Just 6 Weeks

Health & Fitness
4.8 (7.9K)
87.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Alexander Lomakin
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Just 6 Weeks

4.76 out of 5
7.9K Ratings
3 months ago, Mc felony
If you follow the exercises, it does as promised
This app works. Plain and simple. I started only being able to do 3 pushups (I know, embarrassing). In two weeks, I did 40. It breaks them into manageable chunks per session, so it almost tricks you into doing more than you realize. Another great thing is the free version has NO ads until after the workout, at which point you can just shut it off anyway. What a breath of fresh air. It has reminders to get started and timers during the workout for breaks in between sets (default about a minute). I haven’t tried the pro version, but if it is just more of this, I don’t see what not to like. Simple, not cluttered, an app that delivers exactly what it promises with no B.S. That is a RARE find in a mobile App Store.
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4 years ago, GumbyWx
Excellent build up training - not user friendly
The training program is extremely effective and catered to your exact ability. In 6 weeks I was able to increase my pushups from 30 (with no time limit) to 50 (under a minute time limit). That’s huge improvement! My biggest complaint is that there is no easy way to reset or start the initial test over in case you take a break from it for several weeks due to injury or whatever. I had to delete the entire app in order to clear the old data, but then all your old statistics are wiped which is annoying. Also if you have premium and access to the plank exercise it’s annoying that during your rest it counts down to when you plank, but you have to manually push start to enable to plank timer. I wish it would just go automatically so you can be in position when it starts, not fumbling around to push start and quickly get into a plank. There is already an option to pause or add more rest time so there’s no need to manually force the next plank timer to start. Otherwise the app is a great!
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5 years ago, .?.?.?.?.?.?.
Pretty good app
I got this app to reduce the number of apps I need. It is quick and responsive on my new iPhone. I do have a suggestion, though. I think it would be amazing if a user could pick a set of exercises he or she would like to complete in an interval. For example, right now I’m only really focusing on pushups and sit-ups. I like to complete a set of pushups and then go right into a set of sit-ups, then a short break and repeat until all my sets are done for the day. As the app is now, I have to choose which exercise screen I am on, and write out the other. I work through the selected exercise and close it out, then switch to the other exercise and just quickly press the complete/continue buttons to rush to the end to close out the set. Please add in a way for me to add exercises into a custom workout with a single interface for all exercises in that workout.
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4 years ago, Jerryg78
Good workout plan, unrealistic expectations
First off, the title is misleading. There’s no way, at least without a more detailed explanation, that this app will get you to 100 continuous pushups if you are starting go anywhere south of 60. That misleading nature of it alone is why it only gets 3 stars. If half star was an option I might rate it 2.5. Most people see the program as a weekly program and try to come up with a Monday/Wednesday/Friday type routine. However, it ramps up quickly and your muscles need more time to rest as you get deeper into it. If it were being more realistic the 3 weekly workouts would be spread out over 10 to 12 days, with some of the other workouts (sit-ups/dips) in between. This is the reason people who workout seriously split workouts so they are not wearing out one body part in a short period of time. For most people I’d recommend doing the 3 ‘weekly’ workouts over 12 days.
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4 years ago, Chaotic-sanity
Increased many exercise totals
I downloaded the free version of this app to prepare for a fitness test and increase the amount of pushups I could do and my upper body strength. After four weeks of the free version and seeing great improvement, I downloaded the PRO version due to a desire to have additional exercises in my workout (sit-ups, pull-ups, squat). I love the reminders that say funny and motivating things like “time to get off the couch” and find they keep me going each day. I am now in my 5th week of pushups and am putting up around 140 pushups per workout, up from 50 during week 1. The other workouts are still in progress but I like them so far.
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5 years ago, iGinaaa
Amazing app
I recently downloaded this app because I needed to get my numbers up after realizing I’d become a fat tub of lard. It’s amazing because I can do it whenever I get a free 10 minutes, and if I forget to get my push-ups/sit-ups in, I can set a reminder for later in the day. I really like the fact that it keeps track of your stats and gradually builds you up over time in sets. Doing the exercises alone (for me) can be a bit much to think about, because I have a goal in mind and I get discouraged when I can’t get there. This takes the whole experience and turns it into easily digestible bite-sized chunks (which I love, because I’m a fat tub of lard). 5/5, would recommend.
