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User Reviews for Lose It! – Calorie Counter

4.76 out of 5
651.5K Ratings
2 years ago, Sockmunki
Fantastic app, and great support!
First, I will say that this app is really wonderful. I started using it about 10 years ago and it helped me lose about 40 pounds in the first year. It just made me very conscious of what I ate, in part with just keeping track of it by entering it, and in part, it was helping me understand where all the calories came from. It was actually very easy to lose the weight by knowing what piled on calories, and what I could fill up on without worrying. I got to my goal, and I have kept at that stable weight for the past nine years and I think it’s great. And my eating is much healthier in addition to being at a good weight. The second thing is that the technical support is great. The app was very easy to use, but over the last few months, it became very sluggish and frustrating. I didn’t think to actually reach out to customer support but instead I wrote a review with only two stars instead of 5 that I’d previously rated it, complaining about it. Well, technical support reached out to me and asked for some information, and then they just made a suggestion - that I make sure all my data was backed up online, which it was without doing anything, and then delete and reinstall the app. I did that, and it completely fixed the problem. I don’t think I’ve ever had an app technical service person reach out to me proactively from a review, start a dialogue, and then give me a solution to fix the problem. Kudos to you guys!
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1 year ago, Mochamoo2
It’s the one that works for me!
Weight loss is a personal journey. Everyone does it for their own reasons. Whenever I get to a point where I don’t like the way I fit into clothes or the way I look in the mirror, I know I can go to LoseIt!, start tracking, and achieve my goals. Every time I use this app I end up eating less and I’m way more conscious of my food choices, which end up being much healthier. Even my skeptical trainer says the app is good. I paid for the premium this time around so I can track my protein and cholesterol/saturated fat. My only wish is that I could track grams of calcium in food since I have osteoporosis. My only criticism is that sometimes the portions aren’t correct even when scanned(bag of Trader Joe’s beef jerky is not 90 cal, it’s 360cal), and it’s much better to weigh or measure your food and use that number as portion size than the number of something in a serving (13 shrimp weigh more than the serving size in grams - 10 shrimp was the actual number corresponding to the 85 grams for the serving). It’s important to compare the portion size to the actual size (that corresponds to the calories listed in the serving on package and LoseIt!), and be honest with yourself about portion size if you want this to work. This is true in all weight loss apps. Overall, I love this app and the data provided gives me exactly what i need to keep motivated. I am sure that LoseIt! will be with me for a long time!
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3 months ago, Originalojeano
A Tool I Rely On
I’ve used this app for several years. I learned pretty quickly where my extra calories were coming from and how to shape my eating plan for the day. The first time I used the app it worked but the weight came back. A few years later it didn’t seem to work. I discovered two important keys the third time I came back— third time’s the charm—for me, keeping the calorie budget where it is set before I’ve done any exercise, and not taking advantage of the bonus calories for exercise, makes it most effective. And personally I needed to address a tendency to eat compulsively and get education and support about that. I can’t speak for the articles and lessons offered here. I haven’t used them. I’ve gotten my support elsewhere. I love that it shows the amount of fat, carbohydrate, and protein I’m getting. I do find in the list of foods and calorie counts that sometimes other users lie about calories in foods so I have to be careful (like when it comes up that a tablespoon of mixed nuts is 15 calories, no it’s not; it’s about 45) to double check and try the “verified” button. But overall I give it five stars because it definitely helps with my food plan and got me to where I wanted to be which was a loss of about 45 pounds and remaining that way for about a year now. It is a tool I can rely on and it’s easy to use. I purchased the lifetime membership.
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5 years ago, Jei G
I’ve been using Lose It! for about 3 weeks now and have already lost about 6 pounds. The idea of just having to scan a barcode is super easy and it’s hard to forget to log your meal because you always gotta eat! Plus, being a student on the go all of the time and having sports makes it difficult to actually use workout apps but this app is so simple and easy to use. And, if you’re in a hurry and couldn’t log a meal the day before you can always go back and edit your past days if you left something out and it will still process the info. One thing to be careful of however is not eating. There was one time where I knew I was going out and knew I was going to be over my calories and was tempted to skip breakfast but skipping meals is not a good thing to do!!! It’s okay to be over your calorie budget a little, never feel inclined to always meet the goal. Having this app made me realize what I was putting into my body(I have the free version but it still displays macros which is super helpful.) This app combined with the app ActivityTracker is the perfect duo! Enter in the distance you walked at the end of the day from ActivityTracker on Lose It! and you’ll get calories added onto your calorie budget! I DEFINITELY recommend this app as I recommend it to all of my friends and anyone I know who is looking to lose weight and I hope you become as satisfied with Lose It! as I am! :)
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6 months ago, LOVExDENAHI
Best Calorie Tracker App
Easy to use, intuitive, helps keep you accountable to a reasonable food budget. Excellent selection of exercises (including even hunting!!), best I’ve ever seen. Probably most accurate weight lifting calories burned of the calorie counting apps. It’s more than usable with the free version. Downside is they constantly try to get you to upgrade. On cheat days I’ll even see “positive trend noticed” under an unhealthy food item😂 Every other time you open the app, there’s a “buy premium” banner, and there’s constantly a “24 hours left to buy premium at a discounted price” banner. Longest 24 hours of my life, it’s been going on for about 12 weeks now. It’s annoying, but doesn’t really detract from the overall quality of the app. If you’re trying to lose excess fat (especially with antidepressant-induced obesity), this is the app to use. I’d been trying to lose the weight I gained after listening to shrinks (bad idea) and taking antidepressants. Gained 50lb in less than a month and hadn’t been able to lose a single pound in the last almost 8 years. I have been weight lifting five days a week with a phenomenal trainer for about a year and still not seeing results. Started this app in October of 2023 and have since lost 10lb!! If you combine this app with daily exercise, you WILL lose weight. Just be meticulous in tracking every calorie that you eat or drink. This app makes it very easy to do that!
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4 years ago, Abd4253
Simple, easy to use, and effective.
I've struggled with weight issues for my entire life. Even though other popular fitness apps like "YourExerciseBuddy" get the limelight, Lose It! just works without all of the hype and corporate sponsorships. I actually enjoy using this because it is easy to tracks calories, macros, and meals. The food database is deep and the ability to scan barcodes is wonderfully helpful. Shared meals and recipes from other users help to fill in gaps as well. It also syncs easily with my Apple Watch and Health kit to incorporate workouts and data. If I had to choose anything to critique it would be this: (1) When searching for food or restaurants in the database, you have to repeat the search term each and every time you make a selection. This is a pain when adding multiple items from one place like Panera Bread or Jimmy John's. I end up copying and pasting the term but saving the previous search would be most helpful. And (2) having the ability to edit the time and date that one enters their blood sugar would be nice. I often check my sugars throughout the day but can't input my numbers into the app until later and it is creating a false timeline of data. Other than those two (small) things, I love this app and give it full marks of support and total recommendation. The weight that I've lost and the muscle I've gained is proof that this works.
