hour, LAZY breathing Syndrome, where the body no longer wanted to put out the “WORK” required to properly perform diaphragm focused, natural breathing discipline. For me, this App is guiding me down the road to full recovery. Love the App and its’ CREATORS!
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5 years ago, imboobookitty
So easy to keep records!
My daughter and I have had years of heart palps and test with no answers. This app makes it soooo easy to keep a record- literally at our finger tips! One cluck and everything is recorded got our doctor visits!!! No more waiting to see if they can “catch” them on the one day they hook us up.. and no more stress tests. Easier than fb, iTunes or any other app!! It records the date, time, ❤️rate, and you select specific tabs to record wether you are sitting, or working out. My daughter is now 15 and we have been using this app for a few years now!
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3 years ago, Guy n VT
Very helpful
I find it very helpful for a number of reasons, such as when I wake up and after gym class. Using the wake up rating, I can see how well Ive progressed with my gym class in the last couple years of owering my overall heart rate. It's been very useful for me. At this moment, it’s the middle of the night at the hospital where I am recovering after surgery. This app is just as accurate(Having the same reading)as the hospital instrument that has a sender taped to my finger.
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4 years ago, Watchdawg11
Good for exercising
I originally got this app when it was free and I was trying to find a way to keep track of my wife’s irregular heart rhythm. I now use it when I’m working out, to keep track of my heart rate. I like that I can put a short comment next to each reading. I love that I can keep a record of my heart rate while doing different things. It’s nice to be able to go back and look at past readings and see if my heart rate is changing. I’ve also taken readings when I’m not feeling well or I have episodes of increased heart rate. I can always take a screen shot if I need to show a doctor.
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5 years ago, Mojomaniam
Excellent health app
I have a history of “funny early heart beats” or PVCs. I’ve also had a couple of episodes of atrial fibrillation that had to be treated in Emergency Department. I use this app to catch and document any persistent dysthymia then discuss It with my physician. I use it to track my cool down periods at 1 min, 3 min, and 5 min after daily fast walks of 45 min to 1.5 hrs. My iWatch does this also, but I like to check it manually to check for any “funny beats.” I’ve used this app for almost 4 years. I am a Registered Nurse and I thoroughly recommend it.
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6 years ago, Colt:-)
Life Saver
I have a WW2 vet that works for me. He still sells real estate at 94. We went to lunch one day and he said it didn’t agree with him. It gave him heart burn and he wanted to go home and rest. I told him I wanted to check his pulse. I did and it was all over the board. I knew he was having issues and took him to the EMS. They said he was afibbing really bad and took him immediately to the hospital. He had a slight heart attack. That was a year ago and he is back to work. I am so glad I had this app on my phone! It helped save his life.
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3 years ago, SailinAngl
Slight Issue
I’ve given this app 5 stars several times when it pops up to rate it. I hate giving 4 this time. For quite a few months I have been unable to get the 1 minute test to work after doing the 8 (??) second test. It doesn’t detect my finger any longer. I have tried leaving finger on, taking off & put back on, and even changing fingers to no avail. I like doing both tests but can’t. Will try to reach out to Developer very soon.
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4 years ago, MDI_Weapon
Great App!
It works very well and, despite using it for years through several iOS updates and even a few models of iPhone, I cannot remember it crashing even once. It is also very accurate. I have checked it against a manual pulse reading with a stopwatch and it is always within one or two beats per minute of the reading (the error could very likely be me and not the app as that is typically during or immediately after a workout).
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5 years ago, Alrightie
Great for P.O.T.S. Patients
I have a chronic illness that affects my heart rate, and this app helps me keep track of high and low heat rates and the efficiency of my prescribed medications. I’ve used this information at numerous doctors’ visits. Being able to add my own personal tags is a plus; yet, being prompted to upgrade the free app to a paid one every time I use it is rather annoying! I still recommend the app, regardless, as it’s reliable (especially for communicating my results with my doctors).
