Interval Timer - Tabata Timer

Health & Fitness
4.5 (17.3K)
119.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Nova Mobile, Inc.
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Interval Timer - Tabata Timer

4.52 out of 5
17.3K Ratings
3 years ago, Marigolds6
Great for all sorts of interval training
I originally got this to use for timing Fartlek runs and speed intervals. The cycles are easy to customize and provide great feedback through sound and vibration. But then I started doing interval training at home (circuit, HIIT, and technique drills). Now I could add in visual keys and create complex hour long workouts and practices. Colors, sounds, titles, intervals, rests, cycles, repeats, all are customizable on the free app. If I could add one feature, it would be either a three period cycle or a cycle start warning, so that I can do high/low/get ready or left/right/rest. If I could make one change, it would be the ability to make a one time premium purchase instead of a subscription. I would like to put some money towards the app, perhaps for new templates (like the suggestion above) or for sharing, but I am wary of subscription services over one time purchases. That said, I now use the premium service and is has even more flexibility, to the point that I use it over even physical timers at the gym.
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4 years ago, JudasFrank
A Disappointing Downfall
This app used to be good. So good. Almost too good to be true but unfortunately things have changed for the worse in very saddening ways. The Trump ads don’t bother me, as much I dislike him I couldn’t care less about his ads, but other changes are extremely frustrating. No longer can you have this app open while playing audio in another app without sound stopping every 5 seconds (due to ads apparently), no longer do timer sounds work properly when the app is open in the background and no longer do the developers seem to care at all about providing a product with some semblance of consumer satisfaction. The worst part, however, is that this is still the best app of it’s kind on the App Store. So until a better one comes along, I guess I’ll have to suffer through this one.
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4 years ago, Shneor
Good App with Intrusive Video Ads and Deceptive Seller
The app has annoying video ads as of late, but is otherwise very good. I've been using the app for years to time and track my daily physical activity routines. However, every now and again the seller decides it's time to try and milk it a bit more, and pushes out an update that adds more aggressive ads, and it's never in the update description, of course. For instance, the December 2019 (version 4.2.1) update added video adds at the end of every routine, but the update description was "We are happy to introduce a new in-app purchase to let you remove the Ads. Removing the Ads is just an option for those users hope to remove it and not mandatory. It doesn't change the way you used Interval Timer before. Just grab what you need. This new version is worth you update because we also fixed some bugs to make it more stable." It is possible to circumvent the video ads by turning off cellular data for the app and disconnecting from WiFi, but it's far from ideal.
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1 year ago, Okayallthenicknamesaretaken
I’ve used the app for over 5 years.
I use the free version and I enjoy it. I use it pretty often to regulate my workout times while doing HITT. You can customize it to fit your workout style which I love. I always like the rating option for each workout. It is useful when you are wanting to track your progress. You can select between “Easy” “Good” or “Difficult” then it offers space to log your workout which I use to list what I did and how I felt that way when I repeat that workout I can compare it. It’s easier for me to have it all on an app then using my notes or writing it down because I can’t forget when it’s listed after you complete the workout. Give it a shot!
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1 month ago, Lis311
I couldn’t send feedback because the app insists I have email set up 🤷🏻‍♀️ but I had a few suggestions to send… 1. Have an “Up next” section to show the name of the next interval, especially during the last set or two, so we can use our rest time to prep the equipment for the next movement. 2. Show the current/total sets *much* larger and more visible, like in the center of the screen, so we can see it from farther away!! The numbers are practically hidden and so small, I have to set my phone down to do the movement and can see the timer from farther away but can’t always keep track of the number of sets I have left and can never see the small numbers. So I have to get up from the bench to see if I lose track (which is all the time)! 3. Allow us to attach a picture or a link to each movement so we know what the movement looks like! 4. Have an “X” to clear the entire interval name instead of having to backspace the entire name, especially when first setting up the interval and it has whatever default name on there… 5. Start interval name typing with a capital letter. It’s usually a default thing, I’m not sure why it wants to start typing the interval name with a lowercase? That’s all for now! Otherwise a good app, with a few tweaks, it can be really great!!! ⏱️
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2 years ago, HawaiiNatalie
Want to love
There is so much about this interval timer I do love. It’s simple, intuitive, easy to program custom intervals… what I don’t like is that when I leave the timer screen (say to look at a workout or to change music etc), if I forget to return to the interval app as the open app displayed on my screen, the alert telling me to change to the next interval won’t audibly ring. The timer keeps running in the background when the app is open, even if it’s not on the phone display, it continues running through the intervals just as it should, but the alarm itself won’t ding audibly to alert me **unless the app is open on my screen.** It’s thrown me off several times. It also seems like an easy fix! So hopefully developers will make this adjustment in a future iteration of the app. If it weren’t for this one issue, I’d have no problem giving the app 5 stars!