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2 years ago, SundayaMartin04
From Amazing to New ED Hangout?
Newest Review as of Monday, June 27, 2022: Okay so as you can see in my old review LoseIt was a really good app that just needed some minor adjustments.. But now? It has since become the new hangout spot for underage kids asking adults how to starve themselves. I used to love interacting in the groups but now it seems like every other post is filled with an underage teen ranting about how they just binged & tried to make themselves throw up. I thought this app was for 18+..? It truly is a drag to be in groups now. These days I just log my food & weight then close the app. This is truly the new hangout spot for underage kids with eating disorders. My old Review: I’ve lost 38+ pounds since using the Lose It App! I love everything about this app although I do have a few suggestions I’m hoping the developers will take into consideration. 1. Expand the food data base. 2. For the “Recipes” category, you should be able to create folders so you can organize your recipes. (Ex: You can create a folder for breakfast recipes, lunch, dinner, etc) That would really take creating recipes to the next level. 3. Under “My Food”, you should be able to add different foods. I wanted to add Wyman’s Just Fruit to my food catalog but there was no option to. 4. When creating recipes, there should be an option to move your added ingredients into any order you want. Get those changes going and my rating will be a 5 star!
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5 years ago, happyhealthymamaof2
So helpful & easy
After my second child my weight just stayed. I was told by my OB that at my sons one year birthday the weight that you have then tends to become your new average. My son was six months old and my weight was not budging, I knew I had to do something but didn’t know how or have the energy to do something complicated. I found out about loose it through reading a blog about calorie deficiency. I knew this seemed like the most logical & healthy way to loose weight and start a better lifestyle but the idea of tracking everything was off putting and seemed to hard. This app (I’m using the free version) is amazing! I’m down approx 3lbs in a week and a half and I’m not hungry. I’m not eating in a way that is not sustainable and the tracker makes it so easy to log and to see what is cased my day to be a success or a failure. I might also add that I started the week of vacation over 4th of July & I still saw success even with going over a few days. Because the tracker makes you aware of what you’re eating even when you “cheat” you’re aware of when and by how much. If you’re thinking about trying to loose weight & are not sure how to start I would highly recommend trying this app. It holds your hand, steps you through & links you to community for support. Good luck to anyone starting- here’s to a healthy, happy lifestyle & leaving Fad diets in the dirt!
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1 year ago, luem
Was happy, now not so much
I’ve been using this app on and off for years. I love that I can put in my own recipes. It’s great at basic calorie tracking and I paid for extra features this year so I can track carbs and other things. Unfortunately it does not track added sugar. It only tracks sugar as a whole. So fine I have to keep track elsewhere by hand. I can find another tracker next year. But where my frustration comes is from selecting food. Let’s say I eat 1/4 cup of granola. I ate it hours ago and want to quickly add it. I find my granola but my choices are all grams. I don’t know off hand and don’t want to try and do a bunch of conversions at work. So I look for my granola in cups. I scroll through 10 possibilities and then notice they all have different calorie counts for the same amount and supposedly the same item. I select my granola finally thinking I should have the right item and calories count but wow those carbs look extra high. I have to double check the product or find it online. Things I don’t always have time to do. And then I discover the calories are correct but the carbs are wrong. So I end up creating my own food. This has become a constant issue and I double check everything. This was not an issue when I first started with loose it. But I have noticed you can upload your item for everyone. The database is too convoluted and no one appears to be checking what people upload.
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1 year ago, AnnieWho2018
Ads are annoying but app is great
As a typical overweight American, I have spent a ton of money on weight loss aids/diets/supplements with no success. It stands to reason that the miracle cures don’t work or people would stop spending money on them (as they were no longer needed) and the industry would slow. So far - tracking intake is working. I eat what I want and write it all (and I mean all) down. Weight isn’t flying off, but the trend is down! One note so far - even some of the “green check” (verified) calorie counts don’t match the packaging for the product. I push up the serving size to greater than I actually ate in order to bump up the calories to where I think they really are - so it is not entirely turn key. I would have given five stars but paying for a year of the no-ad app was going to be a “reward” at hitting a goal I am still a ways from - the ads were not as horrid until they stopped offering a deep discount. Although I agree the makers should be paid for their cool creation, I am tired of feeling like easy pickings because I eat too much food. Won’t be paying until I reach half way mark and won’t pay at all if I have to pay more than they offered at the start because they will have earned ad income already so paying “up” seems like it’s just charging the desperate fat person more because they’ll pay anything to *maybe* reach their goal.
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2 years ago, G-gal
This IS truly the one!
I hardly ever write reviews; even for apps that I really like. But I just had to make an exception here 😌. This app is by far, the most complete, accurate, intuitive, and consistent app out there for tracking, er well, let’s see… JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING!!! I really did not want to have to install 50,000 different apps; “good” ones, but while they may be good at what they do, they do not do everything that I need them to do, therefore, I had to toggle back and forth between apps just to log what I needed to track 😩. One of the best features (and there are many) is the smart food scanner. With it, I can not only barcode scan, but scan the nutrition label and it will read/ copy the label info into the app! When I’m done logging my meal(s), I can even document a picture of what I ate. Couple of other cool features: it has a water-intake tracker, it has a place for special notes, it speaks to my smartwatch, there’s a place to log VARIOUS types of exercises; the list goes on and on. And while this might seem like it would be visually overwhelming, it’s not! The layout and the ease of use are amazing! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 Listen, I swear I don’t work for these people 😂 and I don’t know a soul that does, but folks I’m telling you I’ve been using this app for almost a year and it has been consistently on point! 💜👍🏽😊
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2 years ago, TashieMarie
I (normally) love this app
I really think you need to reconsider the new ads you’ve added in. I have been using this app since at least 2012 and what I tend to do it pay for the premium and then after it runs out, the next time I have extra cash I pay for another year. But the great thing about this app is that the free version is still completely functional so I was ok going without premium for a few months at a time. Having ads in a free version is totally understandable but there is a huge difference between banner ads and the new, usually unskippable ads that you’ve added in and it completely breaks this app in my mind. It might be tolerable if you had different subscription options aside from just one yearly cost all at one time. For a lot of people it’s easier to have lower monthly fees than one big yearly fee. Apps that use ads like what you’ve added are usually an INSTANT delete for me but because I’ve been with this app for SO long and love it so much I really don’t want to delete it. However, having this specific type of ads in also makes me never want to pay for premium again and just find another app to use out of spite. This type of intrusive ad says we really don’t care about providing our customers with a quality product anymore, we’re just going use them to make us more money with every ad that gets accidentally clicked while someone is trying to make it go away. This app would be 5 stars from me without this new addition.