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2 years ago, Vestis2
Leads you gradually
I started with push-ups a year ago and by the end of the 1st 6 weeks I could NOT do 100 push-ups non stop. I’ll get that out of the way. On the max day before day 1 I was only able to do 20 push-ups. The program took me from 20 to 65 straight while also doing 200+ during my workouts. After I reached the end, I stopped for a year. I’m just getting back into it and I’m back at square one l, starting with 20 push-ups being my max. The moral is NOT TO STOP. This app leads you gradually to where you get to a point that it becomes part of your lifestyle if you just stick to it. So STICK TO IT.
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4 years ago, Ender322
Pretty solid
I like the app. Sure it’s just like any other app, pay to play so to speak. However, the free content is all I was really looking for to suit my needs. Follow the directions and off you go. Only hiccup was it didn’t tell me that there were only three active days for the week. I ripped off the daily goal three days in a row and then on the fourth it said week 2 day 1. Would have been nice to know that up front. Maybe an experienced person that works out would have known that but in my eyes they aren’t using an app like this....maybe I’m wrong. Either way a heads up would have been appreciated. All around a solid motivating app.
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8 years ago, Tboca22
Great app!
I love this app! I always sucked at push ups from my high school day to college and now at crossfit. I have been doing crossfit for 2 years and every time we have a workout with 20 or more push-ups I freaked out. Before I would do 1 or 2 rest then repeat and would take up a lot of time. Just completed my second week and I can already see improvement! I can do sets of 5 now and feel good! Also a nice diet and other workouts have really helped define a little bit of my arms. Can't wait to repeat this program with a higher rep count! And the chart is an awesome feature. I alway want to see it go up !
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8 years ago, Getting Fit Mom
So far so good...
I have enjoyed using the app thus far and it has helped me to increase my push ups. The only thing I would add to the app is a calendar so that you can see your workouts and when to do them. At this time each day you are to complete push ups it's labeled day 1 week 1, day 2 week 1, etc. but I think it would make more sense for some users if you provide a calendar so I know upfront my workout plan. I know in advance I work out on these three days each week or I know before I begin to use the app for the first time that I am only doing the push ups three days out of the week as opposed to figuring it out through use and finding out I'm using the app incorrectly.
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3 years ago, Willie Likeit
An Edited Previous Review
I’m a healthy 63 year old male. I just had a complete physical a few weeks ago and although I didn’t ask my doctor specifically if I could safely do push ups and sit ups I was given a clean bill of health. I wanted to start a workout routine so I tried this one. Starting out with just the two exercises I followed the instructions and did my max # of each, then rested for 2 days. When I started the program I was able to get through day one. On day 2 I was unable to complete 3 sets and day 3 I’m still in such pain I couldn’t finish 1 set. I should have known better than to trust an app that recommends working out every day with no day off in between to allow the muscles to repair. >>UPDATE: Apologies to the developer; the app does recommend starting out with 3 day a week routines. I feel like an idiot for missing it and plan to start the program over. I have changed my one star rating, I will review again in a few weeks. I also recommend spending some time exploring the app. There aren't many instructions but there are functions to adjust almost every aspect of the routines.
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5 years ago, Rockin'RCG
Great app to increase reps
It definitely gives you plenty of time to rest between sets, however you can skip the time faster if you do not need that much time. I like to use it as stretch time though. Bottom line, it’s a little time consuming waiting on rest time but the time is well worth it! What difference does it make if you do 30 push-ups in 10 minutes - you still got in 30 pushups done! I would not have done as many and advanced trying it on my own because I do not rest enough. I love the app! It sets reminders. I have gone from 21 total to 33 and I’m only on week 2!
