Lasting: Marriage & Couples

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User Reviews for Lasting: Marriage & Couples

4.68 out of 5
24.6K Ratings
6 years ago, Foodie dude in NYC
So very helpful
I really love this app. Marriage counseling is expensive, and I’ve learned more about myself and my relationship via Lasting for a fraction of the cost. The app breaks down decades of research for you, and then asks really interesting reflection questions - and it’s SO fascinating to overlap your answers on top of your partner’s answers. So often, you have no clue that your partner thinks a certain way. I mean, you think you do, but you really don’t! Lasting opens up the door to thoughtful communication in ways we didn’t know were possible. I’d say that our favorite series so far are Emotional Connection and Conflict. Emotional Connection has really opened up our responsiveness toward one another, and Conflict has been a total eye-opener. I love the Soft Startup principle, and the elephants are so cute. I also like Communication and Forgiveness series. All in all, this app is totally worth the monthly cost. It brings you and your partner together, and it’s really cool to see an open focused on that in today’s day and age. I recommend this to every couple out there!
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3 years ago, Dickieale
Good content, frustrating bugs
My wife and I have been using the app for more than a week now. The sessions have really helped initiate some positive dialog. They are designed in small chunks and have been easy to get through. However, we felt that we were left on our own for those questions where we did not agree. You are just left hanging without much guidance as to how to get through the conflict. Perhaps some in app videos would help or suggestions for on demand workshops. There were a couple of audio clips but the rest of the sessions were all text. There is a library of on demand workshops but those are not linked to the sessions so you are on your own to find the workshop that aligns with the session. The amount of bugs in the app has been frustrating. We are having problems with the daily conversation feature where my partner will type a message to me and I will get an alert but I am unable to see this message. I have to ask her to take a screen shot and text it to me. I also have had problems starting the daily conversation where I click the button to start but then the topic is not presented to me. However, my partner can see the topic but I never get to see any of the replies. I also am unable to see details on any of the upcoming workshops but my partner can. Overall this is a good app with lots of potential.
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5 years ago, Avid-Reader Mom
We all have more to learn!
I am a research junky & psychology addict. I was very skeptical of downloading something that required a subscription after trial - assuming that, at some point over the years, I would have already read everything some app would have to offer... WRONG. I’m just finishing up the free trial section - I haven’t even gotten to the “good stuff” yet - and my perspective on certain things in my marriage have already sincerely been changed. My mood is different. Within less than a day - the shift is tangible. This is a very well made, entirely personalized, beautifully thoughtful program. I love the mindfulness of it all, and can’t thank the creators of this enough for giving us (the stressed out sometimes resentful parents of a medically complex baby who needs 24/7 care) an alternative to traditional expensive time-consuming therapy. It is truly appreciated.
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5 years ago, Mindy927
Liking the results so far for me!
My husband and I haven’t had an emotional connection in almost 10 years that I can think of. We have gotten comfortable. I’ve been with him for 30 years!! You tend to get too comfortable. I know I’ve expressed my needs and his excuse was always that he didn’t know how to show his emotions. I know that is an excuse. If you love someone, it comes naturally. So this made me second guess his love for me. He has began the first course, only did to stage 4 of the first one. How do I give him a nudge to continue in a positive manner? I don’t want to push him, I want him to want to do this too and see it’s benefits. That is my only problem currently. Just trying to have him try to do the app to help us move forward. Hopefully, we can get thru this stage and regain the things we both haven’t felt in a very long time.
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2 years ago, Paddleout4725
Saves old relationship profiles
Decided to take a step in the right direction to seek self help and try something different with relationship support and counseling with this app. Only problem is that when I linked my partner, it shows all the sessions he completed with his previous relationship. That relationship is a failed marriage. It’s great to know that he and his former spouse were brave and determined enough to seek help, only problem is the failed part. That relationship ended very badly and now has greatly affected his ability to have a healthy relationship with me. *reasons I’m seeking help at this time. Not this developers drama or issues, except that the glaring historical records that are stored and shared within the app now presents a lot of questions whether this counseling is effective and just put a whole discouraging aspect into my brave attempt to try something different and move in the right direction towards counseling thru relationship issues. I would suggest that previous history should not be displayed unless the user requests it to be.
