Lucky Video Chat To Strangers

2.3 (324)
46.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
赛豪 李
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Lucky Video Chat To Strangers

2.29 out of 5
324 Ratings
5 years ago, Joker10032
This app doesn’t allow you like other apps to talk with others. Sure you may try to talk to them but they never reply back. I tried. If the app gets better and I don’t have scammed matches then I will gladly take back my rating but for the moment it stays. Sorry guys. Needs work.
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5 years ago, BrianllbeckMar
My top choice
First, I wanna left a thanks here to the developers. I am a 35 years old man from Arizona, a Good Guy. For so long time that it was difficult for me to find friend or communicate with others ppl. And I found this app. I joined this Random video chat app because some of my friends recommended it to me a couple of days ago. And I downloaded it, read the reviews from other users carefully. I try to talk to strangers with video chat which I never tryed before. While It really gives me a big surprise. I Love the beatiful design and is colorful. The App features are simple to use even for me. I like the random match which show me with some beautiful ppl who live not far away . When I have some trouble and send feedback, I got reply within 24 hours. I became a premium member and now I have found my fun. It is really an amazing app that you should download it!
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5 years ago, simonceCla
Real great app
When I originally downloaded this app several days ago, to my surprise I really making some amazing friends by video chat which superising me, this lucky chat app. I set up my account , I had fun using the anonymous chat feature and random video chat to match other people and talk. I actually liked this app because it find me new friends on a global scale. The app itself is great, but there are not many people who lives around me. Days before I would find some one I liked and weeks before I met them now the first hour I had plans. Haven't met the special one but definitely have enjoined every moment ehre. Good luck.
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5 years ago, VeonoustefanoRei
Awsome app
Finally I find this app a video chat app that you can meet up people randomly and talk to strangers. People join here are those loves life and want to build new connections with others, Who messages you, chat with you because they want to. You dont care who yourself is and others is , just talk , chat, have fun. There is some spam but you can recognise it, I mean it's ok cause every thing in the world has spam. I have video chat with strangers people using this lucky chat app now and made lots of awesome friends. Been on other apps and it seems that I love this one the best. Go download it and have wonderful moments here.
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5 years ago, CoryerickNil
Good job
Several days ago I met mike at this app .At the beginning, we have video talk to each other and seem like the best friends for long time. We can shared everything together and I am so happy when he comes into my life. Thanks a lot! It's very excellent and useful! Before this I have not had any talk with others till one of my friends recommended me this app to help me get rid of loneliness. I hope to find someone who give me a different and enjoyable experience and finally met mike. Thanks!
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3 years ago, Cool3y21
Scam Agreement
To even begin using the app, after you make an account you must agree to let them sell your personal information (phone, email etc..) to marketing services which you can never opt out of. If you disagree you must exit and uninstall the app. Agreeing effectively permanently lists your information on call, text, and email spam lists. Anyone with common sense would never agree to these terms to use a subpar app. Hope this helps someone.
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4 years ago, shadypeepssuck
Do not waste your time or $.
I downloaded this app thinking it would be cool to connect with people around the world. Set up my account and 3 days later I got likes from girls that are clearly not 18 of age, on top of it you pay about $15 for a 1 month subscription but have to pay a additional $10 or $11 for 5 hours of video chat time! As well I searched through the real poorly setup of a site and could not find a way to cancel my automated payments! This site is a scam and a rip off!
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4 years ago, Haadiyah Kibbye
love it more than omegle tv
I absolutely love random video chat strangers app! There are so many fun ways to connect and make new friends! I’ve only been on the app for about a month and I’ve made so many friendships
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5 years ago, iydLiztt
High quality app
The best so far . It made it possible for me to just talk to people around the world and find out that video chat to meeting and building new relationships . Thank you a lot !
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4 years ago, Synceer Casarili
beware to video chat to strangers
I have been using this app to meet up this one of the best amount of matched it some times and share their friends are a good and im to me.
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5 years ago, hgzgi hof🤤
Not actually free
The app is good but it makes you pay for lots of crap. I was looking forward to use this app but it was a let down !! SCAM!!!!
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5 years ago, Dan15825
Can’t delete my account
They make it annoyingly complicated to delete your account. The Terms of Service says “you can delete your account by going to Settings and clicking the tab to delete your account”. There’s not settings page in the app and there’s no delete option in the settings app.
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5 years ago, AniknnonAnt
quality lucky chat community
To have a relax random video chat after the busy day. Many fun ppl here and we can have pretty dirty talks.
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5 years ago, LibbyffeySte
Fun video chat App
it seems that this is a new APP with not much members. But it's totally good for random video chat with strangers. Should give it more patience and time.
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5 years ago, Erioe_#uSlvivtr
I like this video chat strangers application, which is the second Massihoriush video chat application you should find the best one.
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5 years ago, SamantntoMar
Try talk to strangers
Fun app, for good place for video chat. Makes finding a partner fun. Easy to Use and good information. don't miss this chance, it's free now.
