Lifesum: Food Tracker & Diet

Health & Fitness
4.7 (138.5K)
144.3 MB
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Current version
Lifesum AB
Last update
4 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Lifesum: Food Tracker & Diet

4.66 out of 5
138.5K Ratings
2 years ago, h.longbrook
Perfect tracking app
I read others reviews of how beautiful this app is, everything I read was true. It is so easy to use and has so many features to customize to you need: meal plans, pre-calculated macros, recipes. I love that it counts down how many macros you have left and it offers several barand percentage graphs to track your progress . It also compares your daily intake to your stated goal intake. I used Lose It before and it was fine, but this one is way easier and faster and even after 3 days I’m already making better choices because I enjoy tracking and I want to get that smilie face that days Balanced lol it sounds a bit strange I know but it’s just another tool to encourage you to stick to your goals. I could not love this app any more . The developers obviously put a lot of thought into this and it’s just a delight to use. I have a family so I don’t have time to mess around with complicated tracking apps and this one makes it possible for me to stick to my goals while loving a real life. It is sustainable and I look very forward to the results I get because someone created this incredible app. Thank you so so much developers. It’s already hard enough to work, have a family, and then try to eat healthy and workout? It’s a lot and you make it possible. Thank you
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3 years ago, Jackinzi
Beautiful and easy to use with some adaptability issues
First of all, the visual design of this app is incredible. Other similar apps have designs that make it feel outdated, which in turn can make the data or plans feel outdated even when that’s not true. Gorgeous color scheme, icons, motion design, etc, and lots of great features like the barcode scanner and ability to quickly select previous days’ meals. However, there’s a few issues with how the tracker adapts to your daily activity. The app will add to my remaining calories if I’ve been active that day, but the macros that it has set will not adapt with them. For example, it tells me to eat 120g of protein per day, but yesterday I happened to be super active and had 1000 more calories I could eat. Even though I had a huge amount of calories left, my macros didnt adjust, so I had a bright red indicator on my macros for going over even when I really should’ve eaten more. For how much I love the rest of the app I really dislike how those goals stay static. I also wish it could connect to Fitbit with a little more detail- I don’t use Apple Heath to track my steps and wish it could detect steps, type of workout (like weight training), etc from the Fitbit app. All in all, I love this app and would absolutely recommend it to everyone, just be aware that it’s okay to ignore the bright red macro counter if you’ve done a lot of activity and need to eat more that day.
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2 years ago, Morgk06
It’s good but discouraging
I’ve had this app for a week now and there is good and bad. I was baited into the $2 a month program and it charged me the whole year which I didn’t know would happen and I’m not happy about that. I wanted to just see what the premium would offer, it does have nice but expensive recipe's. It’s simple to use but has issues when you log items or creating a recipe. The thing though that is most frustrating is the ratings. I have become obsessed with getting my rating high for the day with the smiley face. Today I made a smoothie which each ingredient had the highest rating, after logging it, it said my rating was just okay, slightly imbalanced. I don’t understand since the fruits I added were the highest rated! If you don’t have the exact amount of everything below your goal then it immanently says the food or meal is bad. My life score also went down too even though I’ve been eating good food. The day ratings are really all over the place and not accurate in my opinion. I’m trying so hard to loose weight and really eat better but I feel so discouraged when using this app at times, since I feel like I have no progress. Another note is that if you don’t eat a lot in the day it gives you a bad rating too. So eat but don’t eat? I don’t know, it’s an okay app for just logging calories but the smiley faces will get to you and make you not want to eat just about anything.
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6 years ago, BitsyJo
Beautiful! But could use customized notifications.
This app is gorgeous! I love the articles and the recipes look absolutely scrumptious. The aesthetics alone are what make this the most effective app, and it is super smooth! Even on this old phone, where everything else crashes. Huge thanks to the devs for achieving this. Now, I turned on notifications expecting reminders to update my water or add my meals and exercise, which would be really nice! Sometimes you get busy and don't track anything; it is the LAST thing on your mind. I did, however, get constant reminders to update my weight. As someone who has a Lifesum of 119 (almost completely perfect! 😲), I find that a little unhealthy. No-one should be weighing themselves every day, especially if you already have an unhealthy relationship with your weight, body fat percentage, or food. Even on a practical level, it doesn't make much sense. So I turned off the notifications, but it would be nice to be able to select what kind of notifications we get in the future! Such as for new recipes or articles, and reminders in other areas of body and health maintenance. Or a way to change the frequency: Weighing yourself every X amount of days. If there is already a way to do this, I hope the settings for it become easier to find. ❤️ Thanks for reading!
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5 years ago, stuphunuu
Meal plans impractical
Just downloaded this today and got a premium subscription for 3 mos. Haven’t been able to do much but most of the features seem nice! I like that it tells you how good certain foods or meals are for you and tracks how “on track” you are. It puts it a step ahead of most other trackers I’ve seen. A feature I was really excited for with the subscription but disappointed by is the meal plan. It seems to be a new feature so I don’t want to give up on it yet, but there are almost no customization options, as far as I can tell, of how many unique meals you want per week, changing measuring units (what does a “standard serving” of blueberries or chicken constitute as?), or how many servings you want of each meal. Right now it just offers you 4 unique meals every day and expects you to wrap your head around purchasing ingredients, prepping, cooking and storing 28 unique meals every single week. I like to keep things simple. I eat 1 kind of lunch and alternate between 2 different dinners all week. I also skip breakfast, which would be a nice thing to have as an option for meal planning. My boyfriend and I live together and like to cook and eat together. His calorie need is greater than mine, so being able to add 2 extra servings of a dinner to a grocery list would take a lot of the headache out of figuring out what we need to get. For now, I think I’ll stick with adapting recipes from other plans and coming up with my own meal plans.
