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User Reviews for Kaiser Permanente

4.29 out of 5
29.6K Ratings
2 years ago, Reviewer6599
Sometimes good…
There are a lot of convenient features…, until they are inconvenient. For instance, you can schedule appointments in the app. But, it allows you to set up labs that actually need to be set up through the doc, and when you try to contact the location to reschedule, you never get the location. Just the call center that takes about 40 minutes to get to talk to the CORRECT people. Bill pay leaves a bunch to be desired as well. I paid a bill, what I thought was the visit where the receptionist wouldn’t take cash and the card machine was down, but somehow it went to a lab bill instead. Not what I was intending the payment to be for. I like being able to message the doctor’s offices, and they are pretty responsive. Refilling rx was ok for mail order. Not so well for picking up. Also, no cost in the rx side, so I never know what I’m paying.
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4 months ago, Not an exciting nickname
Needs work on viewing the past visits function
This app has mostly worked great for me. I like that I can view my test results as soon as they come in without having to wait for someone to call me with them. Also being able to order medication refills to be payed for and sent by mail is a huge time saver. The one suggestion I would make is to improve the reviewing past visits function under my medical record. If you want to view anything earlier then the last 7 or 8 visits you click on the bottom of the screen to load more visits. Let’s say you want to view two consecutive visits from 1 year ago. So once you find the one you want after clicking multiple times to load more visits and you view it then you have to hit the close button. However it then takes you right back to the most recent visit you had and then you have to go through the process all over again of clicking on load more visits till you get to the one you want. Instead of being able to go back to the first one you viewed and then be able to right away click on it you have to click so many more times just to get back to visits you need. There should be a search function by date or even month or year so you don’t have to spend so much time to get to the visit you want nor make it a multi step process to view multiple visits from around the same time. I just spent 10 minutes trying to find one visit from 2016 - it shouldn’t take that long. If this one function were improved I would give it 5 stars.
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1 year ago, Charisse Lee
User-friendly experience
The app makes things very easy for me I’m not very tech savvy yet my doctor reads my texts/emails more often than they do voicemails. The provider is able to have direct contact with me and speak to me directly through the emails and phone options are always open but sometimes they may need to get back to me over the weekend or late night and when I wake up or later or that evening they’ve acknowledged the email sometimes just in a few minutes and I like having that direct access to my doctor it makes it easier. There are times that I felt like the clerk(not speaking ill will of anyone) has not delivered the message with the passion that I would’ve spoke to the doctor concerning my issue/problem and it eases the anxiety/worry that I may have knowing that my doctor is using their eyes and can hear me and my concerns versus through a third-party. The medication reminders on the app helps me to keep up with my routine refills as well as new medication list. I’m able to view my test results as soon as they come out versus waiting for a callback and what’s even more convenient is that the test results come with an explanation/understanding of the numbers or the information concerning the test and I’m able to compare notes, test results from last year versus test results from this year for better health management. Thank you Charisse Lee
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11 months ago, Big-Nilla-
Ease of use, but lacking understanding.
Alright the app is cool and it’s very helpful from all the different things it offers. But who in there right mind from the creators thought it would be a good idea to not translate what you are being tested for in the test results page. When a blood/Urine test comes in you get the actual scientific term for whatever it is they tested for like they expect you to understand what your reading. Instead you either search up the term yourself or wait for them to call you to tell you the results of said test. Other than that the app is great and easy to use. Everything you need is organized wonderfully and there isn’t alot going on so you don’t get distracted by things you care nothing about. I will gladly change my 3 stars to 5 once they change the terminology for the different things they test for from the bacteria or infection to what most people know it as. I had gotten a blood test for a stomach ulcer and when I read my test results it made me more scared than before until I had gotten a call for them just to tell me everything came back fine. I did not go to school nor did I study lingo for different bacterial strains so I don’t know why I need to be belittled by having another human adult “dum it down” because I didn’t understand what a word they learned in their 4th year of college meant.
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3 years ago, Lisey08
Lots of loading glitches
I used to have Kaiser in Southern California and I absolutely loved the experience and most of all, the app and how simple and convenient it made everything. I just got Kaiser again up in Northen California and downloaded the app. The appearance is totally different than it used to be (I assumed it was a SoCal to NorCal thing but upon reading reviews it seems they recently redesigned it). I keep getting email and push notifications that I have new lab results but every time I try to check them in the app it loads for a few seconds and then just displays a blank white screen with my name at the top. I’ve tried closing the app and reopening and I’ve tried it at different times of day on multiple days. I even tried using the link provided in my email and logged directly onto the site through a browser but it just sits there saying loading for ages and never actually loads my test results. Today, I just tried to send a message to my doctor to explain I can’t access any of my results and see if she can have them emailed directly to me, but suddenly it won’t load any of my messages and won’t let me compose a new message until it loads. I’m really disappointed with this app now. Hoping it’s all a bunch of kinks you just need to work out with the redesign and that the app will be better than ever soon. Please look into these issues ASAP. Thanks!
