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User Reviews for Life Time Digital

4.78 out of 5
177.1K Ratings
4 years ago, embracingturning60
Hot Yoga
I’ve been a member of Laguna Niguel lifetime since it opened. Lifetime has truly been life changing for me in so many ways. First, it’s been like a family, a home away from home. But second, most importantly my health has benefited in so many ways. I have severe scoliosis and since joining lifetime, meeting Clyde, and being introduced to MAT, I was able to create a neuromuscular connection with my left leg, something that my doctor said only surgery could do. Not only has my strength and cardio endurance improved, my scoliosis has too!! I’m 61 and this is something that just doesn’t happen! I recently had a 5 year follow up doctor appointment, x-rays. And the first time in my life there was an improvement, significant enough (11%!) to have my doctor ask me what I have been doing the last 5 years. The only thing different was hot yoga here at lifetime and being introduced to Bree and Scroth Physiotherapy, she is an amazing Pilates trainer! So not only has lifetime help me thrive, I am hoping to be a case study for the benefits of hot yoga and scoliosis!! Thank you lifetime I’m beyond grateful you chose Laguna Niguel to open your first California club!!
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1 year ago, NewtoTIU
App is okay
It does all the things you’d expect a gym membership to do- book group fitness reservations, manage your account, virtual classes, and more. I’m not sure how well the virtual classes work in the app as I haven’t tried those. But the feature for searching for classes could use some work. The schedule shows everything all in one place, but then you have to filter for the relevant types of classes. Not sure why there isn’t just a button already there for “group fitness” “kids club” etc. so that’s con #1. You have to create filtered views of what you want to see, so for all adult group fitness classes, you can create a filter and save it to your favorites so you don’t have to apply the filters every time. I guess that’s nice, but not sure why it’s set it up in a way where you have to do this every single time. The other issue with this is that the “favorites” tab is buried in the app so then when you save your favorites, it takes multiple clicks to get to it. It should be front and center so that when you open the classes section, you can immediately select the filter favorite (or just have buttons that do this filtering for you already?). It’s little things like that that make this app difficult to navigate.
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6 years ago, Javagirl66
Onboarding Session, Cafe
I am very happy I have joined Lifetime! Initially, I thought I would join for the summer only, however I am now thinking I will continue going past the summer. This place is not just a gym, it’s a country club! So far, I have had a very informative, great Onboarding Session with Devon and PT Session. She has just the right combination of friendliness and professionalism that is serious but not intimidating. There is equipment here that I have not seen in any standard gym. I have taken two yoga classes and love the candles and aromatherapy. I had a fantastic lunch of Avocado Toast and sweet potato which made me happy because I am from California and it’s hard to find that kind of meal around here. Please continue to be innovative with the food and drink selection, that is what will keep the serious members loyal. Can’t wait to use the pool! For those who want a truly “full service” club, this is it! As they say, you get what you pay for. If you want to make an investment in your health and wellness you have to make that a financial priority. As I indicated earlier, Lifetime is not a gym, it’s a lifestyle club.
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5 years ago, AppDude27
You NEED this App for your Membership
LifeTime Fitness’s member app is a one stop shop for EVERYTHING you need to know about the gym, classes, events, individual workouts, and more! The amount of features this app is packed with is well worth the membership price we pay every month to stay at this gym. I’ll start with the User Interface. Very easy to use, you know exactly where you need to go. The calendar system for planning out your workouts/events/classes is modern and very easy to use. I love how it integrates with Apple calendars so my phone can keep me posted when these events happen. You can even reserve your seat in classes like cycling, which makes it really easy to get involved with the community. As far as features and functionality, this app has it all. Individual workouts show you exactly what equipment you need to use, how many reps/sets, when to do what. Classes/Events show you when/where they happen. The news board is a great way to keep track of what’s happening at your location. The app even tracks personal visits and goals. Overall, I love using the LifeTime Fitness app. It’s perfect. If you are a member of LifeTime Fitness, I recommend you download this app as soon as possible. After all, you are paying for it!! Great job devs for providing a wonderful experience!
