Life Fitness Connect

Health & Fitness
4.6 (36.2K)
77 MB
Age rating
Current version
Life Fitness LLC
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Life Fitness Connect

4.56 out of 5
36.2K Ratings
5 years ago, HADBlanco
Good app
It’s a great app to use but the only thing I have problems with is logging on and then it goes back to the sign in page. I used the IOS system on my iPhone and still logs in my workouts but I like to still see in in the app. Is there anyway this can be fixed??? Also I seen on the App Store that this app is officially retired!!!! This is a big disappointment from my perspective!!! Can y’all please bring this back from the grave because HALO does not work in the gym I go to and it really doesn’t work unless you have a membership number connected to it. I used to enjoy the app and I personally would have it a higher score but since it’s retired the app....I have to give it a low score unfortunately
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6 years ago, lilRudebwoy
No longer syncs with treadmill
I use this app to sign into Anytime Fitness treadmills. For years it worked and would my workouts would be posted to the app right after I finished. Then it stopped once the website went away. I can still login with it no problem but my workouts were no longer being saved. I had given up and relegated the app to just being for easy sign in but with the last update one day I saw one of my workouts get posted when I finished. Relief, I hadn’t realized how much I missed this. It worked for a few days last week then it stopped. It would have been better had it not started to work again but now I’m very annoyed by seeing my workout data disappear once again into the ether. Please help. Is there anything I can do to get it working again, I balk at the idea of creating a new account and losing my old data but I’d do that if I were confident doing that would fix the problem. At least this time I saw on the treadmill for the first time ever a message saying error saving data or something to that effect. After that I no longer see any messages and nothing gets posted. I use different treadmills in various Anytime Fitness gyms and it’s always the same, I can sign in but my workouts don’t get posted. It would be really nice if this worked once again ....
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3 years ago, Eee313
Connection connection connection!
Not so connected. Brand new Elevation tread. Having an issue or two with the tread itself but hoping LF takes care of that. But this app is almost useless. It has trouble connecting to tread and logging in - slow, frequent disconnects. The tread itself also has very short period before it will log you off if you are not quickly making selections. For some reason the app thinks it is sensing and connecting to recumbent bike. I’m quite sure it is a treadmill. Perhaps that is limiting the data collected (when it can connect), but I can’t find much to do with the app. The real kicker is so far no practical way to get my activity data from LF ecosystem to Strava and TP (especially elevation gain, incline) where I really manage my data and training. I can’t tell if unit has CSAFE and/or WAHOO-GEM capability which might allow me to broadcast Bluetooth to ZWIFT. Since Peloton bought out Precor I’m hopeful they might acquire LF or at least there might be Peloton option for this tread in future. That would pretty much solve all of it and add Peloton options. $8,000 plus tread and using footpod and watch to collect data.
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5 years ago, Shasson
Needs a place to save weight workouts
Please add a place to save weight workout routine ahead of tine without adding it to the weekly cal goal total. I like to pre plan my strength routine...then check it off as I’m in the gym. I don’t want it to register/log as completed when I’m preplanning...only once I’m done with those sets at the gym; and I don’t want to do all the inputs while I’m in the workout. If I can create the workouts (name, time, sets, weight) ahead of time (without having it register on home page calorie total) then mark it as complete as I finish the round at the gym...the app would be much more accurate and useful. As is, it is decent but the work around is sloppy and inconvenient at best. Probably a 3 star for my personal use but I could see others getting more out of it if they’re not quite as picky as me.
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5 years ago, NewCenturyCyber
LF App Review After 2 Months of Usage
Pros: I love the overall ease of use for the App and the graphical representations to help you see your goals in a visual way. Cons: The App first erased all of my saved settings for the individual workout machines at the start of the month with no way to recover them - even though the previous stats were still saved meaning recovery should have been possible. The App also just started screwing up my recorded data by doubling and even tripling the individual sessions it is recording making the data stats totally inaccurate. - - - - - I hope these get fixed soon as I specifically joined my current gym because of them offering LIfeFitness brand equipment. - - - - - Update: Two days after writing this review, a similar problem happened again where the App appeared to delete data that was just present. I decided to press the “Reload” button to see what would happen a it seemed to reset the data so it now appears correct - but only for the current week that is being reloaded / reset and not previously logged weeks. If you go to them individually and do Reload it, it does seem to fix itself. I’m leaving the 3 Stars though because they could easily fix this by having the App reload itself instead of the user doing it.
