LIFE Fasting Timer & Tracker

Health & Fitness
4.8 (107.3K)
62.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
LifeOmic, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.4 or later
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User Reviews for LIFE Fasting Timer & Tracker

4.83 out of 5
107.3K Ratings
1 month ago, Issa anais
To The Creators (Please Read)
Hello! I have used your app since 2019 and it’s been my favorite tracker since, I’ve heard that the app is closing down (?) and just wanted to desperately ask for a reconsideration from my personal experience. I have suffered with a binge eating disorder / bulimia for years and my doctor had recommended intermittent fasting for me, I have been overweight my whole life but it has gotten serious once it started affecting my health. I struggled many times in the beginning but about 5 years in I am so much better than I ever imagined I’d be, I have healthily lost the weight, started going to the gym and am no long am at risk of diabetes. I know it sounds silly but this app truly does mean a lot to me and has tremendously helped me in so many ways, I never thought I’d get to this point in my life. And even if this silly note doesn’t cause you reconsider your decision, I just want to thank you for helping me and so many other people over the past years who have used your app. Thank you.
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5 years ago, Jenjer08
Pretty good, but could be awesome
I just started fasting a few weeks ago and wanted an app to track my fasting time. I decided I’d rather use an app that mainly allows me to watch my fasting time GROW than to watch my eating window SHRINK, so I chose this Life app. Overall I like it for all the reasons others have noted. I especially love that it shows when you’re body is supposedly in Ketosis. A few things that I think could make it truly awesome: First and foremost: Make this app compatible with the Apple Watch! Honestly, this alone may cause me to switch to another fasting app. Sad face. Allow users to enter their weight data with a decimal point. Currently you can only enter whole numbers. Everyone knows that those decimal points count A LOT for people looking for trends mapping results. Seems like it would be such a simple programming fix and would allow much more accuracy for users. Show the user’s actual eating window for each fasting day. In other words, after the user has tracked his/her fast, calculate for them the resulting eating window (times) and number of eating hours. Again, seems like a pretty easy “fix” that would make the app more robust and improve user experience.
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2 weeks ago, thesilliestevrr
I used to be overweight and I struggled with a BED for years, my doctor told me to start limiting my eating hours and intermittent fasting. I was hesitant at first, but I started slowly by downloading LIFE, and it helped me get out of my depession-rut. This app has helped me greatly, made me more confident in myself, and helped me lose 60lbs. But, 60lbs is just a number, let me say my actual experiences. I’ve been able to run more than a mile for the first time in years, I’ve been able to go swimming without keeping my shirt on, I’ve been able to mend my relationship with eating and food in general, but most important of all, it saved my life. If I had kept going down that depression/binge eating route, I probably wouldn’t be here, but LIFE saved me. Please, if my small review and story has any affect on this decision, don’t take down the app.
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5 years ago, Prasand J
Basic Fast Tracking App
Been fasting every day for the past five years. At the beginning of this year I started working out again, so I wanted to become more disciplined in my fasting. For me personally, this app is great for that, and I can see how it would help others push past their goals (as they see they only have an hour left to go). But the health features are lacking to almost non-existent. It reflects at which point the body goes into ketosis, and heavy ketosis, but lacks any relevant data input to do any real calculations. The ability to indicate which type of fasting a person is doing would make a difference (ie. water fast, liquid fast, or dry fast). The ability to add a meal data point (a simple total calories eaten) could eventually give way to doing real calculations (maybe even eventually using the body fat percentage, bone density, activity data of Apple’s health app). The ability to automatically update the body weight using the data of the health app would be beneficial, as well as exporting any relevant health data to the health app / HealthKit. The app has much potential, but for now it barely goes beyond being a basic fasting time tracker.
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1 year ago, Stve123333
Estevan E. (47 years old)
I started to fast this past week, the first 2 days were for 19 hours, and on the 3rd day for 20 hours. I was exited and knew the outcome like feeling a little frustrated, feeling hunger pains and a slight tension on the back of my neck when ketosis kicks in. I was on the 4th day of fasting, but what amazed me is that I work out every morning with my wife before work and I was getting bursts of more energy and endurance thinking that I was going to feel weaker but I didn’t. I also had a euphoric feeling all day, I told my wife, out of no where going to work, I feeling really happy. I was good for 22 hours with out any frustration, hunger pains, and no tension behind my neck. I would recommend this Life Fasting App to people who want to have a healthier body and longevity in life.
