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komoot GmbH
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User Reviews for komoot - hike, bike & run

4.75 out of 5
4.6K Ratings
3 years ago, lord of men
Lord of men
I can not say enough about this app. Truly first class for cycle touring. I have been using it for about four months on a tour through Europe and it has been amazing. It has really been our only go to map for over five thousand kilometers. It has kept us on the cycling safe roads and helped us find sights. It also has a great feature that lets you divide up a tour into days and figures the your accommodation into the equation. It also will even show the weather and at what point you will have rain on the tour. I also like how the cycling specific map shows the national routes highlighted. It really helped navigate the Rhine and Rhône cylcle routes. I was at first worried that it would take us onto dangerous roads but now I don’t even worry. It has been 100% safe. We have run into a few temporary closures but have been able to route the way around. We have also been amazed on some of the trails it has put us on, beautiful forest trails, deserted farm roads, really just lovely finds. Don’t hesitate to get it and get the premium version if you are touring or want to see the national cycle routes.
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4 years ago, yourmom44
Needs vast improvements
I heard about this app through a Facebook group recommendation. I wanted to use it for cycle touring. It’s got a good start, but here’s where it failed me. I use Google maps bicycle feature to get a rough idea of safer routes, then use Ride With GPS to make modifications and zoom in for safer roads. This would be a really good alternative, but the map detail is VERY vague. There are no state line divisions for the US and a lot of roads and highways aren’t labeled even on full zoom. That makes it extremely hard to find obscure start and finish points. For example... I tried to make a route across my state from corner to corner and the longest diagonal route. I couldn’t find the state lines on either side and finding the furthest roads to the very tips of those corners was almost impossible. I had to open Google Maps to compare it and find the roads I was looking for. I also compared the route to the Google Map bicycle route with the same exact start and end, and Google chose much safer roads. In the Southern USA, drivers do not respect cyclist and cycling laws, and the laws aren’t enforced, so SAFETY FIRST. It’s a handy map system, but it needs work. I’d rather put the time and effort into modifying my route with a better marked map that also allows me to view satellite imagery so I can zoom in and find large shouldered highways and back roads.
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3 years ago, Ranxcerox64
Since phones did GPS this is the app I was looking for for
I have tried more map/guidance/record where you’re going programs that I can count in the last 15 years and I wanted a program that was flexible enough to do different types of sports that was accurate that was able to on the fly building route by recording what I’m doing at the moment as well as all the basic features that should be built into a program that is able to build a route in a variety of techniques that the program supports and I’ll be honest with you this program is way over my head in that it does way more than I needed to do having said that it’s the first program that is able to do what I wanted to do that is for the level that I’m working it is easy to find those features and it executes them wonderfully I am most excited about their version of building a route on the fly by recording what’s going on I’ve tried a lot of apps that have said they did it but there was always a problem. It finally works and works well I couldn’t be happier
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6 years ago, Fletchy71
Great Combo with Elemnt Bolt
Used it twice for two 75km rides in Denmark, including sections of single track, as well as 32km MTB ride through single track. At first, it seemed to simple when compared to RideWithGPS. My first impression was “this looks too basic”. Then after playing with it.. I realized its UI didn’t need a lot of fuss. It just works. Planning a route just involves clicking waypoint/breadcrumbs along the map. The MTB area I go has some complex “Figure 8” that crosses back over the existing route already ridden! I learned in these maze-like paths, I simply needed to add more waypoints/breadcrumbs to prevent the route from recalculating to an alternate route. Easy. Finding Komoot hard to fault as a route planner for the Elemnt Bolt. One feature I would like is the ability to edit a planned route or a tour (logged ride) in the same way. For example: In a planned route, I can edit the route, but I can’t add photos or journal the ride. On a tour that I have ridden, I can add photos and notes to journal my ride... but I can’t edit the route. Of course that makes sense if you want to track your exact workout/trip. But I like sharing routes with others.. and I don’t think they need to see that I rode 300m off route to go to the bathroom, or I decided to adventure off trail to a neighboring village which isn’t on the course. Loving the app! Works great with the Bolt. Highly recommended!