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2 years ago, StrongArmfromFL
Great program
When I got this app I seriously doubted I would / could do 100 push-ups 6 weeks later. I was right. However, I made great progress and like the app. My initial test was 30 push-ups. It built my initial program off this test. 6 weeks later I tested at 45 push-ups. I’d say good results. I could see changes in my body & so did others. I got many compliments & comments about my improvement. I restarted the app to go another round (need to remove & reinstall to start over). This time with 45 at the beginning it suggested skipping the first 3 weeks and jump to week 4. By the end of those 3 weeks I was testing at 60. So I’m 9 weeks I went from 30 to 60 push-ups. I will keep using this and will get to 100. I’m happy with app. Only complaint, there was no way i could complete all the reps in the last set. NO WAY But it still worked 👍
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4 years ago, pandora 100
(0 stars) Don’t even bother
Our PE teacher also made us use this app to “train” for our push-up test in a few months in advance. It’s absolutely ridiculous how quick it ramps up the reps. I started out doing 25 then the next day it tells me to do 40 then 55 then 70 the following day?! I’m on an elite cross country team and if my coach knew we were doing this to ourselves, he’d flip out. Doing this many reps to your body can seriously damage your muscles, especially at a young age. Using this app to make kids “stronger” and “healthier” and “fitter” is an act of idiocy and stupidity. I almost fainted doing this many push-ups in a short given time. I can’t even imagine how many push-ups it’ll have me do next week or even month. This app is inaccurate and should never be used by anyone actually taking their fitness and health seriously.
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2 years ago, ru4yeshua
Great timing tool!
I’ve been using this apps features as a tool since 12/18. It has been a consistent go-to for all my workouts. It has kept me on track and focused throughout my workout. A no nonsense source to get in and get out of my workout in a timely manner. Discipline builds habits that build routines, and it has been an aid to help me reach my goals in fitness and better health. If you need a timer to keep you moving, I haven’t found a better one yet. Simple and easy to use. To better sustained health and fitness!
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8 years ago, jsaxjsax2012
Great program, good app
I don't need to write a review of the concept of a 100 pushups program, but if you're skeptical, it's pushed me way beyond what I thought I could do, and it's made a huge difference. The app itself is simple and functional. Not the most beautiful or glamorous, it may not have all the social sharing and everything others have. But it tells you how many to do and how long to rest, gives you reminders on your days to do it, and shows a chart of your progress. Everything you need to just do it.
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5 years ago, CongoCopperMiner
Basic body weight exercises
The free version is pushups. Pro includes pushups, sit-ups, squats, plank, bench dips, dips and pull-ups. No weights required. Pull-ups require a pull-up bar and dips require a dip rack. App is very basic and provides some structure and recommended reps based on pre-test and previous session performance. There is a simple reminder option that allows setting days and times. These body weight exercises add reps as you progress. Most of them can be done anytime, anywhere with no equipment required. Even dips and pull-ups you can often improvise.
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9 years ago, ImmyZ
Best one I've tried 💪🏼
I've tried many apps to train toward 100 push-ups and this was my favorite. It was important that it be quick and easy to start a workout, and for it to provide a plan based on my current max reps. After using it for almost a year, my only complaint is wanting it to fire an app notification for the rest timer instead of expecting me to leave the app open. During my rest breaks, I brush my teeth, etc. and a notification would be a reminder to resume the workout. There is no way to contact the developer from the support link 👎🏼
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3 years ago, Charlie Calvin
Just 6 Weeks
This is a fantastic app. It shows you where it wants you to go and it shows you where YOU want to go. It gives you your limits so that you can push past them. It puts your limit in front of you so that when you finish your workout, you know that you overcame. It also shows you your progress so that you can look back and say, “ Hey, I did that, so I can do it again.” I highly recommend this app to EVERYONE.
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6 years ago, Gus98102
Simple and efficient
I loved using this app in the last 7-8 weeks. It has simple features and a simple interface, and like its description said it makes it easy to focus on the workout itself and not get distracted. My only feedback would be to allow a reminder notification every other day rather than on fixed days of the week. I tried it for 6 weeks and improved from 15 max (and 50 across 5 sets) push-ups to 80 max (300 across 5 sets!), I didn't quite make the 100. I am trying again and restarting a new series from week 4 :)
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4 years ago, Ataebli
Good for the first few weeks
I really was loving this app weeks 1-3. It felt like it was ramping up at the perfect pace, and I was barely able to do the pushups assigned which made me feel like I was working hard and getting something out of every workout. However, by the start of week 4 there was NO WAY I could do as many push ups as assigned. The numbers starting ramping up way too quickly and it made me feel weak and like I lost motivation. I wish there was something in the app that, if you are unable to keep up, it slows the pace for the next sessions and extends the workouts past 6 weeks.
