Keto Cycle: Keto Diet App

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User Reviews for Keto Cycle: Keto Diet App

4.02 out of 5
4.4K Ratings
4 years ago, Owensj2
Pretty good, needs some help
There are so many great perks to this app! I love that things are in single servings. It makes it much easier to cook for yourself rather than your whole family. Also, I really enjoy the workouts. It isn’t too much for me, just right. The things I don’t like about this program, there are some weird word choices used in the recipes. An example of this would be, 3/4 pieces of cherry tomatoes. What does that mean? Am I literally cutting a cherry tomato and using 3/4 of it? The other thing I don’t like about this program is that I wish the recipes were all available for you. They give you different options each day, but doing this for a month now, I see the same recipes over and over and then one day a brand new one will pop up! Or I will have a favorite one that I can never find again. I just wish it was easier to choose your recipes than just the select few they let you choose to change to. Overall, I’ve been pleased with the program and the app. I’ve lost 12 pounds so far and plan on losing more!
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3 years ago, Sandij9591
App does not work properly and customer support is non existent
I purchased this hoping making the change to keto would be painless. Let me say the only thing I can use it for are the yummy and and simple recipes. The problem is when I went through the week of choosing my meals then sending them to the shopping list, the shopping list aspect did not work at all. Example I selected several meals that had eggs. Requiring about 34 eggs. My shopping list stated all I needed were 3 eggs. This happened on most repetitive ingredients. So I had to go back through all the meals I had chosen and rewrite my list. Very time consuming. I went to the store and spend $200 came home and began my meal prep for the following day when I would start my keto diet. My whole week of recipes changed. I wrote down ingredients not recipes, my bad, so I didn’t know what I had bought ingredients for. I searched for the recipes I thought I picked, some were there, others just disappeared. Now I’m just making it up as I go with what I bought. When I do find a recipe that I wanted and click done it does not transfer the calories to the calorie counter. I email support but never heard back regarding the shopping list, the loss of my weekly recipes, and the calorie counter not working. I wish I could get my money back for three months I paid for since this app does not work. I’ll use it for the yummy recipes since that is all that works. Hope they can fix these bugs because the concept is nice.
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4 years ago, Double Dee 6241
They might take your money for just “looking” at the program!
I have never had a company act so childish and blame the customer for their app’s error! I will try to give the short story...On April 19, 2020 I was looking at the app and trying to see what the plan offered. However, to do that you have to go through the same steps as if you are buying the plan. You can’t just I went through all the steps and at the end I was charged. That made me angry bc it was as if that is the purpose of making you go through each step! So I immediately called customer service explained what happened and they gave me a refund. So I was happy and went on my way. Well I was charged again on May 31 & Sept 1st! I’m sure we all can agree that is random. If I had actually bought something I would have been charged June, July, Aug...but I wasn’t. I have the proof of all charges. Well when I told customer service he said that I bought something different. I explained I did not buy anything. I stated I want the money returned from those 2 charges. It’s obvious I did not buy something to be charged randomly. Anyway, we went back and forth (thru msgs, I can’t find a number to call) and they gave me half of one charge. That is Not Acceptable when they charged my card w/o my authorization ! So just be careful and watch your bank acct bc they could randomly charge you for things you did not want or buy!
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1 year ago, Once a Fan, Not anymore
Money grab service
I used Keto Cycle last year to help me start my leto journey. It was a good app to start, but the constant changes to the menu and rebooting on recipes made it difficult to follow at times. I found recipes and plans I loved, only for them to be changed, missing or removed. That said, I worked through it to effectively live the Keto lifestyle well. But after a year, I had it down and didn’t need recipes or tracking. I hadn’t used the app for months. It auto-renewed and I reached out to cancel and requested a refund since I hadn’t used it. I acknowledged that I let it renew, since I didn’t calendar the exact date the plan was set to renew. I reached within 24 hours later and they REFUSED to offer a refund. Even after I explained that I hadn’t used it for months, it was no longer useful to me, and I missed the deadline for renewal by one day. They pulled the old—- well we can refund because it’s already renewed. Well you lost a friend and referral source over a few bucks and inherited a whole enemy. A scam like every other similar app. Don’t use this service—-it’s a money grab. I’m done and disappointed because it’s a good start but not forever and their customer service and appreciation is not where it’s at. Bye Keto Cycle. Hope losing a referral source is worth $66. You’re just like every other money-grubbing predatory app. I’m done.
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3 years ago, marypoppings
Gets better with time
I got this app over two years ago and I have to say it’s gotten WAY BETTER than when I first had downloaded it. At first, I think they didn’t even have a functioning app or/and it was buggy. Some of the recipes seemed incomplete, it was hard to change the recipes or it didn’t give me unlimited changes like it does now. Also, the pictures didn’t seem like the recipe BUT I am imagine the founders and team of the app has grown and well, the app has gotten 100 x’s better. Now I can change the recipes easily and I can mark them “done” or “skipped”. It has good articles on the app. More recipes have been added and really good ones too. I think sometimes we just need to give these businesses a chance because starting a business is NOT EASY and development time is always necessary. One thing I have to say, is that at first, the app had a huge discount and rightfully so because it simply wasn’t functioning as well, but now it charges differently based on the better functionality. I gave it three stars based on what it was at the beginning, but 4 stars would be appropriate if I wasn’t an early adopter.