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5 years ago, Jr314159
Unsafe routing for bikes
Usually I use ride with gps for offline bike route planning, but I'll be going on a long tour and won't have access to a computer so I thought I'd try Komoot for bike route planning on the go. So far I've found it does not choose bike friendly roads, in fact it routed me on a busy road with two lanes of traffic in each direction, no shoulder, and not even any sidewalks. Their help suggested I could improve routing by editing osm map data, which I did for this street, but I found even after my changes, Komoot continues to route on this unsafe road. I contacted support since even Google maps provides better bike-safe routing for this particular route and asked for an explanation, since as an app specializing in bike routing I would expect they'd do better. Their response: "Hi, our system is always looking for the fastest connection between your waypoints, allowed for the chosen sport. You can then customize this suggestion. On your PC you can display the Open Cycle Map to plan with cycle paths.
" So, no apology for risking my life on a dangerous road or recognition that the fastest route between two points may not be desirable for a bike. Very disappointing, especially since I already paid for their maps.
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1 year ago, PHXWings
Data Collection
The app appears to be well-designed for the most part and fairly user-friendly. The reason I gave it a 3-star rating is because of the following: 1. I got the app specifically because I wanted to use it on my Apple Watch Ultra. I go for long bike rides and don’t take my phone since my Apple Watch is cell-enabled. Unfortunately, the first time I went for a bike ride, the Komoot app on my watch said it was no longer connected to my phone and couldn’t work. 2. I didn’t see anywhere in the settings the option to switch from Imperial to Metric, or vice versa. So, I assume it automatically applies the appropriate unit of measure depending on the region the user is located in. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to use the app (see #1, above) so don’t know if it would have applied Imperial units of measure since I am in the US. 3. When signing up, you have the option to not receive email promotions, so I made sure I did not check the box allowing for email promotions. Nevertheless, as soon as I created a user account to use the app…voila! Two promotional emails appeared in my inbox, and over the next 12 hours I received two more. Coupled with the fact that creating a user account required I cough-up a lot of information about myself, I’m now thinking these guys have already sold all of my information to other companies. For this reason alone, I immediately off-loaded the app from my devices and would never use it again.
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2 years ago, Ferengii
A must-have app!
We were on a bike & boat cycling trip on the Danube River last summer/autumn. Although we received daily paper route maps, I had also downloaded Komoot route maps. We used the Komoot map routes and never got lost or made a wrong turn. When we met with other riders at the end of the day, they expressed frustrations at missing turns and getting lost. Subsequently, we had a number of riders who followed us to avoid getting lost. The Komoot app was really easy to use and many of the other riders downloaded the app and let me know how much it improved their bike touring experience. We continued using Komoot on our ride around Lake Constance and our ride across Austria as part of our overall bike tour. While there are other similar apps, this one doesn’t require subscriptions and is really easy to use. I can’t imagine bike touring without Komoot!
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6 years ago, ut bike rider
Perfect for bike touring
Pros: it works well. The reason I downloaded is for its voice navigation along a user defined route ... the only app I’ve found that does so without an annual subscription. Most can only navigate a route it calculates. The mapping tool online works well and is easy to use. Save a created route and it automatically becomes available in the mobile app. Routes created elsewhere can be imported and edited. Cons: when importing a gpx route, it can get altered by Komoot if the route goes someplace not on Open Street Maps, which Komoot uses. The good news is you can edit Open Street maps yourself to correct the map. Nitpicking: voice navigation below a mile is given in feet instead of tenths of a mile. Example: 3900 feet instead of .8 miles.
