Keto Diet App - Carb Tracker

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User Reviews for Keto Diet App - Carb Tracker

4.7 out of 5
70.6K Ratings
9 months ago, Post menopause
My Keto diet
For the past five years, I have been going on in the world all forms of diet. I’ve always been a healthy eater. But when menopause came, the week came with it and nothing seem to work. I decided to give Keto a try. Which means I had to eat a lot of things that I pretty much tried to stay away from, steaks, and foods with high fat. I heard some bad feedback on keto‘s, so it was important to me to research and approach it in the healthiest way in doing so I made sure my fat intake was healthy, avocados, olive oil’s. I stopped with all processed food, and introduced myself to almond flour, coconut flour and a few other healthy choices. I enjoy making my own bread and trying new recipes. Easy recipes. To my surprise Keto is the one thing that worked. In three months I have lost 12 pounds. I’m on a 1200 day calorie and surprised that it’s enough. When I crave food it’s because I’m bored not hungry. So I drink my water and in a few minutes forget I was looking to eat. So far I think keto is a great way to lose weight, but it’s important that we make healthy choices on it. Not go out and binge on bacon, sausage and unhealthy fats. Instead, grab a handful of spinach with olive oil. You’ll be surprised that it will keep you satisfied.
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4 years ago, liv33438
I like this app but coupd be better
As anything that is new (and shiny) it is good for what it currently is. But improvements definitely can be made. As an I.T. Person mind you, if I can’t easily navigate between what I want to see quickly, there is an issue. You also need to have much better search engine and predictive text when searching. I should be able to search for “ McDonalds McDouble and take items off of it. So you have the basic but what if I didn’t have the bun, and I got it without ketchup or pickels?” There should be those choices availabe. I know it’s totally totally ght but you put the item in you databse as isand then have all the ingredients on it and their values in the datase as well and when a user of your app wants to customize they can subtract thise items and get near perfect calculation of jet carns and calories... especially net carbs since that is keto but you could easily take these metrics to orher groups who count calories, or protein, etc and market to them as well. You are half way there, just build your database and your metrics and you have a great keto app that is easily “expandale” (because I can’t find the correct word in my vocabulary at the moment, but you know what I mean) that can be used for any kind diet! Fluid is the word that is coming to mind but that’s still not the right one. I hope you know what I am talking about. You build something that the template of what you have created can easily be reproduced iover and over.
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2 years ago, lesfstl
Leaves A lot to be desired
First of all, there is no using any part of this app for free for any length of time. You will be prompted to answer a bunch of questions to create your “master plan” and then just when you think you can see the layout and see how it works you can go no further unless you buy a subscription. I’m pretty fed up with these new buy before you can try applications because invariably the app does not do what it says it will do. I allowed the permissions for it to track my activity from my health app and nothing was ever pulled into the app (except for my weight). I have had to manually enter my activity. It will not link with Fitbit at all, one of the most popular activity trackers on the market. Once you add a food and choose the type of measurement you are stuck with that measurement type the next time you add it from the recent menu, meaning if I weigh my food the first time and enter it in ounces or grams then I’m stuck with ounces or grams and cannot change it to….say slices (lunch meat) the next time I use it from the recent menu. I have to completely add the food again and use slices. This is basic programming, the drop down menu options should still be available the next time you enter that food. It’s little things like this that make the app NOT a joy to use. It just feels thrown together and incomplete. Unfortunately I’m stuck with it for a year.
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3 months ago, Omi v
My keto app & keto eating plan
Keto App The app is easy to use; has option to make your own meals or the meal plan for each day; computes your macros, calories, and needed amounts for each day & warns you if your have exceeded any category. The support staff is unbelievable. They respond to questions almost immediately with detailed, informative suggestions/answers. 5 stars for app. Keto Eating Plan I am not a patient person. I was impressed with losing four pounds the first week. Unfortunately I lost only two more pounds the next week. Then my weight has not changed more than 0.1 pound since then. I have been doing keto for 24 . It can be confusing in determining the priorities. Top priority seems to be carbs no more than 5%; however, after that is it more important to obtain the fat level or protein level? Is it worse to be a little over in either fat or protein? Is it most important to keep the 5%-70%-25%? A wish: It would be wonderful if the support were alerted automatically whenever your weight stayed consistent for one or two weeks. Then support could review one’s eating to offer feedback. I am trying so hard, measure everything I eat, and do 20 minutes of whole body strength training three times per week. The only part of the problem with this plan, is adequate sleep- unable to sleep or stay asleep. 3 stars for the program
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1 year ago, BrianMurphy
This app is not good and not worth your money
I can only believe that the positive comments are from people totally new to keto who don’t know there are better apps with better functionality and easier to use. Beware of generally positive feedback with no substance. Many of these reviews are generically the same. I’ve been on and off keto for years and I like to use an app at first when I am being very careful to count calories and carbs. This one looked good and maybe more user friendly than my fitness pal or others but it’s not. In all honestly this app is a scam. There is no free trial. You have to sign up for a month or year so you say I might as well sign up for the year, it’s a better deal. Wrong. Like others have said, you have to enter so much yourself, it’s not user friendly in my opinion, you can’t see your trends well, and the recipes are complicated but also can be found for free or in one good keto book. I believe developers should be paid for their work and not everything can be free like we all want. But for what they are charging here you get nothing of value. This should be a fully fleshed out app with easy to enter or scan foods. It’s not. Do your research, find the right app, or just log your stats in a diary because this app is totally useless to me. I’d rather delete it and move on than be frustrated and try to use it more. Congrats you got my money, but I hope this dissuades at least a few people from wasting their money and time.