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3 years ago, Escrypha
The app sometimes displays a badge notification, but when I open it, there’s absolutely nothing new to warrant it, and whenever I get to the messages tab, instead of showing me the latest messages at the top. It loads it correctly, then scrolls all the way down to the bottom for some odd reason. Instead of just tapping a new message like I do in the iOS Mail or Gmail apps, I need an extra step. Sometimes, it won’t allow me to fill the subject line when composing a new message, thereby preventing me from sending all-important, health-impacting emails at all. That should be fixed, or perhaps subject lines should be made optional. It also doesn’t switch to landscape mode for easier typing on my iPad. The standard for iPad apps is to offer both orientations. The only reason I use this app is that my doctors outright refuse to email me outside of it. This app is a hassle and a half. Were it optional, I wouldn’t use it. If a company forces clients to use a proprietary service (like its own email), it should at the very least rival the services it keeps one from using. iPad Mini 5th Gen The app/email is my only point of contention with KP. The rest of the services I get are great. Thanks for reading my nonsense. I hope your days goes well if not better.
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3 years ago, Jennie*o1
Easy, efficient, and helpful.
Not sure why the app is rated 3.2 out of 5 but I personally have never had a problem doing anything on here. There are a few different things that could be improved upon but I am confident that with time these issues will be improved upon, fixed, and worked out. I think that society has grown a custom to such rapid roll out of tech that they tend to forget that things like this take time to get everything just right. Nothing is perfect, and to roll out a healthcare app on such a massive scale like this, I couldn't imagine that it would be an “easy” task. As For some constructive critiques, I would suggest maybe adding a way to search for lab results by date, test type, location, etc.. this would be a helpful feature (*the last time I checked there was no such feature, I apologize if one has been added recently.) Second suggestion would be to add a feature that shows the patient whether or not their Dr. read their message. But all-in-all i like this app, it has made my life a whole lot easier and I appreciate the hard work that it takes to bring this to scale.
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2 years ago, loveebrittney
This app is great until you order your meds
You can’t really order your meds through the app. Everytime I’ve done this it’s not gone through correctly. I have text alerts on so I won’t run out of meds, yet the last 3 months after receiving the texts I immediately put my prescription through for delivery. I make sure to hit every confirmation button to make sure it gets sent through yet it doesn’t work the first time. Once I did it 3 times in a row to make sure and it STILL didn’t send my meds. I notice after about a week that my meds haven’t been sent yet (didn’t receive the text about it) so I go back to the app and see when I refilled last (KNOWING I just put my prescription through a week beforehand) yet it doesn’t work. Everytime it acts like I haven’t put the order through. So a week after my reminder text I put the prescription through AGAIN and for some reason it works every time. After a week. Why? The app shouldn’t be bugging like this. People need their medication. I don’t have a car to pick up my medicine or I would just do it that way.
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10 months ago, kcebttocs
One of the worst apps I actually use
If it wasn’t necessary, I would have deleted it. It’s unreliable, the information on it is often inaccurate, you can’t do everything you need to on it, and they never fix it. I reorder prescriptions and I get a notice of a delay and 2 weeks later my prescription has to be reordered. No explanation or anything. I had a doctors appointment but got Covid so after I filled out my pre-appointment screening, I was told not to go to it. No one ever told my doctor and 3 hours later she called asking why I missed the appointment. Kaiser is the best and worst of everything. There is no in between. I love that there’s an app and I can reorder my prescriptions on it, but the the information on the app is often unreliable and not communicated to staff. And that means things you do on it often don’t matter I just tried to sign into it. I got a popup asking me to go paperless, which i signed up for over a year ago. The app froze when I closed the popup. I restarted the app. Same thing happened. This is the type of thing that happens almost everyday with this app.
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2 years ago, SFequities
Getting worse, not better, over time
I have used the Kaiser app for many years, and have always appreciated Kaiser’s efforts to bring into a mobile experience a myriad of functions and features. Unfortunately, the design simplicity of it has, in my opinion, devolved, especially as it is less intuitive as to where things are to be found. Frustrating. But my biggest complaint regarding the app is it’s stability and the fact that one can’t save, nor does the system do it, ones messages while being composed. I’ve spent 20 minutes crafting a short concise message to my doctor, hit send, system fails, and there is no way to save the message. In short, you lose the message. I now am starting to draft my messages outside of the app, and then copying and pasting into the app. A laborious, poor user experience. The Kaiser system doesn’t even allow you to copy a message after you’ve drafted it, in case it gets lost again when you hit send and the send fails. I love Kaiser in so many ways. The app isn’t meeting the standards of the rest of the organization.
