Kaiser Permanente Washington

Health & Fitness
2.3 (653)
139.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Kaiser Permanente
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Kaiser Permanente Washington

2.28 out of 5
653 Ratings
5 years ago, hummingbirdlvr
Clumsy app
This app has me logging in almost every time I navigate to a new page. It's as if it might be a patchwork of apps badly patched together. I get new notifications for messages I have already read and deleted. The very worst part of Kaiser Permanente's computer system is that there is no way to completely delete a credit card from the system. I have 3 credit cards in the system that seem to be there permanently. No one seems to think it is an issue when I would prefer to have no cards saved. Two of the cards are obsolete because they were canceled due to the information on them having been stolen and used. I have called tech 3 times, talked to pharmacy--where they cannot "see" any saved credit cards, gone online--where I "see" no saved credit cards, but when I go to an appointment my cards are in their system. Frustrating and just plain not good.
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3 years ago, Cyberlis
Creating an good app shouldn’t be that difficult!
I changed my original password per recommendation by Kaiser. My iPhone is linked to my iMac. My password update “should” have updated accordingly since it’s linked to my PC. Apparently, that doesn’t matter… But then, herein lies the rub. I try to change my old password to my new one, and it refuses to update it! One issue is that Kaiser’s online form won’t permit the user to “view” the password while entering it in. If you’ve got the smaller iPhone like I have, it’s easier to press the wrong key. Since I cannot see what I entered, I can’t correct any mistakes if made! I swear! It’s easier for someone attempting “identity theft” to login than for the actual user! I wonder why they make it extremely difficult for the actual users to log in, or change their password? It makes no sense since I’m entering in my own personally identifiable information! My iPhone uses my thumbprint to log in, so why doesn’t that suffice?! Why do I have to go through so many steps while continuing to fail to open my app? What kind of application programmers does Kaiser hire to create their phone apps? What boggles the mind is how despite linking my phone to my computer, my login info is not updated accordingly? I’ve wasted more time trying to login WITHOUT EXCEEDING THEIR 5 FAILED ATTEMPTS AND YOU’RE OUT WARNING! This is ridiculous! My fingerprint recognition should be enough!
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4 months ago, yarncake
Very Useful Healthcare Tool
I’ve relied on this app quite a bit the past few years while navigating my and my children’s medical needs. It has been an invaluable resource. I’ve been especially grateful for past records being available all the way to before Kaiser took over Group Health, it helps me understand and share medical history. The difficult scheduling issues people complain of aren’t due to the app, they’re a systemic issue with Kaiser. I understand the frustration but it’s not one the app developers can control. The only issues I’ve had with the app were messages getting dumped while I was composing them and a brief time where my child’s main page showed my medical appointments instead of his, otherwise I’ve not had any problems the years I’ve been using the app and I’m truly grateful to have it.
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5 months ago, screamseeker69
Brian K Seiter
When I first saw that an update for my KPWA App was available while on my personal Kaiser Site, it read to simply push the yellow highlighted area and update would be automatic? Is that right? No No No! I not only wasnt updated but lost access to the site that was ( just Fine Before) altogether! Not being a computer wiz, I called the number to the company that created this, obviously not yet ready, site update! No answer! Told to leave MY number and I would be called? I was not? Tried again with same instructions and promises with the same No Call Back? I am not only dissatisfied with site update and errant ( yellow banner) , I am livid with Kaiser for making their clients access much tougher and in cases like mine, seemingly just unfixable, too bad? I am unable to file a complaint with Kaiser hierarchy as this has also changed? How convenient? Do not expect any help or apologies in either case as I have never received more than flunky receptionist apologies! Hey Kaiser, good coverage, very expensive and now seemingly uncaring
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3 years ago, Tweetie272
Lousy App
They “updated” this app a couple of months ago and now I have to sign in every time I use it. I’ve switched to just going to their website on my iOS devices because it’s faster! The earlier version was to open the app, select a section to go to, then be prompted to sign in, but all I had to do was click on signin and all my information was entered from my device. Now I open the app and I have to enter my member id, and go searching in my password keychain for my Kaiser password, which involves several steps. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app, and now it won’t let me log in on one of my devices. Lousy app!