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5 years ago, Snaiga - member
Amazing classes and instructors with lack of customer service in aquatics
Lifetime has some very hard working instructors who do their best to attract and retain customers. I look forward to Zumba, cycling, Latin fusion classes every week. My husband loves kickboxing and TCX. However, the unpleasant experience in aquatics Vernon Hills turns positive into negative. Disappointing approach by the aquatics Director who made our 10 year old daughter cry just because her parents are not standing with their “toes dipped” in the pool, a rule that’s not being enforced most of the time. We respect rules to ensure member comfort and safety; however, consistency and having a clear purpose of a rule you have posted is key. It can turn into a negative situation when a parent is told to get out of hot tub because a child is swimming nicely in the pool this one time, when it was always ok before for many months in a row. Also, you cannot help but feel singled out and picked on by staff of aquatics. We would recommend you test kids under 12 and issue wristbands to help relieve tension between Lifetime and parents in aquatics.
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3 weeks ago, bevuasr
Booking issues
I am so tired of this app. I have been a member for a year now. The app is user-friendly however it has system outages almost on the daily. I am not exaggerating when I say that at least once a week when you go to book there is some sort of issue. Oh and if you’re traveling for gorbid you want to book your workout. It happened to me when I visited Colombia and now it’s happening again in the Caribbean. There should be no issues seeing as I have the app and I’m logged into the app. I’ve spoken to my friends in miami and they have no issues. And this has happened to many friends of mine when they go out of town they can’t book either. I went ahead and deleted the app and reloaded it in hopes that I can schedule my workouts for next week. When I reloaded it and went to log back in it says too many requests. This was my first request!!!! This shouldn’t happen. I should be able to book through my app from whatever country I’m in as long as I’m on my own device and logged in!!!!
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5 years ago, nieobliczalna
Please LT do something 🙄
Great gym, however women shouldn’t be allowed to walk into jacuzzi fully dressed. It’s so unhygienic and in plain language disgusting. People should also be prohibited to use faulty language around others and locker attendants should be visible and present in locker rooms at all times. Why? You turn around for a moment & you’re missing something. I already lost two items! Yeah! Second time I only went around the corner to get a towel ... Unbelievable. Gym of this quality should care more about their reputation. Oh! Could we please have signs by saunas “NO SHOES ON BENCHES”? It blows my mind that people are coming from the outside or from wet shower floor straight on to benches. Yeah! That’s what I mean, they step on the benches with their dirty sneakers or wet flip flops, and right after it somebody else sit on it in their bathing suit! And at times you may find someone scrubbing their feet right there 🥵🥵PLEASE BRING SOME ORDER TO LT OR SIMPLY SUSPEND MEMBERSHIP IF PEOPLE ARE MISBEHAVING. It’s really seriously WRONG!!
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6 years ago, Ebertfan
Great classes, too busy!
When you have to arrive at a gym 15 minutes before class to get a spot make something that should be relaxing and rejuvenating stressful. The Group fitness class teachers are excellent! The problem is they allow people to hold spots for numerous other people hours before class begins. In order to attend a spinning class, you must reserve a bike sometimes up to six days in advance. I guess this shows how much people enjoy the gym, but it seems some of their systems can be changed. When you join Lifetime, it depends who you talk to as to how much you will be charged. The facility (equipment) in general is great however cleanliness has something to be desired. It would also be nice if the aquatics department encouraged people to share lap lanes in the pool. Overall I’ve had a very good experience at Lifetime; I just wish my hour long workout didn’t turn into a one and a half hour work out just so I can get a spot in a class.
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7 months ago, PabloNeruda11111
Great App!!!
As I have used the LifeTime app over the past couple of weeks, I have loved my experience with the app. I loved the easy access to my LifeTime membership through the mobile membership card, but the big kicker is the different classes that you can schedule and are offered online through the App. Most of these apps have workout plans that you can find online for free, so this app offering different options is very helpful. The app was mostly easy to use, however, they could update the user interface to more easily find personal training and workout videos that LifeTime offers. I love the ability to also schedule classes with trained personal training experts to get a great workout. Also, the workouts in the app being included with the membership is a big plus.
