Interval Timer □ HIIT Timer

Health & Fitness
4.9 (66.1K)
35.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Float Tech, LLC
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Interval Timer □ HIIT Timer

4.85 out of 5
66.1K Ratings
2 years ago, happy_0089
Great App Design!
I’ve been looking around at apps that have a timer like this and this is the only one that truly fits 94% of my needs (which is leagues better than others!). With this app you can set how many exercises you want, NAME THEM (!), set your rest time in between your working time, set your round reset, and decide if you want a voice or beeps to tell you your progress! I like how you can see a history of your working out too. It really only lacks two things (that are very small). When naming your exercises, you can’t add one in the middle of the list so you would have to edit the one in the middle and shift all the other down (which is only a problem because I cultivate my own workouts and it only takes a minute max. to fix it). The other is that I can’t mark a rest day so I would lose my workout streak. Otherwise this app is literally perfect! I love the aesthetic of the user interface too!
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3 years ago, Alexander Warrington
Almost perfect but…
This app is simple and user friendly but it’s missing 2 features to really be 5 stars: 1) being able to save and name the timers. History is cool and why not but it’s not as useful as saving and naming timers, especially if you need several timers saved but you do not use them daily. Like Full Body workout would be easier to find in “saved timers” that looking at the details of all the history to find the correct workout and then repeat it. Way better to go to saved, look for the one with the correct name in an ordered list that allows shorting by most recently used, alphabetical, used most times, longest, etc and include a find function 2) Being able to name the different “work” and “rest” portions, not only useful for workouts that have similar exercises but also for job routines: instead of work, rest, work, rest; it could be crunches, rest, run, cool down or instead of work, rest, work, rest; it could be filing, coffe break, sending reports, stretching. It just takes that out of you mind and let’s you concentrate on the task rather than trying to remember what “work” you have done and which one you should be doing next.
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4 months ago, samwise713
Well designed with a couple of flaws
This intervals timer is nicely designed and flexible enough to meet most of my needs. I like the balanced amount of information it displays and the layout and color choices that make the interface easy to read. Two gripes: clearly the decision to forgo a favorites menu — or some similar feature to let you save and select specific workouts from a list in the sidebar or something — was intentional. This would seem to be a very basic feature of an app like this, and the devs instead direct you to choose from the history log of previous workouts instead. This is pretty annoying for me because I use one short workout for a lot of things so that one is over represented and one that I only do every couple days ends up quite far down the list. Please consider adding a favorites menu or saved workout section besides the history log! Also, a bit more flexibility would be appreciated in the warmup feature. 5 seconds would be nice, or why not let us use the same picker as for workout and rest sections?
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2 years ago, Sideshow_Ben
Spoken words, doesn’t change my music volume
There are other apps out there that let you define all sorts of hyper-custom regimens and skins and fonts, but at the end of the day, they all have three fatal flaws. (1) they use beeps instead of words. (2) they don’t have warnings that you’re 3 seconds away or halfway done. (3) most importantly, the beeps change the volume of my music. This app doesn’t affect the music volume at all, and uses a countdown at 3 sec before each beginning and end, and says “halfway there” which is really helpful too. So I can overlook the fact that I can’t define lots of custom time intervals and save multiple workout schemes. I mean, all I really need is “do 10 sets of 30 sec with a 15-sec pause between each, then reset the equipment for a minute and start over.” And this does it.
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3 years ago, wellsfargo woohoo
Self Training Guide!
I’ve done enough working out at studios to know which exercises I like and which ones work to tone specific areas of my body. But it’s hard to do rep counts when you’re exhausted during your workout. I just want to listen to music and have someone else do the counting. This timer is an amazing tool for that! I set an amount of time for each move and I set the break time in between to switch to the next thing and catch my breath. I decide if I’m using weights, resistance bands, kettlebell or nothing. I decide if m working on my arms, booty, legs, abs (I hate abs) or all of the above. Also, you can play music on the same device while you use this timer! This is seriously a game changer!
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3 years ago, Ande P.
