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User Reviews for Lose Weight Hypnosis

4.34 out of 5
1.2K Ratings
6 years ago, legs Jones
Love These Apps
I highly recommend these to anyone trying to get a hold on life with hypnosis/meditation I was spending 150 each session seeing a licensed hypnosis with little to no results by 4 weeks, so I decided to try their hypnosis apps and I can’t believe the change I am feeling in my life, with my family and my weight! Thank you for changing my outlook and helping me feel like the best version of myself! I just ask that you allow us to download the MP3 version since we are already paying for it... Thanks Serena
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6 years ago, Stahlbrenner
Daily encouragement
This is a great way to reduce tension, even if it had no other benefits. I call it guided relaxation. It takes away tension that causes overrating and snacking. It also helps adjust your mental image of your body so that you begin to think a thinner you is very possible. I have found I feel full after eating much less than usual and rich foods are no longer attractive to me, although I do need a little chocolate every few weeks. I do use our NordicTrack ski machine most days shortly after wakening. If I wait an hour I probably will not exercise that day. Presently my time per exercise session is far too short, but I am working at getting to longer sessions. I used this app. 3 years ago and lost a few pounds. Then I seemed to plateau. Now I am a dozen pounds heavier after not using it since 3 years ago. It is time to try it again. Now I listen very early in the morning and believe that is much better and more effective for me than at bedtime as 3 years ago. There was a special offer and I did purchase the Hypnotic Booster after a couple of weeks. I chose not to hear the introduction, nor the end countdown to awaken. After 50 days since I began, I am down 9.5 pounds and it has been very easy. I am curious to see if I eventually get stuck at a plateau.
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6 years ago, Yohualtlahuiz
Feeling good
I think it’s working. I don’t really like to weigh myself but I noticed i eat a lot cleaner and if I do eat heavy foods, I don’t finish them or they start making me lose my appetite. I’ve always had a string gym regimen but after a brief bout of depression I completely lost interest and I feel the app gently brought me back to stretching and now I’m back in the gym with way more enthusiasm. I’m going to weight myself just to see if the numbers change in a few months. I’ll come back for another review later! Definitely getting better sleep and look forward to hearing this and if I go a day or 2 without listening I noticed I miss it and don’t miss more days than 2 without listening. So far so good! Glad I bought it!
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6 years ago, debbinpnw
So far, so good
Its only been a few days, so it’s a little too early to give a thorough review, but here goes (I’ll update after a few weeks of use): The voice on the recording is pleasant and soothing and I do find I like it, which is a big plus. It means I’ll continue to listen to it. I also like that the recording isn’t too long. I’ve actually had a custom hypnosis session with a professional hypnotist (which was recorded for me to take home) and I rarely listen to it because it’s over 45 min. in its entirety. Over 30 minutes are devoted to relaxation. I don’t need 30 min. to get into a receptive state, especially once I’m use to the process. This app is just right and if you purchase the app you have the option to skip the “induction” portion. As far as the effectiveness of the app, that remains to be seen. After 3 days I have found I can keep from “grazing” all night (nighttime snacking is my greatest challenge). It took 3 sessions with the app to get there though. I say give it a try and use it every day for a week and see if its for you. There’s little to lose (the free version isn’t that different from the purchased version - and the purchased version is pretty cheap/inexpensive). It may be the answer you’ve been searching for.
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4 years ago, Deevtastic
I’m Shoooketh
Sooooo I know a lot of y’all are out there trying to lose weight, and I’ll start off by saying that I’m HELLA skeptical when it comes to hypnosis of any kind (especially apps) because I’ve tried it a number of times, buuuuuuuut this app is fantastic. I’ve been using it for almost a week and I really do actually WANT to work out and I look forward to it. I also feel more energized in the mornings. It could be all in my head because I WANT it to work or it could actually be working, but either way it’s worth a try and it’s free (unless you want the extra stuff, which is gonna cost you a few bucks).
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6 years ago, Kristinals1
I was skeptical but it works!