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3 years ago, Bobbie927
Key features do not work *FAKE 5 STAR REVIEWS*
**I scrolled through the reviews, and most of the 5 star reviews are repeated word-for-word under different names, with almost incomprehensible grammar, and they mention things this app doesn’t even offer. THEY ARE FAKE REVIEWS** I purchased the meal plan looking forward to being able to plan ahead for meals, but due to what seems to be a problem with the app, I’m not able to. The problem is, under meals, “today” is listed twice. The second “today” is the one that coincides with the home page, where you log your meals and calories, etc, but you’re never shown the meals for “tomorrow” - it always skips a day. On the first day I made a shopping list and meal prepped for the following day, but that next day, the recipes listed were different from the ones I prepped. I purchased this plan because of the convenience of being able to plan ahead, and that is exactly what I’m NOT able to do with it. I haven’t used it since that first day, and have relied on other keto recipes. I contacted customer service, and the only useful thing they’ve said so far is to uninstall and reinstall the app - which I did, to no avail. I’m really upset that I wasted $66 on a year subscription to something I can’t use. I would appreciate a refund, but I’m not hopeful.
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2 years ago, loorman
Do not waste your money
This app is basic information with horrible meal plans that is like almonds for a snack. They also do not have anything in the app to help u keep up with ur daily carbs, calories ect. Or for u to type in what u ate and calculate how many carbs, calories u had. They also have horrible customer service. I asked for a refund and all they did was cancel my subscription I had paid for for 6 mths service. I had to call them to get this fixed and the operator was extremely rude. Spoke over me and was exasperated like I was wasting her time. She also lied and said they usually only refund 50% of your subscription when it clearly said for what I purchased I would receive a 100% refund if I wasn’t satisfied as long a I requested it within 14 days. My advice do not waste your time with this app. I ended up using the carb manager app and even in its free version it’s 100 times better than this one!! Also if u do decide to try it never pay the first offer they give u. If u tell them no when filling out the info they will send u an email for 75% less than the original offer and if u say no again to that one they will say they are offering a 1 time offer that’s like 25% less than that one. It’s just scammy feeling!!
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1 year ago, LolaX207
Wasn’t what I wanted but couldn’t get a refund
I saw Keto Cycle online while looking for keto meal plans. I just more ideas and variety. Because you really can’t see what something like this truly is before you buy, I bought in thinking I was getting something to else. I was directed to download the app and access my account. I realized *immediately* that this was not what I wanted. I messaged Customer Support and told them that, that I realized immediately after purchasing that this was not what I wanted or needed and asked for a refund. They offered me 2 e-books, a recipe book, and keto desserts, as well as a workout program. I told them again this wasn’t what I wanted or needed. They replied “sorry you didn’t find it to be useful” and cancelled my auto renewal but I never got my money back. So now I have access to an app I don’t intend to use for the next 6 months but still out $66. If I bought a book online or in the store, I would be able to return it for my money back. Why should app access be any different?? Practices like this are the reason companies end up in class-action lawsuits. I’m giving it 2 stars bc I’m sure the app has some functionality.
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4 years ago, Nancyw69
WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO GIVE A “NEGATIVE” 5 STARS FOR THIS APP!!! All this is are a few, SO CALLED, meals! I can get Keto recipes for FREE off of the internet. They have things like cheddar cheese crisps for your whole meal. They are NOT meals but rather an item that is Keto that you can find on the Internet. The whole site is misleading and has FAKE reviews to up its rating. I canceled a year long subscription because I THOUGHT it was going to have more to offer then just some lame, and not complete, meals and they did NOT refund my money. SCAM ARTISTS!!! Also, it says it is a “Personalized Keto Meal Plan”, BUT my boyfriend and I both got this and we have the EXACT same meals. He is a 6’6” male and I am a 5’4” woman. BOTH OF US WANT OUR MONEY BACK! We have another app called “CARB MANAGER” that offers WAY more for FREE, and does offer some other things that cost money, but you can track your food, your macros, your water intake, your steps, and you get LOTS O of FREE recipes for meals, snacks, desserts, lunch, beverages, main dishes, salads, sides and Quick and Easy recipes and you do NOT get any of these on Keto Cycle. You can also tracks your steps on Carb Manager and ALL is FREE. I will be blasting out Keto Cycle and the SCAMMERS they are on ALL social media if they do not refund, both my boyfriend and I money!
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2 years ago, Disappointed Steph
The better keto
I’m so thankful I found this app! I’ve done keto before but always found it daunting to come up with recipes to have. This app makes is easy. They also ask for feedback on recipes and suggest better recipes the long you use it. It has made meal prep for me easy. I love the function of the shopping list feature. You can pick however many days you want to shop for and you can even check things off your list (if you have those ingredients or as you pick them up). My only feedback for improvement would be the logging your own meals and barcode feature. When I scan barcodes the nutritional facts that load for that item are way off. I’m sure it takes a long time to fully develop that feature, but I would work on improving that. My fitness pal spoiled me with their barcode scanner accuracy. Overall a great app, would recommend for using their recipes, but don’t rely on it 100% for counting my calories correctly.
