LA Fitness Mobile

Health & Fitness
2.2 (3.8K)
54.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Fitness International, LLC
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for LA Fitness Mobile

2.18 out of 5
3.8K Ratings
4 years ago, willmass_______
The previous version of this app worked fine. I only use it to look up class schedules and check in. Class schedule is fine, kind of annoying that I can’t set a default so it knows automatically where I want to look up but it’s a non issue really, maybe something that can be added in the future. My biggest issue is checking in and locations. First off, why do I need to be within 500 feet of the gym to open my membership card on my phone? Why does LA fitness want to know our location so bad that it restricts its clientele this way? Not to mention it takes a good 10-15 seconds to open up the membership card because the app has to figure out where you are and make sure it’s ok to open the membership card. Basically I have to get permission every time I go to the gym. Before it would just open up, no issue. Others might not find it annoying but something small like that just sinks the quality of life of the app into the gutter for a person like me who just wants to check in and go.
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4 years ago, Xaiver p
I don’t like the update.
I’m not sure when the last update was on this app. I haven’t been using it ever since LA fitness was shut down temporarily. I remember before everything happened, this app worked beautifully. I would be near a gym and it would ask me if I would like to open up my membership card. Now, when I click on mobile membership card on the three dotted line on the left, it says I need to go to a club to activate it or when I click on the button to sign in really quickly, before I’m even near the gym (it didn’t do this before) it says to be 500 feet near the gym. When I am at the gym and ready to be scanned, it said the account was on another device. (I’ve never used my account on another device nor did I ever give my information to another person.) so I would really appreciate it if you guys could help me out with that issue. I’m not sure if it’s an update or what it is, it’s just really frustrating having to give my number out loud all the time. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Share-day
Second review
LA Fitness has a good check in process; you can use your mobile device or your card and phone number although I think phone number are begin phase out. The gym equipment can be better and better organized. For example the weight room should be on ground level so you don’t hear the dropping of the weight over your head. Running and abs work out machine should be on the upper level. Particularly at the Bundy location. The shower title could use some maintenance work, but the water pressure is awesome. The perks in the women locker room is having the sunna next to the shower and the space of the women locker room is great. I always see a parking attendant and maintenance personal around cleaning and fixing things, so a little upgrade to help the cleaning appearance to the overall environment is needed because no matter how good you clean if you don’t upgrade title and flooring everything will look & feel old.
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7 years ago, Sarah Sixpack
It's getting better
Here are the problems. 1. The home button. It should be on the bottom right. Some of us have large iphones and when we're checking in, we want to get to the home page so that we could click on the membership card and check in. The way it is now, the home button only appears on the top right if you're more than one page away. It's a waste of time to pull up the app only to find out that you're not on the front page and the inconveniently placed button is not existent and you now have to use your other hand in order to press back so that you could get to your membership card. 2. Instructor photos are missing. I'm in South Bay CA and NONE of the class instructors have their photos up. The trainers have their photos, members have photos, management has their photos. However, the lack of photos for the class instructors really makes me feel like LA Fitness doesn't give a huge crap about the user experience.
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1 year ago, gaskst
Not too good
As a person who just goes to LA fitness to workout and not for any classes or to use any of the other activities I can say that this app is far from good. The app is always glitching. Every time, when i’m about to check in, the app takes its time to start up. The worst part is that when it does start up, it takes even longer to open the membership card. I tap once, nothing happens, i tap twice, still nothing, so I start tapping quickly because I need to check in since i’m not the only one in line and its got to move. The app opens a new window for every time I tapped, as it loads up the membership scan information. This makes it so it takes more time for me and the others waiting in line to just go and workout. I only use this app to get in the gym, there’s no reason for it to malfunction as much as it does.
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5 years ago, M Hammontree
First of all, this is not a gym. This is far more than the average gym where you perform on average cardio machines, having limited weight machines and free weights, not to mention the availability of a limited amount. Who else has a larger array of your cardio and weight lifting equipment, not to mention the full basketball court, racket ball courts, a full size pool for laps, a sauna, a jacuzzi, child care, spin classes, and too many other areas to mention. LA Fitness is a full service health and body fitness facility. It is what you need if you are looking for all around fitness. I have been a member for over 9 months, and I have found a place, a home, that fits my needs. I’ll soon be 60 years of age, and I have a lot to live for. Try it, you won’t be disappointed.