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2 years ago, #68 two chainz
Bad doctors and treatment aside, something I’ve been dealing with a lot over the past 2 years, the app is mostly fine. However, I find that it just wastes my time in so many areas. When you sign onto the app it greets you with a small little hello screen. This screen however is not able to be skipped and only serves to waste our time. With how the app is designed you are not going to be spending a lot of time on the app. So when it takes five seconds to get through some useless greeting it really adds to an irritating experience. And that is just one thing that is bad about this app Just the worst experience I’ve had with an app like this ever. Avoid this terribly made, horribly unintuitive, time wasting, piece of trash app if at all possible If your debit card info is outdated and you try to have your prescription delivered to your house it won’t tell you. Instead it will tell you the order has been submitted, but it won’t actually be. So you have to go into the setting and check for yourself. This terrible, Unintuitive app won’t tell you it’s outdated, you have to figure it out yourself. I hate you Kaiser :)
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1 month ago, KellyK376
“Order Rx” means nothing for pickup.
The pharmacy knows absolutely zilch when it comes to how to interact with the app, and that is not their fault. There’s no communication with them on how it works and says it doesn’t affect them at all in terms of ordering prescriptions for pickup, like with controlled substances. I have to go in and wait like everyone else, which would be fine except that’s not what the app says. On top of that, if I ‘order’ non-controlled Rx with it, it’ll text me that they’re ‘ready’. But not about anything controlled. The only thing the app is good for in that regard is to prompt your prescribing doctor to approve a refill if they’re not on top of it already. But it doesn’t tell you that explicitly, so until you’ve done it a few times and spoken with your Dr directly you just have to kinda guess. Bottom line, please figure out what you’re trying to do, COLLABORATE with your pharmacists and technicians, and then make sure the app tells everyone correct information. Because what it’s doing now is not okay.
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2 years ago, Kazsper
Kaiser and their APP is the best
I have been a Kaiser member since I was a child. Except for 6 years when I moved to Texas and Kaiser was not available 30 years ago there, I’ve always been very happy with the care I have received from all the Kaiser facilities. My latest experience which included reconstructive surgery with Dr. Sandeep Bhupendra Patel my Podiatrist and Surgeon and his team was no exception. In fact Dr. Patel and his team exceeded every expectation I had in terms of the care I received. He and his team provided the most amazing experience in terms of professionalism and kindness I’ve ever experienced with anyone. I highly recommend Kaiser since they have proven to me they really appreciate and care for their patients without fail. Including the APP I use for emailing and filling prescriptions or getting test results. Everything about Kaiser has been wonderful and keeps getting better for me and I’m 64 years old.
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3 months ago, jdjffkkdnee
app difficulty
I’m having technical difficulties with the Kaiser app. My problem is I am unable to log in on my personal device; but I am able to log in through my girlfriend’s phone. I’ve tried deleting the app it’s self several times and even deleted it off the iCloud and reinstalled but it didn’t work. I also tried changing my password to see if that could work but still didn’t. When I do attempt to log in it stays on a loading screen for ever and won’t go any further than that. When I log in through my girlfriends phone it loads right in . What do you suggest that I do? I even tried contacting the web manager with this information with this exact message but now that website is even saying my response is invalid because of this (you’ll read below ) but there is nothing invalid about my concerned statement “ Your message contains invalid characters. Please use only letters, numbers, and the special characters ! - : ' . , ? / $ % ( ) in your message.” I would just like to log in through the app on my personal device any help is appreciated thank you
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2 years ago, In The Spirit of Nader
Extremely Buggy On iPhone XS
This software has never worked well on my iPhone XS. The latest version is completely unusable. When hitting the home button the app immediately quits. And you have to hit the home button because none of the home screen options will work unless you first click off of the home screen ( Like to messages) and then click back. Clicking the home screen to get back to the main options is now impossible. This app has been extremely buggy since I first started using it which was several years ago. The options and bloat of the software have gotten bigger but the fundamental problems have remained. The app is for a huge medical company and you would think the app would have been thoroughly compatibility checked before it was let out the door. Leastways they should quickly be on top of problems and rectify them in short order. This has not been the case on the IOS side of things. I am sure I am not the first to comment on these problems...
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1 year ago, Lpixler
Worked great until recently
I’ve had issues with the My Doctor Online app for months, but the KP app had thankfully not shown signs of issues — until this week. With My Dr Online, my attempts to log in send me to a browser window within the app, but after entering my credentials I receive a “page no longer available” error. Closing that in-app browser window just takes me back to the app’s sign in screen, and that process repeats indefinitely. Now the KP app is doing the same thing: an in-app web browser asks for my credentials, then it displays “page no longer available,” and I’m prevented from accessing either mobile app. I’ve been emailing with someone from “Tier2WebSupport” for *months,* and they keep insisting that nothing is wrong with my account (I never said there was), suggesting basic troubleshooting (deleting and reinstalling the app, etc.), then again telling me there’s nothing wrong with my account (as I’ve said, the issue is with the mobile apps). I sat on hold for 40 minutes this afternoon waiting to speak with “technical support” and finally just gave up because I don’t have the ability to stay on hold all night. The issues with the apps are one thing, but the issue with their “technical support” team outright refusing to acknowledge the problem (or that there is one) and insisting that everything is fine is an entirely different level of ridiculous.