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4 months ago, Tam Sham
On the right track
I’ve been on keto since Christmas Day, I started with what little basic knowledge I had and did fairly well but not knowing how to track my macro’s. I felt I was doing some things wrong but still lost 9 pounds when I down loaded this app. Which completely took all my concerns away, I actually was eating way too many carbs than my specific limits allowed and not eating near enough fat. With this App came with much needed confidence to continue on. Your app took all the guess work out of eating this way and the longer I’ve been on it the more confidence I have to a more healthy life. I have lost a total of 20 pounds as of today since Christmas and I am now considering changing my goal weight to 135 which was my “younger self’s” fighting weight. I never thought at my age of 57 years old 135 pounds would be an attainable weight to reach until now. Thank you so much from the very bottom of my heart. I can not wait to update when my focus and memory noticeably get better on this diet as well. Just another benefit of this food lifestyle has to offer that I am looking forward to.
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2 years ago, Dukeofg
All great but insights are not loading
I absolutely love this app. I think it’s good to note at the beginning that the app is feee, but you do have to subscribe to it. Usually, I don’t like that, but this app is worth it if you want a place to get recipes and help on top of just logging your food, It’s great for keeping track of weight goals as well as what you eat throughout the day. There’s many recipes from the community that you can try, as well as the ability to make your own recipes and share them to the community. It really doubles as a recipe book as well once you start putting in all the things you make. There is also a coaching section offered, though I have not used it. I imagine it would be great for first time keto dieters, but I’ve done keto before so I have not felt the needle a coach. The only problem I have is that there’s an insight tab I’ve not been able to use. It’s in a constant state of updating. I’ve even just left the iPad on the counter with that tab open to see if something would eventually load, but nothing came up. I don’t even know what it’s used for, and would love to check it out. Aside from that, this app is great and I definitely recommend it.
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2 months ago, jo jo 1010
Keto Diet App
This App will help keep you on track and also helps you to keep up with your weight. It definitely does let you know how many carbs are in the food you are eating. It is an okay app and does help if you are new to keto. It teaches you lots of things that I never knew about keto but it could also use some improvements. The scanner never works for me which is frustrating. I have tried using it from the time I purchased the app and it just will not work on anything. Also, the food list could use a lot of updates. Everything you put in has to be the generic name and sometimes you have to go by what is on the label of the food instead of what comes up when you try to find it on the app. For example, I eat sugar free chocolate candy when I want something sweet and it will never correctly find the right carbs even when I put in the brand name. So if you want to keep track of how many carbs you are eating for the day you have to modify or manipulate what you are putting in to make it match the amount of carbs of the food. After awhile you get used to it be this could be a lot better. Overall it is an okay app but I am not sure if I would purchase it for myself again. For people new to Keto though, it does help.
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3 years ago, Docfresh
Great tool!
I’m a physician by trade. I am not being paid by anyone to make these statements however it’s personal recommendation. I have always been in shape via persistent diet and exercise but this app has helped me take my goals to the next level. Initially I downloaded this app to support my wife who gained some baby weight after 2 consecutive pregnancies. Within the first month my wife lost one inch around her waist with following keto recipes and consuming only carbs, fat, protein and calories recommended for her profile after the app evaluation. I personally feel more lean, energetic and without any urges to binge eat. I highly recommend to download this app, invest in some keto recipe books for variety of delicious food preps at home. The only negative experience I have with the app is when I signed up for the annual membership they charged me double, when I followed up they advised to followup with the Apple store for possible dispute which I have no time for since my wife signed up during a special and during my signup the special was over, mind you I literally signed up around the same time. I’ll be doing my labs shortly and will post if there is significant changes regarding cholesterol issues or anything pertinent.
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2 years ago, HandyHen
Love, Love, Love this app!
This app is so user-friendly and informative! It makes logging your food so easy! You can even scan labels for dietary info! The insights that pop up for education on Keto are super relevant, some are even based on the foods you log to inform your Keto journey! There’s tons of recipes that are absolutely delicious! You can even log and create your own meals and save them in the app for easy access to logging servings through the week if you cook large meals for leftovers like I do! I haven’t used the personal coach feature, I’ve only been tracking my intake and learning all the app has to offer about Keto, relearning habits to meet my macros, measuring portion sizes, and taking my weight-loss journey seriously for the past three weeks. For the first two weeks, I was only tracking and learning and making SOME better choices as far as eating goes, but I wasn’t making drastic changes to my diet. For the last week, I have been meeting my macros and making the changes necessary to get my body into ketosis. So far, I’ve lost 10 lbs! This app is absolutely worth every penny!
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3 years ago, 1MovieGirl
LOVE everything about this app!!