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6 years ago, TruthPerson
Great App
I’m not sure what all these negative reviews are for but this is the first app I took the liberty of writing a review for..... I had no problem entering my member idea in the app for scanning... it even allowed me to edit my membership info from the app.. I giggled when I saw my old picture from 2015... classes are easy to find, the layout is very neat. I can add the class to my calendar just by selecting the time. It also shows me all the days I went to the gym.... only one thing, I do think the scanner should be in front somewhere, but everything else is on point. A little suggestion that would make this app even more great is if I can use some kind of calorie counter in it, or it can interact with my Apple Watch.... that would be awesome!!!
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7 years ago, Momof2OCboys
Great app
**Update— I like to look and see how many days a month I go and literally it doesn’t show one to two days a week that I am there. And when they scan my phone it beeps so I know they got it— but in my phone it shows I didn’t go. This annoys me. The only thing I can use it for now is to get in and then reserve bike class/check class times. I use this app every day. It always pulls my membership card with no problem. I love the check in under the account tab so I can see how often I go. I use the reserve class for the cycle classes and have not had any problems at all. You can use the same function to cancel as well if needed. I’m able to check out the classes at any gym and it filters to nearest gym. This is beneficial as I can go in between appointments no matter where I am! You can also save classes, locations, or teachers to your favorites to look up later.
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7 years ago, indygreg
if only used as membership card - fine, otherwise not so great
Pulling up my membership card works for me every time I use it - and I only have my phone with me so it is great. My issue - and it is not small IMHO - is how unbelievably terrible the reserve a fitness class part is. I spin once or twice a week. At least one of those is with my wife. Classes are basically never avaiable 24 hours in advance. And when you get closer, say 18-8 hours away, it is a crap shoot. Sometimes it says you can reserve when 24 hours in advance (even though it is well within that window). Sometimes it gives you a blue link to register that actually does nothing. And it sometimes will dissapear once it is there for no reason. Eventually the link stays there and works. And it is random. Like this morning - my wife got into the class around 9:45. I have yet to be able to.
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5 years ago, paulovsouza
This app might run on Window XP
This is one of the most poorly designed apps I’ve seen to date. When thinking about functionality, there should be 2 focuses. Barcode to get into the gym. Easily able to view class schedule. There are so many menus, subcategories that call all be merged and simplified. It takes so many clicks to get to something. Previously I would start opening the app in my car, so by the time I walked in the gym I could have the barcode ready. Only now it’s allowing access to jump to the barcode from the lock menu, when it should be compatible with the Wallet app. This app is hidden in a dark corner of my folder because I have no desire to open this app. Please let us change our pictures, it’s signed in as is, figure out another security system. Please update this for an app that’s running on current iPhones, not the iPhone 4.
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11 months ago, Sohoe
All the parts are there, it just feels disjointed
I just downloaded this app as I recently joined the gym. My job has ruined how I experience apps, so I feel inclined to give feedback. No offense meant to the app team- there’s probably a lot behind the scenes. The hamburger menu would be easier to access on the right side (but that’s my own preference)- and there should not be such a long list to scroll through when the side drawer opens up. Limit it to the main nav items, and make sub-items if needed. The landing screen looks unfinished with the boxes, and there’s no hierarchy so it’s taking some time for me to look through. It would also help if the icons were larger- or maybe if photos or illustrations were used instead. There’s a lot of strange interactions in the app, which makes the overall experience feel disjointed. Follow common patterns and best practices- and people will feel less lost using it. Now, as a user and gym member, I want to be able to open the app and dive in without having to read every little thing. I’d like to be able to navigate seamlessly, so I don’t get stuck on a page wondering if I something is supposed to function a certain way. Hope there’s some cool updates in the future!
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1 year ago, Pulppu
App looks a bit outdated & way to improve
App could look better and work more functionally. I think when I used to go to Planet Fitness their app looked more updated and matched the brand. Additionally, they should also add an option to view classes by time instead of just by gym or class type. This is better for me because I look at going to the gym based on when I have some time with a 6 month old. Essentially, I’d be like oh let me see what classes are available at 11am in the 5 nearest gyms to me. Because some locations don’t have 11am classes and some do but I just don’t that class itself. Right now, I have to go through each location nearest to me to see which ones they have at 11am.