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1 year ago, Izzi Creo
Not worth it
I signed up with a discounted membership for myself and my spouse. Since day one there were buggy issues with the app. Not only am I not able to access most of the apps features, but customer service has been nonexistent. I tried so many different ways to resolve the buggy issues with the app and to no avail. I sent a request three times over the last six months and not one agent has been able to resolve the issues my partner and I are experiencing with the app. Issues include: Live Workshops does not load any content, Daily Activity does not update, and Conversations cannot be seen by the other party. The only content we have been able to access was on-demand videos and instructional course content. The course content has nothing new or innovative. You can find this information practically free on the internet or thru other guided workshops that don’t cost as much as this yearly membership here. Overall, this has been a waste of time and money for my spouse and I. Agents have not been helpful.
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1 year ago, amorgan77
Endless problems
I recently installed Lasting but am facing endless problems trying to use it. When I first opened the app, I got an error message saying the app couldn't connect to the server. I tried a while later, the app opened, and I tried to make an account, but the system said there's already an account with my email address. I don't know how that's possible, since I've never used Lasting before. I then tried making an account using a permutation of my email address, but got a 'processing' animation that went on forever, so I thought the app had crashed. I force-closed the app then opened it again, entered my login details, and got the same 'processing' animation that went on forever. I don't know if those login details were registered in the system, and there's no "forgot password" option in the app to check or change my password. I then tried accessing my account using the Lasting website, but the "My Account" page returns an error message ("We couldn't find the page you were looking for"). I give up.
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5 years ago, tagalog!!
Instant Help
So I had a few week long period where I was scared for my marriage pretty bad. I just knew before long it was gonna end. So I begged my wife to try this and if this didn't work then we’d just hold on as long as we could but who knew how long that would be. Anyways. We tried the initial questionnaire thing on the free trial and I knew right then this app was gonna help. Literally the day after our first trial, we were already talking our problems out, and ensuring that we were aware of eachother’s emotions and that we worked to keep eachother happy. I honestly think this app is as good as any professional, licensed counselor. You just have to really want it to work and both of you have to actually be willing to work for it. I only planned on doing like a 2 sentence review but whatever😂
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2 years ago, the best app for couples
Amazing app! Cheaper then seeing a couples couple therapist
OMG! Amazing App! It only had been a couple of days. My marriage had improved enormously. This app has fantastic workshops, questions, and sessions that have helped strengthen my relationship with my wife. The unique part, in my opinion, is that every day they ask us to talk about something important. They also have reminders such as saying to your wife you love her. Or something that makes her smile. Those reminders helped me a lot to make sure my wife know I appreciated her. My wife and I see a couple therapist, and the app has helped us more in a couple of days than the real-life therapist. I recommend this app to any couple who really wants to build a stronger relationship.
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6 years ago, StrawberryDaiqueri
LOVE this app!
This app is amazing! When I stumbled upon it I was skeptical but interested. I downloaded it and tried out the free trial. We have learnt so much in just the last couple days and love setting aside time to do the exercises so much that I’m considering an annual subscription!! The positive affects on our relationship are very noticeable despite the fact that we were already in good standing. This helps you build a strong foundation with your partner and is even a great tool for those who aren’t struggling in their relationship. I’m very impressed!! I’ve had an Apple account for YEARS and this is the first review I’ve felt inspired to leave. :] Thank you so much for the Lasting app! We will continue to watch our relationship grow and strengthen thanks to this tool. 💕
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3 years ago, EarthSun81
We needed help understanding/translation.
We’ve just started using this app a few months ago. And I feel like it has giving us the space we needed to straighten out some of our misunderstandings and communication. We have love which is the foundation and reason we are not giving up. But life is hard and so is marriage. I’m thankful for this tool because I travel a lot with my business and it was very difficult to find a counselor to meet with when I was home that would be my schedule and lasting has been helpful so far. I’m very excited to see and use this app as a tool in our relationship as we grow old together. For our marriage sake. For my wife and children’s sake.