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7 years ago, Beekay66
Integration With My Plan on Computer
I have transitioned to the new app on my phone and it is working fine. It accessed my current Active Metabolic Test and I am using that. But, in the past, when using the old app, it automatically downloaded to My Plan in my account on my computer and I could see the calories burned. With the new app there is no syncing to My Plan (I can also see the latest Metabolic Assessment in My Plan on my computer). Is there a way to see how many calories I have burned or is syncing going to work some time in the future? I am downgrading this review. When you click on the link for support it takes you to the Life Time website which = no support. I called corporate and emailed my club two weeks ago, crickets. Not one personal trainer uses it Or knows anything about it. Life Time if you put out a product please support it.
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6 years ago, Nay Curry
Obtaining my goals! 😁
As an older woman (57 years young!)and definitely going through menopause, I had all but given up on losing weight, or any hope of having a reasonably decent body. In July of 2017, I was in for my yearly, with my Doctor who proclaimed “ you NEED to lose weight”, and at 177 pounds (and 5’6” tall) I knew it was true. I asked our family friend, Cole Boardman, to watch out for a joining sale at the gym. September came, and he text me! I RAN into Lifetime to meet with Morgan! She took me through the process and was AWESOME! 6 months in, i have lost 20 POUNDS! (The woman who thought she was doomed to be overweight for the rest of her days!) and with the help and encouragement of Cole Boardman and the great classes on site, I now see my goal getting closer every day! THANK YOU LIFETIME AND COLE BOARDMAN! My life and wellbeing are bettered by my involvement with you all! Renie Curry Prior Lake
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4 years ago, Jessie 94
I am addicted!
I love the classes, the swimming pools, the fitness floor, everything! Just can’t stay away from it all! I visited the club almost every day even throughout my pregnancy and 5 weeks after l gave birth l was back. When my son was 3 mo l registered him and brought him to the infant daycare. At 4 months he started swimming classes. They have great infant, toddler and kids care and activities/classes. I primarily use the Garden City location and occasionally Syosset. Staff is very friendly and professional, club is clean, all exercise equipment is constantly maintained and very rarely you will find something out of order unlike other gyms. The only thing that bothers me and several others members is people wearing shoes, snickers even boots in the sauna, on the benches. Hopefully something can and will be done about that!
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5 years ago, gymmom3940
Tot Spot
I really like lifetime, but I have one complaint. The reason why I joined lifetime was because I thought the childcare was really locked down, I brought my 1.5 year old to the tot spot and was very displeased. Older children were going in and out of the tot spot and allowing children to go in and out...and the door was not being monitored by an employee. Also, when I joined they told me the ratio for the tot spot was 1 teacher to 6 toddlers. There was only 2 teachers and about 20 toddlers. I brought it up to an employee and they told me that the older toddlers have to option to go in an out of the tot spot as they please. I am very discouraged by this and will not be dropping my son at the tot spot due to the danger of him being able to get out. I hope that lifetime makes this problem right.
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5 years ago, Adam Zelaway
Steam Room
One of the main reasons I go to Lifetime is to use the steam. That is one of the main pleasures I get. Not just at the gym, but in life. I really enjoy that room after a long hard workout. The Florham Park’s club men’s steam room was not working and when I told someone they said it has been an ongoing issue. I just restarted going to gym again after considering leaving and the two main reasons I decided to stay was bc of the towel service and the steam room. I would appreciate that steam room to always be functional. Again, this is one aspect I really look forward to, even more than the workout sometimes. Please make a permanent fix to it.
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3 years ago, Jason0479
Needs a major overhaul
Lifetime fitness has state of the art facilities, its time they have state of the art technology on an app. When registering for a popular class the app just spins and spins when you click into the class to register. It'll tell you that you have spot 8, for example, and then when you hit confirm it says that spot is no longer available. Then when you try to go back in and register again there will already be a waitlist. There was a week where I couldn't even register for the waitlist even after signing out and signing back in to the app. Eventually I was able to get on the waitlist after trying for over 45 minutes. Don't get me wrong, I love the reservation idea and having a confirmed spot in a class. The app needs to be redone so that it doesn't crash when 50 people all try and register for the same class at the same time. I would be more than happy to talk to someone in tech development to further discuss this issue.