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5 years ago, HumAlong
Used to be much better
I used this about a year and a half ago and loved it. It helped me build up my reps. So when I was trying to start again, I immediately thought of this app. The interface isn’t as intuitive and it’s challenging to look st older stats and move around. But the ads are probably the most obnoxious. I know this is free and ad-driven but once you complete your workout it starts a 30+ second ad that doesn’t appear to have a way to close — even when you watch the entire ad. So I end up crashing the app and then have to go back in to complete my workout. Not good.
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5 years ago, jcloughesy
Very good! Worth the paid version.
Pretty good app! Well designed and aesthetically pleasing. One change I would like to see is to be able to 1) reorganize the order of the different exercises (I am focusing on push ups and pull ups so I’d like those two to be at the top) or 2) only display the exercises I am actively working on. Feels kind of cluttered to have dips, sit ups, squats, etc. alongside push ups and pulls ups when all I want to see (for now) is push ups and pull ups. These are very minor things and the app is good overall and worth the investment IMO
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4 years ago, 5catsisawsome
It’s a amazing app
This app is great for anyone who wants to get healthier and feel better about there workouts. I started using this app to get my arms stronger for my Teakwondo stamina testing where I had to do 200 push-ups. By the time I was done with the push-up workout I did the 200 push-ups no problem. This app was amazing but I wish without getting the pro setting of this you could access more workouts instead of just the push-up workout. Overall an amazing game!
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7 years ago, SixtheKid
It's a great app, but...
I really enjoy this app, because it is pushing me to do more. I enjoy the fact that the last set allows you to do as many more as you can. However, the only issue that I have with the app is the calendar. I think it should monitor daily gains. For me, I had to put a reminder on my own calendar, in order to remember what days I have worked out and so on. Besides that, it's a great tool for anyone who wants to achieve a goal in push and other challenges too. Thank you.
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4 years ago, imnotskippy
I had the previous version in the pro version. They stopped updating and pushed an updated app.... so it turns out you have to log in the old and new app to transfer the Pro version. Their tech support contacted me and helped me. It’s a good simple app to help strengthen you through routine. I made it up to over 150 push ups in a day. I will get to that again. I also stuck with pull ups and squats but not as far.
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4 years ago, Jafar0614
Hard to recover.
I made a lot of progress with the app but it also strained my muscles a good bit. It felt like pain instead of gains because the repetitions ramp up very fast and by a lot. It’s very hard to stay consistent with the amount of reps I am constantly putting in because my body is always in severe pain. For example, I started at 20 push-ups and after 3 weeks I was expected to be doing 40 push-ups for 5 reps. It’s just not possible to maintain health while doing that many reps that fast while my muscles are already overloaded. Especially when you have to do them for 5 reps.
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3 years ago, ShnozieBoi
Was good but then...
Was a good app until they switched to a subscription. I had the 5.99 pro addition but I deleted the app do to me not using it enough. Finally decided to download it again only to find out that I had to pay for a subscription now? Even after I had put in my purchase history information in it had told me that I had no purchase history. It was nice having just the one time fee and have all the workouts I needed. But God forbid I deleted it for a month. And then lose the pro addition. 1 star review for the people who had this before and lost out. If your new to this app don’t waste your money. If you still have the old pro addition keep it and don’t delete it.
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8 years ago, doocat
Works only if you do
Like this app a lot. I like the fact that it gradually increases the number of reps but shakes up when you do the most (beginning or middle). I also like the rest period and the way I can adjust for a shorter rest. Music keeps playing during the app which I like and the audible beeps 5 seconds before the next set is a good reminder that it's time to work! Overall it does a great job, three weeks in I'm at 77 push-ups, shootin' for my hundred.
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4 years ago, PokerMan number 7832
Great way to stay motivated!