Best i’ve found, but could use one thing:
By far the best I found for timer apps while exercising. It clearly shows the selected time remaining for work or rest, which number of exercise you are on out of the total you select, and conveniently gives a an indication when the work or rest interval is about to end (which is extremely useful for transitioning to the next station). It even tells you the half way point. The one thing I would like to include is an option to write in and display my own exercise/movement names for each work interval, then I wouldn’t have to keep leaving the app to check my notes or keep a whiteboard/scratch paper around if I forgot which exercise comes next. That would make the app 5 Stars for me!! Otherwise amazing!
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3 years ago, Omgukk
Doesn’t make sub clear
I’d have loved to be able to use this app free with ads after I reached the workout limit before you need to subscribe. They also don’t make it very clear that there is a limit to the times you can use the app before you are require to subscribe to keep using it. Don’t get me wrong the timer is great. It does everything you need a workout timer to do. My only complaint is that to make the sounds louder to announce a time change, it lowers the volume of my music for the entire time a workout is taking place. Much better if it just raised the volume of the announcement sound rather than lower the volume of the music. Other than these things it does the job. Back to default timer for workouts I guess. Edit: they just had a feee lifetime subscriptikn for free promo? Not sure why but it’s free as of right now. So 5/5 now for being free.
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4 years ago, Zee2018
Great product, but hate the subscription model
I think that generally subscriptions should be reserved for products that have some real complexity or the potential for new content. I would argue that this product doesn’t have either of these qualities. Spending two dollars a month on a simple product like this makes no sense. Over a 50 year span, if you pay for the subscription to this timer, you would spend $1200. This is also clearly is designed to take advantage of people who get the subscription and then forget. It’s frustrating that the subscription would even be an option and the lifetime membership price is also way higher than it should be ($10). I think you should get rid of the subscription nonsense and offer this product at a reasonable price. It is a well designed app otherwise though.
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2 months ago, Caryn_s325
Music is turned down, strange buzz after use and paywall
I liked this timer, mostly easy to use, and clear commands. My only issue was that it made my music quieter for some reason; even with my music turned all the way up it was hard to hear while using this app. Then after several months of using the app I was paywalled, which was totally unexpected. The other issue I had was after long runs, I noticed there was a weird buzzing sound coming from my phone for a couple hours after I had finished my run. In order to fix this I had to completely close out of the app, and my volume returned to normal and the weird buzzing went away.
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3 years ago, JoshTheGerman12345
Great app for working out
Love the app as far as the feature go. Let’s me set timer for exactly what I need - stretching, yoga, sprints, bag work, it doesn’t matter. Would have given it 5 stars but unfortunately there is a bug in there where the voice sometimes doesn’t tell you when a round is over or a new one starts. Not a big deal if you can keep an eye on it but if you’re putting your phone aside you can definitely miss it. I would also love it if a feature was added to save certain settings as a pre-set and label them so I don’t have to manually adjust everything or scroll through my history to find the right one.
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10 months ago, Nickname option is dumb
Misleading “free” app.
They say it’s a free app so I wanted to try it and see how well it worked for workouts. For the first workout it was pretty good and it was easy to set up and understand. For the 2nd workout I programmed in my time but when I went to start the workout it requires me to sign up for a 7-day trial… then it would be $2 per month after that. I could not close or use it until I signed up. So I did…. Then did the workout…. Then canceled the “free trial” and deleted the app. I would understand different levels and the base level was free but it didn’t give me a choice it forced you to pay to continue. I don’t like doing business with those types of companies who do that so it’s now gone. On to a different one.
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2 years ago, Le persont
I began using this timer not too long ago - used somewhere between 5-10 times probably. Today I tried using the timer and I was faced with a notice saying “workout limit reached” and that I would need to pay 1.99 a month to use the timer. Are you kidding me?? This app is pretty useful and has clean UI don’t get me wrong (only reason it didn’t get one star), but it is definitely not 1.99 a month useful. I definitely wouldn’t mind paying 1.99 one time and then getting unlimited access to it. I’d even be willing to pay up to around 3-5 dollars probably. But having a subscription service on something so small is such a let down. Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere
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2 years ago, genesis 2018
Needs work
Could be a good app but only one workout option??? I don’t know what I am doing wrong but my app only show 1 workout. There are other Interval timers out there that allow for multiple setting with different workouts and you just preselect the time that you want. Is there any way for the developers to update and allow for multiple workout options? It looks like there is only 1 option available. It would be very helpful to be able set & select from the different workouts based on the time settings you pre-assigned to it. For instance, one workout is 20 min (40 sec on & 20 sec rest), and second one is 30 min (30 sec on & 30 sec rest), and so on….