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3 years ago, L Chu
Virtual Live Streaming of Classes is not in the app
In the latest version, you can now finally see which classes are virtual, but it’s in a separate spot from the other class schedule - and it doesn’t even work, all classes are shown and you can’t filter on virtual-only! Also, the live stream isn’t actually available in the mobile app - it’s a link to a webpage for that specific gym. Which you can only see if you add the class to your phone’s calendar (not the calendar/schedule in the app). So now my schedule is in 2 places - in the app for registered classes (btw they moved the easy Reservation list to under your profile - 3 taps now instead of a single swipe) AND my phone’s calendar for virtual classes. The new home page does look nice but unfortunately the app doesn’t actually function as expected. At least it doesn’t crash!
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5 years ago, Barrebara
Good morning, I love the facility. Everyone is so friendly and professional. I had a facial in the salon with Beatrice and it was wonderful! There are classes offered at 5:30am which is great for my schedule during the school year so I appreciate that. Here’s my big concern. I joined for the yoga and the barre. In terms of the yoga, I’m getting used to the lifetime way. I would like to see more variety and more classic yoga offered if possible but I’m getting more comfortable with classes like Fire. Kaela is awesome!! Stacey is so great too. I am not happy with the barre program at all. First, the barre core, barre fusion and barre strength aren’t really barre classes. What I love about barre is the intense working of each muscle group followed by intense stretching of that muscles group right after. That is not happening in these classes. We’re also hardly using the barre if at all. Michelle is a wonderful teacher and her classes are challenging but they’re not barre classes and that’s so disappointing. I’ve also been asking for more barre class options since lifetime opened including a barre class offered on Sundays and I believe there’s a lot of interest in it but that hasn’t happened. Thanks for the opportunity to give feedback. I hope it helps.
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1 year ago, LHWM2008
Not suitable for IPad Viewing
Updating my review, this app is useful for digital classes only. It would be nice to allow us to save our filters. Also it would be nice to filter by workout classes you take at the gym in studio 1 or 2. You have so many different choices it can be confusing what to choose. Example; have a filter that says workout classes only. You have a mixture of kids classes, adult classes and paid classes but I could not find a filter that is strictly free, adult classes only. For those who have an IPad when you click live viewing and then choose your class. Then you join. After joining at the bottom right are 2 icons one to zoom in and out and the is a rotation. This will provide a full screen view.
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4 years ago, Kenanikai
I have tried several times to set up an emergency contact. As soon as you put in the first digit of the phone number you get a message that it not a valid digit. After you finish the entry you get a message that there’s been an error. I have reported this twice, but have not received the courtesy of a reply. The men’s locker room floor needs to be at least swept once a day. In view of all the money that has been spent on expensive new equipment, it would seem that you could replace the ratty old mats in the stretching studio. One of the physical trainers keeps taking the slant boards from the stretching studio and not returning them. It seems you could get a couple more. They are probably a lot cheaper than the new treadmills.
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5 years ago, Texas Girl4
The gym I left cleaned all of the time. The bathrooms at times smelled of bleach a lot but I knew they were clean. This gym, that I pay 3xs as much for is gross!!! The lady’s locker room is disgusting! Every time I open a locker there is always hair. Lots of pubic looking hair in the lockers. Floors are gross. I don’t use the showers because they don’t look clean. I pay way too much money here to have to feel like my health may be in jeopardy in the locker room. I could send you a chronological snap chat I’ve done this week with dates on them showing a gigantic hair ball in a locker that has been there for the entire week. I know they aren’t cleaning in there. At this point I’m thinking of switching back to a sucky gym because I know they clean well. I had a client who died because he contracted an antibiotic resistant bacteria at his gym. I take cleanliness at the gym seriously
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4 years ago, By Dionne
It’s Everything All in One :-)
I love this app. It’s my go to for everything at Lifetime Fitness from signing in, to reviewing class descriptions, schedules and time. I really love having access to fitness videos when I can not make it to gym. I absolutely enjoy the videos that break out how to do a movement. Omg. This rocks completely in the gym or at home. I also love that I can use it to record my workouts and note how much I’m lifting with a plan timer to help me stay on track in between reps. It’s awesome to check out meals menu in cafe. Check out the supplements and make class or event registrations. Like I said; It’s Everything & More! :)
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6 years ago, Hermie07
Easy to use.