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6 years ago, ebear37
WoW! I am a happy Loser! Are You?
Best app I ever used for steady weight loss!!!... it’s very encouraging to see that even when I feel like I dropped the ball and had a bad day, as far as having eaten to much, that the app doesn’t give up on me but rather motivates me to keep going and not give up on myself! This App TRULY gives me hope and a practical game plan daily. It divides my calories up per meal (4 meals) and suggest the allotted calories it recommends.... and hey! I know this thing is just an app/calculator but if you let it it can be so much more. Lastly, this app Allows you to take pics of your food daily/each meal, scan bar codes (way easier logging on the run and jetting out the door!). It’s not crazy complicated either. I love it! Honestly, when I can afford premium I am all about it!!! It teases you a bit and gives you examples of premium App privileges but it’s not to pushy either. From what I can see, premium offers dietitian planned meal plans, recipes, GROCERY LISTS & SUGGESTIONS ON WHERE TO SHOP!!! (Yes!!!... so much easier while raising a family) Ok, so enough said! This app speaks for itself. Try it! Work It! Love it! & Lose it! P.S. if I created this App I would have called it My Body Accountant or My Personal Body Life Coach! or how about My Bestie? 😄 (seri doesn’t hold a candle to this app) ....That is how good it is! 👍🏻😊🍇🥂Cheers!!!...all ya happy Losers out there 😜 (lol)
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7 years ago, Ms.Kitkat
Loseit! + discipline = weight loss
For 3/5 of my life, due to severe injuries and illness, I've been waffling the border of overweight and obesity. For the first time in almost a decade, my health was stable, so I figured I'd make dedicated effort over the summer of losing weight (I was 220lbs/100kg). Loseit! was an app recommended by my pedometer app, and I kind of got it on a whim. 😅 I love to eat, have my Dad's sweet tooth, and am (more than) a bit lazy (ok, just highly unmotivated)... none of that is good for weight loss, so every bit helps, right? Well, I got a scale, started counting calories with the app (the free one, not premium), and went walking or biking depending on weather. It is a bit over 100 days later, and I've lost 50lbs/23kg. I'm going to keep going another 20-30lbs/9-14kg, though at a slower rate for the holidays. 😉 Self discipline is really important to how successful you'll be, though. If you don't log everything (I know it is inconvenient/a pain/insert opinion here), but not doing so is pretty much setting yourself up for failure. I'm not saying 'don't eat sugary foods/that one food that's bad for you that is a guilty pleasure', that would be hypocritical of me (again: I love food & have a huge sweet tooth. There is no way I'm ever not going to eat what I want). I'm saying that if weight loss is important to you, you won't cheat yourself by fudging your log. Be brutally honest with yourself. It helps put what you're eating into perspective. 😁
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2 years ago, Aceking1212
Great app and support is spot on
I switched over to this app after MyFitnessPal removed the barcode feature from the free version and I have no regrets. The app works and works great and when I had trouble with a bug I ran into, their support responded almost immediately and kept in constant communication with me (which tells me they genuinely care). I’ve already started losing weight with this app and the optional push notifications really help remind me when I might’ve forgotten to log a meal (which I sometimes do) and helped motivate me to continue to use the app on days when I’m being lazy or when I know I’ve gone over and don’t want to log I was over. I ended up paying for premium (TOTALLY WORTH IT!) as I thought the option to have less calories during the week and more calories during the weekend fit my lifestyle perfectly as well as the intermittent fasting reminders that alert me when I should stop eating at night. The fasting reminders alone have significantly helped me sleep better as I don’t get indigestion while laying down cause I ate too much too late. Overall this app has significantly improved my life in many minor ways and the support team behind the app makes me feel like they genuinely care about their customers and not only their customer’s money.
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2 years ago, SinglesSource.US
This app will help you lose the weight stay healthy and disciplined!
I tried this app the first time and I don’t think I was in the mindset to succeed so I stopped and then the next year…. I had a better mindset so I started again. I’ve been on it steadily since about March of this year and boy oh boy! I’m even surprised how disciplined I am…but this app makes it easy for you to be disciplined because it has a lot of foods in the system already plus you can scan a barcode and put that food in . Be really honest with yourself on the amounts whether it’s ounce or one each or whatever measurement you’re using be honest because you’re only lying to yourself - Loseit doesn’t judge, they support. Loseit is there to support you all the way-if you’re a social person- great- you can chitchat with everybody there’s a lot of people supporting each other. I’m more private (this is a battle between me myself and I so I don’t need any encouragement I just look in the mirror or get on the scale and there is my motivation!) NEW FEATURE I LOVE: you can automatically add Or delete or add then edit typical breakfast lunch or dinner‘s that Loseit sees a pattern with- they made that editing MUCH MUCH EASIER - thank you Loseit ! I am 8 pounds from my final goal weight and I have you to thank for it ! I’m so glad you’re on my team. WOOHOO 🎉🥳
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1 year ago, jess_321
Nutritionist approved !!!
I have my MS in Nutrition and I still struggled with weight loss because of the weight I gained during my studies from stress (about 25lbs). I really like this app a lot. I’ve lost about 10lbs the healthy way. Logging your food makes you accountable. I realized it’s hard for me to lose 2lbs a week. I switched to 1 lb a week which is about 4lbs a month. I don’t feel like I’m starving. It accounts for exercise too if you add it in so you don’t calorie crash. Through this app I was able to study my eating habits. I realized I needed more protein, fiber, and water which help curb hunger. I can track my sugar and alcohol consumption and try to make better choices so I don’t binge eat after or the next day by eating more protein instead to curb sugar cravings and abstaining from how many drinks I have and saving alcohol usage for social events with family and friends. This apps helps you identify your bad habits in your diet and correct them through goals. I have protein goals, sugar goals, water goals, sleep goals etc. I noticed on the nights I sleep less, the following day I am hungrier and eat more calories. I could go on, but I will end with my opinion that this app is simple enough for new members, and advanced enough for someone with more knowledge and experience.