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5 years ago, KKDro
Ugh - needs a lot of love
It’s nice to have the ability to get into the club with my phone, but the class schedule for someone who juggles the center by my work and the center by my house is rough. I added favorite classes but it looks like it doesn’t actually do anything but highlight them in the list...I wish there was more integration with finding the nearest cycle, Zumba or Pilates course within a 5 mile radius, rather than having to go through each studio or each class type... Also, it’s not a very aesthetic app design, looks like a daycare center’s app, not a fitness studio...and that’s actually an insult to my center because my daycare’s app is actually quite nice. Will this app do the job? Yes. Do you have to download a different app to access the audio from the TVs in the center? Yes (why?! Make it integrated!) Will it win any awards? No.
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7 years ago, Ppdoodler
Whaaat? ........
Downloaded this app; eokay, opened this app; eokay, tried to create a membership from this app; everything not okay. After putting in my key tag number and moving to the next page, an error message kept popping up informing me of my inability to create a proper password! Whaaat? Okay, according to the message, if I were to use a minimum of 6 characters, and a ‘-‘ or an ‘_’ or an ‘.’ or a ‘@‘ esbfine ...... Never happened. No matter what combination of 6 letters plus I tried, I was just not good enough at creating this mysteriously elusive password! So if anyone else is having this same goofy problem, this how I solved it: Go back to the App Store and locate the LA Fitness app, then tap on the ‘App Support’ button. This will take you to the LA Fitness website where you have the option to create an account right there. Do it. It works flawlessly. Once I did that, the app itself has proven to be stable. 1 star for now .........
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1 year ago, John Gregorio
A poorly made app with poor support for iPhone features
I mainly use this app to access my membership card for when I need to scan into the gym. But wow is this app annoying to use. First of all it’s insanely slow. It takes at least a minute just to open the page and bring up the virtual member card. So I always have to remember to load the app when I first get out of the car as I start walking to the gym to give it enough time to bring up the card so I’m not awkwardly standing at the desk waiting for my phone to load it first. Second, there’s no reason why the member card itself should not be compatible with Apple wallet. It would be so so so much better if the card had wallet support where I can just quickly bring it up there instead of having to wait for this horrendous app to open first. Please add this support soon.
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6 years ago, BlackGuyBen
App and Gym
The 1/5 stars is not for the app alone but for the fitness centers in the minneapolis area as well. Never have I ever seen such an underdeveloped app and out process from a company that has the ability to charge you upwards of $500 a year for a membership. It’s honestly hilarious that the only way to cancel is to mail in a piece of paper to them, from their own website, AND you have to provide your own stamp...and lets be real, the money isn’t the problem. Buying a stamp is annoying but it’s not impossible. The thing that really amazes me is that they don’t have any kind of online cancellation. What. So. Ever. And of course if you try it in the fitness centers they will hit you with every kind of sales pitch they have. To speak specially about the app, if I had a dollar for every time it crashed on me or just went into a spin cycle I’d be able to afford a years worth of a Lifetime membership...😂
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7 years ago, DanSnyder123
Unwilling participant
I am writing a review of this app because I'm avoiding emptying my dishwasher. Thanks app. I am using the app, however because I have no other way to get into my club. Some desktop website related glitch left me with a tag that wouldn't work. So I got a number written on a piece of paper transferring me the information of my true tag number which I would have to enter into this app if I wanted to gain access to the club again. So I am not using the app because it is a beautiful work of art free from bugs and with excellent graphic design. No. I am using this silly app because I have no other way to enter club pay to train at. I imagine I will be able to use the app but I write software for a living. The app could use an update. It's kind of disgusting but it works usually.
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3 years ago, Baron-Munchausen
Worst Support, Worst Company
Why do I need to download a mobile app and adjust my phone’s settings just to get into a gym? It’s beyond ridiculous. Let me save you some trouble if you’re considering membership to this gym. Don’t do it. LA Fitness literally has the worst customer support I’ve ever dealt with. I’ve emailed and called so many times and no response. They do everything they can to not talk to you. At my physical gym, I get attitude from the kids behind the check-in counter because I give my number to enter the gym rather than use the mobile app. They seem incredibly put out by entering a few numbers into the computer and because I took them away from their social media for ten seconds. Did it ever occur to you people that some use company phones and aren’t allowed to download apps onto them? What then, LA Fitness?! Total garbage company. Go with YouFit…they care.