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6 years ago, Chuckji
Poor UI design
I find it very hard to mark out easy routes. When I set a start point on the map it takes me back one page to click on the destination input box, which takes me to yet another page before finally going back to the map. When returning to the map, my start point is not displayed and it appears to have forgotten it. It hasn’t but it feels that way. The biggest text is “Plan New Route” which reinforces the feeling that I’ve lost my starting point. At the top of the page in smaller print is the text “Tap the map to add a point”. I guess this structure is useful if you have no idea where you are going, only know places of interest, etc. When I want to follow a specific route with the goal of creating a route for my bike computer, the app often redraws the route to a shorter path which is not what I wasn’t. Maybe this isn’t the right app for what I want, I get that. But it shouldn’t be so difficult to do something easy.
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2 years ago, 80south
OK but... Spoken directions could be better
Komoot seems ok. Despite sending me into a thicket of thorn bushes as a trail or to a bridge that was closed, it generally has good routes. The problem is the spoken directions. It often calls a rotary an intersection. It will tell me to turn right or left at a bend in the road where there is nowhere else to go. It tells you to go straight at a tee intersection. It miscounts rotary exits. Sometimes it say to go straight at a rotary and that means either the first exit or some other exit. Or turn left at a rotary - meaning just about anything. The directions are often confusing because they don’t make sense. I have to stop and double check what it actually means. The rerouting feature for planned routes doesn’t work well. It wants to send you back to the start instead of figuring a new way. Best to create a whole new route.
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3 years ago, rodMTBikes
Outdoor minded? Need to have app
I use this app for 2 purposes 1. Mountain biking: I can discover local trails as well as plan my own tours. Komoot works on Garmin edge bike GPS which means that whenever I plan a route on the Mac or iPad it’s automatically there on my bike GPS (through the connection with the phone, or as offline route if you decide to download it - all without the need to connect anything physically). They also now added an e-bike specific toggle. I have both an enduro MTB (Canyon Strive) and an electric MTB (Specialized Turbo Levo) so this is great. 2. Hiking: as a family we like to hike, and I like the thought of getting the kids to become used to being outside and liking the outdoors. Through COVID it’s been a savior. I can easily research trails in different locations and can quickly come up with say a 2 hour hike that will have some cool highlights like a river crossing bridge or other. It let’s you filter by difficulty level and time for the hike, so choosing becomes easy. It has information on elevation and the premium subscription let’s me see weather forecast for the chosen trail, which is awesome! Overall this is trail discovery, planning and navigation at its best
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3 years ago, @pasq
Love Komoot!
My favorite planning and mapping app so far. Routes are simple to create and edit, and best of all, they automatically show up on my Garmin! Then when I complete my rides they are logged on Garmin, Komoot and a couple of other popular services that I don’t need to mention. I paid to unlock my regions and it was well worth it. I would recommend this app to anyone who likes to go out and discover… Note: I do most of my heavy duty planning on my computer because I find it easier to use my mouse and see everything on a larger screen. This app is a nice complement to the web service though, especially when you’re out on the road somewhere.
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2 years ago, Tangogentleman1
First Impressions
I installed Komoot on my iPhone while I was in Berlin and wanted to do some cycling. The maps are really nice but I found the operation not ideal. I pressed to record my ride but it recorded for several km’s and then stopped(?). I restarted recording. This happened twice. So what I got was a sporadic record of my ride that I had to connect using Fitfix. I added the World-wide maps and now in upstate New York I again have beatifully detailed maps. Also the recording now works nicely. My only complaint now is that before exiting Komoot wants me to add all kinds of extras like with whom I want to share my ride, photos, etc. I only want a map with data of my ride!!! Stop wasting my time! If the latter could be opt out then Komoot would be my choice of cycling computer. Maps are nicer than those on my Garmin 830. I think.
