Instant Heart Rate: HR Monitor

Health & Fitness
4.9 (222.9K)
80.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bodymatter, Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Instant Heart Rate: HR Monitor

4.86 out of 5
222.9K Ratings
3 years ago, Dc1577
Heart Rate App
This is very helpful for people who have any issues with their heart rate, skips, palpitations, heart issues, bc at the very moment you feel a difference or discomfort you can take your heart rate, see the live read out of the skips or palpitations, & generate a report that you just print off & take to your DR. There’s also a “stress test”, tho that name isn’t exactly a medical grade stress test in which either a pt is put on a treadmill & made to go to their carefully calculated highest HR for age & wt, while they’re heart is monitored before during & after., or a pt is given a med IV that raises the BP & HR to this calculation. This stress test monitors only HR while you’re sitting then beeps for you to stand for about 15 secs. It then shows the HR on a graph, & another bar shows where you fall as far as at rest, less fit, all the way to fit. This confuses me bc you’re sitting/standing, not being active to tell if you’re fit. Then it gives a % from 0 to 30% which it doesn’t explain your score or even what the % means, & I’m an RN who’s worked in cardiology testing! I wish it included an 02 sensor, so if there’s an issue, that would be a solid piece of information, since lung probs can cause or be effected by the heart. Overall I find it very helpful for my Afib. And it’s free!;)
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2 years ago, Lazzer226
Does exactly what it says, and for an unbeatable price!
I use this app all the time and have been using it for going on 4 years. I like to monitor my pulse in different mental states and under the influence of different substances. I know, I’m odd. Without upgrading it takes fairly accurate readings, you can create custom tags to apply to your readings, add notes to your individual readings for more specificity, and it saves the actual chart from every reading. My only complaints are minor to the point of almost being negligible. For the chart there seems to be some accelerometer involvement instead of being purely based on the cameras readings, and the result it gives you after the 15 second reading is your final pulse at the end of the test and not an average of the 15 seconds. Anyone who is curious about how different variables alter your physiological state and want an easy way to test, notate, categorize, chart, and compare, then this is the app for you. Did I mention that it does all of this for free? Yea, that’s a pretty big deal for all of this functionality.
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4 years ago, CreateANickname!!!
Great App!
I am a 38 yo female with Sarcoidosis. I also have a vascular defect in my heart. One of my coronary arteries is basically nonfunctional because it didn’t grow with my heart as I got bigger. I have runs of SVT and LOTS of palpitations/PVCs. So I have to take a beta blocker twice a day to keep myself from going into SVT and subsequent VT or VFib. Rapid ventricular or even supraventricular arrhythmias tend to eventually deteriorate into lethal ones because our hearts aren’t supposed to beat at those rates for very long. While this app doesn’t give you an EKG reading, it does accurately measure your pulse rate and you can see when there are irregularities. For instance, when I have palpitations, it is seen as a dip or a pause on the screen. It just confirms the irregularities. I am a registered nurse so that’s how I know what is going on with my heart, but this is definitely useful for anyone who needs to monitor their pulse for whatever reason. The best part is that it’s completely FREE! You can pay for other features if you want them, but I am very appreciative of this free service that helps me to monitor my condition. Thank you!
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10 months ago, PinkPanther130
Step Above the others
I have been using this app for the last 4 years and I have never been disappointed! (There are some pop up ads that come after you take a measurement and honestly it’s worth it for it being free). This is a wonderful tool to have personally when donating plasma because you will be deferred for the day if your pulse is above 100 so I use this consistently to make sure that I am able to donate. A trick I learned for anyone that might need to get their bpm at 100 or below is to hold your breath for 30 seconds (set a timer) must hold it for the full 30 seconds. Do a reading before the breath hold and then do a reading after you will see a noticeable difference. Repeat if necessary after one minute. I’ve been able to get mine down to 74 temporarily from 113. I usually have a rate above 100 at any given time. So again this app is amazing and very accurate! Done comparisons between this and a no cuff and a pulseoximeter and Apple Watch. This app is spot on! Great work developers!