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1 year ago, Kdub1727
Good plan, bad app
I’m new to Keto and really like the plan, goals, and information on how to get started and manage the plan. It’s the app that’s so frustrating. Three key problems. First, you can’t track any of your activity except for steps. No bicycle, strength training, etc. So my weekly summary often looks like I’m. Wet inactive when I am not. Second, it’s very very hard to input your own meals. You can search for ingredients but it only allows you to input ounces rather than giving you options of, for example, one medium avocado or 1/2 tablespoon of butter. Nor can you swap out ingredients if their meals. So, if I want to follow their meal but sub avocado for bacon, for example, the only way I can do it is to skip that meal and create my own meal after calculating all the nutritional info myself. Third, you can’t go back. If you fail to track your dinner one day you. Ant track it the next day. If you try, it just adds the meal to the next day. All of this is incredibly frustrating AND there’s no way that I have found to contact support and provide this feedback. I’ll try a different app when my subscription is up.
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3 years ago, DestiniT
Love this app, but needs some work
I love that this app offers a selection of meals, but here are a couple of things that need to be updated. 1. Mobile & desktop app need to have the same type of format. For instance, desktop will show the current day of the week; mobile app doesn’t & sometimes displays “today” twice. Put the date instead. 2. To print out grocery list for the week PLEASE add the actual dates for that week & not week 1, week 2, etc. It’s too complicated to have to go back & figure out what week you’re on, & I’ve had instances where I’ve clicked the wrong week & had to start my grocery list over. 3. Would love to see you guys link w/ Instacart or Walmart to automatically sync grocery list to app. 4. Sometimes I may buy the big container of Greek yogurt & may want that for breakfast 2x in a row. However, I’m not given the option to choose it for another day. Would like to see you guys incorporate a selection of ALL meals available. Period. Then @ the bottom for that day, add a calorie/carb tracker. This would require you guys to add calorie & carb #s for every meals—so we can stay in ketosis. Also, add a calculator @ the bottom so once we select the meals, we can see how many more calories/carbs we have until we reach our max. I signed up for the 3 month meal plan. I would like to keep this app, but I really need these changes to be updated before I purchase again.
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3 years ago, Stacedog
Has major flaws
I am not very happy with this App. Sure it has good Keto recipe plans (that you pay for) and gives you a rundown of what your daily Keto intake should be… However- here are my cons: when entering a custom food item- it only allows you to enter a brief description and the calories you consumed. It doesn’t allow a spot for protein, fat or carbs so those numbers never get calculated into your daily intake. Also, they have no items you can search for to enter into a custom food item (like slim Jim or can of tuna).. resulting in the same issues as mentioned above. You can only calculate your macros in the app on recipes they have in the app. (Most other apps.. even free ones, have that option.) Next, if you input a food item for the day by mistake, you can’t delete it. Lastly, after you eat anything and input it, the tracker doesn’t show a percentage of the goal you have met. Just what you have left to consume which stinks. I basically overpaid for a daily menu and daily macro estimation and calorie count. Which can be found for free anywhere.
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2 years ago, mommymotor
Almost reached my goal with this app when …
Almost reached my goal with this app and then it just drove me crazy with lost food logs and repetitive menus. I could overlook the repetition since I had my favorites but when it started acting crazy, I lost my patience. Despite the too many attempts to reset and reinstall, I’ve had to manually log my meals just so I could visualize the macros to keep track. This is a solution but it is far from ideal. Googling solutions didn’t help. I see they upgraded the version last week which coincides with my issues but nothing seems to fix it. With only 2 pounds to go, I’ll give it another couple of attempts and then probably move on to something else BUT, overall I think the money i’ve invested in the app and the food was worth it.
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4 years ago, thatbored
Really great
I’ve been using the app for 4 days so far, and I’ve lost 5 lbs. The food is delicious, and it could not be more convenient. Every day the app tells me exactly what to eat, with recipes and shopping lists. I can change out a meal if I’m not in the mood for it. I love how I can choose which days I want to shop for, and the app creates that exact list. I’m excited for what I get to eat each day, and I haven’t been hungry. There are a couple of glitches that need attention. I can’t change my starting weight, which is off by more than 200 lbs. The ounce measurements in the recipes are also way off, but they are correct in the shopping list. It would be cool if the app would calculate different portion sizes, in case I want to meal prep or eat with someone, but I can do it in my head easily enough. There’s also a lot of upselling with this program, so maybe cool it with the aggressive marketing.
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4 years ago, Leighannep1267
Would be a good app if they fixed some known issues.
I purchased the KetoCycle app about a month ago. Within the 1st 2 days of using it I noticed some major flaws. Not all the ingredients listed in the selected recipes for the week translated to the shopping list. Also, the recipes are poorly written. I have found numerous recipes that are missing ingredients in the ingredients list, but have them in the directions. I was in the middle of making a chicken dish and in the middle of making it realized I did not have a key ingredient. Another issue is the days of the week listed on the menu have “Today” listed twice. So you really need to pay attention to what actual day it is that you’re looking at. I’ve made support aware of all these issues and nothing has been addressed. It would be a decent app if they paid more attention to detail and actually cared about customer feedback. Sadly, I have not seen it. This will probably be deleted because that’s what they seem to do with all constructive criticism instead of dealing with it.