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3 years ago, LudivousKain
Used to be great
This app used to be great. Perfect for me, in reality. Since the change to the “lock” functionality however, I will be uninstalling this timer. Locking something is supposed to prevent changes. When a parent starts playing a cartoon on a tablet before locking it and handing said device to their toddler, one would expect that the “lock” would prevent the cartoon from being stopped, paused, or otherwise interrupted. When someone locks the doors of their car or home, one would be fully reasonable to expect said door to not open until being unlocked. This completely rational association of a “lock” preventing “something” must be a agilely new concept to the app developers. When locked, the interval can still be interrupted. Repeatedly. Sure, the “stop” function is TECHNICALLY removed, but replacing it with “pause” is shamefully unintelligent. It’s the equivalent of removing only the opened bottles of chemicals from beneath the kitchen sink, rather than outright locking the door when there’s a toddler in the house. Like being held at knifepoint while in ones car and rolling up the window without locking the door. So pull up your workout, cue it with music that changes each interval, then hit play and get lost in the workout. Until you realize it decided to pause even after being locked. Then do what I’m doing and get a different app.
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3 years ago, Jestracer
Almost good enough
I wanted to love this as much as my wife did, so I installed it, upgraded to the premium and added it to my Apple Watch to run some intervals. This app and the Apple workouts app are apparently not compatible. When I started my run I also started the timer with a 30 second warmup. I never heard the alert to start the first high intensity interval. I noticed that the workouts app was on display, so I switched between that and the intervals app, and then I got the double ding for high intensity immediately followed by the single one for low intensity. If I kept the intervals timer app on display, I would get the audible notifications, but if the watch screen went idle or switched back to the workouts app (default view) then I got no notifications. The whole reason I got this and upgraded was for audible notifications without constantly having to check my watch for the time. Almost...
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4 years ago, Seanooohoho
I love it.
I’m a 14th year Breakdancer. This app has become a key ingredient to my daily routines regarding stretching and conditioning. One bit of improvement I’d like to see regarding the calendar. I often stretch after midnight and that session will record on the calendar for the technical date. I wish there could be an option for adjusting the day my session is recorded on. For example: if I stretch after 12am the night of the 28th, the app’s calendar will represent that time as the 29th. As a result, this sort-of renders the calendar a bit useless for me. Thank you, again, I love this app, it’s very useful for me, I didn’t even know the calendar was a thing until I downloaded it, but now that I know it exists...I’d really find it helpful if that adjustment could be made somehow.
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8 months ago, OB Grams
Leaving due to invasive ads
I have used this app exclusively for HIIT for about 12 years. I am legally blind, and found it was easy to set up on my iPhone. It has migrated to all my new iPhones easily. I was fine with the kyron ads that were a part of each session from the beginning. I had some trouble bypassing the full page ads when they began, as seeing and touching in the EXACT right spot to close them was elusive to me, both because of their design and my vision. Yet I persisted. The recent addition of multiple ads before I can start my session has overwhelmed me and sent me to Seconds. You have a decent product, but your advertising model makes it almost impossible for visually impaired persons to use. And something inside me bristles at feeling forced to upgrade just to use what I’ve had for many years. So I’m deleting your app and will no longer be recommending it. Bye.
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4 years ago, tmawr
Little bit of a learning curve, but it’s just what I was looking for!
I’m challenging myself this year to try a new workout every week (need to lose 55lbs before Vegas vacation in July). This weeks choice was jumping jack intervals with 30 seconds on, and 30 seconds doing squats, bicycles, planks, arm circles, lunges, etc. The standard iPhone clock wasn’t working for me- so I looked for an app. This was my first app choice- and I have to thank the developer for making it my only choice. It was easy to figure out (after playing a little with the “sets” which I’m new to- I just go until I’m tired normally) and I was up and running in under a minute. What a difference an interval timer makes- no more stopping to reset the timer! Thanks!