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7 years ago, Happylittlecamper
May have saved my life
When I was 51, I found myself feeling really sluggish. I thought it may have been menopause or maybe depression. At the same time I kept using the app to check my heart rate and it repeatedly came out in the low 40's. This went on for a couple of weeks until I finally took my results in to the cardiologist. At first he didn't believe me and since I had no other symptoms he said the app was just wrong. Because I had consistently been get such low pulse reading I kept pestering him and He reluctantly order a Holter monitor test. When the results came back the next evening I was told to get to the ER asap and had a pacemaker the next morning. Turns out had complete heart block which is an electrical issue not a cholesterol/artery one. Without this app detecting my low pulse I would not have pushed the cardiologist the run any tests and would have listened when he said I was fine. I am so grateful for this app. Not sure what would have happened without it.
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7 years ago, Alabama redneck (educated)
Excellent for characterizing cardiac rhythm
I have been cardioverted twice for atrial fibrillation. Thus, it is important that I monitor my cardiac rhythm regularly. A few months ago I noticed an interesting anomaly in rhythm when I looked at my heart rate. Every third beat occurred earlier than the two previous beats and showed less blood flow. this pattern was reproducible. As a Med school professor, I had an MD/PhD student who studied genetic changes in young and old rat hearts due to aging, thus I am familiar with ecgs. I suspected a condition termed trigeminy in which every third beat is a premature ventricle contraction (PVC) beginning in the ventricle instead of the SA node. I emailed the graph to my cardiologist who had me come in for an ECG. It confirmed my “diagnosis” that indeed I was in trigeminy. Subsequently flow normalized and I have not again seen this condition. Electrolytes such as sodium and potassium play crucial roles in regulating cardiac rhythm so this condition could have been due to lower than normal concentration of an electrolyte such as potassium.
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6 years ago, Douglas the II
Great App
I have used this app prior on an older iPhone. Back about a year ago I didn’t care for it because it wasn’t as accurate. Now since I think the Developer did some tweaking and fixed it I have no complaints. I have actually used it along with a true 3 lead heart monitor and it is maybe one or two BPM off but that’s a huge improvement from the older versions. I recommend holding you index finger sideways pointing to the right side of your phone with the camera. For some reason you get a more accurate reading that way. Just a suggestion! I recommend this app to anyone who like me has heart issues. I suffer from sinus tachycardia and this is pretty much the best app. Also you get the free stress test as well as participation in the Heart Disease Study when you sign up. Anything I can do to help scientist and doctors treat heart issues and save lives I’m happy to review this app. I don’t review a lot of my apps but this one is deserving!
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10 months ago, Marcus Aurelius Stoic
Life Saver
In 2017 I had a pacemaker installed. The result of the surgery was for the first time in 72 years I experienced what it means to have a life. After the surgery my cardiologist visited. During our conversation he asked whether I knew I had a Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO). So with Sally, and our family of 5 daughters and 11 grandchildren, modern medicine, a 25 year yoga practice, a study of stoicism, an intense study of physiology and anatomy with a focus on breath work, a gift from the gods and simply good fortune I am now enjoying this life. All of this work being monitored by this tiny application. It’s truly great to be alive. REVISION 1 Lots has happened since I posted my original comment. Still love this life but I’ve been dealing with a case of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus a very complex autoimmune disease. I will not pretend as this disease is unquestionably the greatest challenge of my life. Now 78 I come at this challenge with a different perspective.
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4 years ago, chrisbean77
App has got worse with new phones
This app used to be great way to check your pulse oh how things have changed...They used to use the flash to check your pulse now instead they have you just put 2 fingers on the camera and the readings are all over the place. Like yesterday I was checking after exercise and my pulse was all the way to 185 which doesn’t happen to me cause I have low heart rate , so most of the time even with an intense workout example a cardio workout going about 90% max effort I get to about 140 to 150 bpm because my resting heart rate is around 67 bpm. But for 10 mins when I used the app it stayed in 130 to like 170 range and wouldn’t change and I got nervous so I did the old way and checked my pulse by counting the number of beats for 15 seconds and multiplying by 4 and it was about 85 bpm which sounded about right! So I tried this app called Inpulse and the heart rate was exactly what I thought it was. So for people who want heart rate app thats accurate get Inpulse don’t use this app or else your gonna make your self think you have faster heart rate then you really have!
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6 years ago, Still tick'n
Great App!!
I have been using this app now for several months. I use it at various times of the day during my activities. I am 69 now but have been active all my life and this app lets me know my heart rate before and after activities. I swim 1 1/2 miles almost daily and the app makes it quick and convenient to keep an accurate record of my heart rate. My resting heart rate now ranges between the upper 40’s to the mid 50’s. And, without this app I would not have known my rate was so good. I used to try checking my heart rate by trying to measure my pulse by doing it the old manual way was a pain; as I always had to have a watch or clock in which to take a measurement. No longer, as I just place my finger on the light of my iPhone and it not only takes a convenient measurement but keeps a record. Love this app!!!