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2 years ago, csoule14
Slow and somehow annoying?
I have been going to LA Fitness for a few years now and I’ve had this app since I started. I didn’t care enough previously to leave a review, but I went to the gym 4 hours ago and since then I’ve gotten 6 notifications asking me to review my visit. Too bad the app doesn’t work well enough to actually let me do that, even just to get the notifications to stop. Outside of that, every time I open the app it tells me I have a message only for there to not actually be any messages. The app is also super slow to respond and I don’t have any use for it outside of checking into the gym when I get there. Fix the bugs, make it more responsive and user friendly.
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7 months ago, squeazle
new App is improved
the older version of this app had some problems, mostly with reserving a class. They came out with a revised app which fixed the problem. I don't think there is anything wrong with LAF gyms. Some people who have no experience going to a gym, seem to think it's a luxury spa for themselves. Gyms are for people who work out hard, sweat, use the locker room, and come back the next day and do it all over again. Of course the gym might smell a little bit, this isn't a five-star hotel you're reviewing... LA Fitness is a decent gym for the money and offers way more features than the competition does, like racquetball, basketball, and swimming to name a few...
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2 years ago, Andy_05/11/2022
Personal training scam! Beware !
Personal training scam! Beware ! Please do not buy personal training at LA fitness. They just enroll you in contract for 1 year, tell you all good things initially, tell you if it doesn’t work we will talk and make things right but none of them are responsible. Even though due to sickness or trainer not show up there is no option to carry forward the unused session to next month. When enroll membership they said they will freeze the account if any emergency situation and now they are telling they is no option to freeze the account and that’s a trap. I have surgery and now no way to freeze and simply they taking money and no way to carry forward the sessions as well. It’s just a trap, please don’t fall for it. I wrote this review as I was fed up and they signed me up by saying all nice things but actually, it’s all trap.
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4 years ago, HappyUserHere
GPS fixed after delete and reinstall!
UPDATE - Like several others my GPS had stopped working after upgrading to a new phone XS. Wasn’t sure if it was the phone or an app upgrade. Anyway I decided to delete the app, turn off the phone and back on, and reinstall the app. Like magic everything is back working! Happy user once again. Like several others, the GPS has stopped working for me after about 1 1/2 years of not having any problems. Membership card only functions. Can’t find the la club that I’m physically at. NO clubs or classes can be found so none listed which is a pain. PLEASE FIX SOON!!
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5 years ago, Boxer Lola
Good for checking in
I find the app easy to use for checking in. I like that it tells who the instructor is for the classes and lists substitutes when applicable. I have found that my check in days are not always showing up in the app. My biggest complaint is that I go to the same location every day. When I want to look up the class schedule for my location I have to choose it from a map or list. It should allow me to set a default location that comes up and shows the class list. When I want to see other locations is I could then see the map or list. Every time I want to see the class schedule I have to go through the map and pick my location.
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2 years ago, leanbean108
The home page is cluttered and not super user friendly. There are too many things doing on, and the only contrast there are the gray lines. Also the icons in the boxes should be bigger. It’s hard to quickly distinguish which button I’m supposed to press to check-in when I have to read half the buttons. I feel like that should be the most prominent thing. It’s also a bit slow to open the membership card. I tend to open it in the parking lot so it has that 10-30 sec it takes me to get to the front desk for it to load. I like the information it has about each club in the area, but it could use some UX/UI TLC.
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2 years ago, Uluheua
Little weird?
This app the only thing I can see is the schedule and my account my barcode the rest nothing I try to see my transaction but nothing I try to email the fitness but nothing works and I contact the fitness and they said I have to walk in or email them and I told them I email last week and they said to email again if not have to walk in but told them I can’t walk in cause I move to far away and there’s no LA fitness nearby and they said to email again since that day they didn’t reply back and they took my payment wow I don’t know What else to do I never showed up for 2 months and they still took my payment after I call and they gave me this poor answer 🤦🏽‍♀️
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8 months ago, Yepimereck
Questionable decisions…
I’m currently an LA Fitness staff member as a side job and I have some experience in Front End development and design, and my overall experience with it as well as the members I check in has been okay before this recent overhaul, it wasn’t perfect but it did the job. However with this recent overhaul, I just want to know who thought it was a great idea to put the “view membership card” link, the most used feature to check in, to the very bottom of the dropdown menu?? With the next update, PLEASE put that into the front page, it has zero reason to be where it is right now. Or just do another overhaul because right now, the application is not user-friendly.