My favorite features of this app are that I can instantly see how many times I’ve visited this month, and that I can access my club card if I ever forget it! I also like that I can make browse classes and make class reservations right on my phone through this app. However, after receiving 2 confirmation emails for my most recent class, I didn’t receive any email notifications when the class was subsequently cancelled! I checked on my app to make sure that it had been labeled as “cancelled” - which it had - so I feel like if I can get an automated email with my reservation details, I should get an automated email for important updated such as class cancellations.
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5 years ago, sad about the pool
Short staffed outdoor fun
One of the things that drew us to Lifetime as a family is the great outdoor facilities in the summer. It was quite a disappointment that the slides were closed for most of it and that hours seem to be getting shortened now that we are only able to use it on weekends. Imagine my children’s disappointment when after our morning activities we plan to spend the day at the pool and our time is cut short because no one wants to work the last shift. As a former lifeguard guard/trainer and manager of pools I understand the difficulty but maybe offer some more incentives to get employees there. Some adults guard as well but from what I have seen around this area they are definitely not paid enough. Thanks for you time. Tracey
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5 years ago, WieRok67
Good App for what I do with it...
I primarily use the app to sync my heart rate with my metabolic zones (had an assessment done with my trainer). The only thing I can think of for improvement is it would be nice if there was a horizontal screen orientation on the heart rate screen. This would be nice to use with your phone stand or when clipped into the row machines phone holder which has a horizontal orientation. The cafe plug in is good - but is very picky about making you scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen before the submit button works (even when you can see/click the button.). Other than that - it’s great!
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7 years ago, CaJoBe
Apple Watch - wallet added without a scan option?
I used the old app daily. I was happy to see there is an option in this version for adding the membership to wallet. While my phone includes the scan option, my watch only provides the number. Edit: Is there a technical reason the barcode cannot be added to the watch as well? Works well on the phone. Is this a limitation of the equipment being utilized by Lifetime Fitness? There have been some major improvements to this app. I use it more and more, so I’m giving it 4 stars. Would like to know about watch plans though.
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4 years ago, Luna 🌛
Why I love my gym classes 💕💕💕
I love going to my classes because I love the atmosphere even though you don’t get the steps right I still have fun no one’s here staring at you and what are you doing that wrong and no one tells you anything if I’m wrong I’m wrong she’ll come to help me but I have I have Parkinson’s disease so I also have a mitral valve in my heart so I go at my own pace so that’s really great if I can’t keep up with her she understands why Vicky understands sodas Reba so I love the classes I go to the gym specifically for my classes I love it they’re all jazzed up and I have a very good time thank you for having him there♥️
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5 years ago, Purveyor of fine fish
Family fun
I joined Lifetime Fitness because of the wonderful variety of classes and an early morning to late evening availability. To my surprise they also have an outstanding child care program including drop-off care while parents use the gym, snow day camps when schools close and camps during school breaks. The swim instructors for youngsters is the best I have encountered in the area and the manager, Bridget Murphy, is an exceptional and dedicated professional. I also love the to take my grandkids to the pool—it is fun, well monitored by lifeguards, has a beach entry, a great water slide, mushroom shower, lap lanes, family changing room, hot tub and sauna.
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5 years ago, NitroxTrimix
What happened to class videos?
I have enjoyed being a Lifetime member for several years! It is one of the best clubs out there. A couple years ago a made a move to a different state where a Lifetime gym was not in the area. However at that time Lifetime had class video workouts as part of their app. This was awesome! I was still able to do the classes that I loved right in my own home gym. However. More recently, Lifetime has removed these class videos and made them unavailable. This is so disappointing. I would be willing to pay a little extra a month to have these videos return. I have not gotten anywhere with calling, emailing or talking to customer service regarding this.