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6 years ago, kfr3d
Unfortunate requirement to create login
The good news is the measurement technique appears to work great. The bad news is you can only use the app once before being prompted to give your facebook account or email address to create a login. This day and age, I'm simply not willing to give everyone and their dog my email address or access to my facebook profile just to use their app, it indicates that my personal data collected on this app is probably being stored online and potentially available to the developers. I don't care what their privacy policy says, it's only a matter of time before an unscrupulous app developer following this model lies and sells that data to advertisers to start selling me heart medication or health products. I would much prefer a standalone, offline only app that only saved data locally. EDIT: it is now possible to use the app without signing in! Thank you Azumio. More stars for you.
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2 years ago, ScrivelloDDS
No longer dependable
When I first started using this app some years ago, it was simple, accurate, and useful; the “instant” in the name was appropriate, and the readings were dependable. In recent updates, however (and this may have something to do with the placement of the camera lenses starting with iPhone 12), it is no longer dependable, either starting/stopping many times, or just telling me that there is no finger on the lens when finger placement is exactly where it was when readings worked fine with another app. I take multiple readings per day, and this app has let me down more often than not. Although I have tried to contact the developer about this, (s)he hasn’t gotten back to me, and there do not appear to be any changes in the app’s dependability. It was good for several years, but I’m afraid that as things stand, it’s not going to last much longer on my phone.
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2 years ago, SimmonsMommyX4
A handy app for on the go
When I had my fourth child, my blood pressure went through the roof. I was put on blood pressure medication from the time I was in the hospital, and was sent home with it as well with a follow up appt with my doctor. Checking my heart rate was vital when I would be on the go with four children. I do not own a blood pressure cup, but I was taught how to check my heart rste(which this app does for me, & I check multiple times to make sure I’m getting the correct reading) & was able to determine my blood pressure from there. I no longer need to take my blood pressure medication. But I rate this app at 5 for the handiness of having this app installed on my phone so u always had a measuring tool in hand wherever I went.
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6 years ago, Animal attack
Terrible app
I paid the $9.99 for one month to test the credibility of this app. It is terrible to say the least. The only perk is that you can check your heart rate, lots of free apps where you can do that, and that’s about it. The stand up test is the real joke. No matter what you do it gives you a low score, I’m extremely healthy, I have regular doctor visits and am very physically fit, and this consistently gives me lower than 50% rating. Even though my heart rate is 58 BPM. Not to mention it never explains to you why you’re receiving the score you got it just gives you a random score and makes you feel horrible. If that isn’t bad enough, you can not compare it with other peoples because the friend system DOES NOT WORK! You cannot add or view other people and they probably do this so you can’t compare your ridiculous scores. I give this app a 0/10 because the free version is complete garbage and littered with ads popping up every second. Do not waste your time or money on this. You’ve been warned!
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7 years ago, Kknola
My Cardiologist....
I saw my cardiologist today, and I told him about this app on my cell phone – my iPhone, and he was really enthusiastic and excited about it. I have had times when I have needed to know what my heart rate was, and I just couldn’t do it the typical away. Well, I got this, and I can take my heart rate whenever I want or need to. It’s easy to use, and I think it’s pretty accurate. It’s one of the best apps I have ever gotten because it really helps me. I get tachycardia, and he has asked me what my heart rate was when I got it, and I never could give an answer. Well now I can, but I sure hope I don’t get tachycardia anymore. I feel like I’m taking better care of myself. I think it’s just great! And it was free! I may upgrade soon. Thanks for creating this app! Blessings! 😊
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10 months ago, ThePinkLeopard
Saved my life
This app saved my life! I was feeling dizzy, lightheaded and short of breath while in the shower. I ran out of the shower and my husband made me use this app to check my heart rate and it was 166! My husband called the cardiologist and he told my husband what to do to control my heart rate and suggested that I check it every five minutes until my heart rate leveled. It finally leveled to 85. If I had not checked my heart rate I would not have known what was causing the symptoms and would have under estimated my symptoms as nothing and could have had a heart attack. Now my cardiologist now suggests this app to his patients. This app is accurate as I have checked it along with hospital monitors and it was right on!!!