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6 years ago, Belfurious
My favorite app
Tools, tips, and lessons from leading research for enhancing my relationship, packaged in an easy to consume and navigate format, with an excellent interface, make this my favorite app. I love that you can pair your account with your partner’s to compare notes and perceptions on key concepts. We’ve both learned so much from Lasting and have uncovered many wonderful insights to help us overcome conflict and have more fun together. Also, the team behind Lasting is committed to their product; I had an issue with my account that Becca responded to via email in less than 12 hours and got resolved for me in less than 24 hours—on the weekend. All around, this is a class act, well worth your investment in time and the very reasonable subscription fee.
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4 years ago, GeorganneFP
Thank you
I never write reviews. I don’t like wasting my time to do them but I honestly appreciate this app. I’m still on the free trial, only on the second day in fact but I just feel like it’s already opened a better dialogue between my partner and I. It’s made a safe place where we’re calming talking and comparing how we feel. Learning about how the other feels even. He was really hesitant at first, he hates opening up to others and thought there’d be an active counselor person talking to us but after a few lessons he seems to appreciate it to. I feel like a lot of our issues root in communication and this has been helping so thank you. It’s really affordable and it opens a dialogue, I 100% recommend this.
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3 years ago, katelynnlemos
This app will only work if you both TRY
This app could be very helpful for relationships. I am a firm believer that almost anything can be repaired but ONLY if both parties want to be together and actually put in effort. The one week trial is great but take my advice, keep track of how often your partner suggests starting a session and comparing answers. My partner did not do those things and I was the one putting in effort to use this app. This is a sign that your partner is not invested and the app will NOT work if both of you aren’t trying. We broke up a week after using the app because he was not invested and got upset at what I put for my answers. But that’s just a lack on his part, not the app.
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2 years ago, SHALOM ALEIKHEM
Although, I am, only, in “Session 2” of “Communication,” It has been beneficial, collectively speaking. My husband♥️I have been engaging in the “Lasting App” for 1 yr. We have been participating in other, choice, topics, i.e., Speaking, Listening, Listing things we would like to do, together, that is new, to us, or have not done in a while; Discussing the most pertinent things that hurt us, and how to get past the blame game, etc. Overall, the “Lasting App” is “Amazing,” as it is easy to understand, and follow-through; and can be worked-on any time of day, or night🙌🏻❣️ And, we have such demanding schedules, so, working on the App, any time, day\night really helps👍🏻! “Effective Communication” has, always, been our biggest problem. With the “Lasting App,” it has assisted us to be mindful, and purposeful, in communicating with intentional active listening, and understanding. It has, also, made us want to better understand ea other, on a deeper level, which helps reduce and\or eliminate “back\forth squabbling & finger-pointing.”
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5 years ago, SheaLam
Go to couples therapy and use this app to supplement it
I actually really enjoy this app (I’m a couples therapist) but my biggest pet peeve is they do not push users to get related professional help when needed. It would be great if all of us could handle these discussions without a fight but it’s just not likely because there are deeper things happening. We unfortunately don’t just read the article and change all the behaviors we have had for years. Use couples therapy to manage the difficult topics and explore more personal experiences (ex: trauma, upbringing, addictions, etc) but use the app to continue the work outside session. Meeting once a week with a therapist is the norm but not enough if nothing else gets done the rest of the week. I give credit to anyone taking the first steps to improve their relationship!
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3 years ago, a newlywed!
Truly, surprisingly, amazing!
Whether you are in a rut or just want to keep a healthy relationship going, this App is so great! It articulates issues, both personal and relationship- wise in such a perfect manner. Really learned a ton about myself and my partner and why people behave the way they do. It really helped validate and explain a lot of what goes on in our head. No person or internet article has ever been able to articulate in such a way before that’s truly impactful and insightful. It’s all in such a convenient, logical way too! I recommend to nearly everyone! Best thing we found and we developed a routine with my partner and I around it!