I’m not even sure if there is a free version of this app. I have a friend that recommended it so I jumped in and purchased the yearly subscription!! I’ve been using it about a month and LOVE everything about it!! Specifics…where to start!! It makes logging food SO easy! Just scan the barcode and if something isn’t in the database (only found this to happen for homemade products so far), it allows you to enter it manually. You can choose to track macros or not, and as you lose weight it has you update your current weight so it updates your target carbs, protein and calories (I think it tracks fat too). As important as all of that it has a section called Insights and this area has TONS of informational and educational articles!! It also has quizzes in this area so you can test your knowledge on what you’ve read/know! There’s also an area where you can invite friends! I’ve only had to reach out to support once and their support is amazing!! I’m very impressed and I am absolutely worth the yearly subscription amount!! ♥️
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10 months ago, jassyy_510
My view of the app
I’m new to this keto diet I am a month into it and I tried this app along 2 others to track foods for a few weeks .i did like the app at one point which is why I ended up upgrading but it’s not something I was looking for in a app.I noticed when I tracked food on one keto app and this app the food would be different in calories , net carbs etc. and I would write and track the exact same thing . I just like this other app personally because I could scan something on the other app and it would be helpful to see what I can have and what to avoid.I don’t think this is a bad app it’s just tedious to me if I forget to track something and I try to track it later I have to wait a minute or two to make sure they don’t end up logged all together as one giant meal. I wish it had a part that tracks your water intake like a couple of other apps it might just be just me. At one point I did like that it was set up by times since my mornings do start early but I just don’t like that if you forget you can’t log what you had and another meal all at once .it’s just not helpful for me to keep track personally on meals i eat. I did like the information it would give it’s useful but just not sure if it is for me now.
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5 years ago, Dares flight
Absolutely Love!
I’m a first time Keto dieter, although a long time dieter. This app is amazing and more than I hoped for. I hate keeping a food log and counting calories, but being new to Keto, I knew I had to. The voice recognition actually makes it fun. It not only gives you specific daily goals, but also lets you toggle to see what your percentages are. I like that it also now lets you log in your weight, although I would like to be able to hide that from the screen. A trick I use to find the nutritional information of my own recipes is to add it to an unused day- then transfer it to my own food list. Maybe that is something the developer can add in the next update. I also found the recipes and insights very helpful to help me navigate my way around getting into and staying in ketosis. I’ve never used that chat, but I’m happy it is offered. It would be 5 stars without those feature, so huge bonus. I downloaded a few Keto apps before paying....this seemed like the best and well with the investment!
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5 years ago, Mrs. VBC
Works for me but ....
This app works for me and since it’s keto focused its easier to manage my goals than other apps that I have. I like that food records are not sorted by meals because I don’t always eat a specific meal based on IF so just seeing what I’m eating is enough for me. I gave it only 4 stars because the food database is not broad enough. I would love to search for restaurant specific food items so when it’s not a scannable product I can still keep accurate count and not just guess. Many of the other apps support dietary details for popular food chains which makes the process of recording and staying on track easier. Also so if the descriptions are limited ie, Crab Legs.. the quantity states ONE! No body eats one crab leg so maybe it could be updated to provide different metrics (1 cluster, oz, lbs). Also, I would love to enter a recipe and have it calculate the values instead of me having to calculate through another source just to add the caloric details. These are just some examples of where I feel the food database can stand improvement and would take my rating from 4-5. Other then these details it is helping me.
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2 years ago, IronmanBry
Keto for Ironman triathletes
23 days using app. I’m a long distance triathlete in my 50’s and although I race and train about 10-14 hours a week, my weight had crept up over the years due to a poor diet loaded with carbs. I like the app mainly because I needed to lose 30 lbs (lost 11 in 21 days) and I wanted to turn my body into a fat burning body instead of the carbs. The app has been instrumental in managing the carbs and also getting the right macros in good fat. I also have done a good good with lean proteins etc but went way overboard on fruits (bananas mainly in daily training. 5 days a morning etc). So cutting out the carbs (even though many were natural) has been great. I rode a 60 mile ride last week on zero carbs and felt great. Once I hit my goal weight loss, I’ll modify my carbs to be more in line with the hours of training I’m use too and also carb fuel the 5-8 hour training days but I’ll still use the app to monitor macros daily and evaluate ups/downs in energy during training.
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9 months ago, KJ1163
I am determined to drop this extra 25-30 lbs. I have done it before plus some. However after menopause I have learned that I can not take off what the past 3 years of stress and lake of sleep has added. I have used past apps to document food and nutrition but none of them was able to help me keep track of Net Carbs. This app is very helpful in that area. However it does not take into consideration the Alcohol sugars that should come off the carbs to get the accurate net. I just keep that in mind when I’m looking at the Net. It took me a while to figure it all out on I out and searching. That being said now that I’ve found my way around, I am really liking this app and all the additional insights and knowledge that is within. I highly recommend this app if you are wanting an easy way to log and track. Just getting started on serious Keto track, I will update in a month or so with, hopefully, my progress!!
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12 months ago, LCDR-M
Better than expected!
I have been using the Keto Diet App for several months now, and overall, I am incredibly impressed with its functionality and features. It has become an essential tool in my journey towards maintaining a healthy ketogenic lifestyle. While there are a few areas where the app could be improved, its strengths far outweigh any shortcomings. Being able to manually adjust my macros was a gamechanger. I prefer more protein than fat. Once I was able to make that change to fit MY lifestyle, I really began to enjoy using the app. However, the biggest downside to the Keto Diet App, and why I’m only giving it 4 stars, is its food database. While it does include a decent selection of food items, it falls short compared to some other meal planning apps on the market. There have been instances where I couldn't find specific ingredients or brands, requiring me to manually input the nutritional information. Expanding and regularly updating the database would greatly enhance the app's overall usability.