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1 year ago, Seanphillip
Could be much better
I had issues on one of my first days when I realized that the grocery list it gave me did not actually match up with the meals suggested and at least 1/2 of my $160 grocery trip wasn’t even part of the planned meals, additionally the small ingredient amounts for things that are only used once week it is impossible to buy that small of portions so it leads to lots of food waste. The meal search function is terrible I would make something from their list then search it the next day and could not find it for the life of me. Additionally the portions sizes in the “build your own meal” section are obscure honestly I would prefer it in grams or oz. Additionally every time I look at the app I have at least 2-4 notifications on it send way too many notifications each day. At this point I am just using this as something to monitor my weight loss by putting my weight in daily, but it cost way too much for me to just be using it for that.
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2 years ago, MommyJU
Buyer Beware - No Refunds & No Trials
Warning, the App is a trap to get your subscription money. There is no trial period or grace period. Buyer Beware! I had purchased the 12 month subscription believing what I see of the App’s abilities as promising. After not even 24 hrs, I discovered a lot of shortcomings. I did not have the ability to customize at the food entry level the units of measure. You only have the option of metric or imperial. The site is not made with USA/Canada products in mind. The food library is limited. The food items section is not simple to navigate. You can only approach by meals. So assembling your own meal takes time and the App is not intuitive. There is still some work this App has to address before it’s ready for the N American market. So with my disappointment with the App, I tried to cancel and get my refund. Canceling was easy. Getting the refund is not possible as they claim there is nothing defective with the product and it was delivered properly. Their ability to address customer satisfaction is not a priority. There goes USD$66!
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2 years ago, very, very irritated
Horrible customer service
I liked the app because it made it easy to follow a keto diet. It kept track of my macros and provided a meal plan and ingredient list. I lost 15 lbs. However, I paid for a year’s subscription in December of 2021 and my subscription was cancelled out of the blue last month. When I called the customer service line, they could not help me because I didn’t have an invoice number. I didn’t have an invoice number because I didn’t use a credit card. The rep said that without that number, she could not pull up my account. Ridiculous! When I then emailed the customer service as was suggested to me, I provided a copy of my confirmation of payment and explained what the problem was. Their response was to instruct me in how to log in to my account-not what I asked. They clearly didn’t even read my email. I asked for a refund and they told me that because I purchased it through the app, I would have to go through Apple. This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Do not sign up for this service!
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3 years ago, sanderss57
I just downloaded the app yesterday and am disappointed in its lack of functionality. There is no way of adding your own recipes if you choose not to use a recipe listed in the app. It would also be nice if there was an option to check acceptable/unacceptable foods. Example...are there certain cheeses that are not acceptable; as well as fruits/berries. I’ve heard that you cannot have fruit on a Keto diet, yet some recipes use berries. It would also be helpful, on the recipe page, to state what can be served with the meal recipe to complete the meal. For a newbie to keto this would be very helpful information as the transition is very daunting. I, too, have noticed that recipes can be hard to follow as the ingredient quantity can be confusing. Stated in terms that unclear. Also, if the recipe includes making a sauce or dip, the ingredient list should categorize the sauce/dip ingredients separate from the rest of the ingredients, or the instructions should state which ingredients make up that portion of the recipe. The instructions can also state ingredients that are not in the ingredient list.
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3 years ago, Coogaloog
Buyers Beware - Poor products and services
Buyers beware Keto Cycle is notorious for taking peoples money when they request a refund… I signed up for an annual plan and within the first 24 hours realized the plan, and the product and other services were mediocre. I cancelled my subscription and I’m being told they only refund 50%!!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬 50%!!! Absolute garbage business practice who does that????!!! Who doesn’t believe enough in there own products and services to not back there property and deny a unsatisfied customer their refund it’s theft!!! So before you jump into this scam read the find print. If you question any thing walk away because your will be deeply disappointed in Keto Cycle and their garbage business process. If I deter even two of you that is a victory to me because that’s money they won’t be stealing!!! Consumers stay away and google keto meals because their stuff should not come with a price tag and by the way there are several complaints via Twitter from other unsatisfied customers!
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3 years ago, Shusi612
Scam/Charged without notice
This is a scam. The recipes are repetitive and don’t translate to the shopping cart. I tried this for a month and realized their algorithm has a long way to go (which they still haven’t fixed after a year). I deleted the app and called it a loss. Now, a year later, it charged me $50 for a renewal. This app is not listed in my Apple Subscriptions so I had no idea this charge was coming. I did not receive a courtesy email to let me know that a renewal was pending in case I wanted to cancel. I am currently pregnant and not on a keto diet. I emailed my issue to the company and was given a link to their “policy” that they do not issue refunds unless you email them before the charge goes through (this was one day after the charge for an app I had not used in a year). I was offered half-off and had to email them back to accept it and officially cancel the account. They know by making it difficult they can scam money out of you, and they don’t care about you. Take your money elsewhere.