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5 years ago, YahYah24
This app is not free
The app takes a reading and then locks you on a screen that forces you to give either your e-mail address or your Facebook account information. I tried to get around it, thinking this app is free. But I couldn’t. So I put in an alternate e-mail address I send junk mail to like I do with all apps that pull this type of sucker move on users. Then, after casually selecting the option that the app save my heart rate it sticks me on this inescapable screen that tells me I can use it something like 7(?) times for free but then it’s $9.99(?) a month. Dear App Developer. This 1 star review wouldn’t be here if there was transparency from the start. I’m having a heart issue. It’s why I downloaded this app. Thanks for frustrating me even more while trying to use it. Much appreciated. My advice is to download an app that’s actually either free, a reasonable one time cost, or at the least - is completely transparent in the description that this app is subscription based only.
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6 years ago, snfkolhs
Alerted Dr.
One day I had a sudden onset of chest discomfort. Noticing that my heart rate seemed to be speeding I used the heart rate app to take my heart rate. It showed a rate of 127 and from the readout of the pattern I could tell that it was also very irregular. When it seemed to settle down, I did the same procedure again and saw a normal heart rate and rhythm. When I went to the Dr. a few days later I showed him the two readings and the huge difference between the two. This alerted him and caused him to put me in a 30 day heart monitor. Being able to show him the readout from this heart rate app was much better than just listening to my symptoms. It convinced him that something out of the ordinary happened and he is suspecting I may be having episodes of Afib.
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4 years ago, Shaaron24
These people know exactly what they’re doing ... They scammed me out of money by renewing my subscription and tallying it up without my knowledge for months when I was only under the free trial. then one day I wake up and have a bill from Apple for $63???? For THIS app ??? Since WHEN is it okay to do this to someone without telling them every month ? I didn’t even agree to this . I didn’t even want to renew the free trial .This app isn’t even worth the ridiculous monthly price they try to charge . Would be better off buying one from Walgreens and would save you WAY more money . they scammed me. Since when is it ok to charge someone or hold someone accountable for something without letting them know ? Without giving them a proper billing statement or ANYTHING ?i didn’t use the app for months let alone have a single transaction from them then boom I see this ? I WILL be requesting a refund and I hope no one else purchases this app and falls victim to this , OUTRAGEOUS
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7 years ago, Bcamdine
Good heart rate app!
This app seems to be pretty accurate in comparison to taking manual rates. It is simple and easy to use. It has multiple "heart-healthy" trackers built into one app and it allows you to monitor what factors, throughout day, may have an impact on your heart rate. This helps keep track of and monitor important health markers, so you can more easily manage your overall health more independently, and have a convenient place to share your information with healthcare providers so that they can also better help you manage your health (if desired.) Another positive is that this app integrates with some other apps like iHealth and sleep cycle (to name a few,) and gives the option to remind you to keep track of your heart health.
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4 years ago, Thonehill
This app caught my irregular heartbeat several times before my heart attack. I knew something was going wrong. All the arteries leading into ( 3) leading into and 3 leading out of my heart. Works very well and matched my blood pressure machine within 2 beats. Make sure you use light pressure with your finger. At first I could not get a reading because I was using too much pressure . I've had this app for some time now . Since I have a bad heart, I use it all the time. This is one of my most important app's. I am not sure why this app is asking me to submit a second review? My review would be the same as above. I have a bad heart so I find this app very handy indeed since I almost always carry my phone with me. Plus it reminds me to check my heart rate! This is a great app! Very cool indeed! Note: In Aug 2019 this App was showing that I was having a uneven heart beat. The medical doctors told me that my heart was doing fine. Aug 15 I had a major heart attack. Thank God I survived .. My heart surgeon told me that I had survived many heart attacks in the past and no one caught it.
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5 years ago, Jens_Happy
Loved it until the last update
I have loved this heart rate monitor for years. Sometimes I think it save my life. I have shown the results to my doctor multiple times. All this changed with the most recent update two weeks ago. I can no longer use it at all. It has a screen that requires me to login using my email address. The app does not recognize my email address. I can log into the website using my email address, just fine. But not the app. I’m sad to not be able to use it. It was better than any other heart rate monitor that I tried. I just about decided it was worth paying for to support the product. Don’t know why this update doesn’t work?