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4 years ago, Ari Maarie
Not For Me
This is a nice basic app with some fun side features but for me it’s missing some really important features. For an IF app it doesn’t track your eating hours which is kind of a pain. If you’re on a 16:8 it will track your 16 but when you hit end fast your own your own to keep track of your 8 hours. I really need an app to track the other end of my fast as well, and possibly remind me when I only have an hour left before my fast begins. I can often get busy and accidentally end up only having 1 meal for the day when I end my fast because I don’t realize I’m approaching the end of my eating window. Because it doesn’t track your non fasting hours it’s also easy to take too little or too much time in your eating window, and then you end up fasting longer to correct your schedule. If you don’t mind setting alarms on your phone to remind you when to resume your fast this app is fine - but I want it all in one place.
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2 years ago, ShayAlmasy
Small Change
Hello developers!! I love the life app. It has been so beneficial with being accountable to something when I don’t have someone with me 24/7 to motivate me to stick to it. The only thing is that when I want to go more than 14 days I find it to be tedious to hit the plus so many times. I wanted to do 30 days and I truly almost didn’t because it was time consuming to push it hundreds of times. Would you please see about adding a calendar feature where we can pick the dates and times?? Or even a scroll wheel would be good with days, hours, minutes, and seconds so we can scroll through the numbers and set our own times. Or even pick some preset times and/or dates and just get right to the fast. For example for those who intermittent fasting you can pick 16:8, 12:12, 20:4, and so forth and you can set up your days and what days you want to do what fasting schedule especially if you’re looking to build momentum to get to a place where you can fast for longer. These are just some ideas I have and if you can see if there would be something you could implement that would be great!! Thanks again for the fantastic app.
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4 months ago, katherinececline
wasn’t going to leave a review but it’s annoying me
so i love this app. it helps me so much, i love there’s a community, i love the break downs of the fasting. but my phone has low storage! i know this! i don’t need to see it on an app i use. that’s annoying, apple reminds me every second of everyday i don’t need some random app to remind me too?? and it’s also not even an app that’s connected to apple id get if it were the health app or something but it’s a separate app from apple/ my phone. it would be fine (i guess) if it were once and that was it. but it’s every. single. time. i open the app and it’s not just a one notification thing but multiple pop ups where i have to dismiss 3-5 messages before being able to use the app. PLEASE STOP. i get it!!!!! it might not work or will have an affect on the way the app works I DONT CARE!! it makes me want to find a different app. stop. please.
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2 years ago, Deb79m
The best
By far the best Fasting app.!Love how they have the active widget. Love how u can set how long you want to fast. Only thing that I think would put it over the top would of there was a place to put a picture like a background picture or a target goal picture of what ur focus is. Some ppl might be a vacation spot or a wedding dress or a favorite pair of jeans or a reward like a tattoo or shoes or whatever it is if you hit ur goal whether it be fasting hours or weight but be nice to have it in the app and/or widget so when u get that temptation devil and u think about breaking u are reminded when u go change ur mood status some of the rewards that u set for yourself along the way. But overall i recommend this app it is the best one out there
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4 years ago, Melkatd
Great until Awful
This app was wonderful for the first 2 weeks— it made such a difference in my IF journey than previous times because of the circles, having communication even with strangers as it is— people to communicate with and encourage each other. It was nice! Then, apparently there was some kind of harassment or bullying anomaly in the newcomer circles and they had to clean house, delete a bunch of stuff, posts, people—I missed all the drama, but from THAT moment, when the moderator or creator of those circles posted their “Apology” for the triggering a—hole and etcetcetc—-everything went haywire. My notifications completely stopped, I never got another notification or communication of any kind for anything I posted. Ever again. It became like I was doing IF all alone again. I may as well not have the app. Just glad I didn’t pay for it. Really sad. Will have to look elsewhere I suppose.
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5 years ago, You Can Do It!!
Weight watchers and Fasting!!!
I absolutely love this app! I have never written a review before about anything but I just had to let people know that this is one of the best apps I have ever used. It is simple and easy to use. I am a weight watcher member and have been on a plateau for a couple of months when I read an article about fasting and doing weight watchers. Have been using this app to keep track of when and how long I fast. It is very easy to use. The best part, I think, is the visual graphic of when you go into fat burning mode using your stored body fat! There are Facebook groups of weight watcher members who do intermittent fasting or just google to find more information. This app and fasting got me off my plateau and I am finally losing again! Thanks Life fasting app!!