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3 years ago, Tcel1258
Makes keto doable for me. I could never go more than 1.5 days by myself. I’m now finishing my third day!! I’ve lost 2 lbs. All the information you could ever want about keto eating is in this app. I’m beyond grateful! The creators seem like people who wholeheartedly wanted to help those people who are overweight. Or just lower sugar and carbs in their diets. It is a challenge if you were like me and grazed all day. I was always eating. Now when I eat I’m paying attention. Pork rinds are a free food! That helped loads. Tonight I’m having two fried eggs, bacon and slices tomatoes. With some pork rinds in place of bread! I have cans of asparagus, spinach, and green beans, black olives etc to snack on. If you really want to do this you need this app. It’s amazing how good food is when your not eating all the time! There recipes are real food easy to make. A BLT is like it says a bed of lettuce, bacon and tomatoes with mayo thinned to drizzle over it all! Tomorrow a Reuben without the bread. Yum! Definitely a godsend!
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4 years ago, savingrace 51
Love this Keto app!!
I was very skeptical at first, because there are so many keto apps out there , but I was so happy to find this app was very user-friendly and the features , amazing. Voice recording your food, scanning the products barcode, upbeat, gentle reminders to record and a really supportive, responsive staff, if you have any questions. I have done keto before, but I love that this app breaks your macros down daily, indicating how many you should have for your weight, sex, age and activity level. It keeps track of them automatically, as you record your food intake, so that you can see how many proteins, carbs, fats you have ingested or need . To have all that information at the tip of your fingers, for such a reasonable price, is a really great investment. I’ve already lost 18 lbs, which has been really difficult for me to do , up until now! It takes the guesswork out of everything and leaves you feeling completely in control of your choices. Trust me, you will love it 👍
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2 years ago, Ruby>40
Losing weight bc of this app!
So I was hesitant to purchase the app bc I thought it would be just like any of diet plan i have purchased in the past. Also I was a huge anti keto person- I use to argue with loved ones about how bad it was for you. But it’s not! Well it depends if youre doing dirty keto or clean keto. I’m doing clean keto and I’ve never felt better in my life! I’m turning 40 in July mine you. Anyhow, the all keeps track of all your macros for you! It tailors your macros to you! Here’s the big secret that no one tells you about keto. By day 3 or 4 all of your cravings are gone! Some crazy chemistry happens in your body and all those sugar cravings you’ve been having every day just disappears! How do you think that people are able to lose so much weight on keto? They don’t crave carbs and sugar anymore. I wish someone had told me this years ago. But here I am telling you! Get the app! You need the app to calculate macros to lose weight! Blessings to you!
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3 years ago, Caiden 300000
Keeps you on track
Pros: Easy to use. Reminds you what to do (weigh, enter food). Keeps track of weight from day to day. Indicates total amounts (protein, fat, carbs, calories) and subtracts amounts as you enter foods and drinks you’ve consumed. Finding foods is easy even entering those foods you make. Record keeping is so easy. Cons: Have to follow apps’ times instead of my own. I often have breakfast at what is lunchtime for others so when I enter my breakfast it enters as lunch. At the end of the day I cannot enter dinner. Solution might be to label meals: breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner for example. Although entering food is simple, one difficulty was sometimes with units used. Easy to use often would be spoonfuls or number of cups instead of weights (grams, ounces, etc) or fraction of food item (such as what fraction of cantaloupe did I eat). Of course sometimes weight might be appropriate. Of many apps I have used this is one of the best and I highly recommend it.
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4 years ago, Little salsera
I love the keto diet it’s just a little difficult for me to be disciplined when I go out or when I go to visit someone there are things that I can say no to without hurting anyone’s feelings and then there are things that I can’t say no to because I will hurt the person making the offer and I don’t want to do that otherwise this diet is the best thing that ever happened for me I’ve cut out sugar I’ve cut out bread tortillas rice pasta I’m 74 years old so sometimes instead of losing weight I gain weight but it’s OK I know why I this happens because I’m not disciplined. I’m losing weight maybe a pound a day of course something this good cannot be rushed and I understand I sleep much better I’m able to fall asleep early I’m exercising and I love it keto I want to make you my best friend so I don’t keep falling off the horse. This keto diet takes dedication and I plan to dedicate my eating to my health to live a long healthy life without any diseases thank you keto for reminding me what I need to do next.
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4 years ago, Arborist4life
I am a workout fanatic. I’ve tried every type of eating style there is form fasting to paleo. When the pandemic hit it March, my gym was forced to close. I stuck to my meal plan, for the most part, and after 3 months I put on 23 pounds. A coworker has been on keto for just over a year and has lost to date, 113 pounds. I asked if he was putting on weight since he wasn’t able to workout. No he said, I’m still dropping weight, not as fast but it is still coming off. So that was it for me, I was gonna try keto. Five weeks in now, with no gym time, I’m down 20 pounds from my starting weight. This app is the cornerstone of my success. I get to eat everything I’ve been avoiding on every other eating program I’ve tried. Tracking is so simple with the barcode scanner, I can tell at a glance what I need to eat and the best part is the amazing recipes on this app as well. I recommend this app to anyone wanting to start keto. It makes the process much much easier.