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1 year ago, edgeligh
Not user friendly
1) I am not able to reply to my provider’s email. There is not option available for it. So have to either start a new email thread or call which are both annoying. Starting a new email thread makes it difficult for my provider and me to track the issue and for calling I always have to wait for an hour to get someone on the call after dozens of forwardings 2) When starting a new email, there are limited options provided as the title and usually does not match with the issue/topic of the message. Unfortunately there is no option to type a new topic there! 3) This is not for the app but Kaiser P itself. It is really annoying to wait for some services like Ultrasound as there is a long waiting list and never can get one scheduled for sooner than a month! You know how it gets annoying when there is a result that provider looks forward to see and decide to proceed for the next step especially when This insurance is not accepted on other medical sites.
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2 years ago, VS1963
Love the app and the recent upgrades. Really like the pharmacy upgrades that display the directions nad also shows a picture of the pills. I wish I could use the iPad version, but its just a zoomed in copy of the iPhone version and forces me to turn the screen into portrait mode. I use my iPad in landscape mode and would love to use it in that mode. Another issue I am having is that my and my spouses record show up when I log and look in messages or future appointments. I think its nice that it’s available, but it should default to the person who has logged in. It currently shows all messages and I have to specifically limit it to only show mine. I also get email notification every time there is a message or test result or appointment reminder for my spouse.
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2 years ago, Doctor_KDS
A Mostly Good APP With Some Problems
Having used this APP for many years I have watched it improve overall, but consistently fail in one important area, configuration. As an example you can enter your email address & cellphone number, but you can’t enter your daytime or nighttime phone numbers. This makes ordering things from the pharmacy painful. In each order you must enter daytime & nighttime phone number for each order. The APP doesn’t even remember what you entered during your session. I just had to enter my daytime & nighttime phone numbers twice in one session because one pharmacy item has to be picked up at the pharmacy & several other items can be sent. Missing is a configuration section to setup payments for the Kaiser Pharmacy & other Kaiser Permanente bills. The last big issue is that you can read your documents, but there is no way to either download or print these documents.
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1 month ago, CAS3000
Advice to Those Having App Issues
When the app is working, it’s fine…convenient and useful. But when it’s not, it’s REALLY frustrating. I’ve experienced the same endless blank screen loading issues others have. My guess is that the problem was that the app can’t handle the unexpected things thrown at it that accessing KP via a web browser can. Kaiser seemed to be wanting me to opt in to paperless options and I could see that via the web page in Safari (first thing I encountered when logging in) but my guess is THAT was what was causing this app to choke…something this app didn’t recognize or know how to interact with or offer me some app friendly version of. Once dismissing the paperless option via the web I was able to return to this app and log in successfully. Hope that’s of some help to others experiencing similar. Despite the workaround, I wish they’d fix this at their end.
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1 year ago, Deborah2345
Could be better
Issues that I have with this app on my iPhone include: 1. Not being able to respond to a message in the app 2. Not being able to mark a reminder taken after set ip a reminder. 3. Not having one of my chronic meds show up for reminder to refill. Seems doctor has forgotten that I need to take the medication the rest of my life and hasn’t written a new prescription so I have to order ad hoc via mail order and receive exception refill. 4. Did I mention communicating with doctor is impossible since the messages are intercepted by office staff and then you cannot reply? (See #1). There is some good about app, which is the clean user interface, but it is not a replacement to medical care and a poor substitute. Being able to talk with and meet a medical professional has become next to impossible since COVID19 and doesn’t seem to get any better with technology. If Kaiser Permanente wants to build a virtual doctor this app is not the solution.
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2 years ago, Unhappy iPad owner
So slow and some other needed improvements
First, the mobile app is incredibly slow. I use the app constantly to view my parents and hubby’s information. All three are disabled and there is a lot of tracking to be done. If I’m a trusted person it would be excellent to pay their bills under my login. It’s a pain to log in under their ID. Individuals can give authorization to pay bills just like they grant access to view medical history, view tests results. email on their behalf, schedule appointments on their behalf, order prescriptions on their behalf (which can require payment), etc so why can’t I pay their bill?!? In addition I want to view all claims entered by KP (not me). This function was removed from the online app. Contacted tech support and they referred me to claims. Way to go tech support. Although the mobile app has improved, there is still a lot of work to be done.