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4 years ago, acquired deafness
Too much noise pollution in the classes
The volume is turned on to maximum by the instructors- to the point it is deafening. These chronic noise pollution sure will result in long term deadness in the majority of the participants. I know this is a fact because I am a medical doctor. The noise is so loud we do not even hear the instructors! They ask us to stuff ear plugs if we gently let them know! Ellen (barbell strength in Saturday’s) virtually told people that she is sorry but those think the noise is loud should use the ear plugs! I will be not surprised if a lawsuit is filed because people became deaf at the young age because of lifetime noise pollution.
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5 years ago, Hubertpoopsonyou
Best gym, hands down.
First off big shout out to Roxy Sava, if you’re thinking of joining come visit her at the Northbrook, IL location. She is very down to earth and not pushy whatsoever. She gave us a great tour, explained everything, and answered all our questions. Also, she hooked it up with a few joining gifts (thank you). Second, the kids academy, is the greatest thing ever. I mean, you get to leave your kids in very capable hands while you go and get your work out / spa treatment in. Plus the classes that are offered are mind blowing. I have to admit that if you have children under the age of 4 I highly recommend the diamond level membership. Finally I would like to add, the machines and staff are phenomenal. It’s not cheap by any means, but you get what you pay for. I highly recommend it. PS: Thank you for taking such great care of my kids (Mark and Peter Krzesinski) at Northbrook, you guys and gals are extraordinary at your jobs.
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2 months ago, Katie's review of lookout
Great gym, terrible app
The gym is great, unfortunately the app is not. The class search and filter functions are very glitchy and always default to show the kids and toddler play schedules, instead of the adult workout classes. Additionally you cannot see your class history, making it a little challenging to sign up for previous class/instructor combos you may have liked. Ultimately a minor inconvenience, not the end of the world. The kicker however is that ever since the app update you now have to manually enter your credit card every time you place a food/drink order ahead of time, which entirety defeats the purpose of an app with a saved credit card. Very tedious.
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5 years ago, suggrr
No address anymore
It’s a fantastic app, with class schedules for multiple locations. I like having the gym card in my app, too. When I joined, I could add classes to my calendar with one tap. My phone would notify me when it was time to leave for every class. But since the update a few months ago, I have to spend several minutes a week editing all the calendar entries for the week just to add the right address to each and every class (at both locations I frequent) because I want to be notified when I need to leave for class. If the app had this capability before, why was it removed? In my opinion, that removed a lot of usefulness from the app. Now I miss classes if I add a class on the fly and input the wrong address that my phone doesn’t recognize.
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4 years ago, buffy bacon
2 week current member
Yoga classes are hard to get into. AS A VERY NEW MEMBER- 2 weeks; I should have been told that “7:05” in a 7:00 class is too late and that I would be locked out! Very jarring. First class was a bust and I was not informed on the class policy. After dropping my daughter off at childcare at 6:55 and getting an employee to escort me to a HIDDEN YOGA ROOM at 7:05; I was locked out! I knocked but nothing! The employee even texted the instructor still nothing. After that I tried to just jump in an OUTDOOR Zumba class but was told I could not do that either. Left the gym with my head low and spirits down. - I feel as though I was just sold on purchasing the membership and after that was done I was thrown away! Unacceptable!
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4 years ago, Loving Lifetime
Family lockers
I love this place. I come every day and love all the classes, equipment, environment and the nice people I meet there. The only one thing I’d that some attention need to be given to locker rooms. I use the family locker room almost every day. Recently, I noticed several times that the shower rooms are out of soap. Additionally, there is sometimes clear signs of lack of sanitation as evident by the stinky smell. I hope that the Lifetime custodians and staff pay a little more attention to these details in order to keep Lifetime a perfect place for all of us to enjoy.
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4 years ago, Nikki Force
Lifetime Family
My family and I really enjoy Lifetime. We joined this summer for the pool but after seeing all that Lifetime has to offer for myself and our family, we decided to stay. We enjoy all of the kid’s activities for our 3 and 8 year old sons. I also enjoy swimming laps in the indoor pool. We have really liked the service we have gotten from the General Manager, Front Desk Staff, Joe the Personal Trainer,Kids Academy Staff, Bre in Aquatics and Keyland for swimming lessons. There were a couple of younger ladies that were lifeguards this summer that were not as welcoming or kind as we would have liked, but young people do not quite have a grasp on customer service just yet. Regardless, since they were our first encounters at Lifetime, it was initially discouraging. I’m glad we chose to ignore those couple of lifeguards and see the bigger picture. We are very pleased now and making new friends at the gym.