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5 years ago, GloUppDee
Conveient , effective and simple
It’s user friendly, it’s simple to use and it’s really a great app to have. It was only 2 or 3 bucks for the full version and I believe it was worth it. I can tell that the app is being worked on and enhanced because I noticed some new features however, some of them are a bit glitchy. When I click the new favorites tab, the app crashes. And I’ve had to click “already paid” upon launch about twice. But other than that.. 9/10 App. 12/10 once the bugs and sign in features are fixed.
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3 months ago, Deztheray
4 Years and Still Love it!
I bought the full version of this app 4 years ago (I think it was only $10) and it’s awesome. I love how you can set how many rounds, how long each break is, and you can change the settings so the voice can be heard over the music, or no voice at all. I used to do a lot more HIIT workouts but now I mostly use it when stretching after my workouts to avoid another injury. It’s awesome and I love the design! Definitely recommend.
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5 months ago, Nickname 566942
Fits My Needs
The app is simple and super easy to use. It's fabulous to be able to name my exercises and have them spoken to me over my music so I'm not constantly messing with my phone in a gym. Two additions to the functionality of the app would throw it right over the top: 1. A saved workout library. History is great, but a library would be so much better. 2. More actual exercises pre-loaded. It's 2024. We have AI that can generate a huge, comprehensive list at lightning speed, saving developers at least half of the work of adding more pre-loaded exercises.
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2 years ago, Njr1313
Needs a few Features for Premium
I bought premium because I really enjoyed the app, however, almost nothing is different. It would be nice to have a "saved workouts" page where you could pick a workout you made, rather than having to scroll through history. I also suggest a text to speech that announces what name you input for each exercise in a workout. That way you dont have to look at your phone to remember whether you're on pushups or situps or whatever. Otherwise, the app is helpful and does what its supposed to.
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9 months ago, ChrisBass
Somewhat useful but needs work
The most frustrating thing about this app is that you cannot save a work out until you have completed it. That is extremely annoying. What if I want to create a work out in advance, and save it for later? What if I want to do several circuits, and want to be able to recall them quickly and easily between circuits? Currently, in order for me to go from one circuit to another, I have to stop what I’m doing, reconfigure the work out and rename all of the exercises. Meanwhile, my heart rate is decreasing, and my workout session is dramatically losing its effectiveness.
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4 months ago, Gymgoer43
It’s free and very good for sets, you can pause it, you can skip sets if you need to, you can change how long your sets are and even your rest, this is my first time in this app and absolutely loved it. There are many more features this app offers which is why I rated it a 5 star. I was looking at other apps that are like this one or worse but those cost money. This is definitely the best free app to do your sets with. Highly recommend.
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4 years ago, peetastix92
Great until the update on June 10
I had the app for over a month and I loved it because it was easy to set up other than the fact that it didn’t announce when you reached the final set of your final exercise. I would have to watch the screen when I reached closer to the end which wasn’t a big deal if you have wireless headphones. However, the most recent update the app stops your music while it counts down the half way mark or the 3 seconds. NOT OK. We all need our music while working out! I also noticed that the voice is off from the actual count down. I invested and purchased the full version for 9.99 and I am hoping that the current issues get resolved.
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2 years ago, CharmC2022
Best workout buddy!
Did a quick search in the App Store for an exercise timer and found this gem. It is simple, yet has all of the things i need from a timer to plan and get through a workout. You set the work time, rest time, how many exercise per round, how many rounds and how my reset time in between each round! An amazing bonus is once you finish plugging the details, you get a preview of the total workout time! I love it!