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3 years ago, MitchellParis
Please update the app!
The idea is great and I use it when I’m at the gym to track my progress. But, the app is mediocre and very confusing. It would be great if the app would show that data is being recorded from whatever machine is being used. Instead, you’re wondering if it’s actually working. There should also be more features besides tracking how close you are to your weekly goal. A live gauge or graph would be helpful and would make the app seem up-to-date. Again, I love the idea but the app needs some TLC.
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3 years ago, Andywins
When I try to connect it doesn’t.
The app crashes when you press the connect button. Purchased my LF Elliptical in April of 2020. It connected fine until they shut down all connectivity in September of this year from the source. They promised me to just wait a couple of month when a new & improved app would be introduced. Terrible experience. My machine doesn’t provide the promised connected functionality. They are telling me to try the 14 day free trial, but all that provides is zero connectivity to Fitbit or Apple and a bunch of coaching videos for $7 a month. Don’t get this silly app and I would steer clear of their equipment too because software support after the sale has been Nil. I was promised connection to my health app to help me in my goal of being accountable to me, but I was just a quick buck to LF. I WISH I HAD Purchased THE PRECOR product instead!
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6 years ago, Anjax777
No Problems Here
I’ve just read a number of poor reviews, and I have to counter with my own personal experience. I’ve been using the app now for almost four months, and while there’ve been a couple of hiccups, I’ve had no problem maintaining my workouts, retaining info, etc. Every now and then the results numbers and the weekly goal numbers don’t match up, but if the page/screen is refreshed it syncs back up. I live in Japan and like to use the app in English mode; once in awhile the exercise machine itself won’t register in English, but the app works fine. Overalls, if you’re just looking for a simple way to track workouts, it’s a helpful tool.
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3 years ago, rpa011
Does not save work outs
As several others have mentioned, the app no longer saves work outs since the update. This is in regards to Life Fitness Treadmills, it will scan, connect, and track the work out just fine. However, as soon as the work out is ended, the app crashes and none of the results are saved. I now have to take a screen shot on the equipment and manually enter the results for the info to be stored. Have logged out / back in the app, uninstalled / reinstalled the app but neither has resolved the issue. The bug has been reported through the app and so far have not received any useful feedback. I have multiple other apps that I can log the info in manually so there isn’t much benefit in having this app if it doesn’t auto save results.
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4 months ago, Vicentooooooo
Issues using Apple Watch as HR Monitor
Two stars because the app at least logs workouts if there are no connectivity issues that clear the metrics even when the console still has the Bluetooth symbol. If there are any connectivity issues I have to manually log them at the end before it clears and if I don’t forget. Issue seems localized when Apple Watch is used as a heart rate monitor and not when I use my iPhone and heart rate sensors that come with treadmill. Either the track connect console needs an update or the app (Both devices and significant other’s devices on latest app and iOS update). Used to work fine, would love to have the functionality back again!
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6 years ago, U8 coach
Will not work in conjunction with Apple Watch
I’ve tested the app out with some new Life Fitness equipment that has Apple Watch gym kit connectivity and after starting a workout with the Apple Watch connected the LF app won’t connect and has an error message. When using by itself it works fine, but when using it first then trying to connect an Apple Watch the watch will not connect. For me I’d rather have the heart rate of the Apple Watch appear on my cardio machine than the LF app it’s too bad they can’t work together.
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7 years ago, Kayla82
Everything was great
Erased my Sunday and Monday for this week when I logged my first workout for Wednesday. So , crashing and erasing data all the time now. Great. Now Crashing every time I make an entry. Neither Proximity nor QR log in are working either. Then the update .. it erased my data. I was 4 days in this week alone and now I have nothing to go on. I don’t write this all down since the app is supposed to be my tool. Will it erase again..? I don’t know, trust is shaken a bit. Now I’ll have to take pictures when I’m done with a day to keep track. It’s an easy log in but if you aren’t sure you’re going to erase people’s information then don’t touch stuff. I like the screens less than before too. I don’t like the graph .. I just liked how it was , nothing was broken it needed no fixing.