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3 years ago, macarhona
Great until the latest update
I’m writing this review more as feedback for developers. I appreciate that the app is a “one stop shop” for all things lifetime, from my card to the spa. That being said, it’s super frustrating that on demand / streaming videos and Apple Fitness are being pushed as aggressively. I was using this app for the strength workouts that it provided and now I’m unable to find those - even when transferred over to the Training App because I’m already doing a program. These curated workouts were a HUGE bonus that lifetime provided, and I’d love to see them make a comeback. If these are still in the app somewhere and I’m just unable to find completely, I’ll happily update my rating.
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3 years ago, fry un hfrtujhbggd
Awesome App!
I was reluctant to get started at Lifetime because I didn’t think the cost was worth it but I was wrong. The app is also a great companion tool that allows you to do anything at the club even order meals while you are working out. Fantastic! The one thing I wish they would add is a metric or icon for how busy the gym is. If there are a lot of people at a certain time I could postpone my workouts to later in the day or vice versa. Would be great to have but was very impressed with the app!
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5 years ago, Buggyapp1
So review
Hard to filter by location and class type and save multiple schedules. Puts all locations in one view. Very confusing to look at multi sites together. Older app worked better for this. Also if a teacher does two locations it won’t let you add them just to one. Seems a bit buggy with the filtering Also in picking class types Zumba isn’t listed as an option to put in schedule. Can’t even post this. Tried ten nicknames and none will take. Lots of bugs in this app!
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4 years ago, Nina Sanders
Searching for a class is very time consuming. I would like to see the option to save preferred searches/classes for easy look up. I’d like to have a space to leave club/class feedback as the computer on site is frequently not working (plus none seems to be reading it as I have never been contacted when I leave a comment/suggestion nor have I seen any change) Kids events are not visible through the app, only through webpage member site. It would be most convenient being able to make reservations for kids events through app. It would be great to have a staff directory in case she need to get in contact with someone in LT without having to go through a long prompt recorder and/or voicemail.
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4 years ago, wqmadd
Please offer daily aqua classes
Thank you for keeping the outdoor pool open through September for those of us who are not comfortable with inside classes. I look forward to seeing an expanded aquatics schedule now. I suggest you provide equity by scheduling at least one water class per day to accommodate members who are avoiding the land/aerobic exposure. I miss Lorraine’s water Zumba class. I would also like to see a Zoom option for June and Barb’s Barbell classes and Michelle’s Dance Jam. Why is that not being offered as an option?
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6 years ago, PRoachND
Workout Feature Needs Improvement
One of the biggest practical difficulties I have in the gym is recalling how much weight I lifted for a particular exercise the previous time I did it. While this app lets you record the weight while doing one of the programmed workouts, you cannot view what you previously recorded when you’ve loaded the workout in the app to do it again. You have to actually end the workout to view previous workouts. I can’t for the life of me understand how or why anyone thought this makes any sense. Fix this immediately. Enable users to view the results of previous workouts without ending the current workout they’ve loaded. It’s beyond ridiculous that this functionality is absent. So stupid.
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5 years ago, JudgeLondon
Centerville Platinum Club
I am a Founding Member Of The Gainesville Onyx Club. It will not open until late in January 2019. In the meantime, I have been using the Centerville Platinum Club. The Centerville Club has a very good, courteous and professional staff. But it may have been over sold. It’s greatest strength is it’s greatest weakness. There are too many people here, too many children, and not enough Lockers. The Centerville Club is short of lockers, lounge space, and square footage of common areas. There is no place to sit, relax, and read a book. There is no place to make a telephone using your own cell phone. The noise level is daunting. You cannot escape the shouts, talking, and music coming out of the different studios. In this case, “Too much of a Good Thing” is not simply marvelous, as Oscar Wilde said. It is a pain in the neck. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but I fear “I doth protest too much”. I like this place, but I can’t wait for the Gainesville Onyx Club to open. I am hoping it will not suffer from the same shortcomings.