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3 years ago, Fooleish
Not worth what I paid for. Avoid
I had high hopes for this app and this program, but I must say I am disappointed. The app has a few good features, but what it’s missing does not make up for its good points. With the water tracker you can only enter in preset amounts like 16oz, 9oz, etc. Want to check how many calories you burned last weekend when you went power walking? Sorry, it only saves the current day’s calories burned. No alternate forms of exercise or physical activity can be recorded. Seriously? Guess playing tennis or doing martial arts or swimming counts for nothing, huh? You can’t search the recipes. Don’t feel like eating eggs today? Too bad. The Nutrients Log is a complete joke. Why can we only log foods by their calories, but not their protein or fat? Why display them at all if they can’t be adjusted? And you can’t cancel logging a meal once you start. Gotta exit the entire app to do that. Poor programming. (As a followup to this, calories alone doesn’t tell the whole story. 300 calories of fish and 300 calories of ice cream are not equal in value, but to the app they are. Foods need to be better differentiated within the app. Eat more of this, eat less of this, etc.) Want to save your favorite healthy foods for later so you can buy them again and again and make meal planning simpler? No can do. The app feels like it’s half finished. I feel like I’ve been sold an incomplete product. Very disappointing.
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2 years ago, FBFM
Great potential
This app has great potential but there are a few items that need to be worked on. The app does not sync well with the online platform. The app doesn’t always sync period. I walk 3 miles a day and sometime the app will continue to say 0 steps. Also, the water did not update from the previous day. I’m writing this review on a Friday and it still has the water from Thursday. You should have a manual override for that like you do for the steps. Last thing.. Instead of going into history to see your added meals you should be able to see them on the Home Screen. Other than that I think the meals are great. I love the little videos and the quizzes etc. I think it’s a great tracker, just needs a little tweaking.
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2 years ago, 0403weber
So much promise, so little delivered
The app has SO much potential but falls short! I’ve been using it since July and I have to say I do love the meals - more than I expected. That’s a good thing! What has been disappointing, with the recent updates, is that the majority of my favorite meals have disappeared from my “favorites” list. But, when I’m trying to swap a meal, if they do happen to magically show up as one of my new options, they clearly show that I have favorited them. The search mechanism remains clumsy - I can’t find meals that I have had in the past (I’m talking about you, strawberry cocoa smoothie - which is also a favorite that disappeared off my list) by searching. The functionality leaves a LOT to be desired. It’s almost as if the developers have set up incredibly narrow parameters which yield next to nothing (or, at best, a maximum number of returns). I expect more and will not renew once my subscription ends.
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4 years ago, Vero_G922
I really do not understand how at first glance you see four stars for this app. If you notice there are like 50 reviews all in one day at a time. It makes no sense. They have to be doing something to alter this. Firstly, when you go on the website it is very misleading. They do not disclose to you that the “$5.5” that they claim is per month actually gets charged for 12 months upfront. I wish I read the reviews before online this place should be reported. Secondly, all recipes are repetitive. The shopping list isn’t accurate there is a huge flaw in their system. The worst part is trying deal with their so called customer service. All they do is play the stupid act and to date have not refunded my money. I clearly stated that I do not want their subscription and to cancel it. Every other normal app clearly lists ALL options. Monthly or a lump sum payment upfront. They are definitely scamming a lot of people and I hope nobody after me let’s them get away with it.
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1 year ago, mkatalina
Room for improvement
Been using the app for 3 months now and the previous carbs added glitch was fixed, (yay thanks!) but I still think there’s room for improvement: 1) add ability to increase recipe portion size to accommodate cooking for more than one person, like a family 2) add option to remove tomatoes or an “Other: write in option” when preparing a meal plan for the month ahead, one of the questions asked is “Which of these do you not like?” And I definitely don’t like eating raw tomatoes in every other meal. 3) rather than only being able to add or change the recipe to a different one, I’d love to be able to edit the amount of each ingredient or swap/remove an ingredient within the recipe/ingredients screen. As it functions now, I’ll often copy/paste the ingredients into a custom meal because I’ll leave out some ingredients (like raw tomatoes) & swap red bell pepper in its place or for example, or use MCT oil instead of coconut oil (because it mixes better). But as the app stands now, I cannot easily swap ingredients to keep track without manually adding each one in a custom meal. Either way, I still think this a great app to start Keto if you’re new to it!
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4 years ago, Renee8991
Multiple issues
Not very satisfied with the app. I purchased the meal plan on the website and downloaded the app shortly after. Once I signed in I noticed that my start and goal weight were not the same amounts that I entered when I signed up. I emailed customer support and it took 5 days for a response. Support claimed to have fixed the issue, but when I signed back in, the weight amounts were still wrong. The website and the apps meals do not sync. I have to go to the website and customize my selected meals for the week. Then, turn around and do the same exact thing within the app. The food measurements differ from the website and the app. The website might say 10oz of a product but the app will say 90oz of the same product. One recipe even listed a tomato with the instructions to use “one piece” of a tomato while everything else is given in measurements of ounces. I want to love the program because they have very nice meals, but I can’t enjoy my keto journey with the issues I have faced.