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3 years ago, dsulli
Gets me there but needs work
Been using the app for a few years now and it directs me to the best route for biking just fine, for the most part. Directions may not always be the best (sending me down a pedestrian walkway instead of a road) but it gets the job done. But PLEASE remove all of the confirmation notifications when I'm trying to delete a route or trip once a ride is over. I use the app to get me from point A to point B and it's incredibly annoying to confirm over and over that I don't need to save what I just did EVERY time. If I mistakenly delete what I think is an important route, was it really that important? The app is above Google maps for bike routes but the "extras" weigh it down and muddy the experience.
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3 months ago, Magna111
Awesome app for routing in SEA!
Haven’t really used the app locally (NJ USA) but it’s been great routing in SEA, specifically Thailand and Laos. The only downside is occasionally it will route me through a newer reservoir, but I believe that should be better now that there is satellite view to help double check the route. I’ve planned about 2000 miles about 45 routes and only had to detour 4x for impassible sections, I say that isn’t bad. All my riding has been “touring” while riding a gravel bike, komoot has definitely taken me on stuff that would not be appropriate for a road bike and pushing the limits of what a lot of my gravel friends would want to ride, but for me it’s the perfect amount of adventure!
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5 years ago, citrussqueeze
Love the app!
Pros- the app makes it very easy to plan rides. I like that I can see the miles and elevation gains before I leave my house. It’s nice knowing what I’m getting into for the trip. I also like that I can download the maps after I plan the ride. You can still use the gps directions even when you don’t have service. Cons- it can be tricky out figuring out how to plan your trips. There are a lot of options so it can be a bit cumbersome finding what you need. Easy to navigate once you figure it out though. Also they do charge you per area after your first download. But it’s worth the it!
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4 years ago, AJP III
Impossible to Plot your Own Route
Neither the One Way not the Round Trip will allow me to plot the exact course I want to ride. When I get close to, or go back over an area where I have already mapped part of the route, it ignores all the intervening waypoints and replots a new course. That may be the most efficient path to ride to include all the waypoints, but that is not the route I want to take! The app needs a 3rd option which just follows whatever waypoints a person enters, no matter how inefficient it appears to the route finding algorithm! Let me know when you add that option, and I will revisit the app! Thanks! Update - I received a prompt reply from the developer, which was nice. There IS a way to have it plot your route, rather than “it’s” route. It is a bit cumbersome, but each time you enter the next waypoint, if you hit “Set as new end point”, it will make them sequential. However, as you are laying out the route, it will jump around, making apparent route changes. Ignore those and persevere. When you are finished, it will have plotted out your route. I have only upgraded to 3 stars, because I haven’t had a chance to use the app on the road and further assess it.
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4 years ago, rey-K
Great App! Needs some refinement.
I am one of those people where planning out my adventure is half the fun. Komoot makes it easy to pick a starting point and end point and add waypoints along the way. I say it needs some refinement because sometimes the map is a little difficult to zoom in and out accurately and sometimes has a hard time guessing how to connect a couple way points such as if you are wanting to do attach a lake-loop mid hike, sometimes it connects your way points in a way that takes you a quarter of the way around the lake and then a quarter of the way around the lake the other way, but these are really the only problems iv run into. Great app, fun to plan trips on!
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6 years ago, pittsburgh's own little bleeding heart
Plan tour feature very clumsy
I have mixed feelings about this app. I love that it shows smaller trails that Google maps doesn't feature (dirt bike trails and such), but when I try to making a long circuitous route using them in order to pack in the miles, the route recalculates in the most nonsensical way. It renumbers the points I've added so that the second point becomes point seven (or similar); it reroutes me to take a long winding detour through a playground at the park entrance that runs near a straight sidewalk; its display of map with the route waypoints isn't functional for editing; and the whole thing is so frustrating that I never use the app except as a reference for those smaller trails I mentioned. Bit of a waste of potential, really.
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2 years ago, dirtbetty
Awesome for unfamiliar Trail networks!