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6 months ago, intldawn
Great program; glitchy app
Generally a very good app. The design is clean and it’s pretty simple to use. The guidelines about how much to eat and how the nutrients should be balances are extremely useful and have gotten me to reassess my eating habits. But it’s glitchy in annoying ways that would make it easier to use. It offers an option to automatically import data from FitBit and other devices, but I’ve found the information it brings in is wildly inaccurate. Like it would reflect 150 calories burned for an exercise when the actual total was 600+. So I’ve found it’s easier and more accurate to manually enter exercise information. The app also will offer to automatically track the same meal you ate the day before, but when you click on it, it doesn’t actually track the information. So you have to manually enter all the foods and ingredients again to track them. The app also will occasionally prompt me to start an intermittent fasting schedule — which I’m already on. So I’ll essentially have to reset those settings again and again instead of switching the timer on and off between intervals like I’m supposed to. And sometimes things won’t be that responsive and I have to restart the app. It’s a good app, but these small problems really interfere and make it harder to use than it should be. If the developers don’t fix these problems , I won’t renew my subscription.
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5 years ago, Liccie D
Delete My Fitness Pal!
I don’t normally review apps but this is one EVERYONE should definitely try. This is the first app that I’ve actually lost weight with.. it actually helps you develop better eating habits. I know that there’s a lot of hype behind My Fitness Pal, but I swear, after trying both, LIFESUM BEATS MY FITNESS PAL HANDS DOWN. Nearly everything since the app has gone through updates is perfect. The user-face is simple and easy to use, without the annoying ads other apps have. You can adjust everything to fit your personal goals, even if they go beyond what the app recommends. They even include a macro calculator that makes things easy to calculate. The grading scale is really helpful to see where you can improve. It takes everything into account, calories, macros, sugar, fiber... it’s pretty comprehensive. Also, I love that I can keep everything private, it’s not necessarily a competition against all of my Facebook friends. The graphs and diagrams make seeing long term trends quick and easy. One thing I would love to see is something that suggests meals or specific items that would meet the goals of the meal. If I have 200 calories left and haven’t met my protein, fat, or carbs goals, what can I add to my meal that fits my goals? Other than that, the developers have done an absolutely stellar job.
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4 years ago, Kcarrasco09
Fun Macro Tracker
I really love the design of this app and that you can follow plans that will adjust your macros for you. I also like like that you can capture a photo of your food for each meal, however, unfortunately, this functionality doesn’t work most of the time. Once I take a picture it doesn’t show in the app right a way, most of the time I have to take the pic a couple of times, close the app, reopen it and then the pic may or may not show up. So it would be nice if that could get fixed. Also, there isn’t an easy way to copy a meal from another day to a different meal. So if I ate something for breakfast yesterday, there’s no easy way to copy that to lunch the next day. And when searching for foods, your recents don’t come up. For example, if I wanted to add a food and it’s not showing in my most recent but I’ve logged it before, it would be nice to have it so up in my search when I go to search the food in the search bar. Another thing this app is missing is the ability to see what foods were highest in each macro. So if I wanted to see what foods I ate that day where highest in fat or protein.. Other macro apps have this, which was nice because then you could see what foods may be bumping up a macro too much or vice versa. Overall I have enjoyed this app and really like the design. However there are a few functionalities that are missing.
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4 years ago, Hwbfowuhrofi
Awesome, but there are some errors.
I’ve been using this app for as long as I can remember and I recently just upgraded to the Premium, which I love! I love the aesthetic of the app and the visuals and colors it uses. I love the wide variety of recipes, even thought I don’t use them that much. I love the weekly rating I get so that I can look at my past week and see what I need to improve on for the next one. However, there are a couple things I find I have trouble with. The main thing is that when I go to update my weight, I check on it the next day and it says “Nothing lost, nothing gained.” So whenever I update my weight and maybe i’ve lost a pound or two, i’ll update my weight. But the next day when I go to look at my weight it erased it or changed it back to the starting weight. It does this almost all the time and is pretty annoying because I have to delete the starting weight that it put it back on for that day, at the same time deleting the weight that I put in. Another thing that’s minor is that when I go to take a picture of my food, sometimes it doesn’t work and the picture never shows up. I do really love this app but I don’t know if anyone else has the weight changing itself issue or not.
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2 months ago, greenmountain mom
Pretty but underwhelming
I’ve been using Lose It! for a long time because the food journal and database are extensive, but I wanted something that would help me plan my meals and my menu for the week. That is what the advertising blurbs seemed to promise, but the only program with a “weekly planner“ is the vegan plan. Yes, you can save recipes for easier tracking, but you can’t Create a menu or a shopping list unless you are on that one specific plan. If this is wrong, I am not seeing any place to do that, and there isn’t much help within the app. It seems as if the weekly planner is only available for some of the programs. It’s a pain in the neck to get into them without accidentally switching programs, but the biggest flaw is the recipe search. I specifically picked this app because I wanted access to the Mediterranean diet program (which doesn’t seem to have a planner) because I wanted to be able to search recipes. Low sodium is a priority for me because of a disorder, and I don’t expect the meal programs to all be low sodium. When I go in and filter for. Low sodium is the only filter, I get back recipes, which have at least 500 mg per serving and in at least three cases, 1700 mg or more per serving. Other filters, such as prep time, and Mediterranean-based recipes are equally an accurate, but the low sodium one is the worst. There’s no way to even see how to make those recipes lower sodium.
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4 years ago, juneauTracy
Love the app as is but would also love upgrades
I started using Lifesum to track my intake. It is easy to use and very visual. However, there are a couple of upgrades I would like seeing. First, I would like to see Fat broken down into Total, Sat, Monounsaturated, and Polyunsaturated. I would also like to see Carbs broken down into Total, Fiber, Sugar Alcohols, Added Sugar, and Net Carbs. (Currently, the app simply subtracts fiber from total carbs to calculate net carbs.). Also, since I work with a functional medicine professional who is interested in seeing my intake, I would like to see the ability to export data. As I used to program (albeit mainframe), I know how long upgrades take to implement; it is possible some of these are already in the works. They were meant only as suggestions. Long story short, I am very happy with the app as it is even if it misses some of my personal desires. Thank you for the work you put in to bring such a useful app to market. Oh, last but not least, I think it would be better to let users know that full, continued use of the app requires a subscription. The cost is nominal for the usefulness, but it was frustrating when I first found out about the cost after downloading the app.
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2 years ago, Bnotg
Works foe me!