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1 year ago, KaylieeeBird
just ok.
it works “enough” i suppose. the message center is pretty glitchy and it’s hard to navigate to do simple things. i love being able to refill my prescriptions and pre-check in, but it would be EXTREMELY helpful is there was a reminder that goes off before video appointments. i have missed two appointments in a row now because i don’t get reminders. when there are phone appointments, the office calls to confirm you’re available and then the doctor calls you. i want that for the app. 95% of my appointments are video, just simple push notification that pops up when an appointment is coming up in 15 mins or whatever. we all have busy lives and this would be a simple but great function for us users. thank you.
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2 years ago, PhoneGui
A Good App Gone Bad
This KP app stopped working when a recent Update promised an improved login experience. As of that update I haven’t been able to login, and the 5.6.1 Update didn’t fix it. Launching the app, it starts to open with FaceID. I get the spinning circle of Doom for several seconds longer than normal, and then it briefly opens to a login page showing Sign In and below it Face ID. Normally signing in with FID does just that and there is no further logging in. If I press either Sign In or FID, the phone goes dark for a second, the circle spins and I’m taken to a new sign in screen that doesn’t use FID. Entering my User Name and Password merely, eventually takes be back to the Sign In/FID page. Over and over again. Deleting and reinstalling the app doesn’t change anything. The “My Doctor” app still works, so please don’t “improve” it. Prior to two updates previous, the sign in was a little clunky, but it worked every time. I don’t know what when wrong this time, but I’m not happy. I’ve deleted the app again so I can login via the website, instead of being kidnapped and imprisoned by a non-functioning app. It will stay deleted until if and when there’s another update. If that app doesn’t work, it too gets binned.
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5 months ago, Tango Gangster
Completely Disagree with the Bad Reviews
I have used both the CA version and now the WA version of this app. Whereas I understand the frustration with the separation of the systems (I too couldn’t believe they were not the same) I easily transferred over 20 years of records by calling and requesting this (for free). As far as the app is concerned I have never experienced what is being described by others. Typically (all apps have issues and downtime) the app does exactly what I need when I need it. Sure it could probably use some UX work but overall a very functional, useful app.
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3 years ago, Mermystris
Constant login & critical failures
Every incarnation of this app has the same constant failures as the last version. Constant logging in, when you compose emails to your care team longer than 1 sentence it fails and you constantly have to start over. I find myself copy/Pasting every other sentence before I throw my phone across the room in frustration. It’s better than having to navigate to a website, but the latest version is even less intuitive and more annoying to navigate than the previous. It was already broken, and they made it WORSE!! Please hire decent developers next attempt. This is a medical app, it shouldn’t be this hard or complicated or prone to FAILURES. Currently I can’t even log in. I’m only here looking for an update, nope, no update, just the app NOT WORKING AGAIN.
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3 years ago, Sarahiously
Absolute garbage
This app is garbage. Doesn’t ever remember my account info even though I tell it to remember every time I finally manage to log in. It also quite literally doesn’t remember my password every time I attempt to log in. Every. Single. Time. I have to send a temp password to my email, which takes upwards of ten minutes to actually get into my inbox, and then half the time it tells me I can’t use my current password as a new one, Insinuating that my previous password, the one it told me was incorrect, is actually correct and it just doesn’t recognize it until it’s too late and now I’m FORCED to create a “new” password (one in which the app won’t remember causing me to start this hellish cycle over and over and over Every. Single. Time. If I could give negative review stars I would, can’t even make a complaint on their website about the app because that’s unable to display the options for me! Such a garbage company who doesn’t care about their patients, nurses, or doctors!!! A family member of mine works for them and tells me all the bad stuff the do internally, they’re unsafe and I hate that I’m a part of their system.