This app is outstanding for navigation in a new trail network. Instead of having to pull my phone out at 57 junctions to see which turn I should take on Trailforks, my phone just tells me! I can keep it in my hip pocket with the speaker turned up and hear it clearly. Or you could use the Apple Watch app, but I’m still running Strava on that for now and until I decide which app I like better for fitness features. Definitely worth the $30 premium fee if you like to ride a new areas where you are unfamiliar with the trails.
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5 years ago, doc2b88
Very good Mountainbike navigation app! Highly recommended!!!
I ´ve tried many apps for creating individual Mountainbike routes at home and use the navigation system offline because of the lack of connection in the Austrian Mountains and mostly got disappointed . But this app fulfills all my criterias for guidet Mountainbike fun. Even if I take a wrong turn in the woods ,it finds an alternative track to guide me safely to my chosen destination! I am glad i found this app! It is soo much more fun to ride the mountains without having fear to get possibly lost or head all the way back uphill if you took the wrong turn. Thank you Komoot !!!
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3 years ago, Gage Oberle
Great! With a few issues...
As a whole, the app works great. But I've done about 15-20 bike tours, and have run into a couple issues. 1: when the app routes, it sometimes takes extra long, complicated routes over a simple one. 2: it sometimes doesn't recognize when fences exist. So it tries to take me on a path that's on the opposite side of the fence I'm on. And when it does that, it struggles to route anything else, because it thinks that's the optimal path. 3: it sometimes doesn't give you the best route in terms of safety. At times, it tries to take me onto larger, faster roads. Which aren't the safest when on a bike. But those are the very few issues I've had. Great otherwise
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3 years ago, Dsggames
New to the city
I recently arrived in San Diego and knew of only a couple of bicycle routes.I found this app when trying to figure out how to download a route to my Garmin 530. Not only does the app help guide you in route construction it also gives turn by turn instructions to you via the cellphone when you are riding. I had a little trouble riding through Balboa Park and got off route. The app advised that I was off route and should be 250 feet to my right. I have given up trying to get a route to the Garmin because this program works so well.
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5 years ago, miyataguy
Good, but flawed navigation
The basemap is very useful for navigating gravel and woods roads, however the navigation feature is all but useless because the display is locked on 100% of the time while using. This kills the battery in my iPhone 6s in just a few hours, rendering this functionality essentially useless. If Komoot added the super basic option of having the app go to sleep after a set amount of time and wake up for notifications, then I would give it a 4 or 5 star rating, but as is, I can only use the app in non-navigation mode. This is Still useful to place yourself on the map, but it’s soooooooooooo frustrating to not be able to use the very good navigation functionality.
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3 years ago, appalachianbanjo
Komoot maps, routes, records
Super accurate maps, the offline useage is excellent — and the price point is right. I use Strava too but I think Komoot is better when it comes to navigation, and the community part is here too! I love that I can create a route, download it for offline use, and get going when I’m ready. The option to edit routes later for future rides, etc. is great. I use Komoot for all my bikepacking planning in conjunction with local maps, Google satellite images/maps, and USFS info — Komoot is the most helpful of these!
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3 years ago, Moonchild 70
Moon child 70
I used Samsung phones for years so I just used the preloaded Samsung Health app to track my activities and it’s a great app. Now that I switched to iPhone I decided to try a new activity tracker. Ive had many activity apps and this is by far the best tracking app I ever had. I didn’t pay attention to which apps were free or paid. I use the free version but there’s a pro version also. This free version does everything I need it too and alot more. If they ever start charging for this I would have no problem paying for it. GREAT APP GUYS.