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3 weeks ago, megann234
It's the only fasting app you need!
I love this app! it makes it really easy to keep track of my fasts and have a community at the same time. The only thing that I can't figure out is how to edit the start time of a fast while you're already in the middle of fasting. I've been fasting for almost 24 hours in a few mins but can't record that bc it wants me to start a new fast but not let me change the times of when it should start and end since I already started the fast. It gives an error message saying change the times you already have this fast. I'm like ??? It's hard to find answers to questions like this too. Other than that issue the app is great!
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2 years ago, Vafi88
Allows groups and teens who have anorexia to remain
Fasting is great if you are overweight, have certain chronic disorders, are looking for a healthier way to eat, mental clarity, etc. but there are some groups that should not fast. Pregnant women shouldn’t be fasting, children shouldn’t be fasting, be people who have eating disorders shouldn’t be fasting. You’ll find 2 of the 3 on this platform immediately. 14 to 16 year olds who are promoting anorexia and have goal weights as low as 70lbs on their bio. 70lbs as a 16 year old? Not a healthy weight at all. This content doesn’t just stay within the circles labeled “rexi and buls” as in anorexia and bulemia, but it’s also in the general circles that show skinny pictures of people with a whale as a status. Every one of these people (mostly young girls, as always) is fasting 20-30 hours at a time and most of them are frequently fasting and posting daily. I switched to this app as a secondary app to Zero which is simply a tracker with some information, and I thought this would be better since it’s a community. Yet that community is essentially 30% rebadged girls who are suffering and promoting their suffering to other young girls. I reached out to the app and they told me they patrol and delete them, yet I’ve seen these people for months doing the same things. It’s unhealthy for everyone. I will no longer take part. Deleted my account.
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1 year ago, A.k.m.86
Gives error message if you edit fasts
I use a lot of fasting apps, I’ve been IF (intermittent fasting) off and on for about two months. It does work! This app is very smooth and graphically appealing. The widget tells me immediately how well I’m doing or where I need to improve. The limitation of the free version is that you cannot change the day for example if I start fasting on Saturday then stop on Sunday—then start fasting again Sunday — there’s an error message stating a fast already occurred. Of the three + apps I’ve tried and one I use religiously this is the only one that gives that error message erroneously lol. I think it’s a bit of a scheme to get people to subscribe. Keep going on your health care going and this app does work just needs fixed.
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2 years ago, SoloSyncopation
Simple and Bright
I know many people like tracking tons of data - I do too on many things. But when it comes to fasting I just want something straight forward, where the graphics are bright, where I can adjust my hours as needed. I love being able to customize my mood. And then I just carry on with the fast without spending a ton of time dwelling on other data - I just want to have a good day while I’m at it without measuring everything. Life Fasting gives me those straightforward tools that work for me personally. Thank you!
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4 years ago, kaura lim
Like but summary and past stats are not right and buggy
I like this app but the profile area with past stats has never been right and always buggy. Prior to this update when you swiped to past weeks, the summary at the top wouldn’t cleanly swipe to other weeks - instead the numbers from multiple weeks would crash into each other or be positioned in the middle so some of the info is cut off either to the left or right. Now it swipes better bc you have to use the arrows but it shows 8 days listed (1 more than is in the week range), the days are out of order and the longest fast for a week are sometimes wrong. Also your current summary (week you are on now) is showing the prior week’s stats (either that or the previous week’s summary is wrong!) Please fix!
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5 years ago, SimSharon
Could be a lot better
I’ve been using this app (and fasting) for about eight months, and I do like how he helps me keep track of how long I’ve been fasting. What I wish it did was allow me to see my entire fasting history. When I started, my fasts were shorter, like 12 hours for a couple weeks, then 14 hours, etc. I’m now consistently fasting 18-20 hours, but I don’t remember when I started doing that, and that is actually my real start date. I know I wasn’t doing much good at 12-14 hours, so I’d love to know when I was consistently at 16 and then when at 18. There doesn’t seem to be any way to look at data that old, which is frustrating and which makes me deeply regret starting with this app. If there’s a way to see my all-time data (not the all-time numbers the app shows because those are pretty much worthless), I’d love to know how to do it.