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6 years ago, Doctor Zarkov
Need Self Reporting Ability
This is a good app. I can get my lab results as soon as they become available. I can re-order my medications quickly and easily. What would really be nice is the ability to self report health data like weight, BP, blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels and so on. I’m trying to lose weight so I periodically weigh myself. Instead of some other app why can’t I keep that data here? I go to the Stanford blood bank and they compute my cholesterol level and take my BP. Why can’t I keep that data here? The data I enter could be tagged as “self reported” so a medical provider would know if the data was my measurement or if it was taken by a professional. Providing this capability could be a plus in a patient’s health care. Imagine an overweight patient with a blood sugar and cholesterol problem. Instead of only having data points from when they see a Kaiser professional (primary physician, physician’s assistant, nurse, dietician, etc) the health provider has as much data as possible. This could help reveal trends in health related behavior and thus better allow the provider to tailor treatment. Mobile computing could take health care to another level but health care providers like Kaiser are only scratching the surface. Hopefully someone at Kaiser will see these comments and will consider the enhancements I have suggested above.
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2 years ago, Luxe11
This is extremely annoying.
The KP app looks better, cleaner and functions very well. With the latest update it periodically crashes upon opening. However, I was hoping the developers would fix the logout issue but apparently they have not noticed this one annoying logout glitch: once you hit “sign out” of your account, the account closes but then the sign in prompt immediately appears, so if you sign in with Touch ID (iPhone) or Face ID (iPhone), you are immediately signed back in if your thumb is on the Touch ID sensor or if your face is in view of Face ID...which they usually are since you’ll be looking at your phone and/or touching the home/Touch ID button to go elsewhere on your phone. Really would be nice if the developers remedied this bug.
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2 years ago, kwartist
Unreliable at times, overall ok
Positives are: it is fairly easy to log in to app, I can order refills and make appts w some, not all, providers, message my Dr. I can get updates on refills ready at pharmacy, see physical therapy exercises recommended, etc. Negatives are: occasionally app seems to be shut down at times I wish to use it, like late night hours, the app will shut off if I’m idle too long, I cannot add any documents to attach to messages, only photos I can attach- this is disappointing I cannot send my provider a document via KP. Org, I recently had to hand deliver to my providers office, as no other way to send her a test she had requested I complete and e- mail to her, often medications I actively take are dropped from my pharmacy list with NO explanation and I’m messaging my Dr for a refill, and medications I no longer take linger for years on my pharmacy list, both annoying, and I find the App tricky to use, hard to understand where to click to proceed, hard to predict when app may be offline then I use kp. Org to log on instead which can be a hassle. Could use some improvement , but basically works well for most things I need. Thanks.
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4 years ago, robinsle
I tried opening a ticket with The development team on this app, and got a standard blah blah blah we cannot do anything response. It seems to me that the MOST important thing on this app is to be able to schedule an appointment. But this is the one thing that consistently for months on end does not work. I see a message telling me to contact 911 if it’s an emergency but the appointment scheduler NEVER loads. I wait, I try going through the other way in the app to set an appointment, I try looking at previous appointments to reschedule. Sometimes it works. Most of the time it’s nada, bubkiss, squat. I waste so much freaking time and then have to give up and call to make an appointment. Seriously? You had ONE JOB kaiser. It’s this lack of attention to detail that has every health care provider I’ve seen working with you roll their eyes at your administration. Must be a great thing to work in an industry that pretty much holds people hostage. If I ran my business with such lousy oversight my customers would have left looooooong ago.
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2 years ago, SexyChyna3
Not customer care oriented. Get penalized for being 15 minutes late. I battle nausea and I take medication for it, prescribed by my doctor. I had an episode this morning, which had me 15 minutes late. You then have to wait 3hours. The member services don’t care, and the employees don’t care. And when your on time you have to wait on the doctor. The member service manager tried to scold me. Stating I need to leave home early enough. And to get up on time. This is the one time I pray they were recoding the message. In November I will not be renewing my membership with them anymore. Kaiser They’ve gotten so big they don’t care about the patients . 🙃🙃🙃 It’s so sad I get called back to the room to take vitals and the nurse says we are working you in cause everyone else is on time. I said nothing. This location is toxic and the nurses comments were rude and disrespectful. How many times I have to be reminded about being 15 minutes late. Everyone I speak to care 🤷‍♂️ 🤷‍♀️
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3 years ago, rosales_fam
Great app until the latest update
I absolutely love this app however, since the last update I can't use it, literally! Either it's super slow or simply doesn't move at all into the area I'm attempting to. For example from my home page I try to access pharmacy I click and click on the view pharmacy link and nothing happens. Today I tried to link into the "important update regarding your online personal etc." And again nothing happens. The notification from my phone came in to check into an appointment but when I saved my app I can't check in. I was perfectly content with the last version, it worked perfect and allowed me to get done what I needed. This one is forcing me to use my laptop to access my stuff and it's awful especially during this time, we're all using it so much more to check symptoms or add/change appointments. I'm happy to further discuss further and provide example as needed.