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8 months ago, splat-matt
Look elsewhere for reliable elevation data
Komoot uses a smoothing algorithm that greatly influences the elevation profile of a trail. They utilize a smoothing algorithm which ignores the brief ups & downs found commonly in Eastern US mountain ranges like the Appalachian mountain chain. Western US mountain trails would be less affected as the changes occur over a greater distance. Regardless the algorithm is too aggressive hides many significant steep altitude changes over shorter distances . Until this is resolved (which has been an issue since i began using 2 years ago) I won't even consider paying for their premium plans. Last year I did inform support regarding; Komoot said a smoothing algorithm is used and that is the way they handle elevation data. 🤔
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4 years ago, Mr Pher
Repeated crashes
I found Komoot to be the easiest app for planning my bicycle rides. Unfortunately, the app crashes during navigation on about 1 out of 7 rides. It crashes in a frozen state so it’s easy to over look the freeze and never get a warning that you are approaching your next turn. I held off reviewing the app because their customer service seemed to be responsive and I wanted to give them a chance to address the problem. They told me I was the first person to report such a problem. This morning, I did a search and discovered that many other people have complained about similar problems. For me, I need a navigation app that will give me realizable navigation. Unfortunately, Komoot doesn’t offer that currently.
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3 years ago, N-A-M-8-8
Loving this app for cycling and hiking!
I’ve used this app for 15 rides and hikes. It’s extremely simple to use and great way to share the completed tours with friends and family. I enjoy the highlights feature that allows you to find nice spots that maybe you haven’t heard about for cycling and hiking! I would love to have some more statistics about the rides and hikes! Do you plan on improving the stats functionality? Is there an option for a lifetime one off payment rather than yearly subscription?
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3 years ago, ogKahuna
Frustrations among a superb app...
Probably my favorite app ever, but since buying the premium version it has been very glitchy. The map doesn’t move around as fluidly and totally shuts down from time to time. However the biggest issue comes when trying to edit a previously saved route. I can go in, edit and hit save, but then the app reverts back to the original. Only upon doing it again will it finally save. Edit: with the most recent update(s), the app can barely stay open for 60 seconds. Of course, this happened in the middle of a multi day tour, really leaving us hanging when we needed it most...
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4 years ago, Kaybawt
I thought this would be more useful than Garmin for planning gravel routes. I tried creating a gravel route from my house to a coffee shop just off a bike path. Taking the canal trails is actually shorter than city streets but the app chose to map a course that was 100% busy city roads. Then I tried making a route that started and ended at the canal trail entrances so it should have mapped completely on the trail. Nope! About halfway through it jumps off the trail and onto high traffic city roads with no shoulder. LOL! The map detail seemed better than Google maps so I thought that might make the app salvageable but I couldn’t find a way to manually plot your own course. This app was a waste of time. Now I’m sure I’ll be getting their junk emails for the rest of my life because I signed up for an account. Yay.
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5 years ago, CyclistMonkeyReader
Free app ok, but don't pay for routes
After test-mapping a long trip route, I signed up for Komoot's lifetime full access to all maps, then plotted two long trips and saved them in my account. The trip routes were in my account for a couple weeks, then suddenly Komoot deleted my account entirely the day before I was leaving on one of the trips. Thinking it was just a bug, I re-signed up, but my routes and subscription were still gone. I wrote support, and got no response. Weeks later, Komoot responded that they never deleted the account, have no record of my payment, nor of me having created or saved any routes, and they refuse to provide a refund. Since they are not in USA, there is no way to compel them to fix the issue or refund my payment, and they seem to know that.
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4 years ago, A Vulcan
Excellent suggestions for running and trails. Less good for cycling.
When I am just looking for recommendations in an area that I am not familiar with, Komoot can find some excellent hiking trails and makes pretty good suggestions to stay away from cars while on foot. It does a good job tracking my progress even in offline mode so I do not need to use roaming data in a foreign country. It works less well for cycling: I have occasional trouble getting the map to follow my intended route (a loop on specific roads may require excessive waypoints), and I agree with others’ comments here—some suggested roads are heavily trafficked and would be unsafe.
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4 years ago, Rentin34
Great app
The ongoing pandemic has changed so much of our lives, from going to the supermarket to a stroll around the block - with this app I have discovered you don’t have to go far from home to get that outdoor, open feeling again. Some amazing hikes just a short drive or train ride. The app works well with the Apple Watch too - instead of looking at your phone all it takes is an occasional glance at your watch to ensure you are on track. A further map integration on the watch will be an added plus - hopefully coming soon!