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4 years ago, newtofasting
It’s ok
The app is fine but it’s not personalized to you or your body at all, which is very important regarding ketosis/autophagy. It merely tells you the stages you’re going through based off of when you press ‘start fast’. It does not link (that I’m aware of) with a Fitbit or Apple Watch to give more data and tailor the results to you. There is some good information but also a TON of links that you think will help you but they’re really ads for products....I get it, people have to make a living but it’s somewhat misleading. Also, I didn’t even know about the app until I was 6 days into a Fast. I could not go back and enter the weights from previous weigh ins. This app seems like another attempt by a tech employee to cash in and make it rich by doing the bare minimum regarding a useful app.
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1 year ago, Zbornie
Handy But Could Be Better
I like this app and the UI is attractive and easy to use. However, I’d like to see the following improvements: 1. Show all milestones on the fasting arc that would be reached for current fast WHEN THE FAST STARTS. So, for a 24-hour fast, at least three fasting milestones should appear on the arc at the beginning of the fast—ketosis, heavy ketosis, and autophagy. Right now, only the ketosis icon shows at the beginning of the fast until you get farther into it. Then, the next milestone shows up. 2. In addition to showing all milestones that could be achieved for the current fast, each milestone should indicate the hour it will be achieved (ketosis at 12 hours, heavy ketosis at 18, autophagy at 24, etc.). So basically, the fasting arc should look like the graphic used for the “5 Stages of Intermittent Fasting” at the beginning of the fast (but show only those milestones that will be achieved during the current fast) and also include the number of hours each milestone will be achieved.
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4 years ago, ChandyPants
After 1 false start, I’m now 2 weeks in and all is well!
This app has been fantastic! Seems like a silly thing to rely on an App to keep track of fasting time... but seeing that clock count down, and having that button... for whatever reason is working this time. I’m doing a 16 hour fast daily, and my energy is up, my weight is going down. This has been such a big help. Thank you so much to the devs. I haven’t even engaged in some of the other features, I’m just using the timer, but I’m super thankful that they’ve helped me make a real change that I feel like I can stick to this time.
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3 years ago, Danny_369
Seems better than the rest
Update: So now after having tried many of the other fasting apps it seems that none of them are great. That includes some that are paid apps. So this may be one of the best fasting apps. But if you compare it to all the other apps out there I can still only give it three stars at best. So this is a really great 2 star app. Original review: Annoying. Too many things here pointing you to get the paid app. But then I was going to start a fast after I ate and you can’t set a future time because “We can’t be sure that you will actually start your fast at that time.” ARE… YOU… KIDDING ME!!! Sorry but that is the dumbest thing I’ve seen in a long time.
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5 years ago, Gord On
Missing feature
I think the app is great. I would love be able take notes during the fast to track my body’s reaction to process, my sensations and so forth. I am fasting for the first time in my life and I am my 29 th hour of 36 hour monk fast. I feel alright, it certainly not easy. My symptoms are yellowish skin tone, heat in my face, minty sensations in arms. I am sure those signs will be different next time around. So it would have been nice to have sone sort of diary/log for foods taken before, right after and track the crAves and such. On other hand, it might worth keeping the app as simple as possible.
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4 years ago, KatieHolzy
Support system/ encouragement for eating disorder
I know that, done correctly, intermittent fasting can improve heath and promote weight loss. However, I have read posts from users who are “fasting” for 900+hrs with use of water only. Another poster discussed contemplating purging after eating during her fasting window. This person elected to take an excessive amount of laxatives to help clear her system of the unwanted food instead of vomiting. Other members in the feed send encouraging remarks to these posters. As a registered I find these posts very sad and disturbing. This is extremely unhealthy, not mention dangerous and this App does not do anything to curb these posts. At this point there is nothing this app does to stop the user from fasting too long. This is a dangerous app in the wrong hands. Very disappointed!!! I hope that the makers of this app takes this very seriously.
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2 years ago, ASC_Frustrated in Portland
Pretty good but
It’s a pretty good app and definitely a good price considering how expensive some of these apps are. However, I was disappointed when tracking my water intake and steps through my journey and then work up this morning to have the prior two days not there! Where did the data go?? Plus, I wasn’t able to go back a day or two to add them so now it looks like I didn’t drink any water for 2 days or take any steps. Not a huge deal because I know I did but it would be nice for that information to be counted especially since I did reach my steps and water goals and I’m paying for it, so you kinda want it to be accurate and reliable.