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4 years ago, Allie3vb
OK, but could be great
After using the free trial I bought the lifetime pass, thinking it was worth it. Unfortunately I didn’t realIze there were some pretty disappointing gaps in the features. The biggest one being that it doesn’t indicate that the workout is over. It just times out with no verbal acknowledgement. Can’t it just say 3-2–1 workout done! The whole point is that I don’t have to watch the screen. The other very annoying thing is that you can’t save a configuration of the timer. I thought that was the whole point of being able to save a workout. I don’t know not sure it was worth the money.
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4 years ago, Lunabelle42
Allow voice commands on lock screen
I’ve been using this app almost daily for a few months now. I love its simplicity. One feature I hope you’ll add in the future is the ability to use the app while your phone screen is locked. I use the voice commands and don’t even look at the screen while exercising. Not being able to lock my phone makes things difficult when I need to keep it in my pocket while working out. This would definitely be 5 stars if the voice commands worked when the screen is locked.
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3 years ago, SmoothSailing321
Constant volume issues
If you don’t listen to music this app is simple and works perfectly. However if you listen to music the voice prompts and beep feature is bugged, in order to have the voice prompts louder than your music it will limit your music volume; however if you pause your music, take a phone call, or anything that interrupts the app it will no longer limit the music volume and you’ll no longer be able to hear the prompts. There is no way to fix this unless you stop the workout and start a new one, it’s extremely annoying if you accidentally pause your music instead of skipping a track and then have to struggle hearing the prompts for the rest of the workout!
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2 years ago, lortoj1
Best HIIT Timer App of All-Time
Excellent. Easy, good design, has rest for rounds as well as within the interval. Easy to set. You can name each interval and it shows it so you know what to do during your “work” time. There is a voice that announces the halfway mark. I am sure some people like it but it’s not my favorite. There is probably a way to turn it off but I have not found it yet. Overall, it’s my favorite hiit interval timer ever.
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2 months ago, ethanbrand
Good but not great (yet!)
Fantastic app but needs a few tweaks: - allow us to customize font size for exercise name to read from further away - volume slider for voiceover (the “louder” option is too loud and when the workout ends, music volume shoots up and blasts in your ear) - announce the next exercise name during the rest period between, not after the next exercise time period begins - allow me to build my own library of exercise names and select from them to build a custom workout
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3 years ago, mysteryLobster
Great Timer a Few Suggestions Tho
I love this timer. I downloaded it so I can do my workouts without having to worry about counting my reps. The timer works great, it is easy to use and set up. The only suggestion I would give is make it so when the option to have the voice louder than the music playing is on, the music quotes down only when the voice is talking. I found that when it is on it quiets the music even if it the voice or beeps aren’t talking. Amazing app good job devs.
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4 years ago, Anonymous61220
Music Turns Off
I bought this app about a month ago and I loved it. However, with the most recent update (I believe it updated yesterday), whenever the countdowns start, my music shuts off completely. Either I can listen to music and have no countdowns (and have to watch the timer on my screen..) OR I can’t listen to music at all so the countdowns can play. I personally hate working out with no music so it’s not the best scenario. I would have rated it 5 stars a week ago when I was able to listen to music AND have the voice countdown behind my music without stopping it.
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5 years ago, T G-man
This timer is no nonsense. You want a timer that just keeps time and tells you when your half way so you can switch sides with out having to watch the time? Than get this timer! I have used many only to be disappointed by the screen switching off and missing the half way point on a count down, or get bombarded with adds all over the screen. This does not do any of the above! Great basic timer
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3 years ago, Lono13
Not worth the price
It was definitely not clear that I’d only be able to use this app a couple times before having to pay $10 for it. Also, the app is too buggy and lacks features for that price. Once you start a workout you can’t change it. So if you’re extra tired one day, or have more energy, you can add or remove sets or time. The first time I used it, it didn’t lower my music volume, but then the next time, even though I hadn’t changed the setting, it lowered the music the whole time, I could barely hear it when I was running, and nothing I did fixed it. Too basic and buggy for that price.