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5 years ago, Jcttk
Wow, Thanks!!!
This is an awesome app compared to the others I’ve tried. I installed the app on my iPhone and iPad, and, made a route on the iPad in ten minutes. I went to my iPhone, opened the app, clicked on my route (yes, it was listed there without me having to synchronize or transfer), turned on my Bluetooth earphones, and listened to turn-by-turn voice navigation on my bicycle ride. I generally use georeferenced Avenza maps for my OHV dirt biking in the woods. Adding the OHV trails mapping and mode option would make this app “6” stars! Thanks again for this one!
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1 year ago, guyyoitttf
Great app but didn’t work for me for 2 reasons
Great app but I ended up having to ditch it for 2 reasons: 1) can’t use your Apple Watch independently. This feature is “in the works” but it could be a while. Because of this, I have to take both my Apple Watch and iPhone, which is redundant and heavy. 2) you can’t use voice navigation alone to navigate routes. Half a dozen times I’ve been told to take a left 50 feet from the turn on a 3 Lane Highway. That’s very dangerous and frustrating. They could fix this with giving directions farther in advance. Aside from those two things, it’s a solid app.
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2 years ago, Irv4know
Route need to be updated
Komoot you have done it again!! I was on the bike path going to the lake when I downloaded a route to get to my friend who was at the other lake right next to it but Komoot keep placing me on busy roads like if I was a car! I love going on roads but not ones with no sides for me to be safe. I wish I can share the pictures of the route. If I have anything positive to write about the app I will do it but as of right now it’s not doing so good here in Minnesota. If I would’ve know. This was the case I would’ve never paid for my subscription. Oh yes I have canceled it but I have to wait until next year. Please do something about this! Thank you Irving
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4 years ago, Appchk4
Great app! Would love a “point of interest” search
I haven’t tried out the latest privacy features but I was excited to see the updates. That was a friction point. I love the app. The only thing I find frustrating is searching for hikes that include a point of interest. When you search for a point of interest, the top hits are hikes around the point of interest, they don’t necessarily include the point. The work-around is to find a hike that does include the point and then there is an option to show other hikes with this point. Or I just google komoot + point of interest.
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2 years ago, One1Stop
Better Than Strava
I had been using Strava for several years when I stumbled onto Kamoot. It has all the advantages I relied on with the addition of voice turn by turn directions on planned routes. Very nice feature. The only negative is that I can’t seem to figure out how to plan a round trip route. The app will not allow you to set the starting point and end point as the same place while setting several way points in between.
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3 years ago, Sand shark 775
A good tool for charting rides
User friendly and records most data I need for the rides I do. I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars because I wasn’t able to set up a route using the same trail to an from, nor was I able to change the direction of the route. When recording a ride it will do what I want, so I’m sure there is a way to do it, but I haven’t found it yet. I shouldn’t have to look that hard for an option that should be easily found. I hope this gets sorted out eventually. Besides that, it’s a great tool.
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3 years ago, Tom.R
Excellent cycling app
Screen stays on when mounted on handlebars but can be turned off to conserve battery then comes back on with single button push (don’t have to re-enter passcode). Configured so that top of screen is always north as arrow shows current position. Default recording is for “time in motion” so it’s not necessary to pause at stops. Voiceover guidance when following route so not necessary to look at screen. One of the best apps I’ve used (and I’ve tried many:-)
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5 years ago, The Shavian One
Komoot is awesome
Works on my computer, phone, iPad seamlessly. Importing a route is simple, I just drag and drop. Editing is easy too. Click on a waypoint and tap remove to get rid of it; click anywhere on a map to include that location on the route. The maps are excellent, as good as Google’s are for cycling. My only suggestion to the developers is to add a an easy way to let them know when there is actually no passable road there! One comes across them occasionally.... love this app and website!