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3 years ago, Jillibobb
Don’t do the update!!!
I really wish I read the reviews before updating. It logged me out and then it took forever (and probably 100 error messages) to reset my password and log back in. The new layout is confusing, disorganized, and lacks a certain functionality and ease of use. Luckily my gym has mostly LF machines so I was able to log my cardio, but when I got to the weight machines, the QR codes didn’t register (yay, another error message!)…and there’s no button to add new strength workouts on my app that I can find. So frustrating. I’ve used this app on and off for years, but I’ll give this app maybe another week of use. If I can’t log my workouts effectively, then unfortunately there’s really no point to it.
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6 years ago, jackg8671
Great App
This app works amazingly well with the LifeFitness equipment in the Planet Fitness I belong to. It’s light years ahead of logging results manually in a notebook, which is what I did before I started using it. If you’re using non-LF equipment, you can create manual workouts and the results of your last workout are saved for a quick reference. My only problems with the app (preventing a 5 star rating) are: - I’m unable to delete old or duplicate workouts that clog up the Search screens. Duplicates resulted from earlier versions that sometimes showed no results in a Search, meaning you had to re-create a manual workout (almost always with a slightly different name than the original); and - the LF equipment does not show the results of your last workout (sets/weight used) Jack G. Mantua, NJ
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3 years ago, DinoChemist
Limited and buggy
The app is able to connect to an exercise bike and log a workout. Beyond that the functionality is very limited. Logged workouts do not contain data overtime or watt information generated during the workout. The app claims an integration with Fitbit but it fails to connect and no information is sent. The Fitbit connection also has incredibly liberal access to Fitbit data which feels excessive. If the company invests in integrations and data reporting there is potential in the app and incentives for pay for their premium features.
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7 years ago, Hugo Z. Hackenbush
Flawed log on makes app useless
Relies on logging everytime you open app? Seriously??? I. I could live with the extra security, I mean I wouldn’t ever want the dark web to find out my caloric burn, BUT i CANT EVER LOG ON! After entering credentials always returns to logon screen. I’ve tried three recent versions—whatever is being done with login is tripping up system. Wish I could rate, but haven’t had chance due to some faulty logic trap. UPDATE: bug fixes have not changed log on bug.
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6 years ago, moorereeds
First time user
I discovered this new bike and app today at the Bartlett Rec Ctr here in TN for the first time. I was able to download the app in the middle of my workout, it was quick and even downloaded the whole workout onto the app on my phone even though I was 20 minutes into it when the app was ready to use. I can’t believe how simple this was, even for ME!😜 Now I’m able to track my progress and consistency, etc., much more easily! Thanks!
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5 years ago, CK Oj
Bike scenery freezes
the scenery on RideSocial is constantly freezing, not sure if it’s internet or software related. I’ve reported this as a “bug” numerous times to LifeFitness, and to my gym. Nobody at the gym seems to know how to resolve this. I love the concept of RideSocial but when the screens freeze in every one of the available locations and I have to restart it makes my hour on the bike turn into more like 90 minutes.
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4 months ago, Jmoar
Data does not export
It’s really not bad app, but it is mostly proprietary and you can’t get the data out to put it in a source like Strava or Garmin connect or whatever you are currently using for all sports or workouts. I have been trying all day and contacted Support and there’s really no way to upload unless you want to use a Fitbit or something like that which they say works. I think integrating an app like Strava would be very good for them in the future because that’s a great all-around way to record your activities and keep track of everything in one place.
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1 year ago, silvere2
Needs a manual
Please put a manual on a webpage showing how to select/set up workouts so i can define machine wts, chair posns etc to log my workouts and pull them up for reference at next visit. Stats are interesting but it takes too long to log indiv exercises and is maddening to figure how to input my numbers by trial and error. I’ll probably go back to pencil/paper when i finally learn each machines settings and make my own workouts. Love that it connects to my iphone Health pgm but again I’m unsure how to log wkouts and find the stats.
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7 years ago, LAinChgo
Bad from the moment I downloaded
I do not know how well this app works because; I Can Not Log In after the initial logging. Since it would not accept the initial password, I went online and made the necessary changes (submits request for pw change/open email/changed password/ logged in. That was the only time I have been able to log in. The website or app logging give me the same error in spite of the fact that I use chrome which saves the usr/pw information as avoids the typical user errors, misspelling and such. The worst part is the Complete Lack Of Customer App Support. There is no way to contact anyone regarding the issue.