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3 years ago, Eljeferey
Practically Perfect
Simple and clean design. Easy to make adjustments to timers. Cannot save workouts with names but you can always go to workout history and select the settings you want from there. The option for voice prompts or beeps is nice and there were no issues playing music in another app and switching apps (if you set it to continue the workout behind other apps)
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1 year ago, Mohamadta
I have tried over 5 apps so far and this has been the best so far; It’s a great way to keep track of your rest and work routine, I use it for studying and so far it has been working free (some other apps worked some days then required payment) Another feature is that you can skip rounds which was really missing in other apps.
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4 months ago, NW4123
Works well but sound issues.
The app works well but there are volume issues when you want to listen to music or podcasts while working out. If you set the app volume to be louder than the music, when the app drops the music volume down to announce the interval it never comes back up. If you don’t have the app volume set to be louder than the music you can’t hear it. So your choice is you can hear the interval timer or your music but not both. A watch integration would be nice too.
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1 year ago, Coderiffic
Great and simple, two issues
Had been doing Insanity and decided to try HIIT workouts. This timer is excellent in its utter simplicity. Nothing complicated, but enough options to customize a workout. Set your work time, rest time, exercises, and rounds. Hit start and go. For example: 40 seconds work, 20 seconds rest, across 5 (named) exercises. Repeat that whole set 3 times. Simple voice commands count down “3, 2, 1, Go..”, “Halfway”, “3, 2, 1, Rest” Two complaints: 1. You must pay to keep using it. Either monthly or a one-time permanent unlock. 2. You cannot specify more than one workout. I wish I could save several different sets for different days. Or at least save 15 or 20 exercises and pick 5 or so that I want for that particular day. Would be much easier to mix it up.
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3 years ago, Ti Ro Ro
Deleting this app
I wanted an app where I could have another timer when I already had one going on. It had all these other timers... which I completely didn’t mind, and I thought to myself “ I can definitely use these whenever I need them” but for the exercise timer (which was one of them on there I found useful for other times) it was getting in the way of my sleeping timer. I kept trying to use the timer they provided I guess which was “rest”... but I couldn’t even use it. After like 5 minutes I couldn’t use any timers without a subscription. I suggest the app multi timer and I absolutely love it... just got this app, just now deleting. 🙂
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4 years ago, nicolenoelpressley
Great idea, but...
Great concept, as most HIIT or Tabata timers make you enter what feels like an insane amount of data for a simple circuit workout. In this aspect, this app is awesome. Simple & no-nonsense. Where it needs improvement: - Final exercise just stops. No 3-second countdown, no “rest” or ending announcement. - You have the ability to pause during work/rest, but this seems to negatively affect the timer at the end. 3-second cues fail, timer circle doesn’t move anymore, etc. - If you navigate to another app while this is running, it auto-pauses. For those of us (most people these days) who have their workout program on their phone, this is annoying. I need to be able to check my next couple exercises during a rest period & have the timer continue. - Locking the phone stops the voice cues. I don’t need the screen on for 30 minutes, this is a battery issue.
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2 years ago, #Animallover002🐒
great but HUGE problem
i’ve been looking for something like this for a while, it’s easy to use and sets up everything how i like it. i used this yesterday for a workout, and i absolutely loved it. i went into the app and pressed play for my workout and it said that i needed to pay for it. it wasn’t that much but still, the fact that i would have to pay for a TIMER is crazy. also, the fact that i was only able to get one day out of this app is also astronomical. great app, but i won’t be using it any time soon.
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12 months ago, Cleopatra peanut
Great. Could be a smidge better
I Really like several features of this app. I like that I can set the international time and the rest time. I like that I can name the exercises and set how many rounds. I Especially like that it tells me when I’m half done which is very useful for switching sides on some exercises. I wish I could have more than one routine. I wish it could read the name and announce the next exercise. Then it would be five stars.
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4 years ago, j_vanbeek
Awesome app and EASY to use!