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2 years ago, Ysette9
Ok, but they really should have copied the real Kaiser (N CA) app instead
I was so bummed to learn that Kaiser isn’t the same everywhere. Moving to WA they aren’t just part of the OG Kaiser out of the Bay Area, but created their own separate island here. Different system with a different app. That means my medical records didn’t transfer correctly (why should they even have to transfer, it is the same system!!) and the apps are totally different. Some things about the WA app look a little nicer but the CA app has more maturity and functionality. Why waste the resources creating something there when there is already something that works great?
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1 year ago, Denise555000
Bad app. Good idea but cant sign in.
The idea is great only if it worked. Wa state has always been on a separate system for some reason. Only state out of all of them. It use to work great and now it wont even let you log into the app. It generated several issues with my account. I’ve repeatedly called the 800# for them to undo that lock the app put on my account and reset it. It can not recognize my login info but i have zero issues logging into the website. On the rare occasion you can get it to work the hospitals install a cell phone blocking tech on site so using this app at the reception desk is useless. I have learned to keep a screenshot of it on my phone hidden for quick access.
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4 years ago, Plexchan
You have to login to every individual tab every time you click on it. Messages will send or close before you have written out your message. You can’t schedule appointments for lots of specialists like the behavioral health team. It is impossible to login successfully the first time - it repeatedly gives you error messages until the app decides you have suffered enough for this session and finally lets you in. It alternates error messages to prevent you from logging in. Just a poorly constructed app. One should expect better from such an expensive healthcare company.
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2 years ago, doloud
Download “older compatible version” suggestion fails to work
I have an older iPhone which can not go above iOS 12.5.5. The Kaiser app requires me to upgrade, taking me to the Apple store. The Kaiser App says I can not get the latest version, but “you can download the latest compatible version”. Following this button/link goes through an endless cycle of “you cannot download this version, but you can download the most recent compatible version”. Searching online and at the App Store for older versions does not find any options for the older versions either. This makes the Kaiser App useless for me as it will not open- it forces an upgrade that is not possible to do.
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8 months ago, OwnedbyClumbers
What’s the matter with the app???
I have been using the KP app successfully for quite a few years now. This week, however, I get a message that the app is only operable in the Vancouver,WA area? Why? I live in the Everett area and as previously stated, the app was working just fine for me until recently. I get a window to “get the app” so I click on that and am directed to the App Store where there isn’t a download option but I do get an “open” option. When I click on that I am now on my page with Kaiser which is where I want to be without all the extraneous steps. I have even deleted the app and downloaded it again and still have the same problem. FIX THIS!!!!!
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4 years ago, mlhsea66666
Can’t log in after update
Since the last update, I haven’t been able to log in. No matter how many times I reset my password, I get an error message saying I’m unable to log in. The only “log in help” offered is to reset my password, again, or help me find my ID number, which I already have. Even before this update, I had lots of issues with this app. I have an account with Kaiser OR/sw WA and my medications would only show up on one account, and I couldn’t (and still can’t) order refills from the the other. For the amount I pay for health insurance, I hoped getting basic care would be easier. There needs to be better integration between the two.
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4 years ago, Kokubu
Awkward but functional
I don’t think anyone enjoys using this app. It keeps logging you out, sometimes 10 seconds after you just logged in. The text is fuzzy in places. The scrolling is weird, and doesn’t even work the same from screen to screen. The animations seem arbitrary. The layout sometimes makes no sense at all. Sometimes the text is super extra bold, and sometimes it’s so thin it’s almost invisible. Still, I’ve managed to do everything I need to do (after tapping “Log In” enough), so it could be worse. Overall, this is an unpleasant but functional app. But it doesn’t matter, since you don’t have a choice. You have KP insurance, and there’s no alternative to this app. UPDATE: I had a video appointment, and I assumed that’s why I was told to download this app. But the video appointment just opened Safari! Why does this app even exist?