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5 years ago, kimspill11
Love the classes offered
Darren's boxing class is so much fun. He has a ton of knowledge and makes class so enjoyable while getting a good workout. Nicole is awesome. I love doing FIT on Tuesdays. She always works us hard and makes a laugh. Both instructors make me excited for class and mad when life happens and I have to miss a day. The ladies in the daycare, specifically Maureen and Lisa are the best. They love my children and help make them better people by teaching them good values. My kids go to swim lessons and are improving every week.
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6 years ago, joevaughn
App voice audio cues useless now
Recently the Audio Cues on workouts went from female to male. I am fine with either but now I can’t hear the audio because it’s so low volume. I have the volume set to max which was needed on the female voice too but now you can’t hear anything. I’m usually listening to music while I spin and need the cues to tell me to speed up or slow down. Now it just drops the music volume down, you kind of hear a male voice speaking but it’s so low you can’t tell what he’s saying. Making the experience worse since it drops the music volume during the in-audible audio cues. PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP!!!
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1 year ago, ThickandThin
The Clubs are Great. The App, Not So Much
Over the past year or so the app has declined to an almost unusable state. The class list times out, reservations time out, it takes awkward maneuvering to even make a reservation for a class. The performance is slow overall. Finding your spot on the day of a class is a wretched experience since that hinges on all of the above. This app needs love and features like queuing and a state that puts the reserved spot and start time at the forefront of the experience within 30min of the class start. It’s really sad because the clubs, instructors and staff are excellent, however the app is a piece of junk.
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5 years ago, BusyMomma123
Friendly Staff—NOT
Great facility, but the staff could afford to be a lot nicer than they are. The greeters at reception are good, but there’s always room for improvement. The account managers in the offices should make members feel welcomed at any time, not as if they’re being interrupted. The trainers upstairs should be welcoming with smiles at all times. For the price I pay, I want to feel as if I’m at an actual resort without a care in the world like when I’m at a top-rated vacation resort - the entire staff is full of warm greetings and smiles wherever you go and we need that now more than anything.
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6 years ago, jaishirin
Love it
I write reviews because sometimes it’s the reviews that make or break your decision. This place has become a place of peace for me. When I was trying to drop 40lbs Anissa I probably sure I spelled it wrong lol took the time to help me know what would classes would help me lose the weight . If I ever looked lost or confused I was always made to feel welcomed asking questions and found the combination of instructors I love which wasn’t hard they are amazing! Try this place your healthy and sanity depend on it!
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5 years ago, kaylee hendrix
Exceeding expectations
Lifetime brought working out into a whole new prospective! With all the things it offers it never gets boring. The place alone is a motivation to want to work out and better yourself. Not to mention the awesome and endless customer service from the staff. From the second walking through the doors being greeted to our personal one on one session and a shoutout to Phillip for showing us around and helping us get everything set up! Thank you Lifetime!
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5 years ago, Wax that Bod
Family friendly
Lifetime is superior here in Colorado Springs relative to the other gyms in the area. I was a member of the YMCA, and although it suited the purpose, it was small and young kids could workout, taking up machines adults wanted to use. I checked out Villa Sport, but did not like the layout and have heard it is more of a club where you gab versus workout. For a family of four, Lifetime is so worth it! New machines, clean environment and friendly staff make it a place I can retreat to with my whole family.
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6 years ago, Barli2022
lifetime gym
The Quality of Lifetime Centreville is not what it used to be. I go there five days a week and enjoy the classes with a wonderful group of friends but the rest of the gym is lacking. It’s not clean and much of the equipment is broken and not fixed in a timely manner. Their focus is on team training and the members that don’t pay for team workouts are not the focus. Recently there was no hot water In the morning when people are trying to shower and go to work. They used to have people walking around to assess equipment and always keep it in good repair and that just doesn’t happen anymore. It’s definitely too expensive for what you get these days
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