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1 year ago, gogoswh
No way to preview the app/service without creating an account
Firstly, this is not a review about the apper service. There’s no way I can be as the developer doesn’t allow any kind of a preview without requiring potential users to create an account. For those of us who are security/privacy, conscious, this approach simply doesn’t work. Considering the level of information and content that users will be sharing, it’s interesting that developers won’t help potential new users to see if the service/app: 1 - give us the chance to evaluate the features and functions of the app to see if it will work for us, and 2 - see how our personal information is used through the interactions in the app BEFORE creating an account. Sure, you can go to the site and read the privacy policies, but how many users will actually do that, or will even understand what it all means? There are other relationship counseling apps and services that do offer a preview, this allowing users to understand the functionality and features, and get familiar with how our data is used in the app & service. I’ll check those options before signing up blindly for a service that may not even be able to help.
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4 years ago, Killerzeit
Worth every cent.
We've started, and we've been using it for a couple weeks. This is a very, very, very worthwhile app that would even be a great addition if counseling is already taking place. If not, this is a good place to start. It allows you to find where your weakest links are without feeling like you're trapped. It also is very good at explaining why either party might feel a certain way. I can't say for sure if my marriage will be saved, but there are many variables, and I'm glad this was at least around for me and my husband to try. Will keep using indefinitely.
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4 years ago, Sally Frazier
Good if you have some major incident, but useless for everyday issues
We did initial free survey and liked it so decided to sign up, but the whole next session focuses on a single incident. We don’t have one instance like infidelity or anything. I feel like it isn’t really tailored to other small issues. It is dragging on about an attachment injury. At first I listed one of the many small examples that happen daily and it’s taking this one tiny thing and turning it in to a huge issue as if it were some trauma when he ignored me once. My issue isn’t one big event it’s lots of little ones. I think this may cause more problems than it will solve once he reads my answers. It will seem like I’m crazy traumatized by one tiny thing he did years ago.
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6 years ago, JamieMT
Marriage with chronic illness wife...
We are just getting started and I hope to grow with the love of my life. We are for sure struggling soon after I became ill with compromised adrenal glands. Hormone disorder. It has been a stress and our emotional support for both of us tanked. Yet through all our grief we still are fighting to hold it together! So I am hoping this will be what we need for our emotional well-being. I kind of wish we had this for young chronic illness spouses. When husband gets sick house functions! When wife gets sick house falls apart in many domestic areas. Boy what I would do to have my husband just see my emotional callings. Yet since I’m caught in pain I know I’m missing his!! Never used to! Again hoping!!
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4 years ago, Thinking Family Member
Content is well done display on iPad needs work
The content is very well done. I am several lessons in and everything is well presented and clear. I like the idea of marriage exercises and making an intentional effort to improve my skills as a partner and improving the strength of my marriage. The exercises encourage thoughtfulness and being mindful of how your partner experiences your relationship. The display on the iPhone is fine but they do encourage and require you to write your thoughts which is challenging on the iPhone. The iPad display is vertical only which is a serious limitation as it prevents effect use of the horizontal mode and keyboard. This would dramatically improve use ability.
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2 years ago, virginia harris
Didn’t decide to keep but Customer Service was impeccable
The app itself was pretty cool, kind of difficult to navigate at first but I could see how it could be very useful. Boyfriend and I determined we needed an actual therapist to get better results so I attempted to cancel but had trouble. The subscription came out of my account so I reached out for cancellation and a refund. Taylor responded swiftly issuing a refund (no questions asked) and kindly wished me well! Once on track, I plan to re-start a subscription…. But only because of Taylors customer service.
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6 years ago, Katie Grieder
Just Okay
I didn’t find the free lessons, which were very basic (don’t be mean, talk to each other), very useful or informative. I chose not to purchase the subscription because the free lessons didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know and I didn’t want to pay for more of the same. But the free lessons also seem separate from the rest of the app and like a very standardized, generic one size fits all package (despite filling out a very lengthy quiz) so I honestly didn’t know what to expect from the actual app itself and just decided to delete it. I would recommend instead of 5 free lessons giving full free access to the actual app for a few days. I gave 2 stars because the app looks good and is well organized with no bugs or technical issues.