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2 years ago, TotallyRadMom
Very convenient, but a few improvements would be great!
The part where we look up past visits is not very user friendly. I like how you can look up past visits and see the list of them. The part I don’t like is if I want to see a different past visit, we have to go back to the start and bring up the list all over again. It would be great if we could go back to the original list and pick another one without having to go all the way back and regenerate the list. Also, the last time I checked, which was a while ago, so I don’t know if it’s still a problem, but the ability to cancel appointments wasn’t functional. I love being able to refill prescriptions from the pharmacy. Very convenient and easy. The problem I have is with medications that I need to get filled from non Kaiser doctors. The application allows me to request a refill, but it never gets refilled unless I make a phone call to Kaiser pharmacy. It has been easier for me to call the doctors office directly to get the prescription refilled. Overall it is really great, thank you so much!
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2 years ago, Beckg59
Love it!
I love using the Kaiser app and have used it A LOT. Just today I ordered a prescription refill and checked in with my doctor’s office about a COVID exposure alert I received (from an unrelated app). They have always been very prompt responding to my secure in-app emails - usually within 24 hours - despite how swamped they are these days. I also enjoy the convenience of scheduling my doctor / provider appointments in the app and checking lab results - usually available within 24 hours after testing. The ability to look up past visit information and previous lab results, which can be displayed in a chart or graph, has also been invaluable. This app gets a solid 5 stars from me.
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1 year ago, chickenlegsco
Non-user friendly “after visit summary” searches
If you need to go back a year or two to try and review “after visit summary” notes from previous visits the software takes you back to current day notes after you select the “back” button. It doesn’t take you back to the history period where you were searching for previous “after vist summary” notes…….. Therefore, it can take quite a while to search back to the time frame your looking for to review notes that have bearing on what you want to review. When wanting to order prescriptions for pickup, why not have a default pharmacy pickup location versus doing a search everytime. Just select your default pharmacy under your profile and then if you want to change pickup locations when ordering….provide an edit function to change it. Would be nice to be able to review history of pharmacy orders with a touch of a button versus having to go into another menu option and only being able to do it monthly. Finding “explanation of benefits for part C/D should have a link to go directly to them. Not user friendly at all. Email subscribers when the system is down…..and then when it comes back up. It’s such the case now as I’m writing this.
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1 year ago, Luv strategy games
Each update gets worse
I love Kaiser’s care, but this app keeps getting worse and worse. I just updated this morning and refilled some prescriptions.. it feels like they don’t even test updates before they release them. Just SOME of the problems I experienced just now while refilling my prescriptions: 1. My previously saved payment information was gone 2. Pages were extremely slow loading (20+ seconds, on home wifi!) Each and every page.. 3. When paying for my refills, it said it couldn’t give me a subtotal!!!! Seriously?! You’ll take my money but you won’t tell me what I am about to pay you? I only continued because it’s Kaiser and historically I have not had any issues with overcharging, but my god that’s insane. I’m embarrassed for whoever works on your mobile app. I am a software developer, too, and we all make mistakes, but come on! 4. Since the checkout experience was so wonky, I tried to see my order history.. nope, no such feature. You can’t see what you just ordered. Then I thought, I should just see if it shows the “last refilled” with today’s date.. nope! It says something like “Last refilled: Unknown”.. urrrgh this is so frustrating… especially when previous versions have worked just fine.
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6 months ago, $213jerry
App is worthless
I’ve been a kaiser member for years and when their app became available i downloaded. It was easy to use and i enjoyed it. But for the past 8-10 months it’s been worthless. It does not let me sign in even after calling support and changing my password. For the past several months i log in and it kicks me out and returns me to the sign-in page prompt. As of last week, i enter my user information and this time it hasn’t kicked me out, but instead i receive a blank white page with no images. It is both sad and frustrating because now I have to log in through the internet browser at work or at home. I’ve written a response but have not received a callback or assistance like other who’ve written reviews on other apps and receive a response immediately. I guess it goes to show why their app is not working for me by their actions.
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2 years ago, Starshells
Kaiser developers have really stepped back and torn this app apart. This used to work just fine until software updates happened and now it is so difficult for me to be able to select buttons within the app, let alone to select appointments or billing to make payments. I have emailed the developers to report the issues that I have discovered but I haven’t yet to receive a response. This is the absolute most terrible app I have ever experienced and I am ashamed that I am paying insurance for the quality or lack there of what that is designed to “assist people.”This app is frustrating to use us to say the least and I am a millennial.I definitely do not recommend this app this makes it even more difficult for people to create an appointment or even select the button to look at their appointments that have already been created. Developers you really need to step up and do better this is the worst app.