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4 years ago, 1 retired paramedic
Great app. I recently was hospitalized with afib with a slow ventricular response. My heart rate was in the upper 20’s-low 30’s. I had downloaded this app about a year before. I checked my heart rate against the monitor I was hooked up to. Most of the time my heart rate, and this app were the same. When they didn’t match there was only a difference of 1-2 beats. I had my doubts in the beginning but it’s very accurate. I highly recommend this app.
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6 years ago, Shagz
Premium nagging is annoying
When I first downloaded this app a few years ago, there wasn't all the added fluff in the app. It measured heart rate, which it did well and that was it. Over time, the company has added more and more "features" and want to charge a monthly/annual premium for them. I am not interested in those but the app continually pesters me to buy it before allowing me to use the one function I got this app for in the first place. Can't say that measurements are as accurate as I get upset having to cancel out the sales pitch and thus raising my heart rate. I may need to look elsewhere and finally ditch this app.
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5 years ago, Barefoot fun
Use of heart rate app
I have a heart issue that’s hard to track. Heart monitors, zillions of tests all after an event. I’ve been using this for over six months. Now I know why. The event lasts 1-2 days so by the time I decide it’s real, call doctor, etc. it’s over. With the reports I can show them at my next visit. Now I also need to write notes as well. I know all of the things it’s not! Maybe now we can find out why every 2-3 months!
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5 years ago, JoeG007
Unreliable app looking to milk more money out of you.
Totally disappointing. First the heart rate reading is completely unreliable. It goes all over the place. The app want your personal information, which serves no other purpose but to be sold online to make them more money. So much for privacy. You will constantly be bombarded to upgrade and buy other features and why would you want to do that when they fail so miserably at the main purpose of providing a reliable heart rate. I hate these apps that advertise health monitoring, but set their goals at milking every dollar out of you. Apple is failing us by approving these apps. Hope my $5 will give them indigestion.
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6 years ago, Debjlan
Very very disappointed
This is app is very disappointing. When exercising I stopped to check my pulse it was 149 this app measured it at like 86! I mean come on every time I check it myself it’s different than the app.(way different !!) The motion tracker doesn’t work it says it’s turned off but I have checked it numerous times and it’s on. I have toggled it off and on but no dice doesn’t work. The most basic thing it’s supposed to do.. take my pulse (correctly) doesn’t even work. What a rip off. 😔 I should have read more reviews before purchasing premium. Really kicking myself for purchasing this app at all. Watch out for this one people! You can bet I won’t renew.
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7 years ago, Wyngz1
Outstanding app!
I have tried various activity trackers for heart rate but they never quite delivered accuracy or consistency. This was especially the case during cold weather. With this app I have had no issue at all- it's nicely accurate, it's been easy to use, very accurate and it's always with me. For me, this has been a fantastic improvement over every other item I have tried to date.
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2 years ago, quodoremsumpsimus
Maybe a life saver?
I have infrequent a-fib. When it starts up, my major symptom is a feeling like abnormal hunger. I use this app to check my pulse to confirm the a-fib, so that I can take a pill and rest. I check the app several hours later to see whether I can become active again. The episodes have greatly decreased since several years ago.
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6 years ago, Julasha
I paid $5 and it won’t let me use without providing personal info
I bought this today after trying it on a friend’s phone. He had the free but I don’t mind to pay for a good app. After I downloaded the app it let me check my heart rate one time and then it “locked” unless I would share all my facebook info and contacts, or sign up with a lot of personal info. I just wanted to use the heart rate monitor after my workouts. I paid $5 rather than have to deal with the ads. And it blocked me the second time I used the paid for app because I wouldn’t pony up my own personal info - or all my facebook contacts.
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7 years ago, Lsbak
reports were invaluable
out of the blue I experienced arterial fibrillation a few days after downloading this app, and I was able to use it to get a graphic record of what was happening. So instead of me trying to describe it to doctors, they had something they could refer to and took the situation quite seriously. I imagine they'll be recommending it to other patients
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7 years ago, BirdDog2020
Works great.
Simply put, this is incredibly easy to use and very accurate. I have a chest strap heart monitor that I wear when exercising and this matches it every time. Love that this gives me the ability to check anytime anywhere. Great use of a smartphone. Update: 3 years later and I still use this app. Works great consistently. Tried others but always come back to this one.