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10 months ago, teambedell
Don’t trust it
Noticing inconsistencies with regards to scanning Atkins products. Atkins will most often claim less net carbs than the app will claim, and I’d conservatively side with the app when this would occur. Where the app and Atkins agree, however, is with the Atkins chocolate coconut bars, at 2 net carbs, as long as you get the 5 pack. If you want the 10 bar value pack, the app jumps to 10 net carbs; THEY'RE THE SAME BAR, and all the nutritional value, picture on the boxes, etc. is IDENTICAL! Apparently the carbs multiply when too many of them share the same box. There is some comfort in the app limiting you to 34 net carbs a day, where the ketogenic diet usually limits to 50 net carbs, so there is a wider margin of error. But there’s not a fancy formula the app is following, it’s just the simple total carbs, minus grams of fiber, which you can do in your head. It be nice if it factored in the more complicated equations that allow for more flexibility in choices. It’s really useful in tracking your daily consumption instead of tracking it on paper, if you can trust what it’s telling you.
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2 months ago, st8te
Game Changer
This app is a game changer for me on Keto. I’ve been using another app that allows me to log my food and gives me my macro percentages after I log but this app allows me to plan ahead and see what my carbs will be before I eat whatever I’m planning on. I’ve been using it a week now and have already lost 3 Lbs. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t even in ketosis using the other app. The numbers aren’t even the same. So glad I gave this app a try. Totally worth it so far! Update- I’ve lost six pounds now since I started using this app. I had started gaining-hadn’t changed anything except my stress level increased. I asked to cancel the app but did a chat with support and was told cortisol actually blocks ketones. Make sure you’re getting the sleep your body needs. I wasn’t. When my stress level decreased I lost what I had gained and I feel so much better! I love that we have an awesome support team at our finger tips!
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5 months ago, Becca1953
Low Carb that makes sense!
I’m 70 years old and I have been using low-carb dieting since the early 70s when I started with the Stillman Diet when I was in high school and I finally had some success. I ended up finding out I had PCOS and now I understand that’s why low-fat diets didn’t work for me. Through the years I used a low-carb approach whenever I needed to lose a few pounds and that diet was our go to in the 80s and 90s and it worked fine. But somehow in my 60s all of a sudden the weight was creeping on and low-carb wasn’t working for me anymore. Learning about the tracking macros has finally made sense to me. I was eating too many calories. In slightly less than a month I’ve lost 12 pounds and the tracking makes it so much easier for me. I don’t expect to continue to lose at this rate, but I feel like I’m going in the right direction and looking forward to continuing on this journey.
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5 years ago, Monica tennis
Well thought out, great database...just needs a few tweaks
I decided to try Keto diet as it seems to be the rave these days and I suspected I was eating too many carbs without even recognizing it. I happened upon this app which is really well thought out. You can input your good three ways: barcode scanning, typing or dictation. I enjoy using a bit of every one of these. They calculate the macros in food and based on your height/weight give the “recipe” for weight loss on the Keto diet. I’d like to see the meals broken down in a spreadsheet type format instead of everything lumped under one heading for the particular day. Also would like to see syncing with Apple Watch or Fitbit. Those are the only reasons I give it 4 stars instead of 5. The developers are genuinely great, they reach out with suggestions and I think they really are trying to get me to succeed. Also I enjoy the “insights” tab which gives a full nutritional overview of what I’m eating based on my input for the particular meal. Thanks guys! Great app!👍🏼
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3 years ago, Rosie3660
Keto app
I started this journey about three weeks ago knowing -100% about keto, and chose this app totally out of the blue, fortunately for me. I also bought a keto cookbook and guide. After about a week of use I was starting to get the idea thanks to all your timely, informative and thoughtful articles. The food scanner does all the work, and will actually let me add some food to my day for later, and if it shows too much for the day, i can update it to half of the serving size, or less, so I know not to go over. I have used the ww app before & this is definitely comparable to that, and that is a big business. Thank you so much for all you have done here, I’m still early in this journey, so I’m trying to not focus yet on my weight loss, but am looking for visual signs of success, and i do believe I am down an inch or two around my waist. And losing my appetite is huge for me, success in itself. 👍🏻💕👍🏻💕👍🏻
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3 years ago, rds3sss
Too early- update after 25 days...
I’ve only been using app for a few hours. Too early to ask questions like this. So far, the app takes some time to figure out and it is pretty restricting. Also, I downloaded the FREE app but was locked into paying for a subscription before I even had a chance to use the app. I know I can cancel at any time but what a hocks and a hassle for yo customers. Thanks for asking. I’m 5 starring this app and keto plan after using it now daily for about 25 days. App and program are very flexible. Has many features that provide education, self-control, help when I ask from it and various delicious recipes. I didn’t know anything about keto when I started. I’m learning good eating habits for my body and life style and much more than I knew about food. I see myself using this app for quite awhile into as many days as our gracious God allows to me to eat here on this earth!
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5 years ago, Cheri11269
My last hope of loosing weight
I have bought a lot of apps and spent so much money on a bunch of things that have done nothing to help me loose weight I have never liked logging my food cause it was always such a hassle trying to figure out what calories and fat content and especially the carbs I was just trying to calculate everything. This app is definitely worth it I realize I have only had it a few hours but I gotta say this is awesome app and if it keeps going this good I will get the premium subscription. This does everything for me I love that all I have to do is speak into the microphone and it does everything else I don’t have to guess or get frustrated with endless writing down everything I have eaten for the day and then typing it all in and hopefully not missing anything. I love this app and I will definitely be using this app at all times for my weight loss goals. THIS APP IS DEFINITELY MY NEW BEST FRIEND!!!!♥️
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10 months ago, Catmomds
Don’t download unless you plan on buying! Waste of time!