I downloaded this initially to see what it was all about. After listening to this a handful of times over a week, I can tell a noticeable difference in how I’m approaching my diet! I WANT to eat healthy and I feel good about it. I don’t feel guilt and resentment towards food. It’s really helping me to shape a new paradigm about food! Which is the key to being healthy. I’m an emotional eater... I eat when I’m happy, I eat when I’m sad. The result has been that I can’t lose the baby weight and now I’m struggling to keep up with my daughter. This app has made a difference in my life and I seriously suggest you at least try it.
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4 years ago, fbxiffhddh
Annoyed with pro purchase
This is fine but a long meditation. I am annoyed I paid for this and I don’t have a way to go forward or back if I accidentally touch my phone when the screen goes off then it starts itself over and I have no way to pause or start from where I was already way into it. I understand you want everybody to do it from beginning to end for the most powerful effect but I have no control over the settings is ridiculous and frustrating. I was just in the middle of doing this and I don’t know if something touched my phone but it went to a different screen and then when I came back it started over I couldn’t just continue the meditation or start where I left off
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1 year ago, JoanieWalker
Am liking it
I use it at night when sleeping. I haven’t done it during the day, but I will. However, I notice a marked difference in my appetite, part of which is due to the fact that I am eating less junk so I want less junk but nonetheless, I see a difference. I get to sleep easily with the self hypnosis, I have the awakening part at the end turned off, so I just stay asleep. I always listen with sleep phones to podcasts or whatever at night so I am able to use the booster and I actually like that a lot. So far.I like it and I have lost a couple pounds.
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6 months ago, Rocketman47933
Is it working?
I have been using this for many years off and on. I use it regularly and after a while I think “This isn’t doing anything.” But after a period of time my weight starts going up again. I have come to believe that this is because I forget that I’m trying to lose weight. I lose that gentle subliminal reminder to keep my recreational eating habits in check. So, is this working? Absolutely it is even when we don’t consciously realize it. But I suppose that’s the point.
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1 month ago, Madcity Mama
Desperately missing my apps!
I bought the full suite of apps before the App Store removed them. I have not been able to download them k to my new phone. This is literally the only thing that works for me to sleep when traveling - it’s SO GOOD. Please please please update more of your apps and try to get them back in the store! They were so helpful! I’m glad you’re still updating this app, but please update the others for those of us who bought them and really appreciate you and your work…? Please?
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2 years ago, Mottsgirl
Sugar switch OFF!
This app has me interested in eating food that is nourishing. It is as if the blinders have been lifted from my eyes and I can see all of the junk that’s out there for us to eat. I’m just not interested in it anymore. I eat smaller portions, and I don’t find myself eating between meals or late at night. My sister gave me a cannoli for my birthday so instead of eating it all myself, we shared it. I eat slower and feel more relaxed in general. I am thankful for this program and the weight that I am effortlessly losing!
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5 years ago, lv6251
Screw your Audio Instructions
For 5+ years I listened to this hypnosis app when I couldn’t fall asleep. I really enjoyed the breathing & relaxation direction given by a lovely voice. I haven’t listened to it in a while but was excited to tonight. Now...right off the bat, it MAKES you listen to some LOOOONG drawn out ‘Audio Instruction’ about “hypnosis” and how you just have to keep listening to it (eye roll). Oh, want to switch that feature off so you don’t have to hear it EVERY time (remember, the more the better)? That’ll be $4. No thank you. You replay the same recorded bit plus the ‘Hypnotic Booster’ is BS. As is the ridiculous ‘Audio Instruction’. What you had as the free version for SO many years was perfect! Will now have to find another :( App deleted.
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3 years ago, Museybell
everyone could benefit
I really love this app. Especially in these trying times, we need some rewiring, some way to turn off the chaos. I listen to this morning and night just before I get up out of bed and just before I nod off to sleep! It lowers my blood pressure and pretty much helps me get to sleep! Many times I’m asleep before it ends. I recommend this to anybody who has trouble sleeping, and just for those who need a break from the struggles in your day to day.
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5 years ago, Cat3040
First 2 nights
I was a little Leary if this would work. First night I had set the alarm to wake me up after she was done. Wish I hadn’t, I think I would of slept. Second night I paid the $3.99 so I could relay it twice, and I did not set the alarm. I was still awake but sleepy after the first round, but never woke up after 2nd round. Got up the mornings fine. Expecting results. I don’t know why, but my stomachs felt heavy for both of the days after, like I was carrying a 10 lb. bag of flour in my stomach. Liking this so far.