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4 years ago, Pete Joyce
Good Idea
Does what it says. I rated four but probably should be 3.5 I am only using the free version. I’m not thrilled with the navigation. I don’t know what the different colors in the bar mean. I like that they are selling health products— especially if they are the best in their opinion not just companies scratching each other’s back. I’m probably getting the scale they are pushing. If that pans out I’ll look at other things. Back to the app. It keeps me honest. It turns out I’m good at micro fasting. I feel great all the time. I have avoided a ton of calories I do not need and I feel better than ever— the GI track is very happy. I’m 58 and I just discovered the proper way to feed me.
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5 years ago, LuluZ
Best fasting app out there!
This app just keeps getting better. Not only can I track my fasts and edit the start and stop times, but I can join or create fasting groups and track my fasting history. The app also indicates when you are most likely in ketosis and most likely getting the benefits of autophagy (although that is dependent on multiple factors.) You can record your weight as well if you wish to track those changes and the app includes informative articles to educate you. Love this app!
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3 years ago, Melanie 👑
Terrible update
I use to use this app daily. I was in the process of doing an extended water fast when they removed that option. They will not let you do anything over an week. Apparently they know more about your body than you do. I am very obese 380+ pounds, and my doctor was intending to supervise me. I liked that I would be able to track the days within the app but since that has been removed I have switched to a regular countdown app. I’m sure you can track it week by week but that’s not only inconvenient but also confusing. Especially if trying to track hours in ketosis. Not to mention seeing it broken up, or seeing that it has “ended” may cause lack of motivation or cause you to quit your fast earlier than intended.
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5 years ago, Navmatic
great app, just needs a few tweaks
I love this app. It makes tracking my fasts fun & simple, and the social aspects, as well as the informative Learn tab are great. Some things that would make it even better: 1) let me see my current fast, even when I’m in airplane mode or have a bad connection. It’s ridiculous to have to ping your servers just to start a fast or see my current progress, and causes a huge delay when opening the app 2) a counter showing hours since last fast would be nice, so I know how much longer before I start again 3) let me export my data to a CSV file, so I can analyze it with other tools.
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5 years ago, AJ422
After latest update
Now I can no longer edit my fast! I started fasting earlier today but forgot to start the timer so I did it now and went to edit but its blank! I can’t see the wheel to adjust the time! I can hear it turning if I run my finger over the area where it’s supposed to be! You say you fixed bugs that I never noticed but created one glaring one. And yes I restarted/rebooted my phone **Update- the day after, it mysteriously started working again. I can edit my time and actually see numbers not a blank screen so I’m changing my rating back to 4 stars. Overall its a nice tracker.
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4 years ago, Lana 💖
Pretty Good But...
I haven’t been using this app long but a few things that bug me is that the comment section should be reversed. The oldest comment should be at the top and the newest comment should be at the bottom. Also, one of the even more annoying things are that every time you exit the app it refreshes. As in, if I were looking at my feed and exit out the app for a second I would have to start all the way from the beginning of the feed. Other apps don’t do that for me and it’s really frustrating if I’ve scrolled really far in the feed and I have to start all the way over. But good job overall life fasting team!
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11 months ago, Joan Zeb
Tracking eating window???
I was super excited about this app for two features that I was looking for, and found difficult finding in other fasting apps. One of the features is syncing to my Apple Watch, which this does perfectly! And the other feature, I was excited to see advertised for this app, is the ability to track eating windows. I see where it is advertised that this app offers intermittent fasting plans as well as reminders, including tracking eating windows. I can’t figure out how to do it if it is available. I would love for what is advertised to be the reality and then for sure it’s a five star rating! Please advise!
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2 years ago, K9s2Kats
Can’t open the app :((
Update: They have contacted me few times with questions which I appreciate it … BUT I already had provided information asked, but they never offered any resolution or insight. I felt like they’re reaching out, but acted as if “some people” have issues … but if you look on the reviews … a LOT people can’t open the app any longer. I have an iPhone 13 Pro Max … and … I’ve never ever had issues opening apps, except this one. So I gave up — just deleted the app and will request a refund. ———————————— I’ve used in the past, then took a break. Just tried opening the app now and all I see the “waiting to upload” icon. I deleted and reinstalled the app … still the same problem!!! Ugh!!
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5 years ago, Help_Me_Ronda
Great app, needs notification alerts!