I was very excited to check out this app. I filled out all the set up questions. However, I can’t even view the layout, options, or if I would like the app, because the pop up requires payment before you can see or try ANYTHING! The App Store says “in app purchases” which implies optional or for premium. There is no free option at all and you can’t see anything to decide if you might like or want to pay for it. Complete waste of time. Don’t bother unless you plan on buying a premium 1 year membership. No try before you buy here. Disappointed! Looking for option for zero star rating. Thank you for not answering my concern in your reply. Feels like you didn’t even read my message. Yes, saw the choice to purchase a plan. However, there is not a decline option. If you close the offer window. It shuts down the app. When you relaunch it goes back to the plan payment page and you cannot access anything on the app to view what it looks like or how it works. Payment is required up front with no option to view first.
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2 years ago, Gettin fit at 50
Decent app & tracking
I like most of the app, but wish it was more streamlined in trending habits & food intake. I like to look back & see what foods & trends led to weight loss vs. weight stalls. I also wish you could share your information across the app with other friends like it advertised it could do to begin with. Otherwise, i do like all the recipe & insight information which is available, how you can scan barcodes of most items, and how you can trend your actual weight loss/gain. I also know sleep & activity contribute to weight loss, so the ability to track that within the app would be helpful as well. It is a great app overall, but could be even better for us out here struggling. Maybe if we could add all ingredients to a recipe and call it one thing, rather than enter all items separately. I do love the app, just feel like it could be even more user-friendly. Thanks still for all the great things it does do!
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2 months ago, Dynamic and Successful
More than Satisfied
I have been on the keto program for 21 days and have found it to be an excellent choice. I follow the plan religiously and have gotten fantastic results. The most exciting thing has been my diabetes numbers have been on target the entire time. My cholesterol is 99. WOW!! I have not had to give myself insulin injections three times a day anymore. There are days I skip because my numbers are excellent. My goal is to not give myself injections anymore and to reverse my diabetes in 16 weeks. I have tried so many other alternatives but the keto program is the most successful and is changing my life. I have lost five pounds since starting, although I have not exercised as I should. I imagine if I were exercising my loss probably would double. The suggested meals are great for beginners. I am fully satiated after each meal and I don’t need a snack. The past few days I have had only two meals. I believe it is the water keeping me full. I attempt to drink 100 ounces a day. I am so committed that within the 21 days I have not craved fast foods or had the desire. The most important thing is I’m happy, losing weight, feeling great, and my mind is clear and focused. I am thrilled that I discovered this program. Thank you. Will be getting my photos up this week!
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11 months ago, Ppsfjjv
Not too shabby
This app so far is good. No diet anything if free unless you attempt to do it on your own so the cost was expected. I like having the insights geared towards what I am eating or drinking which makes it more personal rather than just broad for everyone. I like the recipes that are in the app, I’ve only eaten those since I started 4 days ago but I’m sure I’ll find others outside eventually. I don’t NOT like that I said I don’t eat mushrooms and almost every recipe in my meal plan has mushrooms in them. I should be able to make a change to show recipes without the mushrooms but that’s not the case. I also wish that people could add reviews to the recipes in the app so we have some insight into what others thought and maybe some substitutions that were made to add to it or something similar. 4 days in and I’m already losing weight which says more than any other diet app or program I have tried so far.
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4 years ago, DonnaB.62
Love this Ap... very easy and helpful
This is a great app! Very easy to use! The team has been wonderful answering my questions and responding quickly. It makes tracking macros and calories super simple. I especially like the “create your own” option. You do need to do the groundwork adding up the calories and macros from your favorite recipes if they haven’t already been done for you. I justAdd up all the macros for each ingredients like my shakes, or my favorite fat bombs that I make on my own and easily added the data under one title. Then I created a name for my recipe, and it appeared in a list, so the next time I have to enter it I just click on the + sign!! They have some pretty interesting and yummy recipes. The only thing I would like to see is a place to track water consumption. Other than this it’s the easiest app I’ve ever used for dieting. It gets five stars for me!
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4 years ago, FemaleOver40
Simple, educational and successful
I thought I had followed a Keto program previously but couldn’t get results...this app completely changed my approach and understanding of Keto and I have had excellent results. The app is simple and easy to follow. It has created a level of awareness about food that I never actually had before. It’s been eye opening to learn that although there is good fat in many foods, there are also carbs in those foods that need to be accounted for and managed. The graphs and education available keep me informed at all times and I have finally learned the keys to achieving my personal weight loss and food lifestyle goals. This app was recommended to me by a friend who had great results and I have passed this app along to everyone who asks me what I have done to achieve success. I was finally ready to tackle Keto properly and this app makes it possible to do so.
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3 years ago, YWeaver
I love this
I’ve really enjoyed using this app. Being new to keto I had no idea what I was doing but I had to make a lifestyle change because of my medical condition. My doctor has been telling me to try a keto diet for years and I never would. Then I was faced with lose weight or raise my chances of having a stroke even higher. By that time my ex was going to a clinic weekly for weight loss and they put him on a keto diet. So I said I would try it on my own. I found this app and it allows me to scan the bar codes of items in the store. This was the most helpful because I was able to pick things up knowing they were ok to eat. Then the daily tracker allowed me to stay within a normal range. Three weeks in 25 lbs were gone and I was so accustomed to eating I rarely looked at the app. Now I use it for all the tips and points it gives me on a regular basis. I think this app is SOLID!