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4 years ago, Stacy0428
App review
This app is awesome, I used it about four years ago faithfully everyday at bedtime and I really did lose weight, then my iPhone broke and I didn’t have insurance on it and I couldn’t replace it so I got a cheap phone and couldn’t get the app. So, I finally was able to replace the iPhone and there was this app still on my purchased apps in the App Store and I began using it again and just like that I’m losing weight again!!!!! So, this app is awesome and I enjoy it very much. Thanks, Erin
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6 months ago, Landlubber already taken?
I like the relaxation, but I miss the other apps
I had this as part of a bundle, and for a time I was too busy to use them, fast forward to now and the only one being updated is this one. It’s ok, but not nearly as good as the one for sleep. At least bring back the sleep app, I found that one the most helpful of all of them. Please update the other apps, I need the sleep one especially now, that’s lady’s voice is so calming!
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6 years ago, WhyOhWhyNBC
Love surf city!! Saddened by App Store
I have fibromyalgia. I’ve become very reliant on the pain management app for an afternoon recharge.. recently I’ve been listening at night to help me sleep and I figured I know they have a sleep app I should get that one to help me too. that’s when I was saddened to find the apps no longer available in the App Store. Me and my husband both had used and like these meditation apps. They really work. It’s very unfortunate they are no longer available.
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5 years ago, clc_07
Soothing stress relief
The background sounds & soothing voice encourage relaxation during the session. I’ve only been using it for a few days so far, so it’s too early for weight loss results. I have noticed that I haven’t been carrying as much tension in my shoulders & back though — and NO headaches or migraines! Even if I never lost a pound, the elimination of tension headaches & migraines would be a huge improvement in my life that is well worth about 22 minutes every day.
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2 years ago, hadstache
Been using this app for years. It’s amazing how my mindset shifts after each session. I find myself reaching for food I know is good for me without even thinking about it. I feel peaceful and positive with my journey. On nights I use it before bed, I wake up and start exercising without overthinking. It’s like engaging in activities after having already established it as a habit. Great company. Research-based product. 5 stars.
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2 years ago, HauteRose
Please update Procrastination app!
This companies hypnosis abs have been by far the best apps I’ve ever downloaded I have been listening for the past 6 years almost every night before bed. 5 star to the Procrastination app, Attraction App, and the Sex Drive app!! 6 stars if I could! Please update them because we can no longer listen on the new iPhone update and I’m heartbroken! Please please please update these apps!
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4 years ago, Whaldog
Not sure about weight loss but.....
This app allows me to get the beat sleep I’ve ever gotten in my life and I wake up renewed and refreshed. I can never last past the deep breaths in the beginning because it relaxes me so much. I bought this app a long time ago and it is more valuable than what I paid. I just wish there were more voices that could be alternated but then again, I’m not a hypnosis expert, so maybe that defeats the purpose? Either way, I love this app!
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3 years ago, TiffanieNicole30
Was critical at first
So I saw this app and my immediate thought was “yeah right.” BUT it seriously works. I had not been sleeping well and I downloaded this app and it helps me fall asleep pretty quickly. I forgot that it’s an app to help you lose weight because the session hypnotizes you to sleep. After a week and half I started noticing my eating habits changing. I lost 20lbs in about a month. Pretty cool app!
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5 years ago, Becca Currie
Not sure it helps w/ weight loss... but...
I’ve been using the app for a good 2-3 years and haven’t seen any weight loss... gains, yes... but no losses to amount to anything. I’ve resorted to using the app to fall asleep at night... and to take naps during the afternoons... my son even used it a couple times, to fall asleep to... he’s now 13, but was 11 the first time I had him try it... So... the app does good for getting us to sleep... just wish there was a way to amp up the juju to get me losing weight. I m dieting, and exercising as much as my body allows...