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6 years ago, DeniBai
Easy App
Love this App. It has multiple items to track. I receive friendly reminders, it is user friend, big icons to read quickly, it checks my heart rate anytime I need to, it logs my water, coffee intake, and food quickly. I don't have to calculate or log in the proteins, carbs, etc, it does it for me. It tracks and calculates my steps, it suggests a few core exercises each day, ... . I love this app. THANK YOU FOR DESIGNING THIS APP.
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6 years ago, MedSethy
As a nurse, I'm very skeptical with anything & even taking a manual heart rate can be tricky. I won’t say this app should replace a more reliable one - but I need to say HOW IMPRESSED I AM with the amount of accuracy over the 3 years I’ve used it. I feel that out of a 1000 times I’ve used it. Maybe 1-2 times have been sketchy. More than wow for an app - but this app might just be dead on. Awesome! Very accurate! Interesting
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5 years ago, Mariquit's
Great app! Love this app cause it’s always there when you need to get your heart rate.
I've had wonderful experience using this app which I've used for more than two years now. I take my heart rate sometimes just on a whim. But, most of the time I take my heart rate because I need to, and it gives me comfort when I know what it is. I recommend people to use or buy the app.
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4 years ago, Dr. Tony in Pennsylvania
Tony C.
I was introduced to this app by a patient of mine a number of years ago (I’m a cardiologist). Since that time, I have recommend the app to many of my heart patients to monitor their heart rate and rhythm (which can be deduced from the waveform). It’s been a great help in monitoring known heart rhythm issues as well as diagnosing new issues (I have patients send me a screen shot when they are having symptoms).
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6 years ago, Reuben60
Heart rate info / outstanding
This app is just what I need. I have had afib and I must monitor my heart rate during the day. Especially in the AM and at bedtime. Also after doing any chores around the house that requires some work. The great thing about the app is the ability to have the data saved. Makes it easy when I go to my cardiologist. The app is worth the money spent.
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9 months ago, N Ol Witch
Amazing—And Free!
Reading, with amazement, that UCSF uses this app, I downloaded it, and this app is able to get an accurate reading of my constantly fibrillating heart when neither my blood pressure cuff nor oximeter is able to read the convulsing heart rate. Amazing! And, on top of that, this app generates and sends my monthly pulse rates to my cardiologist. How great is that? I find all of this to be superb.
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4 years ago, VIDA 79
Very Accurate
Been using it for years and I also have one of those finger pulse monitors that you clip on your finger and it tells you heart rate and oxygen. This app has always matched it. Very helpful and easy. Free one saves your info and you can tag it with the tags it provides or even custom you create.
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2 years ago, Screwz Luse
No longer useable without an account
I’ve had this app for years and while it used to nag you about registering an account, it wasn’t required. However, a recent update has made logging in required. I shouldn’t need to register an account to read my heartbeat. I don’t need to be sending my health data to this company who is no doubt selling it. Requiring login after so many years is unacceptable and incredibly shady. They’re privacy policy includes a ridiculous amount of private information being collected. DO NOT USE THIS APP
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6 years ago, Mom24sons
Amazing app
Amazing app I have been using it for years, very accurate, and so easy to use. I have a pulse oximeter that I have checked it against and it is always accurate. I use this app instead of my pulse oximeter to track my pulse because it keeps track of my readings and it is easy to show my doctor.
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5 years ago, upkilchis
This app works okay but even paying 5 bucks the app still HAMMERS you with ads in the most annoying ways possible. I set up several heart rate apps to see whose I liked best and which to keep, and even though I paid for this one I’m dumping it due, again, to obnoxious ads that make using the app stupidly difficult.
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6 years ago, Mrs. WMD
Life Saving
I am a senior. One evening I started feeling really strange. My blood sugar was good, so I opened the Heart Rate app to see what my rate was. It was 34. My cardiologist told me my rate should not be below 60. We called 911 and went by ambulance to the hospital. I was told that had I waited much longer it could have been much worse, even death. Having heart rate was life saving for me!
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2 years ago, Celadin
Consistently useful for so many years!