About a year ago I was told that I needed to lose weight for health reasons I set a goal of 100 lb weight loss. One of the things I did immediately was download this app. I had tried others before but wanted to give this one a go after I read about it. I needed a user friendly app that would not only track calories, but could help me look at what I was actually eating. I also wanted something that would interface with my Apple Fitness because I knew I was going to have to work out and walk more. It will be a year next month and I have managed to lose 77 lbs. I use this thing every day at every meal and it tracks my activity. This is been extremely helpful for me. It is important for me to know how many calories that I’m consuming, but it’s been very helpful to know the types of foods I’m eating. I have been able change some bad behavior patterns.. I feel certain I will continue to use this as a tool after I reach my goal weight. The premium version includes specifics diets it recommends based on your preferences, along with recipes all kinds of gems for those who enjoy meal preparation. Great app for me! Thank you to the developers:)
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3 years ago, Toodles96
I found out I have LDL that is too high so I decided to fine tune my diet and felt I needed an app to help me track everything. After doing a little research I decided to try Lifesum. After using it for a few days I purchased the pro version because I wanted to see more details about my nutrition and feel it was worth it. At first, I did not like how it has different faces that rate your food choices (smily face, frowning face, elated face etc. ) . I then realized that is because I did not like it when the face was not the super happy one (as in getting a neutral face after eating a processed salty snack for example) lol! As a result, having something as basic and simple as the faces that immediately tell you about the nutrition of what you are taking in, I find myself motivated to just have the green face with a huge smile on it! It is a very easy to navigate app, and I like that you can also scan a barcode from the packaging of food items. Lifesum is an excellent guide if you are ready to be honest with yourself about your nutrition and make improvements in your health.
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3 years ago, Joe DiPasquale
Beautiful App and Great Plans with room to grow
This app is absolutely beautiful. If a smooth flow and easy navigation is important to you this might be a great place to start in your search for the perfect dieting app. In addition to the look and feel it also has some great content. My wife and I both tried the Paleo Diet for the first time in our lives. We loved the diet and everything it had to offer. We also both experienced incredible results in both energy and weight loss. The opportunity we found is after finishing the 21 day plan we would like to take a rest from a specific lifestyle diet and would like to just eat clean. We were excited to jump into classic dieting while browsing the easy to make recipes shared in the app. Unfortunately as of right now there is no way to create a grocery list and plan meals for your days unless you are in a specific diet from what we are seeing. This is a huge miss especially when we both paid for the premium service. Additionally we’d love to be able to link our accounts so we can be in sync between our grocery list, and what meals we have planned out for the day. All in all it’s a good app with room for improvement to become a great app.
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4 years ago, foodeats
It’ll get the job done, but it could be better
Calorie tracking and dieting options work well and seem to cover a wide variety of needs. It is cumbersome to find the food and/or measurement needed for accurate tracking at times; requiring the user to do some creative math or mental gymnastics to figure out what should be entered. I paid for a membership and feel it’s okay—I won’t likely be renewing. The recipes offer some tasty and decently filling alternatives, but are HORRIBLY written, as often as not. If you’re not familiar with finagling and “figuring out” a recipe or if that type of this is frustrating, this is not the app for you. This feels most functional for a few scenarios: first, the casual user who already has a decently healthy understanding of food, quantities, cooking, etc., and is just looking for a little guidance, new ideas for recipes or to literally track calories. Second, any of the diets, I’d bet, would work if you’re a person who can follow the recipe EXACTLY (I follow “classic” and “vegan” but would struggle with both if I didn’t already have experience eating/cooking alternative foods). This WOULD NOT be for the user who doesn’t really know at least some about healthy eating (novice) nor would it be for the serious weight loss/health person (expert) as it just doesn’t support specifics well enough.
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5 years ago, BaeNextDoor
Support unavailable
Loved the interface of this app and found it easy to navigate my way around pretty easily when I did use it. The one star rating is due to my recent experience today. I have tried several times now to contact support through the Contact Us (in app chat) link and it continues to crash. The app is updated to the most recent version and so is the software on my phone. Have tried to resend the message several times and the app keeps crashing. I want to cancel my subscription and plan on deleting the app TODAY. I purchased the Premium version of the app about a year ago at a discounted rate during a promo offer they had at the time. They seem to have it set it up where you subscribe to their Premium services outside of iTunes so the subscription is actually processed through their own website. Renewal dates or expiration dates of said Premium services are nowhere to be found anywhere in the app. They then attempt to auto renew it later on at almost $50 USD with no communication beforehand via email or otherwise that they will be processing this amount. I did not even locate the option to downgrade my account or cancel anywhere within the Settings option within the Lifesum app. Luckily my bank caught the attempted transactions as fraud and did not allow them through. I’ll stick to apps that allow me to manage my subscriptions within iTunes to avoid headaches like this.
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1 year ago, PandaGravy
Disappointed in Premium
I’m mostly feeling let down by this app. I used the free version for about two weeks before deciding that I wanted to use the premium version to gain more insight about eating healthy. Two more weeks of using the premium version and not only is the app not tracking the food I enter in correctly (I had tacos and entered in precise measurements of each ingredient and the app totaled it up to almost three times as many calories) but the promised insights are things like “eat more vegetables.” It consistently gives me incorrect totals of calories (sometimes by thousands!) and customizing options are extremely limited. I can’t even customize my amount of water intake, which I feel is a pretty minor feature to include. I drink from a 25oz cup during the day, but my options are 8oz or 16oz, nothing else. The app tells me I consume too much sodium and not enough fat, but gives me no clue how to include more healthy fats in my diet. I feel like I spent $50 for literally nothing. And I did submit a complaint about not being able to track a meal due to the miscalculation of calories about 15 hours ago and I haven’t heard anything. Normally I wouldn’t write a review like this, but the paid version of this app is just not nearly worth it.
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4 years ago, MarinnaSmith
Good - Needs To Be More Regulated
The interface of this app is great, there is little I would change about its functionality. I’ve been using it since late December and recently switched to premium a couple weeks ago. While I don’t regret going premium because of all the additional features, this app is far from perfect. My main complaint is that the entries could stand to be more consistently regulated across the board. Often times I’ll see multiple entries for the same product, all different from one another, yet still all somehow verified by Lifesum with the blue tick. Sometimes the difference in nutrition info between these listings has to do with how the person entered in the serving size, but other times all the nutritional information is out of whack on two or more listings of what is allegedly the same product. This kind of negates the convenience of being able to just quickly search up a food and add it to your diary. I end up adding most of my food manually in order to be sure my entry is accurate. Even when I scan barcodes, I double check the entered nutritional info with the info on the label. All in all, unless this changes and the info on the app becomes more reliable, I’ll probably try another similar app when my membership is up, maybe MyFitnessPal.