It gives a 3 second countdown before the end of a workout/rest for easy transition and a halfway alert when you’re halfway through an exercise so you need to pay virtually zero attention to the app or time. Makes it super easy to focus on doing your best workout and not worry about how much time is left! You’re done before you know it, even when your workout gets tough (:
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3 years ago, LB Hiker
Helpful, but…
This app is definitely helpful. One thing that I like over other similar apps is that there is a voice prompt to let me know that I’m halfway done with my working interval, and the countdown to let me know that I knew in her bowl is coming up. The drawback of this app is that there is no function to save multiple types of intervals. Example: it would be helpful if I could save one interval set for running, and a second
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3 years ago, Jmann734
Solid interval timer
Took me a few test trails (no more than a few minutes) to figure oot but after that it performed nicely and allowed me to play music on my iTunes which was also running on the phone and I enjoyed this app because it didn’t adjust the volume of my music. Good to go and holds you accountable through an interval workout.
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2 years ago, NamjoonKim
It was almost the perfect app 😭
I thought this was the perfect workout timer app. I could name the exercises if I was doing a timed workout with my husband, I could set the rest for in between rounds, and I could play music while still hearing the background voice counting down for me. It was perfect… until the premium pass payment thing popped up. I kept closing it and trying to play the timer, thinking it was just an ad saying “hey, you can get more if you want”, but no… it was there. We could’ve had something special. 😢
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4 years ago, Lila.lee
So far so good!
Super cheap to purchase after free trial, and SUPER simple and easy to set up, great for less tech-savvy or for newbies to workout timers (me). I love it. The only thing I don’t like is that I have to program it every time I want to change to say, stretching timer, but reading someone else’s review just told me how to easily access previous workouts so that I don’t have to program them again! (Even though it only takes like 2 seconds to program them)
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1 year ago, a3232323232
Nice looking app but could use some improvements
The biggest is the reducing of music when the timer is running. Great it offers this feature but it reduces the volume for the entire length of the time. It seems the real ideal would be only when the app is announcing something. This usually leads to blaring music at the end of the timer because suddenly the music volume is restored. Second, no way to set time for each exercise in the interval.
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4 years ago, Brinkdadrink
Simple and easy
I was using another one till it got slammed with ads. I have been on the free version of this app and it is great. I am upgrading for the few bucks even though I don’t need it. It does have some nice benefits. I tried several others but this has the most thought out UI so everything is quick and easy. Get this and it will be that last one you need.
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3 years ago, JB_runnin
Perfectly Simple
Easy to monitor your progress visually, even from afar with changing color backgrounds. Easy to set up a routine with plenty of flexibility for rest times, work times, etc. Even has audible countdowns for each section/intervals if you’re too tired to look up from the mat. I’ll be using this a lot.
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2 years ago, Annomnomous
Pay $10 for a stopwatch?
This app has a couple nice features, but it is essentially a glorified stopwatch. After using up all the “free workouts” the app then costs $2 a month, or $10 for a lifetime. Why would anyone pay a subscription fee for such a simple app? I’m convinced all the positive reviews here are from people who just barely started using the app, rarely workout, and never ran out of their “free workouts”. There are multiple truly free versions of this app in the AppStore that do the same job, without a greedy bait and switch. Save your time and money, don’t download this app
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5 years ago, 4566976
Major issues with app
There are major issues with this app and I have contacted the creator several times with no response. Every time I try to use the app it acts as though I have not purchase and I need to “restore” my purchase. While this is not a big deal it is annoying. I have not been able to save my workouts even though I go through the process of setting them up and saving them they do not show up. I also can not see some of the screens because it is white writing on a white screen. Annoyed I wasted my money, regardless of the amount, on this. There are much better HIIT timer apps puns there.
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9 months ago, Barb's Apple Account
The App is great but I’m not paying $2/mo for it
As other reviewers state, the app works well and is easy to use but you r forced to pay a monthly subscription fee after your free trial if you want to continue using the app. I’d be open to paying a one-time $20 subscription or possibly a yearly subscription fee but feel monthly isn’t reasonable.
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3 years ago, GRiiMLYxx
Decent app.
If you want to charge a premium price for an app, then it should check all the boxes. The most frustrating part about this app is that it doesn’t work when you exit out of the app. Example: if I’m working out, and want to change a song really quick in between sets, it pauses the timer. I liked the app and was planning on buying premium, but then I realized it’s $10 and it doesn’t do everything I need it to.
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