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1 year ago, Seatnai
Open, crash, delete, repeat
This makes over a dozen times I’ve had to delete this app and reinstall it again in order to be able to sign into my account. This is beyond sickening. This app works fine once, the first time I use it after having to delete it after having used it once after having to delete it again because I used it and it crashed after the last time I used it after the last time I had to reinstall it after it crashed again after the last time I deleted it so I could reinstall it after it crashed again.
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6 years ago, CCGBs253
Very easy to use
I love this app. Mostly I use it to: refill my prescriptions, check my lab results from my appointments or message my care team. I love the feature that shows you the wait times at the pharmacy and lab so I can plan when I go. Also appreciate the digital ID card. I haven’t had a chance to use the care chat but like that I can text message a doctor anytime through the app.
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5 years ago, RaveLuki
Make time to use a desktop - but even that isn’t very good
Kaiser keeps pretending they offer online services but they all seem to fail in the end. Schedule online? What a joke. Do messages? Clunky design, pain in the but to manage. This app can’t even get the sign in right. Everything is sooooo poorly designed you wonder if they even tested its functionality before launching it. Yikes, make time to use your desktop (even though in the end if you don’t pick up the phone and call the experience will be bad and dysfunctional and inauthentic. I’ve had enough, in switching health care providers next open enrollment).
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3 years ago, OhSnapItsBrit4
Why does WA need a separate KP app??
When I lived in southern Washington/Oregon I used the KP app and it was laid out perfectly and very simple to use. Ever since I moved to northern Washington I have to get a separate app just to access my medical profile? I can’t use Face ID like the other KP app. I can’t compose a message to my doctor like the other app. I can’t make an appointment like the other app. Any time I try to navigate this app it tells me there’s been an error and it automatically logs me out. Why don’t you guys just use the same app for all regions. Stop trying to be special and different Washington you’re just making this difficult for everyone.
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2 years ago, Royal One41
Doesn’t work half the time
I have been trying to schedule an appointment using the app ( because I’m stubborn) for the last week. When I press the appointment button I get the spinning wheel of death. I just took the new bug fix update. Still got the spinning wheel of death. Kaiser, hire a competent person to build you an app from scratch that is easy to navigate and has full functionality please. Gotta be better than cobbling onto this horrible thing all the time!
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2 years ago, Millie Pede
Can’t sign in to app
I have had Kaiser through my current employer for a year and a half, and have had very few problems navigating the app. Recently though it won’t let me sign in. It says I need to finish setting up my account. I sign on a browser and see no issue. I sign in on a computer and again I don’t see any issue. All my information is accessible and up to date, and no new notifications about updating my profile. I’m pretty confused I can no longer access the app, and my employee benefits show I have maintained coverage.
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2 years ago, ufovictim
Still far behind the times
Kaiser’s healthcare is second to none, but their app is far, far behind. The app is a great way to check appointments, but any other tasks (filling out questionnaires, finding a doctor, etc) are loaded in a laggy web browser inside the app. These pages tend to break, have improper formatting, and are generally a nightmare to use. Things like check-in questionnaires are a huge headache to fill out, and I usually end up opting to just fill them out in person. Kaiser, help me help you save time by making the app easier to use!
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1 year ago, Trustinme
My phone numbers.
Downloading an update. I’ll be watching for what I think are very annoying flaws…video visits not always clear, specialists clunky to find, old bios, and for the one-millionth time, please stop using my land line. How many times and ways do I have to go about it? Whether in person or online, it can’t seem to be fixed. I will be fair if this app is better and more robust. I’m a non-paid web site auditor. #ting
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3 years ago, Sagybagey
Works great
Been pleasantly impressed with this app. Easy to login with Face ID. Messages and test results easy to access. Love the feature to receive notifications about possible earlier appointments and switch. I’ve had no issues thus far and have used it for a few months.