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6 years ago, Peach E Keen
A step up
Our small condo gym recently upgraded from old nautilus equipment to Life Fitness. I use the tower pulley thing most and since it’s so hot I’ve started using the treadmill. Very smooth operation for both. I am anxious to use the app to keep track of workouts. I haven’t been able to do this as the equipment isn’t registered yet. Best feature I’m anticipating is that I can keep track of mileage on treadmill and then also keep track of outdoor walks too once it gets cooler.
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7 years ago, Kimjohnsoncpa
My only total workout tracker
Love this app for tracking my workouts. Pro’s - easily tacking workouts with QR codes except at Planet Fitness. Fast inputs. Not having to remember how many reps and how much weight during the last workout. Con. I wish it had a notes section that I could add my own note too. I work out at multiple gyms and some of the same equipment I use different weight amount, so I would like to be able to distinguish which gym for which weight amount.
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2 years ago, Jedigoalie30
Needs an Apple Watch companion app
I like how this will add accurate treadmill run data to my Apple Health/Fitness apps, however because it doesn’t add data until the run is finished, some information gets essentially double-entered (active energy and workout minutes), and it doesn’t track heart rate within the workout. There should be a companion app for the watch that links to the machine in real time to record the workout and include heart rate information.
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3 years ago, saw185
Works as intended
I have confidence in LifeFitness to always work as intended. I usually work out at the Northside YMCA in Richmond, VA. So to visit the gym at the Anchorage Marriott and have the same experience with a LifeFitness treadmill (I almost never use a treadmill but you have to use what is available) through the LFConnect app provides a sense of confidence that LifeFitness is well integrated in every sense of the word!
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6 years ago, mskreis
Horrific experience
After the LFconnect web site was terminated I had to upgrade my current console to the $1000 Track Connect console in order to use the app. The app has never been able to load a single workout created within the app. I’ve called LifeFitness 3x and have yet to receive a call back from them. I’ve sent 5 bug reports via the app over 3 weeks and have not received a single reply. Lesson learned about this company!
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3 years ago, I love food and food
Thankfully the Old App is Still Available
Managed to keep the old app for years without updating it. Woke up this morning to find they had forced an auto update. I signed in and found my workout history was intact but all my user-added exercises were gone (name, weight, reps, time, intensity). This is unacceptable from the dev team. If they are forcing the update, that data should have been transferred over to the new app as well. Thankfully the old app is now available as LF Connect Basic. Just downloaded it and all my data is there. I will be using the old app.
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1 year ago, WalterMitty517
Love the App. Please add Apple Watch version.
Would be awesome if I could connect my watch to the equipment and app and use the watch heart rate monitor and display that on the equipment screen. I connect my watch to the equipment but this only works with Apple Workouts and does not log me into the Life Fitness Connect app. Please, please, please make a watch app!
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3 years ago, pali elliptical
Question on SE3 display
This question is addressed to developer who wil hopefully answer this. I just got life fitness elliptical 95x with se3 display and just set up lf app and used it for first time. Relatively easy, thank you. My question: I like to watch Netflix while working out. Before I set up app I had to input login and password (hard to do while pedaling) each time I went on elliptical. Is there a way my machine can remember login info of Netflix (and eventually pandora, etc) when I go on so I don’t have to input each time? This is home machine so I don’t care if other family members use this login (we share subscription). Does my lf app login remember the Netflix login or is this something I can do in setup? Step by step instructions please. Thanks
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5 years ago, ilgrim26
Clutch App
I have a planet fitness membership and I was looking for an app to help me record my progress. I tried using the Planet Fitness app and it was not quite what I was looking for. Over the last two weeks I have been using this LFCONNECT app and it has been truly amazing. I am tracking my progress effectively, getting stronger because I know where I left off and not wasting anytime messing around with a useless app. Good job guys. Keep up the great work.
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6 years ago, rondave72
Love this idea
I gave this 4 stars and not 5 because building an interval workout and a hill workout were more difficult than they needed to be. Editing them was also problematic. Maybe I got it wrong but if it seemed like you had to delete all the way back to your mistake and re-enter the intervals. So if you screwed up interval 8 and found it while entering interval 13, 9-13 would be lost to fix 8. Other than that, it is very cool.