The app is wonderful for keeping track of generally where your body is at during a fast - especially an EF of over 36 hours. It does need, however, better person-to-person communication ability within the app. Zero alerts that anyone has posted or commented to you under your post is frustrating. My personal group is only 36 people- and even with that small number it is difficult and time consuming to go back through the thread to see if someone is awaiting your reply. I know I have missed many.
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2 months ago, cj.x.x
This a great FREE App
Yes a Free app thank God, nowadays in this mega capitalist marketing environment we struggle to find a app that is worth using without having a mandatory membership. This app has Life+ but it’s optional it’s not forced upon you in order to use the app. And it’s not needed to start a fast or to edit a fast just in case you forgot to end it or start it as soon as you took you last or first bite…Overall great experience so far. This app has changed me for the better. Much thanks 🙏🏽
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4 years ago, Babyface1026
Amazing but...
I absolutely love this app and the monthly subscription is so low and reasonable! You can schedule your fasts and choose a fast plan that works best for you. It has groups for support and you can put in so much health info to keep track of your internal health. I just wish that this app was on the Apple Watch, so I could start my fasts on my watch rather than going into the actual app. But other than that, it’s amazing and supportive!
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5 years ago, johnstorm
Great app but needs better communication and celebration
I like this app a lot, especially the milestone icons illustrated during the fast. I just wish it was better at communicating things such as hitting the milestones, or when users make comments. I also wish there was an ability to add friends. Finally, it would be great if the app made an acknowledgment when the fast goal is reached. A little confetti, some color changing, something to show a celebration. As it stands now, the clock just keeps ticking away even after the fast goal is reached. Kind of a letdown.
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5 years ago, n6boa
Data is not properly tracked
I just want to share how poorly this app tracks data. Read carefully: Only 4 bar graph data show when there should be 6; it shows 113 hours cumulative fasting when it should be 96; it shows 28 hours in Keto when it should be 24; the dates with data only show 5 dates and there should be 6; it shows 8 total fasts in the cumulative data but there should only be 6. Showing the screen shots would be helpful to see this BUT if you’re data oriented, as I am, then you’d see clearly the data “tracking” is all over the place; there’s no logic to it. Also, the help tab isn’t helpful; emailing wasn’t helpful, and you can’t get them to answer their phone. I know it’s free but don’t bother with this app.
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5 years ago, Michelewtf
This is a great fasting app. Simple and easy to use, but I’m writing a review in hopes my feedback gets looked on. First a mood between I feel Good and I’m struggling, cause sometimes I don’t feel good but I’m not struggling... maybe like a “Meh” emoji, Second some notifications would be nice. When I hit 24h, 48, 72h etc. when the “Keto” hits and other markers in a fast hit. Maybe a measurement log too... and possibly incorporate a better social section of the app. Not asking for anything drastic for it but Idk I don’t see much of a social support and that would be nice. The one app I would like to be social on.
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3 years ago, NannylouG
Pretty good little free app
I am running this in parallel with Zero. I really like the icons on my timer wheel indicating what phase I’m in. Zero doesn’t do that! I’d like to be able to see comments I made during a fast and even edit some in later. For example, maybe I was nauseous last night at midnight but the last thought on my mind was to comment in the app. I like that Zero has an Apple watch complication but this app does not. When I stop a fast with this app on my iPhone it’s not stopped on the iPad. Zero beats this app in that regard.
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5 years ago, zappawolf
Latest update bugging out
It’s been a very useful app for basic fasting. I really like knowing when I’m in heavy ketosis to time my cardio. The latest update, however, makes it difficult to edit fasting start and stop times. I frequently forget to click “begin fast” and have to manually edit it the next day, but you can’t see the text when making those edits. You can get a feel for it and guess until you’re right, but that’s really clumsy. Hopefully this will be fixed in future updates. This is happening on iPhone XS with IOS 13.1.3.
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10 months ago, Sparky11th
Have to give it a 2/5
Yesterday I would have given it a 4/5 easily! But today I got suspended from interacting for no reason. I looked through the guidelines. I can’t find what I did wrong. The community aspect is what helped. I was constantly learning from others. But without being able to interact while the romance scammers get to bother people over and over again, I have no reason to stay. It’s no more useful than other apps if I can’t ask questions or get motivation.