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7 years ago, pre-diabe
i find it useful
I don't use any social bits, but appreciate the ability to create my own foods data, & retrieve & copy (& adjust) previous meals for quick adds; and adjust quickly-added My Foods w/ more refined data later if I want. Having a spot for brand name is very helpful in identifying foods. As is the barcode scanner. Also like the nutrition graph & macro chart for the day & week-to-date. And having a spot to put Exercise data. In addition to walking, I have been swimming, so in logging in swim distances, I just use a separate calculator and yards/1760 gives me miles swam to enter into Lose It, and get an estimate of calories' worth. Being able to tell friends at work that a certain cookie I am turning down is worth "5 laps at pool" has made the peer pressure to indulge back off. (Most friends don't swim, so 5 laps sounds like a fairly big deal of effort to them. And to me also! ;-) A few months ago I started getting Days Streaks of logging in. I guess I didn't realize you needed to mark each day as 'Done logging in' for that to kick in. Now however, I am motivated to do that! Having 125 days streak - I don't want to lose that and start over, being told I am on a '1 day streak' because I missed. I use the alert setting to remind me at end of day. Lost 52 lbs in seven months, so far. 30 or so to go.
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1 year ago, Abkosar
Long time user - Disappointed with iPhone/Apple watch connectivity issues
I’ve used LoseIt for years as a major component of my weight and health management. It is a great app and I pay for the premium services to track things like glucose and other details you can’t get in the free version. It’s easy to use and really does what it says it will do. However, for the past 2-3 years I have been experiencing worsening problems with the app in iPhone while having the app connected to Apple Health and my Apple Watch. I have raised this issue with support in the past, to no avail. Lately the app has been particularly slow and difficult to use on iPhone - frozen screens, slow to load, slowness switching screens, unable to search meals tab without the app freezing completely requiring me to close it and restart. I contacted support, and they advised they have no fix for this and do not anticipate having one any time soon, and that the answer is to disconnect Apple health and my watch from the app. Unfortunately that defeats the purpose of the Apple Watch for me, which is to be able to seamlessly and accurately track my workouts in the app. I do not have any of these issues with the iPad version of the app. Unfortunately this means I am forced to reconnect apple health and my Apple Watch, and just deal with the latency. I hope support fixes this issue in the future.
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4 years ago, ThomasSerio
Good but sluggish. Malicious reports. Avoid long term
In almost every aspect this app works great, save performance. I’m not sure if it’s just unoptimized or if it can’t handle it’s enormous food database, but even on the latest and greatest iPhone it becomes unresponsive for at least 5 seconds whenever I try to log a new meal. This makes it frustrating to use, and I’ve found myself logging less and less because of it. I’ve used this app for years (and had a steak of over two years of logging every day) and the performance has gotten worse over time. Maybe it can’t handle the number of logs past a certain point, but you’d think they’d archive off older logs to prevent this. Another issue is the weekly report. I’ve been tracking the numbers from the report for years as well, and the report intentionally mangles the column order of the embedded table in the email each week to make it harder to paste into a spreadsheet (I have to rearrange the columns in my spreadsheet every time). This would be a moot point if they offered their own historical reports, but they seem content to only go back one week for the emails. If you’re looking for an app to log meals for a limited time, I highly recommend it. If you’re trying to establish a new normal where logging meals long term is the goal, I’d look elsewhere and definitely wouldn’t subscribe for more than a year (my lifetime sub is looking less of a deal these days).
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5 years ago, Shellycris
Great for weight loss but lately has been buggy
First off I wanna say I love this app it has really helped me lose weight by tracking and being aware of what I eat and how active I am! That being said lately it’s been kind of buggy. Not sure how to explain what happens but will try and hope it makes sense, but when I click on something say to enter my food it will pop up and then go away before I have the chance to write anything so I’ll have to click the plus sign again. Also, I used to be able to keep adding my food to my meal and then when I was finished hit done on the top right side. But as of today, 1/16,19, I’ll add a food and then the search menu will close. So now I have to open it again to add the next thing and it closes and I have to keep doing that Over and over until I’m done and it’s really inconvenient. I really believe it’s just a bug that should be looked into, I use this all day long so please please look into it. Not sure if anyone else has complained about this so just wanted to make you guys aware. Besides that I love how easy this app makes it to track my food. I was this close👌🏼 to downloading and paying for weightwatchers right when I found this and I’m so glad i did. So thanks to the people who made this app possible and made my life and weight loss journey that much easier! But please fix the bugs 😅😅😅
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8 months ago, Lakesider500
Lost 40 lbs with this app - LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!
Found myself so overweight and sluggish, embarrassed and feeling so uncomfortable and just not well. I had used Lose It some time ago with some results - but I wasn’t serious or committed back then. When I saw the scales reach all time highs I had to do something and so brought back my old friend Lose It- this time I upgraded (but the free version works well too!) and really set my course and have been fairly diligent on tracking carbs, calories, fat, water intake, exercise, steps, blood pressure- it’s all there and more if you want it too. It is so easy to use and I almost made a game of it everyday to align with the caloric and carb intake - it was a challenge. The app has great database of info and scanning is so easy - it helped count everything and guided what I ate and credited me with additional calories I could have when I exercised everyday. Kept me on track and kept me going- especially seeing my results. 40 pounds down and I will continue to use the app to help me maintain. After awhile, you learn how much you should have and the proper portion sizes of what kind of protein, veg, grain, or fruit, etc. love the app- it’s straightforward, easy to use, has a vast database, and helpful blogs and articles. Highly recommend!
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6 years ago, Bammble Bee
Great app, too many ads
This is a great food and weight tracker. I am especially pleased with the extensiveness of the food index, the ability to add personal recipes, and the app’s recommendations based on eating history. I also like that you can enter a goal weight and the app calculates the approximate date of achieving that goal, based on your calorie intake and activity levels. The only thing I don’t like is the constant barrage of “buy our plus features subscription” ads. Every time I open the app, a pop up appears telling me that it’s my “last chance” to get the extra features at 25% off. It’s been my “last chance” for over three months. I understand that I’m using the free version, and developers have to pay rent the same as me. But I get this pop up ad each and every time I open the app. Every. Single. Time. Which means I have taken to keeping a sticky note of my meals so I only need to open the app once a day, or every couple of days. (This is why I only gave it two stars. It’s super annoying.) I would love it if the developers could please give an option to pay a one-time fee to never see that pop up again. Or at the very least if they could decrease the frequency it appears. Because I would absolutely pay a one time fee for the basic tracking part without the extra features of the subscription. But I have no need of a subscription, and I really don’t need constant reminders of my apparently eternal “last chance” pricing.
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3 years ago, Eager2Prosper
In Love!