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3 years ago, v62j
Needs updating
I purchased the $10 set of these apps about three years ago and have used them intermittently. I really liked them. Now I cannot open the app that was purchased because I am getting a message that the developer needs to update the app for the most current iOS. Please do it! I miss it. I would give it 5 stars if I could use it. Thanks!
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11 months ago, Kittiya2011
Do not buy from this Developer
I purchased the pro set of apps - lose weight, sleep, exercise and eat healthy. Every app stopped working because the developer has not updated the app to work with the current iOS. They have a free, upgradable version of “lose weight hypnosis” but it is not interchangeable with the pro version. This is miserable product support, especially for relatively simple apps. I would recommend purchasing something similar from a more reputable company that provides continuing support for their professional paid versions of their apps.
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7 years ago, brianna💙
Impressed and satisfied
I've been using the app for about four days now and I'm already noticing that I'm not as hungry and I fall asleep to the app I think it's been like fifteen minutes I wake up and it's been like six hours and I get a better nights sleep if you have trouble with portion control and getting a long and comfortable sleep definitely try the app it works wonders.
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4 months ago, Kenpocraz
Hypnosis app
What I love the most about this app is the calming effect of it. The voice is very smooth and easy to listen to. Some of them have an annoying voice or a very fast speaking voice that for some reason doesn’t get you in that calm zone where it will sink into your mind, I guess. I really like the voice on this.
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6 years ago, 69985225
I lost 140 pounds naturally four years ago, since then I’ve gained 20 lbs and am trying to take it off. This app works, I use it everyday and find that although I haven’t lost much weight, I haven’t gained any, am much more mindful about putting stuff in my mouth and have few urges to over eat. Keeping track of what I eat plays a big role too. Try it, you may like it! 😏
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6 years ago, Bmoore3785
Love this app
I actually also have the Mindful Eating, Sleep Well, and Healthy Eating. They are always so calming and I feel better afterwards. I know there use to be several versions and went to look for a couple more and found the Lose Weight is the only one left for iPhones. I really hope the rest will be back on this platform again soon.
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2 years ago, Justinebarrow
Other apps
I really liked all the other apps you all had and had them on my phone forever. They would always help me sleep and only thing I could find that would. But with the new iPhone update it won’t let me use them anymore! Very sad this is the only one I can download with new update.
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10 months ago, Sue806
These are excellent apps for meditation and hypnosis. However, since I purchased a new phone with iOS 17, they won’t work. My phone keeps wanting to delete them. Please update the apps or provide a way for users to restore their purchases! Thanks.
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4 years ago, Magoodbear
With permanent nerve damage and constant pain, sleep has been impossible for years without medication. Using this app I’ve been able to relax and fall asleep for the last week and stay asleep for the whole night without using medication. Love it.
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4 years ago, Itsalldivine
I listen twice a day!
I just got this app. It is so relaxing and feels so good to listen too! If I don’t drift off to sleep (I listen at night in bed) it ends up making me feel amazing! Just starting to use it in the morning as well. Has 3 options -either option, fall asleep after or wake up and be energized!
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3 years ago, Sammy_Joe!
I’m craving veggies!
I don’t know HOW this works, but I have noticed a difference in what I want to eat. I have always hated broccoli, but I’ve been craving it for the past two weeks! Also, my desire to eat less meat has increased and my appetite has decreased. As far as I can tell, this app is WORKING IN MY FAVOR!!!!!
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5 years ago, yo-m
Deep relaxation
I use it every night and it help me to relax and sleep better. Moreover, I find myself choosing better food and being a mindful eater. Using this app and reducing calories I lost 9 pounds in two months. I need to lose a few more. I’ll keep using this up and I definitely recommend it.
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7 years ago, HBveggiegrrl
So close, but then it failed
I'd used the Sleep Well app and liked it very much so I thought I'd give the Lose Weight app a try. It was going well until the speaker started making erroneous comments about which foods to avoid. Listening to the most common food myths is NOT a healthy way to lose weight, so unfortunately, this is not a keeper for me. I'm very disappointed because they almost had it right, but the few mistakes sank the entire app. Though I'm not surprised by the incorrect information, I'm very saddened by it.