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3 years ago, LatteChk
Love it. A couple tweaks would be nice
This has become my go to app for my HIIT workouts, including for treadmill intervals. I love that the timer still works when looking at other apps and that I can write what exercise is next. The timer is loud and very clear. I like that I can put in rest intervals, even if it’s only five seconds to give me a chance to set up for the next exercise. It would be nice if in that rest or low interval there was the option to show what exercise is coming up so I don’t have to wait until that interval starts to get into position. I also wish there was an option to look at the workout as a list during the workout. As it is now, I have exit the workout to actually just look at it as a whole.
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3 years ago, g3t but phukked
only 1 thing would make it better
The only thing that would make this better is the ability to easily make suggestions (there's another app I use that has an "angry shake" feature where if you shake the device twice it asks if you have an improvement idea) all apps should have this, it's better than ratings and comes up when the user encounters the issue. I think that's something all apps should have in some way, everything needs a suggestion box. BUT that being said atm this is exactly what I needed, it keeps track of time used and progress made which is amazing and is super customizable. Love it!
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4 years ago, crystaltips007
problem corrected promptly
UPDATE: the developer’s quick response and prompt correction of my complaint detailed below has encouraged me to give this app a 2nd chance. i do like the simplicity and versatility of this timer that allows me to store my own personal HIIT timer sequences, so fingers crossed that it remains the app that i have counted on for so long. ORIGINAL COMPLAINT: i have been using this app since 2013 and (as others have noted) had no problem ignoring the banner ads at the bottom.... until now. the latest version interrupts me every time i complete a sequence, try to resume or interact with the app during a workout and forces me to sit through 5 seconds of noisy ad before i can make it go away. i am furious and downloading a different app so i can discard this horror immediately.
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1 year ago, Greeny1026
All-time favorite app
I’ve come to the conclusion that this is probably my all-time favorite app. I’ve had versions of this app for more than 10 years and it’s done nothing but be exactly what I want it to be - a great, low maintenance interval timer. No other app in any category has been more dependable. The interface is solid, the free version gets you where you need to go, and nothing gets in the way during a workout. It saves all of my routines, so I can come back to them day after day without having to reset everything. Absolute rock of an app. Hats off to developers on this one. Thanks for taking care of us!
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3 years ago, agbloom
Loving this app
I have been using this app for three years now and have recommended it to countless people for running intervals, strength training intervals, and for kid games. I use the free version, but have been heavily considering getting the premium version just so I can get the intervals on my watch. I wish there were more reviews about that functionality to push me to pay. Otherwise, this is beautiful app that does exactly what I need it to. The ads aren’t too intrusive, so long as you open your timer seconds prior to when you want to start your routine. I really have no huge complaints for the free version.
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2 years ago, Bigker56
Exactly what I was looking for
So I have been trying to find a decent timer in order to use my interval running program. Every timer out there that I found had some limitation making useless. Not this one. I can enter a simple or complex program, name each rep and set, plus add individual colors and sounds for a particular set. I don’t have to be looking at the timer to know which rep I’m on, and if I do look at it, I can see the displayed color, eliminating the need to read something - awesome without my reading glasses. I like the countdown feature and time remaining dial too. The developer did a nice job on this one.
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3 years ago, slaughterkayla
Does the job!
I’ve used this app for a while and I’m always able to make it work for whatever crazy protocol my trainer comes up with. From really simple AMRAPs to more complicated ladder workouts. Being able to customize colors and sounds to aid in knowing which stage you’re at is so more helpful than I would’ve realized. The function for editing a saved workout could be a little easier but it’s not dysfunctional. Heard an idea of adding notes at the end of a workout and that seems like a cool feature.
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4 years ago, Kirsten Helman
Music malfunction
This app is really great, I really love it a lot, but just recently every single time I use it while listening to music, who doesn’t listen to music when they work out, it takes whatever order I have my music in and puts it in order on the playlist. For example, I hit shuffle on my music, open the internal timer and use it and when the next song hits, it’s not the song that was supposed to be next in shuffle, it’s the song that’s next on the playlist when it’s in order. It’s very frustrating because now I’m always pausing my workout to go into my music app, which I use Apple Music, and select the song I wanted to hear next, not the one that’s next in order.
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4 years ago, tyfku
I used to love it...