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4 years ago, canesNYC
App is just awful
I signed up online. After receiving my plan I downloaded the app hoping it would give me an easy way to keep track of meals, workouts and my metrics. I couldn’t login. I kept getting an error “no account with that email.” I triple and quadruple checked my credentials. That was not the issue. Finally...customer service sent me a link to reset my login credentials and I was able to get into the app. Then...I noticed that none of the meal changes I made online...were reflected in the app. I “replaced” a number of meals online...but not a single one was correct in the app. Not only were my meals wrong in the app, but so is all my personal information. It shows my weight as 388lbs (I’m 176). It shows my target weight at 353lbs...I originally inputted 160lbs when signed up and I confirmed it show this online. All would be ok if I could make changes in the app...but it won’t let me change the weights and again...any meal changes made online don’t reflect in the app. Pretty useless.
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2 years ago, 3X555
It works if you Do
A lot of the reviews on here that are negative or 1-star are most likely from people who are not tech savvy or lack the discipline to follow a diet. Anyone who expects a completely professional diet and exercise routine for 10$ a month, probably belongs to a flat earth theory group on Facebook. This app is exactly as advertised for the price you pay. The diets and exercises on here are made for regular people trying to lose some weight. This app is not made for professional athletes or aspiring bodybuilders, so if you are not either one of those. This app is perfectly suited to help you make progress in your weight loss goals. Stop making excuses for your lack of effort and dedication by blaming the app for as to why you are not making progress.
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4 years ago, Missysmc
Shopping list is 100% wrong
Ok so I bought this thinking it would make my life a lot easier when it comes to food prep, mixing things up and shopping lists... but the shopping list is incorrect in the app and the web site. For example I have one day that calls for 4 eggs total 3 Med, 1 large the shopping list for that day has only 1 Med egg on it. Or for one week I pull up the shopping list and the meals calls for 8oz total of smoked salmon but the shopping list only has 4oz on it. I don’t have time to sit here and calculate out everything I need for all the recipes, I tried to look for a way to contact customer service for help in understanding bc maybe I’m looking at it wrong but there is none from what I can find. Luckily I paid through PayPal so I will be submitting for a refund. I gave two stars bc I like the concept but the advertising of the product customers service is not what you’d expect it to be.
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2 years ago, Kmhamme
Update about 1 month later: I’ve been very impressed with the developer response. They have been working on the issue and have delivered me a refund. It’s enough that I’d give them a try again once the glitching has blown over or some time has passed. I did really like the app when it was working. Original: I haven’t been able to access my account in over a week. The app has been on the fritz for the last couple updates. It’s unfortunate. I did like the recipes and I liked how it would give you servings for 1. But now I’m just annoyed and looking at the other reviews feel like I may be getting ripped off.
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1 year ago, Mommy Drea
Do not download unless you fully want to use and renew
So frustrated that I fell for downloading and walking through steps and never actually using the app- it’s easy to forget “free trial” and subscription renewals. Within minutes of recieving notice I was charged for subscription renewal I attempted to locate this app on my phone that I essentially never used. I had to update the app to even get in and try to cancel a subscription and then it tells you that you must go online to cancel. I did all of that in addition to emailing them. They offered fo refund me 50% for an app I never used in the first place and they already got paid for and wanted to keep half for a year I won’t use it and cancelled within minutes of discovering the charge on auto renew. On top of that- the app isn’t great and when I did try keto last year I used a different that worked much better.
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2 years ago, user.keto
App not working
I purchased a yearly subscription along with the snacks recipe book within the app and never received my meal plan and after contacting customer service they said the problem was resolved and it wasn’t so I contacted them again and they told me to reset my password and the problem was not resolved, I contacted them again and they told me to uninstall and reinstall app and I did that and I still didn’t receive a meal plan, so I called again and they said they would escalate the problem and when I tried to log in a day later the app would not let me log in but was now saying that my email was not registered to an account, and I called them along with emailing customer service screenshots and the problem was not fixed, therefore I requested a refund and they would not refund my money. I was unable to use app and they kept my money.
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3 years ago, Tinamarie B
Not worth the money!!!! Horrible app to
This app is horrible! They gave me a choice of foods that I can choose from, I have an allergy to nuts and seeds. I requested no nuts in my menu. What do I get on my menu nuts! The only option is to log food by the meals that they give you there’s no wiggle room if I decide to eat something different that day I am not able to log my carbs. Not enough menu options. How are you able to keep track of what you’re eating if you don’t have options to add different food. Also if you make a mistake and log something wrong you’re not able to delete it. Customer service is horrible. When I emailed them for a refund they told me that they would Not renew my subscription, So this means I have to pay for an app that will not let me log my meals. I requested a refund What they did for me was to cancel my subscription. Not exactly what I requested.
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1 year ago, CitySean
If they’d had a trial don’t think I’d have subscribed.