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1 year ago, .:Chlojo:.
Horrible App
This is by far the ugliest and most non user friendly app I’ve ever used. The home page is an absolute disaster and looks like something that was created in the 80s. It’s a mess and is so difficult to understand. There are ads that take up 40% of the screen and everything else is smooshed to the bottom screen. All the buttons are different sizes and hurts my eyes. I have no idea how to reserve a spot for classes offered at my location. It only lets me favorite the workout or add it to my calendar. I just don’t get it!! I’ve been to lesser known gyms that have created fantastic apps. For a massive company like LA fit to allow this monstrosity to go public is shameful!! Whoever designed this needs to be replaced asap cause this is the WORST app design I’ve ever seen.
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5 years ago, Mclaren_7
Needs Modern Touch
The app has all your basic functions. But that is where the road stops. I feel like the app should provide an option for the digital membership tag to be added to the Apple Wallet so you can double tap the button, scan and your on your way. The app needs a UI change from the standard kind of old block tile looking interface (2014). I think it can have the same functions just made to look way better so that your more enticed to use it for classes, check in history, payments and receipts. The Apple wallet addition of a digital check in card is a must in 2020.
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4 years ago, FeLeLee
This app needs an update and one that actually works
The latest update for this app was to fix gps bugs when in actuality it made it worse. I can not put my club in when it was there previously before the update. Now I can’t put a location in at all which makes it impossible to setup my personal training sessions or even reserve a class. I have to text my trainer to have him setup my sessions. What’s the point in having the app in the first place if it doesn’t work! It’s even worse that I can’t delete it because if I do I won’t have my tag to get in the gym! This is so backwards and stupid either fix it or do away with it! Give members more options for the things we need and for the money we pay in memberships and personal training if your app doesn’t work!
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3 months ago, Jody Krul
LA Fitness White Marsh Maryland
I exercise at LA White Marsh Maryland location. It is the friendliest gym in the area and the manager, Alex, stays on top of things for his members and staff. He is always friendly, fixes things himself when he can, secures equipment that is lacking when he can, and puts in his best effort to keep the gym clean and tidy. We here at the White Marsh gym haven’t had working AC in years in the exercise room and he is trying his ALL to get that for us. It just started working now, with the old units NOT being replaced , so hopefully we won’t be pouring sweat all summer long as in the past. So many people have gotten sick in the heat too and no longer attend. But here’s to the best gym manager LA White Marsh has ever seen and the staff too should be commended for their friendliness and efforts to keep this place running as smoothly as possible. I rate this gym, because of the staff there as 5 BIG stars. Jody Krul
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2 years ago, Throw In the Towel
Rate Your Visit
This annoying app keeps asking me to rate my visit after EVERY gym session and there is no way to turn off this notification specifically. I use the location services to give me notification to scan my QR. When I turn off all notifications is also turns off the location notification. Even worse, when I decided I’m actually going to rate my visit there was no way to do so and it takes you to a blank message notification in app. The interface is buggy and outdated. Half of the stuff doesn’t work. Can’t even get up-yo-date times for a specifically gym locations. When I use the VIP guest feature I still have to bring in a physical piece of paper to scan. This app is complete 🗑. Do better.
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4 years ago, JRM117411
App constantly freezes up
The app works fine until it doesn’t, and then it completely stops being responsive. At least once a month, the personal training tab becomes non-responsive; clicking on it does nothing, and then minutes later the spinning “loading” wheel pops up and spins for up to 10 minutes, and doesn’t pull up the tab when it finishes. Logging out doesn’t resolve this, as when I put in my pin it shows that all 4 digits are entered, and does nothing for 5+ minutes; I just never get a pin accepted or wrong pin message. I frequently have to delete the app and remake an account. The personal training is literally why I have a (expensive) membership and to not be able to schedule appointments is enfuriating.
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7 years ago, pwalsh67
No Fox News???