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4 years ago, CSnotLewis
Awful navigation, terrible tracker
This hets 2 stars instead of 1 because i do actually use it to track, mostly because there’s little better out there. But the rest of the app is total garbage. It is inaccurate and poorly sourced, confusing to navigate if you want to change your plan, and the nutritional meals are extremely confusing. First, it only allows you to choose one dietary choice. For example, i try and eat a low carb diet but i ALSO want to keep that diet by eating clean and whole foods. But i have to choose one or the other. I am a pescatarian, and for some reason I still get recipes that suggest chicken or other meat. Also the “nutritional tracker” is literally never happy—you could have the healthiest meal and it will say you are nutritionally off track because you didn’t hit *exactly* the nutritional intake it demands to the exact gram. If you have baked salmon, an extremely healthy food with lean protein and omega 3’s it says the meal is “too high in fat,” the same as if you had pizza. It doesn’t differentiate between good fats and bad. There’s no pleasing the nutritional tracker. It is annoying to search for recipes, and it seems like just a way for celebrity fitness influencers to make even more money when this could be an actual social app for real users to share recipes, exercises, and fitness data. What a waste.
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2 years ago, Laisa cal
I paid for recipes with BUGS?? 🐜
I really used to like this app and I knew I might have wanted to get the premium one day; but it seems like I must’ve got it at the wrong time. So far being a premium member I’ve seen the dumbest things on this app. this app doesn’t even track the smiley faces right; I eat super good some times and I don’t even get good face ratings at the end of the day. Besides that, Im mainly paying for the recipes because I wanted to see if I would get more help with being more creative with the food I eat. But today I seen that they recommended grasshopper tacos?? And I know that a lot of people eat or are open to eating bugs; but seriously? that is the most disgusting & the most unrealistic thing I’ve ever seen. the fact that we’re paying this much money for trash recipes and gimmicky stuff like this really pisses me off and I won’t be buying the premium membership ever again. this seriously was a waste of time and if I could go back I really would. I hate that it seems like the longer that I’m on this (premium) app; the the more I regret every penny that I paid here. Really would not recommend anything but the default membership. 👎🏼 since being a premium member doesn’t really get you anything but dumba$$ smiley faces, ridiculous recipes and a “life score” rated by a test that doesn’t even make sense. DONT WASTE UR MONEY!
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1 year ago, The Bees Meez
This app might give you an eating disorder
I downloaded this app five years ago because it’s sleek, gamifies water/veggie/fruit tracking, and I thought i could better track my nutritional intake. Last year I wanted to lose a little weight so i splurged and upgraded to the paid version—big mistake. Now i get condescending emojis judging my daily eating habits and irrational rating systems. I warn everyone, this app can easily become dangerous. One example out of 365: today I had a fresh carrot + lentil dish for breakfast, black tea, small salmon poke salad for lunch, HALF a nature well green smoothie as a snack, and hummus, quinoa, falafel dinner. I hiked with my dog for 3 hours in the AM. My rating??? “Off track” with a sad red face emoji subliminally shaming me. The reason? My meals were too low in protein, too high in carbs, and i had 1600 calories instead of their recommended 1395. Are they insane?! I thought this was the most balanced day of eating, with tons of fresh veggies and fruit, I’ve ever had in my life! And humans need more calories than that to sustain themselves especially with the amount of exercise I get. I didn’t sign up for a starvation diet, just ‘better eating’ with more whole foods. Please be careful, especially to women who are already pressured to eat less than they need to sustain a nutritionally balanced diet. ❤️
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5 years ago, drahonslaya
New user- Edited
I just started using this app, trying to really kick off my dieting. I like organization when I diet and i just wish you could more closely edit your planner from day to day. How it is set up now- you have to scroll through all of the days and once you finish one day you have to scroll alllllll the way back down to the next day. Also, not sure if it’s just a diet they are trying to promote, but no matter what answers I choose when taking the quiz I always get the Keto Burn. I don’t necessarily have a problem with this diet, I just would like to see what other diets I could choose from that would also be recommended. If I am just overlooking how to do this please let me know! Other than these two things I am very impressed with the app and how affordable it is! I have decided to edit my review because after using the app for a couple weeks now I am no longer able to edit my “planner” or my “shopping cart” which is really disappointing because those were the biggest reasons for choosing this dieting app compared to others. I am a working student so I need the organization but I guess with the most recent update they decided to get rid of those features that I loved so much. I am going to cancel my subscription and attempt to get a refund. Back to traditional dieting I go. :(
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4 years ago, Mijuto82
Keep Improving This App
I use a few apps for recipes already. Those apps all include nutrition values and labels. It would be nice if I could import/share those into lifesum without having to manually enter everything one at a time. A few of them have options to add those values to Apple health directly from the app. Lifesum writes data to health, but does not read. I think it would almost be better to separate functions out to apps. Have food apps handle entering / removing data into health and then have trackers reading and analyzing what you just ate so you can make informed decisions. I’d rather have two clean apps rather than one bloated app. I would imagine narrowing the scope would take out a lot of the overhead needed to maintain and update the app, thus making it even more clean and user friendly. Anyways, this is just my observation after using lots of food tracking apps. The interface may be different but functionally they are all kinda doing the same thing. I would also like to see more support for the Apple Watch when it comes to simple things like adding water and quick calories. The front end of this app is really beautifully done. If the back end was doing something unique then I could see myself paying for this app.