Mainly was looking for menu ideas that fit where I’m at that made prep and shopping easy. Second week in and the shopping list function keeps failing both adding items not on the menu - and not inexpensive ones like pine nuts - or keeps leaving out all protein but eggs. Well actually the second week it even missed the eggs. Luckily I remembered and looked so I didn’t have to turn one trip into multiple like week one. The menu also won’t let you change preferences for a set date forward so if you’d like to pre shop a week ahead with two days left on current week you’ve already shopped for, you need to take a manual snapshot of the remaining menu and leave the days off the menu shopping list you plan to shop In order to work around this gap. Only two weeks and almost all the meals are salads. I love a good salad but i didn’t need an app for that. I’ve enjoyed some of the combos of ingredients and some of the app is intuitive so not a complete loss ,, but I suspect these negatives that aren’t complicated fixes may be reasons for no trial. But I’ll be optimistic that they’ll fix it so I have a reason to extend the membership.
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2 years ago, omaldini22
Bogus app!!! They will trick you!!!
I got this app because of all the things they offered, which can be summarized as an app that does all the work for you in order to follow a keto diet. I received multiple marketing emails after checking them out on the website. I finally decided to sign up and I was offered a “VIP Discount” which is a year subscription for about 60 dollars per year. I paid with my Apple Card but Keto Cycle charged me 198 dollars instead. I immediately canceled the subscription and after talking to their customer service, they “informed me” that I was only getting a partial refund. That this was stated in the customer agreement. They kept 100 dollars for the 30 minutes that took me to sign up and cancel this subscription. I can careless about the money, but I never used the app or any of their services. Doing business in a tricky and greedy way is never ok!!!
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4 years ago, Bored Lady2
It’s ok
I like the menu choices and that it gives you your net carbs. I paid for 3 months for a daily meal plan specific to my goals. What I don’t like so far are that if you swap out a menu item, say for example, you don’t like the breakfast choice, you choose another breakfast option they give you, it does not recalculate how many net carbs a day you are eating. You have to do the math. Also, don’t like that are not a ton of meal options within the same category. Say 1 day I want Greek yogurt instead of cottage cheese, you can’t just choose Greek yogurt. You have to scroll through what they offer and just pick what they give you. I think this app could improve in what they offer for each specific meal or snack option and doing all the math for you. Keto requires a lot of math and planning.
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2 years ago, Eire V
Lots of food options, most of it is “dirty keto”
I give this app 3 stars because most of the recipes are really good, however after a few weeks you’re eating very unclean. There is lot of cheese, processed meats, and heavy cream and very little avocado, nuts/seeds, and coconut oil. I would’ve also liked to see veggies more prominently featured. Aside from salads, there aren’t a lot of fresh vegetables on the menu. There are some glitches.. it lags in giving you your shopping list and then suddenly you’ll have 2 weeks worth of recipes that are largely repeats. All in all I’d say if you’re new to keto, or if eating clean isn’t you’re top priority, this is a good app to get started. There’s a lot of diversity in the food option and the recipes are easy to follow.
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10 months ago, megarrett1109
Cuts down planning for keto
This has been much easier for me than trying to research keto recipes myself and calculating macros on my own to make each day balanced. In addition to the general customization where you input diet preferences and cookware to get a plan, you can also swap out individual meals on a day for something else. The shopping list is also a helpful feature, saves me some calculations and guesswork! One thing that could be improved is adding a setting where you can choose between the imperial and metric system (for those of us doing our grocery shopping in grams).
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4 years ago, Dupp3d
Regrettable purchase
I never leave reviews but I feel responsible to warn people before they waste their money. I feel it’s a little bit of false advertisement. It’s not free and you have to pay extra for nutritionist advice. It says the plans are person centered, which is what you’re paying for but they don’t give you your macros and for me the carbs in the meals were way too high. Most of my meals were just a serving of nuts. I purchased the app so that I would have meal ideas and stay satiated. A handful of nuts a couple meals a day is not going to keep anyone satiated and I wouldn’t have paid to someone to tell me eat nuts. That’s something I would figure out on my own. If you are looking for a top notch keto app try carb manager. They have loads of recipes, you can tailor your macros, choose your own meals or pick from meal plans. You can create recipes in the app and share with others.
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4 years ago, Leandro Christensen
5 stars
I am so glad to get rid of excess weight I was trying to put off for years. I got myself a meal plan because I didn’t want to mess up my metabolism. Changing diet so drastically, from eating mostly carbs every day to eating barely any and substituting them with fat might come as a big shock to the body. I made my transition easier by drinking loads of water with electrolyte supplements. I also invested in a high-quality sweetener. Coffee and tea with sweetener have become a sort of dessert for me. I want to point out, that weight loss is definitely not where the benefits of keto end. I am no longer feeling fatigue attacks throughout the day. I don’t experience diarrhea or constipation.
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3 years ago, unauthorizedcharge
Unauthorized charge and Poor customer service
I had an unauthorized charge for this app and plan when I went to their customer service to ask for a refund and explained I believed my account was hacked. Leva their customer service agent was SO rude and explained to me that yes I did purchase this and i even completed the questionnaire. I then again tried to explain to her that it wasn’t me and the stats she gave me for the body type didn’t even match mine. She was very rude and didn’t listen. I’m at the point now that no one will respond from this company. I went to pay pal to see if PayPal could do anything for a refund and they said it’s on the merchant. This is an awful company with poor customer service! Don’t waste your time! I honestly think it may even be a scam because once they had my money they stopped responding!