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3 years ago, LFCOHEN
New Sept 2021 update destroyed the app
Nothing works properly anymore. The calories count is crazily broken. I have been using this app for years. It is now useless. What is wrong with you guys? At least I was able to login…. Horrible. Do not update… Update: the new version did update the calories count and all fine again! So I am moving my one star review to a 4 star one. Thanks.
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11 months ago, Bladec59
Apple Watch issues
When I tell the app to get HR values from my Apple Watch, the watch says GPS mode, even though I’m on a Treadmill. GPS mode causes multiple problems including battery drain on the watch. It also causes many short duration Outdoor Runs to populate in the Apple Fitness app. In addition, when I end the workout via my treadmill console I never get the Save/delete option in the app, and the Apple Watch app keeps running and I have to manually kill it. so far, not impressed.
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2 years ago, pdxmattchapman
Recent purchaser
This is one of the least Intuit apps I have ever used, which is doubly disappointing because the treadmill does not really have an operator manual. I have found it exceptionally difficult to set up and have still not been able to be successful. That is despite the fact that I believe I am fairly experienced with various electronic devices and have been able to figure out what to do in most all cases. I cannot recommend this product, which is unfortunate because I think if it were explained it is probably pretty good.
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3 years ago, evaghelos
New update
Great app and always has been but the new update removed the manual log for other activities. Previously I could add other activities manually which I cannot do anymore. Also with the update, it doesn’t carryover my previous sets to the next day on the machines. Why?
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6 years ago, NoOneAnon
Doesn’t work & hard to find instruction
I hv a LifeFitness cycle with Track Console. I want LFConnect to record my sessions so that results can be sent to my Fitbit account ( Fitbit is unable to track exercise in a stationary bike) . Bluetooth is enabled but nothing connects when near or cycling in the bike. I’m not at a deficit when using software (or writing it!) I would give this no stars if possible. No one should have such a difficult time and be left with so little by way of support documentation etc. I’ve spent way too much time because LFConnect folks aren’t attempting to fulfill minimum standards for software release.
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3 years ago, Domino718
Updated App
Since I updated the new app this past week, my cell phone has no problems connecting to my Recumbent Bike. The previous app I had problems connecting 50% of the time. I had to manually enter my figures several times before it would click to my fitness app.
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4 years ago, ShadowKing99
Lansing Location
I went to the Okemos location every day for 2 years. Loved it. I had surgery a year ago and am only just now getting back to the gym. I have moved to DeWitt so I signed up for the Lansing location on West Saginaw. Just as it was at Okemos, friendly staff and a clean and energetic environment. The only negative is that there are no level 4 tanning beds. This may be a deal breaker for me.
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3 years ago, pharxmgirxl
Great app
It’s a great app. I use it to connect directly to the cardio machines in the gym. I also use it to log my strength training. I gave 4 stars because I wish the strength training log section had a place where you can add free text notes about the exercise. Often I would like to save machine settings or other notes for various exercises.
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3 years ago, CrispinRoy
QR login on iPhone broken
For the last few weeks the app has refused to connect to the cross-trainer at my gym. Previously it had been working fine. Even the NFC option doesn’t work. Not happy. Update: I completely uninstalled the app and reinstalled it. After doing that it would connect at the beginning of my workout and appear to be tracking correctly. However at some point during the workout it drops the connection and doesn’t save the results. Very frustrating!
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3 years ago, dbake72
Reduced Performance after Major Update
I understand why the app did an update to add more features and coaching-increased revenue. I do not have an issue with that, but the app should not reduce performance after a major update. I have been using the app for over 3 years and have given the new update a substantial time to deal with bugs but I am growing frustrated with it. The largest frustration is starting the app. My computer from 2010 would start faster. I should be able to start the app and be able to login to a machine in under 10 seconds; like the old app. The app is no longer reliable. When I get to the gym I have a 50% chance of an issue that the previous update did not have. It also looks like the app does not work with app 15.1.