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6 years ago, Deekajane
Great app that’s sure to get even better
Ive been using Lifesum for a couple months now. Honestly I don’t use it everyday (I don’t track on weekends) but I love it! I love the look of it and the fun and encouraging tone. Love being able to see my macros front and center and seeing how my meal is looking on carbs, fat and protein. Two edits: as a previous review stated, notifications could use some work. Don’t need to weigh myself every single day, and also don’t need notifications for things I’ve already done (like log breakfast, etc.). Also get a note at 6 asking how my dinner was and I don’t eat til about 7:30 bc of my commute (this notification reminds me how much I hate it!! lol). Also, I’m a vegetarian, so I got the app to track my protein intake. So wish there were more usable vegetarian recipes (creamy avocado pasta might be delicious but... where the protein yo?), and that vegetarian was just straight up just one of the diet plans. For the record, I use the Simple Dieting setting and have not lost any weight (maybe it’s that not tracking on weekends thing... 🤔). Anyway, overall I am super happy with Lifesum and love the app 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼
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4 years ago, Mags1313
False Advertising & Poor Diet Poor Diet Entry Choices
Images displayed on Apple Apps fail to reflect the reality of the images and options offered in the app after purchasing premium version in all sections. For example I purchased the premium version yet was NEVER offered choices between diet plans as the first image on advertised app provided. I was never offered Keri, sugar free or other types of diet options as advertised. I was only offered choices of goals for weight Loss, weight gain or maintained weight. Hence, this is false advertising of the premium app I bought. Also, the food entry choices are unrealistic and useless in the premium app. For example, if trying to enter chicken broth, a taco, anything, one may not adjust the quality, size, amount ever. Hence the diet tracking is false and their is no option for example to enter 8 ounces more of chicken broth or a second taco. And most of the items are by brand name. Hence, the food info entered is rarely accurate given one cannot adjust the quality or size. Sad given the app is advertised doing things it actually does not offer. The high rating must be from employees family and friends. I feel like the 6 month membership with theft and I. Violation of CA law prohibiting false representations from businesses, also a misdemeanor offense u see CA law.
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3 years ago, milkytrades666
App is just ok.
This app is ok for tracking. However, when you go to enter the food choices several different versions of that food pop up all with caloric differences for the same food. I weigh my foods, & I see different caloric amounts for the weights of the same food. For example, Red grapefruit will have a few different choices to select from but no matter the ounces, the calories will slightly differ 30-50 cals. I don’t understand this & it can be very frustrating. & makes me feel as though my efforts are not always accurate & ultimately a wasteful purchase. The app has a nice design but could be better. Another feature that is annoying is if you want to review past food logs, & u leave the app open & go to do something else on your phone if you click back to the app it will reset to you viewing the food log of the current day. Which if you had to scroll back 8 days, you’d have to scroll back 8 days again even if you just go to do something else even though the app is open which again is annoying & there should be a better way to compare past to future logs. The app does have nice recipes thought too. Im not sure I’ll be renewing it, I might look for another food log app before my subscription is up.
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5 years ago, Annoyed bride
Easy to use but not enough info
Fun and easy to use with a lot of foods in their database. Sadly it really does not provide enough nutritional information and goes against a lot of info I’ve gotten from Nutritionists. Also it is saying that I need fewer carbs and more protein but then doesn’t actually provide protein heavy/low carb recipes when I search for them. The “meal plan” doesn’t actually give you a plan just slightly tweaks the macros based on your “test”. It isn’t actually suggesting foods at all. It doesn’t show anything about vitamins and minerals. It treats all carbs equally regardless of where they are coming from. Every nutritionist I’ve ever spoken with has also said that most veggies are practically unlimited. Today I ate almost entirely vegetables, lean protein and some watermelon and according to the app I had an unhealthy day because of my carb intake. I also think the meals are way too calorie heavy. Every nutritionist I’ve ever spoken with has said that there should be at least two snacks per day, more if you work out a lot. This app just adds calories to meals instead of offering additional snacks. I believe it helps people lose weight and definitely makes you more aware of what you are putting in your body, but this app does not guide you to a healthy and well balanced diet.
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6 years ago, Evilmititis
My perfect health app!
So far I have been using this app for about two weeks, and it’s actually very impressive. I am coming from Samsung Health, which has helped me a lot over the past year and a half. However, after comparing the two, this app has so much more versatility and it’s very acute regardless of which diet you choose. I decided that I was going to go with the diet plan Clean Eating, and in doing so realized how off course my diet was. More specifically, my sugar addiction problem. I have been working on improving my cooking and reducing my sugar consumption so that I can live a much healthier life. With everything that is offered, I definitely believe that this app is worth paying for. The area I feel needs improving is relatively insignificant, but when you try to tap the back button the space that you’re supposed to tap is actually slightly beneath where it shows on the UI. I would like to see that fixed, but aside from that everything is awesome! I still haven’t explored the whole thing yet, but for what I have it works very well for me.
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5 months ago, elderscr0lls
Please make the time cycle customizable for those who are night owls. Lovely app otherwise
I like this app a lot but the primary thing keeping me from getting the subscription is the time cycle. It resets every night at 12am. Not everyone is on that kind of schedule. The day is over when I go to bed lol. Sometimes I’m eating at 1am and every single time I input something, it adds it to the next day unless I manually go back first - and even then, it will often reset!! I’ll be making something and tracking multiple things on one meal, just for most of the ingredients to be logged on the next day. This is extremely frustrating. I’m not logging all that stuff again, so I just put in the total calories but then my macros are messed up. It’s upsetting enough to make me not want to use the app sometimes. Please make the times adjustable or something, I’m begging y’all. I don’t want to have to go to a new app, I like this one! Edit: Thanks so much for forwarding my comment to the team! I appreciate it very much. Added a star just for that, plus I realized that three stars was a bit harsh for one problem lol.
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6 years ago, MetaModa
Won’t let you choose water bottle size
Update 2: Finally responded to my actual review. But they still are not going to implement the simple feature. I’m extremely disappointed that they are not prioritizing customer concerns. Update: Developer responded with a canned response and told me to add my feedback to their UserVoice which I mentioned in my original review that they don’t care about. I still stand by my review that they aren’t listening. This app is great except for fact that you can’t have a custom bottle size for water tracking! You can only choose between a 9oz bottle and a 17oz bottle. I have many bottles that do not conform to those sizes and it makes water tracking in LifeSum impossible. To make matters worse, this was requested on their feedback site 3 years ago, has received almost 1000 votes, and they haven’t even responded to it, let alone implement it. I actually really want to buy the premium version of this app but I can’t give money to a company that won’t listen to their customers. Especially when literally every other water tracking app supports custom bottle sizes. I will be returning to this review to give it 1 stars after every update until this is resolved. You’ve had 3 years, and this isn’t hard to implement - I’m a software engineer - I know how this stuff works. Please fix this.