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1 year ago, Z06Lou
Morning and post workout HR
I really like this app cause I like to check my resting heart rate as soon as I get in the morning and after a cardio workout. I can see the difference right away as my resting HR gets lower the more I workout. For instance, you can workout and exercise and you won’t see any significant weight loss right away but you definitely can see the difference in your resting HR. I started with a mid 70s RHR and after 2 weeks of cardio and going to the gym I’m already in the low 60s. The app is also very accurate cause I also use a blood pressure machine and the reading is within +/- 1 or 2 bpm difference. I highly recommend this heart rate app!
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5 years ago, onemofaux
SCAM FALSE free pretenses
I downloaded to compare with my friend’s Samsung app. It said it was free. It LIED! When the app installs itself it gets you to login with a new acct or Facebook. So far “OK”. Then it says (with no ability to opt out) to do unlimited use for 7 days and the pay $9.99/mo OR get 5 free uses and then and the they’ll start billing you. Since there’s no Opt Out option (and I’m supposed to be able to “cancel at anytime” by updating settings). So I do the 5 free option and immediately go to settings WHICH SHOWS NO OPTION TO CANCEL OR CHANGE SETTINGS!! I go to tech support in Support and search for “cancel subscription” and it says I have to go through Apple Pay to cancel/manage my subscription with them. Soooo I go there and they’re not in there -at least not yet. I’m assuming they’re going to try and bill me FIRST and then cancel so they can keep $9.99. WHAT A SCAM!!! I will set a reminder for 7days from now to cancel/complain to Apple. Parasites...
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4 years ago, Jessicacat2007
Saved my life
I’m twelve years old and I have the flu. I was browsing the web for sicknesses with my flu like symptoms. I found a lot of stuff on this deadly disease that matched almost all of my symptoms. One thing on there that I didn’t know if I had was high beats per minute for your heart rate. I got kind of freaked out and searched the App Store for a heart rate app. I found this and read a few reviews and then downloaded it. After testing, it said my bpm was 127, when I was just laying in bed. I ended up calling the doctor and they gave me a medication and told me what I should do. After monitoring my heart rate for a couple hours, it started to go down, and I was already feeling better.
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5 years ago, jadoreAsh!
Life Saver
I am 29 years old and one day I woke up with severe palpitations. I did not have a blood pressure monitor to check my heart rate so I came across this app and it downloaded it, not sure what to expect. This app literally saved my life and was very simple to install and setup on my phone. After placing my right index finger on the camera it gave me an accurate heart rate of almost 200 BPM, this prompted me to go to the emergency room and with God’s Grace, the doctors worked on me and was able to get my heart rate down. Needless to say I continue to use this app daily to check my heart rate, as it keeps a schedule of all the rates, dates and times!!! Please download you won’t be disappointed.
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6 years ago, lionheartlev
Ads chaotic, interfering w measurement.
I have the non premium version of this app. I understood this non premium version of the app works to give bpm but, just not the many other features. As I try to take the measurement, ads pop up blocking the screen and even seeming to interrupt the process but in any case blocking the read out. I don’t mean a single ad. Sometimes as many as 3-4 ads pop up and block the bpm scree in rapid suggestion. The x to reject the ads are hard to see on this iPhone X but when I find the x, as I do within a few seconds, it may take several presses to clear out the ad but, worse, another ad sometimes pops up immediately, and this sometimes repeats, as I said, 3-4 times. I understand ads for non premium apps. I have other non premium apps w ads and the App Store description helpfully notes ads or no ads. They’re a small hassle of course. But I have never had an app show a second ad in immediate succession, let alone 3. or 4! And this app is about emergencies, where being able to read the core data immediately is essential. I’m getting a different app. With this performance I’m not willing to trust these developers or their app. This is heartbeats per minute!!! How irresponsible!! If you are concerned about potential incidents of too rapid beat, I’d avoid this non premium.