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4 years ago, L2_JDen
The update ruined it
This app was perfectly fine until the update now you can only call and you have to pay for minutes. This is possible one of the worst apps I have seen now and I rather go on Omegle until they fix it back to the way it was
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4 years ago, Izzy411x
Attempting to delete account
I’m currently attempting to delete my account but it’s not allowing me to do so I will delete my post after I get help in fixing my issue they have no tab available from what I see to delete your account and I didn’t currently enjoy my time in the app
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5 years ago, JohnnyquerBre
It's very good
Idea is fun, you never know its easy to have a random chat, it'd for seeking friends, it's easy to use, good user experience.
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5 years ago, Lindamlligchr
Fun and easy
I find an app that did what it thought, it's for random chat, a alternative of holla & omegle, this is by far worth with free price!
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5 years ago, chastihragerMic
Good idea for its lanches.
real ppl and easy to use, if you really wanna find a random video chat app, this is worth to try.
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4 years ago, Kipp Pues
Good app to video chat strangers
I like the world and happy for the best way talk to strangers app that its not have made strangers a good one of the best video chat app omegle is ever
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5 years ago, ThomasounseEti
Real great chat app
I use the app and join, I see the members here random video chat & talk is also quite humorous
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4 years ago, Pokemonfreaks22
Why can’t I delete my profile at all I’ve all through the settings can’t find a way to delete my profile
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5 years ago, RamseyytheEla
Fun and easy
makes it possible to talk to strangers and possibly make friends.
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4 years ago, pat123456789101112131415
It shouldn’t be free
You have to pay for premium to do literally anything on this app your better off just using tinder. Either make your features more accessible or don’t promote it as free. This will discourage any and all new people who want to download it
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5 years ago, TobyatatsuJil
a chance for me to get rid of the FA
good job. The features are easy to use.
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4 years ago, Catch Lakey
Highly recommend
hi yo you shall give this talk to strangers app a moment, it will not waste your time
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4 years ago, Panayiotis Rosenauer
Great video chat strangers app
really real people from east to west , good video chat random.
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5 years ago, ParamagadornFer
It works for me
I like to have random video chat
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4 years ago, Tationna McGiffie
Good but not perfect
No beautiful chat find apps to have a video chat with strangers.
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5 years ago, Bioa3htLswre
Let's try it
I am a 35-year-old random video chat stranger.
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4 years ago, Carzell Domelaw
It works well, just talk to strangers
easy to join, normal ui
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4 years ago, Dan Amigo
Don’t bother downloading
I downloaded the app to meet people over text or voice chat but neither work. A lot of bot filled pages. Voice chat didn’t even work and it won’t let you suggest the problem.
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4 years ago, neas29
No function too delete app
I can’t delete the app they have no function to delete when you decide you no longer want too be on the app
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4 years ago, Sobrina Velte
Very considerate!
I wish it was like the monkey app, to meet people.
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5 years ago, TammyntonAmi
Serious but fun
An app for random video chat in earnest, alternative omegle
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4 years ago, lapcjdnskdis
Hate it
There is no option to delete your account . If you see this Delete my account . Is there a number to call . Cause it’s not on Settings
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5 years ago, brygang
Worst app ever
Sign in process is really easy but when it comes to meeting people it tells you to wait but never loads! Don’t download this app if you have absolutely no patience! Stick to Omegle
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4 years ago, yyyyyyyyyaaannnnaaa
Fake app! Do not download
Fake app! I signed up a account, input email, authorize photos, upload a photo, it looks like all finished. And when I tried to sign in, it said my account is DISABLED !!!! All they want is TO COLLECT OUR PRIVACY INFORMATION !!!
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4 years ago, Johnasia Howick
Great idea to talk to strangers
The monkey app is a great way to break out of your shell!
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4 years ago, caasimiller
The worst app on the App Store
I had to block over 48 fake accounts within the first six hours yet the are still able to contact me. Truly an awful app
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4 years ago, shzrd27
Why am i forced to log off and show that the account is disabled when i log on just after i register the account 😕
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4 years ago, Cool guy 11111111111
Useless app if your looking for a girl.
No actual girls on here. JUST 50+ YEAR OLD MEN TRYING TO TALK TO GIRLS. Spent 2 hours accepting random chats and not a single girl was on the app. Useless unless your homosexual and looking for another male partner. Dont waste ur time just go jack off.
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4 years ago, Taralivi15
Delete Account
Is there a way that I could delete my account. I don’t want to be on here anymore. I haven’t found a way to delete it deactivate it. Thank you.
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4 years ago, LetDownBeyondWords
Useless app. Can’t communicate with anyone, even with the ridiculous subscription. No help or settings no support. No guide for use. Worst app I have ever attempted to use.
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5 years ago, AutymncknellCor
Good app for random video chat
I love this app, I love to have annonymous chats.
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5 years ago, Danielrta-BarsamianDar
Random video chat
Cool app for video chat.
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4 years ago, geointhecut
Bought premium, only fake accounts
spent $25 getting premium lnly to be met with fake accounts,thought this was omegle not some fake bs give me my money back
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5 years ago, 份證用有效進家使身
Good for video chat strangers
Very nice!! Chat with strangers, video chat.
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