If you google “Foxnews, LA Fitness” you’ll notice many people complaining about the lack of CHOICE when it comes to watching news on the treadmills or other machines. I noticed it but I hope it’s changed by now. I want to rejoin LA Fitness after being away from it the last 2 very busy years. I don’t go to the gym to watch tv of course but when on a treadmill or elliptical I do get bored or I get curious about a current event or whatever and I would simply like the CHOICE to watch Foxnews as I simply prefer them to the others.
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1 year ago, Shree Roosevelt
Worst experience ever
Worst experience ever, if you want to get a personal trainer don’t ever do to LA fitness, I was tricked in the beginning while joining , I had asked for 6 months personal trainer , don’t know why in document I signed it says 1 year. Now they are saying there is no way to cancel the personal training sessions and I need to pay half of the remaining year amount around 1400 or I should became a complete disabled person to cancel it!!! This agreement was never mentioned when I joined . also once one. of the personal trainer was literally using phone and didn’t taught me anything when I complained they just chanher the trainer without giving compensation for that class. Don’t know what to do with this issue!! Worst fitness center ever!!
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4 days ago, Tom2267395
Hate this app
First of all, let me use a key tag to check in instead of the app. It’s more efficient at the desk. There is a lag to the membership card, and while it has improved its still too slow. Terrible UI/UX. Who built this app? An 8th grader in 2009? Seriously, it’s garbage. Largest portion of the home screen is taken up by an ad carousel (trash). “Find club” is a button option, as if I’m not going to use Google to find the nearest club (if not my home club). There is also an option for “gallery” which just takes you to a generic picture of some random LA Fitness. It’s full of unnecessary clutter. Needs to be simplified, faster, cleaner, and better in essentially every way. Debating changing gyms.
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5 years ago, MemaWinnie
I LOVE Aqua Fit classes at LA fitness but my favorite class is with Ashley W.
She’s cute, she’s real, she personable, she’s fun. She makes us work as hard as we want. We have bonded as a class and we look forward to coming to exercise together. even if we are stared at through the glass. I think other members are jealous. I’ve been a member of other gyms. This feels different when you connect with an instructor and she helps you connect with the other members of the class you enjoy your workout, tell friends and continue to come.
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2 years ago, Platinum.dime
Adding a Calendar?
I was wondering when is La Fitness going to show you a calendar with all your check ins? I previously was attending a different Gym where they tracked all your visits and I feel like it was a great detail. I understand a lot of people don't want to be tracked but it would be a great option to give to customers. I understand this is just an opinion but hey it always feels good to see how consistent one can be, especially when you see it visually.
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6 years ago, Trikster1of4
Total garbage
The only thing that consistently works on this app for me is the membership card. The link to reserve a trainer is a truly a hit or miss affair. Sometimes the app will work the first time you click the link, sometimes the app won’t respond until you click it several times then multiple reservation screens open up. Other times the trainer reserve link won’t open at all. I find really quite annoying that a company as big as LA Fitness can’t find the time to fix such a simple problem especially when there’s a lot of other people complaining about the exact same issue, whether it be for their spin class or when they’re trying to reserve a trainer. Get your crap together LA Fitness.
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8 months ago, JGF1321
Can’t update your account on this
This app is no good to get into, to update your contract, to check your membership status, contact a LA Fitness support member, etc.. All it’s good for is for LA Fitness to scan your membership to get into the gym, nothing else!! Then when you call an actual gym member to ask for help they say that there’s nothing they can do to help you because there management is either busy or they’re gone for the day!! It’s a total scam to pay for working out at these LA Fitness locations that are always full to capacity!! Oh yeah they charge you for an annual fee on top of your monthly membership fees and they never mention that before you pay for a new membership!!
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5 years ago, Don22403
It’s just OK
It is an OK app for what it is suppose to do. Nothing great. It does have your membership card so you just show your opened phone app as you enter. There is no way to add your photo mine is blank. If I was dishonest don’t know what would keep me from giving my phone to someone else to use to get in and use gym. No picture to ID me. Other than that it is what it is. You can book training if you so choose, book racket ball courts etc. find the class schedules and sign up. So, all in all it does what it is meant to do.