I’ve happily used this timer for years both personally and professionally. Recently it started shutting itself off mid-interval. This obviously defeats the purpose of an interval timer. Super annoying. In an attempt to keep it on, I left my phone on with the timer running on the screen. This led to my phone jumping into an advertisement posted in the app, AND the timer STILL shut itself off. Come on guys. I appreciate that ads are your revenue, but to prioritize them over the functionality of the app? I’m dropping this app, and going with one that I have paid for. About a month ago, I added this app back on to my phone. There simply isn’t a better interval timer. But the ads bog it down so completely. Today the screen went black and won’t let me use it anymore. I would happily pay $20 for a good timer like this, but a subscription? That’s crazy town.
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4 years ago, Kristina Girod
Love What You Have So Far
This timer is great. In comparison to others I like the ability to easily create a complex timer for multiple moves and the different options for colors as a visual for a new move. I also love that I can change the sounds of the bells. My only stick is that I wish I could duplicate an exercise (or interval) within a workout. For example, I do a lot of circuit training in my classes, so we will do 3 moves back to back and repeat them for 3-5 rounds. Currently, I have to either let the timer run out and press start again after each round, or I have to manually create an interval for every exercise in every round. I prefer to do the the latter bc I hate running back to the timer to press start. It would make the creation process so much better if I could simply duplicate an interval I’ve created and then move it to where it needs to be. There is an app called a Flex Timer that allows for this, but it’s missing the visual appeal that I like with this app. So, I use this one way more. Appreciate your work and hope the duplication options become available. Thanks!
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4 years ago, Tryintobefit
I used to really like it....
I have used interval timer for about five years. It has been great. I have LOVED IT, really. However, recently the app started interrupting my workouts with annoying adds. First the adds just displayed at the bottom of the screen, which I could tolerate. Now they have become more intrusive and actually pop-up, blocking the screen for several seconds or more, causing me to have to stop and try to remove the add so I could see my freakin' time! I have tried a request to limit the adds through the Google option they give you, but it is a joke....they keep coming. I despise these advertisers and whatever they are peddling and I will bet that most people who are having their workouts/precious time interrupted feel the same, so STOP IT! The pop ups are just unacceptable.
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1 year ago, Tstz74
Love it!
I’ve tried other timers for my tabatas but they all tried to get money from me to do even the simplest of things. This app not only works better but has extra features like weekly and monthly tracking and the ability to edit my workout with the number of workouts, time between sets, time of HIIT, warm up and cool down, etc. My only complaint is that I can’t specifically say what each exercise is so I have to have a piece of paper with me so I don’t forget what I’m doing! Also, when I do a cardio workout, I do 2 exercises one at a time and I lose count! Otherwise, I recommend this app hands down over the competition.
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3 years ago, George67548
Download at your peril
Opening app for first time after downloading gives you a screen that asks you to go premiums. It also asks to track various activities or to ask the app not to track. What does ask the app not to track mean? I don’t want to ask the ask anything. It just say don’t track. So if you don’t like either choose and you go to close out the app by pressing x top right, it doesn’t close. Not only that, but it freezes your phone! Can’t get back to Home Screen. The worst is you can’t shut down the phone to reboot. When you go to push the slider to off, slider turns orange and emits two loud alarms. I made repeated attempts to get around this and finally had too hook it to my Mac to ditch the program. From my experience with this app, it comes close to being malware. Avoid at all costs
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3 years ago, CRE8 JOY
It was great, and then…
I’ve used this app for several years for my routine on my rebounder. I thought it was perfect up until about six months ago or so. Then they changed up the look and now the line that tells you what to do for each segment is such tiny print that you have to squint to read it. I have twice sent feedback about this, but they still have not fixed it. I still use the app because I mostly have my routine memorized, but those times when I get lost in thought and forget where I am, it’s really frustrating to not be able to just glance over and see what I’m supposed to be doing next. I don’t understand why they won’t change it back.
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5 years ago, Kydnac
Doesn’t play alerts in background
According to the developer the app was recently updated to fix the issue where alerts don’t sound when the app is in the background. I have all updates yet the app still won’t play alerts when in the background. I view and follow my workouts in another app and use this timer to alert me when it’s time to move to the next round. I found the app very helpful and enjoyed using it in this way until this glitch. Now it is very difficult and slows my workout having to go back and forth between the timer and workout app. If you (developer) have any suggestions on something I need to do to remedy this, please let me know. Otherwise I’ll be looking for a new timer app.