Ok sooo, I have NEVER liked counting calories and I HAVE tried calorie tracking apps before. They were boring and not engaging enough. End result, I ended up deleting them never to attempt again. I came across “Lose It” by accident looking for a diet app specifically for recipes-and O.M.G.?! Can I just say how I appreciate the breakdown that is given to you in a day, not only in calorie consumption but also educating you on macronutrients! I not only have a better understanding in how much I eat but also WHAT I EAT! I had nooooo idea how much I needed to really change the specific foods I was eating. The app itself is just perfect to me in breaking down so much more then counting calories. And as silly as it may seem, I thought there wasn’t much else I needed to know. But with this app, I’ve learned so much in so little time. Like I’m soooo excited now to continue my Journey in getting healthy again. All this time, I feel like I was in the dark...I love how you know how many calories left you have to eat or not eat in a day. I love how you can weigh in each day. I mean there’s too much to list. It’s super simplified. And I do feel in a way held accountable to keep up with it. It’s an awesome app layout. Please don’t change this app, it’s perfect for me! Lol
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5 years ago, anna10121
I never thought I’d say this about a calorie tracker but...
This is one of the best apps I’ve ever found. It’s one of the easiest to use calorie tracker apps I’ve ever tried (and the only one I’ve been able to stick to using!). I use the free version, and even though I can’t track my macros or water (you need premium for that), it is so easy to see what I’m really eating compared to what my goals are. For the first few days, i didnt try to limit myself at all, just ate what i would normally eat in the amounts i would normally have and saw just how much i was eating compared to what it said i should be for my goals (i was eating about an extra 400 cals a day) and then slowly lowered my calories per day to what the app suggested for my goals. It even lets you know if it finds patterns in what you’re eating that are helpful to your goals (it pointed out that on days i eat chicken, i eat fewer calories overall). It’s super user friendly, and you can either look up brands of your foods or use the barcode scanner to find them more quickly. Only issue I’ve found is that sometimes it measures portions in different amounts than the box says (like I’ll say I’m eating mac and cheese and it’ll ask me how many grams of food instead of cups or w/e). Overall, highly recommended!
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4 months ago, Kldb85
10+yr Customer
I have had this app since October 2014. I remember giving feedback when it first launched to help with recommendations or upgrades suggested. Being a customer for almost 10 years shows how much I have enjoyed this app, and have been very loyal. I have tried other apps just to see the comparison, and I always revert back to this one quickly possibly because of comfort, knowing how to keep things in I just think it is more beneficial than others that I found. It helps keep track of my calorie intake. I absolutely love the discoveries it’s recently started to disclose giving me feedback on healthy habits and behaviors. For example, “we notice you are better on days you eat this particular food or drink this specific drink with staying on track with your calories”, but most of all love that it gives me when my expected goal would be hit based on my every day activities, and my overall logging information. The one thing I’m very disappointed in recently, which drove me to doing this review was that it no longer allows you to simply scan a item for it to automatically login all the information. That now requires a subscription so that is why I’m only rating this a four-star because that’s a simple service to this app that was a huge perk.
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6 days ago, Literary old bat
Lose this app, the worst one I’ve tried.
I got this app because my doctor told me to. Clearly, he has never tried it himself and is pretty bad at math. The calorie values for foods in the database are ridiculous. I can look up a food by brand-name while holding the very same food in my hand, and the difference between what the app says for calories and what the‘s label says can vary from 10 cal to literally 400 cal. And there is no way to tell if the app number is plus or minus. And quite frankly, it doesn’t matter anyway because I will trust what’s on the manufacturers list every time. However, problem number two is that since I cannot edit the caloric values of a brand-name product I have to re-enter it myself into the database with all the correct information. When I’m looking for food that’s pretty generic like a boiled egg or a small tomato in the database, that food will be listed three, four, sometimes even five times. Each time it is listed the mode preparation is the same. The size of the serving is the same. But again, the caloric values will vary wildly. About the only thing that this app is good for is to remind you to write down your daily caloric intake - as supplied by the manufacturer or by an Internet search. Write them down every day on the back of an envelope and then at the end of the week at it all up. And step on the scale every morning. Much more effective than this dog of an app and much less time consuming. Will be having a chat with my doctor.
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1 year ago, Emma614
Good and Bad
To start, I love this app. It is unique with the photos and how easy it is to use. I have been using it for about five years pretty consistently. Really no complaints; except for one of the recent updates… The ads. The only ad I had with a free version of my account was a very small one advertising their premium deal. I did not mind this and it did not bother me, however, recently there was an update or a change where whenever you add a meal and complete it and add pops up, nearly every single time. This is very inconvenient as it uses the entire screen instead of a small banner on top as previously mentioned. I am very disappointed in this feature. Because I have been using the app for so long and this is the worst change they have made in the entire five years that I have been using it. I wish there wasn’t an immediate pop-up ad during a very inconvenient time as this app is very easy to use and convenient because of the layout and some short cuts, not to mention they sometimes start with a larger version advertising their premium feature, and after another ad from some game you must watch 5 seconds of before you are able to skip.. as I’ve mentioned, this is my favorite calorie counting app and I have heavily relied on it. This feature is very disappointing to see and I hope it is removed.
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1 year ago, Biggestloserever82
Helping me live longer.
I am thankful for the Lose It! App. It makes it easy to track my calories and nutrients each day. After I turned 40 I really wanted to commit to good health. I’ve really enjoyed the smart way this app engages me and helps me track that progress with real time charts and forecasts. Seeing my future and visually seeing daily charts for my calorie intake helps me directly correlate my short and long term progress. The app also always seems to have the right foods or equivalents in its database, though I would like more of the entry nutrients and correct amounts to be more accurate, the app finds the right calories almost always. It provides a weekly running total of my progress in terms of calories, which helps me cheat a bit more on a day where I might be ahead of my weight loss goal for the week. It also lets you customize a lifestyle calorie plan too based on your exercise level and if you want to be able to account for more calories on the weekend. These to me, are thoughtful approaches to dieting and weight management written by a team who really gets it. I am honestly mostly writing this for them. I wanted to say thanks for making an awesome app that did real good in someone’s life. Thank you!
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5 years ago, Katwomanje
I’m really disappointed in this app and I would not recommend at this point in doing anything more than the free version. I liked the ease of that how there were so many different things in their food database that you could log as well as scan anything with the scan bar. It was fun doing that and seeing if I stayed within or how much below my recommended calorie levels were. HOWEVER.... I stay below and most days quite a bit below the calorie allotment I was given. Since I was not losing weight I actually changed it to lose more weight and eat less calories. Not losing anything I fluctuate up to 3 pounds either way and again eating below the new goal.. fun to track your food and calories and macronutrients but that’s about it. They come up with these “positive food patterns” which are really unrelated they will just say if you have coffee every day and then you lose a pound that it’s a positive pattern that when you drink coffee you consume less calories. Sometimes I have lower calories and will have butter with truffle oil popcorn. I will be near or below my calorie count for that day and I always weigh more the next day. but it will come up as a positive pattern that when I have popcorn I consume less calories! If you want to watch your habits for fun do the free version but sadly that is all I can recommend. I regret paying for the annual fee, and will not renew.