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3 years ago, caitcunningham
Love. It!
Have to say, I was skeptical on this working, but I think it does work! With COVID around, we didn’t want to go to a therapist IRL, so we decided to try this app. It’s helped me, and once he got onto it, it’s opened up conversation we didn’t know we needed to have. It works on yourself and your relationship at the same time, which I think makes the real difference. You just have to be open and honest (which is easier behind a screen) and go back to compare answers as well as talk to each other afterwards.
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4 years ago, WyFo118
Great app, almost perfect
My fiance and I have been going through sessions on here and for the most part it’s great! It’s helped us grow, learn more about each other and our needs, and got us to ask questions we otherwise wouldn’t have asked. That being said, there are some issues. For one, the postpartum depression session is really geared only towards the mother. I went through and skipped the questions to see my fiance’s answers but there should be questions for future fathers to answer as well. Or at least not make me go through all the questions to see my partner’s answers. There’s some bugs too. Sometimes when trying to post a comment, the “Post” button just isn’t there. So I have to leave the app and come back to post my comment. Also, three times today while trying to listen to one of the audio sessions the app crashed. So I had to wait until I could read it myself as I was in my car. This app really is helpful and I would recommend it.
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4 years ago, sheller-beller
Taking time out for what and who keeps our family molded the parents
My Husband and I love each other very much but as we all know life is full of surprises exapecially when it comes to a blended family. A lot of stresses and irritations but we both do our best to make each one of our kids and each other feel loved. But at this time in our marriage we need to take a time out and focus on us and our marriage and what keeps our family molded and grounded ind God and each other ❤️ so this therapy session is going to be good for us I believe
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4 years ago, thisnicknameistakenbooty
Better than the actual counseling!
We got more out of this in a few weeks than we did from months of marriage counseling. We felt it was important to make sure our marriage had as much support as possible and that we were educated on how to make sure we’ll still be as happy as we are today ten years from now; this isn’t just for couples in trouble, but if your marriage is I’m certain it will be a game changer as long as both people are willing to work on the app. We love it and have so much fun on it lol. So many awesome conversations!
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5 years ago, Happy Momma 08
Very encouraging
I might be the one who needs to change the most in our relationship, so this is really hard for me, but the app doesn't place blame and is really encouraging. I have to listen to some sessions twice just because the topic is so tender my heart races too loudly for me to focus. There's already a positive difference in our relationship since starting to use the app, and I have hope that we'll be able to heal and rebuild by following the app's system. Going from the brink of divorce to hope for the future, so I'm very very thankful for this app.
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5 years ago, Kattycake
Great at home counseling no need for a counselor!
If you are seriously dating and looking to get married get this beforehand!! I love this! We are buying the monthly subscription because the first session we had was so great and helped us! I rarely write reviews, but now I pay more attention to my husbands emotional callbacks. This app is fabulous, my husband doesn’t have to be embarrassed about talking silly in front a counselor like he does in the exercises, completely candid and goofy and personal. As opposed to a counselor who wouldn’t understand our jokes. We have weekly sessions.
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5 years ago, Catalanoaa
This is a must have for your marriage - whether you've been married 4 weeks or 4 decades
I love this app and have really enjoyed using it with my husband. We are newlyweds and it is helpful in keeping the health of our marriage top of mind without the unneeded formality of a couple's therapist. As newlyweds, we don't have any major problems, but you have to water your garden for it to grow or whatever the saying is -- this app does just that! I feel confident that it will keep any small issues from becoming larger ones down the road.
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4 years ago, Done with this 1!
Won’t let me stop
So, wife got this app because why not get extra help. Problem is when we wanted to stop we forgot the password. Not the company’s fault. However, I have messaged the company several times telling them we would like to not have this app anymore. No reply at all. We are paying for an app we stopped using forever ago because they will not get ahold of me to cancel it. I literally never write reviews but it has been six months. I have even changed phones and cards since I first put it in but as soon as I updated my payment to my phone it started taking money again. I will keep writing this review until someone gets in touch with me so that I cancel this subscription!