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4 years ago, nyspp
Record laps
TREADMILL: This app would benefit from the ability to review splits in specified increments (such as 1 mile). My Garmin watch automatically creates laps after each mile and this I can see the Avg pace/HR/etc... for each lap after the workout- this should be added to LFCONNECT. Also integration with Garmin running watches would be nice, as well as the ability to upload data to Garmin Connect. I would appreciate it if they gave you the option on the treadmill console to run only trail video courses or to choose the location again- I think this went away when our YMCA treadmills got upgraded. Lastly, it should be more user-friendly to setup workouts such as interval training. I would like to be able to set up a progression run that automatically adjusts
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6 years ago, 969812345
What does your app do?
First time giving negative feedback on a fitness app. So far the only thing I’ve been able to do with this app is download more apps? Do any of them actually work? I’ve tried several different bikes. The app didn’t read the scan and doesn’t connect via blue tooth. Even if it did, then what? It logs the workout? I can tell you’ve invested in the tech so come on, get it to work for you. Just surveyed others in my immediate vicinity (I’m writing while I ride) and no one is using your app, they’ve ALL tried. They are riding your bikes but not using your app.
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6 years ago, Phil Fenix
Cannot create new profile
I wasted 20 minutes trying to log in on a treadmill. I went through the process several times only to be told at the end that my user profile could not be created. So, I got the app to see if I could just create a profile there. Nope. At the second stage of creating a profile it asks for your birthday. Mine is in December. The app will only let you choose days of the months that have have already passed. So, you can only choose January or February up until the 14 since those days have already passed. Pretty stupid.
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4 years ago, tintin-snowy
Good app, but buggy
Syncs with my discover se3hd condole. However there are bugs.. 1. Custom workouts created inside the app — both at facility or home level — do not sync at all with the discover console. This is a BIG issue! 2. Weekly progress indicator, while correct graphically, always shows 0% at the bottom even when it’s greater than 0.. Update — thanks for your reply. Understood about the 0% indicator, although IMHO it’s not very intuitive. The bigger issue is about custom workouts not showing up with discover console. They don’t show up with my iPhone 8 running 13.5.1 iOS. They do show up when created using iPhone 11 running same os version. I had already sent the mail to the developers last week. No response though.
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11 months ago, applebut999
Needs some work
I’ve noticed for a long while now that not every session I log on this app is properly recognized by the fitness app that comes with iOS. I end up having to record the details of my workout, delete the log and manually add it back for it to properly reflect. I’m thinking it’s some kind of sync issue between this app and the health app.
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5 years ago, TSinCOS
For real?
So this was awesome and mainly because it was very responsive and easy to use. The issue came when it updated and erased all my hard work and data. My manual workout log data which I used a ton for free weights is gone. I had my weight progression and what weight I needed for about 12 different types and they are all gone. It is also not keeping my log information after I enter it like it used to. For instance bench press 3 reps with weight for each is now gone and not tracked. Bad update!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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6 years ago, coingroup
Not very intuitive
This app makes editing a workout very difficult. I have an interval workout and I’m trying to add time at the beginning. I don’t know why they didn’t make it easier to do something so simple. First, you have to figure out what the arrows are for and when you finally do, they don’t function as they should. If your interval training calls for inclines and intermittent rest periods, you better enter it PERFECTLY the first time otherwise you have to delete it and start ALL over again. Can you imagine doing that for incline levels 1-8?
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4 months ago, Fixthisapp123!!
Can NOT Log into Account via Facebook
I have not been able to log back into my account with Facebook! The error states “ App not active: This app is not accessible right now and the app developer is aware of the issue. You will be able to log in when the app is reactivated.”. App does not offer any other way to log in when linked to Facebook. App support is nonexistent, as the link is broken “Error 404. Page not found” Fix the app PLEASE! App is excellent when you can ACTUALLY log into it!
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2 years ago, RubiconMan18
Good / terrible all at once
First I’d like to say that I love the idea of this app. However the implementation falls short. Issues: *When recording a treadmill run this should save to apple health as an indoor run. *A heart rate monitor can be connected. However the individual heart rates are not saved to apple health, only the average which makes reviewing poor. Please record and save all heart rate measurements for post workout analysis. *No way to save the workout to apple health a second time. Please add a save to apple health button. Dream: If you could create an Apple Watch app and merge it with GymKit in a way that equipment unable to work with GymKit could use this app for distance , but use watchOS for calories and heart rate that’d be awesome.
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