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6 years ago, debmchat
Really helping with sweets
I am a care giver and need to have sweets around for my dad. He is 90 and deserves to have them. I on the other hand, need to leave them alone. I just couldn’t seem to do it. This started working right away. I just upgraded and I’m looking forward to falling to sleep tonight.
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6 years ago, klebaann
It is too early
I was listening to this recording for just one time, so I can't really tell how good it works, but while listening to it I actually saw light WHILE IS NO LIGHT IN MY ROOM WAS AVAILABLE! I was surprised, I really hope that it will work and I will lose 20 pounds that are making me feel terrible.
Show more
5 years ago, Monte Montana of Lake Suzy,Fl
Great way to help you focus on “you”.
I was skeptical at first, but after a few times listening to the audio I was feeling more in control. I’m focusing on my health and food plan and not struggling or craving food. I use the audio before bed and once during the day.
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1 year ago, Jeffi131
Bought the PRO & now I cannot use it.
I have had this app for a while and have bought the PRO version. I am not sure it helps me lose weight, but it does help me relax. But since I upgraded my phone, it won’t download the PRO, saying it needs to be updated by the developer to run on this version of IOS. If you aren’t going to update the app, let the buyer know and maybe offer something else at a discount at least. This feels very SCAM-ish.
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10 months ago, Zoochick57
Love it!!
Such a great app!! I listen to it whenever I get a chance.... I can even listen to it in the car with my headphones in cause I don't drive. Even if I have the awakening feature on at night b4 bed I fall completely asleep.. It's very soothing..
Show more
4 years ago, Brother_Francis
It is working
Love this App since I have been on third physical exercise program. This app works well for me. I hope you develop another one like it. I have used it for 4.5 weeks and my cravings are at almost zero. I have dropped a pound per week
Show more
4 years ago, byrdlie
Focus on appearance
The voice part of this is fine but the message is about how you will look when you lose weight. Since I will still be an old lady, just a skinnier one, the mirror imagery doesn’t work for me. I also found the requirement to make choices - what color is the light, do I like a beach, a meadow or somewhere else better- distracting.
Show more
5 years ago, samsopinion
Not as good as I hoped
I have problems controlling my eating habits. I have listened to the full paid version of the app over 7 times and haven’t had the results I hoped for. I enjoy the visualization but do not feel like I am going into a hypnotic trance. I still am overeating unfortunately. I plan to continue listening but may end up downloading a different app.
Show more
6 months ago, ncw37
Paid for all apps but now can’t use
I bought all the apps - lose weight, sleep well, etc. But because the developer didn’t/can’t/won’t update the apps to keep up with Apple none work except the loss . It’s frustrating and unfair that I lost all my money and the developer gets to keep it. The mp3s do not work the same and I was dumb enough to buy all those at $8+ before realizing that too.
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5 years ago, timwhite74
This app works for me!
The message is clear and stays with you for several days. I have a real aversion to unhealthy and fried foods because of this app. I now have a craving for healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. It’s also great to help me fall asleep especially when traveling.
Show more
4 years ago, Diogenes66
Great app
I’ve been using this a little over two weeks and have noticed a major change already in what I want to eat and how I want to move my body. Thank you!!
Show more
2 years ago, soccer_player16
Paid At Least Twice Already
I like this app. I’m annoyed that I’ve already paid for the hypnotic booster, and it says I haven’t. I’m sure I’ve paid twice. Maybe three times. It seems like everytime they upgrade the app, and I redownload it on my devices, I have to pay again 🙄
Show more
5 months ago, myia445
The Dreaded Pro Bundle
Like everyone else I bought the bundle and now none of it works. This company took all our money then quit updating the app so it will not work on a new phone. I tried redownloading this app and restoring my purchase but now I just have two of the same apps and it said I had no purchase history. So they just made a new app to replace this one with the same icon. Such a ripoff!
Show more
2 years ago, Buttocks Overload
Apps don’t work with new iPhone
I purchased a bundle of apps and paid for the Pro Version for indefinite use. It was expensive and now because I have purchased the latest iPhone none of my apps are working. When you try to search for the apps they are no where to be found. I feel taken advantage of. Don’t buy if you plan on upgrading your phone.
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