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6 years ago, The Bored Receptionist
We use this every day
Lasting has been a life-saver. The app highlights how emotionally based relationships are. They take into account decades of research and give you such good advice on what makes healthy marriages work. The app is nearly broken out into focus areas that highlight the most important areas of marriage. Based on where you need to focus, you can begin receiving coaching sessions every day. They are remarkably helpful. My partner and I love comparing each other’s answers. We are happy that this app has brought our relationship closer together.
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5 months ago, Skitguy
Your Help Has Arrived!
Everybody needs help in their marriage. The stats don’t lie - half of us won’t make it. We go into marriage with hope, dreams desires, but we walk down that aisle with EXPECTATIONS. And we all fail miserably to meet those expectations. So what do we do with the disappointment? We change our perspective. Marriage365 helps you look at your marriage with fresh eyes, hopeful ideas, and realistic expectations that create a marriage environment you’ll WANT to fight for! Your marriage rescue is one download away!
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4 years ago, _Lovekarma
I was thoroughly enjoying this app as far as the content, very informative and insightful material and it’s motivated me to make changes in other areas of my life, BUT my app has been having glitches lately, even after uninstalling and installing the app again. I get notifications for activities my partner hasn’t even completed yet. I have notifications and continue to receive emails for comparisons I have already reviewed on MULTIPLE occasions. It’s very annoying to be under the impression that I have new material to review, and there actually isn’t anything.
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5 years ago, maplemay8
Saving our marriage
We have tried so many things to recover from addiction and infidelity. This app is so seamless and approachable. From the very beginning it got us talking in a way we haven’t in a decade. I really appreciate how the prompts let you fill in and then send to your partner. I am a busy mom who wanted things to work but was too busy and financially strained to go to a therapist enough to make a true change. I cannot thank the developers of this app enough. You have enabled us to keep our family together.
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5 years ago, meaghan1210
Marriage is no longer a mystery
My parents got divorced, so I didn’t quite know what makes up a healthy marriage. With Lasting, we’re given the tools to connect more deeply with each other in both the “big” and “small” moments. When we come up against obstacles, we aren’t afraid. Lasting helps us dig into the “why” behind our feelings and effectively communicate that with each other so we feel safe and understood. I am excited for our future, because I know we can tackle it all confidently, together.
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5 years ago, AlyKee96
Make sure you read the fine print for the free trial.
Update: A Lasting representative contacted me with detailed instructions on how to get my money back. I am extremely thankful for and impressed with the quality of customer support!!! Curiously downloaded this app after reading about it on a parenting website. After opening decided it wasn’t for me and didn’t open anymore after that. Woke up this morning to an $87 subscription that was billed to my account. Apple won’t do anything about it so now I’ve paid a ton of money on something I’ll never use. We aren’t the kind of family that has an extra $87 lying around to spend. Needless to say I’m P.O’d. Had it been a small fee for a monthly subscription I might have shrugged it off and just canceled after the one time charge. However it charged me for an entire year. I’m sick over it. Beware.
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7 years ago, ScholesForever
Insightful, Clear Guidance
The Lasting app has helped my partner and I immensely. Right off the bat, it opened lines of communication about long-dormant issues that needed to be addressed and guided us through the conversations that resulted. We're not only learning how to be better spouses, but each session helps us discover a little bit more about ourselves - the expectations we bring to our partner, both fair and unfair. It also presents the information in a very clear way, with a sleek design. Lasting is an outstanding app.
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3 years ago, BakersOnTheMove
Great App
Out of all apps This is actually the best app if you really want your relationship or marriage to work out or last forever it’s helped me and my husband in a lot of areas from communicating to stress and with him working long distance being away from me and our children and more like thumbs up to you guys for helping me and my family come closer by communicating better with each other on so many different levels.