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4 years ago, angry-bird-2310
What happened?
Worked perfectly for more than two years, until a couple weeks ago, at which point it: has begun showing ads each time I open it; sometimes freezes up due to the ads, which can’t even be remedied by restarting my phone; doesn’t consistently chime at the end of each interval anymore; and, *most annoyingly* it no longer works in sync with music, which is one of the main functions of the app. During my most recent workout, I had to restart my music no fewer than 15 times in the first ten minutes of the workout. I see that other users have had the same complaint in the last few weeks. So, I’d like to ask the app’s developers: Why’d you wreck your app? Is your use of ads intended to turn users away? If so, you’re succeeding.
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3 years ago, David Whitlatch
Good be good but has major flaws
Creating custom timers is time consuming. The way the app is built has some problems. Number one is when you’re creating customer timers you cannot duplicate a section or timer piece. WHY would you not add that??? Number two is that when you’re creating a timer for the first time, if you touch outside of the box it closes the pop up screen where you create the workout. If you’re working on a new custom timer and accidentally touch anywhere on the screen your work is lost. Why would the creator make this possible?!?!? Do you not use your own app and see these flaws? This app has potential but to me its clear the creators don’t actually use it enough to realize what can be made better. Maybe in the future I will come back this app.
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3 years ago, cardiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiib
Been using for years for all my workouts
I keep track of almost all my workouts with this functional timer that I generally like and works well. Unfortunately it’s a mystery what format this downloads to. I upgraded to premium so I could download hundreds of workouts over a few years and keep a more useful workout log and combine it with other workout diary stuff.....but I can’t figure out what to do with the downloaded file, I can’t find anything that recognizes the file format. I contacted the app maker and got no response. At this point I’ve dutifully tracked many hundreds of workouts but can’t do anything with all of that data. Wish I wouldn’t picked a different app a long time ago so I wouldn’t have this problem.
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1 year ago, TalulaTri
Overall great, but frustrating glitch
I love almost everything about this app. It’s super easy to use and has great interval options. However, I use it to run a lot and there seems to be an issue when I use my phone for something else while the intervals are running. When I lock my phone after using it, the intervals don’t switch. I then take my phone out to check the issue and then it speeds through the intervals it missed. It only happens when I lock and unlock my phone. I don’t have any issues when I’m using it at the gym and my phone stays on/unlocked the whole time.
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4 years ago, xsaberbellum
Great for iPhone. Okay for Apple Watch.
If you want to purely use this app on your phone, then it’s fantastic. It allows you to fully customize your HIIT cycles and helps keep track so you can keep focused on your workout. The Apple Watch app is good, but just not fully there yet. It’s missing the cycle alarms like the iPhone version has, which is one of the major benefits of the whole app in my opinion. It’s distracting to have to constantly check what cycle I’m on and how far along I am, because I like to be zone in on my workouts and lose track of time easily. I’d give this app a 5 star rating otherwise, but it’s definitely a solid 4 star for now.
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4 years ago, mcarthey
Expensive and too many ads
I want to state that up front that I’m willing to put up with ads to a point, and also willing to pay to remove ads. I have paid for and have subscriptions to many apps and services. That said, this app overdoes it with the constants interruptions. Also, why is there a yearly subscription? What happened to just outright paying for an app? I am willing to purchase this for a flat rate but I already have too many subscriptions and don’t need to add another. This model needs to be changed as I’m guessing there’s more than just me pushing back against continued subscriptions. The app is fine for what it is, but a glorified timer doesn’t warrant a continuous payment.
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3 years ago, celtic-cridhe
Doesn’t tell me which exercise I’m on
Latest update doesn’t show each round separately. I have one workout set up for all my different exercises and it doesn’t tell me anymore which exercise I’m on, so I have to try and remember what order they go in. It also just counts all the sets for the entire routine rather than each round, so I don’t know how close to my next rest I am. Going to have to find another app if this isn’t fixed since I rely on it telling me which exercise comes next. Previous review: Latest update says there’s an update for the Apple Watch but it still doesn’t work. Previous review: I just added the app to my Apple Watch series 5 and all it says is “Please hold your Apple Watch close to your iPhone and tap the refresh button.” I tried emailing support and the email bounced. Help??