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2 years ago, Maxie 2
Better Everything
On KetoCycle, not only have I lost 28+ lbs in 4.5 months but my health is better judging by my ability to walk without being breathless, as I have mild COPD, my energy level is up, my mental state is brighter first thing in the morning and through the day. Not to mention the compliments on my ‘slim body’. My clothes fit better, though. I am still overweight, I look forward to continuing with KC until I’m out of that category. I have been preparing three meals a day for 4.5 months and still find the food tasty, fun, and very healthy. So glad KetoCycle came my way.
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5 months ago, audbrew9130
Not an honest friendly app
I think the recipes are inspirational, but it’s not giving me the option to track how many calories I’m actually consuming if I have a cheat day or eat something that isn’t keto friendly, which let’s be honest happens when you’re starting a new diet. It lets me create my own recipes but only with the appropriate ingredients that are keto friendly. So if I eat a birthday cake at my friends birthday, I can’t actually keep track of my calories in this app unless I break down every ingredient to make a slice of cake, and those ingredients are whole and organic. So good for recipe inspiration, not great for reality unless you ONLY eat exactly what they recommend you eat… good luck
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2 months ago, Makenna1209
Don’t get it, use a different tracking app and a cookbook
This app, first and foremost, is just not very good. The recipes are not varied especially if you have an alternate diet even though they state that they have diet plans to accommodate different food sensitivities and preferences. Secondly, they are very misleading about their plan. You may notice that you can only access information about the plans by filling out a quiz and having information sent to you. It is not otherwise accessible through the website. When you buy a 12-month plan you are actually purchasing a yearly renewal, but you will not hear from Keto Cycle until that next scoop out of your bank account hits. It seems they know their product isn’t great and they are hoping to cash in on sneaky subscriptions.
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8 months ago, SamDee3000
42 eggs!
This app gives you a weekly shopping list. I did a shopping list for a week and a half and it advised me to buy 42 eggs. Nobody should be eating 42 eggs in that span of time. Cream cheese is in nearly every recipe that’s not a salad. My “custom” meal plan wanted to feed me 4 salads in one day, and the next day I got 4 egg based meals. Recipes do not include things like low carb breads and tortillas. I hate cauliflower and there is no way to tell the app to stop giving me recipes with this ingredient. The custom meal plan is nothing more than a random choosing of recipes that fit your questionnaire. all of these recipes can be found on the Internet. Maybe it’s a good way to start to learn portion control or the basics of keto eating, but this is not a sustainable keto program in the long-term. Save yourself the money, and buy a couple of good keto cookbooks.
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1 year ago, Sam6738
SCAM - They will charge AFTER cancellation
I cancelled my subscription months ago and yesterday I received a notification saying I paid for my subscription through PayPal. I checked my email and PayPal account and saw that an hour after my “payment” I received an email saying my subscription was cancelled. So I cancel my subscription, they opened my account back up without my knowledge months later, charge me for the subscription and then cancelled my subscription again. I’m not really sure how they thought they’d get away with this? Anyways, do not give these people your information because apparently they’ll use it long after you cancel with them. UPDATE: After reading the reviews more, I realized there are so many people who have had this happen to them. PLEASE REPORT TO THE APPLE APP STORE.
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3 years ago, AllyJune52
Don’t waste your money!
Don’t waste your money on this app. I have no idea how it has such a high rating. The meal plans are way too simplistic- they don’t take into account weekday lunch probably needing to be easy meal prep (I can’t exactly go home during the day to make fresh chicken wings) or the fact that a handful of almonds isn’t a dinner. Forget it it if you are trying to plan to feed a family. Meals don’t repeat in way that would make sense so you could use leftovers. (Am I just going to boil one egg? Just buy .5 ozs of sausage) Other issues: - Non-standard serving sizes (for example, have .7 ozs of almonds, but a standard serving size is 1 oz, which makes calorie tracking difficult) - Missing ingredients on ingredient list for the recipe - Recipes missing steps - Missing ingredients means you can’t use the automated shopping list feature without going through every recipe making sure you have everything - Weird glitch where I have two “today” on my menu, and then it skips a day, and then starts with the names of the weekdays. - Uses expensive or hard to find ingredients For how much this app cost, I expected so much more and much better quality. A total scam.
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3 years ago, kamjo14
Wasted money and poor customer service
The diet plan they send is extremely unrealistic as far as the grocery list goes, which is what I’ve found with most of these auto-generated planning apps (no one is personally putting together these diet plans, just FYI). When there isn’t any consistency between meals you’ll find yourself buying an entire bag of spinach to use 1 cup, milk to use 1/2 cup, fresh herbs to use 2 leaves or “a pinch”, 4 different types of chicken (5 wings, 4 oz breasts, 1 chicken thigh) etc etc. The shopping list was over 80 items for one week!!!! It becomes very costly but more importantly you end up throwing sooo much out! The customer service is awful too. I’ve sent multiple requests to cancel my subscription and have yet to hear back. Im sure the plan works to lose weight but there are other, more practical, keto plans out there.
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