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4 years ago, brookiecookie9282006
Best app ever
I have struggling with heart Palpitations all my life and I can’t really breath when I exercise and this bye far has help me keep track of it and I also have exercise reduce asthma and that is really hard to but if your looking for something that keeps track of you stuff and alway accurate then this is the app for you and hope you will try this app out ps and let’s you add notes what you did to have a low heart rate and high heart rate so keep in mind that is good so when you go back you can see that is why I felt that way or when you show your doctor that or whatever situation you need this app for
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5 years ago, Dissatisfied user #2
Was great, now less so wanting you to upgrade
I’ve had this app for several years and really liked it. It always seemed to be pretty accurate. I would have given it at least a 4-star rating and maybe even a 5. However, recently I haven’t even been able to get a measurement because it starts out wanting you to upgrade and I have yet to figure out how to close all the upgrade ads (closing one just takes you to another and round and round) to try to check my heart rate, despite my best efforts and wasting lots of time trying to close all the upgrade hype. Very unhappy. I have given it a 2 just because it was great in the past. I guess I’m going to have to begrudgingly pay for an upgrade for features that I won’t use just so I can check my heart rate.
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5 years ago, tm dallas
Are usually read all of the “ fine print” prior to purchasing an app. Maybe I missed it on this one… But purchasing the non-premium/free app is an absolute waste of time! You are suckered in and convinced that you will be able to learn, record, and track your Heart Rate for free. And if you want many added features, you would need to purchase the premium version. As I open the app for the first time, I realize it takes a little bit of practice to record my heart rate accurately. So I practice it a few more times. The next day, I open up the app to take a look at it and try to record it right before exercising, and I find that it will not work anymore. Silly me, I assume that I am using the app incorrectly. I try to figure it out for about 15 minutes and still fail at it. Later that day I look at it again for about 20 more minutes, and still can’t figure it out. The next day I opened it one more time to try to figure it out, 15 minutes later I finally realize in small print it says you may only check your heart rate 5 or 6 times. So long story short, you can basically use this app for one day for free then it is completely USELESS! I wasted a lot of time, Energy, and allowed myself to become frustrated for two days straight. I was totally suckered. :-/
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5 years ago, PGA MIKE
I use it to check my heart. Awhile back I kept getting inaccurate readings on this,so I had my kids and wife test there’s. They were fine. When I went to Dr. They did an ekg on me. I was showing BPM was all over the place. They put me on medicine for 4 years. After awhile the medicine was not working. I was building up an immunity to the meds. They did an ablation on me. No more medicine and my heart was in regular beats. I will have to go back in for another ablation again. It’s been 10 years now. From time to time. I can my heart flutter when I get stressed out. So now I’m back to using this app. to check my heart rate. This is a great app. to use. It’s 100% accurate. Michael
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3 years ago, Beardog85
My opinion
Fantastic App! Very accurate according to my doctor..I’m 36 years of age. Started tracking my heart health about a year ago. And continue to do so. Right now my heart health is good. with the kind of documentation that this app provides if anything does go bad down the road this should help my doctors pinpoint exactly when and where it did go wrong. Which should help me get more accurate treatment. If that day ever comes god forbid. I was in no way paid for this review. This is just my opinion straight up. I am not a medical professional FYI. But I do believe there is worse ways to spend two minutes out of your day.
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8 months ago, #trustme!
Best heart rate app out there
This app works truly wonders. When i tell you i have downloaded problem 20 heart rate apps im not kidding. Im basically an expert on heart apps now. This is the most accurate one out there. Truly truly worth getting this app. I have the free version and it still helps a ton. This helps me monitor my POTs symptoms when im not home and my heart goes fast when standing. There is no other heart rate app that can detect the 150 bpm like this one. Most apps cant keep up with the high heartbeats which is what I and other POTsies/other with heart conditions NEED! Amazing app thank you so much to the creators! Truly a game changer
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2 years ago, FreeC5
Old faithful
I never rate apps or leave reviews but I feel obliged to do this. Not sure when this app was released but I swear I’ve been using it for close to a decade. Possibly the 1st ever heart rate app released on the App Store? I’ve never spent a cent on it in that time and barely notice the ads, unlike some apps that spam free users with ads. I seriously can’t think of any complaints, it just works. If you can get your finger in the perfect spot you’ll get a quick and accurate reading. I’ve tested it’s accuracy before by counting out the bpm of my pulse and it was always similar. Well deserved 5 star rating.
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2 years ago, LilKody202
Save my life
This app saved my life. June 2022 I was experiencing shortness of breath and could feel my heart racing. Unaware of what was happening I searched the App Store for a heart rate monitor and found this app. Upon testing my heart rate it was 200bpm. I thought to myself “ this app is broken” .. there is no way that’s accurate. I told my husband to give it a try and his heart rate was 90bpm. So I gave it another try and my heart rate was still climbing. So I went to the ER. Turns out I have stage 4 heart failure. My EF is 20%, and without this app I may have waited until it was too late…I am not on the mend… hoping to increase my heart function in time.