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4 years ago, 4hotshoes
The Ads
When I first got this app, the ads stayed at the bottom of the screen and that was acceptable. Now they are popping up between every timer upon completion. For me a typical stretch workout, I will have 20 short routines that vary in length from 45 seconds to 2 minutes. That means that now 20 ads take over my screen that either need to be clicked away or that stay on for 7 seconds. And if you try to click those away, you will end up on a website. Otherwise, its a $1 per month to avoid the ads. The app is not that good, to spend a $1 per month! Even without the ads, you still need to click away the message that your routine is done to get to the next one, every time. I will be looking for another app.
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6 years ago, JennJenn3833
I have searched and used and searched and used and searched and used for a very long time and always was disappointed. I like to do hiit at the gym after lifting weights and I don't have Bluetooth headphones so I have to tuck my phone in my bra. All the others wouldn't keep going if I went out of the app. So I couldn't close my phone and when it was in my bra it would keep pausing it, closing and I had to keep restarting the timer. Super easy to use and get the timer and rounds going and I love seeing my hard work on the screen throughout the week
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4 years ago, Jex Universe
2 Fatal Problems:
#1: You cannot use multiple timers at once. You must "discard" one before using another. Pressing "Save" doesn't resume the exact amount of Seconds either. #2: The App will not resume your countdown if you accidentally close the app. You also cannot see the timer on the lock screen, nor does a notification appear for when an interval is complete. It's still an outstanding app, cool interface, nice colors, and decent sounds, but I'm uninstalling because I need something that can handle multiple timers at once for the sake of my productivity. If they provide these features, i will download again.
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6 years ago, Klubber
Great app!
I use this app in my training almost daily and I love it. I use it for HIIT training, at the top of the minute workouts, etc. The only function that I would like to see (maybe it’s there and I just can’t figure it out) is to be able to split the high intensity segments of each interval into multiple segments within each rep. Many of the workouts I do may have 3 30 second exercises that I perform before the rest period and I would like to be able to transition between the exercises with a ding from the app without having to look at the timer. It’s a minor thing but it would make the app even better.
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9 months ago, ZWanderlust
Great app. Lock Screen Widget needs better info
This is my favorite timer app. Great setup for customized routines. Only issue is the new screen widget. It shows three numbers - none of which are useful. I need to know how many seconds are left in the set I’m doing - not the name of the workout or how much total time there is. 6 months later and still the same problem. Please show time till end of current interval. Seeing the total time and countdown to total time is useless for doing sets of anything
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2 years ago, Cade Crow
Great for workouts, stretching, and even studying!
I mostly use this for stretching / yoga sessions so I don’t have to do a ton of counting in my head. (Side note: why am I so lazy that I can’t even count to 10? Well, you should perform muscle stretches for about 60 seconds at a time and shorter periods for joint mobility stretches, so I don’t want to count to 60 every time) For studying using the Pomodoro method this is great! I do work for about 25 minutes, take a quick break to stand and get my eyes to focus on something else, then I’m right back at it. Love it!
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2 years ago, mtzgzll
Best interval timer!
I downloaded several apps before this and none of them has the features that this one does- not even the ones that you pay for. It is so simple to use. I needed to download an interval timer for running purposes and this one gets me exactly what I need. The best part of all, is that it’s free and it doesn’t have any annoying adds that keep popping up or interrupting your work-out. It does have adds, but these only pop-up at the before you are going to use it.
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3 years ago, medstudentyo
The answer to my prayers
I’ve been looking for an app that has adjustable timers. I don’t do HIIT, but I use this app to time and alert me for stretching after my workouts. You can adjust the length of both your “active” and “rest” timeframes. I set my stretches for 90sec, then 10sec “rest” as I get into a new stretch. The 2 different types of dings alert you to when to switch and what stage you’re at without you having to look at your phone. It’s been an absolute godsend and even though I’m not using it for its original purpose, I can’t sing its praises enough.
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1 year ago, bwards1121
Premier App Sync
I have this app on my iPhone and have loved it for years. I use it for my outdoor group personal training business. I recently downloaded it to my Mac computer to use for my online training. The export (upgrade to premium was necessary) worked wonderfully at first for having routines on both my phone and Mac. But if I use a premium feature in a routine I’m only able to play it once on the Mac and get an error message that I need to upgrade in order to okay again. Super frustrating as it is one & the same iCloud account and I already am paying for premium on my phone. Hope there’s a workaround!!