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11 months ago, Fatandfedup
This app is taking me to my dream weight. What I weighed in 10th grade. I was shocked to find out how many calories I was eating and drinking (beer, whiskey, cocktails). I set up a weight goal, on the app, with a little personal info. This app gave me the date I would get to my goal. I never had the calorie limit and end date before. I just tried to eat less and hoped for the best (never worked). Since I started honestly logging everything I eat or drink the weight is coming off. I’ve cut back on junk food, eat smaller portions and drink fewer drinks. If I fix a drink, it’s Ranch Water. I use a Collins glass and 1.5 oz of agave Tequila. It a cocktail just under 100 calories. Miller Lite is 96 calories. An Old Fashioned is about 180 calories (now a rare treat). Snacks are cherries, watermelon or ultra thin pretzels. I try to eat my meal of the day at lunch. This app has helped me get this far. I’m feeling confident that I’ll reach my goal earlier than they said. New clothes, a new suit and a new bike (I used to ride a lot) will be my reward. I’ll also be going premium on this app to keep off the weight and keep up with my exercise. It’ll be a new me too. I look forward to meeting me. By the way get the app and take of the pounds or kilos.
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5 years ago, Sedentary senior
Attention all diabetics 2
Best possible way to log, to pay attention, and to show graphs of your successive approximation to lowering your A1c. You are capable of logging everything that goes in your mouth henceforth you are given calories and carbs, what could be better or easier for us. Some of us are even sedentary this gives us the capability to see Day by day as we journal our activity, maybe not at the Fitbit or the gym, our every day lives. I have sustained accountability and credibility with ourselves for everything absolutely everything that goes into this mouth. Socially you can have very very close friends that you talk to daily just as one does on Facebook but it’s all relevancy to keeping healthy yes healthy. Losing weight is just a secondary benefit which is obviously for many of us important however if we cut out the carbs alone the weight will fall off and we will lose it yes Loseit. A wonderful wonderful program, unfortunately I see it putting many nutritionist out of business.. Love love Loseit and all it has to offer especially in the premium package, try it speaks for itself for us diabetics who need to control our quantity and our quality of our foods. We will become healthier yes healthier what could be better.🙏
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2 years ago, tourist mm
Lose It works
If you are serious and committed to logging in your food and exercise, this app works. I wasn’t trying to lose weight fast . This app makes you accountable for what you eat and how much you work out. Slow and steady wins the race ! I still have a while to meet my goal, but it is working. I like how it calculates everything for you. If you work out you are allowed more calories for the day. My Apple Watch helps a lot for the work out calculations and it automatically records in the app. If I need encouragement, I can go to messages of people using Lose It and read their stories. The title is perfect, “ we’re all in this together.” I can communicate to friends directly to show how I am doing, which makes me more accountable. I can do all this on my time and not have to schedule meetings like I did with Weight losing groups. There are also articles I can read about nutrition and dieting to help along the way. Thanks I If I miss a day of logging, I can go back to the day and finish it so I don’t lose my count. Today I am 99 days logged and lost 18 lbs! My clothes fit better and I feel better .It works for me. Thank you to the staff of Lose It. Sincerely, Mary Malviya
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3 months ago, jartys
Must Buy
I paid for this app 5 days ago and I’m already down 7 pounds. The barcode scanner makes it easy to scan the foods you are eating to keep track. Once you log in a food or meal it saves that meal so you don’t have to do a full search again. You can add that meal and then edit it to each serving size. If you create a recipe you can add all the nutritional facts to it and it will break down that macros and cal depending on the serving size you input. When searching for a food it has a wide range of restaurants to grocery stores to find products incase you don’t scan the barcode. It has plenty of educational information as well. This app will help you decide your calorie budget whether you exercise or not to reach that ideal weight along with an estimate of what month and day you will achieve that goal. Even if you have health problems and you need to adjust your diet it will break down the amount of sodium, sugar, fiber, macros, etc. If you are looking to save a few dollars before purchasing try out the free mode of the app. I did for a few days and they offered me a discount to sign up for a year. To get the full experience I encourage paying for it. You’re welcome
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1 year ago, cherevalerie_
Best calorie counter app ever!
Very detailed, I am able to divide by all meals + early, afternoon, and late snacks. I love the recipe feature and that I am able to easily track my macros. I did buy the yearly membership after some time, but that’s because I already loved the free version. I log every bite of food that I eat and it really woke me up to what I was putting in my body and why I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. I will say that you WILL have to use google or check the brand of whatever you’re eating to ensure the correct nutritional values at times, but not for most items. I say if it has a barcode SCAN IT. Otherwise try and make sure you’re putting the right stuff by doing your own fact checking. I say about 85% of the food I eat is normally on there. This app helped me lose my first 10lbs (goal of about 25 lbs).. Daily: I track all food, water intake, steps, and exercise. At least weekly: I track my weight, body fat % (I bought a smart scale), and I try to record hours slept as much as I remember lol. Overall great app to track patterns and progress, I never write reviews but this one was earned. I recommended to all of my friends and I recommend to you too.
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3 years ago, Lemuriessa
Fantastic app & social support
One of the best improvements Lose It has made is developing various social groups you can join to connect with people who are on a similar path as you. The people I’ve met on here are incredibly supportive and encouraging, celebrating even the smallest wins and picking you up when you’re down. It has made a world of difference for me in staying on the weight loss path for the long haul, allowing me to have long term success. Simultaneously, the people and the app support building positive lifelong habits to help you become & stay healthy. You can track macros, make individualized goals, track meals and snacks, adjust your calorie budget, track exercises, connect to a smart device for exercise tracking, track body measurements and weight, and Lose It notifies you of positive patterns you develop as you track. I pay for the annual premium subscription, and it is 100% worth it. Personally, it is more customizable and effective for me than Noom, which I tried for a time. Also, you don’t have to wait to be recommended to a social group. You can just find one and join whenever you choose, which has been the game changer for me. I highly recommend!!
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4 years ago, chaudah
Useful for someone terrible at being consistent
In the past I’ve always had trouble being consistent with working out, eating right, etc. Being in NYC especially, going out and drinking we’re constantly curtailed. With the pandemic however, I made it a goal to be more healthy. With the extra time at home, I cook a lot more and have the time to add into the app. It’s fun for me now, and compared to myfitnesspal (I had trouble sticking to it), I find this more simple, UI/UX is super clean and it really gives me insight into what I’m eating and how /when I overreat based on how many calories I’m eating at breakfast/the amount of fats/and more. I’ve told all my friends to get this and I’m surprised by the diversity of the foods listed as well. My only note would be to add a feature where you can see what times you are eating Your meals because I noticed that when I ate the appropriate(according to my analysis) calories at breakfast but had my lunch at a later time I would overeat, so it would be helpful to keep track of time as well. What you don’t track doesn’t get measured and it’s slowly changing my other habits and hopefully to become more productive and work out more. It’s my favorite app!