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2 years ago, caralyn5
Super Accurate and So Convenient
I’ve had tachycardia for years and have always had to measure my heart rate multiple times a day every day as a result. I was skeptical about an app that promised to take my heart rate via my phone camera, but after using it for a few months while testing it against my manual count I found that it’s always accurate. I’ve been using the app for years now, and every once and a while I’ll do a “spot check” and take my pulse manually again just to verify, and it’s seriously always accurate. It saves me so much time and effort every single day.
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5 years ago, louie121212
I love this app!
I have trouble with my heart racing and this app has certainly been all but amazing! It gives the rhythm of your heart, which helps me see the skips and inaccuracies of my heart during those periods of race. Exactly what I needed. It even stores all the data with dates and any input you put in. I actually tried two other similar apps, but they didn’t make the grade. It asks if I want to do upgrades but I just ignore it. Just amazing to have. It’s a peace of mind at times but then on other days it’s a call to action to get to the dr. But I love it and so glad I found. Have told so many about it.
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5 years ago, GrneyeyedFF
This App Saved my Life ( literally )
I had some heart problems starting in January of 2014 . After some misdiagnosis and some test I found I had sick sinus syndrome ( low heart rate trashcan diagnosis) they still couldn’t find the root though . I found your app and downloaded it I compared it to my pulse OX while at work and they were even. So come several episodes of Bradycardia HR of 22 at my lowest. In July of 2018 after several in out of hospital they find I have unspecified AI( Anterior Infarction) meaning they don’t know when it happened. I am now wearing a wireless “Halter Monitor “ for 24 days and I checked your app because the light was flashing and my HR was 52bpm ...
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3 years ago, DickieVee
Great tool
I really like the fact the every night around 9pm the app notifies me that’s it’s time to log my heart rate! I’ve been having issues so this is great for giving you a way to track your heart rate and not be guessing numbers when you see your doc.! You can just bring up the App and share the results!! It also seems to be pretty accurate. I used to check my heart rate with another device early into using the app. But after finding it was also dead on with my finger monitor each time, I haven’t even bothered!! Would definitely recommend!!!
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2 years ago, RetroRosie
Accurate, but needs a fix
I have tachycardia and need to check my heart rate. The bpm seems really accurate. But the problem is, I hate how you can only check your heart for free a few times. And then it keeps asking you to sign up, whenever I do that it gives me a limited amount of chances to check it. Can you please make it so you don’t have to sign up? Sometimes I need to look at my heart rate and don’t wanna keep having to reinstall the app since I don’t have an account. It would be better if you took out the part where it tells you to sign up and you can’t use it much after that. Perfect other than that.
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3 years ago, Katie 7514
Monitor great; access to account to cancel - a problem
There is no icon that shows my account or that allows me to access my account so that I may cancel the premium program - which is useless unless -there is nothing in it you don’t already know. The web link you get when you click on Azumio support goes to a webpage fir which you are provided a warning: this page may be impersonating the webpage and trying to steal your information. Close it quickly. I want to cancel my premium account. This should be a straightforward process; it is not. HELP!!!!
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3 years ago, EilleenBeanQueen
Life Saver !
I have used this app for 3 or 3 years now, mostly just because I have anxiety and see that I had a normal heart rate would ease my nerves if I got a palpitation. Then, about a year ago I started taking some new supplements that we’re supposed to help me with the symptoms of fibromyalgia, well the combination of two of the supplements made my heart race, but I didn’t even realize it was happening until I tested my heart rate with this app and it was over 100.... and that was confirmed at my docs office .... it went right down as soon as I stopped taking the supplements. Just knowing I have this app handy helps me so much.
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5 years ago, JustCallingItAsISeeIt
Recently diagnosed with HCM hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. As we were working on getting the right meds for me I started having SVT supraventricular tachycardia. I had my heart restarted 6 times at the ER with adenosine. Oh what joy to hear yourself flatline, or hear the person next to you die. I was in the ICU area of the ER. A nurse apologized for me having to hear that happen but it is a part of life. To this day SVT happens. I use this app to confirm the heart rate and try the vagal maneuver to reset the heart. The vagal maneuver works along with this app showing me when I need to start the maneuver!! This app is a true lifesaver!! Thank you
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5 years ago, Caycedece
Not free as advertised, gains total access to your device
I do not believe for one second the high reviews for this app. Once it loads to your device you have to give it permission to access your device in fact it states that even when not in use it will run continuously and may drain your battery. To use it you put your finger against your camera lens (if you have a protection cover on your IPad or IPhone you’ll need to remove it) then your supposed to get your heart rate reading, BUT there are constant pop ups to buy “extra” features or a professional version. It’s very difficult to hold your finger still against the camera lens and close down the pop ups at the same time. It took me 20 minutes to get one reading. You can only do one reading in a 24 hour period of time, so once a day. Worst app ever.