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5 years ago, Camijo2020
Pretty buggy
Doesn’t work well on an iPhone running the latest iOS. Seriously? Couldn’t do simple things like navigate changing pages where there are multiple in a list. It just popped up the carrot and page number (at the bottom) together on some sort of floating tab that did nothing? No other options for getting to those other pages that I could tell. Closing and reopening didn’t help. Many other little fun glitches. At least I got my prescriptions reordered - I think...
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2 years ago, Lj620
Pharmacy blanks most the time does not work.
Yeah from pharmacy part of the program does not load up for me to check my prescriptions pending or available I called tech-support and they give me some baloney about my phone being too old but I’m sure that’s not the case sometimes it works but most time it doesn’t work and it has worked in the past.
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7 months ago, Su K.
Awesome app!!
The app works great, I’ve used it easily many times under high stress situations with my baby. Grateful for the virtual care options available 24/7 and the ease of access. If people are having trouble with the app, I’d wonder if the issue is with something else.
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3 years ago, duu ask vvhbnnnjjjjjj
Bad app, worse company, setup for non-healthcare
Setup for “nurses” to copy and paste basic info from website instead of reading messages and answering health questions. You can’t respond, you have to start a new chat copy and pasting everything into the new message and once you do they they send even more random text about how to contact member services. I have covid. Please read and answer my questions. Once you point out the answers don’t even relate to medicine your messages won’t send.
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3 years ago, danielleboii
it seems like Kaiser doesn’t want anyone to actually get the help they need because they make it so difficult to do anything on this app. the app interface is so hard to work with, it will make you sign in multiple times. when look through providers it will not remember your place on the last page and have you start all over at the top. one wrong click and your back to square one. been trying to find a therapist for an hour.
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2 years ago, Kassey
Garbage app!
Using latest iOS, latest iPad Pro and or 13 phone and even after repeated and confusing instructions from KP’s own Tech team, they nor I could ever get this stupid app to work for video visits. Lost hours of trial and error yet confirmed all settings are correct on a fast internet connection and all other video/sound apps working perfectly on both the phone and ipad! Missed a very important video chat with my Doctor! How dare KP release such CRAP on it’s paying patients!!!!
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3 years ago, want songs to shuffle
Worst app I’ve ever used
I can’t explain it better than the title. This is the most infuriating app. It’s extremely glitchy and buggy, constantly crashes and logs you out when you’re in the middle of doing things. Every time I use this app I feel like I need a vodka. It’s extremely frustrating to the point I’ve told my doctors I won’t use their website because it’s impossible. I’m tired of losing my messages mid typing. Or filling out questionnaires 5 times. It’s awful.
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5 years ago, Em writes reviews
Makes healthcare as easy as it should be
I LOVE this app because it makes taking action on my health a breeze. I’m able to login with the scan of a finger, order prescription refills to send to my house, message with my doctor about concerns and test results and book appointments with great ease. Thank you!
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1 year ago, ReevoNZ
Terrible App, do better KP
I was shocked to discover how poor the KP Washington online experience (including app) was. The app won't even log me in 9 times out of 10, simply spinning in circles after completing Face ID until it comes up with 'unable to communicate with server message'. Logging in via web browser is a tricky process, only successfully being able to on certain web browsers on certain devices. Even once I have logged in, pages are constantly unable to load and have to refresh numerous times before they randomly decide they can load. The app and web interface are decent enough IF you can log in, but the whole experience is highly unstable and makes me dread every time I have to use it. Come on KP, do better.
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3 years ago, Oliviaavazquez
This app is awful
This app makes me want to light myself on fire. I have a child with a horrible genetic disorder and I use this app frequently. The log in lags so bad that logging in is a mess. They changed the send button on the email section to close, so if you are quickly writing an email and used the app before the recent update, you are inclined to hit the close button instead of send erasing your whole email. Kaiser please do better with your app.
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2 years ago, Jonathan's Gran
Update doesn’t work for iPhone
It’s been a week since the app was updated, and I still can’t log in from the app. I get an error message every time. “The page you are trying to access is no longer available.” I’ve spent hours on the phone with KP tech support, I’ve updated my system software, deleted and reinstalled the app - no luck. I’m still able to log in on my laptop and tablet. Another update would be much appreciated.