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2 weeks ago, Simple Deep
Not giving doctors enough time to reply to patient…..
I’ve had this problem with sending messages to my doctor and receiving a reply from others that doesn’t work with my doctor. They come from somewhere in DMV. And, probably, never seen you or your doctor before. So, that “I work closely with your doctor “ thing doesn’t work with me. I’m asking my doctor personal questions/advice and some random person intercepts within a day or so and proceeds to attempt to answer your questions. My doctor is great at answering my questions. So, I don’t want someone in my personal email to my doctor.
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2 years ago, Literroy
Gets the job done but the UI is confusing
The UI definitely needs some work. For example, where is the first place you’d go if you want to look up your upcoming appointment information? You’d think it would be the big thing on the first screen you see labeled “Appointments & Advice,” but no, you actually have to scroll down and click on the SECOND thing labeled “Appointments” on the Home Screen. Which seems even more redundant because you can actually schedule appointments using either button; you just can only see your appointments if you click the second button. Why are there two different ones then, and why does the first one you see have less functionality than the second one?
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2 years ago, 877409
No longer supports iPhone 6
There was an email sent stating the new update would no longer support iPhone 6 a while back. I thought I’d still be able to use the version I had already on my phone but no, the app requires the new version be downloaded in order to open it. I’m extremely disappointed as I am no longer able use the app and must delete it. I absolutely should not have to use a computer or call for everything that needs to be done. I’ve had to pull up the app while at the pharmacy more than once and since this is no longer an option I suppose I’ll be “that” person that holds up the line while the person assisting me does it. I could afford to keep up with the latest and greatest if I wasn’t paying through the nose for healthcare. Thoroughly stupid that I’m now paying for a benefit I’m unable to use.
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1 year ago, danielinsf
Terrible for accessing records
Trying to access records of previous visits using this app is a nightmare. You have to keep scrolling down and then the scroll down menu jumps back up randomly so you have to do double to work. While scrolling, if you happen to accidentally tap in just the wrong place (it is very sensitive), it opens up that record so you are on the wrong record. Anytime you close a record, you have to go all the way over to the beginning and start this whole terrible process again. Once you are finally accessing the correct record, there is no way to view the record in landscape mode and a portion of the text is cut off, making it impossible to view the entire record on the phone. How long has Kaiser had to work on this app and why is the user experience still so lacking?
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5 years ago, QA5150
A LONG way from even an average app
As a QA lead, I recognize apps that are poorly designed and implemented; this app fits that description well. Some of the major problems: exiting the app via the home button does NOT log you out, securely closing the app; going down several layers (such as looking at test results) requires the user to go back-back-back-back to a page where one can access the menus to sign-out; on my iPad 12.9, I MUST use the app in portrait because that’s the way it was coded; this app is somehow split off from other functions that should be accessible. There are many other issues needing work. Kaiser should get someone familiar with QA and UI design to update this app. It has not had a major update since November 2016. 8/8/18- Touch ID broken on iPhone. App resets Touch ID to OFF when user signs out. iPad app works properly.
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2 years ago, Dissatisfied Customer 555
If I could give it a negative 5 stars I would. This is the buggiest app I’ve ever seen. When you can get it to work (which isn’t often) as very often you bring it up and tap on pharmacy for instance and nothing happen! It will not connect with the pharmacy or appointments or anything else! I’ve learned a trick that if you go to messages first, then it seems to connect to the Kaiser computer and then you can go to other areas of the app. That’s if it doesn’t crash immediately when you hit the home button, which it does most of the time. I have uninstalled and reinstalled half a dozen times and nothing seems to make a difference. Not even Apple support can figure out what’s going on with it and they recommend contacting Kaiser. Who exactly at Kaiser am I going to contact? Can anyone tell me that? Because Apple can’t.
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6 years ago, angelakim
Can be convenient but needs some work
Biggest complaint is how slow the app is. Always with that spinning wheel. Also the message function is not very user friendly. One specific fix needed is for the pharmacy function. A doctor orders something for me to go to mail order and when I checked it said “refilled on” a certain day. Great, so I’m waiting for my prescription, it has been 2 weeks (which is not all that unusual). I called today to be told that it had never been filled. I guess there is a flaw in the app and it says refilled but what they really meant was written on that certain day. Just something small but couldn’t find a way to directly report the issue without having to give out my personal information. Big companies like is often troll the web for all comments so we’ll see.
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6 years ago, 25 yrs kp member
Signing in is a pain - Support is worse
Every time I have to reset password because the system “forgets”. Try resetting password thru “forgot password, and 7 out of 10 you can’t because it won’t pull down the “Region tab” for you to select your region. And because you didn’t select a region, it won’t let you go further. Call Web Support? Be prepared to spend 10 minutes just to verify yourself, first thru a stupid voice recognition system which then does not pass on the info to the Rep. Then you go through the whole verification process again! Then after you state the problem, quiz them. You have to repeat three times for them to begin to address the issue you called for. By this time you’ve already spent 10-12 minutes! Then you get “boiler plate” email with lots of apologies but no solution! Other than that, the App is getting there!