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3 years ago, Mkatgo
Great tool for nutritional tracking
This is my go-to app and has been for many years. I use it daily, sometimes for weight loss, but particularly for when I need to get back on track with eating right for my health. It definitely helps me hold myself accountable and with a wealth of preloaded foods and restaurant menu items, it is easy to input my nutritional data. The reason I gave it four stars is because the app needs to allow the exercise tracking feature that automatically adds calories burned with exercise back into the daily caloric allowance to be turned off. I have not yet in the many years I have been using the app found where I can turn that feature off. I like being able to keep a journal of my exercise and eating in one place...BUT weight loss, and even weight maintenance to an extent, is not always about how you move your body. Weight loss is about what/how much you put IN your body. This is particularly true after about the age of 25. I could go with 5 stars if this automatic feature were changed to allow the user the option to turn it off. Not having the ability for individual users to turn that auto feature off creates an unhealthy relationship with food. No one is ever going to out exercise a bad diet.
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5 years ago, Ccccn
Best app ever!
My weight was stuck and I actually gained. I finally decided to really do something about my weight and couldn’t find out why I couldn’t lose any weight when I didn’t eat all that bad. This app helped me figure out where my problem areas were and that was sugar and sugary drinks. I’ve now changed up my diet a bit, watched my portions w this app yet this app STILL allows me to eat what I love and enjoy my sugar on certain days/times and STILL lose the weight. So far, I’ve only been on it 17 days and have lost almost 4 pounds. It helps me more plan my meals and workouts in order to get the best results so that in itself motivates me! Also want to add that when the app sends badges on the screen when I lost weight or logged another day - that motivates me to keep going! Its like I’m competing against someone and being congratulated for my weight loss, but really I’m only competing against myself and I LOVE that! I am also using the free app right now! I’ll be back to update when I get to my goal in July! I am so happy it’s working I can’t believe it. This app saved me!!! Don’t need no weight watchers or crummy fad diets. I’m still eating what I love yet being mindful and careful. And cutting back on the sugar. Thanks loseit!!!
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1 year ago, motionlover
Could use more Personalization!
I love this app. IMO it’s so much better than my fitness pal, and I’ve been using that for years. I enjoy the ui and features so far! Down to the main point, it could use more personalization as it’s not user friendly to those who want to do a body recomposition instead of a bulk or a cut. The way to make this user friendly for those who wish to do a body recomposition is to allow the user to have an entirely custom weekly schedule. For example, I want my calories to be 300 cals minus my maintenance which is 2232 cals. So that’s 1932 cals monday-Friday. It would also be beneficial to have re-feed days also known as diet breaks; Saturday-Friday which means I would eat at my maintenance cals which once again is 2232. I would then readjust my cals every time I lose 5-10lbs. Please add this functionality for more personalization to the weekly schedule! To be able to set the low and high cals completely independent from each other would be highly beneficial to the users wanting to lose fat slowly and build muscle at the same time without losing too much muscle during the fat loss process. This method is called a body recomposition. Thank you!
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4 years ago, Lucas Murphey
11 Years of Usage
I first downloaded this app in 2009 on my iPhone 3G. I’ve used it nearly every day since. From the start it’s been the perfect, no-nonsense app for tracking calories and macronutrients. With it I have learned all about nutrition and I’ve developed insights into my eating habits, strengths and weaknesses. I’ve seen each feature rollout improve the app’s user experience, from viewing info for individual meals to adding future meals, creating accounts for use across multiple devices to searching a public food database, scanning barcodes for quick entry to setting goals for macros and body measurements in addition to weight and calories. I’ve used it to lose, gain, and maintain my weight. My graph goes all the way back to 2011 (lost some data from that iPhone 3G before online accounts started). I use the browser application frequently when I’m on a computer, and I’ve used the app for years alongside old Nike+ shoe trackers, Fitbits, bluetooth scales and now my Apple Watch. As a software engineer I even pull the data it syncs to Apple Health for use in my own web application of custom charts for myself. This app has been heavily influential on my life and I can’t recommend it enough.
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1 year ago, IAmShadeflower
Best out there and for a reasonable price
I have tried close to a dozen food tracker apps. They are either too expensive, too spammy feeling (even after you upgrade to no ads), too many notifications, clumsy interface, insufficient food catalog, or missing some key tracker things or customization. This tracker has it ALL and then some. I LOVE it. It is easy to navigate, easy to customize, and has an attractive interface. It allows for cheat days, flexible fasting, and shows you patterns in your eating. For instance, it detected a pattern that on days I drink 2 cups of coffee, I am less likely to snack. It also detected that I eat the same breakfast every day so now all I have to do is click one button to add that. The recipe builder is simple to use too. The only things I would recommend adding: 1) have a starting weight - not from the start of using the app, but from the start of your journey. I lost 21-lbs prior to starting this app, and seeing that whole combined number would be really motivating for me, 2) period tracker, 3) customized goal (for instance I need to take daily medications and vitamins - it would be amazing if I could click a box to help me remember).
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5 years ago, Davidster237
Truly life changing.
Don’t scroll past. You’ll want to read this. I’m 19 years old, I’m living in my college dorm with the typical dining-center diet/lifestyle and this app completely dodged the “freshman 15” for me. I’ve been using this app for about four years now and if I had known how much it could do for me I would’ve used it to it’s full potential so much sooner. When I first started using this app it was difficult to get used to and it seemed like I was going over my limit everyday, but eventually I pushed myself to follow a routine and eventually a healthy lifestyle just became second nature. My weight loss journey started my junior year of high school - I clocked in at just under 270 pounds and in less than a year I lost over 110 pounds! I could not have made such a change to my body and to my health without this app and I’m grateful everyday for the life it has given me. I currently weigh about 154 pounds, I feel amazing, and this app really shows you how to live the best life you can. For those of you struggling, just know I used to think the version of myself I am today was impossible until I finally decided to take ownership and become who I’ve always wanted to be. You *CAN* do it!