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3 years ago, Allyson Cox
So worth it
My boyfriend and I are about to get engaged and we wanted to look into premarital therapy but didn’t know where to start. I found this app on Google and I am so glad I did! I have only gone through a couple of sessions and I feel like I have already learned more about myself, my partner, and our relationship. We are openly communicating about things we did not even realize we had not verbalized to each other. I love this app
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3 months ago, ARF@835
Today's conversation
We love the daily question!-- we do it almost daily. I've looked for other relationship-building questions, and I haven't found any as insightful as these. The workshops are fun, especially the date night ones! I've had tech trouble with opening the app right after renewing my subscription (2 years in a row), but this has always been solved very promptly by the support staff. I recommend this app!
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3 years ago, RennnnnnB
Wow just wow
I saw this app on social media And I just thought what the heck. Nothing else has worked so what do I have to lose? I am so happy I tried it. It is like a judgement free zone for my husband and I to say how we feel. We love the compare feature where we both look at the answers that we took and we can understand each other better. We already feel so much closer. I would suggest this to anyone. Just take the plunge and give it a try. You won’t regret it
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4 years ago, AviatorOrv
Setting aside the fact that platform is awkward to navigate it would have been nice to have PC/Mac version. Some of us are older and are not as comfortable using apps. Trying to read, learn and write on a phone about one of the most important subjects in your lifetime is ludicrous. Then again everyone lives for their phones these days. The content is very helpful but they should limit how many times each person can respond to a question. It turned into yet another fight on certain topics getting worse with each banter where nobody followed the rules and sealed the deal for our pending divorce. Can’t blame the app for that.
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5 years ago, i miss democracy
We’ll probably get divorced, but this app seems cool
Maybe pump the brakes on all the stats that make me feel like we’re doomed? Also, can you please add some sort of indicator on who we’re talking about when we compare answers? We get confused on who we’re talking about when reviewing questions, because it’ll be me answering about me over him answering about himself, then flip to what we think our partner’s response would be... that all just seems like it could be organized to be a little clearer. Great idea and I hope new couples download this!
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5 years ago, XooXBrandieXooX
We don’t fight and we’re best friends so why in the world would we even need this?! Guess what!?! We did and we do!! This app has opened both of our minds to things we’ve never thought to work on and communicate about. It’s great for not only working through issues you might have, but also to make you even stronger in the areas of your marriage that are going well. The subscription is worth every penny and highly suggested!
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7 years ago, Chaplain Kellough
100% Worth The Money - Essential For All Married Couples!
This app couldn't have arrived soon enough. As a newlywed I want to build a marriage that will lasts and the content included in this app makes that goal achievable. My wife and I feel like we've unlocked a treasure chest. The lessons are comprehensive and backed by real science. The insights are deeply illuminating and, importantly, the path to leveling up your marriage is clear and accessible. We've seen real results that will impact our marriage for the foreseeable future.
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4 years ago, Ddsanjel
Incredibly helpful
My boyfriend and I don’t have a bad relationship by any means, but it’s not perfect. We’re often on different pages, and sometimes not even reading the same book. Having this app has helped up work through these differences in a modern way. As younger people we tend to feel more comfortable communicating virtually opposed to in person, so this app has been a game changer. I just wish it costed less so we could use it long term.
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4 years ago, edyscloset
Told now that I’m being charged for this!!?!?!
It was a silly little questionnaire for you and your spouse!! We answered about 20 or so questions and compared them!! I was never once told anything about paying for anything on this app!!! I refuse to pay for anything on here!! It isn’t worth it! There are game apps and DIY apps everywhere foe everything that do not charge a single penny!! Those apps go more in depth of what you’re doing for what ever subject it is that it’s for! This doesn’t!!! No I refuse to pay for anything on here! If it had told me beforehand than I would have refused the entire thing then and wouldn’t have downloaded the app!! It never said anything when it downloaded either!!
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3 months ago, C_ali
Great app but…
My spouse and I previously used this app a long time ago but didn’t follow through. We wanted to try again but all of our old progress was saved and we are getting very frustrated trying to figure out how to restart old sessions instead of picking up where we left off, because, of course, we don’t remember a bit of what we learned before and our old answer just hardly even apply anymore. There should be an easy way to restart sessions if you want to. Other wise, I think the app is great, but this part is very frustrating.
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