I don’t usually write reviews or pay for apps but after using the free version for 2 weeks, upgrading to other exercises for only $2.99 was a no brainer. I’m one that needs a specified plan otherwise I slack off - this is a great app to stay on track and motivated - I can’t believe my push-up progress in just 2 weeks, looking forward to the next 4 weeks and to the other exercises!
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5 years ago, schism069
Awesome app. I have absolutely noticed improvement, from the first week I could barely get the sets of 15-19 reps, now I am blasting through 195 total reps (about 40 per set) per workout in week 6. Following the program really works! The only thing I would say is to make it so that you can view the stats for each day without having to save or delete that day’s stats to go back to the day selection view. Thanks for the update as well, the app looks great!
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7 months ago, SalamandraV
Bad design
I have been using this app for a while and I even bought the “pro” version. However, I need to give it a bad rating because of a terribly bad design. You can create an account and have your data linked to your account, but you don’t need to. So far so good. The problem is that, if you create an account and log in, and then for whatever reason you are logged out (maybe an app update logs you out), your data is saved to your phone as a separate account and when you realise you have been logged out and log back in, the app does not recognise your data and you have separate records with no way to reconcile them.
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5 years ago, werewulf
They made it worse
Edit: (17 April 2019) The app requested that I review it and “give 5 stars” and honestly it doesn’t deserve them yet. I’m still unhappy with the lack of control on repeating days when you’re not ready. I’m sticking with my 2star review for now, but will mention that i like that they bundled all the separate apps into one. Original Review: (March 2019) I was using this app for a good long while and then had some problems that caused me to put it away for a few months. I’m back and very disappointed. They’ve taken away the ability to choose to do the same day again, your only option is to start over if the app is moving faster than you feel ready. Without the ability to repeat a day, I *will* fail. Please give back this functionality!!!
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8 years ago, Hambone263
Gets the Job Done
Great app. If you want to increase your pushup count, and schedule workouts on a weekly basis, this is your app. The 3 days a week schedule is great easy, and convenient, and only takes about 5-10 minutes. Only additions I would like is a calender of workouts (past and future), and for the app to vibrate your phone when the rest interval is over (like a phone call)
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5 years ago, JamesRossSimmons
So far so good
I’ve been using this app for two weeks and have really enjoyed it so far. Simple, writes a plan based off of your current max (in my case, push ups). The only thing I’m a little confused about is how it gets you to 100 push ups in 6 weeks. I max out at 60 reps on week 6 (beginning max was 31), which is a far cry from 100, but if that’s where I will realistically be by that time that’s fine. An explanation explaining that would be helpful for users. Keep up the great work!
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2 years ago, SymphonicGuy
Look, I’m all about the workout and appreciate the developed program for push ups, however, I don’t speak Japenese nor Chinese nor whatever language of the last two adds the came up was and the worst part was that there was no way to skip the add, decline the add, nor any way to get back to my workout, so much so that I had to force close the app twice which caused my workout to not be saved. I had to reload the amount of push ups I did but I wasn’t about to wait the extra minutes to do the timing right so the app things I did a bunch of push ups within 17 seconds.
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5 years ago, Josephbmc88
Used to be okay
App was okay to begin with, never great....but okay. Now you can’t do a single thing on it without having to wait trough an advertisement. And they got rid of the graphic were you can see your improvement over time. Now you have to go look at each day individually. And good look doing that without having to wait through all the aforementioned advertisements The only thing stopping me from giving it a one is that I still use it. But that’s only because I’m 3 weeks in. If I had just started using it I would delete this app in a sec and try a different one
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3 years ago, 1985Stunt
App change headaches
I just opened the app to use for first time in a few months, only to find I need to download new app, create account on old app, sign in to new app, restore purchases (which requires me to dig up apple password to verify.) After all that I’m wondering if I even FEEL like doing push-ups. Maybe I’ll increase my star rating if I ever think of it again, but right now I’m too frustrated with the app to give you any more than 3. I thought I would be tracking push-ups and sit-ups, not jumping-through-hoops.