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4 years ago, lawrawrbx
I love this app! (But have some cons)
I’ve been using LIFE for about a year and some change now to monitor my fasting schedule and I love it. It’s helped me gain control of my eating immensely. Two things that I would change/suggest: 1. Bring back the general post wall. I liked posting on the wall or seeing everyone’s updates. The community aspect was a major positive of this app and you guys took it away. 2. Maybe have a widget or something so I can easily access or see my fasting time instead of having to go all the way into the app to see it.
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4 years ago, MathChicklet
Great little Fasting Tracker App
Simple to use and works well for my current needs. I track my weight and length of fasts. I can look at trends. I every now and again record my mood and might use the messaging. While it’s available, haven’t joined any of the support groups. I like that I have the ability to get more immersed in intermittent fasting; this app can also allow me to track glucose and ketones which could be something I do in the future.
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5 years ago, Lolimnotnissy
Has too many bugs:/
Gave it two stars FOR NOW because it actually offers a lot that many casting apps currently don’t! Fasting circles and counting all your hours in ketosis is my favorite, but unfortunately the way the app runs is horrible. Every bug u can think of, quits unexpectedly, randomly exits from where you were and makes you log in, takes very long to load when it actually opens, sometimes it stops track a fast I started? I’ve updated it a few times since but it STILL keeps happening, I honestly am just looking for a new app with similar features and if I find it I’ll delete this one unless it’s finally fixed.
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1 year ago, Trashmemesaremylife
Widget Doesn’t Work
I love this app and have been using it for years but recently I figured out that you can make a widget on your home screen with this app so that you can see your fasting time without going into the app. Unfortunately every time that I have tried using this widget the numbers are off-center as soon as the number starts going up, so the hour number you can’t even see, making the widget pointless. Hope the devs see this and fix it so I can use this widget function bc I was really excited about it!!
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4 years ago, Momz itunes
Loved it until...
To me fasting is about resetting your body including your immune system. I really like this app for my 5 days fasts. My issue- stay away from the topic of vaccines. I came across an article that was teaching about the immune system (Covid article) I became extremely disappointed in the pushing of vaccine paragraph in the immune system lesson. Vaccines have not been found to stimulate the TH1 side of the immune system that actual obliterate viruses out of your body. Instead they stimulate TH2 response which allows for chronic low level viral infections forever in your cells which can cause cancer, autoimmunity and allergies...
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4 years ago, G 987654321
Pretty good app
This is a pretty good app. When I joined last year, the app would provide a 7-day rolling view which was quite helpful. (If today was Wednesday, it would show my last 7 days, back to the prior Thursday). This made it super easy to stick to my fasting goals. After a system upgrade, the 7 day view is a status Monday - Sunday. I constantly have to perform calculations in my head, and scroll between weeks. Maybe this is a minor complaint. But it has completely thrown me off my game for the numbers I was looking to achieve. Due to the pandemic and all of the related pandemic learning curves, this is “one more thing”. More than that, I reached out a few times on the LIFE blogs to inquire about this change and express my preference. Even if nothing can be done, an acknowledgment or response would have been appreciated. Being ignored... not as appreciated.
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5 years ago, Pookababykas
It’s gotten better over time
I've been using for quite a while. For me, the app gets better over time with updates and improvements. Here are my thoughts: 1) I don't care for the fasting groups. I'm in them but they're kind of useless to me. Maybe put them on a different page than the home page. 2) I would like to see fasting and feeding times, not just fasting times. 3) You need to integrate with Apple watch! 4) weights should be able to be entered in as decimals, and you should be able to edit the date (s).
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3 years ago, adfhjrsdghj
Only good for short fasts.
Meh. This app is okay, but it limits you to a 7 day fast. If you want to do a 10-21 day master cleanse it’s utterly useless unless you want to break it into increments (which may encourage you to give up early if an increment ends near a moment of weakness). It’s hard to believe that the creators are “pro-fasting” when they severely restrict the type of fasts this app supports. I had to download a new app that can support extended fasts. I don’t like having two apps. Honor the needs of your audience even if it’s just offered as an a la carte add-on feature.
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3 years ago, BuckWild!
Great App
It isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty good. I really like the little milestones on the timer (showing ketosis and autophagy and more if I fasted longer). That keeps me motivated because I’m trying to burn fat. The weight interface would be easier with a scroll wheel, because you don’t change tens of pounds from day to day. That’s minor, though, and this is helping me stay disciplined so I can loose weight, have a better life, and never become diabetic. So that’s pretty great.
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