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4 years ago, Rk5678
Could Be Good If They Fixed Somethings
This timer app could be good if they fixed a few things. The timer itself works well once you set it up the way you want it, but the setting it up is a bit difficult. If you like to do 2 exercises back to back and then break and repeat, you’re gonna have a hard time setting a timer up for that. 1 exercise sets are a breeze to set up, though. The most annoying feature is the ads-if you don’t pay for ad free, expect to something to pop up every single time you open the app. Accidentally double clicked home and tapped back into this app? You’re gonna get an ad. Opening your phone back up to see how much time is left in that round? You’re gonna get an ad.
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4 years ago, ginav7
Select when a new week begins
I really wish that I had the option to select what I consider to be a full week. Right now Sunday counts as a new week, which I dislike because it gives me the illusion that I worked out, say, 3 times in a week vs. what was actually only 2 times. It would also be really nice to have a starter preset of different intervals for beginners, intermediate, etc. as they progress (i.e. Week 1 could be 30sec work interval, 60 sec rest and Week 2 would increase the work interval by 30secs or something) that still allow for customization. Other than that, this interval timer is pretty great!
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9 months ago, Skippy Mesirow
Small glitches ruin it all
In theory this app is simple, easy to use, and effective. In practice, this is not the case. When using the app I frequently have headphones in, and I’m listening to music, podcast, or audiobook. Unfortunately, once I put the phone in my pocket, 1/5 sessions, the audio signals from the app to not come through. For this reason I don’t know it’s time to switch intervals, change exertion etc. While this does not happen every time, because I know it happens sometimes, I get the equivalent of range anxiety, wondering if it’s working properly feeling the need to check and throwing me out of the work out flow. Net-net, it creates more challenge and helps most times.
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3 years ago, thingumbob
May 2021 update reduced app functionality
This used to be a four-star app. It needed a few small tweaks to be perfect, but was still a good, functional app considering it was free. A recent update reconfigured the display to make it harder to flow through your workout. Now, instead of the name of the set you’re working on, it says “high intensity” or “low intensity” in huge type, with your set in tiny print under it. Intervals are already distinguished by different colors and tones, so I don’t understand why they felt this change was necessary in any way. I gave it two stars instead of one because you can still create custom workouts, but this change just makes no sense.
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1 year ago, Alexander Graham Bell hustler
Love your app,a great helper to set my workouts routine. I think there’s still improvement space. As a common habit, we put several movements into a column, then we repeat this colomn for many times. Each movements have different requirements, it’s really inconvenient to input details times and times. I was wondering if it’s possible to set up an option to copy and paste the entire setting of a single movement. It will definitely help a lot. Hope the app become better and better
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2 years ago, Jeknoch1
Most Customizable Timer
Love that everything is completely customizable! My only complaint is that There should be more colors for differentiation on timers and I wish I could type times in like a calculator instead of messing around with the scrolling numbers. The scrolling numbers create anxiety for me while entering complex timing algorithms. That mights sound strange for the mathematically lazy. For someone who is interested in mathematical sequencing and experimental applications of sport science research, this timer is almost ideal. My recommendation is to alter the scrolling numbers to instead be a nine digit keypad.
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4 years ago, Jimmyjoe_iv
Fabulous Interval Timer
I love this timer and use it daily. I enjoy how it keeps track of my timed progress. That helps keep me accountable and honest. The dings and color changes are super helpful in identifying when it’s time to switch exercises. I can’t give it five stars because it isn’t as flexible with timing as I would like/need it to be (a bit more complex interval choices would be nice), as it was strange figuring out how to design a workout at first. I’d also really love if I could make folders instead of scrolling down to find workouts, as I keep adding new ones. All in all, it solidly gets the job done.
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3 years ago, TB8026
Apple Watch feature doesn’t work
I walk/run in the morning but I leave my phone at home. The interval timer app cancels out my run activity on the watch, so I don’t get credit for my exercise, which I use to earn health rewards at work. Also, on my series 5 Apple Watch, the app is counting down to switch intervals, but if the screen is dim during an interval switch the timer won’t ding. It will ring as soon as I raise my arm to look at my watch, and by that time I have already lost time on my interval. And who wants to keep looking at their watch every two minutes to make sure the interval timer dings. I’ll cancel my premium I’m subscription until there is a fix.
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