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8 years ago, Jamesjdk
Pretty Good
I am enjoying this app and am up to 44 push-ups. I have read negative reviews that you could do this on your own, just add one more push up every other day with some breaks in between your sets but I would never be that organized. This helps get me motivated. It would be nice if there were more directions-you kind of have to figure it out yourself-and if you could see a graph of what you've done and what's coming up. But I feel stronger all ready!
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4 years ago, southm_98
Progression needs a lot of work
I hate the fact that I have to completely restart every 6 weeks. The app doesn’t “Require” this, but if I don’t I always wind up getting stuck at a certain level because I never even get close to the goal. The progression seems to to develop way too fast for me. This by itself wouldnt be terrible, but when I’ve failed a certain day (not even being close) the app NEEDS to reduce the reps because I obviously can’t hang, but it doesn’t, it just requires me to keep trying and keep completely failing before I have to restart to have a chance to complete a single day again.
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4 years ago, KWC1985
Great Simple app
You can get a look at how it works for free for pushups. Then pay $3 total for it to set up and track various other things: dips squats pull-ups planks and sit-ups. You just enter you one set maximums for each and it plans you a routine. It also will set pushes to remind you when it’s time to lift :) I am a noob but this is exactly what I was looking for. $3 well spent.
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8 years ago, Allybackpack
Great way to build upper body strength
I have been trying to motivate myself to do push-ups for a long time and couldn't do it. This app has changed that - I'm on week 3 and I'm doing more push-ups than I ever thought I could. I rate the app 4 stars because the interface is a little confusing - you have to poke around a bit to see what you're supposed to do, but it's easy enough to figure out if you take a few minutes. I recommend this app!
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4 years ago, Rebkrishad
My family has loved this but what do they do now??
We made a goal this year to get in better shape and my boys and husband used this app and loved it but now that they are done with the 6 weeks we aren’t sure what to do, do you have another app? This app builds on itself each day and so it seems counterintuitive to start over because they would be regressing...any suggestions??
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3 years ago, Luke_Johnson
Simple and easy to use
I like this app for the clean design and ease of use. I wish it would show workout data in table form. It does this weird thing where you have to click on the workout date to see the number of reps but then it forces an ad and requires you to save before leaving. I just want to view the data without risking editing it
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4 years ago, Green4dj
Love It!
I love that you can listen to your own music, I love how the gradual I crease is perfectly adjusted, I love how the last set you go for as long as you can and the app adjusts accordingly to your progress, I love that you can exit between sets and the timer still goes in the background in case I need to reply to a text or pick a song or check the score of the game. I think this is app is great!
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1 year ago, Occhicone98
Does what it says. Followed program and it worked
Nothing you can’t find on the internet but the reminders and timer are great. Got through the 6 weeks and almost tripled what I was able to do in the beginning. Takes 10-15 minutes, 3 days a week and I see the difference in my trickers and upper pecs.
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4 years ago, Waldobo4
Solid Workout
I’m about a third of the way through the push-up program and it still makes me sore. I’m in decent shape so I was surprised to experience how such an intuitive app was able to work me that hard. That being said, consistency is key; I had to restart the program because I wasn’t following my schedule. Otherwise, results won’t be very apparent.
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5 years ago, Sandag1
This app is awesome
This app is worth the $2-3 I spent to get all the exercises. I have used it to “study” for my Navy PFA for several cycles and I have increased my numbers every time. Working your way up to a large goal is very encouraging and makes it easy to obtain something you’d never think you could do on week one day one. I recommend this app to anyone needing to get stronger or pass a physical fitness test.
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3 years ago, Wasting My Thyme
Simple, Straightforward. I like it.
My only request would be that users be given the option to hide or remove workouts they don’t use. My “favorites” aren’t really my favorites. The three I use in my particular routine are there but so are the default exercises not really applicable to what I need. And two of them are listed above one that I manually added in. Just a suggestion.
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9 years ago, Assuh9
Good but needs work
The regimen is good and really pushes you and organized your workout. The UI is not very intuitive and hard to use. I would like to see my week ahead and it's really tough to get to the menu to see why the upcoming workout is. Also my music stops when I open this app that's pretty annoying I like the atmosphere music gives my brain to push myself and it just stops my music not cool, but I will continue to use because it is a good app could be great with work.
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