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1 year ago, ezpz
Sign in nightmare
I have use the Kaiser app for at least three years and loved the convenience in the immediate information or appointments I can make. About six months ago it stopped working. I was instructed to log out, log back in, that did not work. Then told to delete the app and download it again, that did not work. And then someone said that they would have to have someone from the technical team get in contact with me, that never happened. So for about six months I would go to my web browser search for Kaiser and login that way. Very time consuming and not as user-friendly as the app when you’re on the site. Bored one day so I decided to re-download the app and it worked, for about three weeks. And now my nightmare has returned. Please please please tell me what I can do next, thank you.
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2 years ago, zapatoe
Trying to locate pass after visit notes and date i was 1st diagnosed With an illness
Why is so difficult to get info from your medical record? I logged in properly went to menu clicked what i thought would show me what i needed to view/check to no avail. Why can’t the website be designed to go straight to a search so a member look up what they need. Example: while looking for pass visit notes/after visit summary we have scroll n scroll down to find what u need. Wouldn’t it be faster n less time to type the doctor’s n department reason for visit n ask for notes for pass years example 2014 or 2018? You may contact me by phone or reply to this review
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1 year ago, MinnieBoxx
Multiple Accounts (1 Device)
The app itself is amazing and seamless and easy to use. My only suggestion would be for a family or (guardian) using 1 device (tablet, cellphone etc.) for 2 different login’s each time (person log’s in) all notifications are turned OFF when in fact they are suppose to be turned to the ON position. It makes things difficult getting notifications when you have to turn each individual notification back on whereas if the app or the website system can identify there are 2 different people trying to login on this 1 device and not have to “security check” turning things on/off every time you log on.
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2 years ago, Ms. Jo 2U
Helpful but could be better
The KP app is helpful, but inconsistent and sometimes frustrating. The absolutely most frustrating aspect of the app is the inability to copy/paste. Pasting information (eg addresses, parking instructions, suggested over the counter purchases, etc) is important for GPS directions (and Kaiser locations don’t often accurately show in GPS). Kaiser campuses are coming fusing and poorly labeled, so it would be helpful to copy and paste. The ability to upload pictures or send messages is inconsistent. Sometimes pictures can be attached, sometimes 3, sometimes 5. If one has 2 of something (eg 2 eyes, 2 hands) sending comparisons doesn’t work well with only sending 3 pictures.
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2 years ago, MindyCam
Kp App useful access clunky navigation
Great to have access of info, scheduling and transferring appointment info to personal calendar. (Time and location only.) Award navigating past visit info. Search one, if it’s not what you were looking for reverts back to most recent. Very frustrating if you’ve had a condition with many visits. Medical history seems limited and access to health ed info not available. Also when calling advice nurse or schedulers if setting an appointment be ready to access your appointments or ask them to help so you don’t double book. I wish it had location and hours available for urgent care. Some docs are very slow to respond, but not the apps fault.
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12 months ago, CD314159
Feature temporarily unavailable
I appreciate the attempt to have an app to streamline procedures that used to take a long phone call. However when every single function does not work, the app is useless. I’ve tried scheduling an in person appointment, app responds with “this feature is temporarily unavailable.” Tried paying a medical bill , temporarily unavailable. Look at past visits, temporarily unavailable. I’ve attempted these on multiple different days on multiple different times so I don’t believe I’m running into service maintenance hours. The only item that seems to function is messaging the doctor. All I’m saying is if you are going to have these options available, at least have it operate accordingly.
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5 days ago, grizQ
Love the app
I absolutely love this app I’m able to get hold of my doctor is able to schedule appointments able to check in and it really makes my life easier. The only thing that I have a concern about is trying to be able to make appointments. I can make appointments, but it doesn’t give you many options. I try to get very states, but does not work. I have to go weeks if not months in advance to be able to find an appointment so if you could add a calendar, that would be easier but other than that I love you.
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1 year ago, britbrat1127
Won’t let me log-in from the minute I downloaded it
This is like my seventh or eighth time in ten minutes trying to log in after downloading the app onto my new phone. All I keep getting is: system error we’re unable to process your request at this time. Please try again later. I am so frustrated because I can’t take care of my medical affairs simply because I decided to upgrade. There’s always something wrong with the fricking app but they always tell you it’s quicker/easier to use it. Like, really? Signing in isn’t even easy; just another lie by a shady company. And apparently I’m not the only one since EVERYONE is complaining about this, yet they refuse to do anything! My disdain and hatred for Kaiser rises every single day. Get off your lazy behinds and fix the fricking app! 😒
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