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7 years ago, DrP1000
Ads too intrusive
I use this app because I enrolled in the heart study and I want to contribute to medical science but it's very annoying that ads interrupt the readings. I get daily reminders to measure my heart rate and I like that but to the developer, calm down! Let me get the results before you bombard me with ads! I'll look at the ads after I get my reading but I often don't use the app because I don't feel like dealing with having to redo the reading because gets interrupted. Also, I subscribed to the calorie counter partner app and was I hugely disappointed. The app was difficult to use and often didn't recognize the food I was eating (taking a picture of your meal was a selling point). You asked me for a review! So there it is.
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4 years ago, NotHappyAboutAds
Operations blocked by “offer” to upgrade to premium
This app seemed to be reasonable and useful for awhile but in less time than a month, it has now become useless because I cannot even measure my heart rate anymore. The app prompts me to measure my heart rate, which is good, but when I click on the prompt to take the measurement, I am only brought to a set of screens that prompt me to upgrade. I say “a set of screens“ because the first screen will have a little X to escape from it, but when I hit the X, there is no escape. Instead, I am brought to another screen that offers me a full upgrade. When I hit the X on that one, I’m back at that first screen. Not interested in saying yes to this circular trap, I am now finding this app was a waste of my time investment initially. This is not the rating & review I wanted to leave for this app, so I am disappointed.
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2 years ago, your grave
Why :/
So I had this app a few years back because I’ve always struggled with my heart rate, it would have you apply your finger on the light and slightly on the camera (depending on where your camera and light meet) and would read it within the 10sec and didn’t mess up in any way. It takes forever to read with your fingers now. I went to check my heart rate before writing this and I had applied it to my wrist as it was having a hard time reading from my hand. If I moved my wrist in any way shape or form it would immediately increase my heart rate and the “heartbeat line” would move when I moved my wrist, if I moved it up the line did it too along with moving it down. This app had made a major downfall and could be 100x’s better. Most definitely will be uninstalling.
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1 year ago, vitime 2
Feels misleading
I appreciate the free version of this app but after having some heart related issues I decided to purchase the subscription. I was under the impression and felt like it was suggested that the app created an ekg like reading for doctors. In the advertisement for the paid subscription version, it stated that sending the report to the individuals Dr helped them find out they had a fib. I paid for the subscription and made a report to show my cardiologist. He basically laughed in my face and said “I don’t know what this is…it looks like it just tracks a simple heart beat but this cannot show me anything especially not anything relative to an ekg. Super disappointing.
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5 years ago, Rattifer
It tries to make u purchase it before u even try it, couldn’t get past the screen without committing to a 7 day trial, there’s no way to say no and I killed the app to prevent that. U can’t do anything without repeated pop ups and ads that start playing loud audio then I couldn’t read anything but the number. The text is MICROSCOPIC. I am an app junkie and this is the absolute worst one I’ve tried yet. I’ve never had and app try to get me to buy something so many times just to use it once. I have no idea if I am now automatically signed up for this bs that I did not agree to, NOR do I have any idea how to cancel it yet. And don’t get me started on how it crashed my phone 3 times trying to get it and it asked for my finger print like 8-ish times and my Apple ID password three times. Somethings seriously messed up here.
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5 years ago, ileana18188381
Heart problems at 35
I downloaded this app because I’m having some heart issues that ER doctors can’t determine that cause of. I’m hoping it can give me some insight that I can show my doctor in the near future. I was wearing a 48 hr holster monitor but not sure if it showed anything. I get results tomorrow. I need some peace of mind and I hope this brings me some. Drs say I may have PVC but we won’t know for sure until my ECG tomorrow. I hope they find something. Because I’m scared for my life. One thing I wish this app had is a level to show you where your heart rate lands after a reading . As in low, normal, or high.
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