Love that this app which I believe I first started using on iPhone 4S is still around and working! I use it as a sanity check when my Fitbit "smart watch" is saying something insane. Props to the devs for SERIOUS long term commitment, and for having an excellent app!
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5 years ago, Thanks😢
No thanks for Premium!
I don’t want Premium after one week and don’t need it either. Basic Ap is all I need. I was unable to find a place without a lot of searching to cancel subscription and get my money back and money is automatically charged every year. Feel like I was trapped!
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6 years ago, Tink-nurse
I love this app!! It is so good for a lot of people and a lot more should use it for their health But so many say they are to busy !!! Well one day when they are laying in a bed looking straight in a Hosiptal with machine everywhere —- then you will think —-OH. I wished I would have just took a minute or two for THAT !!! Right Guys and Gals. !!!! Thanks again !!
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7 years ago, Aslanite
Easy, intuitive, quick, accurate
Easy to use. Intuitive interface, so no learning curve, you just pick itty up and start using it. Takes less than one minute. Seems quite accurate, even though i haven't personally verified it. Great app to keep you on top of your heart health!
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3 years ago, LynneVee
3 Beats
When I would check my heart beats they would usually look regular but recently I noticed three beats then a pause, three beats then a pause. Turns out that that’s absolutely true. My cardiologist confirmed the irregular heart beats and put a monitor on me to see what is happening.
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3 years ago, nanherson
If I could give zero stars I would! DO NOT BUY THIS APP!! After purchasing it for $1.99 & using it once, it tries to sell you the Pro version for $60/yr- when you click "No Thanks" you get a screen thanking you for . registering for Pro. When you decline AGAIN it gives you another upgrade screen you cannot get out of or return to the original app. I searched the FAQ for customer support to request a refund (having now deleted this pest) but no response. SAVE YOURSELF THE STRESS- steer clear of ALL scammy azumio apps!
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6 years ago, Emmett H.
Paid version annoying to use
First of all the app itself works decently; I simply want to check my heart rate while exercising, and don't want anything like a wrist device. I purchased the paid version, as I assumed the free version would be full of ads. I guess I assumed wrong; just about everytime I go to check my heart rate, I have to dismiss one or two windows trying get me to log in or upgrade. Will delete this app as soon as I find something better.
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6 years ago, Justaskosh
What more could you ask for? It takes your heart rate and then records it with your personal note. Very helpful in recording trends. I think it's the greatest!!! Also, the app offers helpful articles on diet and exercise. I have the free version for several years and I have never encountered an advertisement on this app.
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4 years ago, Beanaree
I have loved this app for the past 4+ years. Reliable as I’ve seen it compared to dr. results. There is a whole community attached if you love being friendly and watch others working toward their health goals while you find goals yourself. Good luck out there! 💜💪🏼
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7 years ago, Spider4491
Monitor and Afib
I got this app to get more feedback on my a fib. It is sometimes hard to detect your polls when you're in afib. With this app I get to see my heart beating at a normal rate plus it gives me my sinus rhythm. I only gave it four stars because after all it is an app. But, I check it against my fit bit and my pressure sleeve and it is very close to the other readings.
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4 years ago, Gladacya
I am thankful for Heart Rate. I upgraded to the paid version. I have been very pleased with it and its performance. I appreciate the reminders to check my heart rate... and appreciate how well it works. I have had a positive experience with it and based on my experience I highly recommend.
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3 years ago, yutdsvnk21
It’s a hook scam don’t buy alert
Scam be aware. I don’t recommend this app. I paid the $1.99 thinking I was gonna be able to measure my heart beat etc as per app description. It didn’t allow me to get my results or my heart rate It’s a scam. Immediately it took me to another subscription page pop up. So you pay for an app that will only display ads for monthly and yearly subscription. What a scam. Inmagine 1000 people that buy this $1.99 or 100k people etc. Don’t buy this is a scam . 👎👎
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4 years ago, Cool Rastaman from Jamaica
Great Application to Have.
This software allows me to monitor my heart. It is a wonderful application and it lets me know when I need to workout. It is great to know how my ticker is doing when hiking. But, sometimes it can’t read my heart rate when it is less 45 BPM.
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