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5 months ago, defaultds
1 year update
A year ago I gave a 1 star review because this app simply failed again and again. It’s 5 stars now and works like a champ! Thank you for fixing this and keep up the outstanding work!
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1 year ago, Cunhalee
Not Opening
I have used this app for quite a while, but it has stopped functioning. It won’t open any more. The blue page pops up and after a while goes away. I have deleted it and then opened it and it works for a day then quits again. This is not a fast way to get information.
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1 year ago, MightyGuru
Unusable after the last update
The application worked fine in the past, but after the last update it became totally unusable - it crashes every time I try to start it. The problem can be worked around by uninstalling and reinstalling the app (thus removing all the login data), but after that operation it works only once - on the next attempts to start it, it crashes again.
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5 months ago, Pennagirrl
Ruined app-based appointment scheduling
I used to be able to book an appointment with the specific doctor I wanted in the app. Now it only lets me select my primary care provider or someone I’ve seen recently vs any provider. Very disconcerting for obgyn related appointments. In the most recent update - I now can’t even see available appointments because the only location showing up is somewhere I’ve never been seen/heard of!
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3 months ago, Ronniebel
Very poor app
Poorly designed app. Often get error messages. Also, when clicking on a Kaiser email on my iPhone, it doesn’t open the app. Instead, it opens the browser for login. This is not a good way to do it. Most other apps when clicking on an email on the mobile device open the app and then Face ID is applied. This is a simple thing for the developers, but they must not understand.
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3 years ago, smilingpalace
So Frustrating
Ok, first every time I write a message it times out, and I have to start all over again! Second there is no search functions for tests like labs so I have to scroll and find it. Third, if I go into my sons account, I have to exit and re-log in to get into my account. Fourth, Touch ID is worthless unlike my other apps, and finally it is not user friendly. My goodness please get technical help to fix this crappy app!
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1 year ago, Bergnificent
App won’t login
I keep getting a message that the app can’t connect to the server, but my wife has no issues logging in from her phone and I can log in to my account through a browser. Tried to use the app support link, but that doesn’t load either. Tried uninstalling/reinstalling, restarting my phone, and everything else I could think of but the problem persists.
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6 years ago, MichelleMilko
Favorite app for care!
My personal favorite feature is being able to click on “call consulting nurse” if I am sick! No more searching for phone numbers. You can also refill meds, and make appointments. Very handy!
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2 years ago, Crgage13
Latest update broke a great app
Like others here, the most recent update makes it impossible to login at all. I immediately get a page that says the page “expired”. This is such a shame because the app before this update worked amazingly well for me, and I used it all the time. Now whenever I get a text/email that I have a message, I have to login on the computer. PLEASE fix this ASAP!
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2 years ago, Jarsh229
App not working
Just got notification to update app. Did so, now cannot log-in. App takes me to ‘regular’ Kaiser site on the web. Only options are to download app (which already done) or sign into the non-Washington site. Please fix..
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5 years ago, mkpiros
It’s stupid to have 2 apps
Just spent 30 minutes trying to log in to the “Kaiser Permanente” app. But I’m a Washington resident so duh! I’m supposed to download the app specifically for Washington residents! A sick person (aka me) shouldn’t have to go through the dumbassery of downloading a whole different app in order to access their health benefits. The first thing a person will do is search “Kaiser Permanente” and then download the first thing they see. Not even realizing there’s a separate app for WA. That’s stupid.
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5 years ago, Percy302
Can be more functional.
It would be more functional if the ability to create trend graphs can be accommodated in the test result section. Also this app should allow to copy parts of summaries, or references to links for additional information should be hyperlinked.
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6 years ago, DebKP18
Works well for me
I find this app very handy for checking on test results when I’m away from my laptop. Also, it has a digital membership card, so I don’t have to carry the plastic card with me.
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