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2 years ago, Gr8help
There are things I like and things that could improve this app. First the team is better at their response time than most apps I experience. I give it a 4 star due to this and the benefits of being able to tap your foods and they’re totaled for daily tracking, the app offers input such as recipes and love the tips that are sent and can be saved. The two things that could be better are: 1) I took a break from keto and ready to start again but when I went back on the app today, everything was gone, my saved foods are completely gone so now have to do all the work of rebuilding everything again. Since it’s a blank slate again, may try some other apps that have been recommended since having to start over. One other thing that would be nice is to be able to organize and group things like “main dish”, meats, snacks etc.
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3 years ago, Beantown Lizzard
I have been contemplating joining the Keto craze for a couple of years now but could not get myself motivated enough to give up sugar ( Serious addiction). COVID 15 LBS hit me really fast and furious! When searching for a plan to take off weight and get healthy this app popped up and reviews were good so I gave it a whirl. Can’t say I lost weight quickly but tracking macros, reading insights and adding a coach have all helped with weight loss stall and I am down six pounds another six or seven to go. Aside from a couple of minor nuances the app has performed well. One note for app developers: scanning labels to calculate macros function is not working properly and can derail ketosis if unnoticed by user. Otherwise great app for my Keto journey!!! Adding a Keto coach has significantly shifted my experience with app and Keto diet as well, would highly recommended.
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2 years ago, Siouxzee44
Nice start, Excellent support response, doesn’t have the features I need
Negative: I clicked on order for a year by mistake. I immediately reached out (within minutes) to ask for a refund and I was denied. Strike 1 Positive: every time I’ve had a question I’ve gotten a quick response. Apparently there is team support as well but I didn’t sign up for this. Positive: voice entering of ingredients - very easy Negative: too many generic ingredients. (I know this is a terrible example) I ate a king-sized Payday candy bar and I asked that it be added. I got a generic “candy bar” in response. The carb count fat and calories vary from food to food. Positive/Negative: lots of great sounding recipes but no way to sort for ingredients. No way to request to see only foods I like and can eat. Im dairy free so would like to repress recipes that contain dairy. No way to do this. Negative: no folders for created recipes. It’s easy to create recipes, I had to create lots of new foods to even add ingredients to my recipes, but then I needed to scroll through a whole list to find the recipe I wanted. Despite these downsides I decided I was going to use the app anyway. But when I couldn’t find certain foods in the database I decided I will go back to Carb Manager. This has the potential to be great but right now it doesn’t have enough of the features I need to make it worth dealing with. $50 wasted. Lesson learned.
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3 years ago, 1QolMom
KETO TIME! My Journey!
Yes! This is a journey one must embark upon head first [MIND OVER MATTER]... however it takes a village. In my experience in this short 3 weeks I have been on my KETO DIET PLAN I became overwhelmed! I was reading so many great diets, plans, recipes and ideas. However, I thought hey! As long as I stick to cheeses, eggs, good meats, almond flour and heavy whipping cream. I got this...well fast forward to today. While using the Keto Diet App I was losing about 4-5 pounds a I figured...I can do this...I do not need to track...well...I was so wrong!!! I got on the scale and I gained 4 pounds from not keeping within my calories, fats and net carbs. I am back on the KETO DIET APP and staying accountable! They have Q&A sessions [BECAUSE THEY CARE!] so you do not feel alone! I believe the KETO DIET APP is the main tool of my success!!! I am sharing this because I know it works ! I AM ON A DIET and need to make this a lifestyle change! AND I WILL!
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2 years ago, anitaketo
Keto for seniors
I started keto in March 2022 and in 5 months have lost 20+ pounds. It’s a bit confusing in the beginning on what you can eat but following the sample plans offered on the app got me on track. Now I know what to stay away from. I like this new way of eating and feel better and cleaner. The app is super easy to use and it helps to log food as you eat it so you’re not cheating or trying to recall the food for the day. At 65 years old I had to reset my body and exercise more. Gone are the days when I could skip a few meals and drop 5 lbs. I don’t take any meds except for HRT daily. I’ll see what my blood work reveals next week. My cholesterol has been 200+ for several years. Hoping to see a positive result. It’s worth the dollar a week to keep the app. It keeps me accountable for my weight.
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3 years ago, Devopray
Keto App
I love this app!! I’ve always needed some way to help keep me honest. Recording my daily meals and snack keeps my mind focused on the right track. I also love the informational articles and tips. You can even get new recipes! The almond flour pizza called “Fathead” was awesome to make. Pizza is a nice meal to be able to eat every now and then. Being new to the Keto diet, I needed special help and fortunately this wonderful app has helped me so much. I am losing weight slowly which is what is needed for me to keep it off. I hope to make Keto my lifetime way to eat. I want to be a healthy 60 year old woman. I have a family history of diabetes. I am on the borderline of getting this unfortunate illness that so many people have these days. I believe the food pyramid I’ve had drilled in my head since I was a young girl is wrong. Thank you, Keto app!!