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4 years ago, MCinATX
Great for tracking calories. Overall discouraging.
I read so many reviews to find an app to help me keep track of my food intake when I restarted the 5-2 Intermittent Fasting plan. This app does that, but overall is really discouraging and unrealistic. In 7 days of tracking, I have not had ONE meal that was not labeled “imbalanced” on this app. I’m either too high on protein or too high I’m carbs or too high on sugar (ANY meal that includes fruit) and frankly I am already sick of all their frown face icons and impossible standards. Today is my 500 calorie day — just finished dinner of a piece of broiled tilapia and a cup of broccoli with a tiny bit of garlic sauce. Too high in protein and not enough carbs! For goodness sake, I’m limited to 500 calories! Almost all of my breakfasts have “not enough protein”, yet I looked through all their breakfast recipes and NONE of the low calorie recipes have the amount of protein they recommend. Last week on my fast day it said I was too low in protein so I ate a hard boiled egg as my snack — and it said it was too much fat. There are no suggestions about alternatives that would be a better choice. I fear this app has the propensity to lead to disordered eating and obsessing. Very disappointed and I regret buying a six month membership that is not refundable.
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5 years ago, tgk2669
The only health app I’ve stuck with
I’ve tried lots of different apps to help me along my fitness journey and this is the only app I have been able and have wanted to stick with. It’s awesome when you track your food and are able to see a rating beside what you’ve had. Also, it’s very easy to track your exercise. As of recently, I have purchased an Apple Watch and it makes it even easier because it just takes the activity information from my watch and coverts it into the app. There is also a cool weight tracker you can use to count towards your weight goals. Tracking water intake is also nice and the app even gives you tips and encouraging words to reach your water, calories per meal, and exercise goals. I thought every app like this was the same and they all seemed so hard to figure out. Lifesum is short, sweet, and simple and I give the creators and developers of this app major props because usually I get bored within this category of apps, but this one has kept me focused and excited to use it. Thank you, Lifesum!
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7 months ago, Ricky Phil.
Beautiful App with Very Basic Functionality
I have the full edition of the app because I signed up for its monthly plan. After roughly a week of use, I'm dissatisfied because apps with similar capabilities existed 10 years ago, when the concept of calorie monitoring via mobile apps was just gaining popularity. In other words, if you're looking for features from today's technology, this app isn't for you. I'm sure if you dig hard enough, you'll find a free app with possibly better functionality. This program also has a basic timer, which the developer refers to as a fasting clock. Essentially, you start the clock when you begin intermittent fasting and stop it when you conclude the fast. You can perform all of this using the stop watch on your phone. They also emphasise on within-the-app recipes. The recipes are available, albeit in extremely limited quantities. You are better off just Google the recipes yourself. One useful feature of this software is the ability to directly construct a shopping list for each recipe. They require you to pay for at least three months in advance. Even though it's only $15, the trade-off you get from this app isn't worth it.
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5 years ago, Cthftjjyfgjfjyf
Changed my life
This app is so great! I have lost 10 pounds with it so far and I’ve only been using it for a little over a month! I don’t have the premium plan so you can lose weight on it without having to pay for it which is amazing! I will continue to use this app until I reach my goal weight and I truly believe I can do that using This app. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to lose weight while still feeling in control with the classic weight loss plan. Update 8/8/19: I’ve officially gotten to my goal of losing 40 pounds!!! This app is truly amazing, from being aesthetically pleasing to actually working this is an all around great way to track your meals and exercise. I have tried many other methods of weight loss and none of them worked for me, until I found lifesum. This app can change your life in the best way possible, if you let it. You have to be consistent and work hard but you can get there, and I truly believe anyone can effectively lose weight with this app.
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3 years ago, MrAlexM9
Interface Design and Glitches Hamper Experience
I love this app and it’s helped me get into the habit of tracking my meals, but every once in a while a poor design choice or glitch really hampers the experience. For instance: creating a food, meal, or recipe pulls up a menu from the bottom of the screen that can be closed by swiping down at any point in the multi-menu process, which erases all work in creating the food/meal/recipe. I’ve had the re-do data entry for items multiple times due to my instinct to swipe down to get rid of the keyboard, which could be easily solved by a simple “are you sure you want to delete your progress?” dialogue. A glitch I encounter often is the date of a meal I’m entering items into switching to the current date. Know what you’re having for dinner tomorrow, or want to back-log items you didn’t have time for yesterday? You may suddenly, unknowingly be entering items into today’s log. Paired with the inability to move items between dates and meals (which would be an excellent feature), this can be a real pain and result in a lot of re-doing.
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4 months ago, Shell12345678
I love this app
After using several dozen, I’m not joking, different fitness/diet/meal tracking apps over the years I can say this is by far the best. It is the only one I have been able to stick with for an extended period of time. After using it for a year I am down 30 lbs! I feel much healthier and have learned to accurately estimate a serving when eating out. I’m drinking more water, eating more veggies, and working out more, too. The app is beautiful as many others have pointed out. I liked being able to explore different types of diets until I found the right fit for me. The only thing I would add to improve the app is the ability to create my own recipes with multiple servings in the app. Currently I write everything down, divide each ingredient by the number of servings and enter that manually to get an accurate calorie/macro count. It’s not a deal breaker for me, as everything else in this app is perfect, it’s just a little time consuming.