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4 years ago, Gio___savage
Needs more time/investment put into it
It’s a great feature to not have to carry around your membership card and just scan via your phone. Also being able to stay up to date on class schedules is nice, but the app itself is quite buggy and a lot of time pressing on a certain drop down doesn’t work or it’ll close the app down after trying multiple times. A big company like this should consider this a long term investment and put more effort into the app, there’s a lot of potential not being taken into consideration.
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6 years ago, CritiqueMemester
Needs a lot of work
This app has the most outdated UI choice and I think the menus should be revamped. 24 hour fitness has a much better UI and you should redo the whole app. It works for signing in but that's about it. Actually try to make. The UI better as d make it more user friendly. The competition gyms app is so much better and have 4 star reviews while this app has 2-3 which discredits people from going here. The website needs work too and I can even make a better website in a week than the one you have currently. Redo the UI of the app and website because it looks like an iOS 4 app.
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3 years ago, UserX123
Barely Usable / UI Looks About a Decade Old
Just downloaded this app yesterday after starting my membership with LA Fitness. I’m a big believer in creating unique passwords for my digital accounts so after initially creating a weak password at the gym I went and home and used my password manager to create and store a password via my browser. Now the web app and this iOS app don’t recognize the new password. Furthermore, the pin I setup to access to iOS app also doesn’t work. Besides that the app looks atrocious. I’m not going to rail that hard on the app for that aspect because I essentially just need it to be a gym pass but it really does look terrible.
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5 years ago, Harold Coles
In app reviews
I would like to see a change in the app. In addition, create a place inside the la fitness app for customers and consumers to rate and comment about each la fitness branches. Being that i work in others states and cities, I do not always have the time to stop and chat about that particular branch. It is imperative and efficient to rate and comment each and every branch individually. I should not have to comment on the google play store to get heard. SOME MATTERS SHOULD BE TALKED ABOUT AND DEALT WITH IN HOUSE.
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4 years ago, sinahaase926
STOP with the app stuff...use the member CARDS
This app does not work well and even tries to blame my internet which is high speed xfinity and full bars. I know for sure my internet was not the problem because I was on the phone with an employee at my nearest la fitness and they just apologized for my account not being created and said just to come in. The message I got was “invalid membership or session has timed out” No my membership is definitely valid. Why is session timing out I did the application quickly? My internet is fast and reliable and my membership has been paid since before covid. Anyways, great place/gym I love it actually...but horrible app. Needs work sorry to say.
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5 years ago, BR@USA
Schedule view and filter suggestions
It would be nice if the schedule already appears for your favorite club, instead having to select the location every time you are checking the schedule. Other suggestion is to add filters to schedule view, for example filtering to see only class in the evening, or early morning. Another minor suggestion: maybe would be easier seeing the membership card just going doing the first screen (down the buttons), without having to find/press any button.
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2 months ago, oivilale
Favorite gym
I’ve been in this gym for more than 5 years but I always love it, the employees are nice and it's clean and not too crowded. The instructors are also amazing especially my favorite instructor Jeanne Baker, who is an amazing instructor. She motivates me to come to her class because it's a great class, she does pilates and abs workouts. Also, I just hope they added more classes or Zumba classes. Overall, it's a great place to work out.
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4 years ago, Caveduck
Interferes with other functions on iPhone X
TLDR: Do not use under any circumstances. After I installed the app, I started seeing various strange software malfunctions on my iPhone X. Most notably, the photo image picker in Messages would no longer populate. Restarting the phone would restore proper operation but only for a few hours, even if I never opened the app. So I started deleting recently added apps. Upon removal of the LA Fitness app, everything immediately returned to correct function. It looks like the app is doing something wrong in the background. Apple should pull this app from the store as it appears to have harmful side effects that break unrelated features.
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3 months ago, gentleolas
New App Release!! Ftw
I never write reviews. But this was 180° turnaround to an app that actually is fastest on my iPhone for what it does. It should’ve been fast. And now it is flawless fast and just what I needed. Great job development team. You deserve a reward for taking something that was an annoying app that I hated, to something now that I am happy to use when I have to use it. Keep up the good work.
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4 years ago, OfcReese
So much better
The new update of this app makes it so seamless, checking in from the parking lot (contactless check-in), class scheduling, they even have a feature were you can give friends or family 2 week memberships to LA for FREE through the app! Definitely a 5 star app and I appreciate them fixing minor issues in the past for an over all better experience with my membership.
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