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3 years ago, Harvey2904
All you need
I am coming up on my one year anniversary of using this app. That’s right folks, I have logged my food intake every day for a year. I wasn’t technically overweight but I was at the very top end of healthy for my height and not feeling my best. I am now, after losing 40 pounds, at the low end of what is a healthy weight for my height (I’m 5’10” so the range is large). I lost the weight on an exponential curve, quickly at first and then slowing to where I sit currently. I’ve tried exercise to lose weight and I almost always have eaten relatively healthy, but portion control and snacking were real problems for me. Tracking through this app helps me stay accountable, see what’s a healthy portion, plan, and stay on track. With all the hype with other weight loss programs out there, this quietly gives you all you really need. Finally, yes, I pay for the premium subscription and the price is far less than any other weight loss program out there. It also makes the program sync with my Fitbit. I never write reviews for apps but this one deserves it. Just do what it says and the results will follow. If you don’t get results, I’d say it’s almost certain that the problem is in the mirror.
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3 months ago, kathyzim
Whatever change you made rendered a very good app unusable!
Update: some recent changes to the app have made it useless. What were you thinking? I can’t even get to the log page. Please change it back!! I have been using this app for several years and can’t find another that even comes close to ease of use. At this time I am recording food and weight daily. There is data I would like to track but cannot, and some of the data I can record is irrelevant. Being a woman, I find chest size unimportant because every woman’s bust is different and doesn’t really reflect how healthy she is. More importantly, I want to record data that helps with figuring Body Fat, which needs waist, wrist, forearm and hip - not bicep and thigh. Those may be relevant for men, but not for me. I appreciate being able to put in the number of calories specific to my specialized diet. There are things it won’t allow me to track, but I guess it can’t do everything. For an app that is helpful to just about anyone, whatever your diet or needs, it’s very useful. I recommend it frequently. By the way, I do wear a fitbit and it syncs nicely with that, which is great.
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2 months ago, mrsmarsh13
Needs Improvement
In 2014 I downloaded both LoseIt! And My Fitness Pal. I used both for a week and went with MFP. Fast-forward to 2024 and after the same week trial of both, I find LoseIt! is the winner in the battle of the tracking apps. I am impressed with the improvements to LoseIt! and definitely feel this app is better than MFP currently as MFP is no longer intuitive to use. However, there are two adjustments that would move my review from three-star to five-star. 1. Implement a selector so that I am able to change my water tracker from 8 oz. to 12oz. I only drink canned sparkling water sold in 12oz. cans; therefore, I have to use the edit button to adjust the total amount of water each time I finish a water. (I suggested this to MFP and they added this feature!) 2. Allow for the deletion of the starting weight or the ability to start a new fitness journey. It has been 10 years since I first used the app and I am no longer the same starting weight. So, the app is telling me I have gained weight, when in fact, I have lost weight. I was able to change the original starting weight to my current weight, but now the time-frame is off and I my historical data is lost. I have purchased a one-year subscription and would love to see these changes!
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1 year ago, RIA7923
Better than MyFitnessPal
Just purchased this food tracker app and I already love it! I was a faithful user of myfitnesspal app for years, but little my little they have been taking away great features that I really loved from the app and adding them to the “Pro” version. Not to mention that the “Pro” version it’s $80/year. Can’t afford that right now. So I went and googled what were the best free calorie trackers apps and Lose it came up and had a good review. So I downloaded it and it’s free for sure, but you also have the option of getting the “upgrade” version for just $20/year for some other extra features. So I went and bought it… I totally love it already and love that it has way more cool features that MyFitnessPal doesn’t have. The ONLY thing I would like the creators of this app to add is a the RENPHO scale device so I can synchronize it with the my Lose it app. PLEASE, PLEASE,PLEASE add the RENPHO scale app! When this is added to the Loose it app it would be complete! Thank you for this amazing app you have created. And for everyone out there looking for an easy calorie, macro tracker look no further and give this one a try. You won’t be disappointed.
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4 years ago, A234$/:Dan
Could NOT be more pleased
I’ve used Lose It for two years, and am a HUGE fan. When I first started using it, I quickly learned how easy it was to keep track of my food intake. The app gave me a daily target...based on my weight, height, target weight, etc. Entering anything into the daily dairy is crazy easy. I especially like that the database seems to include everything from practically any restaurant. I can type (or dictate), “Logan’s Roadhouse Caesar salad”, and it pops up on the list. You can enter your entire meal in five seconds. After using the app for a couple of months, I was blown away by my weight loss. Keeping track..like this...makes you cognizant of what you are eating...aware. I found that I was easily staying beneath my goal. The weight dropped off..and it was effortless. Just...awareness. The App also allows you to enter Exercise. That caused me to be aware and accountable to myself. I found that I rarely missed my exercise...because I loved getting it done...so I could enter it in the App. To me...this is a breakthrough in healthy eating...weight loss (for those desiring to drop some weight), and am awareness if a healthy lifestyle. I love it.
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5 years ago, LaurenFPeanutbutter
Love the format.. Simple to record your daily food intake (really large library of generic and brand name foods, but also very quick system to "create" your own selections which remain in the"My Foods" category for easy retrieval). No nonsense system only requires entering the number of calories per serving which makes using the log a snap! (You CAN enter nutritional detail if you want to.) Can record weight every day but if you skip a day or two, site doesn't bombard your inbox with reminders which can certainly be a nuisance. When really focusing on weight loss, there are allied support groups to join, but I like personally watching the calculations and the graphs representing my steady progress.. Yes I AM steadily losing weight and have confidence that I will reach and maintain my goal BECAUSE I have this personally wrought program in my phone and checking in with it really structures what had been just an "I wish" into an "I can" and an "I am". I think I may always stay tuned in to it. Really! I feel successful and peaceful and have gained a “mindfulness” (really!) about my food intake and balance with regular exercise that really has made me at one with my system. Thanks!
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1 year ago, jeremypatrickmurphy
Does not allow calorie editing
Lose It has big advantages over some of its biggest competitors, especially a good database that’s simply more accurate and isn’t polluted with dozens of duplicate food entries at different calories levels. However, this app is missing one *extremely* obvious feature that’s downright puzzling: you can’t manually edit your calorie burn from exercise. Like most apps, Lose It tends to overestimate calorie burn - but unlike most other apps, it doesn’t allow users to easily correct this other than by selecting lower-intensity exercises and fewer minutes. (E.g., when I do a hard 30-minute bike ride in upper HR zones, Lose It estimates too high - and when I input distance as well as time, Lose It’s estimate jumps dramatically up rather than moderating down. To correctly track my calories, I need to tell Lose It I’ve performed a 10mph ride for 27 minutes, not an intense 18mph ride for 30.) This means I’m unable to track my actual calorie burn (based on live HRM data) without inputting other data that’s actually wrong, so Lose It has absolutely no value as an exercise log if I also care about its calorie logging - the app won’t allow users to maintain accuracy in both.
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