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1 month ago, KnoxEmery
Keto App
This app has really helped me jump start my Keto diet plan. I planned to do it for a month to see how it worked and I am extremely pleased. It is helped me to stay focused and stay within my nutritional limits. I have explored so many healthy keto, friendly food, options and recipes. This app is so easy and helps you stay accountable. I wondered why I did not lose weight on keto before but a lot of the foods that I was consuming that said they were keto friendly, were not. I love been able to scan the barcode and the app. Let you know if it’s keto friendly, if you need to eat it in moderation, stay away from it, etc. Also, I had to send a message to the Keto team because I didn’t know how to do something and got a very quick response with a demonstration attached. Thank you so much!
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2 years ago, Ruth .
This app works even if you’re not doing keto.
I am 69 years old borderline type two diabetes. My doctor says I have to lose weight. He suggested keto diet. I had a really hard time knowing if I’m on keto or not. This app makes it so easy. You can put down what you eat and it’ll tell you how much carbs how much sugar how much protein fat and everything else you have eaten including. calories. The first week I dropped 4 pounds . I read somewhere that you can have a cheat day once a week. But a normal person does not go above 100 to 150 grams of carbs. So on a cheat day I can still measure how many carbs I’m eating plus stay under total calories I want to stay under so it’s not a total cheat day, if you know what I mean. So if you wanna do calorie counting or Kiyo or both you can do it with this app. I love this app.
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5 days ago, Phil4:6&7
Best app ever!!
This KETO app is designed to provide accurate and informative guidance on various aspects of overall health, specifically tailored to the ketogenic diet. It offers a range of features that can assist you in achieving your health goals. One of the key features of the app is food planning. It allows you to create customized meal plans based on your dietary preferences and goals. You can easily track your daily intake of calories, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, ensuring that you stay within your desired macros. The app also offers a grocery listing feature, which can be helpful for organizing your shopping trips. It provides a list of keto- friendly foods and ingredients, making it easier for you to make healthy choices while grocery shopping. In addition to food planning and grocery listing, the KETO app includes exercise tracking. It allows you to log your workouts, set fitness goals, and monitor your progress. This feature can help you stay motivated and accountable in your fitness journey. The app also provides a wide range of tips and recipes specifically tailored to the ketogenic diet. These resources can be incredibly helpful in expanding your meal options and keeping your diet interesting and enjoyable.
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4 years ago, ÜberSuperTexasGal
Carb Manager is free and offers more
I find it frustrating to add meals/food ahead of time. For me, it helps plan the meals for the future. That way, I already know what food to prepare/ defrost. I can see if I need to add more fats or if I can afford a salad with dressing. This app, though I am paying for it, doesn’t let me add my exercise or my keto reading. No section for notes. Have to admit, I love Carb Managers confetti when my husband stays within his macros. Im paying... I want confetti!! Carb Manager also has quick entry if I don’t want to add an entire recipe... just the macros. I use Keto Diet App bc I already paid for my subscription. I honestly like Carb Manager better but seeing as NEITHER apps lets you add a second person (cuz duh... we are eating the SAME food, why not let me track both of our macros bc lets face it, often times one person does most of that work. I hope to see some improvements coming up or I’m going to have to cancel. Seriously, I expect more for having to pay.
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3 years ago, 417Chrissy
5 Stars!
This app is so great!! My husband and I have been working the Keto plan for the last few weeks. We had so many questions. Especially if we had achieved ketosis. I have been losing weight but he has not. Which made us wonder if we were doing it right? The app is easy to use, even for me (commuters and I are not typically friends). Now I’m able to enter my meals and know exactly where I am for the day! We have a book for low carb diet and there’s tons of information online but it’s so nice to have it all together in one place. I seldom write reviews but I’m so excited about how easy this app is to use and how much additional information is available, (recipes, articles, online assistance, etc.) that I just had to check in. I now feel certain I’ll achieve my weight loss goals! Thank you!
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3 months ago, Very happy and paid
A Game-Changer for My Health Journey
As someone who has struggled with finding the right balance in my diet and achieving my health goals, discovering the Keto Diet App has been nothing short of revolutionary. This app has truly transformed my approach to nutrition and wellness. First and foremost, the user-friendly interface makes navigating the app a breeze. Everything is intuitively designed, making it easy for even beginners to get started on their keto journey. What sets this app apart is its comprehensive database of keto-friendly recipes. Whether I'm craving a hearty breakfast, a satisfying lunch, or a delicious dessert, the Keto Diet App has a plethora of options to choose from, ensuring that I never feel deprived or bored with my meals. I also appreciate the tracking features, which allow me to monitor my macros and stay on target with my nutritional goals. The barcode scanner makes logging food a seamless process, saving me time and effort while ensuring accuracy. Overall, I can't recommend the Keto Diet App enough. Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned keto veteran, this app is a must-have for anyone looking to optimize their health and well-being through the ketogenic lifestyle. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!
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2 years ago, 1Zesty1
Love the ease of using this app to record macros
It has been very helpful to me. I’m still not too comfortable with the 70% fat intake recommended to keep one in Ketosis. But the helpful and informative articles and ease of viewing meals, recipes, has given me great ideas. I have always believed their are no bad natural foods, (Potato’s, rice, beans, breads) But the way they are processed and prepared is a recipe for weight gain. I still try to incorporate the 5 food groups, without those 4 mentioned, but just drastically cut my carb intake. I am only 27 days into this keto journey, and without the sugar I am amazed with how much better I’ve been feeling. I will continue to read these articles from the keto app get the necessary sleep, water intake and I am sure I will shed the extra weight I’m hoping for. But I like this app!
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