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6 years ago, 0x8BADF00D
Works great except for a couple minor issues
Ride With GPS charges a monthly fee for turn-by-turn directions. This app is free and only charges one-time fees for offline map downloads, so that’s a huge win in my book - a much more reasonable business model. The turn-by-turn directions work great except for a couple minor issues: - The automatic rerouting is really dumb and will get totally confused if your GPS signal isn’t great. Luckily it can be turned off, which I’d highly recommend doing. - The voice prompts are fairly quiet and there doesn’t seem to be a way to increase the volume. I was unable to hear them when there was a lot of wind noise. They can also be hard to understand because they use an old Stephen Hawking style robot voice. I’m sure there’s a better speech synthesis library they could have used. Other than that though, great app. If these issues get fixed I’ll definitely give it 5 stars.
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3 months ago, sunbumsue
Great App if you can Log In
I love this App when I am able to log into it. This is the first app I have ever run across that will assign me one of those ridiculous passwords that no one would ever remember and it does not give you an opportunity to change it to something I can remember. As a result, several times I have not been able to track my hike or bike ride because I was not able to login. I need to add that feature so that I can map all of my hikes, or I may have to change to a different app.
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3 years ago, Loopless
Confusing UI and watch app needs some work
I can’t say that the UI is very intuitive. I imported some gps tracks. To use them means burrowing down into planned tours. Reviewing my last ride means finding completed tours. Not very obvious. Two problems with the Apple Watch app - it should announce the next turn at some preset distance - it should take advantage of the new features in watchOS 8 that allows apps to display something when “always on” is on so you don’t have to raise your wrist to see the next turn.
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3 years ago, adamwhizbang
New to road riding and loving it!
I’m a 50-year-old rider returning to bicycling after a decade-long hiatus. First road bike! I was using Google Maps and Fitbit, but Komoot makes it so much easier to plan and track ride details. I love route planning and have created a number of mornings rides. Looking forward to getting stronger and building my endurance so I can try other Komoot users’ routes! Google Maps is great as an all-round map app, but Komoot is clearly made for cyclists by cyclists.
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2 years ago, classapps
Fixed: Can’t rename completed tour
Updated review to 5 stars after confirming the bug reported below has been fixed (again) in latest release. Thanks! Latest version introduced a bug in the renaming of completed tours. After saving the new name and returning to the Completed list, the name has reverted to the original name. Please fix. Other than that, I have found this to be a solid app since I started using it over a year ago, and my favorite for navigating and recording rides on my bike.
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4 years ago, MontereyJosh
Great for planning bike rides
This is the best app I’ve used for planning rides. It’s really easy to great one way or out and back rides, see what surfaces are available, look for good climbs, and estimate the time and elevation gain for a ride. It also syncs with my Garmin computer for navigation while riding. it also uses Open Street Map, which I think is a lot better than some other mapping surfaces and can be edited by users to fix mistakes on roads you know well. Can’t recommend highly enough!
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4 years ago, xcm_1128
Love it
Love almost everything about it! The only thing I would suggest to fix is the notifications on the Apple Watch. They don’t show the direction in the notification itself. Sometimes when you’re cycling, you need both hands and it’s difficult to see where you need to turn next. In my case, I don’t have the always on screen on my watch and that leaves me to depend on notifications to see where I need to turn next. Hope this helps!
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4 years ago, RderPNW
Pretty good routing west of Portland OR
The OpenCycle maps are pretty accurate for my area. I love the voice commands so I don’t have to look down all the time. There’s an issue if doing an out n back on the same roads though. Since it’s using GPS, it should know I’m heading east and stop giving me the directions for heading west as well as the ones for riding east. It was contradicting itself in a constant loop my entire return route back which was very annoying. Other than that glitch, it’s the best program I’ve found yet for planning a ride near me.
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