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4 years ago, Nurse230
Many errors in the food database
This has a beautiful Interface, super easy to use. However I really have many issues with their nutritional content, so if you’re needing this for something like diabetes where you’re doing insulin to carb ratio’s, or specific dietary needs gastroparesis, reduced fat things, I don’t think I would recommend it. There are many times where I will scan an item in and what presents on the screen is not what is on the label it’s really strange. There are other things were a number of carbs the serving size whatever or just incorrect. Not just of labeled items but regular things like banana whatever. Anyway it doesn’t work all that well when you don’t have exactly the serving size and even then a lot of the time it’s just not right. If you don’t need that level of detail it’s very easy to use and adds everything up for the day for the meal. They only offer one snack per day so if you have three small meals three small snacks, you just have to lump all your snacks into one snack. So if you’re looking at your finger across the day it’s a little in accurate. If it were only that I would recommend it, but there are too many other issues for me
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6 years ago, Staerskye
Pretty, but all the features require premium upgrade
So far I like the layout and the user friendly nature of this app. It’s easy to use and it has a nice aesthetic. The versatility of this app separates it from other fitness apps. However I wish it was more clear on which features come with the free version and which features are premium. I understand that the developer is trying to encourage people to upgrade (the price seems reasonable) but I’ve realized that almost all of the features listed in the description are premium features. I wish I had been told upfront what I can do in the free version rather than having a popup telling me I’ve encountered a premium feature as I’m touring the app. As many of the highlights of the app are premium features (barcode scanning, almost all the diet plans, the custom recipes, etc) the app does nothing beyond track calories in its free version and I have no way of knowing if the extra features are worth the money (and reading some of the reviews convince me that the extra features don’t run as well as I would like for a paid service). I’ll stick to my fitness pal.
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4 months ago, KeelCav
Data driven wellness
For starters, I have lost 20 lbs in 20 weeks! I have 10 lbs to go, but feel great about it because I am learning so much about nutrition and forming healthy habits - I am not on a fad diet. This app is great for those who like to live the quantified life and can commit to entering accurate data. The label scanner is key! I love that I can pre-load my go-to recipes and meals, and that menu items from popular restaurants can be easily found. It’s still harder to use on days when I need to dine out with family and friends. The water tracker is great, and I love that the app integrates with my apple watch/iphone, and earns me back calories that I burn. It means I can eat a brownie and not feel guilty, because I get rewarded for going on a walk and am still able to have a “green smile” day! On the down side, customer support is non-existent. I have tried both email through the website and chat through the app. I just get robot responses and no solution. First I was hoping to get help finding the weigh loss graph I saw when I first signed up. I want to be able to track my actual progress against the projected progress, to stay motivated. Second, I have been experiencing a glitch with the daily stats. No response. I even tried deleting and reinstalling the app - no bueno. If not fixed soon, my rating u fortunately will drop to a 4. I put in a lot of effort providing accurate data - I expect to see accurate stats.
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4 years ago, Gøats
Fix your app!
I love this app. However, I am not sure what is going on with it right now. The calories & names are all messed up & it’s very discouraging to see that a cup of Oat blenders w/ Honey cereal are supposedly ‘956 calories’, and that a Danamal is 10+ calories than it actually is. I shouldn’t have to find the exact calorie amount by doing math. The entire point of your app is as an easy way to track your diet, weight, progress, etc. What’s the point if you can’t even properly add up the total calorie intake?? Fix your app. edit: (I have been reporting incorrect calories & names, and the app is incorrectly adding up my calories per meal. I set my intake to 1,400 but it says I can eat: 747 calories for snack, 546 calories for my dinner, 560 for my lunch, and 402 calories for my breakfast. This makes absolutely no sense. The calories add would add up to 2,255 if I ate up to all of the ‘recommended’ amounts while I actually ate 893/1,400 for that day. It doesn’t make sense. The calories I actually ate shows the correct amount (893), while the individual meals add up to an amount higher than my average intake????)
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5 years ago, jilshs
Not Great
I bought the premium version because I thought it would be friendlier and more helpful than apps like myfitnesspal. Its not very smart, it doesn’t have a lot of foods in its database, and the recipes provided are few and not impressive. There’s no way to find easy meals, it seems to be time consuming and not super appetizing. For example, a suggested recipe to me was a tomato and buttermilk shake?? While that might not be hard to make, it sounds disgusting. Most of these recipes seem to be more about looks and “instagram” quality than nutrition and simplicity, which is what most people loom to food trackers for. In the app’s attempt to be more millenial-geared and well-rounded, they made a complicated app with a few flashy features (choosing your type of diet, taking a picture of your food to log it-which didn’t work when I tried-, and recipes-which have limited options and seem complicated). I wish they offered a trial of the premium but I understand why they don’t because I definitely wouldn’t have bought premium if I knew that not much would change, and the additional features are less than satisfactory. I absolutely regret purchasing this.
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6 years ago, NicknameCapone
Will Not Sync with Apple Health App
I really like this app a lot. It’s very nice looking and motivating. I have been a paid subscriber for about 4 years now but am thinking that I might not be renewing this year. I’m not sure if the problem is with the Lifesum app or the Apple Health app, but the nutrition data will just not sync properly from Lifesum to the Health app. I am using the Health app to aggregate all of my health data which syncs properly from my sleep app, glucose app, exercise apps, etc., but not my diet/nutrition app which I consider to be essential for getting a complete health picture. I contacted the developer about this issue but was just told that they were working on it and informed as to how to get a refund and cancel my subscription. That was definitely not the answer I was looking for but may just take them up on it. What I really wanted to hear was a timeframe for getting this right. What I got from the response was that it wasn’t really a priority for them. I would like to know whether it is or not because if it is and they are expecting a breakthrough in the near future I would definitely stick with the app.
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3 years ago, Robert S Price
Needs an update!
I have used this app for about a year. It has helped me lose 52 pounds. The app works, so it gets 5 stars for working. However, I just upgraded my phone to an iPhone 12 Pro Max. I am finding several issues when going into certain screens where the text at the bottom if the screen is “running off” the screen, and I am unable to get out of certain screens because the “X” that you press to close the screen is in the upper left hand corner and it is partially off of the screen and you are unable to push it (the iPhone 12 Pro Max screen is .2” larger, so an update is needed.). There is also an issue when you go to create your own food/drink. I tried to add cappuccino and when you are adding a new food or drink you also need to add the serving size. My choices are grams or milliliters (both metric), although my preferences are set to imperial. It’s a minor issue, but they seem to be popping up in multiple places. This app has been great, however when I am paying for the premium subscription ($49 year) and my wife is as well, we expect the app to be up to date.
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6 years ago, cjdell
Beautiful but needs work
I got this app after seeing several ads for it in my Facebook feed. I like that it offers many different plans and gives you instant feedback on the quality of food you are eating, but many of the features advertised do not work properly. For example, I chose the three week weight loss plan. It generated recipes and a shopping list, which I thought was cool. But it does not let you add the recipes directly to your food diary -- clicking on the recipe did not do anything and I had to enter each ingredient manually, even though I followed the recipe exactly. This seems like a waste of time and a pretty big thing to overlook. Searching the recipe database for the recipe did not work either, as they are organized by tags and not by title or ingredient, making it even harder to find what you're looking for. I had to delete and reinstall the app to even get the water tracker to show up. There is also no way to manually sync the app with Fitbit; it just kind of does it when it wants to, which I also see as a major flaw. It's a beautiful app, but very clunky and full of dead ends. I paid for premium and at this point I wish I hadn't.
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4 months ago, Katiemarie1212
It’s almost perfect….
I love the Lifesum score that you get every Monday. It’s really motivational and it helps me to see where I’m lacking and what I can improve on during the next week. I enjoy how it tracks all my macros, and my macros are adjustable. based on my own needs. I love the fact that I can scan things and then I can create quick recipes and I love that it will let me add the same thing that I did yesterday as a repeat option. The smiley face ratings at the end of each day some of my favorite parts of this app, I love seeing the dark green happy face or even the light green because I know that I have hit my macro goals for the day, i’m also a competitive person, and therefore I do whatever I can to make sure that I end with a light or dark green smiley face. Now, for the things that could make it perfect. I wish I had the ability to adjust the number of meals I eat in a day. Or no meals and just track all my food. I am the type of person who likes to eat multiple times a day and trying to fit all of my” snacking“ into meals is kind of a pain. It’s annoying for me to have to realize OK I have maxed out in my macros for breakfast now the rest of my food is for lunch, or dinner. I would like to just be able to track everything for the day and break it up however, I want to. I wish the intermittent fasting also tracked better. Because I can start a fast and end fast, but there’s no logging of it. There’s no way to see what days I fasted and what days I didn’t.
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6 years ago, Ohmyjeasuus
I’m FINALLY making progress with my weight loss
I really like this app, it might sound silly but I think part of why it really works for me is how good the app looks, and it’s much simpler (in my opinion) than my fitness pal. I’ve read that the database isn’t as big as MFP but I haven’t run into any problems with being able to track my food or scan barcodes. When I first started using the app I lost 8 pounds in the first few weeks, so I’m finally under 160lbs! I haven’t been very consistent recently but I’ve just picked it back up again tracking calories and staying under my daily goal. I also love how simple it is to track macros. Overall, I’ve been wanting to lose weight for YEARS and stop gaining 10lbs/year on average and this is the FIRST tool I’ve found that has actually helped me make progress. Only negative I have is the meals on the different plans can’t be changed so I can’t really do them because I’m allergic to shellfish (I could probably just substitute though LOL)
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9 months ago, casual army :)
Inaccurate Maximum Calories
Maximum calories are significantly under what they should be. At 4’10 and 100lbs, as well as my active lifestyle, I should be at maximum 1800cals per day. Also, I should be taking in around 180cals from carbs and 180cals from fat per day (or slightly less). I set my goal to “maintain weight”, and it gave me a maximum of around 1385cals. I haven’t looked at the “losing weight” or “gaining weight” calculation, but I would imagine that they are a dangerously low number and a normal number respectively. For someone who does not know their actual nutritional needs, an app like this could be dangerous. Users will likely take the number as fact. I find that my number is around 500cals under what it should be. However, it can be a useful calorie tracking app for someone who is educated on their personal nutritional needs and who is willing to go through and add all of their food eaten accurately instead of using the search feature. I still use it, I just ignore the calorie count and use a maximum of 1800cals. I also manually input foods. For those wanting a quick and easy way to log cals, this could still work.
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5 years ago, shaetoday
Needs improvement
I think overall it’s a good app. I can’t afford the premium features so I basically have to ignore the day ratings. You can’t customize the macro goals unless you have premium and mine are different from the ones they set for me. The one thing that really irks me is their meal rating system. It doesn’t teach indulgence in moderation, which I think is key to maintaining a healthy diet, and it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. If you eat one sweet thing it ruins your entire meal rating. For example: I had scrambled eggs and protein powder in coffee this morning — it gave both of those an excellent rating on their own, but didn’t give the meal as a whole a good rating because I hadn’t consumed enough calories. Then I had half a serving of honey vanilla Greek yogurt and it gave it a :| rating, which then ruined my whole meal rating. And you can get an explanation for why things are rated that way unless you pay for premium. I try to get good ratings all day so it really bugs me when I get a bad one. I’m starting to just not take them seriously.
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5 years ago, DesiraeC_6
Just What I Needed
I’ve been struggling to hold myself accountable when it comes to eating healthy and exercising ever since I gave birth to my daughter last summer, but this app makes it possible to keep track of my calories, fat, protein and sugar intake on any given day, and keep track of my workouts and it has made a difference! The first 10 days of using it, I mostly focused on eating healthy and staying under my daily intake. I lost two pounds and have since incorporated working out in the past week and have lost an additional 1.5 pounds plus 1.25” off of my waist. My pants are beginning to get a little looser and my face is noticeably thinner as well. I’ve been using this app since May 17th and I am happy with my progress so far. I gave the app four stars, however, because I’m paying $21 for three months but the add-ons don’t seem worth the money. I’m grateful for them but they are things so could have figured out with a quick google search. There are also not a whole lot of vegetarian recipes and many of them are not the healthiest.
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4 months ago, Gabby Dev
better than myfitnesspal, just needs to address reports
I love this app ten times more than myfitnesspal, and it’s more affordable in my opinion. I have reached my weight loss goals because of this app’s recommendations and intermittent fasting tracker, the aesthetic appeal of the app makes it more enjoyable to track and login to everyday, and the information is easy to understand. myfitnesspal was daunting and overloaded with info that just didn’t make sense to someone like me with zero knowledge on eating properly/micros. The only reason I didn’t give it a five is because the app is very strict to the nutritional info balancing out correctly more than the actual accuracy of what the label says. So, I’ll put in exactly what nutritional info a food label says on the box, but the app will not want to log it because it doesn’t make sense according to what the app thinks is accurate. (sorry if I explained that horribly) I always report it but i’m not sure how much developers actually look at those reports..
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